5BW Presents: Drags to Riches - October 27th, 2019

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5BW Presents: Drags to Riches - October 27th, 2019

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Buzz by Halestorm kicks in as we are live from Lucky Cheng’s Nightclub in Manhattan, New York! The fans are ready for this show. This is a big night for the company with the cameras going to Jamey Caresalle as he opens the show.

Jamey Caresalle: Welcome everyone to Five Boroughs Wrestling’s Drags to Riches! I am Jamey Caresalle and along side me as always is Bimmy Mays!

Bimmy Mays: Holy Shit! We’re in a nightclub with Drag Performers! These performers are going to outdo everyone tonight in ring!

Jamey Caresalle: Actually, the Five Boroughs Wrestling Fighters will be performing. The owner of this place allowed his workers to take the night off as we wrestle – I’m sure they will be here, however, tonight is the biggest night in Five Boroughs Wrestling! We crown our FIRST World Champion between Samantha Tolson-Anderson and Lex Collins!

Bimmy Mays: Lex and Samantha are literally going to KILL each other for this match up and win the Steinbrenner Cup! We all know that the bitch ass Yankees got eliminated by those damn Astros! Shit, I had money on the Yankees! Fuck that team!

Jamey Caresalle: Also, we have Brittani Helms and Mary Ellen Harrison teaming up to take on Larissa and Bridget in a possibly career altering moment. If Brittani and Mary Ellen cannot get along or they blow up, their FIRED with a 90 day no compete clause slapped on.

Bimmy Mays: Those bitches better keep calm! I need to see more Mary Ellen pubes pics!

Jamey eyes him.

Jamey Caresalle: Tonight could also be the last time we see Sarah McC in a ring. She’s facing off against Fiona Franklin, who looks to end her career by destroying her!

Bimmy Mays: I’m going to be team Fiona for this one! Fiona sho-

Suddenly, Jamey gets word as something’s going on.

Jamey Caresalle: Hold on Bimmy, we need to go outside for a moment. Brittany Lascase is saying something is wrong outside.

The cameras zoom out as we see Brittany Lascase and a camera. Rain is pouring down hard with Dora standing on the outside. Four people are protesting Samantha Tolson-Anderson being in this match. Dora’s not happy about this and trying to reason.

Brittany Lascase: Dora, what’s going on out here!

Dora looks at Brittany with the fans still yelling and protesting.

Dora Richardson: Apparently, while people are upset about Samantha Tolson-Anderson being in this match and expressing their thoughts about her, which they have that right, Violence is NOT the way to go, and one of the-

One fan tries to swing at her, but Dora catches that fan’s punch and puts it down.

Dora Richardson: OK, I maybe a retired wrestler, but I can still take you down.

She looks at Brittany still.

Dora Richardson: Tonight’s main event is really going to be an emotional one. I know people are going to express their minds towards Sam or Lex, but I’m going to say this as a warning.

She looks at Brittany.

Dora Richardson: Anyone that tries to jump the barricade, cause violence and stir up issues, will be arrested on spot. I will also have my staff members use force in case it gets violent.

Dora eyes the fans and walks away with Brittany also going in the back. One of the group of protesters nods to the rest as they take another way in, sneaking in without a ticket. We go to our first match of the night.


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a singles match and it’s one fall.

No music is playing with Mute coming out of the back. The fans don’t know how to react to her while she walks down to the ring with a blank stare.

Jamey Caresalle: Here come’s Mute. The last time we’ve seen her was back at Royal Crown when she went against New York CruZe!

Bimmy Mays: I thought she was dead! How can she come back after everything?

Jamey Caresalle: Toughness, Bimmy. She’s tough!

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from a town unknown, weighing in at 117 pounds, Mute!

Mute rolls into the ring and looks at the fans behind her purple outfit. Nobody knows how to react to her. Lose it by Kane Brown kicks in, causing the fans to boo with the theme song playing.

Bimmy Mays: Oh fucksticks! This finna be interesting!

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent, from Nashville, Tennessee, weighing in at 120 pounds, Natalie Eldredge!

Natalie comes out of the back with the fans booing at her and flipping her off. They start throwing monopoly money at her after everything that happened at Beginnings in June of this year.

Jamey Caresalle: Natalie letting the crowd get to her. This won’t be good for her at all!
Bimmy Mays: Trust me, James, she DESERVES it!
Natalie yells at them with them still mocking her. She rolls into the ring and taunts Mute along with the fans, who are still booing for her. Just then a fan yells at her once again.

Fan: Hey Natalie, are you going to pay off Mute?


Natalie turns around and barks at the fan. The referee does call for the bell and the match begin. Mute begins to pace back and forth. Natalie’s still jaw jacking with the fan, causing Mute to roll her up in the ring. The referee goes to count with Mute looking to steal a quick victory over her.

Jamey Caresalle: Mute looking to get a quick win!



Natalie kicks out of it.

Natalie gets back on her feet with Mute trying to go for the Judo toss, but Natalie tries to get out of it and she does, causing Mute’s knee to give out. Mute rolls out of the way and holds it as Natalie says that she’s faking it.
Jamey Caresalle: This is not good. Mute could be hurt here.

The referee asks her if she wants to keep on going. Mute nods and hobbles back up. Natalie goes right after the knee, causing Mute to yet again go down on the ground. Natalie’s becoming very aggressive with attacking her knee, causing Mute to hold the knee. Natalie does not give a damn about Mute’s well-being. She wants to end her.

Jamey Caresalle: Natalie on a war path here. She wants to show everyone what she’s capable of doing.

Bimmy Mays: She STILL should’ve paid her off to begin with! Mute cannot do anything right nor talk!

Jamey Caresalle: Yes she can! She’s a fighter and I’m sure she will keep on fighting!

Natalie grabs Mute and says that she’s going to finish her and put her out of her misery. Natalie grabs her by the mask and tries to take it off.

Jamey Caresalle: OK so Natalie’s going a little bit too far here!

Mute knows that this is a sign of disrespect and must seal her identity to show who she is and backs her up into the corner. Mute hobbles on her knee, but again, Natalie goes to kick her as the fans are booing for this. She then grabs Mute and brings her into the middle of the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: Natalie looks to end her work here with her looking for a finisher.

She yells at her and goes for the NSE Stunner. Mute crashes hard onto the ground as the fans are booing for this as Natalie pins her in the ring.





Bimmy Mays: And I was right, James. Mute had no choice! Matter of fact, she had NO CHANCE to begin with!

The fans are booing for this as Natalie just won her match with ease. Mute’s seriously hurt with Natalie standing over her and bossing the referee to raise her hand up in the air. He does with Natalie having a smirk across her face. She bends over yet again and yells in the face of Mute before rolling out of the ring.

Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner, Natalie Eldredge!

Natalie walks up to the back as the fans are booing. She mocks them and says that she’s here to prove EVERYONE wrong tonight!

Jamey Caresalle: Well if you like this or not, Natalie Eldredge does have a official victory in Five Boroughs Wrestling. Hopefully now that the dust settled, she can get over this and move on instead of worrying about what happened in the past.

The cameras go black for a second and see something going down from a couple of days ago.

Days Before Drags To Riches.

The T.V screen moves from static to show nothing but one lone spotlight, a lone figure sitting under it.

Christy Winters: You know people have no idea the shit I have to put up with on an everyday basis, yes I come from a rich family, and yes I’ll make more money shooting this video footage than the entire 5BW roster will make in a year. Yes I pay attention to everything written and said about me, but I’ll get back to that in a moment, first let me tell you where I am.

Christy moves the camera around.

Christy Winters:You may not see but I’m out in the middle of the Mojave desert, why well since according to Dakota Mendoza I’m and this is her direct quote “Someone is in denial and living in the fantasy of being the actual professional wrestler they were clearly never trained to be!

Christy Winters: I would take offense to that if it were coming from anyone of importance, yeah you beat me in a meaningless battle royal. I’ve lost wrestling matches before, but I guess something like you who clearly feels your better than everyone doesn’t understand, but that’s okay Dakota, I won’t hold your ignorance or stupidity against you.

Christy sits on the ground eating beef Jerky behind her you see the glowing eyes of Coyotes moving in the darkness

Christy Winters: Back to why I out here in the middle of nowhere, simply, lifting weights in a gym doesn’t do shit, as it relates to wrestling, I use the desert to train stamina, I use the desert to build strength, use the desert to heighten my senses and awareness, because hey I’m not actually a real wrestler so I have to just do my best, right Dakota?

Christy Winters: You see Dakota, I'm a trained professional wrestler, just ask your buddy, Lex Collins.

Christy smirks

Christy Winters: People keep giving me shit about not respecting Lex Collins?

Christy takes out a bottle of whiskey and cracks the cap open

Christy Winters: For your information I never even heard of fucking Lex Collins until our match was announced!

Christy pauses to take a sip of whiskey.

Christy Winters: Go fuck yourself, Dakota for ever saying I disrespected him!

She smirks again before taking another sip of the whiskey before throwing the bottle.

Christy Winters:I don’t respect 5BW wrestling, maybe I haven’t been there long enough, but hey respect is earned not given, and until you earn my fucking respect, don’t expect me to respect you!

She stands up, facing the camera.

Christy Winters: Dakota, somebody made a mistake of signing you to face me at Drags To Riches, don’t worry after I completely demolish you, folks will know never to give me inferior talent again, Dakota, I’m not only coming to Drags To Riches just to beat you I’m coming to beat the living shit out of you, Why? Because you’ve fucking disrespected me, and no one disrespects a Winters without consequences, and your consequences Dakota will be severe.

Christy fiddles in her pocket, it looks like she’s pulling out something.

Christy Winters: The last person who disrespected a Winters…

She keeps on fiddling in her pocket.

Christy Winters: Weren’t able to recover, physically, mentally, or financially.

She smirks again

Christy Winters:The Winters family are ruthless when disrespected! Dakota you have no idea just how ruthless I can been!

The smirk on her face turns sinister

Christy Winters: At Drags to Riches, you will find out how ruthless I can be!

Christy stands up, walks up to the camera and shuts it off. We go back live with the next part of the night.

Natalie Eldredge is shown in her locker room, throwing things. She sees the camera.

Natalie Eldredge: I am so sick and tired of being asked about why I paid Bridget at Vendetta in the Steinbrenner Tournament. I said what I said, that tournament was beneath me. I didn’t need to be in this tournament.

Natalie sighs

Natalie Eldredge: Soon enough, you people are going to know exactly who I am!

Natalie looks at the camera

Natalie Eldredge: Now, get out of my face!

Natalie pushes the camera away and shoves it into the cameraman as we go to the next match of the night.


Taylor Hudson: The Following Contest is a singles match and it’s one fall!

The fans are cheering for this as they’re ready for what’s about to happen. Born to Raise Hell by Motorhead kicks in as the fans are booing. Christy Winters comes out of the back with the fans giving her the heat that she needs to hear from this crowd.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Long Beach, California, weighing in at 120 pounds, Christy Winters!

Christy walks to the ring with a snobbish look on her face. The controversial star hasn’t made any friends lately, especially in Dakota Mendoza.

Jamey Caresalle: It looks like Christy’s not getting the best reception here.

Bimmy Mays: Who?

Jamey Caresalle: Christy Winters, the one that said “Dakota Who?” back a couple of weeks ago, causing a big time stir!

Bimmy Mays: WHO?! I cannot hear you! This music is bumping and I’m rocking out!

Jamey throws his hands up and rolls his eyes as Christy takes off her jacket and has a shirt that says “Dakota Who?” and shows the pants on her ass that says “Yeah, I said it” causing the fans to still boo at her. Firefly by CFO$ kicks in as the fans keep the boos going on with Dakota coming out of the back with a smirk on her face.

