5BW Presents: Renegade's Revenge - March 29th, 2020

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5BW Presents: Renegade's Revenge - March 29th, 2020

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[color=##086A87]Holmes[/color]: At Renegade’s Revenge, Gabe, Samantha, and Lex, you will have a FAIR chance because all THREE of you will have some type of match for the title, especially considering there is a rematch clause.

Lex peaks his head up, Samantha eyes widen and Gabe is standing there.

Holmes: When I say all three of you, I mean all three of you WILL compete in a triple threat match at Renegade’s Revenge. The winner of that match, will PICK the stipulation for that match, if Luciana is able to retain the title because you WILL be defending the title against…

Holmes thinks before saying her opponent.

Holmes: The women who defeated your “best friend” tonight, but I’m sure she won’t take your shit after tonight either.

Out comes Ariel Madden and stares down Luciana Verdoza. Luciana yells at Holmes with Ariel folding her arms. Ariel keeps her eyes on the title as we end Big Love…

“Renegades of Funk” by Rage Against The Machine begins to play over the more intimate crowd gathered inside the 5BW Training Center.

Caresalle: “Ladies and gentlemen, that was how we went off the air one month ago at Big Love! And now we’re here for Five Boroughs Wrestling’s latest pay per view event. I’m Jamey Caresalle. This is Bimby Mays. And THIS is RENEGADE’S REVENGE!

Mays: “Hi!”

Caresalle: “Expressive as always, Bimby. Tonight, we have a stacked show for you! We are going to finally determine the 5BW Tag Team Champions as the TagXtravaganza comes to an end… Brett Elliot and Alex Bell, TMZ, or XS will leave here tonight with the gold and the right to call themselves the best tag team in 5BW!”

Mays: “Yeah, and as you saw before, the triple threat! Gabe Khane, Samantha Tolson-Anderson, and our FORMER Champion Lex Collins are going to be fighting to decide who gets a shot at Luciana Verdoza and the 5BW Championship IN a match of their choosing!”

Caresalle: “Don’t discount our main event tonight. Verdoza IS the Champion now, but she has a tall order in front of her in the form of Ariel Madden.”

Mays: “Huh… I thought Ariel was kind of short.”

Caresalle: “Stature aside, she burst on the scene in December and impressed the right people. If Luciana Verdoza is looking past her towards the winner of the triple threat, her reign could end as quickly as it began.”


Caresalle: “That’s right… let’s go to ringside for our opening contest!”


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a singles match!

The fans are cheering for the opening match of the night. Rebel Yell by Billy Idol kicks in with the fans cheering for this. Out comes Darian Andrews, as he’s getting the fans pumped up during this hard time. He walks to the ring and points at the fans.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing at 215 Pounds, Darian Andrews!!!

Darian rolls into the ring and taunts at the fans. He tells them to get up and get pumped up for what’s about to come down.

Caresalle: “And we’re kicking things off here at Renegade’s Revenge with, in my eyes, one of the most underrated signings in 5BW, Darian Andrews.”

Mays: “Underrated? Are you high?”

Caresalle: “Darian comes with a global following, having been Champion before in his GCW days.”

Mays: “Forget that… this is 5BW! Can’t make it here? Forget about it!”

Battle by OTEP kicks in with the fans booing for this with Sabrina Baker coming out of the back, looking pissed off about what’s been transpiring.

Taylor Hudson: His opponent, from Columbus, Ohio, Sabrina Baker!!

Sabrina doesn’t even bother with the fans, who are booing at her. She gets into the ring and goes right up to Darian and HITS him in the face.

Caresalle: “Damn!”

Mays: “I love it! She probably heard you praising Darian and decided to give you something worth talking about.”

Darian holds his face with the referee telling her that she needs to calm down. Sabrina curses him out and says that she’s going to kill him in the ring. Darian comes back up and SPEARS Sabrina right on the ground and starts beating her down in the ring. He doesn’t like what’s going on and wants to fight fair, but if she wants to play this way, he has no problem. Darian picks her up but gets a low blow from Sabrina.

Caresalle: “Darian was attempting to get some balance back in this match, but the low-blow is always the great equalizer.”

Mays: “What’s equal? I hope Darian wasn’t planning on having kids anytime soon, because he just got punched in the co…”

Caresalle: “YES! Yes… we all saw.”

The fans are booing at her, but she doesn't care about what’s going on. She picks him up again with the referee not sure if this match will be going on. Sabrina slaps him in the face yet again and kicks him down. The referee asks Darian if he wants to go with this match. Darian nods “yes” and the bells officially ring for the match. Sabrina goes back and starts kicking him down in the corner. She takes a step back and goes for a handspring elbow, but Darian picks her up and tosses her out of the ring. He then looks at the fans, runs and goes for a suicide dive through the ropes as the fans are cheering for this. Darian tosses her in the ring and says that he’s going to end her in this ring.

Caresalle: “The match is officially underway, and Darian Andrews is back in control after Sabrina stepped back from him.”

Mays: “It was a gamble that didn’t pay off. No big.”

Sabrina gets to her feet with Darian going for a drop kick to Sabrina. The fans are cheering as Sabrina gets back up again and this time Darian goes for a float over DDT. Sabrina gets out of it and goes for a monkey flip and locks in an arm bar. She screams that she’s going to break his arm in the middle of the ring as Darian is screaming. Darian fights her off as the fans are cheering for this and gets back up. Sabrina comes right after him and goes for a monkey flip yet again, but this time around, Darian is smart, grabs Sabrina and goes for the DVDT as the fans are cheering for this. He rolls her over in the ring with the fans cheering for this.





Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner, Darian Andrews!!

Caresalle: “And just like that! Sabrina went to the well one too many times and Darian Andrews caught her, scoring the three and the victory.”

Mays: “Sabrina is NOT going to be happy about this.”

Caresalle: “She was deadly and effective, but seemed to just be going mad. Discipline cost her.”

The fans are cheering as Darian won the match, leading to Sabrina Baker coming back up. Darian rolls out of the ring and points to the fans that are cheering for him. Sabrina takes one good look and screams considering that she’s on a losing streak that does not like her. She holds her head and keeps on screaming before rolling out of the ring in anger.

In the back, we see Larissa Johnson sitting in her locker room.

Larissa Johnson: Some people just don’t learn, do they?

She flips her long red hair before staring back at the camera.
Larissa Johnson: This isn’t about jealousy, this about me just not liking you, who you are or what you stand for!

She folds her arms on her hips!

Larissa Johnson: I’m not going to go into details as to why, but you know exactly why.

Larissa becomes angrier

Larissa Johnson: I’ve been seeing you going through promotions for years, and every time I see you join, I always see the same thing: Your desperation for attention.

Her face boils

Larissa Johnson: You want to be admired for your looks, or for your causes, and that’s it!

Larissa cools down before getting angry again

Larissa Johnson: Let’s face it, you’re always going to be in your sister's shadow. You’ll never escape, because I know that you will never be as good as she was!

Larissa smirks a bit.

Larissa Johnson: It’s fitting that you used to be a redhead, because that’s who you are: The red headed step child of wrestling.

Looks at her hair before turning back to the camera!

Larissa Johnson: Let’s face it: nobody likes you, nobody wants you, and you can’t stand on your own two feet, and we’re going to expose you for who you really are!

Larissa walks out of the locker room with us going for our first ad of the night.


We here at 5BW thank our health care workers for working day in and out against the fight of the Covid-19! We Salute you!


Night of the Vultures by Delain kicks in as the fans are booing. Out comes Larissa Johnson with a smirk on her face as the fans are booing at her. She waits at the drop of the ramp with Drop Dead Cynical by Amaranthe kicking in with the fans still booing for her sister this time.

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a singles match and it’s one fall. Introducing first, from Tampa, Florida, she is the “Golden Child”, Bridget Johnson!

Caresalle:And here comes Bridget Johnson, along with her sister Larissa. We all know the issue with Mary Ellen and her in the past, but why is she out here?

Bridget walks with her sister to the ring with the fans booing. Larissa walks over to Jamey Caresalle and Bimmy Mays over to the commentators booth. Larissa puts another headset on and sits down.

Mays:: Welcome Larissa to our set! Would you like to have some of the good stuff?
Larissa Johnson: What? No!

Night of the Ravens by Leaves Kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Out comes Mary Ellen Harrison, with her Madhouse Media Women’s Tag Team Championship around her.

Caresalle:Out Come Mary Ellen Harrison looking to get a win over your sister, Larissa!
Larissa Johnson: Ha, that’s laughable she would even think she can do that.

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, she is the “Raven’s Lock” Mary Ellen Harrison!!

