5BW Presents: Xmas Chaos 2019 - December 15th, 2019 (Tape Delay)

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5BW Presents: Xmas Chaos 2019 - December 15th, 2019 (Tape Delay)

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“Christmas Eve/Sarajevo” by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra blares out over the crowd as the camera spans throughout the sold out Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York! Zeroing in on a few signs in the crowd, the music plays out before moving ringside, where Jamey Caresalle and Bimmy Mays are standing by...

Jamey Caresalle: “Hello and thank you for welcoming us into your homes for this, Five Boroughs Wrestling’s final show of the year! This is Xmas Chaos! I’m Jamey Caresalle and as always, I’m here with my broadcast colleague, Bimmy Mays!”

Bimmy Mays: “We’re here in the Barclay’s Center, and holy shit! Listen to the crowd here? Do you hear that!?”

Jamey Caresalle: “5BW has been making its mark here in the Boroughs of New York, and this crowd is a reflection of that! We have a great show tonight, culminating in Lex Collins’ first defense of the 5BW Championship as he defends against a very dangerous Luciana Verdoza.”

Bimmy Mays: “That match is gonna be insane! But we also have RESPECT on the line when Samantha Tolson-Anderson and Dakota Mendoza fight it out! These two DO NOT like each other, but one of them is going to have to admit RESPECT for the other.”

Jamey Caresalle: “Mary Ellen Harrison and Brittani Helms are going two-out-of-three falls tonight! A four-way ladder match where the winner gets an unspecified gift! There’s just so much to look forward to tonight.”

Bimmy Mays: “People are going to beat the piss out of each other, and who knows what other surprises we have in store?! I love it!”

Jamey Caresalle: “And before we get to our first match, we got this pre-recorded message from Christy Winters earlier… let’s check it out…”

December 10th
Winter’s Speed Shop
Long Beach, California

The camera fades into the interior of the bike shop, Where workers are working on several bikes. The camera focuses on the tattooed chick with the mohawk working on a set of handlebars.

Christy Winters: “Oh hello how long have you been standing there.”

She smiles.

Winters: “It doesn’t matter, but I'm glad you're here.”

She wipes her hands and sits on the nearby work bench.

Winters: “Hello, Ariel. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Christy Winter., Welcome to my world. As you can see, we have something in common. We’re both successful businesswomen. Different fields, of course. You have run a successful gym franchise, while I build custom motorcycles that require no gasoline. Here at Winter’s Speed Shop, we’re at the cutting edge of alternative fuel and fully electric motorcycles, but I’m sure you don’t want to hear about that.”

Christy takes a drink of water.

Winters: “As you can see by my figure, Ariel, I don’t spend that much time in the gym. I honestly don’t care for them... no offense. With that being said, you’re not much bigger than me, but I’m sure you’re a tad stronger. But being stronger doesn’t make you a better wrestler. Ariel, I’ve traveled the world honing my wrestling ability, and while I haven’t won a match yet…”

She pauses.

Winters: “I don’t consider a forfeit an actual win. Ariel, it’s hard to dislike someone I haven’t met yet, and I don't know why you were present at Turkey Trot, or why you’re facing me in your first match, or why my attitude is any business of yours. At Xmas Chaos, you step into the ring with a seasoned professional wrestler... a wrestler who knows every trick in the book and a few that aren’t... someone who does what it takes to win, within the rules or not. At Xmas Chaos, Ariel, there is no Cinderella ending for you. In this story, the evil stepsister wins. My star will shine a little brighter, and yours will flicker into darkness.”

Christy slides off the bench and returns to working on the Bike..

In the back, we see Dora Richardson standing at her desk next to something under a cloth. She smiles at the camera.

Dora Richarson: Good evening everyone and welcome to Xmas Chaos!!!

The fans are cheering and start chanting “5BW”. Dora smiles and waves down.

Dora Richarson: Thank you everyone, but before we get to the show. It’s time for business.

She looks at the camera.

Dora Richarson: Well guys, we’re at the final show of the year. Who would have thought a small little company that I created would get hype for the good reasons and the bad reasons. Most of us said we wouldn’t last long after Beginnings.

She looks down before looking back up.

Dora Richarson: However, we proved EVERYONE wrong and look where we are now!

The fans applaud this. The flash of a smile comes up on her face as she keeps talking.

Dora Richarson: So let’s get down to business. At the next show called “Mafia Wars”, we will be doing a tag team tournament called “Tagstravaganza”, a tournament where the best tag teams will come ahead.

She looks at the tag team championships.

Dora Richarson: This will officially start at Mafia Wars and will conclude at Renegade’s Revenge where the winner will become the first ever Five Boroughs Wrestling Tag Team Champions!

Dora reveals the tag titles that are once again made by Meagan’s uncle. She looks back at the camera yet again.

Dora Richarson: Anyone that’s a tag team, come sign up and make history! You can be the first to hold these nice shiny belts!!

The fans cheer with Dora smirking, looking at the cameras again.

Dora Richarson: With that being said, I hope everyone enjoys the final show of 2019!!!

The fans clap as the TSO song comes back on and goes through the arena.


Jamey Caresalle It’s time to answer the question on everyone’s mind. Will Christy Winters finally shut the hell up?

Bimmy Mays How dare you! She can say whatever she wants! That woman is an angel!

Jamey Caresalle You know… Lucifer was an angel, too…

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall…


"Born to Raise Hell" by Motörhead blares throughout the Barclays Center and the fans make their voices be heard as Christy Winters walks out confidently from backstage.

Bimmy Mays: Bow down to your queen, Jamey. Bow down!

Taylor Hudson: Making her way to the ring first… from Long Beach, California… CHRISTY WINTERS!

Christy Winters starts walking down the ramp, ignoring the shade being thrown her way by the rowdy fans here in Brooklyn. The few who do try to slap hands with her are also ignored, as she makes her way to what she considers to be HER ring. She walks swiftly up the steps and between the ropes, gazing out at the legion of haters…

Taylor Hudson: And her opponent…

“Bounce” by Bon Jovi starts to play and the fans start to bounce.

“I been knocked down so many times
Counted out 6, 7, 8, 9
Written off like some bad deal
If you're breathing you know how it feels
Call it karma, call it luck
Me, I just don't give a…”

As the chorus kicks in, Ariel Madden bursts out from backstage with an energy that is matched by the fans.

Taylor Hudson: Making her 5BW debut… from Syracuse, New York… ARIEL MADDEN!

In a complete contrast to Christy Winters, Ariel Madden slaps hands with as many fans as possible on her way to the ring, much to the disdain of Winters. Once she reaches the ring, she stops and looks in at Winters with a smile. She takes off around two sides of the ring before leaping to the apron and then springs over the top rope, throwing her arms in the air to pop the crowd.

Jamey Caresalle: Her energy is infectious.

Bimmy Mays: That’s not the only thing that’s infectious. I’ve got this rash on my side that--

Jamey Caresalle: Not this again, Bimmy. Please.

Bimmy Mays: What?

Jamey Caresalle: Go. See. A. Doctor.

Jamey Caresalle: And we’re set to go here with this...Bimmy?

Bimmy Mays: What?

Jamey Caresalle: ….

At ringside, Bimmy is wearing a Santa hat and fake beard.

Jamey Caresalle: What the fuck are you doing?

Bimmy Mays: I got the munchies and figured someone would bring me milk and cookies.

The match starts at a slow pace. Ariel tries to lock up with Christy multiple times but Christy avoids her attempts at every turn. Eventually Christy slides out of the ring and dares Ariel to meet her there. Ariel does just that and the two begin to brawl outside of the ring. Ariel gets the upper hand and attempts to toss Christy face first into the ring steps. Christy goes into the steps hard. Ariel then throws her opponent back into the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: Ariel Madden is taking a clear advantage starting off here! A cover...and a kick out at two! Christy Winters is not going to go down that easy!

Bimmy Mays: There’s a very sexual joke to be made there, and I’m about to make it!

Ariel drags Christy back up. Christy suddenly springs back to life and delivers a jaw breaker to Ariel.

Bimmy Mays: Wait, hold that thought. She’s making a comeback.

Christy whips a dazed Ariel into the corner and then follows it up with a running shoulder block. Once Ariel is down, Christy begins to deliver stomp after stomp. Ariel is showing signs of damage to her left shoulder. Just as it seems like Christy might have the advantage Ariel manages a roll up. A kick out at two and a half this time. Defying all logic, Ariel is up before her opponent.

Bimmy Mays: What do they give these wrestlers to do that? It’s like superhuman recovery! Is it steroids, Jimmy?

Jamey Caresalle: Please don’t call me Jimmy.

Bimmy Mays: Look man, the joke has been there for six months and nobody else has made it. Bimmy and Jimmy! Double Dragon II man!

Christy is up and Ariel meets her with a stiff boot to the stomach followed by a spinning kick to the jaw. Christy reels backwards into the ropes.

Jamey Caresalle: Bimmy, we have a match to call and it’s getting good!

Ariel goes for a punch but Christy meets her punch with a boxing style cross counter from out of nowhere. Ariel reels back into the ropes and Christy closes in, but Ariel is able to bounce back off of the ropes with a slingshot dropkick. Christy goes down. Ariel picks up Christy and locks in a bearhug! Christy tries to fight out and after about thirty seconds she resorts to headbutting Ariel multiple times until she releases the hold.

Jamey Caresalle: Christy Winters REFUSING to quit!

Bimmy Mays: I ain’t never met her mama but she didn’t raise no quitter!