Taylor Hudson Her opponent, from Portland, Oregon, weighing in at 125 pounds, Dakota Mendoza!

Dakota comes to the ring and points at Christy and says “Christy Who” as she gets to the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: Now, I’m not a big fan of Dakota Mendoza and her actions in Five Boroughs Wrestling, but I can say that the people were on her side recently.

Bimmy Mays: WHO?!
Jamey Caresalle: You know goddamn who, Bimmy! Dakota Mendoza! She’s in the ring right now! And don’t say WHO when I explain something!

Bimmy Mays: Shit man! I’m just mimicking what Christy said! Let a boy have fun will ya?

Dakota gets in the ring and mocks at Christy. Christy yells that she’s going to make sure she knows WHO she is. The bells ring and Christy and Dakota waste no time going at it.

The bell rings and the two women lock up. Dakota immediately gains the advantage, slapping on a Wristlock. Christy reverses, getting Dakota in a Headlock. Dakota gets out of it, smacking Christy right in the face.

Bimmy Mays: WHO?!

Dakota goes to town, kneeing Christy in the head several times, before landing a HUGE Uppercut which bumps Christy. Dakota then goes for the pin.

Jamey Caresalle Dakota laid a huge uppercut into Christy! And she goes for the pin!


2--- NO!! Christy kicks out!

Dakota picks Christy up, but Christy reverses and hits her with a Japanese Arm Drag, following it up with a Russian Leg Sweep.

Jamey Caresalle Nice Russian Leg Sweep by Christy Winters as she keeps on going!

Christy stays on her, slapping Dakota in the head while she’s down before picking her up and going for a Brainbuster… only for Dakota to reverse out and hit her with a Sitout Facebuster, going for the pin once more.

Jamey Caresalle Dakota yet again staying on top of her game!


2--- NO!! Christy kicks out again!

Jamey Caresalle Christy’s still in this!

Dakota picks Christy off the ground and goes for a second Facebuster, but Christy reverses out of it and hits another Russian Leg Sweep, following it up with a Side Slam. She goes for the pin.



2--- NO!! Dakota kicks out!


Christy then deadlifts Dakota and hits her with a HUGE German Suplex. She hangs on, ANOTHER German! She keeps hold… RELEASE German! She goes for the pin again!

Jamey Caresalle Christy’s actually showing some type of fight here against the one who’s been giving her hell on twitter. Let’s see if she keeps this going by going for this pin!


2--- NO!! Dakota gets the shoulder up!

Christy is looking increasingly frustrated. She stands up, hands on her hips, pacing around the ring… before picking Dakota off the ground… only for Dakota to reverse out of it and hit her with another Sitout Facebuster!

Jamey Caresalle Face buster by Dakota! But, she’s going for another.

She keeps hold, ANOTHER Sitout Facebuster! She keeps hold, YET ANOTHER Sitout Facebuster!

Bimmy Mays: Holy shit, her ass is going to hurt!

Christy covers her face, while Dakota gets up and walks around the ring, arms wide open, smile on her face while the fans boo her.

Bimmy Mays: Let those fan know WHO you are! WHO WHO WHO!!

Christy stays down for quite a bit. When she does come back up, she’s bleeding from the forehead.

Jamey CaresalleAfter all those facebusters, Christy’s bleeding.

Bimmy Mays: HOW?!

Dakota picks Christy off the ground and hits the Mendoza Facebuster (Double Underhook Facebuster), going for the pin.




Firefly by CFO$ kicks in as the fans boo with Dakota having a sinster look on her face. She stands up and behinds over.

Bimmy Mays: That’s it yell, WHO at her!

Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner, Dakota Mendoza!

As Firefly is playing, Dakota says that she now knows WHO she is and rolls out of the ring. Christy comes up with a look of disappointment and sadness because she knew she made a mistake. She stands up and looks at the fans sitting in silence.

Jamey CaresalleDakota may have won the match, but the fans are doing something towards Christy.

Bimmy Mays: I hope they yell “WHO” at he-

Christy rolls out of the ring not doing anything, but the fans give her some type of hope and give her a standing ovation. She turns around and looks at the fans with tears in her eyes, overwhelmed with emotion because they really want her to prove herself even more for the company. She pats her chest and raises her hand in the air as we go to the next segment of the night.

Larry Gowan stands in front of a soda machine in what's obviously the employee break room, staring at the five quarters sticking to his sweaty palm. There are rows upon rows of drinks in this damned machine but the five slots that are painted green, the ones that are tagged with the SPRITE logo are empty. He turns away from it with a dejected sigh befitting Charlie Brown, only to find himself staring at Lex Collins. The World Championship contender leans against the wall, watching as the smaller man slips his hand into the pocket of his jacket, dropping the coins before zipping it up.

Lex Collins: No luck, huh?

Larry Gowan: Nope. If I were into Coke Zero or Diet Coke or SugarCandyWater, I'd be laughing. I'll pass on the diabetes and aspartame-induced stomach cancer, thankyaverymuch.

Lex Collins: Shit. Well that sucks. Hey, did you check the cooler in that office they're using for catering? Thought I saw green in there.

The smaller man looks up as they both start walking back towards the locker rooms.

Larry Gowan: There's a cooler? I didn't see it past all those Halloween cookies and candy that I was trying to avoid like the plague. Have to maintain my girlish figure, after all.

Lex Collins: I know, man. Someone made fudge – heard it's to die for but I think it's got peanut butter in it. I got a piece stashed for later if I need it. Forewarnin', if you're allergic... don't go through my bag.

Larry Gowan: I wouldn't. And I'm not. When you're vegan, nut butter is a good source-

He breaks off when Collins starts snickering, barely covering his mouth in time to silence the sound. He looks sheepish when Gowan glares and then rolls his eyes with a sigh.

Larry Gowan: I'd tell you to grow up, but that's just a smidge hypocritical of me.

A silence falls between them as they arrive back where catering has set up their wares. There's a white Styrofoam chest on the floor under the table and Gowan immediately makes a beeline for it, still talking.

Larry Gowan: Are you okay, Lex? I mean, really okay? I've been watching you these past few months and I have to say I'm still concerned. I know you told me it was fine and Hannah told me to stop being dumb because you're grown now and can handle your...

He trails off when he finds a single bottle of Sprite buried under the ice. He turns to look at Lex, grinning happily as he holds it up in triumph.

Larry Gowan: You were right.

Lex Collins: Yeah. Happens sometimes.

He chuckles softly.

Lex Collins: Listen, Lare... I appreciate you tryna look out for me but it's misplaced this time – focus on your own thing. Tonight's my swan song. Everything led to this moment, do or die... ain't just doin' lip service when I say that. Fuck Madison Square Garden. I don't belong there. I belong in the Hammersteins an' the CBGB's of this business. I belong where I can still see the fans, connect with them on a personal level. Bleed an' sweat all over 'em. I don't give a shit about Hulu or bein' on TV. I... I can't carry a locker room fifty-deep on my goddamned back. Half the time I can't even carry my sorry ass out of bed in the mornin'. That ain't me. No matter how much I try an' lie my way into it, fake it 'til I make it, that won't ever be true. It's why I pulled out of Trinity even 'fore that belt left my waist. I was a fraud an' I don't ever wanna pass on that lesson. Shouldn't have to force myself to be somethin' I'm not. What happens next depends on whose hand is raised at the end of it all. Either way, I've made peace with it.

Before Gowan can question that statement further, Collins turns and walks away. Larry watches him go, trying to puzzle out the meaning before Lex turns back, one hand on the door to the back exit.

Lex Collins: The store down the block had some. I picked it up when I went for a walk earlier. Knew you'd need it as much as I'm gonna need my Pepsi after an' I wanted to make sure you had a good night, man. Everyone deserves one of those occasionally.

Larry Gowan: Aw jeez, Lex...

Gowan seems almost choked up as he looks away, touched by the gesture. The silence spills out and when he looks back up, Collins is gone. Larry cracks open the signature green bottle and holds it up in a sort of toast in the direction he's gone.

Larry Gowan: Cheers, brother. Good luck out there tonight.

As Lex goes to warm up with his match, we head to the next segment of the night.

The scene cuts backstage where an amused, albeit angry, Luciana Verdoza is standing by. Right now, the scene is focused on her and just her as she thinks about her upcoming match with Larry Gowan. Letting the anger seep through her mind, she reflects on how much of a pain Larry has been since the moment she ever became introduced to him. She’s hearing some deafening boos from the audience, but they don’t seem to even break her exterior emotions whatsoever as she begins to express her thoughts.

Luciana Verdoza From the moment that I came to this company, I have had to deal with ONE giant pain in the ass. I’m not talking about Thriller… I’ve had a blast making that guy my own personal bitch in recent times… I’m talking about Larry Gowan…

The audience lets out a pop at the mention of his name, but she doesn’t react to this at all as she continues.

Luciana Verdoza : Who was the one that gave me the most hell when I protested the idea of someone like ME being in a “prove yourself” battle royal? That would be Larry! Who was the one that decided to stick his nose where it didn’t belong when Dakota and I were just moments away from ending Thriller’s career? That would again, be Larry. And who was the one that escaped full wrath when Dakota and I won the tag team match the last time we faced each other? That would… once again… be Larry Gowan… the man-child that’s old enough to be a grandfather but still wants to be that sad little boy that grew up to be a wrestler thinking that this whole business is all puppies, rainbows and unicorns…

She has the weapons in her hand and looks at the camera.

Luciana Verdoza : And you want to know something?

Her blonde hair gets right in her face with face about to blow up.

Luciana Verdoza : I’m SO sick of it! I want to be challenging for the top prize and I want to be on top of the world one more time like I was six and a half years ago when I was a four-time world champion! I don’t WANT to be wasting my time with idiots like this guy! BUT, if ending his career is what I have to do to get him off my back, if making sure he never walks again when this is all over is what I have to do to scrape the piece of gum that he truly is off of my shoe, if having to face my demons in this style of match… a style of match that I HATE because of what it’s done to my career… than so be it! If this is what I have to do to regain the glory that I NEVER should have lost, the glory that I DESERVE to have… FINE! I’ll play ball! But, I’m a generous woman as hard as that may be to believe. I’ve got something for you, Larry… a parting gift of sorts.

On cue, the scene pans quite a bit to reveal a giant, porcelain unicorn.

Luciana Verdoza Since you’re such a CHILD and all that refuses to grow up and since you want to be such a white knight… I got you a trusty steed… someone that is going to suit your needs! Say hello Larry… feast your eyes on the object of your affect… not ME of course… EW… but your precious unicorn… the representation of whatever dreams you have left.

Luciana pauses as she signals to someone off screen and a member of the production crew gives her a long box.

Luciana Verdoza : Still fancying yourself, Larry? Still living those dreams? Because I’m about to crush them.

Luciana opens the box, revealing a barbwire aluminum baseball bat. A smile comes on her face as she glared angrily at the porcelain unicorn.

Luciana Verdoza : Is this what you want, Larry? IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT?!?!?!? GROW UP, YOU DOUCHEBAG!!!

Luciana takes a huge swing at the head of the unicorn causing it to instantly shatter upon contact. She then takes more and more swings at it, shattering into pieces. Even though it’s already in chunks all over the floor, she’s still not done as she takes hack upon hack to everything in sight until the entire porcelain unicorn is left in nothing but shards and porcelain dust. After letting out all her anger on the figure, she angrily tosses the bat away and looks down at the shattered unicorn.

