5BW Presents: Big Love - February 23rd, 2020

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5BW Presents: Big Love - February 23rd, 2020

Post by TheMeaganG » Tue Feb 25, 2020 1:02 am

Save that shit by Lil Peep kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Once again, we are back where we first started, the Bronx YMCA in the Bronx, New York! The lights are going back and forth to the music as Jamey Caresalle and Bimmy Mays welcome everyone to Big Love!!

Caresalle:: Welcome everyone to Big Love! I am Jamey Caresalle along side Bimmy Mays. We are BACK home in The Bronx where we first started!!

Mays:: Holy Ass Shit! Back in the Bronx! Everyone is STILL freaking crazy for what’s about to happen!

Caresalle:: Tonight is one of the biggest nights in 5BW’s short history. Lex Collins, Samantha Tolson-Anderson, Luciana Verdoza, and Gabe Khane will be fighting for the biggest prize in a scramble match! This is the biggest task for Lex Collins as defending champion!! And whoever the loses are, MUST go to the back of the line!

Mays:: Everyone in that match is freaking crazy, but I FEAR Luciana will become champion and have everyone riot!

Caresalle:: Also tonight, we have Brittani Helms returning against Fiona Franklin, two Triple threat matches as well as the fans picking the stipulation for Ariel vs. Christy!

Mays:: If it ends up being a FIRST BLOOD match yet again and I see a damn sex toy, I’m LEAVING!!

Caresalle:: Regardless, tonight’s a jam packed night! This show’s going to be one for the books! Let’s get Big Love under way!


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a singles match and it’s one fall! Introducing first….

"Drop Dead Cynical" by Amaranthe plays over the PA system as Bridget slowly makes her way to the ring as the fans are booing for this. Bridget comes out wearing her sparkly out fit and walks to the ring with confidence.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Tampa, Florida, weighing 120 pounds, “The Golden Child” Bridget Johnson!!

Caresalle: As we kick off Big Love, Bridget looks to make an impact once again in 5BW. However this is the biggest task for Bridget.

Mays:: That’s if she doesn’t freaking cheat or pay KPN off!!

Bridget is smirking as she walks to the ring. She gets on the apron and takes off her jacket and gets in the ring. She flirts a bit with the referee before "Going Down Fighting" by Unleash The Archers plays as KPN comes out of the back and into the arena. The fans are cheering for this.

Taylor Hudson:Introducing her opponent, from Manhattan, New York, weighing in at 159 pounds, Kelly Penkzee-Nelson!!

Caresalle:: Here comes Kelly Penkzee-Nelson! She wanted to be in 5BW since she was in Trinity, NOW this is her chance!

Mays:: Let’s see if she can live up to this hype!!

Kelly walks to the ring with the fans being in awe as Bridget is not impressed with this. KPN takes off her robe, gets into the ring and taunts the fans. Bridget is still not impressed with this.

The two female competitors circle each other before going into a collar and elbow tie up. KPN tries to back up Bridget into the ropes but Bridget turns her body, putting KPN's back against one of the corners. Bridget and KPN break, coming back towards the center of the ring. Bridget and KPN go into a collar and elbow tie up. Bridget transitions the collar and elbow tie up into a headlock. KPN throws Bridget against the ropes and then ducks down as Bridget rebounds over her head. KPN turns around only to be locked into another headlock by Bridget. KPN tries to counter the headlock with a German Suplex but Bridget keeps a hold of the headlock for a headlock takedown. Bridget gets up and slams KPN's face into a nearby top turnbuckle. Bridget turns KPN around and locks in another headlock, really wearing KPN down at this point in the match. KPN pushes Bridget off of her causing Bridget to stumble into another corner. KPN charges but Bridget counters with a back elbow. Bridget charges at KPN but KPN tosses her onto her shoulders, looking for Ode to BPN!

Caresalle:: KPN looking to end this match!

Mays:: Bridget’s making this mistake early!

NO! Bridget slides off her shoulders, behind KPN. Bridget rams KPN headfirst into the ring post. Bridget stomps on the downed KPN eight times before backing away. Bridget charges again but KPN lifts her from inside the ring to the ring apron. KPN forearm smashes Bridget from the ring apron to the floor. KPN goes out of the ring but Bridget catches her with a clothesline. Bridget rolls KPN into the ring. Bridget covers KPN.

1....2...kick out! Bridget locks in another headlock. KPN is looking almost out of it, the ref checks on her. KPN manages to get to her knees and hits an arm drag which sends Bridget over her. KPN hits a chop, Bridget answers with a kick. Bridget hits a dropkick on KPN. Bridget delivers a running knee strike to KPN's face.

Caresalle: : KNEE STRIKE!! That looks to be the turning point in this match for Bridget!
Mays:: KPN’s Luck is running out here!!

Bridget covers KPN.

1....2...kick out! Bridget locks in another headlock. Bridget goes for an Irish Whip on KPN, sending her to a corner, KPN uses the momentum to rebound and roll up Bridget. Bridget kicks out before the count of one. Bridget hits another running knee strike. Bridget covers KPN.

1....2...kick out! Bridget mounts KPN and delivers nine punches but KPN manages to block them all. Getting increasingly desperate to get a win, Bridget covers KPN.

Caresalle:: Bridget’s not backing down here!

Mays: She’s actually proving this, James! I told you Bridget was NOT backing down.

1....2...kick out! Bridget picks up KPN and goes for another Irish Whip, KPN reverses with an Irish Whip of her own. Bridget rebounds off the ropes and KPN wraps her arms around Bridget's waist, hitting a German Suplex. KPN hits seven chops to Bridget. KPN tosses Bridget onto her shoulders looking for Ode to BPN! Bridget slides off her shoulders, behind KPN. KPN turns around and boots Bridget in the face. KPN covers Bridget.

1...2...kick out! KPN picks up Bridget but Bridget rams KPN headfirst into the same ring post. Bridget covers KPN, rolling her up and placing both feet on the top rope but the ref doesn't see it. 1....2...3!

Caresalle: Bridget Johnson steals one here tonight!

Mays: It was a good effort from KPN… she’ll need that effort in her other matches this week.

Bridget mocks at KPN, who’s holding her shorts after the loss. KPN seems to be pissed off as Bridget raises her hands in the air. .

In the back, we see Brittany Lascase with Alex Bell and Brett Elliot as the fans are cheering for this.

Brittany : How are you both feeling going in your triple threat matches tonight?

Alex: I am not going to lie, I am a little nervous. I want to go out there and prove myself. I want Brett and myself to get as far as we can in Tagstravaganza. Our Ultimate goal is to win the whole thing and become the first 5BW Tag Team Champions. However, we have two other teams that are very good and both of those teams could be threats in the tag division. It is going to take some work but I think we can get it done.

Brett : I am feeling a bit nervous too. We want to be official members of the 5BW Roster but We have to prove that we deserve a spot on the roster here. Alex and I do not want to mess this up. We do not want anything handed to us. I feel a victory and a spot in the finals will validate the fact that we deserve to be 5BW Fighters.

Brittany : What will it mean to you both if you win the triple threat matches and go on to win Tagstravagnza and become the first 5BW Tag Team Champions?

Brett : It will mean the world to us. For me, winning will let me know that I have earned my spot and earned my right to be a part of this great wrestling company.

Alex : For me, It will mean everything. It will mean everything for Brett and I’s friendship. We may not be blood related brothers but I consider Brett my brother and best friend. We fight together, we win together. We support each other, through thick and thin. Most of all, It will be validation for us both, knowing that we belong here.

Brittany : How would you describe your opponents?

Brett : I think both teams have what it takes to be the first 5BW tag team champions. Like we said we are in for an uphill battle. Both teams we are against are tough. TMZ are on a roll right now. They have held their own against The Shining Fairies. The Fairies are a tough team, I am impressed that TMZ defeated them. Then there is XS. Both women are tough and want to make their mark as bad as we do. This goes to show we have our work cut out for us.

Alex : Brett is absolutely right. TMZ are a tough group. I mean, they have Zonica helping them out. She could be a real factor in our triple threat matches. Then we got XS. Two women who are going to do what it takes. They want this as badly as we do. Both of these teams are tough but I think our heart and passion can help us defeat them.

Brittany : What are your plans for going about defeating TMZ and XS?

Alex : You will have to watch our match to find out. We cannot and will not share anything.

Brittany : How do you feel about being the underdog team?

Brett : I love being considered an underdog. I love being the underdog because it just gives me more motivation to get the job done. People underestimating us just adds more fuel to our fire. Being considered the underdogs, it will mean much more if we do in fact defeat the other two teams and then walk out the Tag Team Champions. After a while, being called an underdog will get old, so we must prove we are more than just the underdog team.

Alex : I think being an underdog is a good thing. We will be more motivated. However, there will come a time where we do not want to be known as the underdogs. Our goal is to be known as a top tag team. I understand right now that people are betting against us, but we need to show why they should bet on us. I feel these triple threat matches will be our platform to prove that we are more than just the underdogs.

Brittany : Any Last Thoughts?

Brett : I am just grateful we are getting this platform which is 5BW to show what we can do. It is our job to prove that we belong and show people why we belong on the roster here. We are going to make the most of this. Win or lose, I feel this is just the beginning for us.