Christy goes for a blatant choke hold. The ref breaks it up. Ariel, angered by Christy’s heel tactics, straight up german suplexes Christy across the damn ring. Then, a second german. After the second german suplex Christy rolls out of the ring to avoid losing the match. The fans boo at Christy’s heel tactics. Ariel tosses Christy back into the ring, but Christy goes for a school girl pin while grabbing onto Ariel’s tights. The ref sees the illegal grabbing of tights and refuses to make a count. Christy releases the hold and goes to argue with the ref.

Jamey Caresalle: And that could have been a three count, but the ref’s sharp eye caught Christy Winters going for the unfair advantage!

Bimmy Mays: The way these two have been going at it, back and forth, I don’t really blame her! Do what you gotta do!

Ariel is up. Angered, she rushes Christy. Christy moves out of the way and Ariel takes out the ref.

Jamey Caresalle: The referee is out cold! Someone get out here!

Bimmy Mays: This thing is about to get as ugly as a kazoo solo!

Ariel is stunned at what she just did, but before she can react Christy gouges at Ariel’s eyes. Ariel is blinded just long enough for Christy to grab a chair from ringside. She goes to swing at Ariel, but Ariel ducks! Christy goes to swing again, this time at Ariel’s stomach. This time the hit connects, but Ariel is so angry the blow does little to no damage. Ariel lets out a roar of anger and dares Christy to swing again. Christy tries to run, Ariel gives chase. Eventually Christy is backed into the corner of the ring and does the unthinkable. Swinging the chair high, she connects with a sickening blow to the head. Ariel goes down and Christy rushes to wake the ref.

Bimmy Mays: OH BABY JESUS!

Jamey Caresalle: What a sickening chairshot! It echoed all through this building!

Bimmy Mays: Meh, business as usual in this part of town. Oh shit, she got the ref awake!

Jamey Caresalle: NO! It can’t end this way!

A few moments later Christy pins and manages a three as the crowd tosses garbage into the ring. Boos shake the arena, and a worn out Christy gets her hand raised, being nonchalant about kicking the chair out of the ring before the ref notices.

Jamey Caresalle: Christy Winters wins a close match, but she had to resort to cheating and in the end, a steel chair to the head, to finish Ariel Madden off!

Bimmy Mays: Every chick named Ariel I ever knew was a fuckin’ firecracker when you pissed ‘em off. And TRUST me...Ariel is gonna be pissed.

Jamey Caresalle: Bimmy, I think we totally agree on that.

Bimmy Mays: Totally.

Christy Winters exits the ring, taunting the fans and bowing with a sarcastic courtesy. Ariel Madden, talking with the ref, is indeed pissed. Seeing the chair on the floor, Ariel angrily points to it during her discussion with the official. Sadly, he did not see the chairshot and can’t overturn the decision...although it would seem he does believe her. This only makes her more frustrated.

Jamey Caresalle: Christy might want to just go take a shower at the hotel and get out of here!

Bimmy Mays: She might not even be safe in Connecticut, Jimmy!

Jamey Caresalle: What did I...you know what, Bimmy? It’s Christmas. I’m in a good mood. I really don’t care if you call me Jimmy.

Bimmy Mays: Thank you. And thanks for putting up with my stupidity on commentary.

Jamey Caresalle: There ain’t nobody else I could ever do this job alongside, Bimmy.

Bimmy Mays: We should probably just get on with the runsheet…

Jamey Caresalle: Good idea. Let’s do that.

As the anticipation in the crowd builds to a fever pitch, the main event being mere moments away, they are greeted by another sound - the opening sounds of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” playing out over the crowd. For fans in the know, these sounds heralded the arrival of the newest signee to Five Boroughs Wrestling, the charismatic superstar named Darian Andrews. Sure enough, as the music promised, Darian steps out on top of the stage, clad in a zip-up hoodie and jeans and a big smile on his face. He stops on top of the stage, tenting his hand over his eyes to block the lights as he looks over the crowd. Finally, he brings his hand down and begins making his way down towards the ring, slapping the hands of some fans along the way. Once he reaches the bottom of the ramp, he steps to the ring, placing both hands on the canvas. He smiles to himself as he draws his hand along the mat before backing up a half-step. He moves forward, sliding under the bottom rope into the ring. Once in the ring, he looks around, almost going in a full circle, surveying the cheering crowd in front of him. Darian Andrews was home. He moves to the corner, asking the timekeeper for a microphone which is given to him in short order. He taps it a few times before moving back to the middle of the ring.

Darian Andrews: “Wow…”

He keeps looking out as the crowd cheers, preventing him from speaking. He laughs a bit as his music fades, but the noise in the arena remains. Finally…

Darian Andrews: “Isn’t this a Christmas miracle!?”

...he gets one sentence out before the noise picks up again. Darian bends over, his hands on his knees as he looks out with another laugh.

Darian Andrews: “You guys got to give me a chance to talk here.”

This brings the roar back to a deafening level before beginning to subside. Once he’s able, Darian speaks.

Darian Andrews: “You know, there was a point in the last fifteen months that I didn’t know when I’d ever set foot in a wrestling ring again. Hell, there was a point I didn’t even know IF I would. But they say that everything happens for a reason, and I know now that the reason for my absence was so that I could eventually find Five Boroughs Wrestling!”

The crowd roars again.

Darian Andrews: “Oh… sorry. How rude of me. For those of you who don’t know who I am… My name is Darian Andrews and I am RIGHT HERE in 5BW!”

Darian smiles as he looks out over the crowd.

Darian Andrews: “You see, I have built a reputation over my career in arenas just like this one. I’m not a stranger to fighting the good fight, to putting it all out on the line for you, the fans.”

He points out to the crowd as he walks a circle of the ring.

Darian Andrews: “I have held Championships and had matches that some wrestling reporters might consider five-star. Maybe even a little higher… I don’t know. I’ve never actually looked into it. But my point is that I am more than ready to give my all to this company and climb that ladder.”

Darian grins.

Darian Andrews: “And if that means I step on a few toes on my way up… well… that’s just the business. I’m not here to make any friends. I’m here to grow this brand, grow my brand, and maybe along the way if a few titles happen to find their way around my waist…”

He shrugs his shoulder, a cheeky grin on his face.

Darian Andrews: “Then I guess that’s just the way things go. Because I’m not stopping until I’m at the top of the mountain! This is a new day, Boroughs! And I’m going to be the one leading the charge! Thank you, enjoy the main event, and good night!”

Darian steps to the corner, stepping onto the middle ropes and raising his arms in the air. He hands the microphone back down to the timekeeper before hopping over the top rope to the apron before moving down the steps to the floor. He slaps the hands of fans at the ringside area, making his way to the ramp and back up the stage.


Backstage, Bridger Johnson is getting herself ready for her ladder match, tying up the laces in her boots, as she sees her sister, Larissa, walk in.

Larissa Johnson: You ready for tonight?

Bridget Johnson: Are you kidding me? Of course I’m ready.

Bridget stands up and looks at herself in a mirror.

Bridget Johnson: Besides, have you seen the other guys that are in this match? I don’t think this is going to be that much of a challenge.

Larissa Johnson: You’ve got that right. What kind of people do they hire in this place? It’s like we’re the only sane ones here.

Bridgets lets out a laugh and shakes her head, thinking about her opponents.

Bridget Johnson: There’s a middle aged guy that pretty much is acting like a 13 year old girl, with all the unicorn stuff. One guy that looks like he’s trying to find a dance partner when there’s no music playing, and another guy that looks like he wants to join the circus.

Larissa Johnson: Oh, you mean that face painted guy? Is he trying to cover up his appearance to try to hide from someone?

Bridget Johnson: Or maybe run away from something he did….

Larissa Johnson: Well, I do know a couple of people that can look into that.

Bridget finishes fixing her gear, before turning to Larissa.

Bridget Johnson: It doesn’t matter, anyway. I’m going to make this win look easy, and grab that……..present, whatever the hell is it, and show that the Golden Child has arrived.

Larissa smiles and nods her head, as she leaves the room, leaving Bridget to finish her preparations.


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a No Holds Barred Tornado Tag Team.

The fans are cheering for this as they’re ready to go. Angel Eyes by New Years Day kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Out comes Hayley Fien and Sarah McC. Hayley looks at Sarah as they bump fists. Sarah and Hayley walk to the ring with a serious tone to themselves.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, the team of Hayley Fien and Sarah McC!

Sarah and Hayley roll in and warm up. Hayley’s ready for war here and wants to prove to her trainer that she's not going to let her down. Sarah makes sure she’s ready for this and bumps her fists onto her.

Jamey Caresalle: Fans are definitely behind the tandem of Sarah McC and Hayley Fien.

Bimmy Mays: They may need it, since their opponents aren’t going to be kind.

Firework By Hope Dies Last kicks in with the fans booing at them. Farrah and Fiona are both wearing their colors they wore at Girl Power Wrestling combined for the tag team championships. Sarah and Hayley are staring down at them while they’re walking.

Taylor Hudson: Their opponents, Fiona Franklin and Farrah George, the Evil Fairies!!

They both get into the ring and start brawling with Sarah and Hayley. The fans are cheering as with Farrah and Hayley go at it, while Sarah and Fiona are spilling to the outside of the ring because of their personal feud. Sarah has Fiona over the barricade and starts choking her out. Back in the ring, Hayley throws Farrah into the ropes with Farrah running back towards her. Hayley goes to swing, but Farrah moves out of the way and drop toe holds Hayley into the ropes. Fiona pushes Sarah off her and goes back first into the apron. She then grabs her by the air and flings her into the barricade. Fiona laughs and runs back over to Hayley and mocks her.

Jamey Caresalle: There’s so much tension between these two, I don’t think anyone should be surprised to see this contest start off this way!

Bimmy Mays: Fiona is getting a lot of laughter at Hayley’s expense right now.