Luciana Verdoza : You think I don’t have what it takes to survive this Chelsea Street Fight? You think that I can’t handle this? I’ve built up a LONG career, Larry… just like you… I’ve won even DOMINATED matches just like this… even matches WORSE than this! I took a hell of a lot of abuse over the years wrestling in these types of matches… and admittedly, this abuse has shortened and stalled my career at times, but damn it… I will NOT… and I emphasize NOT… allow these types of matches to determine my destiny… I will NOT allow you to be a pain in my ass ANY longer! This stupid unicorn… it’s a representation of your dreams and your dignity once I am done with you… and while I move on to achieve MY glory that was STOLEN from me years ago… YOU?

Luciana scoffs.

Luciana Verdoza Maybe when you’re drinking soup out of a straw, you’ll finally grow the hell up and live in reality…

Luciana says nothing more as she walks off the scene leaving behind the shattered porcelain unicorn. The cameras focus on it before the scene fades out.


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is the Chelsea Street Fight!

The fans are cheering as we have another street fight on our hands between Luciana Verdoza and Larry Gowan. This feud’s been going on since August with Luciana’s attitude and Larry looks to end her once and for all. Maneater by Nelly Furtado kicks with the fans booing for her. Out comes Luciana Verdoza with weapons in tow as the fans are booing for this.

Bimmy Mays: After seeing what this crazy bitch did to those poor Unicorns, I’m officially scared of her!

Jamey Caresalle: Luciana and Larry look to end this once and for all. This war between the both has started since Drags to Riches. One of them must win tonight!

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Milan, Italy, weighing in at 132 Pounds, Luciana Verdoza!

Luciana doesn’t bother with the fans as she walks to the ring. She throws the weapons in the ring and rolls in. She’s yelling that she wants to get this going and end Larry right away.

Jamey Caresalle: Luciana is ready for war!

Just then Weapon by Matthew Good kicks in as the fans are cheering for this as they sing.

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent, from Glasgow, Scotland, weighing in at 175 pounds, “The White Knight”, Larry Gowan!

Just then unicorns are coming out as the fans are laughing at this and causing Luciana getting pissed off at this. The unicorns are dancing on the stage to the beat of the song. Luciana says that she’s going to kill everyone on that ramp if Larry does not come out.
Bimmy Mays: WHAT THE HELL?! We have actual unicorns dancing? I’m not high for this shit, James!

What she doesn’t know is Larry’s behind her and dumps rainbow powder on her. Luciana freaks out and turns around, only for Larry to DDT her. The street fight is now under way as the bells ring.



The fans applaud and approve what Larry did, as he gives a thumbs up and starts to get on her and kicks her down. A loud “Larry” chant starts going through the nightclub. He picks her up again, but this time, Luciana grabs the kendo stick weapon and starts hitting him down as the fans are booing for this. She’s covered all over in this rainbow powder and wipes it off.

Jamey Caresalle: Larry maybe the veteran on the roster, but he’s a kid at heart. That’s what he wants to let Luciana know!

She then goes out of the ring and grabs something from under the ring. It’s a bottle of wine and goes back on in the ring. She pops it open, takes a sip and SPITS it right in the face of Larry. The fans are booing as she rolls him over and pins him for the first fall of the night.

Jamey Caresalle: The disrespect by Luciana as she goes for the first fall of the night!



Larry kicks out at two.

Jamey Caresalle: And Larry kicks out!

Luciana yells that she’s not playing around with him and goes to raise the bottle towards his head. He grabs it and shakes his head at her and shoves her right in the face. Luciana loses gripe and the bottle breaks. She’s pissed off and yet again goes right after Larry, but Larry grabs her and goes for a double arm DDT onto the ground.
Bimmy Mays: And she just wasted a wine bottle? The fuck is wrong with her?
Luciana rolls out of the ring with the fans cheering for Larry again. He gives a thumbs up and goes out of the ring and stands on the apron. Luciana is getting back to her feet with Larry jumping off the second rope and goes for a moonsault.
Jamey Caresalle: IN COMING!!
Luciana catches it as the fans are cheering when she goes down onto the ground. He high fives the fans around him and waits for her to get back up.

Bimmy Mays: Stop fooling around with the fans and get another bag of that powder!
Larry waves for her to get back up as the fans are telling her. One of them offers Larry a beer and he shakes his head no but thanks him. Though while distracted with that one fan, Verdoza comes back up and goes right after his knee as the fans are booing.

Jamey Caresalle: With Larry talking with the fans, Luciana comes up and attacks him right in the knees!
Those are his weakness as the fans are booing at her. She tells them to shut up and shoves him into the corner. Again, she grabs another weapon and it’s a kendo stick. Luciana beats him down with it with the fans still booing. One of them yells at her and pours beer at her. Luciana gets up right in his face, yells in Italian and grabs him by the shirt.

Jamey Caresalle: Luciana, STOP LETTING THE FANS GET TO YOU!!!

The referee tells her to let go of that fan, but she refuses. Just then Larry rolls her up and pins her.



Th-Kickout by Luciana.

Bimmy Mays: HA!! After all that, rainbow bright still manages to get to her!

Larry grabs her and brings her into the crowd as the fans want to get a piece of this. Someone gives Larry a beer bottle that’s empty and tells her to smash it. Larry doesn’t want to play dirty, but the New York City faithful wants to see Larry use it.
Bimmy Mays: Don’t tell me he’s going to waste THAT now?!

He shrugs and BASHES it off the skull of Luciana as the fans are going wild for this. He pins her in the ring with the fans clapping and applauding as he could get a win here.



TH-Luciana kicks out.

Jamey Caresalle: Luciana’s still in this fight despite getting blasted.

Larry shrugs at this, picks her up, but Luciana takes a cheap shot with a low blow. Larry holds that’s area with Luciana barging herself with him and her as they go OUT of the club and onto the streets.

Jamey Caresalle: A cheap shot from Verdoza now takes this out in the streets, but we see the performers at Lucky Cheng’s here.

The performers for the place are seeing this as they’re cheering on Larry, who’s a LGBTQA+ ally. One of them yells at Luciana that’s she’s not all that and she needs to up her game in looks. Luciana, who’s bloody from the beer bottle smash, gets in the face of them and tries to swing, but they decide to attack her.

Bimmy Mays: Is this bitch insanse? First she fights with the fans and now goes after DRAG QUEENS?!
Larry, who happens to be on a hot dog cart and on top of it, yells for them to get out of the way. They do and Larry goes for a crossbody off the cart, causing both him and Luciana crash into the puddle from the rain.

The fans that were in the night club and observe what happened as the both could be hurt. Larry’s elbows are bleeding with Luciana’s back cut up. Larry sees that she’s down and sees something that he needs to do. He picks her up and brings her back into the night club. He throws her down the hall and knocks on one of the doors.


One of the performers there opens it and allows Larry to come in. He sits her down on the chair and pours MORE rainbow powder all over her. Luciana’s screaming as he stands on the vanity and kicks her as she goes off the chair. Larry jumps down and drags out and back into the night club with the fans cheering for her.

Larry says that he’s going to end this match in the ring with the fans still behind him and clapping for him. Luciana hasn’t come back in the ring just yet with Larry bending and going over the ropes, but Luciana hits him right over the head with a steel chair.

Jamey Caresalle: I know I’m going to get from the New York crowd – that shot sounded like Jose Altuve’s home room in game Six of the ALCS!

Larry falls on the ground with the fans booing. She heads back into the ring and waits for him to get back up. Blood is pouring out of his head now as she goes for the Arrivederci. Larry lands on the ground with Luciana going for the pin…

Jamey Caresalle: Luciana does Arrivederci and looks to get the win over Larry….




Both: WHAT?!

Luciana lets out a scream as the fans are cheering with Larry still in this battle besides the blood coming out of his head. Suddenly, Dakota Mendoza comes out of the back as the fans are booing for this as once again she’s going to help her teacher yet again.

Jamey Caresalle: And the student and teacher factor happens again. Come on now!

Bimmy Mays: She’s a puppet I tell you!

Luciana tells her to end it once and for all as Dakota grabs Larry and Luciana grabs the other side of him and goes for a double DDT onto the ground. The fans are booing with Luciana rolling over and pinning him.




Bimmy Mays: Who the fuck?! Not this shit again!

The fans want to know what this is about. Suddenly, we hear a loud SCREAM with a voice that says “I remember” before the lights coming back on. Dakota and Luciana are in the ring with Luciana telling her to get out and look to see who that was.

Bimmy Mays: Dakota’s really seeing what’s going down here!
She does, leaving her with Larry, but what Luciana does not know is Larry’s back up. He grabs her and sets her up for the BAM SAID THE LADY as the fans are cheering for this as Luciana goes into the chair! Larry rolls her over and pins her in that ring.

Jamey Caresalle: Bam Said the lady! Larry looks to end this once and for all!





Finally, Larry Gowan’s able to get the victory over Luciana Verdoza with the fans cheering and throwing streamers in the ring.

Jamey Caresalle Larry has done it! He’s giving Luciana her first lost in 5BW!

Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner, “The White Knight” Larry Gowan!!

The fans are singing his theme song with emotion coming down the face of Larry Gowan. He stands up and takes a bow for the fans that are cheering for him. Luciana Verdoza is on the side as she freaks out and said that she had this won. The dancing Unicorns come out of the back and celebrate with Larry Gowan much to the delight of the fans.

Bimmy Mays: These damn dancing Unicorns again! I really and I mean REALLY need to smoke me a bong after seeing this!

Larry’s dancing with the Unicorns and the performers as they’re coming out and celebrating with him. Rainbow streamers are coming down as the cameras fade out.

In the back, we see Sarah McC warming up in what could be her final match ever. A knock is heard on the door with Sarah looking at the door.

Sarah McC: Come in!

The person that comes in is Hayley Fien. She looks at Sarah warming up.

Hayley Fien: Hi Sarah.

Sarah McC: Hi Hayley. Are you ready for tonight?

Hayley looks at Sarah, keeping her eyes on her trainer.

Hayley Fien: I am, but nervous at the same time.

She looks at her.

Hayley Fien: Fiona seems hellbent on ending you. I don’t want your career to end like this. You deserve to go out on your own your own way, not on someone’s way because they hate you.

She sighs.

Sarah McC: Sometimes you have to take things in your own hands and takes some risks to send a message.

Hayley Fien: Good point. You and I been in the ring with Fiona, but what happens if you lose. I’m still her target.

She eyes Sarah still.

Hayley Fien: And knowing Meagan and her condition, she can’t defend herself or me.

Suddenly, we see Kieran walk in, with a towel on. Sarah covers Hayley’s eyes so she won’t see what she’s been asking for.

Kieran Quinn: Sarah, I know you’re trying to pass some advice to Hayley, but I should pass some advice to you. You must remember who you are.

Hayley can’t see still. She tries to say something, but Sarah doesn’t want to fire her up.

Kieran Quinn: You’ve got to be that ass kicking, take no prisoners, multiple time champion that you’re known to being,

Sarah McC: You’re definitely going to get that from me. I’m not ready for this ride to end, and I’m going to pull out everything that I’ve got: all of the years of experience, all of the knowledge, and everything that’s gotten me this far to make sure that Fiona doesn’t get what she wants.

Kieran nods and heads towards the showers as Sarah frees Hayley from being blind. She looks at Sarah.

Hayley Fien: What was that?

Sarah McC: I knew what you were going to ask. This isn’t the time.

Hayley eyes her and sighs.

Hayley Fien: I know, but Sarah, please do me a favor. Win this match. Not for me, but for everyone, especially the one’s that care for you.

Hayley walks away from Sarah as this could be the last time. Sarah sighs and warms back up, thinking for what’s to come.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson paces slowly in her locker room. For this special event she has a special set of gear...one long blue boot and one red, the kneepad on each leg the opposite color of the boot. Her modified singlet is white with red and blue trim, and on top of it is one of her "Bombs Away" shirts in lavender.