Alex : It means the world to us that we are getting this opportunity in the first place. 5BW Management did not have to give us this opportunity, but they did. We are going to show management that they did not waste time on us. We are going to give back and show that they did the right thing in believing in us. 5BW has been great to us, so we are going to work hard for this company.

Brittany : Thank You for your time.

Brittany leaves.

Alex looks at Brett.

Alex: Lets do this . Lets show up!

Brett : It is time for us to get to work! We Got this!

Alex and Brett Fist Bump each other to end the segment.

Unlucky Luck
March 13th, 2020
Bronx YMCA – Bronx, New York

Backstage, Bridget and Larissa Johnson are walking through the halls gleefully, after what happened during Bridget’s match.

Bridget Johnson: Did you see her out there? She couldn’t believe it!

Larissa Johnson: We tried to warn her, but she was too stupid to listen.

As they are walking down the hall, Larissa gets jumped on by Mary Ellen Harrison, in retaliation for Larissa attacking her during the last show. Mary Ellen hammers away at Larissa before Bridget pulls ME off her sister.

Bridget Johnson: What do you think you’re doing, you…….

Mary Ellen cuts her off by punching her in the jaw before throwing her against equipment cases and tables beside them. Larissa then attacks ME from behind and the two brawl in the hallways before Kieran Quinn, Melanie O’Flynn and security break up the three.

Kieran Quinn: Get them back to their locker rooms!

Larissa Johnson mouths off at Kieran and tries getting to him before Melanie grabs her and pins her against the wall.

Melanie O'Flynn: Don’t even think about it! You’re lucky I’m security here, or I would make you pay for what you two did out there!

Larissa Johnson: You wouldn’t be able to do anything, anyway.

The rest of the security team take Larissa and Bridget away, as Melanie checks on Mary Ellen.

Melanie O'Flynn: Are you alright?

Mary Ellen Harrison Yeah, I’m fine, but I’m not done with them, not by a long shot!

Melanie, Kieran and Mary Ellen are not very happy about what happened as we go to the next scene with Samantha Tolson-Anderson.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson paces back and forth in her locker room, her half of the Madhouse Media World Women's Tag Team Championships around her waist, partially covered up by her "Bombs Away" lavender t-shirt that covers her white singlet with red and blue accents. There's a serious look on her face as she begins to speak.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:You know, I've been patient. I've fought the good fight, trying to teach Dakota Mendoza respect, trying to get Luciana Verdoza to stand and fight instead of run like the yellow-bellied coward she is. I've not once...not one single fucking time...talked about getting a shot again at the World Championship.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:So now that I've finally done enough to merit another chance, do I get my one on one return match with Lex Collins? No. I don't. I have to share it with someone who's in and out of 5BW on a whim and the big whiny fucking baby.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:So let's talk about that, shall we?

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:Gabe. I got nothing against you personally. You're a hell of a talent and a damn fine wrestler. But you're treating this sport like a fucking side hustle. This isn't Uber or Lyft, this is professional wrestling. If you're not here to do it full time, then don't do it. I don't give a good goddamn if you had a contract with your name on it or not. I don't care that you have lofty dreams of championship gold, because we all have them. I know the blonde that roared recently said on Twitter that dreams don't mean anything, but that's because she doesn't know crap about shit. Your dreams matter. But tonight, they're getting put on hold. I won't tell you I'm going to wreck your dreams, that's not my job. You're going to capture plenty of titles by the time you're done, if you put all your effort into this. But tonight, Gabe Khane...tonight is MY night. I won't let you stand in the way of something I've worked this long to attain.

Samantha's pacing slows, and she sighs heavily.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:Lex. The only way I can say it after yesterday is that something feels off with you. Something is taking away your famous focus, and it's eating at you. That's not the guy I want to face, but it's the guy I will be. I can't control that, but what I can control is this. You've denied me the 5BW World Championship once. It won't happen again.

Samantha stops pacing and looks directly into the camera, a snarl on her lips and fire in her eyes.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:And that leaves you, Luciana. Oh, the things I could say. But I'd be a broken record, right? Programmed by Dora to tell you all the things I can say? You know what, let's go for broke and take that chance anyway.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:You're nothing more than a whining, crying, spoiled rotten child. A yellow-bellied coward in a locker room full of courageous people. You pulled strings and attacked people unnecessarily to get yourself a shot at the title, then failed. Then you whined and cried again, saying you weren't going to the back of the line. On what talent? On what grounds? Your say-so?

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:And just who the fuck are you? What accomplishments do you have to merit this kind of treatment? See, here's the reality of tonight, kicking you straight in the goddamn face. Tonight, if you have any hope of winning, you have to fucking engage. You have to stand in that ring and fucking fight us. You can't run, you can't hide, you can't dance around and prance around like the spoiled brat you are, you have to stand in the ring and take it.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:You see, Luciana, a scramble match means you have to get a pinfall to win. Or a submission. That means you can't play track star, you have to be in the fucking ring. And we all know you don't actually like being in the ring unless you can have the upper hand. Which let's face it, most of the match, you won't. That's not me, that's simply the way these matches go. But I promise you this, Luciana, as God is my witness.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:Every time I see you trying to get a pin, I'm breaking it up. Every time I see you go for a submission, I'm kicking you right between your beady fucking eyes. Five Boroughs Wrestling isn't a haven for cowards like you, and I'll be goddamned if you represent this company at any point as the World Champion while I have a say in the proceedings. Lex? Lex is a fucking warrior. Gabe? He's at least willing to fight. But you? No. No no no no. I will NOT allow someone who wears running shoes to the ring, a whining, crying, self-entitled piece of trash to wear a championship that means something.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:You think I'm stretched too thin. Only someone like you, who doesn't put in the work I put in, who doesn't prepare for this sport like I do, would think that. That belt means fucking EVERYTHING to me, and it doesn't matter what you think, because when I win it, I'll take it down to Southside and defend it. I'll take it to NVR Wrestling and defend it. I'll take it anywhere I need to take it to lift the prestige and honor of being called the 5BW World Champion.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:Can you do that? Not working once a month you can't. Will you do that? You don't have the courage nor the mindset to do it. Out of everyone in this scramble, I'm the only one that has the guts and the energy to take that title around the world and put it on the line against anyone thinking they want a shot at me.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:Here's a fact you can't ignore, Luciana. I'm better than you. I have been since the day this company opened the doors, and I will be that day they close...God forbid. You refuse to stand across from me and fight. You refuse to engage and see why I'm better than you.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:You can't win this. And again as God is my witness, even if that means Gabe or Lex gets the last pinfall, I'll make sure you don't.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:I won't allow your worthless ass to hold that title.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:Think I'm not serious now, bitch?

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:Come to the ring and try me.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:Because either I walk out as the new World Champion, or Lex retains or Gabe wins.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:You're going to the back of the line if I have to sacrifice the World Championship to make it happen.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:So get ready.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:You're about to have a long, hard road between tonight and your next shot at the title.

Samantha resumes her pacing as the shot fades to black.


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a triple threat match! Introducing first…

Beer Never Broke my Heart by Luke Bryan kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Alex Bell comes out of the back as the fans are cheering for this as he walks to the ring.

Taylor Hudson:Introducing first, from Moorsville, North Carolina, weighing in at 165 Pounds, Alex Bell!!

Caresalle:: The surprise of Alex Bell and Brett Elliot has everyone in awe with what they were able to do against Ring Crew, however, it’s Alex that starts off triple threat number one tonight!

Mays:: If Alex doesn’t win this match, it would be considered a fluke!

Alex Bell gives some of the fans high fives. He rolls into the ring and raises his hands up in the air. Speedom by Tech N9ne kicks in as the fans are cheering a heel. The Bronx is wilding for Travyon Miller!

Mays:: New Yorkers are freaking NUTS here, they’re cheering on Trayvon!

Caresalle:: It’s his hometown, what do you expect? But yes, as Bimmy did notice, this is New York and one half of tMz Is home!

Taylor Hudson: From The Bronx, New York, weighing in at 210 pounds, Welcome Home, Trayvon Myers!

Trayvon is hyped up and says that this is for the hood and the hood gone love it! Alex waits for him to get in the ring as Ready to go by Republica kicks in, causing the fans to boo.

Taylor Hudson: From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 110 pounds, Kailey Queen!

Caresalle:: Out comes Kailey Queen, who looks to be happy for her match tonight, but the fans are not looking happy for her!

Mays:: I want to know what type of drugs she’s on! I want some!!

Kailey Queen is overhappy, but the Bronx fans are not impressed with this. She looks at Trayvon and Alex and taunts the fans while they boo. The referee waits for all three of them are in the ring and calls for the bell.



The match opens to Alex Bell and Trayvon Myers double teaming Kailey Queen. Queen has had quite the rise in 5BW as part of XS and it would seem Trayvon and Alex aren’t taking too kindly to this. The two start the match with double boots to Kailey’s stomach, a double DDT, and a double leg drop to the fallen XS member. Once that’s over with Alex offers a handshake to Trayvon.

Caresalle:: Alex offering a hand shake for good sportsmanship…..