Mary Ellen high fives the fans but sees Larissa Johnson at the commentators booth. She yells at her before getting into the ring and taunting at the fans. Larissa is not impressed with this at all.

Larissa Johnson: Yeah, keep talking! We’ll see who gets the last laugh.

The bell rings, the two competitors circle each other before they go into a collar and elbow tie up. Bridget gets Mary Ellen into a headlock but Mary Ellen pushes Bridget off of her towards the ropes. Bridget uses the momentum from the ropes to hit a shoulder tackle on Mary Ellen Mary gets up and goes for a clothesline but Bridget ducks, hitting a hip toss on Mary Ellen. Bridget covers Mary Ellen.

Larissa Johnson: Quickly, pin her!

1..kick out!

Caresalle: And ME kicks out of it!!

Mary Ellen gets up and hits a spinning punch to the jaw of Bridget. Mary Ellen covers Bridget.

Larissa Johnson: Get up!

Caresalle: Surprised with this so far?

1..kick out!
Bridget gets up and performs a School Girl pin.

Larissa Johnson: That should beat her
1..kick out!

Mary Ellen gets up and hits a hard back elbow to the jaw of Bridget before stomping on her hard. Bridget gets on her hands and knees as Mary Ellen hits a punch to her back. Mary Ellen gets Bridget into a chinlock but as Bridget gets up, Mary Ellen hits an elbow to the back of Bridget’s head.

Larissa Johnson: Come on, ref! Do your job!
Mary Ellen performs an Irish Whip which sends Bridget into the corner, Mary Ellen charges but is hit with two back elbows from Bridget.

Larissa Johnson: There you go, give it to her!

Bridget takes Mary Ellen down with a clothesline. Mary Ellen gets up and Bridget takes her down with a dropkick. Mary Ellen gets up once more, but Bridget kicks her in the back sending her down to the mat, Bridget covers.

Larissa Johnson: She can’t get up from that.

1...2...kick out!
Caresalle:Mary Ellen kicks out of this! Looks like she MAY have your sisters number!

Bridget and Mary Ellen get to their feet, Bridget kicks Mary Ellen twice in the gut. Bridget bounces off the ropes, but Mary Ellen delivers a Big Boot to Bridget's face. Mary Ellen covers Bridget.

Larissa Johnson: That’s it, I’ve had enough……..

1...2...3-No wait-LARISSA JOHNSON JUST PULLED THE REF OUT OF THE RING!! The ref starts arguing with Larissa Johnson, Mary Ellen Harrison looks confused.

Mays:: This chick got up from the booth and went to assist her!?

Bridget gets up and performs a School Girl pin, no, Mary rolls through but Bridget hooks Mary’s arms. Bridget delivers a Double Underhook Powerbomb. The ref gets back into the ring.


Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner, Bridget Johnson!!!

Caresalle: Typical Johnson behavior! Typical, just freaking typical!

Bridget rolls out of the ring, starting to celebrate by hopping up and down with Larissa. Suddenly, Larissa is grabbed by her hand and dragged onto the ring apron through the middle rope by Mary Ellen! Mary Ellen drags Larissa backwards into the ring before dropping her in the middle of the ring with Raven’s Lock! The fans are cheering with Bridget Johnson holding her head, but what she does not know is KPN is right behind her.

Mays:: Bridget, BEHIND YOU!!

Bridget backs into KPN and turns around, causing her to get punched in the face. The fans are cheering as KPN nods at Mary Ellen, with Mary Ellen nodding at KPN before we go to our second segment of the night

We open up inside the locker-rooms at the 5BW Training Center in New York. As our scene rises up, we can see Kailey Queen, the outspoken member of XS, standing with her cell phone pressed to her ear.

Kailey: “You be sure to watch in a few moments, okay? I want you to see what I have to do.”

She pauses, listening to the person on the other end of the line before laughing.

Kailey: “I know, I miss you too, baby. But I’ll be home as soon as I can, and then we can celebrate my successes. Okay?”

Kailey laughs again, almost as giddy as a school girl.

Kailey: “I love you too! You hang up first… No, YOU hang up first… okay, we’ll hang up at the same time… one… two… three… YOU DIDN’T HANG UP!”

Zara Grimm enters the locker-room, looking at Kailey with a confused expression. As she catches her tag team partner’s eye, Kailey hurries.

Kailey: “Okay, I really have to go now. Zee’s here! See you soon… MWAH!”

She hangs up the phone and sets it in her bag.

Kailey: “Yap, yap, yap, am I right?”

Zara: “Who was that? I didn’t know you had a boyfriend.”

Kailey: “What? No! As if! That was Mona Lisa, duh!”

Zara rolls her eyes a bit.

Zara: “Okay, we’re going to talk about you naming your dog after one of the most famous works of art that’s ever existed another time. Are you ready for tonight?”

Kailey almost looks offended.

Kailey: “What? Zee, I’m almost offended!”


Kailey: “Of course I’m ready for tonight! After what happened at Unlucky Luck, we’re going to take those 5BW Tag Team Championships and WIN the TagXS....”

Zara: “TagXtravaganza.”

Kailey: “Ugh… that’s still so LONG! TagXS sounds so much better! Besides, after we win the ladder match, they’ll PROBABLY rename the tournament after us. After all… why waste time honoring a company that’s no longer around! 5BW needs to look to the FUTURE, not the past. And WE’re the future!”

Zara shakes her head a bit.

Zara: “Just be ready. TMZ? Bell and Elliot? I don’t think they’re going to agree with our plans of being the future here, and I know they’re not going to agree with us becoming Champions. You have to be ready to put up tonight.”

Kailey: “Relax, Zee… I got your back. You don’t have to worry about me. Besides… TMZ? Belliot?”

Zara: “Whoa, whoa… hold on… “Belliot”?”

Kailey: “Their names just BEG to be hit with the portmanteau treatment.”

Zara: “... Fair.”

Kailey: “They’re nowhere NEAR XS. They may be good. But we are EXTRA SPECIAL! That EXTRA SIZZLE on your steak! We’re just… “it”.”

Zara: “You don’t have to sell me on it, Kailey. Let’s just get it done.”

She extends her fist to Kailey, who slaps it with a high five.

Kailey: “We got this, partner!”

Kailey and Zara stand in place with Zara looking at Kailey’s open hand against her fist. After a momentary glance, Kailey grips the fist, shaking it up and down. The scene shifts.

Alex and Brett are in the backstage area gathering their thoughts.

Alex: We lost both of our triple threat matches at Big Love. We need to come back from this. We need to prove that we can be winners here too. It is also time for us to rectify our losses.

Brett: Losing our Triple Threat matches really stinks. However, I think we can overcome our losses. We have learned a lot from our losses. It is time for us show everyone we are as good of a team as XS and TMZ are. I understand we are the underdogs but it is time we get to be known as a threat around the tag team division here.

Alex looks intently at the camera.

Alex: I heard all of the talk before Big Love. No one thought we would win our triple threat matches. They were all right because we both lost our matches at Big Love and took the losses. This time, I want to prove all of the naysayers wrong.

Brett Looks directly at the camera.

Brett: Yes, We need to prove people wrong. We need to show that people can bet on us too. We are against two teams that are already seen as a threat. TMZ wants this just as bad as we do. We know and understand that Zonica could be a factor here. Then there is XS. Zara and Kailey have proven that they will do anything and everything to win the 5BW Tag Team Championship. Hell, They have Luciana Verdoza and Dakota Mendoza backing them up already. We already know what Luciana and Dakota are capable of. The four of them as a group will be hard to stop.

Alex nods his head Yes.

Alex: Brett, You are right. That group is going to be hard to deal with. I think it will be this way with them for a while. You know what? It will mean much more to us if we are able to overcome that whole group. I am with you about XS, Dakota and Luciana. XS are going to do everything they can to walk out tag team champions, even if it means getting their friends involved. We saw what they did during the Championship match at Big Love. If they can pull that during a match with the biggest championship on the line, who knows what they will be capable of together in the ladder match for the tag team titles.

Brett lets out a big sigh.

Brett: We have got to overcome these odds. They are stacked against us even more than before, now that XS have friends in two of the toughest ladies to deal with here. Also, we saw what Luciana and Dakota did to Dora a while back. If they can pull that stunt against someone who helps run this place, who the hell knows what they can do to anyone else? They just cannot be stopped.

Alex looks at Brett

Alex: Oh Yes they can be stopped! We just need to step up and try and stop them.

Brett: You are right Alex, this is our time to step it up, if we want any chance of defeating XS and their friends. Do not forget about TMZ. They are a threat too. They are another team that if we can defeat them too, we can start being seen as threats here. Our goal is to climb that ladder and defeat both of these teams.