She keeps pacing for a moment, back and forth like a slow tennis ball with legs. Finally, she speaks.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: "You know, Lex and I are about to go to war. Violently we're going to paint a portrait of what it's going to take to be the champion of this company."

She pauses for a moment and looks at the camera

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: "This title. It feels...different. Like it carries just that tiny bit more weight. Maybe that's me...but there's something about being the World Champion of a company based in and representing THIS city..."

Samantha continues her pacing, slowly walking back and forth.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: "...that just gives it a feeling of major importance. I value and appreciate every title I've ever had. I've been a World Champion five times before, and it is always an amazing feeling. But this? If I can win this match, I feel like I can truly call myself the best wrestler in the world."

Samantha sits on the ground and takes time to reflect.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: "This won't be easy. Lex is every bit the world-class competitor I am. But if there's a difference between us? I think he believes he's already won this. That despite my track record, I can't hang with him for thirty minutes."

She again takes time to think about what she wants to say.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: "I'm going to change that misconception in the first thirty seconds. He's going to understand very, very quickly that he's in for the fight of his life."
Samantha stops, throwing a few shadow punches and kicks before speaking again.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: "I know I'm in a fight. I know that I'll have to endure pain, endure bloodshed, and push myself further than I ever have before. Those are sacrifices I'll willingly make."

She takes a sip of water before looking at the camera.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: "This title means more to me than it does to him."

She inhales and exhales, still the look is on her.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: "For him, it's a symbol but for me? Being the first Five Boroughs World Champion is EVERYTHING. Do be able to capture that title out there tonight, in this city where my record is so troubling and so unlike everywhere else...it's everything I've wanted as a professional athlete."

Samantha stands up and gets serious with this.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: "Tonight I'm going to fight with everything I've got. Lex, you better be prepared to kill me if need be. Because if I have breath, I'm going to fight. If I can move, I'll find a way to beat you."

She looks down and looks back up.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: "I'm coming for that title, and as much as I respect you? I can't let you stop me."

Samantha goes back to her pacing as the camera slowly fades out to black.


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a six person Tornado Tag Team match up! The winning team’s captain will have a spot on the Five Boroughs Wrestling Roster!!

The fans are cheering for this. Just then Battle by OTEP kicks in as the fans are booing. Out comes Sabrina Baker, Asia Jones and Top Gun Tsunami come out of the back and are ready for a battle. Sabrina yells that this is her SPOT on the roster as the fans are booing for them.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing the team of Asia Jones, Top Gun Tsunami and the team Captain, Sabrina Baker!!

Jamey Caresalle: Well this match has big implications for both teams. If Sabrina Baker wins, she’s on the 5BW roster, if Amy’s team wins, she’s on the 5BW!

Bimmy Mays: Why the hell are they both here?! I thought Sabrina was banned from wrestling?

Jamey Caresalle: I would like to mention that’s false. Sabrina may have got “fired” from Girl Power Wrestling, she was never fired from United Toughness Alliance. Amy was also apart of the UTA for both runs.

All three of them roll in the ring and taunt at the fans as they boo for them. Sabrina says to both of her teammates that she wants this more than anything and that Amy’s nothing, but a bitch that doesn’t belong here. They agree as the fans are booing. Just then, we head to the back and we see commotion going on. The fans don’t know what’s going on.

Abel Grayson and Thriller are BOTH laid out as the fans are booing as we see boots next to both Thriller and Abel Grayson. Amy Harrison comes running up and automatically freaks out.

Amy Harrison: WHAT THE FUCK!? Who did this?!

Amy freaks knowing that she has a match up coming. She doesn’t have partners. Dora Richardson also comes up and sees this.

Dora RichardsonWhat the hell happened? Who’s responsible for this?!

Amy looks confused and pissed off.

Amy Harrison: That’s what I want to goddamn know! I have a match coming up and if I must do this alone, I WILL!

Dora looks at her.

Dora RichardsonAmy, that’s not what I signed for!

Amy gives her a cold look that makes Dora’s eyes widen.

Amy Harrison: I don’t care! If I can fall off a ladder in a match, come back and win a title, then I’m sure as hell going into this match alone!

She looks at Dora one more time before heading to the curtain.

Bimmy Mays: BY HERSELF?! SHE’s CRAZY!!

Amy Harrison: And NOBODY’s going to stop me, not even my stupid ex sister in law, who can’t even back it up!

Amy looks at Dora as Riot Rhythm by Sleigh Bells kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Amy seems to go alone in this match as she stops on top of the ramp.

Taylor Hudson: Their opponent, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, weighing in at 120 pounds, Amy Harrison!

Amy walks to the ring with the fans cheering for her as she goes for high fives. Sabrina orders her teammates to head out of the ring and attack her. They do as Asia goes after her first and tries to swing at her, but Amy clotheslines her on the ground. Tsunami heads after her as the fans are booing, but Amy grabs him and goes for her finisher called “Broken Ugly Face” as the fans are cheering for this, leaving Sabrina waving.

Bimmy Mays: OK, This bitch IS CRAZY!!
Amy rolls in the ring and goes right after Sabrina as the both are throwing punches in their face. The bell hasn’t even rung, but the girls don’t care for this match. After everything that happened at “An Important Battle” the both want to kill each other after everything that’s happened.


Jamey Caresalle: The Baker’s and Harrison’s have bad blood with one another considering that Amy was married to CJ Baker, the brother of Sabrina Baker!

Amy and Sabrina then pour on the outside of the ring as they begin to fight, but Sabrina grabs Amy by the throat and starts to choke her out. Amy’s screaming and trying to get out this hold. Sabrina wants to kill her on spot for this.

Jamey Caresalle Sabrina wants to make her suffer! And this shows!

Sabrina finally lets go of the hold and grabs Amy. She says that she’s going to kill her and SLAMS her back first into the table. Amy has a history of back injuries from wrestling. Sabrina doesn’t care She wants to end her and get that spot once and for all.
Sabrina moves stuff off the commentary table and sees Bimmy Mays freaking out. She gets on the headset and yells at him.


Sabrina throws the head set on the ground while Amy’s getting back to her feet. Sabrina sees her coming back up and charges. Amy grabs her and goes for a spinebuster through the table as the fans are cheering for this. Amy gets on top of her and starts pounding her down, but security is coming out of the back, causing Sabrina and Amy to be pulled away from each other.

Bimmy Mays: Finally someone takes these crazy bitches away from here! GET SABRINA AWAY FROM ME!

The fans are not happy with this and start to chant “Let them fight”. Sabrina and Amy break apart as the fans are cheering for this as they are throwing hands to each other. They both roll back in the ring and start fighting and again, the guards come back in the ring. Suddenly, Kieran Quinn comes out of the back as the fans are cheering as he comes out.

Kieran Quinn: Hang on for a second!


Both Sabrina and Amy stop fighting to look at Kieran.

Kieran Quinn: I know Dora’s having a busy night with this being a big show and Meagan being prepared, but as assistant GM, I have to put this to a stop.

The fans are looking at him.

Kieran Quinn: I know that Thriller and Abel Grayson were supposed to team up with Amy tonight – however, that was not the case. We don’t know who attacked them.

Bimmy Mays: Then who did? Did they see your dick and faint? I mean, if I was a gi-

Jamey Caresalle: Bimmy stop!

The fans are booing with Kieran telling them “no no”

Kieran Quinn: I know Amy wanted to fight this alone and I admire her moxie to do something like this. I know how both of you wanted a spot in Five Boroughs Wrestling. So I’m going to give some news to you both.

Sabrina and Amy look at Kieran.

Kieran Quinn: The BOTH of you are apart of Five Boroughs Wrestling starting as of tonight!

Jamey Caresalle: Smart move on the management’s behalf!

The fans cheer as Sabrina yells she deserves this more than Amy as Amy looks at her like she wants to kill her even more.

Kieran Quinn: THOUGH, considering that this war took place at “Important Battle”, I’ve talked with the officials and they agreed to do something to settle this once and for all.

The fans look at this.

Kieran Quinn: At the next Madhouse Media show, the both of you will be representing 5BW and going at it, but this match will have a WINNER. The both of you will be competing in a….street fight!!

The fans are cheering for this. Sabrina and Amy will be fighting in a street fight at the next Madhouse Media supershow! Kieran nods with Legion of Monsters by Disturbed playing.

Jamey Caresalle: What a smart decision! This will INDEED take place at the Mad house media show that will go down in Late November and December! Keep them away until them, but welcome to the Five Boroughs Roster.

Bimmy’s scared shit as he’s behind the chair, hiding for what’s about to happen next. Jamey waves him out as we go to the next break.

Gabe is seen warming up for his match, which is coming up next.

Brittany Lascase: Gabe, I am sorry to bother you, but may I get your thoughts on your match against Madwoman Szalinski coming up next?

Gabe Khane: Madwoman Szalinski is someone I have never faced in my career before. From what I have seen she is one tough woman. I have my work cut out for me, that is for sure. I am excited for this opportunity. This match is going to be my chance to prove I can hold my own against any opponent that is thrown at me.

Brittany Lascase: What are your feelings going into this match knowing it is a Madhouse Media Match?

Gabe Khane: This is a special match for me, because I am going against someone who also wants to make a name for herself in wrestling. I know she is going to do everything it takes to beat me. She’s just as bound and determined as well. I am going into this match to represent 5BW and I am here to set a good example for 5BW.

Brittany Lascase: You are aware that there is a war between your opponent and Adelaide Ainsworth going on and it could affect your match, how do you feel about that?

Gabe takes a minute to collect his thoughts.

Gabe Khane: Even though I only wrestle here. I am aware of this war. I know it could affect things in my match. However, I am not getting involved in any one else’s problems going on. I am here to concentrate on my career in 5BW. I’m not here to get involved in anything that has nothing to do with me. I will not be very happy if Adelaide gets involved in our match. I want this match to be fair.

Gabe sighs

Gabe Khane: I’m just glad that the 5BW staff are aware of this too, and looking into things. I just hope something gets worked out.

Brittany Lascase: Good luck in your match coming up next.

Gabe Khane: Thank you for your time, Brittany.
Gabe sets as the fans are ready for what’s about to happen with this match up. He grabs his stuff and heads out.


We head back into the arena as in the front row, we see Kelly Penkzee-Nelson, from Trinity Wrestling in the crowd as she nods and waves at the fans. Jamey Caresalle acknowledges her with the fans cheering for this.

Jamey Caresalle: And we have Kelly Penkzee-Nelson from Trinity Wrestling in the crowd tonight watching this match up!

Bimmy Mays: HELL YEAH! I love me some Kelly Penkzee-Nelson! Her nudes are HOT!

Jamey rolls his eyes at the comment with him going back.

Jamey Caresalle: And she’s also one talented wrestler. I’ve seen her in the past and she’s considering the best. I’m glad Trinity has her.

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a Madhouse Media show case match and it’s one fall!

I’m to Blame by Kip Moore kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Gabe Khane comes out of the back and greets KPN and the fans as he walks out of the ring.

Bimmy Mays: Oh god, here’s the police officer!

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 200 pounds, Gabe Khane!

Gabe rolls in the ring and raises his hands in the air as the fans are cheering for this. He tells them to come on and get ready with the fans cheering for this. Gabe warms up as a big-time wave comes in. He’s ready to go.

Begin again by Purity ring kicks in as a pink smoke comes up on stage. The fans know who this as they begin to cheer for this. Out comes Madwomen Szalinski as the fans are cheering for this and giving a standing ovation as she comes out.

Taylor Hudson: His opponent, from Parts Unknown and weighing in at 123 pounds, “The Punk Rock Ballerina”, Madwomen Szalinski!

Jamey Caresalle: I know what I’m going to say is going to get heat…

Bimmy Mays: Don’t say it!

Jamey Caresalle: Don’t say what?

