5BW Presents: Vendetta - June 21st, 2020

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5BW Presents: Vendetta - June 21st, 2020

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The lights go out in Citi Field as we see a white spotlight that is going around. Suddenly, a familiar guitar rift opens as we see the band Accept on stage. Everyone is going nuts as the theme song Balls to the Wall kicks in as the fans are going wild for this. Just then in the middle part, the Band Disturbed also pops up on the same stage as well performing “No More”. After the song ends, Balls to the Walls finishes out as pyro blares all around for the show. We go to a montage of what is going down in this season with “We Will Rock You” by In This Moment playing. Then the video goes to In the End by Anthrax of Samantha Tolson-Anderson and Luciana Verdoza’s feud. We end the video with Luciana and Sam standing face to face with a shot of the 5BW Championship right there.

No More By Disturbed kicks in again as we are live from Citi Field in Queens, New York! Pyro is blaring all over the home of the New York Mets as fans are holding their signs. Jamey Caresalle and Bimmy Mays welcome us to the show

Jamey Caresalle: Good Evening everyone and welcome to Five Boroughs Wrestling’s Vendetta! I am Jamey Caresalle! Alongside me is Bimmy Mays!!

Bimmy Mays: Holy shit! One Year of this and we haven’t been cancelled yet with the shit we pulled! How are we still on air?!

Jamey Caresalle It takes heart, desire and respect, but that hasn’t been shown around here in MONTHS. Luciana and Samantha will end their long feud in Sam’s special match for the 5BW Championship. Will tonight be Sam’s night? Or will the terror keep on going?

Bimmy Mays: I hope so for the sake of 5BW!!

Jamey Caresalle: Also tonight, we crown our first Freedom Champion as Chelsea Pryce and Darian Andrews battle for the title. Larissa and Mary Ellen look to end their six year battle while Sabrina Baker and Amy Harrison clash out!

Bimmy Mays: Don’t forget! The tag titles are on the line as my girls xS will be defending the titles!

Jamey Caresalle: That is true! So much more to go down for Vendetta! Let’s get this show started!!

Backstage we find Christina King in front of a 5BW backdrop. She’s dressed to the nine in a pinstripe suit with a microphone in hand. The co-founder of 5BW gives the camera a wink and begins speaking into her microphone.

Christina King: 5BW! The day has come! It’s been one year since The Judge came to me with a new concept that would revolution wrestling in the New York area. We struggled, we fought, we secured venues, we signed talent, and over the course of a year we created an organization that shook wrestling to it’s very core!

Christina takes in the moment, basking in the cheers of the fans watching in the arena.

Christina King: Tonight you will see the hottest action we have to offer. More than that… You will see me, the madwoman herself, going one on one with Gabe Khane! Gabe, it’s been months since we faced and you put me down. Your experience was such that you cut me off. This time, things will be different! On the eve of 5BW’s one year anniversary, you will know my name is MADWOMAN! Now, let’s start this show!

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a triple threat match and it’s one fall! Introducing first!
Natural Born Killaz by Ice Cube and Dr. Dre kicks in as the fans are booing for this. Out comes the biggest roster member on the roster as he looks to the crowd.

Taylor Hudson From Brooklyn, New York, Enforcer!!

Mood Swings by Boogie with a Hoodie Kicks in.

Taylor Hudson From Detriot, Michigan, Scott Gold!!

Scott Gold walks down from the ring as the fans are booing for him. Hail to the King by Avenged Sevenfold kicks in as the fans boo even more.

Taylor Hudson From Fort Myers, Florida, Drew Rogers!!

Drew Rogers walks into the ring as the fans are booing for this. All three of them look at each other and the bells ring.

Once the bell rings, Drew takes a charge at Enforcer. Enforcer barely catches a glimpse of Drew as Enforcer pays his attention to Scott. .Enforcer gets brought down with a shoulder tackle to the chest by Drew then Drew looks at Scott and charges at him. Scott awaits Drew and times his first move perfectly. Scott grabs the top rope and drops down to the ground, evading Drew and making him flip over the top rope and crash landing right on the floor.

Jamey Caresalle : These are three guys with everything to prove here! We may be looking at future champions here!

Bimmy Mays : With the season coming to an end season 2 is anyone’s to grab!

Scott gets up and looks out to Drew sneering at him, causing some frustration for him. Enforcer recovers, then picks up Scott from behind, dumping him out, making Scott flip over the top rope and onto the floor. Drew gets up but Enforcer gets outside of the ring and walks over to him. Enforcer clubs Drew in the kidneys causing him to fall down to the floor. After that, he grabs Drew and irish whips him into the ring steps, hard.Drew hits the side of his knee and flips completely over the ring steps, wincing in complete pain from the brutal move that just happened to him

Jamey Caresalle : Look at how strong Enforcer is! He looks unhuman!

Bimmy Mays : The 5BW does testing here right?

Jamey Caresalle : You still work here don’t you?

Bimmy Mays : Touche James…. Touche…

Enforcer goes over to Scott, who is sitting up, and connects with a few stomps to Scott's stomach as he lies on another set of steel steps. On one particular stomp, Scott rolls out of the way causing Enforcer to hit nothing but steel steps, particularly the top half of the steel steps being kicked off and landing on the floor. Enforcer then lies down on the bottom half of the steps, wincing in pain. Drew grabs at his knee but manages to get up with the help of the steel ring steps. Scott grabs Enforcer by the back of the head and jams his head into the steel post.

Jamey Caresalle : Smart idea! Double team the big man!

Bimmy Mays : Yeah but it’s still every man for themself here!

Drew limps over to Scott, favoring his knee and turns him around. Scott tries a right but Drew ducks and dodges the right. Drew comes back with a gut punch to stymie Scott and then connects with a perfect neckbreaker.