Alex: I am going to say this now, if XS want to be seen as real champions, they better keep their friends in the back and do this on their own. If they can do this on their own, maybe we will have more respect for them.

Brett looks at Alex and sighs.

Brett: I agree, but we can only expect the worst and hope for the best. The best will be when we go up that ladder and grab those tag team championships. If we can do that, we will be validated.

Alex: We will also start being looked at as threats around here. We will start being taken seriously here too. People will no longer underestimate us.

Brett: Winning those Tag teams titles will mean the world to us. As much as being looked at as underdogs motivates us, it is time for us to remove the underdog label off of us.

Alex: I agree, we should not be underdogs forever. That will not be good for us. The more we are seen as underdogs, the less of a threat that people will see us.

Brett looks at the camera

Brett: To all of those who are overlooking us, we are here to prove you all wrong. We will start being seen as a top tag team around here. We will be taken seriously. We will be seen as a team who can beat some of the best, including XS and TMZ. When we win those tag tag team championships, you will no longer overlook us.

Alex: Right On Brett.

Brett and Alex look at each other.

Alex: Lets do this. It is time for us to make a statement.

Brett: It is time for us to get going. We got this.

Both of them walk out for their match with the both of them feeling confident in this match up.


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is the ladder match and it’s to crown the first ever, Five Boroughs Wrestling Tag Team Champions! Introducing first….

Speedom by Tech N9ne plays as TMZ comes out of the back and looks at everyone in the 5BW Facility that are around. They walk to the ring and stare at the Tag Titles along with the ladders around them. Mikel gets in the ring first followed by Trayvon as they raise their hands up in the air and mouth off at the people, who are there.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, Mikel Simmons and Trayvon Myers, tMz!!!

Jamey Caresalle: TMZ got in the finals by defeating the Evil Fairies, Fiona Franklin and Farrah George, thanks to Zonica Miller. Zonica has not been seen since Fiona injured her, but TMZ looks to make their marks REGARDLESS.

Beer Never Broke my Heart by Luke Combs kicks in with the crowd clapping for Alex Bell and Brett Elliot as they come out of the back. They lost their matches at Big Love but will not lose hope for this one. They walk to the ring as the fans are cheering for them.

Jamey Caresalle: You can call them the surprise team of the tournament. Brett Elliot and Alex Bell are in this to become the first tag team champions!

Taylor Hudson: Introducing next, the team of Alex Bell and Brett Elliot!!!

Alex Bell and Brett Elliot know what’s on the line with this match. They know that this match could make them or break them. They must pull out any stops they want to in this match up and this proves it! Alex Bell and Brett Elliot bicker with them before Ready to Go by Republica kicks in as the fans are booing for this.

Bimmy Mays: And I’m going to say this here. Kailey Queen and Zara Grimm are going to be the FIRST and I mean, the FIRST Tag Team Champions. Mark my word on this while I take a shot!!

Taylor HudsonIntroducing the last time, Kailey Queen and Zara Grimm, they are xS!!

xS takes their time walking to the ring because they want to avoid anything that happened last time, especially coming to ladders because the both went through tables at Unlucky Luck. Suddenly, TMZ along with Brett and Alex start fighting each other and throwing lefts and rights as the fans are cheering for this. xS holds back and looks at both teams fight. Zara gets an idea and nods to Kailey with her walking to the ring. She rolls right in the ring and tries to break up the fight, but Trayvon punches her right down. Alex goes right over to her and tosses her out of the ring, causing Zara Grimm to come back in the ring and hit ALL four of the guys down. The fans are booing for this with Zara looking at the tag team titles.

Jamey Caresalle: Zara’s not wasting any time with this! She wants to take this more than anything! I fear if they win….
Bimmy Mays: There’s going to be a party! And I’m invited!!!

Zara Grimm sets up the ladder while keeping her eye on them. She starts climbing up with Kailey, who seems out of it, holding the ladder, but Brett Elliot comes in and starts shaking the ladder with the fans cheering for this. Kailey tells him to stop this, but Brett ignores her as the fans are cheering. He then starts climbing the ladder with the fans cheering, but Mikel comes back in the ring with a ladder himself, along with Trayvon having a chair. He smashes it right in the back of Brett Elliot with Kailey grabbing him and going for a powerbomb. Alex Bell comes back in the ring and PUSHES Zara right off the ladder.

Bimmy Mays: What?! NO!!!! FRICKING ALEX!!!

She falls right off the ropes as the fans are cheering for this. Mikel sees Alex and throws the ladder in his face. Alex holds his face and Trayvon HITS him right over the head with the steel chair. The fans groan in pain with Alex busted open.
Bimmy Mays: That’s what you get, you bastard!!
Jamey Caresalle: Alex Bell, who was trying to get Zara down, was busted open !

tMZ take time to gloat with the work they’ve done as the fans are booing for this. They call them a derogatory word before going over to Alex, who’s bleeding profusely from the head. Mikel starts opening the wound with Trayvon also taking the hits as well. They pick him up, set up the other ladder as the fans are wondering what they’re going to do. Mikel puts Alex’s body horizontal between the ladders and then the chair right between his neck. tMz could easily kill Alex right in the right with Trayvon going on the ropes.
Jamey Caresalle: This is NOT good for Alex Bell! He could get seriously hurt and have his career ended!!
Suddenly, Brett Elliot comes back in the ring and SHOVES Trayvon OFF the ropes and ONTO the announcers table as the fans are in shock with this. Brett sees Mikel and then his friend through the ladders and starts throwing lefts and rights. The emotion is there because of what they almost done. Brett throws Mikel out of the ring as the fans are cheering for this and he goes up top on the ropes. He sees both TMZ are outside of the ring and JUMPS off the ropes onto them on the outside, making the fans go wild even more.

Jamey Caresalle: Brett’s not backing down AT ALL from this!

xS sees both teams out with Alex still in the ladder. Kailey, gleefully goes back in the ring as the fans are booing for her knowing that she’s about to take this shot. Kailey climbs up the ladder, but is stopped by….Zonica Miller?! We have not seen Zonica since Shattered as she POWERBOMBS the hell out of Kailey.

Jamey Caresalle: Zonica makes her return tonight and POWERBOMBS the hell out of Kailey!

Bimmy Mays: What the hell? How the frick did she come out of nowhere and do that when SHE ISN’T A “WRASSLER”?!

Zonica calls her a “white bitch” which makes Zara come up and SNATCH her by the hair. She has a evil stare and is about to attack her, but what she does not know is her boys are setting up a table. Trayvon, who seems hurt, grabs Zara, and throws her in the air with Mikel catching her and SLAMS her right through the table. The fans are semi cheering for this with Zara going through the table. Zonica guides her boys to go up and grab then.

Jamey Caresalle: Under her power, she’s guiding her boys for the titles! This is not GOOD at all!!

The fans are booing with both tMz going up. Zonica is holding the ladders, but Alex Bell, comes out of nowhere and THROWS her out of the ring as the fans are cheering for this. He climbs up along with his tag team partner. The both are up top with them fighting it out on the ladder. They take a shot at each other with the tag belts, but tmZ is using power and tries to push them down.
Jamey Caresalle: Alex’s showing fight! He’s NOT giving up!!

Suddenly, Kailey Queen comes in the ring and moves the ladders out of the way as the fans are booing for this. Trayvon tries to get the other ladder, but she moves that, causing Trayvon to hold his knee in pain and yelling that something must’ve happened.

Jamey Caresalle: Holy Shit! Trayvon could be seriously hurt after the fall!

Bimmy Mays: That was freaking STUPID of what he did!

Jamey Caresalle: It was Kailey that moved the ladders…

Mikel and Brett are hanging on for dear life with Kailey using the ladder to climb up and line up with them. Alex is SLUMMED over the ladder, but Zara comes up and grabs him as she goes for Mrs. Sandman as the fans are wondering what is going on here.

Jamey Caresalle: Zara takes Alex down with Mrs. Sandman! Leaving Kailey to figure out what she needs to do!

Kailey looks scared with the fans thinking she’s crazy with this and eyes BOTH Mikel and Brett on the tag titles. She JUMPS off the ladder and TAKES them down with a drop kick.

Both: HOLY SHIT!!!!

The fans are wondering how the hell she considered that she’s the smallest one in the match. Zara stumbles and grabs the ladder, holding her back and climbs up it. Kailey holds the bottom of the ladder and starts climbing up the ladder with Zara getting close and reaching to the top. She then pulls down both tag team championships, making the fans hold their heads in shock with what just happened in this match.