Bimmy Mays: YOU KNOW!

Jamey Caresalle: No I don’t…


Jamey’s still confused as Madwomen rolls into the ring and taunts the fans. Gabe is impressed by this and claps with the fans being in awe. The referee goes for the bell as we start our show case match!

Madwoman and Gabe start the match with a handshake. The fans cheer at this.

Jamey Caresalle: Nice little handshake to start the match off.

Madwoman takes it straight to Gabe with a series of midsection kicks. Gabe fires back with a series of punches. Lock up. Madwoman with a DDT. Gabe goes full circle and lands on his feet. Gabe goes for a clothesline. Madwoman ducks. Stand off.

Jamey Caresalle: We have a stand off with both Gabe and Madwomen with the fans approval!


Madwoman rushes in with a shuffle kick to the head. Gabe ducks and back elbows Madwoman in the head. Madwoman goes down. Gabe goes for a pin, kickout at one.

Lock up. DDT from Madwoman, followed by a standing moonsault and a pin. Gabe kicks out with authority at one. Both to their feet. Gabe boots Madwoman in the gut. Madwoman bends over, Gabe hits a massive powerbomb. Gabe hits the ropes and baseball slides into Madwoman’s face. Madwoman rolls around the canvas in pain. Pin. Kickout at two.


Jamey Caresalle: Since I don’t know what that means, this match is evenly matched with both Gabe and Madwomen – this shows too.

Gabe pulls Madwoman to her feet. Madwoman has a sudden burst of energy, breaks the hold, and whips Gabe into the corner. Madwoman cannon balls herself into Gabe. It’s starting to look like a car wreck in the ring. Both wrestlers are down for an extended period.


Madwoman is up. She goes for her Magic Drop (Dudley Dog). Gabe isn’t having it. He pushes Madwoman out of the ring, breaking the hold, he dives over the ropes into Madwoman. The fans cheer loudly.

Jamey Caresalle: Both Gabe and Madwomen are down!


Gabe tosses Madwoman back into the ring. Gabe gives Madwoman a few moments to stand to her feet and then attempts to Superkick the young woman. Madwoman catches Gabe’s foot and locks in an Anklelock. Gabe struggles to get out of the lock. Madwoman isn’t much of a submission wrestler and after a few minutes Gabe is able to break the hold and kick Madwoman in the jaw for good measure.

Bimmy Mays: And with that kick to the jaw, Gabe goes FUCK GRAHAM CLAUSON!!

Gabe is up and limping. Madwoman isn’t doing much better. They rush one another and brawl for a few moments. Gabe gets the advantage and hits a Bodyslam, Madwoman is down. Gabe pins. Madwoman barely kicks out at two and a half. Gabe pulls Madwoman to her feet. The woman is stunned. Gabe boots Madwoman in the stomach and goes for another powerbomb.

Jamey Caresalle: Gabe’s about to go for the powerbomb and about to yell “FUCK GRAHAM CLAUSON!”


Madwoman punches Gabe in the face causing him to fall backwards. Madwoman with another pin. Gabe barely gets a shoulder up. Madwoman recovers as Gabe stands to his feet. SWAN KICK TO GABE!


Gabe falls backwards onto the mat. Madwoman goes to the top rope and goes for a moonsault onto Gabe. Gabe moves over at the last second and Madwoman crashes!

Jamey Caresalle: Madwomen crashes to the mat! Both Gabe and her are down on the ground with the referee beginning to count.

The ref starts his ten count. Both wrestlers are to their feet by eight. Staredown. Both begin to laugh as they realize the quality of match they’re putting on, much to the approval of the fans.

Suddenly, Madwomen goes through her pocket with Gabe bending over as the fans are cheering for this and THROWS Glitter right in his face. Gabe spins around with Madwomen coming back up and going for the G Spot Suite because Fuck Graham Clauson. Gabe stumbles a bit with Madwomen now following up with The Swan Kick! Gabe crashes down onto the ground as the fans are cheering for this. Madwomen could get a big win for Trinity Wrestling.

Jamey Caresalle: Swan Kick! This could be big for Trinity Wrestling!





Madwomen thought she had that in hand as the fans are in shock with this. Again, she goes back in her pocket and grabs a glitter bomb and tries to throw it in his face.

Jamey Caresalle: Madwomen’s trying to get the glitter again and take this victory back to Trinity!!

But Gabe ducks out of the way and grabs Madwomen. He then goes for the Ode to Gabe as the fans are cheering for this. He rolls over Madwomen and pins her in the ring with the fans cheering for this.



Madwomen rolls him up for a crucifix pin



Gabe rolls out of it and does one on his own.





Gabe Khane has won the match and got a HUGE Victory of his career. Madwomen leans up and is in shock with this as the fans are applauding for this.

Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner, Gabe Khane!

Gabe Khane celebrates with Madwomen Szalinski standing up and holding her hands on her hips. Kelly Penkzee-Nelson come in the ring and looks at her friends and claps too. She asks for something from the crowd and they throw it to her. Kelly, Madwomen and Gabe hold it as this is a unity flag with the fans cheering for this.

Jamey Caresalle: And this is what wrestling is all about. Trinity Wrestling AND Five Boroughs Wrestling standing in unity. Therefore they care for this!

The fans are giving a standing ovation and not sitting down. Madwomen, KPN and Gabe all embrace in a huge to celebrate unity with each other.


Coming Soon….


Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon kicks in with the fans cheering for this. Out comes long time wrestler, who is a trainer now in Five Boroughs Wrestling, Sarah McC, as she’s coming out for what could be her final match ever.

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a singles match, and if Sarah loses this match, her career will be done.

The fans are in shock as Sarah takes a deep breath and rolls into the ring, giving fans high fives as she’s about to her famous ass shaking entrance. Though, she’s not about that tonight.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Dublin, Ireland, She is the Five Boroughs Wrestling Head Trainer, Sarah McC!

Jamey Caresalle I’ve known Sarah for almost twelve years and I’m sure she does not want to go out this way. Sarah wants to end on her own terms, not by Fiona Franklin!

Bimmy Mays: She’s crazy for ACTUALLY accepting this match up! So if she LOSES ITS ON HER!

The fans are cheering as Sarah raises her hands in the air with the fans applauding her. Considering that this is LGBTQ+ history month, Sarah wants to get the win and continue her career considering Hayley Fien. Just then Play Destroy by Poppy kicks in as the fans are booing for this. Out comes Fiona Franklin wearing the same ring attire she won her first women’s championship from Sarah McC.

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent, from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 103 Pounds, Fiona Franklin!

Fiona gets in the ring and mocks at Sarah with her butt shake and gets in. She taunts at the fans and says that her career ends tonight and that we don’t have to deal with anything like this anymore. Fiona gets in her face with the referee pulling them apart, but Fiona takes a cheap shot over him and starts fighting with Sarah. The referee quickly rings the bell with the match starting because of Fiona’s cheap shot.

Bimmy Mays: See what I’m talking about!!


Sarah’s down on the ground with Fiona hitting her with her fists as she’s screaming at her. She says that EVERYTHING ends tonight with her and picks her up by the hair, but Sarah fights back against her as the fans are cheering for this. She throws Sarah into the ropes with Fiona coming back at her as Sarah goes for a flap jack into the ropes.

Jamey Caresalle: This is the Sarah we need to see!!

Sarah’s yelling at her as she picks up Fiona by the hair and tosses her out of the ring, but Fiona hangs onto the ropes. Sarah runs and tries to spear Fiona down and out of the ring. It backfires because Fiona kicks her right in the face. She then gets in the ring and yells at Sarah.

Jamey Caresalle: Fiona needs to stop yelling at Sarah – We’ve seen most of the 5BW get into trouble for yelling!

Fiona slaps her in the head and says that she’s going to show why she’s going to retire her as she slaps her right in the head. She picks up Sarah and tosses her into the turnbuckle and begins to pound down on her. Fiona is laying it into her and grabs her by the face, but Sarah picks her up and throws her and starts kicking her down.

Jamey Caresalle: Sarah’s getting back into this!

The fans are cheering as Sarah’s doing the best she can to keep her career around. She tosses Fiona out of the corner and climbs up on the turnbuckle. She waits for Fiona to get back on her feet. Fiona does as Sarah goes for a axe handle onto Fiona. Fiona falls on the ground as Sarah rolls over and pins her for the first fall of the night.



Kick out by Fiona.

Sarah gets back to her feet and gets on top of Fiona. She looks at the fallen former multi time Women’s Champion and GPW Tag Team Champion and yells at her she’s not going to go down with out the fight. She leans in her face and keeps on screaming. Fiona, however, had a better idea and reaches up to grab her throat and choke her out.


The fans are in shock with this as Fiona has a deranged look in her eyes and tosses Sarah out of the ring. She looks at the fans as they are booing for her with her yelling that she’s going to MAKE them cheer for her as she climbs up. The fans are booing for this, but Sarah runs up on the apron and pushes her off the turnbuckle. Fiona’s smart yet again and rolls on the ground. She runs back at Sarah and shoulder blocks her off the apron.

Jamey Caresalle: Oh my god! What a bad fall!

Again, Sarah falls off, causing Fiona to come out of the ring. She stands back and does a backflip off the apron onto the 5BW Trainer. Both fall om the ground as the fans are wondering what could happen next. Fiona is the first one back on her feet and again points at her head saying that she’s smart and picks up Sarah. She throws her onto the steel steps, causing Sarah to scream out in pain as she went back first. Fiona again grabs at her and begins to smash in her head onto the steps. The fans are still booing at her when she flashes a smirk on her face.

Jamey Caresalle: Fiona wants to PUNISH Sarah and make sure she suffers like this!

Fiona just wants to punish Sarah and end her career. She throws her back into the ring. Sarah crawls on the ground and checks her forehead to see if she has blood on her head. Fiona gets back in the ring and lightly kicks at her around and yells at her while slapping her head.

Jamey Caresalle: Fiona is showing the disrespect! She doesn’t respect Sarah!
Fiona yells at her and says that she’s worthless and will be worthless still. She then gives a HARDER kick right onto Sarah’s side, causing Sarah to collapse in the ring. Fiona rolls her over and pins her.



Sarah kicks out of it.

Bimmy Mays: Sarah just needs to stay down! This is no use for her!

Fiona smirks yet again and goes to pick her up. Again, she’s taunting at the fans and saying that she’s the best around and goes for a DDT onto the ground. Fiona sees Sarah facing up and goes for a handspring splash, but Sarah moves out of the way as the fans are cheering. Fiona gets up on her knees from that move with Sarah going for a kick right into her head, but Fiona had that scouted and rolls her up for another pin fall.

Jamey Caresalle: Again Fiona goes for the pin!



Sarah gets out of that, causing Fiona to get back to her feet again, but Sarah goes for a backslide this time around.

Jamey Caresalle: Sarah got the best of her!



Fiona gets out of it.

Sarah goes back to Fiona and picks her up this time, but again, Fiona will NOT let Sarah get ANYTHING IN on her as the fans are booing for this. She goes up to the turnbuckle and look at Sarah on the ground. She taunts her and goes for her 450 splash….

Jamey Caresalle: FIONA GOES FOR THE 450 SPLASH!!!


Jamey Caresalle: SARAH MOVED!!

Bimmy Mays: FUCKSTICKS!!

The fans are cheering as Fiona holds her chest as Sarah comes back at her with a neckbreaker. Sarah says that she’s going to end this match up and keep her career going. Fiona comes back up and runs at her, but Sarah grabs her and leans her head back. She goes to kiss her to set up for her finisher.


Fiona gets out of this and trips her down to lock in Shining No More. Sarah starts screaming out in pain as the fans are telling her don’t tap out.