Jamey Caresalle : What a neck breaker!

Bimmy Mays : That had to hurt especially outside of the ring!
Drew rolls Scott back into the ring and then does the same with Enforcer, who stays in the corner. Drew isn’t having it as he drags Enforcer away from the corner. He drops down and makes a pinfall attempt…

1…..2…… Enforcer kicks out!

Jamey Caresalle : Close but Enforcer is durable!

Bimmy Mays : They may need to park a truck on his chest to keep him down!

Drew slowly stands up, but Scott comes back into the fray with a running forearm from behind. Scott has a cocky smirk on his face as he steps to the other side of the ring, measuring Drew as he slowly begins to stand. Scott charges at Drew and spears him once Drew was fully standing. Drew rolls on the mat holding his stomach in pain. Scott works on Enforcer as he picks him up and irish whips him into a corner turnbuckle. Scott charges at Enforcer but Enforcer evades Scott and Scott hits the turnbuckle hard. Scott falls back and flips over while Drew rolls out of the ring and gets some air as the spear knocks the wind out of him.Enforcer charges at the ropes and then rebounds, charging back at Scott and knees him in the gut. Enforcer then picks Scott up off the mat and body slams him back down to the canvas with a vicious powerslam. Drew rolls in and pounces on Enforcer’s back, trapping him in a sleeper hold and trying to wear down the big man. Drew starts ruthlessly choking Enforcer as he gasps for air.

Jamey Caresalle : Smart game plan by Drew! Wear the big man down!

Bimmy Mays : He may be going to sleep!

He’s definitely teetering and he ends up falling down to his knees. Drew is enjoying this, as he’s definitely feeling like he’s in control, but this is not for long as Scott comes in and delivers a spinning heel kick right into the jaw of Enforcer, knocking him down to the mat and breaking up the sleeper hold Drew had on him upon landing. Drew rolls away as Enforcer is in a more dazed and groggy state on the mat. Scott tries a pin on Enforcer.

1…..2….. Broken up by Drew!!!

Jamey Caresalle : And Drew breaking the pin!

Bimmy Mays : This is still very much anyone’s game!

Drew gets up and starts working on Scott by stomping the back of Scott's head. Drew finally grabs Scott by the head, picking him up and irish whipping him into the ropes. Scott rebounds off of the ropes and then Drew is able to catch him mid-stride and connect with a flapjack that sends Scott crashing near the corner. Drew gets up off the mat after falling backwards for the flapjack and Enforcer comes up out of nowhere from behind, grabbing him and giving him a suplex right into a pinfall attempt with the shoulders being down on the mat.

1…..2…...Drew rolls the shoulder out!

Jamey Caresalle : This one is still going!

Bimmy Mays : All three of these guys are going all out tonight!

Enforcer is none too pleased with this. He stands up, dragging Drew up along with him. Enforcer picks him up and delivers a spinebuster to Drew that sends Drew rolling out of the ring. Scott then comes out of nowhere as he shoves Enforcer into the ropes. Enforcer comes off of them back toward Scott and Scott his feet and he hits him with three right hands to the face. He irish whips Enforcer to the turnbuckle and then does a corner splash. Enforcer bounces off the turnbuckle and Scott drills Enforcer with a spinning roundhouse kick to the jaw, knocking him down.

Jamey Caresalle : Ohhhhhhh!

Bimmy Mays : I think I may have just seen a tooth fly out of his mouth! Someone may have gotten a free souvenir!

Enforcer looks like he is out of it. Scott goes to the top rope and measures Enforcer as he waits for him to get up. Once Enforcer is on his knees, Scott leaps and goes for the Born Sinner but Enforcer rolls out of the way at the last second. Scott crashes hard into the mat and winces in pain while Enforcer capitalizes by picking him up and nailing him with the Death Penalty!

Jamey Caresalle : Out of nowhere!!!

Bimmy Mays : This one may be over!

Enforcer turns him over and covers.

1… Drew slides into the ring... 2…. Drew tries to stop the pin…. 3!!!!!!

Jamey Caresalle : Very impressive debut for Enforcer!

Bimmy Mays : That is one scary looking man!

Jamey nods in agreement as we head to the back and see Brett and Alex.

Alex and Brett are in the locker room training for their 2 out of 3 falls match for the Tag Team Championships.

Brett: So, We are finally getting the opportunity to become the 5BW Tag Team Champions. How cool is that?

Alex: It is awesome that we are getting this shot. Especially after all we went through in our first matches here. We went through a lot. We got bumped and bruised, and bleed along the way. Now here we are.

Brett: I know I can’t believe it. So many people have said we couldn’t do this. So far we have proven people wrong. Now we just need to put the icing on the cake and take those Tag Team Championships home.

Alex Nods.

Alex: Yes we do. However, we have to beat Xs first. They are two of the toughest women here. They are a great team. Like us, they are great friends, and like us, their friendship is very strong.

Brett: I know Xs are going to make us work for those Tag Team Championships. This match is going to be the biggest test of our careers. I think you can agree, but, we are up for the task.

Alex looks at Brett.

Alex: We sure are up for the task. We have proven we are willing to put the work in. We got this far, now all we have to do is get to that finish line. We are only two falls away from that. It is going to be a tough job and hard work, but I think we can do it.

Brett: We Got this Alex. We have never given up. Our never give up attitudes have gotten us this far. We cannot give up now.

Alex: I agree with you Brett. We cannot give up now. We cannot give up at all either. If Xs think they are going to make quick and easy work out of us, they are mistaken. We are going to make this just as tough for them too. We are going to make sure they, or anyone else for that matter never underestimate us.

Brett Smiles.