Farrah shouts some instructions to Fiona, prompting her to gouge Hayley’s eyes out. The fans are screaming and holding their head as Farrah also comes over and fish hooks her face. Fiona tells her to SMILE with Hayley screaming through the ropes. She then grabs something, revealing a pair of pliers for the horrified fans. Fiona says that it’s time for a dental appointment and puts the plies in her mouth, but before she can do some damage, Sarah comes running back up and SPEARS Fiona right onto the ground. The fans are cheering for this with Sarah laying it into her. Farrah rolls out of the ring and starts pulling Sarah off her. She holds up Sarah with Fiona laying it into her. Hayley is holding her face but sees her trainer in trouble.

Jamey Caresalle: Hayley better get to her feet… allowing the Evil Fairies to exercise their evil intentions isn’t going to do them any favors.

Bimmy Mays: Sarah’s doing all she can, but it’s two-on-one!

While holding her mouth, Hayley climbs up and goes up top. Farrah and Fiona throw Sarah into the ground as the fans are booing for this. Suddenly, Hayley jumps off the turnbuckle and does a crossbody right onto Fiona and Farrah, turning the crowd’s boos into cheers. All four girls are down with the fans clapping and going wild for what is going down. Just then, Sarah is about to stir up and looks at her student down on the ground. She tells her that they must do something and throws both Farrah and Fiona back into the ring and go under themselves. Both Sarah and Hayley grab weapons and toss them back into the ring. It’s weapons time.

Jamey Caresalle: Now Sarah and Hayley are arming themselves.

Bimmy Mays: They have ill intent, and that’s perfect for this match! The Fairies wanted to rip Hayley’s teeth out… Now it’s payback time!

Sarah and Hayley toss anything they can grab, but what they don’t know is Fiona and Farrah are also grabbing them and pick up barbwire as the fans are in shock with this. Hayley and Sarah get back in the ring but are stopped by Fiona and Farrah. They hold it near their chest as they rub the barbwire down on them, causing the girls to scream in pain.

Jamey Caresalle: Careful, ladies! We don’t have the video censors on staff!

Bimmy Mays: Yeah! We don’t need an FCC complaint.

Farrah tosses Sarah onto the ground with Hayley coming after her. Fiona sees this and hits Hayley right in the head with it! She goes down right onto the ground. Farrah flips her and sees that she’s bleeding and picks her back up and STABS her right in the head with it. The fans are booing with Hayley screaming out in pain as more blood is coming out. Fiona looks at her and says to tie her ass up. Farrah nods and goes back under the ring and pulls out handcuffs.

Jamey Caresalle: This is uncomfortable! It looks like… like...

Bimmy Mays: Like one of them Japanese deathmatches!

Jamey Caresalle: Like they’re putting a can of paint together with Hayley’s blood.

Bimmy Mays: Ohhh… that’s a good one!

Farrah waves them around and yells to Fiona that she wants that to happen with her regarding Rick, Kieran or Johnny doing that to her. She grabs Hayley and locks her up on the middle rope as she’s stuck there. With blood coming down her head, Hayley fears what’s going to come. Sarah sees this and tries to break her free. Sarah looks around, but what she does not know is Farrah and Fiona are behind her. Sarah turns around and sees them behind her with Fiona and Farrah sarcastically waving Sarah comes after the both and starts beating them down.

Jamey Caresalle: Sarah’s seeing red! Laying into Fiona and Farrah! Come on, Sarah!

Bimmy Mays: She’s had all she can stand if she can stand no more!

Jamey Caresalle: Popeye?

Bimmy Mays: Damn right!

Sarah does one chop to Farrah and another chop to Fiona. She keeps on doing it with Fiona going back into Hayley. Hayley uses her feet and kicks down Fiona. Fiona turns to her and yells at her. Hayley, showing no fear, yells “FUCK YOU” at the top of her lungs. Fiona doesn’t like that and starts beating down on her. Sarah sees this, grabs Fiona by the hair and leans her back as she plants a BIG KISS on her, making the fans go wild for this and sets her up for the One Night Of Sex. Farrah, who sees Sarah putting her tongue in, HITS Sarah right in the back with a chair. The fans start booing at her and now Fiona is free. Farrah says watch what happens next.

Jamey Caresalle: Farrah with the chair to Sarah’s back! This doesn’t bode well for Sarah McC.

Fiona grabs the chair from Farrah and starts hitting Sarah over and over and over with the chair. Hayley cannot do anything as she’s stuck on the ropes. Fiona yells that she’s going to end this in the middle and puts the chair between Sarah’s legs and LOCKS in Break the Shine with the chair! This is the same way she won the Women’s Championship three years ago from her. Sarah’s screaming out in pain with Farrah going over to Hayley Fien and tells her to watch this. Sarah doesn’t want to tap with the fans cheering, but the pressure is getting the best of her as she has no other choice, but to tap out.


Taylor Hudson: Here are your winners, the Evil Fairies!!

The fans are booing as Sarah and Hayley are defeated with Fiona winning the war. Fiona gets on her knees and cries “YES” out loud. Sarah’s kids, who happen to be in the front row with Kelly Penkzee-Nelson, are hoping that their mother is OK with the security allowing Lydia to come out and check on her mother. Fiona mocks at her and says to back away. Hayley is getting checked on to as the Evil Fairies are celebrating their win.

Jamey Caresalle: You see Sarah’s kids and… it had to be tough for them to witness their mother tapping out.

Bimmy Mays: And look at who they’re with… a bit of Trinity Wrestling flavor in the crowd tonight.

Jamey Caresalle: Either way, notch one for the Evil Fairies as the 5BW Tag Team scene heats up.

As “Firework” is blaring through the arena with Farrah George and FIona Franklin standing in the ring and soaking in the booing, Speedom by Tech N9ne kicks in with the fans looking confused. Out comes TMZ with Fiona and Farrah staring down at them. The fans don’t know what this is about as the trio walks to the ring.

Bimmy Mays: What the hell is this about? Who the hell’s coming down to the ring?

Zonica Miller leads Mykel Simmons and Tryavon Myers to the ring. They have smirks on their faces as the slide in the ring and stare down Fiona and Farrah who just went through hell in their match before. Fiona grabs a microphone and looks at the three of them.

Fiona Franklin: Who the hell do you three think you are?

TMZ looks at both of them with a smirk on their faces. Zonica gets in the face of Fiona and is not impressed with this.

Fiona Franklin: Oh, what are you gonna do? Hit Me? You don’t know what you…

Farrah stands up and eyes TMZ

Fiona Franklin: Or you two are getting into! So do us a favor and get out of OUR ring.

The fans boo as Fiona and Farrah turn around, but Mykel grabs Fiona by the hair and slams her on the mat. Farrah sees this and tries to go after her, but Travyon grabs Farrah and goes for the Inside Scoop. Mykel follows up with the Dirt Right onto Farrah George. The fans are wondering what the hell is going on

Jamey Caresalle Mykel and Trayvon of TMZ JUST attacked Fiona and Farrah after their war, but why did they attack them?

Zonica stands over Farrah and Fiona with the fans booing at them. She rolls her eyes and shakes her head.

Zonica: So dis is 5BW? Well I ain't impressed.

She hands the microphone to Trayvon.

Trayvon: We is here to take the boroughs back for da hood. We came to fight and Fiona an' Farrah were in da wrong place at da wrong time, ya heard?

He hands the microphone to Mykel.

Mykel: : We are TMZ and we are here to show dat da hood is still alive and well. We ain't got time for games.

The fans are booing as their theme song kicks back in. All three of them leave the ring, leaving Bimmy confused at the announcers table.

Bimmy Mays: So these three said they are doing this for the hood? Jimmy, I thought the only person that represented “da hood” was Brittani Helms?

Jamey CaresalleBeats me, though knowing Fiona, this will NOT end will.

As TMZ is looking down at the ring, Fiona comes back up and has the death stare on her face. Fiona’s PISSED off about this while Farrah’s staring at them from the ground.

In the back, we see Brittani Helms preparing for her match up. She puts her bandana around her mouth and begins to walk down the hallway. Before she leaves, a voice stops her in her tracks.

Lex Collins: Hey… wait up.

She turns to see the 5BW World Champion making his way towards her. Collins is still in his street clothes still, looking almost like he’s slightly out of breath as though he’s been rushing or running late.

Lex Collins: Glad I caught ya. Just wanted to touch base before… well… y’know.

Brittani nods as though she’s completely following his train of thought, despite his lapse in articulation.

Brittani Helms: I’m good, fam. You know me, I gotta do what I have to do.

The champ bumps knuckles with her, nodding as a ghost of a smile crosses his lips.

Lex Collins: I feel ya. Been a really fucked up couple months, hasn’t it? Kinda lookin’ forward to rolling into another decade. Leave the bullshit here an’ flip over to 2020 with a clean slate. New beginning…

He shrugs, leaning against the wall.

Lex Collins: Maybe I’ll be good enough this go-round. Maybe it’ll be you an’ me at Mafia Wars, one I know will be a hell of a fight… one I know’ll be clean, free of outside interference. Can’t tell you how damned sick I’m getting of all that nonsense. But hey… preachin’ to the choir, right?

He flashes a wan smile.

Lex Collins:Either way, I just wanted to say I’ll be watchin’. No pressure or nothin’... just… good luck, alright?

Brittani Helms: Thanks Fambo. You know me, once I get this shit in the bag, you and I…

She stares at him and the world championship.

Brittani Helms: Will tear down the house…

She nods at him while he nods back. Brittani is in a high stakes match up and nerds to do whatever it takes to win it.

We cut to another scene with Gabe Khane standing in front of the 5BW backdrop. He rubs his palms and looks right into the camera.