Sarah’s crawling to the ropes with Fiona trying to drag her. Sarah keeps crawling and finally gets to the ropes. Fiona has to the five count to break. She does as she gets pissed off about this.

Fiona yells at the referee and tells him to stop playing the favorite with Sarah. The referee says he’s doing his job, but Fiona does not care and wants to hit him. Sarah’s back on her feet and Fiona does not know that. Soon as she gets done yelling at the referee, Fiona turns around, ONLY to get kissed by Sarah with Sarah going for her sunset flip powerbomb she calls “The One Night of Sex”. The fans are cheering for this as Sarah’s rolling over for the pin.




Thr-NO! Fiona kicks out of it!

Both: WHAT?!!

Sarah holds her head as that normally ends the match for her. She stands back up, and waits for Fiona to get back up. Fiona get to her feet, causing Sarah to go after her….

But Fiona moves out of the way with Sarah crashing into the referee.

Jamey Caresalle: Ref’s down! Ref is down! This is not going to end well!

The fans are booing for this as Sarah holds her head and freaks out at what she did. Fiona is out of the ring and grabs a steel chair. She gets back in the ring as the fans are booing and HITS Sarah right in the back. Sarah screams and falls on the ground. Fiona keeps on smashing the chair into Sarah.

Jamey Caresalle: Fiona’s getting violent and violent each time she’s hitting Sarah with that chair!!!
She wants to end her career in this ring like this. Fiona gets done the smashing of the chair into Sarah and turns around….



The fans are cheering for this. Hayley couldn’t watch in the back any more regarding her trainer getting hurt. Fiona comes after her and swings towards Hayley. Hayley ducks, runs into the ropes, does a handspring into the Superman Punch, followed by the Ocean Waves. Fiona crashes on the ground with Fiona dragging Sarah over her. She shakes the referee and tells him to count. The referee sees Sarah over Fiona and goes for the pin.

Bimmy Mays: Hayley REALLY SAVING THE DAY!!!




Jamey Caresalle: Hayley Fien didn’t want to see her trainer’s career end like that and ended up being the factor of this match!

Sex on Fire by Kings of Leon kicks back in as Sarah STILL has her career. Hayley rolls back in the ring and helps the person that trained her up and raises her hand. Sarah’s career is still going on as she helps her out of the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: Sarah’s career lives another day, but god knows that this ain’t over with those three.

Final Football Game Scores:

New York Jets lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars 29-15
New York Giants Lose to the Detroit Lions 31-26
New England Patriots are 8-0 with a win over the Cleveland Browns.


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a Tornado Tag Rules match!

The fans are cheering for this as they’re ready for what’s about to go down. Brittani Helms and Mary Ellen Harrison MUST get along with this match or their fired. Just then Fire and Ice by Cinderella kicks in as the fans are wondering why this song is playing. Out comes Larissa and Bridget Johnson wearing Astros colors as the fans let out the biggest boos of the night.

Jamey Caresalle: You have got to be kidding me?


Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, the team of Larissa and Bridget, the Johnson sisters!

Larissa is yelling Yankees SUCK at the top of her lungs while Bridget’s passing around Astros hats and shirts. The fans don’t want none of this because it’s the team who defeated the Yankees in the ALCS. Both sisters roll in the ring and taunt the fans, with Larissa still making the mockery out of the fans.

Bimmy Mays: And she’s letting the New York Crowd get it! I’m a Larissa Fan now!!

Stop Snitchin by YG kicks in as the fans give a mixed reaction. Mostly cheers coming out because they want to see Brittani kicks the Johnson Sisters ass.

Bimmy Mays: OK! This song STILL bumps!

Taylor Hudson: Their opponent, first, from Washington, DC, she’s the “DC Savage” and representing the Britt-Series, Brittani Helms!

Bimmy Mays: Britt-Series?

Jamey Caresalle Yes, Bimmy. The Washington Nationals are in the World Series – It makes sense for her to name herself that.
The fans are cheering for her as Brittani takes off her bandana and hoodie she was wearing. She’s wearing the colors of the Washington Nationals and waits for her tag team partner to come out.

Night of the Ravens by Leaves’ Eyes kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Larissa and Bridget don’t know what’s coming to them as we know who this is coming out and joining Brittani in this match up.

Taylor Hudson: Her tag team partner, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, she’s one half of the MMHD Women’s Tag Team Champions, “The Raven’s Lock” Mary Ellen Harrison!!!

Mary Ellen Harrison comes out of the back with the Women’s Tag Team Championship around her waist. Brittani eyes her seriously as she walks to the ring. Mary Ellen takes off the tag title, takes one good look at Brittani before both roll in the ring and go to battle with the Johnson Sisters.


Jamey Caresalle: And here we go with this battle!!

Brittani and Mary Ellen are throwing hands with Larissa and Bridget with the fans going wild for this. Bridget and Larissa didn’t know what to expect as the fans are cheering. Mary Ellen has her hands on Larissa while Brittani has her hands on Bridget.

Jamey Caresalle: Brittani and Mary Ellen are in this to win!

Bimmy Mays: They have to! Or Ariel Shadows will FIRE their asses!

The both pick up Larissa and Bridget, but Bridget gets out of Brittani’s hold and pushes her out of the ring. Larissa comes running back towards Mary Ellen. Mary Ellen goes to swing, but Larissa ducks, only for Brittani to take the bullet with Larissa spearing her out of the ring.

Both: OH MY GOD!!!

Brittani falls out and lands right on her neck, causing the fans to wonder if she’s going to be OK. Mary Ellen leans over and sees if she’s ok. Brittani waves for her to keep on fighting while getting checked.

Jamey Caresalle: Brittani could have a serious injury to her neck!

Mary Ellen shrugs, turns around and gets hit with a double DDT onto the floor by the Johnson sisters. The fans are booing as both girls go for a double pin on Mary Ellen.



Kick out by Mary Ellen.

Bridget stiff forearms her while Larissa stands up and checks herself. The fans are booing while she’s doing this. Bridget’s also doing the same thing as well with Larissa telling her that everything’s going to go good. Larissa hops on the turnbuckle and sits down on it. The fans are booing at her while Bridget picks her up.

Jamey Caresalle: What the hell is Larissa doing? Does she know this is a match?

Bimmy Mays: She doesn’t care! She’s a Congressmen’s daughter!

Bridget yells at her and grabs her by the hair and yells in her face and goes for a suplex. Larissa’s still on the turnbuckle checking herself out. Bridget then goes for a pin.

Bimmy Mays: Larissa still admiring herself while her sister goes for the pin!



Mary Ellen kicks out again.

Bimmy Mays: FUCK STICKS!!

Larissa hops off the turnbuckle and walks over sassy to Mary Ellen and tells her sister watch how it’s done. She grabs Mary Ellen and SLAPS her across the face, causing the Raven to fall on the ground. She then says that like in GPW, she’s NOTHING, especially with the tag team championship she’s holding. She keeps on slapping her and trying to boss her around, but Mary Ellen grabs her wrist and twists it.


She stands up and sees Bridget coming after her and grabs her wrist as well. Mary Ellen runs with the both, jumps on the turnbuckle and does a springboard arm drag with the both. Mary Ellen pins Bridget in the ring.

Jamey Caresalle Beautiful move by Mary Ellen Harrison!



Larissa comes up and breaks it.

Jamey Caresalle: Larissa saves the match for her team!

Larissa picks her up and tosses her out of the ring, causing her to crash. She takes a mock at the fans as they’re booing at her, but what she does not know is Brittani is up and behind her with a weapon in her hands. Larissa turns around and backs up as she sees Brittani.

Jamey Caresalle: And Brittani’s behind her!! Turn around Larissa!

Brittani gets in the ring and runs towards Larissa with the weapon in the ring. Larissa rolls out of the ring, causing Brittani to run with the weapon in hand around the ring with Larissa running. Larissa gets back in the ring, causing Mary Ellen to go after her, but Larissa again ducks. Mary Ellen and Brittani BOTH crash into each other causing the fans to groan.

Jamey Caresalle: Oh no. Oh no, this is not good!

That means trouble with the both and THAT’s what the Johnson sisters want. They want both Brittani and Mary Ellen to blow up as Brittani comes back up on her feet followed by Mary Ellen. Brittani looks like she’s going to kill Mary Ellen with Larissa and Bridget egging them on.

Jamey Caresalle: Brittani and Mary Ellen, DON’T DO IT!!!

If they blow up their fired from 5BW but turn as Brittani goes for a super kick right onto the face of Larissa. Bridget tries to go after her by she’s tossed out of the ring by Mary Ellen.


Mary Ellen walks over to Larissa and grabs her as she goes for the Raven’s Lock. Larissa’s smart and backs her up into the turnbuckle. Brittani sees what Larissa’s about to do and runs after her. Larissa again quick to think moves out of the way, but Brittani prevents a crash and jumps over Mary Ellen and does a corkscrew moonsault onto Bridget. The fans are cheering as both Bridget and Brittani are down, leaving Mary Ellen and Larissa in the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: Mary Ellen and Larissa are BOTH in the ring! This is what Mary Ellen wants!

Mary Ellen and Larissa are the only two standing and with their history, it makes sense. Larissa goes back towards Mary Ellen, but Mary Ellen spears her on the ground and goes for a cover.



Thr-Larissa rolls her up into a cruifix.



Thr-Mary Ellen rolls out of it and kicks her in the face with a low drop kick.

Jamey Caresalle: Low Drop kick from Mary Ellen!

Mary Ellen says that she’s going to put rest to Larissa once and for all. She gets into the corner and waits for Larissa to get to her feet. Larissa gets back to her feet with Mary Ellen coming at her. She grabs her and goes for the Raven’s Lock, but Larissa pushes her. Bridget is on the ropes and goes towards Mary Ellen to attack her…


BUT MARY ELLEN moves out of the way, causing Bridget to crash into her.


Bridget freaks out and apologizes to her sister and holds her head at this. Brittani Helms is also back in the ring and waits for Bridget to turn around. Bridget slowly does with Brittani going for the DC Headknocker right into her face.


Bridget stumbles and causing her to turn around into Mary Ellen’s Raven’s Lock. Bridget goes onto the ground as the fans are cheering. She rolls her over and pins her with the fans on edge.





Jamey Caresalle: They HAD to! For the Sake of the company and their careers!

Taylor Hudson: Here are your winners, Mary Ellen Harrison and Brittani Helms!!

Finally, Mary Ellen is able to snap her losing streak, get her first Five Boroughs Wrestling Victory and put odds with Brittani Helms as they HAD to work together. The jobs are intact for the both with the fans cheering. Brittani looks at Mary Ellen and nods as she grabs a microphone.

Brittani Helms: Cut the music!

The fans are wondering what is going on.

Brittani Helms: I’m not the type of bitch to cut an after match promo, but I got to. After defeating those bitch asses, it’s time to get down to unfinished “business”

She looks at Mary Ellen, who’s holding her tag team championship.

Brittani Helms: You and I have been at each other’s throats and it boiled at Royal Crown where we fought. You gained everyone’s respect at Law and Order, especially mine, though with my ass, I needed to see more.

Brittani looks at her.

Brittani Helms: I’ll be the first to admit, I didn’t want you as my teammate, but after tonight with what you did, I’m glad that you were able to come to my aid when my neck was killing me!

The fans cheer at this.

Brittani Helms: And I can’t fault you for that. That’s what makes you a real OG.

Mary Ellen nods at her with the fans a smile.

Brittani Helms: THOUGH, yo. You and I….there’s no clear winner with the both of us.

The fans remember this. Mary Ellen and Brittani does NOT have a clear winner.

Brittani Helms: With everything regarding Larissa and Bridget, it’s now time to focus on us because I think, you and I, should show who’s the better out of both of us.

The fans are cheering for this.