Brett: We have been underestimated for so long, but I really think people are starting to take us seriously. Getting this opportunity is a good sign that we are finally getting to be taken seriously. With that said, we are not going down without a fight.

Alex: I don’t care what Xs throws at us, we will not go down. Whatever they throw at us, we are just going to throw at them harder.

Brett: That is exactly what we have to do here. We have to throw everything we have at Xs.

Alex: Yes, we have worked too hard to prove people wrong. We worked too hard to get this opportunity. We are not going to waste this chance. We are going to fight with everything we have.

Brett Looks at Alex.

Brett: That is our plan. We need to show everyone we can be the top Tag Team in 5BW.

Alex: If we can do that, then we will know we did something right. We earned this opportunity. Now we have to earn those championships and the right to be the top Tag Team here.

Brett: It is time for us to get to work.

Alex: It is time to show Xs and everyone else what we are truly made of.

Brett: All I can say is Xs are going to be in for a surprise. We are not here to play. We are going to let them know that in our match. They are going to find out exactly who we are.

Alex: They will. They are going to find out our heart and desire to be tag team champions.

Alex and Brett Look at eachother.

Alex: Let’s do this Brett. Let’s take those tag titles back home to Morresville with us.

Brett: We got this. This is going to be our time. We are going to get our moment.

Alex: We can’t give up now.

Alex and Brett Fist Bump each other.

Alex and Brett leave the locker room to prepare for their match.

In the back, we see Hayley Fien lacing up her boots. Just then Sarah McCarthy, her long time trainer comes in and looks at Hayley.

Sarah McCarthy: Hayley, I hope you know what you’ve gotten yourself into here.

Hayley looks up at Sarah and eyes her.

Hayley Fien: I know, but is it right for Brittani to say that she’s better than me?

Hayley eyes her, waiting for what Sarah could say.

Sarah McCarthy: In this game, if you don’t believe that you’re the best, you shouldn’t be in it.

Hayley looks at her.

Hayley Fien: So what are you trying to tell me, Sarah? Just tell me what is going on!

Sarah McCarthy: The fact is I’m not liking how you’re taking business into your own hands the way you have been lately.

Sarah keeps her eyes on her with Hayley looking at her, pissed off.

Sarah McCarthy: Listen, I know you want to prove yourself here, but you’re doing things all wrong. How you reacted after using the Triad Challenge, how you tried to go after Drew, and now trying to go after Brittani……….

Sarah lets out a sigh of frustration, as she continues her thought.

Sarah McCarthy: If you were paying attention to anything that’s happened in 5BW, you’d know that Brittani is a savage out there. She’s not going to be easy on you. I’m just hoping you know what’s waiting for you tonight.

Hayley Fien: But you NEVER warned me about how Drew was, Sarah!!

Sarah McCarthy: Because you NEVER want to listen to me!!

She looks at her with anger. Kieran walks in as Hayley looks at him.

Hayley Fien: Hi Kieran!!

Sarah looks at Kieran and then to Hayley

Sarah McCarthy: I guess I’ll leave you two to it, then

Kieran watches as Sarah leaves the room.

Kieran Quinn: What was that about?

Hayley Fien: Sarah doesn’t believe in me. After everything I did for her, she just doesn’t believe that I can defeat Brittani Helms.

She goes to Kieran and looks at him.

Hayley Fien: Do you?

Kieran Quinn: I believe you’ve got what it takes, but you’ve got to prove yourself out there. Prove to people like Sarah that you can hang with the best and the toughest here.

Hayley Fien: I will, but can I se-

Kieran waves her off.

Kieran Quinn: Not the time for that.

Hayley looks at him and nods as she goes for her match with Kieran standing there. He shrugs with Sarah coming back in the room.

Sarah McCarthy: Well?

Kieran Quinn: I think she’s ready


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a singles match and it’s one fall. Introducing first…

Angel Eyes by New Years Day kicks in as the fans are cheering. Out comes Hayley Fien, who stares at the crowd in Citi Field before walking to the ring, soaking in everything that is about to go down.

Taylor Hudson: From Wildwood, New Jersey, weighing in at 134 pounds, Hayley Fien!!!

Hayley gets into the ring and looks at the fans around her. She gets in and taunts while white and baby blue pyro comes up. Hayley may have the biggest task for her thus far and needs to get this win if she wants to make it in season two. Unchained (Untouchable/Payback) by Tupac and James Brown kicks in as the fans are cheering for this with Hayley pacing back and forth in the ring.

Jamey Caresalle This is going to be a large mountain for Hayley to climb. Hayley is out to prove that she is one of the elite here!

Bimmy Mays : This is a match I’ve been looking forward to!

Taylor Hudson: From Washington, DC, she is the “DC Savage”, Brittani Helms!!

Brittani comes out of the back and looks at the crowd. She taunts at them before taking a knee and raising her fist in the air with the fans giving her a standing ovation. Brittani gets back up and walks to the ring while taunting the crowd. She’s one of originals who has been in this since day one (Along with Hayley). Brittani gets into the ring and looks at her opponent with the bells ringing.

Jamey Caresalle : The fans are going to be in for a treat with this one. This could be a possible case of passing the torch.

Bimmy Mays : Or passing of….

Jamey Caresalle : Shut it!


Hayley gets in the face of Brittani immediately and yells that she will do whatever it takes for her to win this match up. Brittani does not look impressed with Hayley saying that she will defeat her and SHOVES the DC Savage. Brittani nods and CLOCKS her right in the face as the fans are cheering. That is a lesson not to get cocky with her. Hayley holds her face in shock with Brittani telling her to get up. Hayley does and goes right after Brittani again and SLAPS her in the face before shoving her into the ropes.

Jamey Caresalle : Ohhhh this is getting personal already!