Taylor Hudson: Here are your winners and the NEW 5BW Tag Team Champions, xS!!

xS, despite being the controversial team, pulled out all the stops in this match up, making the fans give a mixed reaction. Kailey grabs the tag team championship and holds it up in the air with Zara having a straight face. Medical personnel are coming out of the back and checking on all of them, especially Trayvon, who may have torn something in his knee.

Jamey Caresalle: All six of these people busted their asses in this match, and I really hope that Trayvon is OK from that fall. Alex Bell and Brett Elliot have nothing to be ashamed about, but the winners are xS as they will go down as the first ever 5BW Tag Team Champions!
Captains Cup
Starts at 5BW Goes Canadian, Eh and Ends at Vendetta

Veronica Van Claudio Returning Soon


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a falls count anywhere match!

The ones that are in the facility are clapping for the match up with Unchained by James Brown and Tupac kicking in the speaker. Brittani Helms walks out of the back and is ready to go for what is about to go down.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Washington, DC, she’s the DC Sava-

Taylor Hudson gets interrupted by Fiona Franklin, who comes out of the back and attacks Brittani, making the fans boo for Fiona. She slams down Brittani on the short ramp and yells at her that she’s not going to let her beat her as the fans are booing. Brittani’s holding her shoulder with Fiona grabbing her and tossing her down the short ramp. Fiona looks at Brittani and YANKS off the bandana off her mouth. She tosses it into the crowd and mocks the DC Savage.

Caresalle: “Whoa! Right off the bat, Fiona Franklin taking the fight to Brittani Helms!”

Mays: “Falls count anywhere, and she doesn’t want to waste time! It may not be a “fair” strategy, but who needs fairness when a win pushes you up the rankings?”

Brittani’s leaning over the barricade with Fiona coming up and starting to pound down on her head. She grabs her by her short blue hair and snapmares her across the room. Brittani holds her head with Fiona coming back after her. She sees the Evil Fairy and comes back up and hits her in the face. She tosses her in the ring, which causes Fiona to get up. Brittani runs up on the turnbuckle and goes for a diving drop kick onto her. Brittani stands back up and waits for Fiona to get up. Fiona gets up slowly with Brittani waiting. Brittani stares at her and clotheslines her out of the ring. Fiona goes over and falls on the ground.

Mays: “50/50!”

Caresalle: “What?”

Mays: “Those are the odds between this match ending IN the ring or out of it!”

Caresalle: “That doesn’t sound correct… but either way, Brittani taking control of the match now! Fiona is down!”

Brittani sees that Fiona is down. She then goes over to the other side of the ring and starts jumping. Brittani starts warming up for a suicide dive. Fiona is getting up, with Brittani running towards her. Fiona sees this coming and SPRAYS a fire extinguisher right in her face. Brittani stumbles and wipes stuff out of her eyes with Fiona coming back in the ring with the can and SLAMS it right in her back! Brittani’s back could be broken with this, but Fiona does not care. She throws her out of the ring and goes under yet again. Brittani’s holding her back in pain with Fiona pulling out a table. Fiona sets it up and puts the fallen DC Savage on. Fiona goes up top and goes for a 450 Splash…..

Caresalle: “If she hits this, it could all be over!”

Brittani sees this and moves out of the way with Fiona going through a table. The fans are cheering with Brittani moving out of the way and preventing her from more damage. She rolls over on top of Fiona with the referee counting the first fall of the match.



Fiona Kicks out of it.

Caresalle: “Only a two count! But Fiona has to be hurting after that!”

Mays: “She just flipped through a bloody table! If she WASN’T hurting, it would be because she’s dead, and we know she CAN’T be dead because she kicked out! Come on… focus!”

Caresalle: “You’re telling ME to focus?”

Brittani gets on her knees and grabs Fiona. She tosses her over the barricade and jumps on it herself. Fiona gets back to her feet with Brittani carefully jumping on it. Fiona turns and Brittani goes for a Tornado DDT onto the chairs. Fiona’s now getting the brunt of this with Brittani picking up the chair and tossing it in the face of Fiona. Fiona again stumbles and heads to the back of the facility. Brittani comes running after her with Fiona going out of the arena. Brittani is right behind her and catches up with her, and grabs her. Fiona tries to kick at her, but Brittani goes for a German Suplex RIGHT onto the trash can outside. Fiona holds her head with Brittani again going for the pin on her rival.



Thr-Fiona kicks out of it!

Caresalle: “Fiona kicking out again! And the small venue with limited personnel here is really giving these two the freedom to explore the grounds to find a place for a fall here.”

Mays: “It’s crazy! Could you imagine what this would’ve been like if there were 10,000 here? There’d be people getting in the way everywhere!”

Caresalle: “Don’t take my colleague seriously, folks. We miss our 5BW crowds, as wild as this match is.”

Mays: “Don’t pander!”

Brittani shakes her head and says that this bitch is not giving up. She looks at a car that’s parked and gets an idea. She walks over to it and jumps on the roof of the car. Fiona, who’s bleeding from the head, goes over to her. Brittani sees her coming towards her and jumps at her. Fiona catches her and RAMS Brittani back first into the car. Brittani again holds her back with Fiona going for a STO into the hood of the car. She rolls over Brittani and pins her in the middle of the street.



Th-Brittani kicks out.

Caresalle: “What a kickout! After having her head driven onto the hood of that car, Brittani Helms STILL has the presence of mind to kick out before the three!”

Mays: “But what about Fiona right now? If there were ANY doubters that she would hang tonight, their feet are probably jammed down their mouths right now.”

Fiona screams out at Brittani to stay down, but she will not do that. She’s a fighter and that’s what she wants to do. Fiona drags Brittani across the street to a fence and WRAPS her leg around it. Fiona’s really going for her submission hold through a fence with Brittani screaming out in pain. Suddenly, Brittani sees a bottle in the middle of the street and CRACKS Fiona right in the head with it. Fiona breaks the hold and holds her head. Brittani frees her leg from the fence and waits for her to get up. Fiona does with Brittani going for the DC Headknocker. She falls with Brittani going for the pin and the possible sweep over Fiona Franklin.




Caresalle: “Who on Earth?”

Mays: “I can’t believe it! Marilyn was right!”

The person who attacked Brittani comes out of nowhere and breaks up the pin. They grab at Brittani and toss her into the car she jumped off. The person looks at Fiona, who’s down, grabs her and puts her on top of the DC Savage with her pinning her. The referee looks and the deep voice demands him to count.




Caresalle: “Wh... ?”

Mays: “Fiona Franklin picks up the win!”

Caresalle: “Who is that!?”

Mays: “Fiona… Franklin!”

Caresalle: “No… who handed her the win?”

Mays: “I don’t know, but don’t take anything away from the winner! Come on!”

Caresalle: “How can you even say that? We literally saw… whoever that is… put Fiona on top of Brittani!”

Fiona Franklin won the match, leading to the masked person to walk over Brittani Helms and rolls her over. The person stares and looks down at her.

Person: You out of all people DESERVED to be attacked! Just like the shit you pulled on my sister in law and wife!!

The masked person pulls of their mask and its none other than Larissa Johnson’s Husband, Drew Rogers.

Caresalle: “That… that...”

Mays: “That… that… that’s Drew Rogers! And he’s got a bone to pick with the DC Savage”

He picks up Brittani and goes right on the car. He looks around with everyone coming out of the back and preventing him from more damage, but Drew does NOT care. He grabs Brittani and goes for the Maximum RIGHT onto the car. Brittani is still down as Drew jumps off the car and grabs her by the head and mouths off that the nightmare is JUST about to start for her!

Caresalle: “Folks… I’d like to apologize for what we just witnessed. Drew Rogers is here in 5BW, and just took out Brittani Helms. I’m sick to my stomach.”

Mays: “Why are you apologizing? You didn’t do anything.”

Caresalle: “Just… get to something else.”

The cameras cut in on Dakota Mendoza who is not in the best mood at the moment. She’s aware that the cameras are running and that she’s front and center. She knows that the world is watching and yet she appears to be conflicted as to whether she should say what’s on her mind or not. Dakota sighs, dealing with this confliction before she says something inaudible and then ultimately beginning to express her thoughts.