Brittani Helms: Because at Xmas Chaos, I’m challenging you once again to a match to see who’s the better out of the both of us. Let management decide what reward we will get starting in January.

The fans are going wild for this as Mary Ellen looks at her, extends her hand with Brittani doing the “G” handshake. They eye each other with Mary Ellen nodding “I accept” with the both keeping their eye on each other.

Jamey Caresalle: If Dora signs this match up, we WILL be getting Mary Ellen Harrison against Brittani Helms WITH a fair winner. I hope something big comes out about this because THEY deserve it!


Coming on December 15th, 2019
Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York
We see Trayvon Myers, better known as T from TMZ. He laughs as he investigates the camera showing off his watch.

T : Tick tock. Time is running out. Soon da hottest tag team from the state of New York will be uncaged and let loose. Y'all niggas ain't e'en ready.

The camera pans to show Mikel Simmons, better known as M.

M : We gonna expose all these niggas, man. We don't play. We fight. We dont bitch. We fight.

The camera cuts to Zonica Miller, aka Z.

Z : When my boys T and M are in da ring. Ain't nobody safe. Y'all fight for fame and fortune. We from the streets. We fight to survive. Step right up and let TMZ.. Uncover your hidden skeletons.

The three members all pose as the scene fades out


Taylor Hudson: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is the FINALS of the Steinbrenner Cup AND for the Five Boroughs Wrestling World Championship

The fans are cheering because this match is about to go down as a history making moment. A big light is shown on the beautiful golden belt. The fans are in awe at it.

Jamey Caresalle This is what it comes down to!

Bimmy Mays: Holy shit! That title is BEAUTIFUL!

Taylor Hudson: This match will ALSO be under Iron Man Rules for thirty minutes!

The Eagle has landed by Avatar kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Out comes Meagan G coming to the ring with a serious but determined look on her face. She shakes the hands of the fans while going to the ring.

Jamey Caresalle And here come Meagan G, the referee for this match up and one of my closest friends in this business!

Taylor Hudson: Introducing your special referee for this contest, the Five Boroughs Wrestling General Manager, Meagan G!!

Meagan gets in the ring and raises her hands in the air. She puts in the earpiece and rubs her stomach as well while mouthing off something. She’s nervous about this because this is a huge moment that she’s calling.

Re-Education (Through Labor) by Rise Against kicks in as the fans are giving a standing ovation. Out comes Lex Collins ready to go for this match up. He’s pumped and ready for this match. Lex taunts the fans and stands on the guardrail to tell the fans he’s ready for what’s about to happen. Lex rolls into the ring and shakes Meagan’s hand before going over the ropes and still taunting the fans.

Jamey Caresalle Lex Collins, one of the fan favorites who looks to become the first ever Five Boroughs Wrestling Champion. He wants this more than anything.

Finish Line by Skillet kicks in as the fans give a mixed reaction. Out comes Samantha Tolson-Anderson wearing black ring gear that matched Mary Ellen’s ring gear at Important Battle Day three. She also has her MMHD Women’s Tag Team Championship around her shoulder as she looks to add the Five Boroughs Wrestling World Championship around her waist.

Jamey Caresalle: Despite a controversial uproar within wrestling, Samantha Tolson-Anderson does have that right being in the final!

Bimmy Mays: Well, people think she’s the female hulk and deserves to have EVERYTHING! Of course their gonna hate her! But haters are going to hate, James!

She’s taking this match seriously and rolls into the ring while the fans are giving her that mixed reaction. Mostly cheers are going, but one fan yells something.

Fan: Hey Samantha! You gonna no sell this match too?


The fans around him boo at him. Samantha has generated controversy regarding what happened. Taylor, Meagan, Samantha and Lex look at the fans as they begin chanting “asshole” at him. Taylor keeps calm and professional.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Jefferson City, Missouri, weighing in at 158 pounds, she is on half of the MMHD Women’s Tag Team Champions, the “Pretty Little Murder Machine”, Samantha Tolson-Anderson!

The fans give it up for Samantha as she raises the title in the air. Red streamers are coming out of the crowd while most fans are flipping her off. Lex has a cold stare on his face as the fans are ready for him.

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent, from The Open Road, He is the “Fearless” One, Lex Collins!!

The fans let out a big standing ovation. Lex comes in the middle of the ring and raises his arms as blue streamers come pouring at him. A loud “LET’s GO LEX” chant rings through Lucky Cheng’s with Samantha looking ready to go. Meagan grabs the title belt and raises it up in the air. Both Samanatha and Lex take one good look at it. Meagan points to the clock and tells them to set it for 30 minutes.

The clock goes up on the screen with Meagan calling for the bell with the fans being anticipated for this match.


The talk is over. This is now the moment where one of these two are going to make history by becoming the first EVER Five Boroughs Wrestling World Champion. Samantha and Lex stare at each other as Samantha goes for a handshake. Lex shakes her hand which leads to the fans cheering, but suddenly….

Samantha goes for the Mind Your Head RIGHT onto Lex, causing the fans to boo at this trick. Lex falls on the ground with Meagan looking in shock with this. Samantha gets on top of Lex with Meagan going right away for the count. Samantha could steal a first victory of the match up as the fans are already shaking their head.

Jamey Caresalle: Sam looking to put this away quickly!! Meagan goes for the count right away!



Jamey Caresalle: Lex kicks out!!!

The fans are cheering as Lex didn’t fall right away as Samantha’s getting back to her feet. She goes for the same move yet again, but this time Lex’s quick to think. Samantha stumbles and moves towards the ropes. She turns back around only to get caught with Lex’s second finisher called “Bricks”. Samantha falls onto the ground with Lex pinning her quickly. Meagan again drops down and goes for a count.




Taylor Hudson: Lex Collins scores the first fall. It’s one to nothing, Lex Collins.

Jamey Caresalle: Lex gets one up!

Bimmy Mays: Of course he did! Sam’s a freaking moron for THINKING that!

The fans are cheering with Lex pointing to his head. Samantha may have been smart to think, but Lex was smarter at her own game. He waits for Samantha to get back up with the fans cheering for this. Samantha comes back at him with Lex again trying to go for that second finisher, but she ducks and runs off the ropes, flips through the air and goes for a moonsault, bringing her and Lex down on the ground. Samantha stands back up and goes to get Lex, but Lex rolls out of the ring. Samantha jumps up and down, causing her to run yet again and go for a suicide dive onto Lex. The fans are cheering as she spills outside of the ring with him.

Bimmy Mays: Holy fucksticks! That was wild!

The both are down with five minutes down in the match. Both should not worry about the time clock yet. The first one back to their feet is Samantha as she has as deranged look on her face. She goes under the apron and grabs a steel chair as the fans are in shock with this. She picks up Lex Collins, places him on the pole and sets the chair up. She grabs her opponent and sits him down before leaving a SMACK across his face. Samantha walks across to see what she needs to do next, but again, the fans who booed her are yelling at her. Samantha’s jaw jacking at them as Meagan tells her to ignore them.

Bimmy Mays: Listen to Meagan, Sam! This is not the time! Hell, I would rather have Meagan in this match up and kicking ass!

Jamey Caresalle: She’s in this match…as referee and keeping everything at bay!

Lex, however, sees this being an opening. He grabs her and tosses her back in the ring. Lex also grabs the steel chair that he was sitting on. He brings it in the ring and goes to hit her. Samantha grabs it from him and pushes him into the corner. The chair falls, but she grabs it. Ten minutes have gone by with this match with Lex still leading. Samantha then SMASHES Lex right in the head with it.

Jamey Caresalle: What a chair shot by Samantha!

The fans let out a groan with Lex coming out of the corner. Samantha smashes it RIGHT in his back as she drops it. She then grabs Lex and goes for the Victory Drop Omega onto the steel chair. Samantha looks at the fans that were mocking her with her going for a cocky cover on Lex Collins, to taunt the fans. Meagan shakes her head and goes for the count.

Jamey Caresalle: Cocky cover by Samantha Tolson-Anderson over Lex Collins!




Taylor Hudson: Samantha Tolson-Anderson scores the fall. The scores now tied.

Samantha gets back up and keeps barking at the fans, but Meagan turns her around and tells her to stop. This is not about them, this is about the company, but Samantha SHOVES Meagan, causing the 5BW general manager to nearly come out of her role.

Jamey Caresalle: That was one bad mistake on her part! Not a good look for Samantha!

She walks back over to Lex, picks him up, but Lex comes back up and begins to punch her in the face. Samantha exchanges back the punches with the fans cheering for this battle. They then go for a collar and elbow tie up and try to bring one another down but fall through the middle rope. Meagan looks at them and gets out of the ring and checks to see, but Lex comes back up first.

Lex is pissed off and yells “ITS TIME TO BRING THE PAIN TRAIN” and does the “Choo-Choo” sound and runs to Sam and goes for the Running Enzugiri. It goes RIGHT in Sam’s face as she goes on the ground. Lex goes under the ring searches for something, but the fan’s that have been heckling her offer him something.

Jamey Caresalle: The fans that heckled Samantha are now offering If I was him, I would NOT accept anything from them!

Lex says no and that he doesn’t want anything to do with them. As Lex is still barking at them, Samantha goes back in the ring and pours thumbtacks and waits for him to get back. As Lex gets done, he rolls back in the ring….


Both: HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Samantha has a sick and twisted look on her face while she covers Lex. Meagan counts.

Jamey Caresalle: Sam’s really snapped! Lex could be feeling that for DAYS to come!




Taylor Hudson: Samantha Tolson-Anderson scores a pinfall. She leads two to one with fifteen minutes remaining.

Bimmy Mays: And I thought Sabrina Baker AND Amy Harrison were crazy! She’s NUTS!

The fans in that corner are booing at Samantha as she yells that’s she’s going to make them mad when she wins. The fans that were cheering for BOTH her and Lex are in shock about this development as the clock is going down. Lex must do something before the time clock expires. Samantha comes back over towards him and yells in his face, but Lex hits her right a STIFF right jab in the face, breaking her grasp from him. He then begins to punch her around as the fans are cheering for this. Lex wants this BADLY as she does as he tosses her into the turnbuckle. Samantha’s quick to think as she jumps on it and goes for a moonsault in the air. Lex moves out of the way causing Samantha to land on her feet.

Lex sees Samantha landing on her feet and goes to run into the ropes. He goes for the “Bricks” finisher yet again. Though Samantha is quick to think again, ducks, but Lex grabs her arm and locks in the WRECKAGE, which is known for dislocating the shoulders of the opponents. Samantha is doing the best she can to get out of it, but Lex has the grip to strong and brings her down.


Jamey Caresalle: That was impressive by Lex Collins!

Samantha is screaming in pain at this as the fans are yelling “TAP”. Samantha does NOT want to let up as she keeps on battling. Lex then grabs her by the hair and starts smashing in her face in the tacks as the fans are going wild for this. Meagan gets near Sam and asks does she need to tap. The pressure is getting to her as she has no other choice and taps out to the WRECKAGE.

Jamey Caresalle: Samantha taps out! We have a tie match up thanks to Lex Collins!

Taylor Hudson: Lex Collins scores a submission victory in this match. The match is now tied 2-2.

Samantha rolls back to her feet. Blood is coming out of her head. A deranged look comes across her eyes as Lex is on the ropes leaning. The both want to kill each other as this is what the fans want to see. The both run up to each other and start trading blows. Lucky Cheng’s is going wild for this with Meagan moving out of the way for safety. Who wants it more? Who wants to win this title and become the first? Suddenly, Lex uses his power and flips Samantha along with him outside of the ring as the fans are going wild, but Samantha lands on her head along with Lex landing on the ground badly. The place goes silent, causing Meagan to check out the both to see if they are OK.