Bimmy Mays : Nothing is more degrading than just getting bitch slapped. Especially if it’s with a frozen carp!

Jamey Caresalle : What?!

Brittani runs into them with Hayley going for a flapjack on Brittani into the ropes. The fans are looking at this with Hayley telling her to get up. Brittani gets back to her feet and Hayley goes for the chick kick. Brittani crashes with Hayley going for a pinfall.



Brittani kicks out.
Jamey Caresalle : Hayley is giving Brittani all she can handle!

Bimmy Mays : It’s still early though! They both have plenty of gas left in the tank!
Hayley picks Brittani up by the blue hair and goes for a snap mare across the ring. Brittani goes into the turnbuckle to catch her breath, but Hayley comes after her with a handspring elbow. Brittani sees this and knees Hayley right in the back. Hayley falls to the ground with Brittani picking her up and tosses her into the turnbuckle. Brittani steps back and runs towards Hayley and does a shoulder block right into her. Hayley hisses in pain while Brittani comes up and grabs her by the throat and yells in her face. She grabs Hayley’s hair and tosses her across the ring. The fans are in shock with this and the hostility that these two are doing. Brittani circles Hayley and waits for her to get up.

Jamey Caresalle : Like a shark circling the waters…

Bimmy Mays : This could be very bad for Hayley!

Brittani yells that Hayley wanted this and it was her that said she would prove to her that she would defeat her. Brittani waits for her to get back up and Hayley does. She runs towards Hayley, but the blonde side steps her, making Brittani fall out of the ring. Hayley sees this and heads up top to the ropes as the fans are cheering. Hayley has no fear in what she can do. Brittani is getting to her feet with Hayley on the turnbuckle. Hayley jumps and does a crossbody and lands onto Helms. The fans are cheering for this with both girls down. Hayley and Brittani begin to stir with the both getting up and throwing punches into each other’s faces. Brittani tosses Hayley and starts laying her with kicks as the fans are cheering for this. She stops with Hayley being rolled into the ring. Brittani has an angry look on her face and goes over towards Hayley.


Jamey Caresalle : Brittani is wasting too much time here!

Bimmy Mays : It seems like Hayley is getting in her head.

Hayley hears what Brittani said and gets on her hands and uses her legs to wrap them around Brittani’s neck. She pushes her legs up and flips Brittani into a pin. The fans are cheering with Hayley going for another pinfall on Brittani. The second one tonight.



Brittani kicks out of it.

Jamey Caresalle : Sneaky move by Hayley!

Bimmy Mays : That was close!

Hayley gets back to her feet and runs into the ropes and does a handspring into a superman punch right into Brittani’s face. Brittani stumbles with Hayley coming back towards her, but Brittani goes for a Pele kick. Both are on the ground as the fans are cheering with them giving a standing ovation for this. Hayley again is the one back to her feet as she says that it's time to end this match once and for all in the ring. Hayley gets up and stalks Brittani with Brittani getting back to her feet. Brittani gets back with Hayley going for the Ocean Waves, but Brittani gets out of it and goes for a neckbreaker. The fans are cheering with Brittani rolling over and pinning Hayley in the ring as she goes to pin her.



Thr- Hayley Kicks out!!!

Jamey Caresalle : They are throwing everything at each other! This one is still anyone’s game!

Bimmy Mays : I may need to get more snackies at this rate!

Brittani sits up and looks at her as she nods her head and laughs. Hayley really wanted this fight and it's proven. Brittani stands up and gets back to her feet as she goes up top to the turnbuckle. Brittani gets on it and does a corkscrew moonsault onto Hayley…

BUT Hayley catches her and goes for the Ocean Waves!!!

The fans are cheering as this could be an upset victory over her. Hayley rolls her over in the ring and pins Brittani with the fans leaning in for this one.




Thr-Brittani kicks out of it!!

Jamey Caresalle : How the hell did Brittani kick out of that?!
Bimmy Mays Hayley will have to come up with something out of the box!

What does Hayley have to put Brittani away? The frustration is building up as Hayley stands to her feet. Brittani is slowly, but surely getting up with Hayley going for the Handspring into the Superman Punch….


Bimmy Mays : OHHHHH OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!!!

Jamey Caresalle : Hayley is out cold!

The fans are cheering with Brittani rolling her over and pinning Hayley in the ring. The fans are on their feet for this as this could be possibly it.





Brittani Helms has won the match and the battle as the both are down. Brittani stands to her feet and gets her hand raised as Taylor announces her as the winner.

Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner, Brittani Helms!!!

Jamey Caresalle : Great display by both of these fighters!

Bimmy Mays : Hayley may have not gotten the win but she definitely opened up a lot of eyes in this match.

Brittani Helms gets her hand raised with the fans giving a standing ovation for this match up. Hayley gave everything she got in this match and kneels in disappointment. Brittani walks over to her, kneels and taps her on the arm. She extends a fist to her as the fans are cheering for this. Hayley looks and bumps the fist with her, making the fans give a standing ovation.

Jamey Caresalle : Great display of respect between these two.

Bimmy Mays : At least they both can now leave with their heads held high!

Brittani and her stand back up with Brittani rolling out of the ring first. Hayley follows before taking a bow as she leaves behind her.

Trinity Wrestling RETURNS
June 22nd, 2020!

Kailey Queen is pacing about, unsure of what she is to do. Every rap on the door, every footstep outside of her locker-room makes her feel increasingly uneasy. Finally, the door opens and she readies her Tag Team Championship belt in her hands, prepared to strike if necessary. Instead of stepping forward, she breathes a heavy sigh of relief as Zara Grimm, her tag team partner and co-Champion, enters. Zara looks at her, an eyebrow raised.

Zara: “Nervous?”