Gabe Khane[:/color]Tonight is my night to climb the ladder of opportunity. First, I have to go through three other people. The stakes are really high. I am going against three big stars here in 5BW, but I want to be one of the best here just as badly too. I am after the prize. I will not let any of these other three people get in my way.

He keeps his eyes fully focused.

Gabe Khane[:/color] Let me start with Bridget Johnson. Bridget is following in her sister’s footsteps. I get it, she wants to be as successful as her sister. If she wants to prove she is more than just a pretty face, she will have to get past me. Even though she is the only woman in this match, I am going to treat her just like my other two opponents.

He shakes his head. Considering the controversy she’s did. He shakes his head and blows it off.

Gabe Khane[:/color] Then there is Thriller, who I respect. He has been in this for a long time. Thriller is going to be tough to go through. I know that Thriller wants to prove that he still has it. While I think he still has it, I am here to tell you all right now, This is my time! As much as I respect Thriller, If I have to get in his way, that is exactly what I am going to do.

His eyes are laser focused and goes to the last name.

Gabe Khane[:/color] Lastly, we get to Larry Gowan. Now, Don’t get me wrong, I love the fact that he likes to have fun. However, In a match where the stakes are so high, the fun and games are over. This is not about fun. This is about cementing yourself. That is why I am here and what this match is about to me!

The fans cheer as Gabe states his words and walks to his match.

The cameras cut to Thriller, who is walking through the halls backstage. The pictures show Thriller walking up to his locker room door, but just as the door opens, a steel chair comes in and whacks him in the head, as he falls down to the ground.

Bimmy Mays: What in the sweet Baby Jesus was that?!

Jamey Caresalle: Who attacked Thriller?!

The camera moves back to the door as Larissa Johnson walks out of the room, holding the chair.

Jamey Caresalle:: You have got to be freaking kidding me?!

Bimmy Mays: I knew Republicans were crazy! But this one? SHE’S A LUNATIC!!!

Larissa stands over Thriller and smacks him in the back a few more times with the chair before Melanie O'Flynn comes running up to Larissa to stop her, but Larissa steps back before Melanie can get her hands on her.

Melanie O'Flynn Get the hell out of here!

Larissa Johnson: What are you going to do about it?

Melanie then runs up to Larissa, chasing her down the hall, before Larissa turns a corner, right into Kieran Quinn, along with a few more security guards, who grab Larissa.

Larissa Johnson: Oh great, it's the big shot, with the big.....

Larissa tries kicking Kieran before Melanie gets a hold of Larissa and helps the guards escort her out of the building, as Kieran runs down to check on Thriller, while EMTs are already looking at him.

Jamey Caresalle: Thank god both Melanie and Kieran were able to stop this! But what the hell is Larissa’s problem?!

Bimmy Mays:I already told you! Republicans are frickin nuts Jimmy! With the impeachment coming along, every Republican’s going nuts! Larissa just proved it!


“Weapon” brings the fans to their feet from the last break in action, playing out the always-stoked Larry Gowen in his most amicable poise. Every seat warmly welcomes him to the ring.

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a ladder match. First, from Glasgow, Scotland, weighing in at 175 pounds, “The White Knight”, Larry Gowan!

Bimmy Mays: Ladders engaged, we are ready for another huge match.

Jamey Caresalle: There’s so much at stake for everyone tonight, and a special prize for whomever can reach that present dangling above the ring.

“Drop Dead Cynical” plays to an explosion of boos from all over the arena.

Taylor Hudson: From Tampa, FL and weighing 120lbs… “Golden Child” Bridget Johnson!

Jamey Caresalle: She’s making a wake in the ring and Gowan can feel it!

Bimmy Mays: Everybody feeling this energy!

“I am to Blame” blasts over all the excitement, bringing out the youthful thunder of Gabe Khane.

Taylor Hudson: Their next opponent from Niagara Falls, Canada… weighing 200 pounds, Gabe Khane!

He reaches the apron, but a brawl has already ensued, leaving the ring announcer stumped, more so by the lack of their final competitor Thriller who has not come to the ring. Khane plays it smart by letting Bridgett take control of the 5BW’s olden saint of the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: Golden Child keeping to her namesake with those huge right hands!

Bimmy Mays: What was that cool move?

Jamey Caresalle: wristlock backdrop, stopping Bridget in her tracks!

Kahne attacks with a double axe handle to hammer Larry to the floor. He follows that with a snap german suplex; meanwhile, Bridget Johnson has gone outside and pushes a pair of metal ladders under the ropes. Gowan holds onto one and uses it to trip Gabe off balance. He follows that with a traditional atomic drop that has him hopping around the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: Old school offense from a crafty veteran.

Bimmy Mays: He’s gonna feel that tomorrow!

Jamey Caresalle: Johnson is going to the high rent district!

Bimmy Mays: She took both of those games out like a mosh pit! But where’s Thriller?

Jamey Caresalle: Who knows? Johnson is setting up the ladder!

Gowan recovers but takes a dropkick for his effort. She doesn’t see Gabe Khane clothesline her to all fours. He tries for a camel clutch, but before he locks it in for good measure, Larry clears the bar and hits a full-on spinning wheel kick.

Bimmy Mays: Larry is climbing!

Jamey Caresalle: Bridget is hot on his tail. They’re going to meet at the mountaintop!

Bimmy Mays: Look out below!

Larry and Bridget entangle; however, neither saw Gabe Khane rising from the mat. He pushes both of them over the rope, crashing hard outside the ring.

Bimmy Mays: Timber!

Jamey Caresalle: Gabe Khane steadying the ladder! He could win this!

Gabe, who’s looking all around to see if anyone is coming up, grabs the present that was above the ring, making the fans cheer for this. Gabe has told everyone that he was going to do it and he did! The fans are giving a standing ovation for everyone’s efforts in this match up.

Bimmy Mays: He’s got the present! Khane has done it!

Taylor Hudson: Your winner, Gabe Khane!

I’m to blame by Kip Moore kicks in as Gabe’s standing on top of the ladder, yelling that he did it. Emotion is coming across his face while he thanks everyone for supporting him.

Jamey Caresalle: Gabe Khane now has possession of a gift. We do not know what the gift contains, but I have to applaud everyone in this match. Yes, I’m applauding Bridget too, but this moment belongs to Gabe Khane.

Bimmy Mays: Who knew that a police officer wannabe would win this match! I hope he also likes the shirt I got him.

Jamey looks with Bimmy leaning over and pulling out a gift that shows the controversial Santa shirt.

Bimmy Mays:: I thought he would like this! YOU CAN BUY THIS AT ANY RETAILER THAT’s NOT A DAMN SNOWFLAKE!!!

Xmas Chaos cuts backstage where an over the top Christmas party is taking place. The tables are filled with food and cake, families enjoying their time with their children, a bunch of stuffed unicorns decorating the tables and a clown that’s making balloon animals much to the delight of the kids. The scene pans near the entrance of the room where Luciana Verdoza is seen overlooking all this and feeling disgusted.

Luciana: They think I threw this party out of the kindness of my heart… they think I gave away all these backstage passes because I have such a Christmas spirit… but… no… I don’t care for any of that. I did this all…

Luciana pulls out an aluminum barbwire baseball bat she was hiding behind her back.

Luciana: ...to make a point…

Luciana walks into the party and immediately catches everyone’s attention when she takes the bat and smashes up one of the tables, sending the families running out the door with the kids screaming.


Luciana smashes up every table in sight while all the families bolt for their safety. Luciana not only breaks some of these tables, she even goes as far as flipping them over. Before long, the very party that she threw to “make a point” has been completely destroyed. Every cake, dessert and pastry in sight is spilled onto the grow. Every stuffed unicorn is ripped up and made into cotton.

Luciana: Anyone wanna fight me?

She becomes irritated once she feels a balloon hit the back of her head. She turns around, spotting the clown.

Luciana: Please...what are you going to do?

The clown pulls out a balloon, blows it up, makes a sword out of it and points it in Luciana’s direction. Luciana is far from amused as she narrows her eyes and uses the barbwire bat to pop the balloon with ease. The clown tries to run away, but Luciana knees him in the gut causing him to double over before wrapping the bat around his throat.

Luciana: Now… you’re all going to listen to what I have to say or the clown gets it… what? I’m not going to hurt you… at least I don’t plan on it… but you… you’re my point. Because everyone on this roster thinks I’m some sort of… CLOWN! You know what’s been going on the last two shows? Well, a couple of shows ago I lost to that “unicorn puffball”... yeah, that wasn’t fun… especially with those annoying manchild antics of his later… and then last month at one of the dumbest named wrestling shows I’ve ever had the misfortune of wrestling on… my own protege fails me and embarrasses me and my one chance to get momentum for tonight… it disappears in a flash. And once again… I’m made to look like… well… a CLOWN! WELL TONIGHT, THE FUCKING CLOWN SHIT ENDS!!!! You got that?

The clown says nothing.

Luciana: I’ve waited a LONG time to get this title shot… a LONG TIME! All the bad breaks… the bad luck I’ve had to endure… all of the stops and starts since I tried to come back last year… being in these ridiculously trash companies that never did anything for my career because they valued me SO MUCH didn’t they? And when I FINALLY get that chance I’ve starved for, for so many years… I have… well… no momentum. Zero for my last two matches, looked like a fool at the end of both of them… well I’m not going to have it anymore… the only clowns at the end of the day are going to be the people that think I have absolutely no chance of winning this match… which is basically the whole roster with a couple of exceptions… because it’s LEX COLLINS… ALL the momentum in the world… being the first 5BW champion… being able to maintain his momentum… we’re bordering on “upset” territory now aren’t we Mr. Clown…

The clown says nothing as he struggles to breathe.

Voice: What are you doing?

Luciana is surprised by the sudden appearance of her protege: Dakota Mendoza.