Trayvon takes the handshake but pulls Alex into an arm bar! I guess that partnership is over. Alex fights out of the hold and the two get to their feet and begin a standoff.

Mays:: Alex is an idiot! As soon as Trayvon did that, he should’ve rolled out, not got back up!

Unknown to the two men Kailey has gathered her bearings. As her opponents stand off Kailey comes off of the top rope and sends Trayvon to the canvas with a massive flying dropkick. Alex rushes at Kailey. Kailey ducks and hits a snap kick to Alex’s jaw. Alex goes down. The fans, who normally boo the hell out of XS, are actually to their feet and cheering. At least, that’s until Trayvon comes from behind with a stiff punch to the back of Kailey’s head.


Kailey nearly buckles over. Trayvon takes advantage and attempts his patented Discus Punch. The move lands and Kailey goes down. Before T has a chance to take advantage Alex is up and catches Trayvon off guard with an inverted DDT into a sleeper on the mat.

Caresalle:: Alex getting into the groove! He has Trayvon where he wants him!

Alex releases the hold and lays a series of stiff boots into Trayvon. Kailey is up. Running knee to the back of Alex. Alex goes down. Kailey to the top rope. Double stomp to Alex and a pin.
Caresalle:: Double Stomp! And a Cover!

Trayvon breaks up the pin. Trayvon pulls Kailey to her feet and hits a snap suplex. Trayvon goes for his own pin on Kailey. Alex breaks up the pin and lays stomps to both of his opponents. Kailey rolls out of the ring and collapses at ringside. Trayvon struggles to his feet. Alex closes in.

Caresalle:: Alex looks to end this!

Mays:: I told you he needs to win this to avoid being a fluke!!

Trayvon hits a snap suplex out of nowhere then backs up into the corner. Alex pulls himself to one knee and Trayvon rushes towards Alex and hits a running low kick to Alex’s face. Alex is down and breathing heavily. Trayvon goes for a pin.

Kailey comes out of nowhere, off the top rope, and hits a beautiful moonsault on both of her opponents thus breaking up the pin.


Alex is having a pretty bad day. He’s able to pull himself to a knee again but Kailey has him scouted, bounces off the ropes, and hits the crowning! The CROWNING! Alex is busted open, goes down, and Kailey goes for a pin. Trayvon attempts to break up the pin. He pulls Kailey off of Alex by the leg then collapses to one knee. Kailey to her feet and hits a SECOND Crowning to Trayvon.

Mays:: Two crownings?! THIS GIRL REALLY IS HIGH!!!

Alex is up and attacks Kailey from behind with an elbow to the skull. Kailey bounces forward. Alex hits the ropes and rushes Kailey with a clothesline. Kailey ducks, hits a low kick to Alex’s knee. Alex to one knee. Alex eats ANOTHER Crowning! Alex hits the canvas, bloody. He’s done. Kailey pins and picks up the win!

Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner, Kailey Queen!!

Kailey Queen jumps up and down for joy! She won her match and hugs the referee. He’s not impressed along with the Bronx crowd. Bimmy also gets into the ring as well to celebrate, leaving Jamey confused.

Caresalle:: Ladies and Gentlemen, Kailey Queen did win her match, and I don’t have a clue WHY Bimmy is in the ring. Hopefully in the next triple threat match, we won’t have this happen.

Kailey hugs Bimmy as he rolls out of the ring and goes back to Jamey. Jamey stares at him blankly before we go to a break.


In a warehouse in New York, we see Christy Winters, sitting on a crate.

Christy Winters: Isn’t great how life is sometimes, I would be in a swimming pool shattered and I’m no worse for wear.

Christy Winters: When I put my name on a contract with Five Boroughs wrestling back in the I figured I’d be sitting at the top of the company by now but it hasn’t worked that way, but I don’t worry, I’ll be there eventually, I had a few ups and down I admit that, but every time I’m in the ring it big box office for Five Boroughs.

A guy brought her a glass of whiskey.

Christy Winters: I bided my time, remained patient, then came X-Mas Chaos, where I had probably my biggest win since joining the company, I give Ariel Madden credit you gave me a hell of a fight, and you’ve done quite well in five boroughs wrestling, but all I had to hear out of your mouth for months was “Christy had to use a chair to beat me”. You whined, you bitched and you complained until you got what you wanted a return match with me at Big Love, Ariel I’m sure you saw how if destroyed Arabella at shattered and how you could never to one up on me during our fight throughout Staten Island.

Christy slowly lowers the glass of whiskey.

Christy Winters: Ariel I honestly don’t care what the match the fans chose at Big Love, as long as I prove to you your nothing compared to me, and after Big Love when my hand is raised, all your whining, bitching, and complaining won’t mean shit.

Christy stands up and leaves the warehouse in the Bronx, that happens to be near the Castle Hill Station and goes to the YMCA for her match.

Caresalle: Ladies and gentlemen, during the break, it looks like Bimmy Mays followed Kailey to the back and god knows what the hell happened. I’ll be taking this from here.


[color=4B8A08]Taylor Hudson:[/color] The following contest is a triple threat match! Introducing first…

Raised on Country by Chris Young kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Outcome Brett Elliot, who looks to get a win for his side of the team after the loss tonight.

Taylor Hudson:Introducing first, from Moorsville, North Carolina, weighing in at 160 pounds, Brett Elliot!!

Caresalle:As Alex Bell did lose his match, Brett Elliot looks to get the win back for his team.

Brett Elliot gives some of the fans high fives. He rolls into the ring and raises his hands up in the air. Speedom by Tech N9ne kicks in as the fans are cheering a heel. This is the Bronx’s own Mikel Simmons as he walks out.

Taylor Hudson: From The Bronx, New York, weighing in at 225 pounds, Welcome Home, Mikel Simmons!!!

Caresalle: Just like Trayvon, Mikel is home! I know Zonica hopes that he can get the win going into Renegade’s Revenge!

Mikel raises his hands in the air and tells everyone to stand the hell up. He looks at Brett Elliot and mouths off he betta move. The fans are cheering for him as Brett is not looking impressed with his behavior. Ready to Go by Republica kicks in as the fans are booing for this as she walks out of the back, wearing a blue jays hat in a Yankees heavily town.

Taylor Hudson: From Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 135 pounds, Zara Grimm!!

Zara rolls into the ring and goes right after Brett Elliot as the fans are booing for this.

Caresalle: Unlike Kaliey, Zara doesn’t want to play the games. She’s all business tonight!!!

Mikel is on the outside and asks someone if they want to be interviewed. The match officially started as Zara is beating down on Brett Elliot. The fans are booing as Zara is dominating over Brett, but Mikel doesn’t seem to care about this match. He wants to cut up with the fans, but Zara doesn’t want to see that. She rolls out of the ring and confronts Mikel, who stops what he’s doing and raises his hands up in the air because he doesn’t want “smoke”

Caresalle:Mikel says that he doesn’t want the “smoke from her”, but she’s not going to allow it!

Zara’s getting very pissed off as she goes right after him with a hard left right onto his face. Mikel falls to the ground, which causes the fans to boo at him. Zara picks up Mikel and tosses him back into the ring. Mikel’s crawling as Zara grabs one of his dreads and lifts him up to go for a power slam, but Brett Elliot comes back in the ring and drop kicks Zara and Mikel down as the fans are cheering for this. He goes over to Zara and pins her in the ring as the fans are cheering for this.

Caresalle:Brett coming in hot and goes RIGHT after Mikel and Zara and goes for a cover!



Th-Mikel jumps and breaks it up!

Caresalle: Mikel breaks the match from ending!!!

Mikel calls Brett something that shall not be said and throws him into the turnbuckle. He chops him up with a chop as Brett screams in pain. Mikel says “take that white bitch” and again CHOPS him across the chest. The fans are cheering as Brett goes out of the ring again. Mikel taunts the fans that are cheering for him, but the taunting does not last long. Zara comes back and turns him around and AGAIN slaps him in the face.

Caresalle: Zara isn’t playing with him! She’s taking this match seriously!

Brett comes in the ring and attacks Zara. Zara falls on the ground as Brett says that he’s going to end him.

He grabs Mikel first as the fans are cheering for this, but Zara comes up right behind Brett and goes for a DOUBLE Mrs. Sandman on both.

Caresalle: The power and the STRENGTH of Zara Grimm! She’s going to have to pin one of them to end the match!

She pins Brett in the ring as the fans are booing for this.




Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner, Zara Grimm!!!!!

Caresalle: And just like that, xS won their matches and now are going into Renegade’s Revenge with an advantage.

Just then Bimmy comes back as Jamey looks at him.

Caresalle:: And where the hell were you?!

Mays:: I took Kailey on a “Hot Dog” date! It was the best experience I ever had!

Caresalle:: So you left me to hang with her for a damn hotdog?! You bitched about it last time!!

Mays:: Hey! At least in the Bronx, it’s cheaper!!

Caresalle:: I……


Lascase: “This is Brittany Lascase backstage… I’m here now with a woman who has revenge on her mind going into tonight’s mystery match, Ariel Madden. Ariel, thank you for joining me.”

Ariel Madden steps into the scene, dressed to compete in her ring gear.

Lascase: “Tonight is about more than a win for you.”

She nods.