Dakota: You know, there has been something that I have been getting really sick and tired of lately and the thing that I am really tired of the most is the fact that every time there’s one of these big shows… like tonight… I’m never on the show. What in the actual hell is that? I get it, I’m Luciana’s protege and all that, but when the hell am I going to get a real shot? What the hell am I? Chopped liver? Why am I involved in random tag matches teaming up with people I wouldn’t necessarily consider friends? XS is getting their chances at tag team championships and they’re well deserved don’t get me wrong… and then you have Luciana being Luciana and being in main events and winning world championships… AS SHE SHOULD… and then there’s me…

Why do I suddenly feel like I’m the overlooked one? I was one of the best Indy prospects before I got here! My whole reason for being here is learning from one of the best wrestlers that her generation has ever seen and for the torch to be passed to me when the time arrived but nah… I’m just the SIDEKICK right? I’m busting my ass, putting my own ass on the line knowing that every time I put my ass on the line for Luciana that I’m risking my own well being and I get NOTHING!

Should I even go as far as saying that she wouldn’t be world champion if it wasn’t for me because…

Dakota takes a bit of a pause letting her anger flow through her, not knowing that Luciana herself is sneaking up behind her, most likely having heard everything that she has said so far.

Dakota: You know… there have been some tender, private times during her time in 5BW and I’ve always been the one doing whatever it takes to keep her going… especially after she had lost to Lex Collins back in December. I do A LOT… but that’s always overlooked isn’t it? Still… I’m going to do my part. The mission is what matters at the end of the day and Ariel Madden can cut in front of me in the line all she wants to but the bottom line is… she’s STILL not walking out of here with the world title…

Luciana: You’re damn right she’s not…

Dakota suddenly feels quite startled now that she is aware of Luciana’s presence. Luciana comes further into the shot and suddenly, Dakota’s feeling a little bit nervous with the probability of her incurring Luciana’s wrath being incredibly high at this point.

Dakota: No… she’s not…

Luciana: Interesting words there, Dakota…

Dakota: How much of that did you actually hear?

Luciana: Pretty much all of it…

This makes Dakota look a little more nervous now.

Luciana: You do have an opportunity that so few wrestlers have… and that many wrestlers would kill for, you do realize that, right?

Dakota nods, still bracing herself for the worst.

Luciana: So, having said all that and having taken all of your words just now into consideration.. I just have one thing to ask you.

Dakota: Yeah?

Luciana: Where the hell has this been?

Dakota widens her eyes with surprise.

Luciana: You don’t like feeling like a sidekick, right? Well, I clearly can’t blame you for that. I’m glad that you’re speaking up and you’re speaking out. This is exactly what I wanted to see from you. Keep it the hell up! Seriously. Someday, you’ll be where I’m at and you’ll look back on this and you’re going to remember this as the moment where you took your true first step toward greatness. Now, as for tonight…

Dakota is looking pretty happy knowing that Luciana isn’t out to kill her.

Luciana: You know what tonight’s all about. I know I can count on you if necessary. I know for a fact that there are going to be many eyes on this main event. I know that Madden is going to have that underdog mentality… ready to shock the world. Guess what? That’s not going to happen… no matter how bad the winner of the stupid triple threat wants to try to screw ME over. Just remember something Dakota… Ariel’s spot? That should be yours. You’re on the same wavelength… yet she’s beating you to the punch… remember that when you watch me beat her, alright?

Luciana has a chuckle to herself before she leaves the scene, and a surprised (in a good way) Dakota Mendoza behind. Dakota is left thinking about what she needs to do to stand out in her own way a little more as the scene cuts out.

Deadly Games
April 10th, 2020
5BW Facility - Manhattan, New York

Gabe is sitting in the locker room thinking about his triple threat match tonight.

Gabe: I am here because I need to get something off of my chest.

Gabe’s look quickly changes.

Gabe looks directly into the camera.

Gabe: I am sick and tired of Luciana being the champion around here. I do not feel she is setting a good example of what a champion should be. It is pretty pathetic that she had to have her minions help her win the championship. I am upset with how our championship match ended at Big Love. Lex and Samantha who I have a lot of respect for were also in this match. The way it ended was not fair to both of them either.

Gabe lets out a big sigh.

Gabe: Luciana, If you are the champion you claim to be, You need to start proving that you can win matches on your own and defend that championship on your own. It is time for you to prove that you do not need your friends to help you.

Gabe thinks about what Luciana said about him at Unlucky Luck and he gets even angrier.

Gabe: I may not have had a match at Unlucky Luck, but I heard what was said about me. To be honest, I am pretty upset and angry. Luciana said I do not belong here. I try each time I step foot in that ring. Yet, she had the audacity to say, I do not belong here.

Gabe looks deep into the camera again.

Gabe: Well, I have news for you Luciana and anyone else who thinks I do not belong here. In my triple threat match, you will see why I belong in 5BW.

Still Looking into the camera Gabe gets closer.

Gabe: So you all can call me bitter as much as you want. The Truth is, Yes I am still bitter. I have every right to be bitter. The biggest match of my career was ruined so selfishly. This will not end until someone takes that Championship away from Luciana.

Gabe backs away from the camera.

Gabe: Don’t worry Luciana, You will get what is coming to you.

Gabe pushes the camera and walks out.


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a triple threat match, and it’s to determine the number one contender to the 5BW Championship. The winner of the match will ALSO be picking the stipulation for the match. Introducing first….

I’m to Blame by Kip Moore kicks in. The fans are cheering for this with Gabe walking out of the back. He wants to make his mark in the promotion and getting the win, would mean something.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Niagara Falls, Canada, Gabe Khane!!

Gabe Khane rolls into the ring and waits for his opponents to come out of the back. Something has been eating him up inside since this all went down. Re-Education (Through Labor) by Rise Against kicks in as the fans are cheering. Out comes Lex Collins with him ready to go and get the title, that he was screwed out of, back around him.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing next, from the Open Road, He is the “Fearless One” Lex Collins!!

Lex gets into the ring with the fans cheering for him. He looks at Gabe, who’s on the other side of the ring and waits for the final opponent to arrive. Finish Line by Skillet kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Out comes Samantha Tolson-Anderson, who stares down Gabe and Lex in the ring and walks down slowly.

Taylor Hudson: Finally, from Jefferson City, Missouri, she’s the “Pretty Little Murder Machine”, Samantha Tolson-Anderson!!

Samantha rolls into the ring and keeps her stare down on Gabe and Lex. She considers having a lot of respect for them, but everything is on hold for this match. Samantha rolls into the ring and looks at all of them. The referee tells them to get ready for this with all three backing up. The bells are now called with Sam, Lex and Gabe ready to go.

Caresalle: “That’s the bell. We are underway here with the winner becoming the number one contender to the 5BW Championship and will choose the stipulation for the match where they challenge the Champion, be it Luciana Verdoza or Ariel Madden. Who do you like?”

Mays: “Who do I like? Hayley Fien! One of the hottest stars in 5BW, maybe the world!”

Caresalle: “No, I mean for this match.”

Mays: “Yeah, and it’s a crime that she isn’t in it!”


A title shot is on the line, revenge is on the mind and making a statement is also on the line as well. Gabe Khane walks up to the both and tells him that this is his moment and his time to shine for this match and that’s he’s been waiting for everything. He SHOVES both Lex and Sam with him mouthing off to fight. Sam and Lex both nod and punch him in the face. The both go over to him and stomp down at him, making the fans cheer for this. The both pick Gabe up and toss him out of the ring. Lex and Sam keep their eye on each other, knowing that they’re friends, but there’s no friendships in this match.

Caresalle: “Gabe Khane taking exception to both of his opponents, feels like he’s been overlooked.”

Mays: “He has a legit beef here! He earned the number one contendership back in December and, instead of a one-on-one shot, he had to share his match with Tolson and Luciana Verdoza. If I was Gabe, I’d have done exactly what he did right here.”

Caresalle: “And ended up on the floor as well?”

Sam and Lex keep their eye on one another and start bickering. They say that one of them is going to win this and get that title shot. Lex punches Sam right in the face with Sam throwing another punch. The both are throwing bows at one another with Lex getting the best of the punches. Sam gets Irish whipped with her coming back with a clothesline to Lex. She goes for a quick pin, but Lex kicks out of it. She again picks him up and goes for a knife edge chop to his chest. Samantha is lighting his chest up like no tomorrow as the fans are cheering for this. She stops this and runs at him, but Lex goes for Bricks RIGHT into her face. Samantha falls with Lex standing over her, making the fans hold their head at this.

Caresalle: “Vicious shot from Lex Collins!”

Mays: “He wants to do more than prove a point. He’s the only person other than our current Champion to have held that 5BW title. He wants it back!”