Luciana: Making a point…

Dakota: Let him go…

Luciana: You’re not the boss of me…

Dakota: I just want to talk… and I’d rather we talk with no… third parties involved…

Luciana: Fine…

Luciana releases the clown who is smart enough to run out of the room for his safety. She then tosses the bat aside and looks Dakota in the eye.

Luciana: You know things haven’t been great between us lately…

Dakota: That’s what I wanted to talk about…

Luciana takes a deep breath… and yet… right as their conversation begins, the scene cuts out, creating tension in the air for what exactly is going to go down between the two considering their lack of cohesion since Turkey Trot.



Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a two out of three falls match up! The first person to score two falls wins the match!

The fans are cheering for this. Brittani vs. Mary Ellen will finally have a winner to see who is the better out of the both. Stop Snitchin by YG kicks in with the fans cheering for this. Outcomes Brittani Helms as she looks at the large crowd in Brooklyn.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Washington, DC, She is the “DC” Savage, Brittani Helms!!

The fans keep on cheering for her. One fan leans in for a fist bump for Brittani and she gives it back to her. The DC Savage rolls into the ring and taunts the fans. She knows that she’s going to get the biggest shot of her career IF she’s able to defeat Mary Ellen. Her theme song kicks out with the fans leaning in and waiting for Brittani’s opponent.

Jamey Caresalle: Brittani Helms is a bit of a forward person. She’s in your face. She’s got an attitude. And in a place like 5BW, something like that helps you with the crowd.

Bimmy Mays: They love her! She could tell someone to fuck off, and they’ll still love her!

Night of the Ravens By Leaves’ Eyes kicks in as the fans are giving a standing ovation. Out comes Mary Ellen Harrison, wearing her green ring attire as she looks around at the fans cheering for her. She soaks it in, takes a deep breath and walks to the ring.

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, She is the “Raven of 5BW”, Mary Ellen Harrison!

Mary Ellen high fives some of the fans while Brittani eyes her. Mary Ellen looks straight at Brittani, takes another deep breath and walks into the ring. Brittani looks at her and warms up. This match between the both is months in the making, and it's finally time to find out who’s the better of the both. Mary Ellen poses for the fans briefly and goes to the corner, staring down Brittani.

Jamey Caresalle: And now we see the crowd split between the two competitors. Mary Ellen Harrison and Brittani Helms have not gotten along. There’s a lot of professional animosity between these two.

Bimmy Mays: They don’t like each other. That’s going to make for a GREAT match!

The referee looks at the both to make sure they’re good to go with what’s about to go down. Mary Ellen and Brittani nod at him and the referee calls for the bell.


Brittani and Mary Ellen both walk up and stare at each other with the Brooklyn Crowd going wild for this. Brittani looks at one side as Mary Ellen doing the same thing. They’ve both experienced a big crowd before, but not this big. Brittani looks at her and extends her hand out to Mary Ellen, which causes Mary Ellen to look confused for a split second. She does, but Brittani grabs her and goes for a DDT, which causes the fans to change their tone. She yells at her and says that she’s in this to win it and picks Mary Ellen back up, but this time around, Mary Ellen comes at her and starts throwing punches into the DC Savage’s face. The fans are cheering for Mary Ellen with Brittani leaning on the ropes. Mary Ellen screams and charges at her. Brittani sees this and moves out of the way with Mary Ellen going over and out of the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: Mary Ellen to the floor below!

Bimmy Mays: If this was scored on points, Brittani Helms has it. But this ain’t scored on points!

Jamey Caresalle: Well...

Bimmy Mays: Ok, unless you count each fall as a point, then it is.

Brittani sees an opening for this, jumps up and down, runs, and goes for a suicide dive! The fans are cheering as she lands on Mary Ellen. Brittani gets back on her feet and throws the Raven back into the ring. Mary Ellen crawls on the ground with Brittani coming after her as she tries to go for a curb-stomp. Mary Ellen sees Brittani in mid-air and grabs her by the pants to roll her up for a pin.



Th-Brittani quickly kicks out of it.

Jamey Caresalle: A quick roll-up out of Harrison! What a smart counter!

Mary Ellen and Brittani both get back to their feet and stare down at each other. The Brooklyn Crowd applauds for this. Both ladies again look at the crowd with Mary Ellen turning her back towards Brittani. Brittani sees an opening and goes for the DC Head-Knocker RIGHT to the back of Mary Ellen’s head! Mary Ellen goes down as Brittani rolls her over. This was a mistake that Mary Ellen made because she turned her back and Brittani took advantage of this.




Taylor Hudson: The winner of the first fall goes to Brittani Helms!!

Bimmy Mays: Whoa! First fall!

Jamey Caresalle: Brittani Helms pulls off a shocking first fall here! This pushes Mary Ellen Harrison’s back against the wall!

Bimmy Mays: Mary Ellen just paid for turning her back to her opponent! You do that, ESPECIALLY against someone as seasoned as Mary Ellen Harrison, you’re going to pay! She’s just lucky this is two-out-of-three falls!

Brittani knows she’s a pinfall away from facing either Luciana Verdoza or Lex Collins for the 5BW World Championship. The emotion on her face is beginning to show as she yells for Mary Ellen to get back to her feet. Mary Ellen does, causing Brittani to go right after her with a bulldog. Mary Ellen again crashes on the ground. The fans are wondering if she’s ever going to fight back against her since Brittani has control of the match. Brittani goes to roll her over again and goes for a cover.



Mary Ellen kicks out of it.

Brittani gets right on top of her and starts punching her in the face and screams at Mary Ellen to show some life and not be a stupid bitch. She again picks her up and throws her into the corner and chokes her out with her foot. The fans are starting to boo her, but Brittani doesn’t care about this. She wants to win this match. The referee starts counting, but Brittani breaks the hold. She yells at Mary Ellen that she needs to show some fight.

Jamey Caresalle: Brittani’s getting fired up! She wants to put an end to this match sooner rather than later.

Bimmy Mays: Well yeah… she does and she gets a 5BW Title shot… it’s a big deal!

While Mary Ellen’s holding her throat, Brittani comes over and SLAPS her in the head and says that she needs to stop being a weak bitch and keeps doing it. The fans are booing at her for this. Suddenly, Mary Ellen grabs her by the hand and twists it, causing Brittani’s eyes to widen. Mary Ellen flips her across the ring as the fans are cheering for this. She runs after her and goes for a low drop kick, causing Brittani to fly out of the ring. Brittani does not know where this is coming from as Mary Ellen comes out of the ring. She goes for a running senton splash onto her, causing the both to fall onto the ground. The fans are cheering for this, but the first one back to her feet yet again is Brittani Helms.

Jamey Caresalle: Mary Ellen showing some of the desperation… she’s down one fall to zero… she needs to get two consecutive falls for the win.

Bimmy Mays: It’s a tough task on the best of days… Brittani Helms is not going to make it any easier.

Brittani grabs Mary Ellen yet again and tosses her back into the ring. While thinking what she needs to do to end this match, Brittani climbs the turnbuckle, but Mary Ellen’s getting back to her feet. Brittani quickly gets on the top of the turnbuckle and sees that Mary Ellen is back up. She jumps off….


Mary Ellen just used her MMHD Tag Team Partner signature move to knock out Brittani Helms. The fans are in shock with this with Mary Ellen using that move for desperation. She rolls over Brittani Helms and pins her in the ring to possibly get the next fall…




Brittani Helms is holding her head as Mary Ellen Harrison goes to the corner. Taylor Hudson announces the second fall winner.

Taylor Hudson: The winner of the second fall is Mary Ellen Harrison! The next person to get the third fall will win the match up!


Bimmy Mays: She just kneed Helms in the head! I don’t think Helms expected that… it’s not Harrison’s move!

Jamey Caresalle: You have to think that was the point… she didn’t want to be scouted. She wanted to catch Helms by surprise and… she did it!

The referee is checking on Brittani Helms to make sure she’s OK for this match up. Brittani nods and tells him to move out of the way and goes right after Mary Ellen yet again, but Mary Ellen goes for her fiancée, Tiffany McC’s finisher that contains a backflip kick right into her jaw. Brittani goes to the ropes and bounces off them only for Mary Ellen to grab her and go for the Raven’s Lock. Brittani again crashes onto the ground as the fans are cheering as again Mary Ellen goes to pin her.



TH-Brittani kicks out of it as the fans are in shock with this.

Mary Ellen pounds on the ground and knows that she must do something to put her away to get that pin. Brittani is still on the ground as Mary Ellen goes up top rope. She looks back and goes for a moonsault, but Brittani moves out of the way, causing the Raven to crash down onto the ground. Brittani rolls her over and takes advantage by pinning her.




Jamey Caresalle: Back to back near-falls!

Bimmy Mays: Alright, Jamey… who did you get here?

Jamey Caresalle: I don’t know. The women have proven that they’re both world class. Both are deserving of a Championship match. Both have what it takes to defeat the other. I think it comes down to whoever makes the next mistake.

Bimmy Mays: Cop out!

Jamey Caresalle: Have you got a prediction?

Bimmy Mays: … Hey look! A match!

The fans are cheering. Mary Ellen again kicks out of it and Brittani is holding her head. She must do something but doesn’t know what. Brittani rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair. If this is the way she must go, then she will do it. Brittani rolls back in the ring and raises it up in the air, but the referee grabs it. Brittani yells at him to let go of the damn chair. The referee is yelling at her not to use it, and YANKS it out. Brittani becomes pissed off and YELLS at the referee.

Jamey Caresalle: Brittani Helms showing desperation here with the chair, but thank goodness the referee isn’t allowing it.

Bimmy Mays: We want this match to end the RIGHT way! You don’t need a chair, Britt! Just do it!