Madden: “Yeah. At my first 5BW event, Xmas Chaos… my first time stepping into the ring… Christy Winters swung a steel chair right at my skull, knocking me out. It didn’t take much for me to figure out why she did it. Christy Winters is a selfish bitch who was willing to do anything it took to win a wrestling match. She didn’t care that such a blatant chairshot could have serious ramifications on someone’s ability to earn a living. Hell… concussions from athletic competition have been shown to have some serious after-effects. Personally I find it pathetic that she calls herself a proud athlete when she has to lower herself to such antics in order to beat a woman in her first match. But that just shows how poor her character is, doesn’t it?”

Lascase: “Tonight’s match stipulation isn’t announced yet, but promises to be violent regardless. Are you ready for that?”

Madden: “To be an agent of karma?”

Ariel grins.

Madden: “Britt, I was BORN ready. The woman that Winters faced at Xmas Chaos was naive enough to believe she was going to be playing on an even level with her opponent. With one chair to the head, that illusion was destroyed. I know that Christy Winters doesn’t give a shit about who she endangers. If not me, she’ll swing that chair at the next head and the next until she’s put those who she KNOWS are better than her on the shelf. That’s the only way for women like Christy Winters to get ahead: injure the competition. Well, Christy...”

Ariel turns directly to the camera…

Madden: “You’re going to regret knowing that even your chairshot to my head WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH to get that job done! Tonight, I put you down, I beat you senseless, and I move up the rankings and leave you broken and bloody behind me! You pissed off the wrong woman!”

Lascase: “Thank you again for your time...”

Ariel smiles to Brittany before exiting the scene.

Lascase: “Ariel Madden is confident. What kind of match will she be having against Christy Winters tonight? We’ll find out momentarily… back to you guys!”

As soon as that one kicks out, the cameras go into the back somewhere and into the locker room of Lex Collins.
The camera finds Lex Collins backstage, seeming a bit quieter and more introspective than usual. He's sitting with his back against the wall, the 5BW World Heavyweight championship resting across his lap. When he speaks, his voice is hoarse and he sounds exhausted.

Lex Collins: It's been a rough couple weeks. I know it's hard to talk about shit like this when you're in the public eye. It's hard to go out there, week in and week out, even with our relaxed schedule an' pretend like it's all sunshine and roses. Sometimes it's not and that's not a slam on anyone here. It's not me bitching and moaning about havin' the weight of gold around my waist or protectin' my neck or watchin' my own back from all sides every time I'm between the walls booked by this company. I owe a lot to this place, to a company that took a chance on me when a lot of others never returned my phone calls.

He closes his eyes for a moment, almost as if he's trying to choose his words carefully.

Lex Collins: Tonight, I face a hell of a challenge. Three others, hungry for this torch to be passed from my failing… utterly unworthy… hands to theirs.

The crowd roars in protest so loud that Lex flinches, falling silent until they settle back down.

Lex Collins: Perseverance, right? That's my thing. Never phone it in. Scheduled to be here tonight an' I made it. Every time. No matter what. But I'm here, y'know? For you guys. Because of this.

He rests his hand gently on the championship belt.

Lex Collins: For the last year, you've been behind me. We've built this company into somethin' enviable, something to be talked about, even if it's bullshit an' unearned heat. You don't got critics, you're doing something wrong. That's the truth. But you all know that. That's why you're here. You've been on this ride with us. You've watched us toil, watched the mighty fall an' the assholes get their comeuppance. I feel like we did some good stuff together. Didn't we?

The crowd cheers and Lex smiles, nodding as if he can hear them.

Lex Collins: We made some memories. An' when I'm gone, you'll 'member that I gave it my best try, right? I mean... I went down swingin'. Always.

He looks like he wants to say more, but instead shakes his head, lapsing back into that strange silence as he stares down at his reflection in the golden belt. The view stays on that image of the champion paying homage to the championship before cutting elsewhere, leaving the crowd restless.


Taylor Hudson:The following contest is a singles match, but it will be under a stipulation due to fan voting! Introducing first….

The fans are sitting in silence, not knowing who will be out first. Motorhead’s Born to Raise hell kicks in with the Bronx crowd booing.

Taylor Hudson:Introducing first, from Long Beach California, weighing in at 120 pounds, Christy Winters!!

The fans are booing at her as she’s walking to the ring. Some of the Bronx faithful flip her off and say that she’s going to get her ass handed to her with Ariel. Christy rolls into the ring, takes off her blouse top to reveal a sports bra because she’s about to go to war. Taylor doesn’t look impressed with this.

Caresalle:: Christy Winters is ready for a fight!

Mays:: Well she should be! After looking at all that porn, I bet after re-

Caresalle:: BIMMY! NOT ON THE AIR!!!

Bounce by Bon Jovi kicks in with the fans cheering for this. Out comes Ariel Madden, ready for the biggest match of her life as she walks to the ring.

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent, from Syracuse, New York, weighing in at 130 pounds, Ariel Madden!!

Caresalle:: Speaking of which, Ariel Madden’s ready to go for this and she’s been waiting since Xmas Chaos to get her hands on Christy Winters!

Ariel Madden gives some high fives to the fans, but quickly rolls into the ring and confronts Christy, who runs out of the ring. Ariel’s ready to fight and bust her head in as the referee tells them to wait for the match. Taylor gets a piece of paper and reads the announcement.

[color=4B8A08]Taylor Hudson:[/color] The match that the fans voted will be contested….under “First Blood” Rules!!


Caresalle:: For the second time in 5BW, there’s a first blood match!!

The fans cheer as that was the match that was voted. Ariel is ready for this with the bells ringing.


Caresalle:: And here we go! It’s time to see who bleeds first!

Ariel, who’s egging Christy to come in the ring, is ready to kill her. That’s what the Bronx fans want to see as Christy is staring down at her with a cold glare. Ariel tells her that she started this war and it’s time for it to end. Christy goes under the ring and grabs the chair that she used and goes back in the ring. Ariel takes one good stare at it and picks it up and tries to smash her over the head with it. Christy ducks, causing the chair to smash on the ropes and hit Ariel in the face. The fans are booing with Christy saying that she’s a smart one.

Caresalle:: Christy may have got a quick victory over Ariel! Let’s see if she’s bleeding!

The referee is checking to see if Ariel is bleeding, and she’s not. While Christy is mocking at the fans and Ariel, Ariel reaches over and grabs her by the hair and tosses her back in the ring. She then gets on top of her and starts mounting on her with a series of punches to her face.

Mays:: I don’t want to fuck with girls name Ariel, and this one is one dangerous chick!!

Ariel picks her up and yells in the face of Christy Winters, yelling that she’s going to bust her open. She picks her up and tosses her out of the ring, causing Christy to fall on the ground below. The fans are cheering as Ariel Madden comes out of the ring and looks at Christy from the apron. Christy is getting up with Ariel running towards her and goes for a rolling senton off the apron. Christy falls along with Ariel, causing the fans to cheer even more for Ariel.


Caresalle:: Ariel with the senton bomb off the apron!!!

Someone hands Ariel something. Ariel looks confused with this with the fan nodding at her. She takes the cover off to reveal a barbed wire buttplug. This is shades from the first time and it’s the same fan that done it. Ariel shrugs it and goes to stab Christy with it.


Christy takes one good look to see what’s coming at her before hitting Ariel in the face. The toy falls and Christy picks it up as she goes to ram it in the face of Ariel.

Mays:: What? You would think with her using thoughts, she would STAB Ariel then use it la-

Caresalle:: Oh for frack sakes!!

Ariel uses her strength and picks up Christy by one arm. The fans are impressive with this as she has the other hand on her throat.

Caresalle:: Ariel using her power to get at Christy! Though this is not going to look good!

Christy drops the toy on the ground due to the pressure of the choke with Ariel SLAMMING Christy right onto the barricade crotch first.


Caresalle:: I know I’m not an OBGYN doctor, but that’s gotta freaking HURT!!

The fans are cheering with Ariel picking up the chair that was tossed out of the ring by Christy before and grabs it. She HITS Christy right in the side of the head with it, causing Winters to fall into the crowd. Ariel steps over the barricade and looks at the fallen Winters as she steps on her back. Ariel wants to cause pain to her and picks her up, but Christy Irish whips her into the chairs on the side, making Ariel fly through them.

Caresalle:: Christy made a promise she’s showing pain tonight and Ariel’s getting the brunt of this!

She picks up Ariel and sees that the benches are closed and starts slamming her head into them to make sure she starts to bleed. Christy does this a couple of more times before throwing Ariel onto the ground. Ariel holds her head to make sure she’s not bleeding. The referee comes over and checks on her to make sure she’s not.

Caresalle:: Referee’s checking Ariel if she’s bleeding.

Mays:: After the chaos that’s been happen, I won’t be surprised if she wins!

Ariel moves her hands out of the way with the referee checking. He nods because she’s not bleeding, and the match keeps going. Christy, who wants to make a mark in Five Boroughs Wrestling, picks her up and TOSSES Ariel right through the door and onto the streets. This has turned into a street fight now. Christy sees a broken hubcap on the ground and picks it up.

Mays:: Christy, despite looking at Pornhub most of the time, is freaking crazy! She’s using that hubcap!