Kailey, breathing heavily, lowers her guard as she sets the belt back on the nearby benches.

Kailey: “Oh, Zee… what are we going to do!?”

Sensing the frenetic nature of Kailey’s question, Zara closes the door behind her, latching the lock.

Zara: “Are you seriously worried?”

Kailey: “Why wouldn’t I be worried?”

Zara: “We’ve beaten Alex and Brett before, Kailey. We beat them when we won these Championships. We beat them in the triple threat matches leading up to that ladder match. Now we can beat them two more times and walk out of here… this whole season… still Tag Team Champions.”

Kailey looks confused.

Kailey: “What?”

Now Zara is confused.

Zara: “What?”

Kailey: “Zee, I already know we’re better than Belliott. Like that’s not even a question, duh!”

Zara: “Then why the hell are you preparing yourself to swing a belt at anyone entering the locker-room?”

Kailey: “What about… Luci?”

Kailey looks around stealthily, paranoid of being watched. Zara shakes her head.

Zara: “Seriously?”

Kailey: “You heard what she said on Twitter…”

Zara: “Actually I read what she said on Twitter.”


Zara takes a half-step back.

Zara: “Look, Kailey… you and I came up through the business together. We trained together. We got our first jobs together. Everything we’ve gone through, we’ve done together. I have got your back. Forget what Luciana had to say. She didn’t want allies… She wanted henchmen. You and I? We’re better than being henchmen.”

Kailey nods, though not one-hundred percent.

Kailey: “Yeah… we’re better.”

Zara: “You and I won the 5BW Tag Team Champions, not Luciana. She couldn’t be bothered to get off her self-important ass to even congratulate us, but she was willing to take credit for OUR work. I don’t buy that. I don’t appreciate that. And I don’t respect that. Tonight is about you and I, the… what was it?”

Kailey: “eXtra something that gives your steak that eXtra sizzle?”

Zara nods.

Zara: “Yeah… that. Tonight is about us retaining the Tag Team Championships. That’s our focus. What happens to Luciana happens. She laid her own road down.”

Kailey, getting closer to one-hundred percent, nods her head.

Kailey: “Yeah… I mean, what’s the worst that’ll happen? She’ll lose the Championship and we’ll have to listen to She-Hulk get all gloaty about it?”

Zara: “Exactly… but the best thing would be you and I keeping these.”

Zara slaps the title belt she had carried in with her.

Zara: “So let’s get out there and show them who the best tag team in 5BW really is!”

Zara goes back to the door, unlocking it and opening it as she moves through. Kailey pulls up her Championship, hugging it close as she follows. The scene fades.

Vendetta cuts backstage where Brittany Lascase is standing by, expressing her confidence and her usual charm. She’s definitely in a bright mood as she begins to speak.

Brittany Lascase: Hello everyone! What a night Vendetta has been so far, right? This season finale is definitely off to an incredible start and it’s only going to get better especially when you consider the matches that we have coming up… particularly the two out of three falls tag team championship match that is to come with the reigning champions XS looking to maintain their dominance of the tag team division. This is without mentioning that we have the Corona Yard Brawl, the crowning of our first Freedom Champion and of course… the main event… perhaps the biggest in the short history of this company!

There’s no question in my mind that the bloodiest, most personal feud in the company between Luciana Verdoza and Samantha Tolson-Anderson is going to end in some form or another…

Voice: Yes… yes it will…

Brittany is caught by surprise at the sudden presence of a woman that only a few people in the audience would be familiar with. This woman isn’t a wrestler but is very well versed in this business… and she seems to have a vested interest in the main event that was just mentioned.

Brittany Lascase: I don’t mean any disrespect but… who are you?

Woman: I’m sorry, I should probably introduce myself. My name is Allison Mayberry… public relations mastermind… I used to be a GM for a wrestling company once upon a time and I’m here representing the 5BW World Champion Luciana Verdoza. I’m her long-time best friend and publicist. We go back almost 12 years… I’ve been there for her through thick and thin: HCW, PRW, IWC… yeah, we’re almost like sisters in a way and let me just say this: I am HIGHLY confident in her chances tonight even though the odds may be in Sam’s favor.

Brittany Lascase: What makes you say that? Luciana has largely run away from Sam for the most part…

Allison just scoffs at this.

Allison Mayberry: The only thing that really matters is how it ends. I know that I can’t interfere in tonight’s match… but knowing Luciana like I do… she doesn’t need me to. Sam… well… let’s just say that she awoke the devil inside of the world champion! She’s awoken by a side of her that 5BW has yet to see. She awoke the woman that doesn’t give a damn about anyone but herself… who is going to be at her most desperate. NOTHING is beneath her now. Luciana is at the point where she will gladly and literally KILL Sam Tolson if she has to. Sam has definitely put herself in very grave danger and I am confident that my longtime client is going to tap into that dark side of her she’s kept hidden from this company for SO long and… well… she’s going to leave Sam a broken, bleeding mess… just like she deserves to be. Because at the end of the day… whatever your name is… Samantha Tolson as 5BW World Champion is a public… relations… DISASTER…

Dakota Mendoza: Let’s talk about disasters okay…
Allison and Brittany are both caught by surprise at the sudden presence of Dakota Mendoza. Dakota’s presence brings a smile to Allison’s face.

Allison Mayberry: Dakota! Long time no see! I’m very sure that you’re going to make the right decision tonight. At the end of the day, we’ll ALL be winners! You’ve learned quite well from her. You’ve certainly had it made, that’s for sure.

Dakota Mendoza: Don’t give me that shit… Brittany… if you don’t mind…

Brittany nods and leaves in understanding, leaving the conversation between Luciana’s protege and her long time best friend.