Jamey Caresalle: That was a bad landing. I really hope Lex’s OK.

Just then, the fans who were heckling Samantha during the match, come out of the side and JUMP on her. The fans are booing for this with Meagan doing the best she can, but one of them SHOVES Meagan right down on the ground, causing the fans to boo louder at this.



Jamey Caresalle, who’s Meagan’s long time friend actually comes out of the commentators booth and checks on her. The hecklers are still attacking Samantha and Lex with them cursing and yelling.

Bimmy Mays: What the World Star Hip Hop is this bullshit! Someone must come out here and stop this!

Kieran Quinn comes flying out of the back and gets in the ring as there’s four of them attacking the 5BW fighters. He runs and FLIPS over the ropes with a flipping senton over the ropes as the fans are going wild. Kieran takes off his shirt, drawing the girls (and guys) to go wild.


He’s mad and grabs a microphone.

Kieran Quinn: OI! The four of you really fucked up in this one!

The cops come down and arrest the four of them with the time frozen. The fans are chanting “ASSHOLE” at the idiots who jumped both Samantha and Lex. Both are still on the ground with the hecklers being taken away. Kieran and Jamey both check on Meagan to see if she wants to keep going. She says yes as the fans give a standing ovation for her. Jamey goes back to his seat with Kieran staying at ringside incase something happens.

Jamey Caresalle: I hope every single one of them mother fuckers get trouble and BANNED! How fucking dare them!

The match resumes as Samantha and Lex come back to their senses and get back in the ring. The both stand and look at each other with their foreheads on each other’s head. Sam’s getting blood getting on Lex’s forehead with Lex seething at her.

Jamey Caresalle: We have a blood battle here on our hands.

Lex takes the first shot her and busting her wound even more open as the fans are cheering for this. Samantha exchanges one back as the fans are cheering for this. There’s now eight minutes left since this restarted as this is now time to figure out what to do next. Samantha’s getting the best of Lex now as the fans are cheering. She throws him into the corner and starts knife edge chopping at him. She RIPS off his shirt and begins to chop him up even more. His chest is starting to become red as the fans are cheering for this. Lex holds his chest with Samantha now going for the Ode to Japan. She’s going nuts with this as the fans are cheering.

Bimmy Mays: She’s going machine gun wild with these!

Lex’s stumbles down after everything with Samantha now going for the Nightfall, but Lex is starting to break out of it and does the best he could. Samantha then grabs at him harder and goes for the full move, causing Lex to land hard on the mat. Samantha again rolls for the cover as the fans are cheering for this.



Lex kicks out!

Samantha lets out a scream because she’s not only getting frustrated, but she wants to win this match more than anything. Samantha must do something and goes to pick him up again. She gets on the apron and waits for Lex to turn around fully. He does as she attempts as springboard drop kick. Lex catches her and spins her around and tries to powerbomb her. Samantha’s punching him and trying to flip over, but its no use. Lex powerbombs her into the turnbuckle as the fans are cheering for this.

Jamey Caresalle: Powerbomb by Lex Collins!!!

Lex pulls her out of the corner and goes for the Absolute Zero onto her as the fans are cheering. Lex could take a lead over her with the fans on edge. Meagan runs and counts.

Jamey Caresalle He’s got this! HE’s GOT THIS!!!





Both: WHAT?!

the fans are holding their head as Taylor gets back on the microphone.

Taylor Hudson: Five minutes in this match are remaining.

Jamey Caresalle: Something has to give within Five Minutes!


With FIVE minutes left remaining in the match, it’s now time for desperation for one of them. Lex stands up again and holds his head, thinking he needs to do something quickly and get that third fall. Samantha’s rolling out of the ring and grabs a fire extinguisher and something else as the fans are cheering for this. Samantha is back in the ring as the fans are holding their heads. Lex turns around with Samantha releasing the fire extinguisher hold….

Bimmy Mays: Is this serious?

But Lex DUCKS out of the way to prevent getting hit!


The fans are cheering because Lex is STILL in this battle. Samantha turns and grabs the other weapon she has and it’s brass knuckles. Lex turns around and Sam uses them RIGHT on his head. The fans are in shock as Samantha is about to win this match up…

Jamey Caresalle: Sam’s REALLY just did pull out the brass knuckles! That’s a new low even for her!





Jamey Caresalle: HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How the hell can you kick out of Brass Knuckles as Samantha looks at them! Samantha is starting to become pissed off as three minutes are remaining. She rolls out of the ring again and sets up a table. Samantha brings it back in and goes back out again. Samantha then comes back another bag of tacks. Samantha gets back in the ring and pours them on the table. She then looks at Lex and grabs him by the head and yells at him.

Samantha Tolson-AndersonTHIS IS MY MOMENT, LEX!!

Jamey Caresalle: Sam’s saying that this is her moment and is setting him up!

She picks him up and tries to go for the Victory Omega Drop, but Lex goes for a reverse hurricarana! DRIVING SAMANTHA INTO THE TABLE!!!

Both: WHAT!?

Meagan’s holding her head as Lex does not want to end this way!

Jamey Caresalle: Even Meagan doesn’t want it to END this way! Look at the shock!

He pulls Samantha out of the corner and locks in the Kimura as the fans are cheering for this. He wants to make Sam remember EVERYTHING that this is for. Samantha, bloody in all in the tacks is screaming in pain as Meagan is asking her. The clock is ticking down to the 20 seconds mark as the fans are on edge with this. Meagan is still asking her as the fans are counting.

Fans: 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4,

Jamey Caresalle: FOUR SECONDS LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!

When the fans get to three, Samantha’s still not tapping and keeps screaming as time official expired, causing the fans to hold their heads. Lex begins to cry because he was a inch away and the blood is drying up. Meagan’s sitting in the corner, in shock while Samantha is rolling.

Bimmy Mays: OH FUCK STICKS!!!

Kieran goes over to Taylor, whispers something with Taylor nodding.

Taylor Hudson: Ladies and gentlemen, time has expired in regulation.


The fans are booing for this because this will possibly be a draw with no champion.

Bimmy Mays: Fuck this! I need weed….NOW!!!!

Taylor Hudson: HOWEVER! There must BE a winner in this match. Five minutes will be put back on the clock! Whoever is the first person to get the first fall in the match, will be DECLARED the winner and the FIRST Five Boroughs Wrestling World Champion!

Lex and Samantha are back up with Meagan asking are they ready to go? Both of them nod as Meagan calls for the bell..


The five-minute timer has started with Samantha coming out of the gate, and trying to go for the Mind Your Head, but Lex ducks out of it and catches her.


He starts punching her and uses his legs over and over with Samantha backing into the corner. He goes for the high knees and gives them as hard as he goes. Samantha is losing her balance with Lex going for the hardest one right to her gut. He grabs her by the head, going for a running bulldog, completing the systematic breakdown 2.0 and slams Samantha hard.


Lex is out of breath from this move as he uses everything he has LEFT in him and rolls Samantha over.

Meagan’s shaking as she drops and begins to count she’s closing her eyes while doing this count.





The fans let out a loud ovation with streamers coming into the ring. Lex Collins has DONE IT! He has won the Steinbrenner Cup and became the first ever Five Boroughs Wrestling Champion.

Taylor Hudson: Here is your 2019 Steinbrenner Cup Winner and FIRST FIVE BOROUGHS WRESTLING WORLD CHAMPION, “The Fearless” Lex Collins!!!


Lex has come over emotion as Samantha’s still on the ground. Meagan is in the corner with Kieran by her side as history was just made. Kieran gets in the ring and checks with both to see if they are OK. He helps Samantha up first, but Samantha snatches the world title from Kieran Quinn.

Jamey Caresalle: Sam, please no! Please GOD NO!

The fans are paused as she helps Lex up and wraps the title around his waist, a promise she kept. The both hug each other with emotion coming down.

Fans: Thank You Both! Thank you Both!!


As they both break, a Bloodied, battered and dripping sweat, Lex Collins staggers up to his feet as the crowd explodes in a wall of noise that nearly drowns out Rise Against as his theme bursts out over the sound system. He walks over to the hard camera side of the ring, leaning on the ropes and his gaze is distant when he reaches for the microphone extended to him from the floor. His eyes aren't on the enthusiastic crowd or his opponent or the guest referee whom he has the utmost respect for. They're locked on a woman sitting front row who's cheering and clapping right along with the rest of the crowd. When he lifts the mic to his lips, they quiet down and that beautiful girl with the honeyed brown hair claps her hands against her chest, absolutely beaming at him.

Lex Collins: Hey Han... I did it.

He sounds so exhausted, that mishmash Midwestern drawl of his so pronounced it sounds like he's doing a terrible Rocky Balboa impression.

Lex Collins: I know, baby. You said I could. You never lost faith but after I did the same shit I accused Sam of doin', after I ran out seekin' more matches an' more validation... I didn't...

He's still breathing heavy, leaning hard on the ropes as he pushes his wet hair out of his face.

Lex Collins: I didn't think I could. I didn't think I was worthy of this honor anymore. Worthy of carryin' a company on my back, of bein' the first to set the bar, to maintain that level of excellence that'll bleed through into everything else that's yet to come. I didn't think I was ever gonna be good enough, no matter how much blood I spilled out here or how many times I put myself an' my life an' my damn sanity on the line. Now I get it. I know it doesn't matter what the spoils are. A real champion gets up an' gets the job done no matter what. I couldn't have done it without you.

He breaks eye contact with his wife, looking around the packed nightclub.

Lex Collins: I couldn't've done it - WE couldn't have - without each an' every one of you. All of you watchin' online. All of you filling this space right now... all the bodies in the back makin' sure things happen like they should...

He turns around and looks at Meagan, flashing her a tired smile.

Lex Collins: The five boroughs’ been good to me... have given me some of the greatest moments in my career. I got my start in Queens, back in 2003. I've won several championships in this state... in this city. This company matters an' as long as it lasts, I'll be singin' its praises. It's full of people I care about... it's puttin' on some of the best damn wrestling shows I've been a part of in years an' I'm goddamned proud to be here... to be the first 5BW World Champion. This isn't the end… this is only the beginning.

He drops the microphone to the canvas, turning around to accept the championship belt which he lifts high in the air, getting another huge pop from the crowd.

Lex’s theme song kicks in again with Meagan, Kieran and Samantha embracing in the ring. Everyone in the back begins to pour and applaud for Samantha and Lex, who busted their ass and gave it their all. Meagan and Kieran roll into the ring with Samantha rolling out, letting Lex Collins soak in this moment, but suddenly….
The fans are wondering who the hell wacked Lex in the back with a chair. The fans begin to boo as it’s Luciana Verdoza in the ring with her protégé Dakota Mendoza.



Samantha sees this and goes in the ring and begins to fight down with Dakota as the fans are cheering, but because she gave it her all, Samantha loses her balance with Dakota going for the Mendoza facebuster.

Jamey Caresalle: Samantha did the best she can to save Lex, but it wasn’t enough!

Luciana is standing over Lex with the world title. Brittani Helms, Mary Ellen Harrison, Kieran Quinn, Melanie O’Flynn, Meagan G and Dora Richardson come flying with Luciana and Dakota rolling out of the ring.


Both Bimmy and Jamey go into the ring and check on both Lex and Samantha with Brittani, Mary Ellen, Kieran, Melanie, Meagan, Dora Richardson, and Larry Gowan at their side. The fans are booing at Luciana and Dakota and start throwing trash towards them. We end an emotional show with those two standing on the ramp with those in the ring helping Lex and Samantha as we end Drags to Riches.

Final Word from the Staff: What a show with a shocking ending! This SHOULD make everyone ready for what’s to come in the next couple of weeks! Stay tuned to 5B-Radio for details on what’s going to happen next! Enjoy Drags to Riches 2019!

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