She sees Ariel getting back to her feet, darts right after her and hits her RIGHT over the head with it. Ariel stumbles before Christy picks her up again and goes for The Full Throttle RIGHT onto the hubcap that was in the middle of the street. Christy gets up and wants to see if she’s bleeding. She barks at the referee and yells at him to check her.

Caresalle:: Full throttle right onto the hubcap in the street! Ariel could be out and Christy could go two up against her!

The referee rolls Ariel over, and see she’s NOT bleeding, causing Christy to become pissed off. She sees that a hardware shop is RIGHT next to her and walks into the sharp aisle. She grabs razers, walks out of the store, causing the alarm to go off and heads over to the Castle Hill Station.

Mays:: Did…did she REALLY rob a store and go to the train station with them! OK, She’s REALLY freaking nuts!!

The people around her are confused with no police in sight. Christy opens the box and puts the razers on the railing, which is a hazard big time. She grabs Ariel and DRAGS her to the station and up the steps, but Ariel hits her in the gut. Christy stumbles a bit and goes down a step before going back up. Ariel goes for a lariat, but Christy ducks out of the way.


Caresalle: This is a bad situation for Christy AND Ariel. Someone’s going to get seriously hurt!

Christy mouths off that she’s going to kill her and goes again for the Full Throttle, though, Ariel powers out of it and SLAMS Christy right onto the razer on the railing before grabbing at her and going for the Atlas-Plex FROM THE STEPS ONTO A TRASH CAN BELOW!

Both: OH MY GOD!!!!!

People on the street are in shock with this as they see blood. The referee moves Christy’s hands out of the way and sees that blood is coming out of her face! Christy is bleeding!!


Taylor Hudson:: Here is your winner, ARIEL MADDEN!!!

Ariel Madden has won her match with the referee raising her hand. Christy Winters is bleeding from her forehead along with the back of her neck as EMTs are coming out to check on her. Ariel stands over the fallen Winters and mouths off to TRY HARDER next time as she walks away from Winters, who’s seems to be seriously hurt from that move.

Caresalle: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve been in first blood matches where I had to take risks myself, but never, and I mean seen something like that!

Mays:: That was the most craziest shit I’ve ever seen!

Caresalle:: Ariel may have got the win tonight, but I fear that this is not done….by a long shot.

Renegade’s Revenge
March 22nd, 2020
LaBoom Night Club
Queens, New York

Gabe is seen in the locker room thinking about his 5BW Championship Match later.

Brittany Lascase: Hi Gabe, How are you feeling knowing the biggest match of your 5BW Career is tonight?

Gabe Khane: I am very excited but at the same time, I am a little nervous. I really want to know that I am proving myself here. Winning the championship will really validate that for me.

Brittany Lascase: What have you done to prepare yourself for this opportunity?

Gabe Khane: To prepare, I studied everyone else’s matches. I want to be ready for the other three participants. All three of my opponents are tough. So, I felt the need to learn more about them to prepare myself.

Brittany Lascase:If you happen to lose, will you be happy with yourself anyway?

Gabe lets out a sigh.

Gabe Khane: Yes and No. Yes, because I know I can put up a good fight. I will be happy for putting on a great show and performance. I will also have to say No because, I earned the opportunity in that brutal ladder match. I fought tooth and nail in this match. I do not want an opportunity that I fought hard for to go to waste. I would feel disappointed for having it go to waste. I would feel that I did not get the job done and do my best.

Brittany Lascase: Will you be happy for whoever wins if it is not you?

Gabe Khane:There are two people I would be happy for. Lex and Samantha. Lex has been a great leader here and supportive of 5BW. He is the face of 5BW right now. He is a good representative of our company. I would be happy for Samantha because she has worked hard to get to this moment. She earned every victory of hers. She busted her ass for her spot in this match. I think she will be a good 5BW champion here one day soon.

Brittany Lascase: I noticed you did not name Luciana, why is that?

Gabe Khane: You are correct, I did not name Luciana. I will not be happy seeing her as 5BW champion. After what she and her buddy Dakota did to Dora, I have zero respect for Luciana and Dakota. Their attitudes around here are not championship material. Before getting attacked, Dora has done a damn good job of helping run this company. She has been supportive of every fighter here. Yet, Luciana and Dakota repay her from pulling off that act? With that said, I will be pretty upset to see Luciana walk around with that championship.

Brittany Lascase: Is there anything else you want to add?

Gabe Khane: I just want to wish the best of luck to Lex and Samantha. I know this will be a match to remember. All I know is that now is the time to prove my worth here.

Brittany Lascase: Thank You so much, good luck tonight.

Gabe Khane: No problem. I think I am ready to go.

Sports Scores for Spring Training
Pirates and the Yankees tied 3-3
Mets Defeated the Nationals 2-1

Big Love cuts to the back where the cameras catch Luciana Verdoza in the middle of a conversation with Dakota Mendoza. Luciana, as one would expect, is not in the best of moods whatsoever especially when you consider what she’s been through in recent times.

Luciana: All of those things I just mentioned Dakota… and you want to know what the most frustrating nonsense of it all is?

Dakota: What’s that?

Luciana: It’s been going on since the day we got here. We’ve been treated like dirt since the moment we signed our contract. You and I… treated like afterthoughts until we rose up and raised hell a few months back…

Dakota: I agree with you… even though it could be worse…

Luciana: And it could be worse… how?

Dakota: You could still be in that company that screwed you over by dying right after you survived that bloodbath in Milan.

Luciana: I suppose you’re right…

Luciana pauses while she rolls her eyes.

Luciana: Actually… no… it CAN’T be worse. This goes back to when they tried to stick me in that “prove yourself” battle royal, remember that?

Dakota: Here we go…

Luciana: But, I spoke my mind and rightfully so and then they tried to throw THRILLER at me… as if he’s the biggest fucking deal on the planet. Do you remember how many people besides you and me thought that I was going to beat the overhyped son of a bitch? Zero! And yet I did… TWICE! This also goes back to that world title shot I had, remember that? Where I didn’t win and Mary Ellen Harrison shows up and is all “I’m the next challenger”. I bet this was part of a company conspiracy to just say “okay, you had your chance. Now go to the back of the line”. I bet Mary Ellen was in on it too.

Dakota: I wouldn’t go that far personally.

Luciana: And you’re disagreeing with everything I say because… why?

Dakota: Because going in the same old direction isn’t working for you, that’s why. You’re too focused on what everyone else thinks or what everyone else tries to say or do to you. It’s like you forget that a couple of years ago, when you went spine first through four glass tables, 20 foot drop and all when your worst enemy ever did that to you, it was thought that your career was over. It’s like you forget that five years ago, you were having brushes with career threatening moments and getting hospitalized repeatedly… all that blood loss… and yet you were able to overcome those people. You fight with all this anger and all this hate just because of something that happened to you four years ago. You got royally screwed, I am not denying you that. But there comes a time for you to get over it and move on.

Luciana: And this company is trying to do the same thing…

Dakota: Why? Because the losers go to the back of the line according to some stupid tweet by a stupid person?

Luciana: It’s bullshit, that’s what it is.

Dakota: I think you’re worrying too much about the whole “back of the line” thing. Honestly… if you’re that damn good… it shouldn’t even cross your mind at all because at the end of the day, you know you’re going to win. Why worry about the consequences of losing? That’s not the Luciana that I know… and it sure as hell isn’t the one that I grew up watching many years ago.

Luciana: You know… if you weren’t so smart, I’d be kicking your ass right about now.

Dakota: It’s just something to think about, okay? I’m not saying you must be the loveliest person in the world but maybe you shouldn’t be wrestling with such a chip on your shoulder or with this hatred of things that have happened to you in the past. You want to know how I know you’ll win tonight?

Luciana: How?

Dakota: Sometimes you just know. Call it a hunch.

Dakota turns and leaves the scene after Luciana has essentially calmed down some. She’s left with something to think about… in particular… the attitude that she’s had the last few months… before the scene cuts out.

Inside the ring…

The crowd begins to cheer as “Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol begins to play. Darian Andrews bursts out from the back dressed in his street clothes. On the stage, he plays to the crowd, bringing them to their feet before moving to the other side and doing to the same. Finally, he starts to move down the ramp towards the ring, slapping some hands along the way. When he reaches the bottom of the ramp, he steps back and rushes towards the ring, sliding under the bottom ropes. Looking around at the crowd, he moves to the corner and takes the microphone.

“Now THAT is what I like to see!”

He steps back, smiling as the crowd continues their cheering reception.

“There is nothing quite like stepping through that curtain and stepping out in front of the greatest fans on Earth… so thank you for giving me this chance!”

Eventually the cheers begin to subside.

“The only downside I can think about tonight’s show is that I’m not on it. As much as I love coming out here and talking to you guys, I get a REAL rush out of competing for you. Frankly when I suffered a loss in my first match with the company, that ate away at me, and while I’ve got a small sense of absolution in the tag team match with Brittani Helms as my partner, that isn’t enough. I’m a proud man… I’ll admit to it. That loss bugged me. It bugged me because we hear about how people need to step up in 5BW... ”

Darian nods his head, pacing around a bit. He reaches up as he scratches behind his hair.