Dakota Mendoza: Allison, I have to be blunt with you. Since you discovered me back in Oregon and gave me over to Luciana… I really haven’t learned anything. I’ve been… well… her butt monkey honestly, and I’m sick and tired of it.

Everything is ALL about her…

Allison Mayberry: That’s ridiculous! Luciana has done everything she can to make you a future star!

Dakota Mendoza: You’ve got BLINDERS ON, Allison! No wonder you lost that old GM gig two years ago! You gave me to her so I can BE something… but as you can CLEARLY see… I have made LITTLE progress under her so-called “mentorship”. She’s just USING ME just like she’s used every other ally or protege she’s ever had. She doesn’t care about anyone but herself. She doesn’t care about me! Hell, she doesn’t even care about YOU!

Allison Mayberry: I understand that you’re upset but…

Dakota Mendoza: How long have you been by her side, Allison? 12 years almost? How long have you enabled her seemingly never ending, near-career long reign of terror in pro wrestling huh? Did you have ANY part of the reign of terror she’s had over 5BW? She just uses you! She’s ALWAYS used you! Nobody has kissed her ass worse than you have and maybe you should start thinking of doing something else with your wrestling existence than stooping to being her lapdog! In fact… I think you and I should talk. Really, when you handed me over to Luciana, has what she done with me… is it what you imagined?

Allison finds herself surprised at the fact that she can’t answer the question.

Allison Mayberry: Let’s… talk this over… okay? I’ll hear you out and maybe you’ll see the right decision that you need to make tonight…

Dakota Mendoza: Great! I’d love to talk to you in private!

Dakota flashes a confident smile as she and Allison decide to head down the hallway together to have their conversation in private as the scene fades out.


Taylor Hudson The following contest is for the Five Boroughs Wrestling Tag Team Championships and it’s a two out of three falls match!! The first team to win two matches will be the winners and the tag team champions! Introducing first…

Dirt we are raised on by Jason Aldean kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Outcome Brett Elliot and Alex Bell as they walk out of the back and into Citi Field. They stand next to each other and raise their hands up in the air with pyro coming up from the stage. They walk to the ring confident that they will be walking out the winners of this match.

Bimmy Mays: Are these really thinking about winning this match up over xS! I’m team xS for this!

Jamey Caresalle: xS and The Carolina boys are the only two tag teams. And if one of them win this match, this could open for tag teams!

Taylor Hudson Introducing first, the team of Brett Elliot and Alex Bell!!!

The fans are cheering as both Carolina men get in the ring. The fans are applauding for them because they want to see them win the tag team championships. They taunt the fans and wait for their opponents. Ready to Go by Republica kicks in with the fans giving a mixed reaction for this, mostly the fans are giving them boos.

Bimmy Mays: HEY! Why are we booing the greatest tag team out there!! DISRESPECTFUL!!

Taylor HudsonTheir Opponents, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, they are the Five Boroughs Wrestling Tag Team Champions, Zara Grimm, Kailey Queen, xS!!!

Jamey Caresalle: Well Bimmy, xS seem to be a hit and a miss with this crowd tonight!

Bimmy Mays: I don’t like it! SHOW SOME RESPECT!!!

The both stand on the ramp with pink and blue pyro coming up behind them as they raise the tag team championships. Brett and Alex are staring at them with both ladies getting into the ring. They taunt at them with Brett and Alex staring at the tag team titles. The bells ring as the match begins to get underway.


Bimmy Mays: HERE WE GO JAMES!!!

Alex and Brett are keeping their eyes on Kailey Queen and Zara Grimm with Kailey saying that they are the best tag team out there and will go on season two as the champions with Zara staring at them. Zara and Kailey nod at each other and go for a double drop kick which causes Alex and Brett to go out of the ring as the fans are giving a mixed reaction. Kailey claps to herself and waits for them to get back in the ring. Brett comes in the ring and goes right after her, but Zara stops him and beats him down in the middle of the ring by using her feet and kicks at him.

Bimmy Mays: YES! KICK HIM DOWN!!!

Kailey is telling Zara to let her get a shot in as Zara nods at this and beats down at Brett, but Alex comes back in the ring and takes the both down with a clothesline. He tosses Zara out of the ring first while his teammate picks up Kailey. Kailey is screaming at this, but Brett ignores her screams.

Jamey Caresalle: Brett doesn’t care about her screaming!!

Brett looks at the crowd cheering for him as he goes for the Carolina Torture Rack. The fans are cheering with Kailey on top of him and pounding his head with her elbows. Alex comes up and grabs her as he is about to do something to her. Zara comes in the ring and sees what he is about to do and grabs at Alex and throws him out of the ring. Zara grabs Brett and goes for Mrs. Sandman. The fans are booing for this with Zara going for the first fall on the night over Brett Elliott.

Jamey Caresalle: Zara takes out Brett Elliott!

Bimmy Mays: Take the FALL!!





Zara scores the first fall on the night and has one more to retain the tag team titles. Kailey Queen comes over to her and hugs her to protect that she is safe. Alex Bell looks at his tag team partner and rolls back in the ring and does for a double flipping neckbreaker on the both.

Jamey Caresalle: Double neckbreaker on xS!!

Both xS fall on the ground with Zara rolling out of the ring. Alex picks up Kailey, but Kailey kicks him right in the nuts. The fans groan in pain as that is below the belt as she goes for a springboard bulldog, but Alex spins her around and goes for a spinout powerbomb. Kailey gets to her feet feeling dizzy with this as Alex is about to grab her and go for his finisher, but Zara comes back in the ring with a steel chair and HITS him right in the back. The fans are booing for this.

Jamey Caresalle: Looks like there’s not going to be honor in this match!

Bimmy Mays: That’s because their extra sweet James!!

Jamey Caresalle: You mean Xtra?