Lex picks her up and tosses Sam out of the ring, making her crash onto the ground. Lex takes a breather for a second, but the breather is stopped by Gabe Khane, who spears him RIGHT out of the ring as the fans are in shock with this. Gabe has come to play as he walks out onto the apron and waits for one of them to get picked up. Lex gets to his feet first and Gabe goes running at him with a Senton, but Samantha sacrifices herself and gets the brunt of it along with Lex. The both are down with Gabe yet again picking up Samantha and tossing her back in the ring. He gets back on with him coming after Samantha, but Samantha goes for a Japanese Armdrag. The fans are impressed with this as she waits for him to get back up again. Lex comes back in the ring and runs towards Sam with a big boot, but she grabs him and goes for a Japanese Armdrag as the fans are cheering.

Caresalle: “That’s why you have to be careful whenever Samantha Tolson-Anderson is your opponent! She is one of - if not THE - smartest individuals in not only 5BW, but the wrestling business!”

Mays: “Come on, the match has barely started and already you’re gushing over Samantha? Keep it in your pants, will ya?”

Samantha screams at the fans that she wants this and goes over towards Gabe. Gabe comes up and he runs at her as she goes for the Mind Your Head. Samantha sees him not fall and goes for a backbody drop, but Lex comes up behind and grabs Samantha and goes for the German Suplex! The fans are cheering as a “holy shit” chant breaks out from the people that are in here. Lex gets on top of Gabe and goes for the pin.



Th-Kickout by Gabe!

Caresalle: “Holy shit!”

Mays: “Quiet! The censors will be all up in you.”

Caresalle: “Right… Gabe Khane tried to pull off a surprise, but got caught and almost pinned.”

Lex picks him up and throws him into the corner as the fans are cheering for this. Gabe crashes back first as he sets himself up for the Systematic Breakdown 2.0. Lex goes to run, but Samantha grabs at him and is about to go for the Victory Omega Drop. The fans are cheering with Lex trying his best to get out of it. Sam goes for it and pins Lex into the bridge. The fans are cheering for this as Sam goes for the cover.



TH-Lex kicks out of it!!

Caresalle: “The crowd tonight appears to be squarely in STA’s corner.”

Mays: “All twenty of them?”

Caresalle: “Obvious Samantha has been the most outspoken socially about her displeasure over the events of Big Love that led to Luciana Verdoza stealing the 5BW Championship.”

Mays: “Stolen… nothing was against the rules. Luci just had a better plan than the rest.”

Samantha gets back up and picks Lex up by the hair, but Gabe comes back in the ring with the big boot to Sam’s face. Lex falls and Gabe tosses her out of the ring. He then waits for her to get back up as the fans are cheering for him. Samantha gets back to her feet with Gabe going for his finisher, but Lex comes up and goes for the Systematic Breakdown 2.0 on Gabe. He rolls him over in the ring as the fans are cheering for this.



Th-SAM breaks it up!!

Caresalle: “Almost a three count there!”

Mays: “Almost, but not! Now we’ll see Collins and Tolson break down entirely!”

Caresalle: “Break down? Are you even watching the match?”

Samantha grabs Lex and yells “I’m sorry” and tosses him out of the ring. She looks at Gabe and waits for him to get back up back. Gabe does as Sam grabs him and goes for the Mind Your Head. Gabe turns around, which causes to lead up the Victory Omega Alpha. Gabe crashes on the ground with Samantha rolling him over in the ring.





Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner and the number one contender to the 5BW Championship, Samantha Tolson-Anderson!!!

Caresalle: “She’s done it! Samantha Tolson-Anderson is in line for a 5BW Championship match, and gets to choose the stipulation!”

Mays: “I hope that Luciana Verdoza isn’t sweating this.”

Caresalle: “She may not even be Champion when the night is out...”

Mays: “I know! That’s why I’m hoping she’s not sweating it. Don’t want her to get all up in her head and distract her.”

Samantha Tolson-Anderson has done it! She’s received her shot at the title and awaits the winner of Luciana Verdoza and Ariel Madden, and on TOP of that, she will be picking the match she wants to have! Samantha picks up Gabe with Lex rolling in the ring. They look at each other and respectfully nod before Sam takes time to reflect with what happened.

5BW goes Canadian, Eh?
April 26th, 2020
Scotiabank Arena - Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The sound of wrist-tape pulling from the roll can be heard. As our scene rises up, Ariel Madden can be seen alone inside the locker-room, looking at herself in the mirror as she prepares for the biggest match of her life - challenging Luciana Verdoza for the Five Boroughs Wrestling Championship. As she does, she begins to address the camera, though not turning to face it.

Madden: “There are people here that don’t understand just what tonight means to me.”

She tapes the wrist tape to herself, pulling it around before biting the end, tearing the tape and pressing it together.

Madden: “When I started training to become a wrestler, I knew that the road wouldn’t be easy. I knew that there would be people who would do whatever they could to drag me down, keeping themselves on top. It’s so much easier for someone to drag others below them than it is to rise to the occasion. It’s easier to hit someone in the head with a steel chair than to out-perform them. It’s easier to have your friends run interference for you to get to the top of the company than it is to do it through blood, sweat and, yes, tears. But tonight isn’t about waxing poetic. Tonight is something that I have worked for… that I have earned. I didn’t have anyone lifting me up, trying to MAKE me a star! I did that all on my own!”

Ariel smirks, turning from the mirror and looking directly into the camera.

Madden: “You see, it offends me as a professional to have someone else try to claim ownership over my success. I’m not in this spot BECAUSE of Christy Winters… I’m here IN SPITE of her! No, I don’t buy the self-indulgent crap that she’s somehow responsible for my success. I did that. I made it here…”

She grins, pondering the night’s events.

Madden: “I earned my opportunity at the 5BW Championship… my first ever title match. And while there may be controversy towards my opponent, the Champion, I have to put all of that out of my head. I have to ignore that Samantha Tolson feels cheated out of the Championship. I have to ignore that Lex Collins was robbed of it. I have to ignore that Gabe Khane earned a shot only to have it reduced to Luciana Verdoza’s run-in parade. I have to put all of that, all their feelings towards Verdoza out of my mind, because if I’m focused on THEM, I’m not focused on what I should be focused on.”

Ariel chuckles a bit, shaking her head.

Madden: “And I have to admit, Luciana has every reason to be confident. She’s been in this position before. She has the support behind her. She has people willing to openly disregard rulings of management to help her get ahead. I don’t have that. This is my fourth month in wrestling. I know I’m the underdog tonight. I know that the stands here aren’t going to be that full, so there’s not going to be legions of fans pushing me forward. I know that Luciana is confident. She deserves to be. But you know what?”

Her smile immediately cuts to a straight face.

Madden: “Her confidence could well be her undoing. If she thinks for ONE MINUTE that I’m going to be a pushover? That I’m not going to give EVERYTHING I have to rip that Championship from her hands, she has got another thing coming! I am not about to let this opportunity go to waste! I’m not going to let my nerves or the fact that I’m the underdog in my first title match intimidate me. I’m not going to let her experience get into my head. I’m not going to let the fact that Dakota Mendoza is probably going to be ready at the drop of a pin to come to her friend’s aid distract me. My focus tonight is singular: Beat Luciana Verdoza. Liberate the 5BW Championship. And do it all the way I’ve made my career and built MY star here… BY MYSELF!”

With that, Ariel grins, moving past the camera and slamming the locker-room door behind her, causing the scene to shift.

Renegade’s Revenge cuts backstage where 5BW World Champion Luciana Verdoza is standing in front of the camera, championship in hand, having her usual arrogant smirk and expressing her typical, overbearing scoff as she doesn’t seem to be too worried about the challenge that Ariel Madden is going to present to her. Even with some of the things that haven’t been in her favor lately, she’s still maintaining her defiance as she begins to express her thoughts.

Luciana: Last month, the one thing that you NEVER wanted to happen DID in fact happen and that’s ME as the 5BW World Champion. I STILL get a laugh at the broadcast… when the announce team is acting like the moment I won the world championship was the biggest doom and gloom moment in 5BW history! I mean… I don’t blame them for feeling that way and I don’t blame the audience or the fans for feeling this way because many of this company’s fans… they know who I am… they remember that prior to coming here, I had already held four world championships as it is… they remember the last time I wrestled for a New York based promotion not that many years ago. They remember some of the things that I’ve done… they remember some of the careers that I’ve altered. They remember THE bitch… they remember the most talented and most glamorous competitor of her generation… they remember that glamour girl… they remember that glamour queen…

The same one that for many years terrorized the business…

They remember the same bitch that would not just cast aside her enemies but they remember that same bitch that altered the course of SO many careers… they remember the enemies that would quiver in fear and break down in spades and feel like the unworthy pieces of shit they really are because I told it to them straight…

For YEARS I’ve built up a reputation of being not just A bitch… but THE bitch! They remember how… well… I’m just going to straight up admit this with pride considering some otherworldly hearsay that’s been happening lately… but they remember my massive responsibility in the death of the beloved promotion known as PRW. Yeah, I admit it… I’m responsible in a lot of ways for that promotion going down.