“I thought THAT was my chance to step up, and I blew it. But, worry not loyal fans, for I am not done!”

The crowd cheers.

“Because I have made a career out of stepping up against the odds and overcoming obstacles when put in front of me. And that’s EXACTLY what I’m bringing to 5BW. I’m not here to be another face in the crowd… I’m here to be THE face of the crowd! So I want to put out a challenge to the locker-room. I don’t care if you’re male, female, black, white… I’m here to WRESTLE. I’m here to make a new name for myself.”

He points to the ramp.

“Next time you see me walking down this ramp, it will be to compete. I want to put the entire locker-room on notice. I’m not here to make friends. I’m not here to play games. I’m here to be the best. If you think you’re the best? Step up. I’ll knock you down on my way up the ladder. That’s just the way this works.”

With that, Darian drops the microphone and throws his arms in the air. The crowd cheers as he steps out of the ring and makes his way back up the ramp.

Two girls and a Guy predictions return for Renegade’s Revenge in a Few Weeks!!


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a singles match! And it’s ONE FALL!!

The Bronx faithful is still fired up from the last match with the fans cheering for this. Suddenly, Play Destroy by Poppy kicks in with the fans booing for this. Fiona comes out, looks at the New York crowd before walking to the ring with a look of disgust on her face.

Caresalle:Here comes Fiona Franklin, and she’s pissed off. She got her win back from Zonica, but looks to end Brittani in this ring tonight!

Taylor Hudson:Introducing first, from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 103 pounds, Fiona Franklin!

Fiona takes off the jacket she was wearing and shows her black and pink ring attire. She says that Brittani’s not going to have a chance against her in this ring. Her theme song kicks out with the fans waiting. Just then Unchained (Payback/Untouchable) by Tupac and James Brown kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Out comes Brittani Helms ready for a fight.


[color=4B8A08]Taylor Hudson:[/color] Her opponent, from Washington, DC, she is the “DC Savage”, Brittani Helms!!

Brittani high fives the fans as they cheer for her and greet her. She looks around at the place where she had her first match for Five Boroughs Wrestling and mouths off “we’ve came along way” before rolling in the ring and taunts, but Fiona jumps her from behind, causing the fans to boo at this.
Mays:: What the frick!! I WAS JAMMING TO THAT!! !

Caresalle:: Just like Zonica, Fiona’s not wasting time with Brittani!

She picks up Brittani by her blue hair and starts beating her down in the corner as the fans are booing for this. She rips off her bandana and throws it in the crowd. Brittani’s holding her shoulder with the referee asking if she’s OK.
Caresalle:: The referee is making sure Brittani’s OK. It looks like she is.

Brittani nods and says that she’s going to beat her ass and heads right after her with the one shoulder that’s good. Fiona tries to attack it, but Brittani begins to battle back against her. The bells do ring for the official start of the match. The fans are cheering for this with Brittani and Fiona battling, but Fiona throws her out of the ring, making the fans boo once again. Fiona mocks and says that Brittani is worthless. Brittani gets back in the ring and waits for her to turn around. Fiona is still yelling at the fans.

Mays:: Fiona better turn around! A DC Savage is right on her!!

Brittani’s had enough and turns her around and plants her with a DDT. The fans are cheering with Brittani coming back to her feet. She waits for Fiona to get back up, but knowing Fiona and her, she rolls out of the ring and causes the fans to boo at her. Fiona stands back up and shakes off things. The fans not impressed with this, but Brittani charges, goes through the ropes and does a suicide dive onto Fiona.


Caresalle:: Brittani’s not backing down from this fight! And I wouldn’t expect her to!

The fans are cheering and clapping for what Brittani did. Brittani stands back up and tosses her back in the ring. Fiona rolls on the ground while in the ring.

Brittani gets in herself and bends over to pick up Fiona. Fiona sees her and KICKS the DC Savage right in the head. Brittani stumbles with Fiona grabbing her throat, making her eyes pop out of her head and SLAMS her down with a chokehold STO. Fiona steps on her and does her backhand spring flip as the fans are booing for this.

Fiona yells that she’s the best and goes to pin Brittani in the ring for the first pin of the match.

Caresalle:: Fiona is telling that she’s the best and goes for the first pin of the night!



Th-Brittani kicks out.

Fiona shakes her head and picks up Brittani by the blue hair and smashes her into the turnbuckle. She kicks her down, which makes the referee take rules, but Fiona does not care. She wants to make a point. Fiona looks at Brittani, takes a step back and does a handspring elbow. Brittani sees the final flip come towards her and KICKS Fiona right in the back.

Mays:: Fiona freaking flew to Queens with THAT ONE!!!

The Evil Fairy goes down on the ground as Brittani comes up behind her and goes for a German Suplex. Brittani rolls her over and pins her in the ring as the fans are cheering for this.



Th-Fiona kicks out.

Mays:: How did she kick out of that? She must be using that damn fairy dust again!

Brittani stands back up and starts kicking Fiona down, but Fiona grabs her leg, leg whips her and locks in the Breaking the Shine quickly. The fans are cheering for Brittani to get out of it as she’s crawling in the ring and screaming in pain.

Caresalle:: Fiona has the Breaking The Shine! If She has this locked in, she’s going to get a BIG win over Brittani Helms!

Brittani’s using her elbows to break Fiona, but Fiona has the lock hold in. Brittani finally can hold onto the ropes as the fans are cheering for this with the referees telling her to break. Fiona stands up and says that she’s going up top. The fans are telling Brittani to move out of way. Fiona does an evil glare and does a 450 SPLASH off the top rope.

Caresalle:: 450 Splash!

Brittani moves out of the way and causes her to crash on the ground. She waits for Fiona to get back up and she does.

Caresalle:: Fiona missed and Brittani is waiting!

Brittani goes right after her and KICKS her in the head with the DC Headknocker. The fans are cheering as Brittani rolls her over in the ring for the pin.


Caresalle:: Fiona’s down with the DC Headknocker!! Brittani covers




Brittani Helms won this match up as the fans are cheering for this. She stands up, shakes off the knee and the shoulder from the attack before. Brittani calls for a microphone because now it’s time to get to business.

Brittani Helms: Tonight was my first singles match back SINCE that fucking accident in December.

The fans are cheering but booing regarding the accident.

Brittani Helms:: While I am 2 for 2 in 2020, I feel like that’s good enough for me at all. Reason being? I want to find the cake ass who had the audacity to throw me off the fucking stage right after my match with Mary Ellen Harrison!

The fans are leaning in and wondering.

Brittani Helms: And I want to know who that mutha fucker is. I don’t care if I must sit here all goddamn night and find out who the bastard was, I will fuck you up!

She looks to the stage before the crowd then back to the stage.

Brittani Helms:: So Which of you sons of bitches done it? Which fucking cake ass hoe asses attacked me? Because if this was done in the hood, POP, your sorry ass would’ve be-

Suddenly, static is heard as the lights flicker. The screen is dancing and says “I know what you’ve done to my people, now it’s time for revenge on you!” the lights come back on with Brittani still in the ring, she gets mad.

Brittani Helms:YO! Whoever you were I wi-

The lights go out again and this time the screen says “Renegade’s Revenge, you will find out, Brittani! The Poor will always fall to the Rich!”

Brittani Helms:So this is how you want to play? Fine! Renegade’s Revenge, Imma beat your sorry ass!!

Brittani rolls out of the ring pissed off. Who the hell attacked Brittani? Her theme song comes back in with her walking to the back as we go to break!

Just before the main event, Big Love cuts to the studio where Luciana Verdoza is seen. She’s getting a very healthy share of boos from the audience who clearly have had enough of her antics though the feeling is mutual with Luciana as far as 5BW is concerned in her mind. She’s in a focused and determined mood as she begins to express her thoughts.

Luciana: You know, there’s been a hell of a lot of talking lately. I’m almost positive that everyone I am competing against tonight either doesn’t want me to be the 5BW World Champion… acting as if it’s the worst thing that can happen to this company… or they think that I do not deserve this title shot whatsoever. My three opponents fall into at least one of these camps… I’m pretty sure a certain robot bitch falls into both if we’re being honest… but at the end of the day? I never gave a damn about the name calling thrown my way, I never gave a damn about what other people thought of me and I’m not going to start now because tonight, I take care of unfinished business four years in the making. I’m NOT going to go to the back of the line no matter how badly you want me to be there and contrary to what some of you morons want to believe, me as 5BW World Champion is sure as hell not going to be the worst thing to ever happen to this place… that’d be Sam Tolson by the way. In fact, being the 5BW World Champion would be the absolute BEST thing to happen to this company. You want to know why?

Because there is NOBODY on this roster more hated than I am! Oh sure, you have your bad guys on this roster… but none of them have had the guts that I’ve had from the day I’ve been here. If any of you three were in that “prove yourself” battle royal… if any of the other supposed “bad guys” on this roster were in that same position, then you wouldn’t have the GUTS to speak out against it. I did… and I was the ONLY one that did. You wouldn’t have had the guts to ruin Lex Collins’s celebration when he became the 5BW World Champion. None of you did! While I’m focused on being the best that I deserve to be, you have Christy Winters being far too busy posting porn on Twitter because that’s the only way she even has a chance of being relevant around here!