Zara goes over towards Kailey and helps her back to her feet and hands the chair over to her. She looks at it and starts bashing in Alex as the fans are booing for this. Kailey drops the chair and picks up Alex Bell. She looks at him and tries to attack him, but Brett Elliot comes back in the ring and takes out Zara Grimm onto the outside.

Bimmy Mays: WHAT? NO!!

The both are fighting as the fans are cheering for this. Kailey is getting worried about what might happen as the fans are cheering. Alex Bell comes up behind her and turns her around. He grabs her and goes for his finisher called “The Country Buster”. The fans are cheering for this as he goes for the pin over Kailey Queen with a possible tie for the match.

Bimmy Mays: NO! NO! NO!




Bimmy Mays: DAMMIT!!

Jamey Caresalle: Tie match up!!

TIE Match up with the fans cheering for this. Alex Bell and Brett Elliot are one win away from winning the match and that tag team championship with Zara Grimm pulling Kailey out of the ring. She must rest assure that this is going to go their way with Kailey starting to get under the pressure. With one loss away, Zara goes under the ring as Brett and Alex come after both Kailey and Zara as the fans are cheering for this.

Jamey Caresalle: The lines have drawn! xS vs. The Carolina Boys! Someone must win this match up!

The both begin to run up the ramp because they are keeping their tag titles safe. Alex and Brett run up after them as well with Zara kicking Brett and Alex both down. Kailey grabs them and tosses them down the ramp. Zara takes time and high fives her tag team partner with them eliminating Alex, who is considered to be the threat of xS by throwing him to the side. Brett is in the ring and goes for a suicide dive onto Zara from the ring with the fans cheering. This has now broken down to chaos with Kailey telling him to come back in the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: Kailey is DARING Brett to get in the ring.

Bimmy Mays: She should be! GO KAILEY GO!!

Brett sees her daring him to come back in the ring. Brett does as the fans are cheering with him taking her down with a spear as the fans are cheering for this. He picks up Kailey as he is about to lock in the torture rack. Kailey gets out of it and turns him around. She goes for the Crowning right into his head. Kailey rolls over Brett and pins him to possibly retain the championships. The fans are leaning in for what is about to go down.




Alex Bell comes up and BREAKS the pinfall up.

Bimmy Mays: FUCK STICKS!!!!

Kailey screams at Alex right in his face, but Alex goes for a DDT onto the ground. He rolls Kailey over and looks at the turnbuckle. He goes up and is about to do something. Zara sees this and goes up top as the fans are booing. She is about to end Alex in the ring as she is about to go for Mrs. Sandman off the turnbuckle. Alex grabs her and goes for a SPANISH FLY off the turnbuckle and RIGHT onto Kailey Queen, who is on the ground.

Jamey Caresalle: What an impressive move from Alex Bell!!!

He rolls over and PINS Kailey. We could have NEW 5BW Tag Team Champions as the fans are cheering for this.

Jamey Caresalle: Here we go for the cover!!



Kailey puts her foot on the ropes!!!

Bimmy Mays: YES! SHE IS STILL IN!!!

How the hell did Kailey Queen put her foot on the ropes? The fans are in shock with this with Brett coming in the ring. They say that they are going to end this match in the ring and take the 5BW Tag Team Championships. They grab Kailey Queen and set her up for their double finisher, but Zara gets back in the ring and AGAIN saves her tag team partner. Zara tosses Alex out of the ring and grabs Kailey. They nod at one another with Kailey going for the Crowning and Zara going for Mrs. Sandman. The fans are booing at this as Kailey pins Brett in the ring.




That is it!!! xS has defeated Brett Elliot and Alex Bell to retain the 5BW Tag Team Championships and are going into the second season as tag team champions.

Taylor Hudson: Here are your winners and STILL the 5BW Tag Team Champions, xS!!!

Zara Grimm and Kailey Queen look at the fans that are somewhat cheering for them. xS just defined their legacy in the tag team division and that they need people to defeat them. Alex Bell and Brett Elliot look disappointed with the tag team champions walking up the ramp and looking at them. The fans are clapping as Kailey tells the camera something.

Kailey Queen: Zara and I are the BEST tag team in xS. Samantha and Mary Ellen, done, Brett Elliot and Alex Bell, done! Who wants a shot at us NOW!!!

Bimmy Mays: Who wants a shot at them now James?! WHO DO YOU THINK WILL CHALLENGE THEM?!

Zara mouths off something to the camera and raises her partner's hand in the air. The fans are still wondering what would be next for them.

Jamey Caresalle: While that question remains to be seen, xS are going into the second season as the tag team champions.

In the locker room, Amy and Mary Ellen Harrison are both talking to their other halves just before they get ready. Once they head out, they start to go through their bags to get their gear ready for the match

Amy Harrison: Are you ready for this?

Mary Ellen Harrison: Yeah, I’m more than ready.

Amy can notice Mary Ellen looking directly at her bag the entire time, noticing the frustrated look on her face.

Amy Harrison: Listen, I know you’re angry, believe me, I’m pissed too, but I don’t want you to get reckless out there tonight.

Mary Ellen Harrison: After all of this time, the years of torment that she’s been putting me through, I’m going out there to make sure that I finish this tonight, once and for all.

Mary Ellen then looks over at Amy, sitting by the locker next to her, and can see the look of frustration on her face.

Mary Ellen Harrison: I guess that sounds familiar for you too.

Amy Harrison: At least you weren’t family with Larissa….

Amy Harrison: Everything that she said about me, trying to defend her brother, trying to drag my name into the dirt just because of her pettiness. Tonight, I’m going to end this.

Amy then stands up and goes face to face with her sister.