Mary Ellen sees this, grabs Brittani and turns her around and tries to go for the Raven’s Lock, but Brittani picks her up and goes into the turnbuckle. Brittani takes one good look, lifts her up and seats her. She then takes a step back and goes up slowly as she’s about to do something. Brittani looks back and jumps up onto her and goes for a top rope rana! The fans cheer as these two girls are doing whatever it takes to win this match up.

Jamey Caresalle: What a match! The fans are hanging on every move!

Bimmy Mays: The FANS!? Do you see how much chair I’m using right now?! This is gangbusters!

Brittani, yet again, is back to her feet and waits for Mary Ellen to get back up. She’s waving that she’s going to end this and get this victory.

[color=2E2EFE]Brittani Helms

Mary Ellen does get back up….

Brittani goes for the DC HEADKNOCKER!!


Jamey Caresalle: RAVENS LOCK! She gets this, it could all be over!

The fans are standing on their feet for this. They want to know if Mary Ellen is going to pull this off and head to her biggest match of her career. She rolls the DC Savage over and pins her in the ring.





Jamey Caresalle: She got her! Mary Ellen Harrison just caught Brittani Helms and wins this two-out-of-three falls match!

Bimmy Mays: I don’t know if she can believe it herself!

The fans give a standing ovation. We finally have a winner and that winner is Mary Ellen Harrison. Mary Ellen leans up and has tears in her eyes, knowing she just got the biggest win in her career.

Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner and the number one contender to the Five Boroughs Wrestling World Championship, Mary Ellen Harrison!!

Mary Ellen stands up as Brittani’s holding her neck. The referee goes to help Brittani up, but Mary Ellen doesn’t let the referee do so. She wants to do it and he lets her. The music cuts out with Mary Ellen helping Brittani up. Brittani looks at her, still holding her neck. Mary Ellen extends her hand to her with Brittani looking at it. She smacks it away and the fans gasp.

Bimmy Mays: Uh oh?

Brittani, still holding her neck, takes a good look at Mary Ellen, and pulls her in for a hug. The fans give a standing ovation to the both because those two busted their asses for MONTHS to try to make this company mean something. They break apart with Brittani allowing her to take the victory lap. Mary Ellen mouths off to the fans “Thank You” because they believed in her. Suddenly, a loud SCREAM is heard, causing Mary Ellen to turn around and run out of the ring. Everyone in the Barclays becomes frantic as referees are waving.

Jamey Caresalle: Oh my God...

The cameras roll up and we see Brittani Helms on the ground with Mary Ellen running to her and checking on her. Dora Richardson, Melanie O’Flynn, Kieran Quinn, Meagan G and Lex Collins are checking on Brittani. The fans are holding their heads with medics coming out and checking on Brittani. Dora, who’s worried, calls for the cameras to back away with everyone worried for Brittani.

Jamey Caresalle: I… I can’t believe what we’re witnessing...

Bimmy Mays: Is there something else we can switch to? Come on, guys… anything?

Football Scores:
Baltimore Ravens Defeated The New York Jets 42-21
Patriots defeated the Bengals 34-14
New York Giants defeated the Miami Dolphins 36-20
Kansas City Chiefs Defeated Denver Broncos 23-3
Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Washington Redskins 37-27
And Dallas actually defeated a winning record team.

As we get back from the break, we see Dora Richardson, Meagan G, Kieran Quinn, and Melanie O’Flynn by the side of Brittani Helms with the EMT rolling Brittani to the ambulance. Dora looks at her three staff members.

Dora Richarson: I’m heading to the hospital with Brittani. Are you three going to be OK to control the show?

Meagan G:: We should be.

Meagan looks to Melanie and Kieran

Kieran Quinn: I think we've got this.

Melanie O'Flynn: You can count on us.

Dora nods as she goes into the back with Brittani leaving Kieran, Meagan and Melanie worried. Suddenly, Brittany Lascase comes up to them.

Brittany Lascase: Kieran and Meagan, any word thus far?

Meagan looks at Brittany and cannot say anything, but Kieran opens his mouth.

Kieran Quinn: Well, let me say this: both Brittani and Mary Ellen busted their asses out there, and both showed what it takes to be with the best in this company.

Kieran looks back as the ambulance drives off.

Kieran Quinn: After the match, Brittani got checked by the EMTs, and they decided to take her back to the hospital for tests. We weren’t told if there was anything serious with her, so I’m hoping it’s just for precautions.

Meagan folds her arms while looking at Brittany.

Meagan G: As 5BW General Manager, I will be launching an investigation on who did this. There are a lot of suspects in the back that could have problems with Brittani Helms.

Meagan looks at Kieran

Meagan G: But whoever did this, will have consequences, and knowing Brittani, she’s going to raise a little bit of hell when she gets back.

Meagan nods and walks with Kieran and Melanie with Brittany standing there as we fade to black.

Xmas Chaos cuts back to the destroyed backstage Christmas party and back into the middle of the conversation that Luciana Verdoza and Dakota Mendoza have been having for quite the last while at this point.

Dakota Mendoza: The point that I am trying to make, Luciana… is that my intentions weren’t to embarrass you and my intentions definitely weren’t to fail you. You know how it is with those morons. Things just got out of control. It happens. It wasn’t anything that I did and it wasn’t anything that you did. But, while I understand why you were upset, it gave you no right to treat me like I was some sort of “privilege”. I have the “privilege” of breathing your air? Come on! Really?

Luciana Verdoza: Look… you make some very good points, I won’t lie to you about that. But you’re not innocent in this either. You’re the one that decided to mock my loss to Larry Gowan in front of everyone all while making it seem like I didn’t deserve to be challenging for the world title tonight.

Dakota Mendoza: To be FAIR… you didn’t actually do anything to earn the shot. It was practically given to you.

Luciana Verdoza: I deserve it, so there. That’s not really much of a talking point.

Luciana pauses and sighs.

Luciana Verdoza: I’ve been through so much the last few years… since the last time I was a world champion far too long ago…

She narrows her eyes feeling the sting to her ego she’s about to talk about in front of the broadcast audience.

Luciana Verdoza: You know I never actually lost that last world title… they closed up shop while I was in the middle of my most successful title reign yet. Bad break… never deserved that. I went through three companies for the following 12 months… all of them acting like I was basically nobody… then when I FINALLY hit my stride and was on the verge of regaining my long, lost glory in my last full time company… they died too… then I had my back surgery… pregnancy… all of that FUN stuff… friends forgetting I existed, old proteges dismissing me like I was cancer… yeah, like I WOULDN’T be upset about being made to look like a fool the last two shows, right? This business honestly doesn’t deserve to have me but I love this far too much to leave it. Yet, I don’t deserve it… right?

Dakota Mendoza: I understand, Luciana but…

Luciana Verdoza: WHAT?

Dakota Mendoza: I just think you need to have a cooler head about this, that’s all. Lex Collins is who he is and has won what he’s won for a reason. I’ve got a hard task ahead of me too, don’t tell me I don’t.

Luciana Verdoza: I’ve shown and taught you enough to have all the ability in the world to beat Samantha Tolson, you’ve got this. I believe in you. Shame you don’t have that same faith in me.

Dakota Mendoza: If it makes you feel any better… I’m sorry I said those things to you. I was only defending myself from you but it doesn’t make it better and it doesn’t make it right. You are, far and away, one of the most underappreciated wrestlers of your generation. You deserve one last world title run in your career.

Luciana Verdoza: I’m sorry too… for acting like I was the only reason you had any right to exist. Cherish that… it’s RARE that I ever apologize to someone, but you’re one of the few exceptions. I’m not leaving this business without leaving my legacy in good hands and when you beat Samantha tonight… I know exactly that it will be in good hands when my time in the spotlight is over…

Dakota Mendoza: Thanks… that means a lot coming from you.

Luciana Verdoza: You better not blow it against Sam now…

Dakota Mendoza: I won’t… and I look forward to the celebration when you become the world champion… which is the LAST thing this company wants…

Luciana Verdoza: You got that right…

Luciana has an evil chuckle to herself as Dakota leaves to prepare for Samantha Tolson. Meanwhile, Luciana is left alone to reflect on her career long journey… and all that it will take for her to beat Lex Collins and once more… perhaps for a final time even… reign on top of the world. She surveys the destroyed party once more before the scene fades out.

Above Weddings
The official Venue of Mafia Wars in Staten Island, New York!


Jamey Caresalle: This next match has been building up for some time now. At Drags to Riches, Samantha Tolson-Anderson was attacked by Dakota Mendoza after going through hell in the Iron Person Match. Many believed what Dakota did was--

Bimmy Mays: If they watching this broadcast, they already know what happened that made this match happen. Lay off the history books for a minute, nerd. All we need to know is that Dakota and Samantha got heat… and they ‘bout to settle it right here, right now.

Taylor Hudson: The following match is scheduled for one fall…


Taylor Hudson: … and is a Respect Match!

"Firefly" by CFO$ starts to play and laser lights blast all over the Barclays Center. The hotshot rookie Dakota Mendoza walks out onto the stage and poses for the fans who are not entirely fans of hers, though there is enough support to warrant her attention.

Taylor Hudson: Making her way to the ring first... from Portland, Oregon... DAKOTA MENDOZAAAAAA!!!

"Finish Line" by Skillet starts up methodically and Samantha Tolson-Anderson comes out from backstage with a great and impenetrable focus on Dakota in the ring.

Taylor Hudson: And her opponent... from Jefferson City, Missouri... SAMANTHA TOLSON-AAAAAANDERSON!!!

Samantha bounces back and forth on the stage, feeling the roar from the crowd… and then sprints down to the ring for a match that could make or break her...