Do I regret it?

Luciana shrugs, clearly not giving a crap about what she just explained.

Luciana: I don’t.

I don’t give a crap about the careers that I’ve fucked up. I don’t give a crap about the FEELINGS of other people, never really have to be honest. I don’t care that I called out Jane Nobody for being a whore, made her break down and cry about it, then beat her in the ring and then she disappeared from wrestling a month later. I don’t give a fuck. I don’t care that the first protege I ever had… ungrateful by the way… has had to deal with a lot of self-esteem issues throughout most of her career despite all her greatness… because that’s not my problem. I don’t care that a former rival of mine felt like a failure of a mother for years because I beat her in her last match before her planned retirement… I don’t care that I made her an emotional wreck… or her bastard daughter… or the fact that it all led her to go mad and manipulate three proteges to get to the top while burning her bridges and destroying the lives and careers of those three… honestly, I find it all to be fucking hilarious.

I only give a crap about one thing… and that’s making sure that I’m THE star… that everything around me revolves around me or else they burn to the ground.

I don’t care how I win my championships. I don’t care how I get to where I am today. I really don’t care… all I care about is getting the job done by any means necessary… and I’ve done it my whole career… and the reason you can’t stand me being champion is because you KNOW you don’t have that initiative that I do… that’s why me being champion triggers you all and gets you ALL UP IN YOUR FEELINGS…

Luciana pauses and maintains her anger, all while being amused by the damage she’s done over the years.

Luciana: I’ve done it all… and I’ve overcome so much BULLSHIT along the way… such as Dora’s favoritism, such as this bullshit stipulation I’ve got to deal with… and Ariel… this brand new thing… talented, sure. But this is too soon for her because like I said, beating Christy Winters doesn’t mean shit and doesn’t make you a top challenger for the world title. It’s wrestlers like you Ariel… with all the potential in the world… that I’ve made a career feasting off of. It’s always me right… against the “hot new thing”? And I typically win… and I typically ruin their careers and burn down their self-esteems. Is this what you really want, Ariel? Are you willing to risk your individuality for all this? You do realize that there’s a strong chance you’ll never be the same after this, right? Time is not on your side. It’s premature for you. Sorry honey… but the powers that be are going to regret that they ever put you across the ring from me because tonight?

You’ll all see why I’m THE Prima Donna of this entire business!

Luciana walks out of the camera shot, glad to have said exactly what she’s wanted to say for some time now… before the scene fades to black.


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is for the Five Boroughs Wrestling Championship!!

The fans are cheering for what’s about to go down because this is a big match for someone. Bounce by Bon Jovi kicks in with the fans cheering for this. Out comes Ariel Madden, taking time to soak it in, comes down the ramp. This is her first ever title match with 5BW and is looking to take this away from Luciana Verdoza in her first shot.

Jamey Caresalle: Ladies and Gentlemen, Ariel Madden made herself to be a house hold name in 5BW. Tonight is the NIGHT she proves herself to the crowd what she’s able to do and she got this on her own, not by Christy Winters!
Bimmy Mays: Christy Winters didn’t make her! What the fuck crack is she smoking?
Maneater by Nelly Furtado kicks in as the fans let out of the biggest boos out there. Out comes the champion, Luciana Verdoza and raises the title up in the air. She walks to the ring with the fans flipping her off and yelling profanity at her. She stops and says that their low class and will NEVER be like her. Luciana rolls into the ring and raises the title up in the air to taunt Ariel Madden.

Bimmy Mays: I hate this bitch! And I don’t even call anyone that word, unless they want to be called it!
Jamey Caresalle: Strong words there, partner, but yes, Luciana’s actions are questionable, especially with Brian Holmes. I’ll leave it as that.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Syracuse, New York, weighing in at 130 pounds, Ariel Madden!!

The fans cheer at Ariel Madden as she raises her hands in the air. Luciana does not look impressed with this with her yawning at Ariel. Ariel tells her to hold onto the title because it’s coming to her after this match.

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent, from Milan, Italy, weighing in at 132 pounds, she is the Five Boroughs Wrestling Champion, Luciana Verdoza!!

Luciana raises her title in the air and yells at Ariel that this is her title and that this will FOREVER be hers! Ariel keeps her eye on it and doesn’t take her eye on it. The referee raises it in the air for everyone with Ariel backing into the corner along with Luciana. The bells ring with the match ready to go.


Jamey Caresalle: And here we go with the match!

Luciana and Ariel walk up to each other with them matching up to each other. Luciana looks at her and tells her that this is HER ring and she does not belong. Ariel doesn’t even feel threatened by her as Luciana SLAPS her in the face! The fans are in shock with Ariel backing up. Ariel goes after her, but Luciana does what she does best, run out. Ariel’s not falling for her shit, grabs Luciana and goes for the Atlas-Plex! Luciana falls with the fans cheering for this with Ariel going for the same move again for a second time. Luciana rolls out of the ring and grabs her belt because she doesn’t want to deal with this. The fans are booing for this while Luciana walks up the ramp as the referee is telling her to get back down here.

Bimmy Mays: Typical of Luciana Verdoza! Always wanting to run but has no bark!

Ariel rolls out of the ring because she doesn’t want to win like this. She wants to win fair and square. Luciana tries to run away, but Ariel catches her and grabs her. Luciana is screaming to let her go with the fans cheering. Ariel puts her back in the ring and gets in herself, though Luciana comes up and goes for a clothesline onto the ground. She says that she’s smart and gets right on top of her. She punches her in the face and locks in a cross-arm bar on Ariel. Ariel screams out in pain and uses her elbow to get back up, but Luciana is still using the cross-arm bar.
Jamey Caresalle: Luciana is using the cross arm breaker and WANTS to break Ariel’s arm!
Finally, the champion lets go and kicks down at the elbow with the fans are booing for her as she mocks at her. Ariel is holding her arm with the referee asking her if she wants to keep going. Ariel stands back up and nods her head that she wants to keep going, but Luciana comes back to her and goes for a handspring elbow into the corner.

Jamey Caresalle: Handspring Elbow into Ariel Madden!

Luciana again points at her head and says that she’s smart about this and pins her in the ring for the first fall of the night.

Jamey Caresalle: The Champion goes for the first cover of the night!!



Ariel kicks out.

Bimmy Mays: PHEW! I was going to shit bricks if she would’ve won!
Luciana looks at her and says that she’s going to give up, but Ariel hits her with a stiff left hand, making the fans cheering for this. Luciana comes back towards her and tries to grab the arm that’s hurting her, but Ariel hits her again. Luciana faces towards the crowd as the fans are cheering as she goes for a one arm German Suplex with the fans being impressed with this.

She waits for Luciana to get back up and she does again. Luciana comes towards her with Ariel going for the bear hug! The fans are cheering for this with Luciana being caught with this. The referee is asking her if she wants to give up, but Luciana says she does not want to give up and hits her, but Ariel goes for a fallaway slam as the fans are cheering for this.

Ariel says that she’s going to end this match with the fans cheering for this, as we could be closing on a new 5BW Champion as the fans are cheering. Ariel waits for Luciana to get up, but the fans start booing because Dakota Mendoza is on the apron and yells at Ariel.

Jamey Caresalle: Oh Great! Dakota is out here and REALLY about to cost Ariel the title!
Ariel turns around and grabs her as the fans are cheering for this, but Luciana comes up behind Ariel and rolls her up for a pin.



THR-Ariel kicks out of it!

Jamey Caresalle: ARIEL is STILL in this!!!

Luciana gets up and sees Ariel coming back up on her and goes for the Arrivederci. She tries doing it as Dakota is cheering her one on the apron. The referee is telling her to get down as Dakota is yelling. Suddenly, Ariel uses her power and PUSHES Luciana off and onto the referee, and Dakota and goes for the Atlas-Plex on Luciana.

Jamey Caresalle: Ariel goes for the Atlas-Plex, but causes the referee to go down as well! This is NOT good!!

She rolls her over and pins her, but the referee is down. The fans are getting pissed off about this. Suddenly, Christy Winters comes out of the back and gets in the ring to look at Ariel Madden. The fans are wondering what this is about as the fans are booing for this.

Jamey Caresalle: What the hell is Christy Winters doing out here?!

Bimmy Mays: I TOLD YOU she would take credit for this!!