There is NOBODY on this roster, “good guy” or “bad guy”, that has had the guts that I’ve had to tell the ownership around here who’s boss and that’s why I’m hated so much… because I’m not like any of you. You just lie down and eat shit like the obedient little slaves that you are thinking that someday, Dora Richardson or whoever the hell’s in charge is just going to come up to you and hand you the key to the kingdom. You hate me because I don’t lie down and accept the status quo. You hate me because I stand out on this roster five times more than any of you idiots could ever dream of. And yet…

This company needs me as its world champion more than anything else…

Luciana has a cold, calculating look in her eyes as she continues.

Luciana: Lex Collins is the definition of “arrive, wrestle and leave”. This company can not and will not grow with him as the champion. He’s a run of the mill kind of guy. I don’t see him promote himself too much. He’s a good wrestler, he’s the champion because of that but come on… there should be so much more commitment from a world champion. This match to him is just another day in the office. Period. That title he holds? It’s just something else to add to his trophy case. He’s not going to beat me again. The only thing he did at Xmas Chaos was delay the inevitable. He thought he had sent me to the back of the line… he didn’t.

And now?

I get that vengeance.

Then you have this Gabe Khane guy…

Oh I know this movie so well. The guy that you least expect to win the championship because he hasn’t done too much in terms of relevance and yet, because he cashes in some contract he won… in the DUMBEST of circumstances… who the hell knows why… finds himself with three wrestlers that have a greater relevancy around here than he does, one being the world champion, the other two being women who have been at each other’s throats for some time… and when the betting odds come out, he’s the long shot. And how’s the script supposed to go? That he SHOCKS THE WORLD and WINS OUT OF NOWHERE? FUCK that! Just because he has a “dream” doesn’t mean shit. I’ve made a CAREER out of shattering dreams! He’s already done much of that work on his own because… SERIOUSLY?

You cashed in a contract… when it WASN’T a one on one situation?


That has to be the dumbest move anyone has ever made. Who do you think you are? Superman?

What a waste of an opportunity. And you’re going to try to make sure I don’t walk out with the title… just like the other two. That’s why you’ll all fail… that’s why your dream’s about to be shattered…

The same goes for the monotonous, repetitive, nothing-special, dime-a-dozen empty shell of a human being known as Sam Tolson. I’m glad Lex Collins beat this bitch. As I said earlier, the WORST thing that can happen to this company is HER as champion because her as champion would be… as my old friend used to say… a public relations DISASTER! I’m aware that her reputation in this business isn’t exactly… the most positive. She’s accomplished in her own right but I can already see the bad press this company would get with her as champion. Not to mention the fact that she doesn’t carry the passion that I do… I’m exclusive to this company while she wants to fuck off and treat this place as just another office considering all the commitments outside of here she has. Well tonight, I finally get to shut her the fuck up. Unfortunately for her, I’m not in this to prevent a public relations disaster… I’m in this so I can be the best thing to ever happen to this company as the 5BW World Champion because say what you will about me, there’s nobody in this match that wants this more than I do, that’s more passionate than I am. I’ve led companies to the promised land before and I know I’d do it again. The only place in line I’m going to be in the front… no matter how much this entire roster doesn’t want me to be there…

Luciana angrily gets up and leaves the scene, carrying some pretty deep, passionate anger with her as the scene cuts out.


The fans are sitting in silence, and waiting for what’s about to come next. Taylor Hudson gets the cue to start speaking.

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a Championship Scramble match and it’s for the Five Boroughs Wrestling Championship!

The fans are cheering for this, knowing that this is the biggest match in the company with four people, looking to retain or become the champion. Taylor Hudson continues talking.

Taylor Hudson:: The rules as follows, the match will start with TWO members of the match with every five minutes another one comes in. After twenty minutes, whoever is the iterm champion will become the official 5BW Champion! Introducing the first participant….

I’m to Blame by Kip Moore kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Out comes Gabe Khane, who looks at the fans that are cheering for him. He takes a deep breath and walks to the ring, knowing that the biggest dream is right there.

Taylor Hudson:From Niagara Falls, Canada, weighing in at 200 Pounds, Gabe Khane!!

Caresalle: Gabe Khane earned this title shot by winning the gift ladder match at Xmas Chaos… his first shot at the 5BW Championship!

Mays: But he drew a shit card tonight… first one in. He’ll have to go the full twenty if he wants to be Champion.

Caresalle: Let’s see who drew #2...

Gabe rolls into the ring, and pumps everyone up. He then says that he’s been waiting for this moment and it’s go time. He warms up and waits for his opponent to come out. Finish Line by Skillet kicks in as the fans give a standing ovation with Samantha Tolson-Anderson being the next one out.

Taylor Hudson:From Jefferson City, Missouri, weighing in at 158 Pounds, “The Pretty Little Murder Machine”, Samantha Tolson-Anderson!!

Caresalle: Listen to this crowd, Bimmy!

Mays: They love Tolson… but she’s got the same hand Khane has. Luciana and Lex have a distinct advantage.

The fans cheer as Samantha gives High Fives to the Bronx Faithful. One of the leading members of Five Boroughs Wrestling is on the path to once again become a champion. She gets in the ring and taunts the fans while Gabe looks at her, ready for what’s about to come for this match, and in twenty minutes. The referee rests assures that Gabe and Sam are ready for this. Both of them nod with the referee calling for the bell.


Sam and Gabe go for a handshake, but Gabe will not let go of the grip. He mouths off that he heard what she said before and isn’t really happy. Samantha mouths off that she’s serious about this and goes to break, but Gabe grabs her and goes for the Out by Gabe. The fans are in shock with this as Gabe turned in a heartbeat and quickly goes to cover.



Kickout by Sam.

Caresalle: The strategy in this match is simple, Bimmy...

Mays: Get a pin and stop everyone else from copying you.

Gabe starts yelling at Samantha that this is HIS TIME and Irish whips her into the ropes. Samantha comes running back with Gabe going for a lariat. Samantha moves out of the way, jumps on the middle rope and goes for a second rope moonsault onto Gabe. Both of them fall, but Samantha is the first one back to her feet. She waits for Gabe to get back up and he does. With a fast pace, Sam darts at Gabe with the Mind your head and CRACKS him so hard with her knee that she falls. Samantha gets on top of him and pins him in the ring.




Just like that, Samantha Tolson-Anderson JUST became interim 5BW Champion, but knows she has until it becomes official.

Caresalle: Sam Tolson in the driver’s seat here!

Mays: She’s the Champion-in-waiting, but we’ll have to see who comes out next… there’s still over fifteen minutes of match!

There’s no celebrating just yet as Gabe gets back on his feet. Just then, Maneater by Nelly Furtado kicks in as the fans are booing for this. Out come Luciana Verdoza, along with Dakota Mendoza. She whispers something to her and causes Dakota to nod and head to the back. Luciana is not wasting time and quickly sees Gabe on the ground. She goes over and pins him.





Caresalle: Luciana Verdoza here now. Interesting that she seemingly sent Dakota Mendoza to the back.

Mays: Interesting? She wants to prove that she can win this! With the way Tolson has been running her down, this is as much about HER pride as anything else!

Sam kept her promise. If Luciana was going to pin someone, she would break it up. Luciana gets back to her feet and comes to the women that she’s running from. Luciana mouths off that she’s not going back of the line and tries to run again, but Sam catches her and wraps her arms around and goes for the Nightfall, but Gabe comes right behind her and grabs her waist and goes for a German! All three go flying as the fans are cheering for this. All of them are down, but who will be the one to pin?


Caresalle: It’s hard to say who got the worst of that.

Mays: Luci did…

Suddenly, Luciana is moving along with Sam, but Luciana KICKS Sam right in the head as the fans are booing for this. She goes over to her and continues to stomp down on her while yelling. Luciana’s showing that she’s not afraid of her as the fans are booing for this and mocks Samantha with a flex taunt, but what she does not know is Samantha is back to her feet with the fans cheering for this. Luciana turns around and sees Samantha with a cold glare on her face as the fans are cheering. Luciana screams then runs out of the ring, leading to Samantha to go after her. Just then Re-Education (Through Labor) by Rise Against kicks in as Lex Collins, the defending champion, comes out and sees what’s going on. Lex stops Luciana and grabs her by the hair as Samantha grabs her. Luciana is screaming to let her go, but Lex and Sam refuse. Gabe also joins this and tosses her in the ring.

Caresalle: And here comes Lex Collins! The inaugural 5BW Champion standing alongside the current interim Champion.

Mays: Yeah, but interim doesn’t count until the match is over… and I don’t think this alliance here is going to last long, not with the big gold on the line.

The fans are cheering as all three of them stand around with Luciana in the middle. She holds her hands and pleads not to hurt her and she only wants to be champion. Lex doesn’t want to hear it and lays her with the bricks into her face, followed by Samanatha going for the Mind Your head, and Gabe follows up with Out of Gabe as the fans are cheering. Luciana is out of the picture leading to Samantha and Lex nodding to each other and taking Gabe out with a HUGE clothesline. This is what they wanted as Sam and Lex are in the ring, making the Bronx fans cheer again.