The match opens with both women absolutely wailing on each other, with Sam ultimately taking control of the match, nailing several knee strikes to the head of Dakota and finally hitting a HUGE Spinning Heel Kick to the head. Sam then locks Dakota in a Front Face Lock, yelling for her to say it. Dakota refuses and fights out… only to be caught off guard and caught with HUGE Elbow right to the left temple! She then sends Dakota into the ropes and hits her with a HUGE Clothesline, before grabbing Dakota’s head and locking her once again in the Front Face Lock, telling her to give in and say it! Still, Dakota refuses...

Jamey Caresalle: “Samantha pouring the pressure on Dakota!”

Bimmy Mays: “Remember… Dakota got involved after that emotional title match between STA and Lex Collins. She thinks Dakota stole the focus then… she wants to make her pay!”

Instead, she fights Sam off with several punches to the temple. Sam stands, grabbing her head, which allows enough time for Dakota to get up and take advantage, hitting Sam with a Tilt-O-Whirl Headscissors takedown, locking it in and refusing to break until Sam says she respects her. However, Sam fights out, NAILING Dakota with a stiff kick upon escape. She then goes for an elbow drop, which Dakota narrowly avoids, locking Sam in a Rear Naked Choke immediately after and once again refusing to let go until Sam gives in. Sam refuses and tries to fight Dakota off, but Dakota still refuses to break the hold.

Bimmy Mays: “She ain’t letting go! Like a vice!”

Jamey Caresalle: “It’s important to note in matches like this, there are no disqualifications… the only way it ends is with Respect beaten into someone.”

Bimmy Mays: “I think they know that, Jamey.”

At this point, Sam rolls to the outside, taking Dakota with her for the ride. She tries everything to get Dakota off of her, from running her head into the ring post, ramming Dakota back-first into the ring apron and even against the barricade, but still Dakota refuses. Eventually, Sam has no choice as she grabs Dakota by the head and pulls her full force over her body. Dakota lands back first on the ground and Sam picks her up, NAILING her with Mind Your Head (Running V-Trigger) before grabbing Dakota and SLAMMING her head off the ring post. She then picks her up and drops her right on the ring apron, where Dakota lands face-first. Sam grabs her by the head once more and… BASHES her head off the barricade, before backing up… and hitting Dakota with ANOTHER Mind Your Head (Running V-Trigger). She then grabs Dakota by the head and tosses her back into the ring before getting back into the ring herself.

Jamey Caresalle: “SAMANTHA TOLSON-ANDERSON! She’s not letting up!”

Bimmy Mays: “If someone gets KOed, then what? You can’t say you respect someone if you’re out cold!”

Jamey Caresalle: “That’s a very fair point.”

Upon getting back into the ring, Sam gets Dakota into position for a Victory Drop Alpha (Trapper Keeper Bomb), but gives her the chance to give in before hitting it. Dakota refuses and as such, gets dropped right on her head. Sam picks her up again, but Dakota somehow manages to fight her off, despite it being clear that the Victory Drop fucked her up. Dakota, seemingly out of nowhere, hits Sam with the Mendoza Facebuster (Double Underhook Facebuster) before giving the chance to end the match. Sam refuses to quit, though, and as such, Mendoza locks in the Kota Klutch (Kimura Lock), maintaining that Sam can end this at any time by saying that she respects her, but still Sam refuses to give in. Eventually, after Dakota refuses to break the hold, Sam deadlifts Dakota and POWERBOMBS her into the corner. Dakota falls flat on her face when she stumbles out of the corner, leaving Sam ample opportunity to charge up something big. Seemingly signalling that it’ll be a THIRD Mind Your Head, she stomps on the mat, waiting for Dakota to get to her feet. Dakota slowly rises, but as soon as Sam goes for the knee, Dakota stops her, yelling that she respects Sam. As such, the referee calls for the bell and the match is over… but then right after, Sam hits her with a third Mind Your Head anyways!

Winner: Samantha Tolson-Anderson

Jamey Caresalle: “What a vicious contest! I think both women were hellbent on destroying each other, but in the end, it was Dakota Mendoza declaring respect! Samantha Tolson-Anderson claims the win.”

Bimmy Mays: “But look at what she did after! The exclamation mark, and this crowd loves it!”

Jamey Caresalle: “For all of her haters, Sam Tolson-Anderson is clearly a fan favorite in 5BW. But we should also applaud the efforts of Dakota Mendoza, who was right there with her the entire way! What a match!.”



Taylor Hudson: The following contest is scheduled for ONE FALL and it is for the Five Boroughs Wrestling World Championship!!

The fans are on their feet and ready for a match that’s been building up since the aftermath of Drags to Riches. There are unicorns on the stage with Maneater by Nelly Furtado kicking in, causing the fans to let out big time boos for the night. Out comes Luciana Verdoza with a weapon in hand as the fans are booing at her. She takes a good look at the unicorns and BREAKS each one of them down. Luciana has experienced embarrassment for the past couple of weeks and looks to end it by winning the championship. She walks to the ring, passing the fans that are booing at her as she gets into the ring. Luciana paces back and forth with her theme song cutting out.

Jamey Caresalle: That is a woman possessed. She has wanted to become Champion here in 5BW, and this is her chance.

Re-Education (Through Labor) by Rise Against kicks in with the fans giving a standing ovation. The screen reads “Hate on Me” as the fans are cheering. Out comes Lex Collins, with the Five Boroughs Wrestling Championship around him, staring a hole down at Luciana. He walks to the ring, giving some fans high fives along the way before rolling into the ring. He raises the title up in the air with the fans seal of approval, Luciana on the other hand…..does not approve.

Jamey Caresalle: Lex Collins, since winning that Championship around his waist, has been the standard-bearer here in 5BW.

Bimmy Mays: Yeah, but there’s gonna be a lot of people knocking on his door, knowing that beating him makes you the best. Mary Ellen Harrison may be next, but who comes after?

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, the challenger, from Milan, Italy, weighing in at 132 pounds, Luciana Verdoza!!

The fans boos rock the Barclays center. Luciana yells at Lex and says that this is HER moment, and nobody is taking this away from her! She makes a gesture towards Lex, causing Lex to roll his eyes.

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent, from The Open Road, He is the Five Boroughs Wrestling World Champion, Lex Collins!!!

Lex raises his title in the air and yells that this is HIS championship and she’s not taking this away from him! Luciana cannot hold her composure and goes right after Lex Collins before the bell even rings and beats him down with a fury of punches. She yells that she’s going to kill him and keeps on pounding his head in. Lex stumbles a bit, but Luciana slams him right onto the ground face first. Luciana grabs him by the arm and SLAMS it on the ground that Lex screams out in pain. Luciana looks at him yet again and does the SAME thing to him over and over. The referee backs up Luciana before going over to Lex and asks him if he’s good for this match.

Jamey Caresalle: The challenger off to an early advantage here.

Bimmy Mays: Yeah, but she jumped him before the bell rang! You know what that is?

Jamey Caresalle: Cheap?

Bimmy Mays: Passionate!

Seething and in pain while holding the right arm, he nods his head with the referee calling for the bell.


The match is officially started, but Luciana goes back to him and grabs him by the arm again. Lex screams in pain with Luciana flipping him by the arm and again stomping on it. Knowing the Bricks is one of his finishing moves, Luciana’s doing whatever it takes for him to NOT use it. The fans are booing as Luciana yells at him that he’s a pathetic piece of human shit and that he’s WORTHLESS!! Lex hears that and comes right after her with one arm. The fans are cheering for this as he’s using that one arm against her, but Luciana grabs the injured arm and rams it into the turnbuckle.

Jamey Caresalle: Verdoza smells blood in the water, going after that arm!

Bimmy Mays: I don’t know a wrestler alive that would see a weakness and ignore it.

Lex is screaming out in pain, which causes the referee to check on him, but Luciana moves him out of the way and keeps on attacking that arm. The referee warns her, but she flips him off. The fans are booing at this disrespect towards him. Suddenly, Lex rolls her up for the first fall of the night as the fans are cheering for this.



Luciana kicks out of this.

Jamey Caresalle: The Champ ALMOST stole it there!

Bimmy Mays: Could you imagine how Luciana would have reacted if that roll-up actually WORKED!?

Lex, with some power in the arm that she was attacking, picks her up and throws her into the ropes. Luciana runs into them with Lex going for a clothesline with the good arm. Luciana gets back up again and goes right after Lex, but Lex moves out of the way, causing Luciana to put on the brakes. She mocks the fans saying that she’s not getting tossed over, but Lex does anyways. He yells at her and goes on the turnbuckle. Not used to flying at all, he’s willing to take the risk and retain his championship over someone like Luciana. He sees Luciana near the announcers table and JUMPS OFF with a moonsault!

Jamey Caresalle: Collins taking to the air...

….But it doesn’t connect as Luciana moves out of the way, causing Lex to crash into it.

Bimmy Mays: … and crashing! Ouch!

The fans are booing Luciana laughing like a lunatic. She points at her head and says that she’s smart for this. While Lex is on the announcers table, she gets right on top of it and picks up a possibly injured Lex Collins and goes for the Arrivederci on the table! The fans are booing with Luciana standing on top of the announcers table. Lex rolls off it as this is the first time in 5BW that he could be in trouble.

Jamey Caresalle: Collins with the awareness to get off the table. Verdoza is taking it to the Champ like we’ve never seen before… from her, OR from someone against him!

Bimmy Mays: She wants to be the Champ! She craves it! This is something she needs… of course she’s working at that extra level.

Luciana picks him up and rolls him back into the ring. She gets back in herself and puts her foot on Lex Collins for a cocky pin. The referee is confused with this, but still counts.



Th-Lex kicks out of this.