Ariel is telling her to get out of the ring, but Luciana gets up and confronts her. She tells her to get the fuck out, but Christy Winters flips the both off. She says that she’s better than the both and that she should take credit for Ariel getting this match. Luciana thinks she’s nuts with Christy trying to attack her, but Ariel grabs her and goes for the Atlas-Plex and takes her out of the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: Ariel takes her rival out!

Luciana grabs her and goes for the Arrivederci with the fans booing for this. She rolls over Ariel and pins her.

Jamey Caresalle: Luciana took advantage of this! This could be it!

Bimmy Mays: But there’s no DAMN Referee!
But the referee is STILL down as Luciana’s getting pissed off with this. Just then a new referee comes out of the back with Luciana barking at him. She yells that she has this match won with the referee telling her that she needs to end this if she wants to. Just then, Ariel comes behind her and goes for the Atlas-Plex yet again, but Luciana rolls behind her and goes for the Arrivederci a THIRD time. This could be it as Luciana rolls her over in the ring and pins her.





Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner and STILL Five Boroughs Wrestling Champion, Luciana Verdoza!!

The fans are not happy with this, but we must give Luciana Verdoza credit because she didn’t need anyone to help her out with this.

Jamey Caresalle: Luciana Verdoza wins the match up, but Ariel Madden has NOTHING to be ashamed about despite nearly losing the match thanks to Dakota Mendoza and Christy Winters! My hats go off for the both of them!

Luciana gets on the microphone with the fans booing for this because she’s about to cut a promo with this being a traditional after matches.

Bimmy Mays: Oh great! The champion is about to speak….

Luciana Verdoza: Wow… it REALLY sounds like you’re SO unhappy right about now. What’s the matter, you didn’t get what you wanted? You wanted to see the hotshot new girl somehow upset and overcome THE one true bitch of this company? Not tonight! This is a sight you have to get used to for a LONG time...

The fans are booing for this as she’s walking around the ring with her title.

Luciana Verdoza: I’ve already defended this twice… whether you like it or you don’t. This company revolves around me! I came here to do exactly what I am doing right now! I came here to prove that I am the best and that just about everyone is beneath me and that’s true… Lex Collins… beneath me… Gabe Khane… beneath me… Christy Winters… well… she’s beneath everyone else if ya know what I mean… but that bitch isn’t even worthy of scanning my designer brand clothes at the local Macy’s she needs to be working at. Want me to continue? Dora Richardson… BENEATH ME! I’ll dominate everywhere you have me… any environment…any opponent… any stipulation… unlike the Knicks I actually know how to win!

The fans are flipping her off, Luciana does not look impressed with this.

Luciana Verdoza: Wow… you have SO much class! Figures! I would think that you’d know how to appreciate true greatness but… no… you people here don’t appreciate anything. You’re all entitled little shits who like to hide behind that barricade but when it comes time to talk the talk… you people are just like A-Rod… you suddenly go cold when it’s time to backup your shit!

As Luciana is still mocking at the fans, Finish Line by Skillet kicks in. Samantha Tolson-Anderson comes right into the ring and stands in front of Luciana Verdoza. This time, Luciana is NOT running away.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: Well holy shit look at this. I walked into a ring you’re in and you DIDN’T run away like the yellow-bellied bitch you are. Maybe you’ve got some guts after all...then again, now that it’s all official-like I’m getting my shot at the World Championship, you really don’t have a choice but to stand and fight, do you?

Fans are cheering for this.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: So, I challenged you to a War Games match. You pick four, I pick four, we double up the rings, put a cage around us, and we put on a fucking fight for the world to see. But, I’ve got an idea that’ll sweeten the pot for you. Something that’ll give you something I know you’ll desperately want if your team wins. How about the captain of the winning team picks the stipulation for the night I rescue the 5bw World Championship from your ass?

Fans are nodding “Kick her ass!”

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: Make a choice, right now...tell us, you in or you out? Do you have the nuts to get into a cage with me, or am I...

Cutoff by Luciana, Luciana shoots

Luciana Verdoza: ...you’re DONE assuming the same shit you’ve been assuming about me for months with all this ‘coward’ nonsense. Do you really know who the fuck I am? The first world championship defense I EVER had in my career, 11 years ago, was a Hell in a Cell match and I OWNED that shit. I’ve overhyped, overrated wrestlers JUST like you in their own, customized hardcore matches. I have retained world championships in matches where electrocution is the way to win. Four years ago, I was at a point where I was being bloodily beaten again… and again… and again… and I survived one of the bloodiest matches I’ve ever had AND won a rumble match in the same night. You could NEVER KNOW the torture I’ve put people through over the years so this little War Games match? If it’s career suicide you want… it’s career suicide you get. Hell, knowing YOUR reputation, I’d be doing the business a FAVOR by getting rid of you to be honest because….

Samantha cuts her off here, Sam shoots.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: Because what, bitch? Let's face some facts here. You didn't win that belt on your own, it was fucking HANDED to you by Brian fucking Malone when he allowed your little side bitches to storm the four-way match. You tried schmoozing Sabrina Baker into taking a dive for you, and when that didn't work you got help beating her. And this crowd saw the shit you pulled tonight to cheat Ariel out of a win. So when we meet for that belt, Lucy Poo, it'll be the deadliest fucking match of your life. Laud your past all you want...but hardcore wrestling is in my fucking BLOOD. And when I get that skanky fucking ass inside...

Liberate by Disturbed kicks in as the fans are booing for this.

Brian Holmes: First off, Samantha Tolson-Anderson, since you LOVE to talk about what I’ve done, based off a white lie that Veronica Van Claudio started, I didn’t HAND Luciana the title win!

The fans are booing at him

Brian Holmes: Dakota Mendoza and xS got involved and prevented YOU along with Lex Collins, and Gabe Khane from winning the title? Isn’t that what the rules are ALL About after the time clock?

Samantha mocks and lies “liar” with Luciana smirking.

Brian Holmes: Besides, who was it that wasted time and let the time clock run out? Who was it that didn’t pin Luciana right away? It was YOU!!

He smirks and makes the fans boo.

Brian Holmes: And besides, we ALL know that Dora Richardson wouldn’t have come out and stop the mat-

Diamond Eyes by Shinedown kicks in as she stares in the face of Brian.

Dora Richardson: ACTUALLY, Brian…. I would’ve stopped the match and prevented this ungrateful BITCH from winning the title.

The fans go wild with Luciana yelling at her. Samantha nods and smiles at her with a thumbs up.

Dora Richardson: See? I find it kind of funny that all of a sudden, Luciana and Dakota have to be barking dogs, want me fired or impeached after the actions I did at New Years Party, when it was justified after Dakota attacked my mother, who’s not even here to defend herself and yet she ends up 5BW World Champion.

She looks at Luciana.

Dora Richardson: You’re very lucky I’m a retired wrestler because if I wasn’t, I would literally MURDER you in the ring, and to be honest, champion or not, YOU, Luciana Verdoza, WOULD never and I mean would NEVER tie my boots up and LAST a goddamn minute in the ring!

The fans cheer for this as Luciana is in shock. Sam keeps her smirk.

Dora Richardson: When I started Five Boroughs Wrestling almost a year ago, I wanted pride and I wanted honor. Since then, all that went out the window. When you’re confronted, you fight, not run, when something you’ve done wrong, you admit it and work hard. Samantha’s been on that way and it saddens me that hard work is taken away.

She looks at the both of them and Brian.

Dora Richardson: Now as for YOU! You’ve allowed this to happen, but yet, you want to play the victim and quite frankly, I’m tired of it and as of RIGHT NOW, I’m taking control BACK of my company I started!

The fans are cheering as she looks at Sam and Luciana.

Dora Richardson: And it appears you two both want War Games, right? I want to see it and I want to see Luciana get the SHIT kicked out of her in my Hometown of Toronto!

The fans are cheering for this with Brian looking.

Dora Richardson: So here’s my first official match making BACK as owner, April 26th, 2020, Scotiabank Arena, It will be team Sam vs. Team Luciana IN A WAR GAMES MATCH!!!

The fans are cheering

Dora Richardson: Pick wisely for your teams the two of you.

Diamond Eyes kicks in leaving Brian in shock with this as he holds his head. Dora waits for him to turn around and he does with Dora giving a SUPER kick right to his face. Samantha Tolson-Anderson is smirking while Luciana looks scared. Now that Dora is back, she’s screwed as we end Renegade’s Revenge.

Opening: Garrett
Bridget vs. Mary Ellen: Hector
Larissa Commentary: Dave
Other Matches: Me
Graphics: Janine
Segments: Handlers

Note from Staff: Well this show was a good show to say at least! I hope everyone enjoyed it during this time of need when we need to have each other's backs.

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