Caresalle: HERE… WE… GO!

Mays: The fans are ready for this. Champion and Interim Champion face to face. The two most popular stars in Five Boroughs Wrestling. How many more superlatives do I need to pour onto this?

Samantha and Lex yell at each other and want another war as the both of them start throwing punches into each others faces. The Bronx fans are going wild for this with 10 minutes remaining and Samantha being interim champion. Samantha Irish whips Lex into the ropes, but Lex reverse it and comes back after her. Sam plays Smart and goes for the Mind your Head, but Lex ducks out of this. Samantha runs into the corner to catch her breath, but Lex comes flying out of nowhere and goes for the Systematic Breakdown 2.0, but Luciana comes back in and goes for the Arrivderci! The fans are in shock with this as a dangerous move was just then, but Luciana does NOT care. She only wants the title.

Luciana points to her head as Gabe comes back in as goes to swing at her, but she kicks him and goes for the Arrivederci! The fans are booing as Luciana rolls over Gabe and pins him..




Caresalle: And Tolson is good for her word… still holding the Interim title, and keeping Luciana from getting anywhere.

Samantha tosses her out of the ring as the fans are cheering, causing Lex, who may have hurt himself in the caterpillar of finishers, gets on top of Gabe and pins him in the ring.




Mays: BUT WAIT! Interim Champion no more… Lex Collins just made a cover and is now in the driver’s seat, intent on retaining his Championship!

With Seven minutes left in this match up, Lex has to hold on to retain the title. Lex cracks his neck and sees Luciana and Samantha fighting on the outside. Lex goes on the top rope and looks at the both of them as the fans are cheering for this. Lex takes a look at both of them and goes for a crossbody onto both Samantha and Luciana. Gabe is rolling in the ring as the fans are cheering for this, but suddenly, xS comes out of the back and attacks at Gabe Khane as the fans are booing for this.

Caresalle: What the hell are they doing here?

Gabe tries his best, but Lex comes back in the ring and sees what’s going on and heads towards the both of them. xS runs out of the ring and grabs steel chairs as the fans are booing. Lex tells them to get in as they do. Zara runs at him first and swings the chair. He ducks, causing her to crash into Kailey. Both girls fall down with Lex picking them up and tossing him into the ring. Samantha comes in and stares down with Lex and takes a look. They’re wondering if Luciana has something to do with this, but start fighting each other. With Six minutes remaining, the pressure is on.

Caresalle: Fans, we apologize here… we have no idea what xS was doing out here! Besides Kailey getting chummy with Luciana on Twitter the other day, there’s no reason for this.

Mays: Power respects power… I’m sure they were just showing their support.

Caresalle: With chairs?

Mays: It’s important support.

Samantha and Lex are picking up where they left off at Drags to Riches for the title, though the fans don’t know who to cheer for this time and start a loud chant.


Lex’s finding his groove and throws Samantha into the ropes. Samantha comes back and goes for a clothesline. Lex ducks this at this and super kicks Samantha right in the face. Samantha stumbes with Lex grabbing at her and goes for the Absolute Zero. Samantha crashes onto the ground as the fans are cheering. Lex tries to go for a pin, but Gabe comes up and rolls him up.




Luciana rolls up Gabe and goes for the pin as the fans are booing for this.




Caresalle: WHAT!?


Caresalle: I heard you the first time! She just pinned Gabe Khane… she’s in the Interim slot for now!

Luciana screams out that she’s the interim champion until time runs out. The fans are booing for this, but changes to cheers as Samantha rises from the dead. She turns Luciana around and starts fighting with her as the fans are cheering. Each and every single fan are holding their head, knowing that 5BW can change and start a LOUD “LETS GO SAM” Chant. Luciana is suddenly getting the best of Samantha, but it does not last long. Luciana tries to go for the Arrivederci onto the fan favorite, but using her power, Samantha PLOWS her into the turnbuckle. Luciana comes up and goes for the Victory Drop Alpha as the fans are cheering for this. She rolls over Luciana and pins her in the ring to seal the fate and finally become 5BW Champion.



Th-DAKOTA MENDOZA comes in and breaks it up!!

Caresalle: OH, WHAT THE FUCK!?

Mays: Jamey...language.

Caresalle: Are you serious right now!? Sam Tolson had Verdoza pinned… where the Mendoza come from!?

The fans are booing, and it's louder than Yankee Stadium. Dakota tells Samantha that she’s going to be champion and that she will not let her be the champion. Dakota flips her off as the fans are booing for this, but Samantha KNEES her yet again in the head. She sees Luciana rolling out of the ring, going over and taking the title from the stand. With now a minute to go, Samantha has to roll her back in the ring and pin her. The fans are cheering as Samantha, Lex and Gabe are going after her. xS sees Gabe’s feet and grab at him to block him. Lex pushes Samantha out of the way quickly, but Dakota grabs him. Lex doesn’t have time for this and HITS Dakota in the face with Bricks. Luciana sees this and HITS him right in the face with the title, making the fans boo.

Caresalle: And now Luciana… Dakota… xS… they’re doing everything they can to keep Luciana in that interim spot… I’m going to be sick.

Mays: Need a Tums?

Luciana is playing chicken seriously with the clock, but Samantha FINALLY grabs at her. The fans are YELLING at the top of their lungs to PUT HER in and she does. Luciana is refusing to go BACK in the ring and times ticking down. Around 15 seconds, Samantha FINALLY gets her back in the ring with everyone holding their heads, even Jamey and Bimmy are as Samantha is about to end her, but AGAIN Luciana rolls out of the ring STILL with the title in hands. Samantha quickly gets out again and FINALLY grabs her, but the buzzer rings and the bell is called.

A silence is in the Bronx YMCA as Taylor has no other choice…

Caresalle: What just happened!?

Mays: I can’t believe it! I really can’t believe it...

Taylor Hudson:: Ladies and gentlemen, twenty minutes are officially up…

The fans are holding their heads, and knowing what’s about to be announced..

Taylor Hudson:: Therefore….here is your winner and NEW Five Boroughs Wrestling Champion, Luciana Verdoza!!

The fans are in shock as Luciana Verdoza is OFFICIALLY the new Five Boroughs Wrestling Champion thanks to playing Chicken with the clock along with Dakota Mendoza and xS helping her. All three of them lift up Luciana and celebrate. Samantha, Lex, and Gabe are very upset with their hardwork and dedication to this match being tainted. Everyone’s hearts were ripped out as a black cloud has officially bloomed over 5BW.

Caresalle: Folks… I’m at a loss. Luciana Verdoza is Champion...

Mays: You’re clearly not at a loss… you just SAID what’s going on!

As Luciana Verdoza with the championship, Liberate by Disturbed kicks in as Holmes, the acting Owner comes out. The fans are booing as he looks at Luciana and her posse.

Holmes: Well Luciana, you’ve done it. You’ve done what you’re set out to do.

The fans are booing for this, Luciana holds up her newly won championship.

Holmes: You bitched, ran, and had to go against what 5BW represents and that was courage. Not only did you fuck the fans over….

He looks at her

Holmes: You fucked Lex, you fucked Samantha, and you fucked Gabe over!

Luciana puts the title over her and says “you’re damn right I did”. While Luciana is gloating, Holmes looks at the three in the ring, with sorrow.

Holmes: Now I know our new “champion” has said something about dreams being shattered, one not caring about being champion and one not caring about this company because this person is going all over.

Luciana gets in his face and actually shoves Holmes, the fans are in shock with this.

Holmes: Don’t you EVER fucking shove me like that because I’ll have everyone in this crowd beat your ass along with the locker room.

He keeps his eye on Samantha, Lex and Gabe.

Holmes: I know I said at Mafia Wars, whoever loses this match, must go to the back of the line, however, I’m going to be a rule breaker and BREAK my own rule.

Samantha, Lex and Gabe look at each other.

Holmes: At Renegade’s Revenge, Gabe, Samantha, and Lex, you will have a FAIR chance because all THREE of you will have some type of match for the title, especially considering there is a rematch clause.

Lex peaks his head up, Samantha eyes widen and Gabe is standing there.

Holmes: When I say all three of you, I mean all three of you WILL compete in a triple threat match at Renegade’s Revenge. The winner of that match, will PICK the stipulation for that match, if Luciana is able to retain the title because you WILL be defending the title against…

Holmes thinks before saying her opponent.

Holmes: The women who defeated your “best friend” tonight, but I’m sure she won’t take your shit after tonight either.

Bounce by Bon Jovi kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Outcomes Ariel Madden and stares down Luciana Verdoza. Luciana yells at Holmes with Ariel folding her arms. Ariel keeps her eyes on the title as we end Big Love.

Writing credits:
KPN/Bridget – Hector
Triple Threat One: Chris
Triple Threat 2 – Meagan
First Blood – Meagan
Brittani vs. Fiona – Meagan
Main Event – Meagan
Segments: Done by everyone (This is the first time EVERYONE put their stuff in)
Commentary: Meagan and Garrett
Additional notes; Thank you everyone for being patient with this show. I said we’re going all out and we meant it. Sam vs. Luciana is the feud that everyone should stay tuned to because it’s ONLY going to get better.
Thanks to everyone for helping! Now I’m going to hide.

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