Luciana rolls her eyes and starts stomping down on him. She keeps on yelling that she’s going to be the next champion and that she DESERVES it more than ANYONE. Luciana taunts the fans again, but Lex stops that by coming back up and going for a German suplex. The fans are now cheering as he waits for Luciana to get back up. Luciana is slowly coming back up as she doesn’t want to face Lex. Lex, losing patience, does not have time for this shit and goes right after her with jabs to her face. Luciana tries to break free, but Lex WANTS her to feel the pain and wants her to suffer. He stops and takes time out to fix his arm.

Bimmy Mays: Uh oh, Lucy! Lex ain’t happy!

Jamey Caresalle: He’s finally at a spot where he can string together a decent advantage, and that’s the last thing that Luciana Verdoza wants to see.

Lex shakes it off and comes back towards her. Luciana sees this and RUNS towards him with a spear as it connects, causing the fans to boo at her. She then goes for a pin with this being her second attempt of the night.



Th-Lex kicks out.

Bimmy Mays: And that’s what happens when you take too much time.

Luciana pounds down on the Fearless one and picks him up by the hair. She yells that she’s going to end this match in the ring and win the title as she goes yet again for the Arrivederci, but Lex backs her up and gets out of this. The fans are cheering as Lex Collins is back in this and takes off his shirt. Lex throws it into the crowd and waits for Luciana. She gets back up with Lex running at her to start up the Systematic Breakdown 2.0, but Luciana grabs the referee and puts him in the way, Causing LEX to crash into him!

Bimmy Mays: Oops?

Jamey Caresalle: Referee down! Verdoza doing whatever she can to protect herself and save the match, even at the expense of the referee! Despicable!

The fans are booing because of Luciana’s move. Suddenly, the boos get more louder as Dakota Mendoza, who went to war with Samantha Tolson-Anderson before this match comes out of the back with a chair in hand. Luciana has a sick smirk on her face. As soon as Lex turns around, Dakota BLASTS him across the head with the chair, causing him to fall. Luciana has a sick smirk on her face and grabs him with the chair on the ground. She smirks and goes for the Arrivederci on the chair. Dakota moves the chair out of the way, wakes up the referee and shakes him to count. The fans are booing at this, knowing that Luciana’s going to win this match. Dakota’s ready to see her teacher to win the title with the referee counting….

Jamey Caresalle: Not like this...





The fans explode as Lex’s still in this battle as Luciana holds her head and lets out a scream. The trick backfired. Suddenly, Samantha Tolson-Anderson, who competed against Dakota in the match before, comes out as Dakota is scared shitless. Luciana yells at her to fight as Dakota begins to run yet again, but Samantha goes for the Mind Your Head onto Dakota for the fourth time tonight.

Bimmy Mays: If I’m Dakota Mendoza, I hate knees after tonight!

Jamey Caresalle: Thank God for Samantha Tolson-Anderson! Dakota Mendoza shouldn’t even be out here!

Luciana rolls out of the ring and gets in the face of Samantha Tolson-Anderson and barks at her. She tells her that she’s going to kill her for ruining EVERYTHING she had planned. Samantha doesn’t look phased with this with Luciana still daring at her. Just then, Lex Collins leans over and grabs Luciana by the hair and brings her back into the ring. She pleads with him not to hurt her.

Jamey Caresalle: Luciana took her eyes off of Lex Collins for too long!

Bimmy Mays: Should have ignored Sam, Lucy!

With Samantha giving a thumbs up to Lex Collins, Lex wants to hurt Luciana for EVERYTHING she’s done. With the bullying towards Larry, and the disaster AFTER Drags to Riches, it’s time to get justice. Luciana’s shaking as Lex comes running at her as the fans are cheering for this. He starts it up with the knees and grabs her for the bulldog, completing the Systematic Breakdown 2.0!


Bimmy Mays: All he has to do is cover...

Lex rolls her over in the in and pins her as the fans hope that this is the end.




The fans applaud for this as Lex was able to put away his first challenger in Luciana Verdoza despite the tactics, she was able to do and having Dakota come out and try to cost him.

Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner and STILL the Five Boroughs Wrestling World Champion, Lex Collins!!

Jamey Caresalle: What a match! After everything Luciana Verdoza tried to do, using every advantage she could, Lex Collins is STILL 5BW Champion!

"Re-Education (Through Labor)" erupts over the sound system as Lex Collins staggers back to his feet. He's holding his left arm close to his chest as he gestures for a microphone. The music cuts off amid huge cheers and he leans against the ropes, looking exhausted and battered. He drapes the championship belt over the top rope as it's handed back to him, staring at it for a few seconds while the cheers taper off. Smiling, he looks up towards the ramp and lifts the microphone to his lips.

Lex Collins: I wasn't expecting to go out on top. Figured this year was going to end badly given how fucked up the last few months've been. An' hey, y'know, that's just my natural pessimism at its worst. That's not a slam on this company… on the talented folks in the locker room. It's just… they say you're only as good as the last person you beat. That's the unspoken rule. You beat someone they call trash, what's that make you? I mean, really?

He seems almost sad for a moment as he leans heavily on the ropes, still looking up the ramp with his back to the majority of the fans. Thankfully, the camera has pulled in tight on him, putting his face up on the screen.

Lex Collins: Sorry. It's… it's been a tough year. I just wanna thank you. All of you out there right now. All of you streamin' this online. Without you, there's no Five Boroughs Wrestling. Without you, there's no reason for a guy like me to lace up his boots. Without you… the championship means nothin'.

He pauses, and then gestures up the ramp.

Lex Collins: On that note, I wanna call out my next challenger… a woman who went to hell an' back earlier this evening just for the opportunity to face me in our next event. C'mon, Mary Ellen. Get on out here.

"Night of the Ravens" by Leaves' Eye starts playing as Mary Ellen Harrison walks down the ramp, still feeling the efforts of the war she went through with Brittani Helms earlier in the night. She walks into the ring and grabs a microphone for herself. For a moment, the champion simply looks her over before taking a few steps closer to extend his hand.

Lex Collins: Congratulations're in order. That was a hell of a match.

The crowd agrees, popping loudly in response.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Thank you very much.

The champ turns towards the crowd with a smile.

Lex Collins: Sportsmanship – like chivalry – is almost fuckin' dead in this business. It's rare as unicorn blood these days. But that's what I'm hopin' to change here. Tonight. For the future. I want this place to be the one that grows exponentially 'til we gotta turn people away, 'til we gotta add more shows or fill bigger venues. I wanna see this company thrivin' when 2020 comes to an end. So… whaddya say? You with me on that?

The crowd erupts into a “5-B-W! 5-B-W! 5-B-W!” chant as Collins turns back to Mary Ellen.

Lex Collins: Well, you with me?

Mary Ellen Harrison: I know I'm here to make sure that 5BW can be one of the best promotions out there. There's a lot of people that have put in their blood, sweat and tears in this promotion, the two of us included, and I don't see myself stopping any time soon. So yeah, I'm totally with you on that.

Mary Ellen then sticks her hand out for Lex. He shakes it firmly and then catches her gaze drifting to the championship belt.

Lex Collins: Feel like maybe there's somethin' else you wanna say. Go on, then.

Mary Ellen nods as she looks at Lex.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Well, we can work together to make this place the best, but there is something I need to say to you.

Mary Ellen investigates the crowd as she takes a deep breath before continuing.

Mary Ellen Harrison: When I came here to 5BW, I came here to prove a point. Prove to myself that I can still go and prove to everyone else that I deserve to be in this ring. I would like to think that I proved that against Brittani.

The crowd cheers in approval.

Mary Ellen Harrison: But there's just something else that's missing right now. There's something that I need. I need vindication. I need that title.

Mary Ellen points at the championship belt sitting on the top rope as she looks at Lex with a look that means business.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Lex, we can be friends, we can be allies to make this place better, but when Mafia Wars hits, and we're standing on opposite sides of this ring, I'll mean business, I will give you everything that I've got and I will not stop until I can be called 5BW Champion!

The champion nods, eyes narrowing slightly even though he still has that crooked smile on his face.

Lex Collins: I'd expect nothing less… of a worthy competitor.

As the crowd gets louder, Collins steps in closer and pulls Mary Ellen Harrison into a hug, letting the microphone in his hand drop to the canvas. He whispers something in her ear that isn't heard under the deafening crowd before pulling back. Grabbing his title, he climbs up on the turnbuckles and thrusts it up in the air, right in the path of the spotlight while the number one contender looks on.

Jamey Caresalle: What a match! What a show!

Bimmy Mays: 2020’s gonna be the year of the Boroughs… I can just FEEL it, Jamey!

Jamey Caresalle: For Bimmy Mays, I am Jamey Caresalle… Thank you for joining us, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and GOOD NIGHT!

Writing Team:

Segments: Done by respective handlers
Graphics: Janine
⅔ falls, No Holds Barred, and Championship Match - Meagan
Editing and coding: Dave, Garrett and Meagan
Entrances for Ariel and Christy along with Dakota and STA - Nathan
Commentary: Garrett,Micro Man, and Meagan
Respect match: Owen
Ladder Match: Ben from Action Wrestling
Ariel vs. Christy - Chris

Keeping my head focused and straight - Luci and Corey

Note from Meagan: First off, I want to thank EVERYONE for helping me out with this show. With work being crazy as hell, and my personal life taking effect, I would never have thought this show would happen. It did and I want to thank everyone for it.

5B-Radio will be on the 29th. We’re not doing radio this week or next due to the Holiday Season. With that being said, 2020 will be the year of the Boroughs and we will do whatever it takes. Let’s leave 2019 behind us and look ahead.

After Christmas, matches will be announced for Mafia Wars AND New Years Party.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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