Amy Harrison: Tonight, WE end this! Everything that those bitches have put us through, tonight, we’re going to make them pay for everything that said about the Harrison name!

Mary Ellen Harrison: Tonight, we show them what Harrisons are REALLY like.

Amy Harrison: You’re goddamn right!

On the night of this very special event of Five Boroughs Wrestling, the most personal and growing rivalry between two men is about to spill over into a street fight. However, the two men have been scheduled to have a face to face interview in a controlled environment with security and media personnel to supervise the situation. Brittany Lascase, the resident interviewer of 5BW, has been chosen to be the host to dive into the minds of the two men preparing for the match.

Brittany Lascase sits down at the head of the table in her dress and heels looking professional and serious than her usually bubbly self. In this situation, she has to remain confident and unbiased especially due to the tension her guests will have with each other. After her microphone is put on by the media team, she clears her throat and begins with the introductions.

Brittany: “Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for joining us on this special occasion as Vendetta of Five Boroughs Wrestling is approaching. This is a pre-recorded segment to get into the minds of two men who will be facing each other in a Street Fight at Vendetta. Joining me now is the semi-finalist of the Captain’s Cup, “Unstoppable” Noris Cranley.”

Noris walks into the view of the camera sporting a casual gym look. He takes a seat on a black chair having the microphone the collar of his Adidas sponsored attire by a media team as he shakes the hand of Brittany before leaning back in the chair. Cranley leans forward and places his hands locked together on the edge of the table bouncing his right foot on the ground as a method of meditation especially when the next guest will be coming in. Brittany continues on with her introductions.

Brittany: “And joining me at this very moment is his opponent at Vendetta who is described to be of the most unique and entertaining members of the 5BW roster, DSix.”

DSix slowly walks into the view of the camera, wearing a black shirt with the microphone on his collar along with blue jeans. DSix takes a seat in black chair, leaning forward and folding his hands together. Both men are now staring at each other. Noris presents a look of stern negative emotions towards DSix and the same notion returns back to him but Brittany continues.

Brittany: “Gentlemen, before we continue, do you both agree that no violence will occur during this interview?”

Noris: “Unlike him, I’m actually in control of what I do so I’ll happily say yes.”

DSix: "I agree that no violence will occur, I'll honor my word."

Brittany smiles and officially starts the interview.

Brittany: “Gentlemen, this is a street fight. No disqualifications, no count-outs. Pinfalls and submissions can occur to end the match or if both men are unable to continue. DSix, I’ll ask you the first question. What started all of this to make it to a street fight in 5BW?”

DSix: "A street fight fits me well. I grew up on the street, I'm tough because I survived those streets. I don't think Noris can survive."

Brittany: “Noris, I’ll ask you. This is the first non-traditional wrestling match of your career. A street fight. You’ve never been in these types of environments and especially with an experienced wrestler who many would say feeds off the chaos. Do you think that puts you at a disadvantage?”

Noris: “No. I’m treating this like any other match. I see before me a man I don’t like and a man who can’t even go a day without thinking straight. He has flesh and blood like me but unlike him, I thrive in any situation. I’m going to show him that there’s a difference between being a psycho and a silent killer. His madness won’t affect me because a predator who knows to use his intelligence to kill is the most dangerous one.”

Brittany: “DSix. You were solely responsible for Noris’ elimination from the Captain’s Cup tournament. After your first match, we knew you two would meet again but why did you get involved in his tournament match in the first place?”

DSix: "I wouldn't say I'm solely responsible for his elimination because I'd like to thank Pryce. I got involved in his tournament match because I wanted revenge, I wanted to end his dream."

Brittany: “Noris. You said that DSix has been obsessed with you ever since your first encounter? Do you think this is just another display of that?”

Noris: “Of course! Ever since I beat him fair and square, he’s been hurting. Damaged more than he already is. It hurt him to know that an aspiring confident young adult such as myself beat the man who has a resume of world championship accomplishments. I don’t doubt his ability as a wrestler and I respect his resume but resumes don’t help in the ring. He learned that when I beat him. He’s doing this because he can’t let go out of his own minds that I’m simply the better wrestler than he’ll ever be.”

Brittany: “Your response, DSix?”

DSix: "Yeah you beat me in a match, off a roll up pin, was it worth it? This is a different match. I've been in matches where all that remains is a battered man, fresh off a battle. Blood trickled down battered and bruised flesh. I live, a little worse for the wear? Yeah, but I'm alive nonetheless. How much of yourself are you willing to let me rip and tear away before deciding it isn’t worth it anymore?”

Noris: “Are you asking me or yourself? I’m not the one who had to create multiple personalities to sleep at night. I’m not walking out of the street fight broken like you. I’m going to be stronger and better than you’ll ever be. You’re the one who let yourself become the monster and I promise you, I won’t be one. However, you’re going to be even more embarrassed when I walk into your home and break it down to pieces. As for the rollup, well, basic 101 right?”

DSix: "You think I'm a monster? I know you probably don't know who I am. You don't know if I'm a friend or a monster. Well, I am a monster. What people did to me, what I had to do on the streets made me a monster. I'm going to show you how to make a monster, if you survive."

Noris: “Oh yeah, show me right.”

Noris immediately stands up with his fists balled. Security steps in to protect them both from a potential outburst. Brittany tries to calm them but Noris seems to be ready for a fight due to his emotions boiling over.

DSix: "Your aggression and your outburst prove I've already turned you into a monster, I've already won."

Noris: “You motherfu-!”

Brittany: “Okay, we need to call it.”

Cranley kicks the table despite being held back by security. Knowing he won’t be able to budge, he turns around and storms out after throwing the microphone cables off his clothing leaving DSix, the remaining personnel and security along with Brittany who is standing out of her seat for her safety.


The first few notes of "Cult of Personality" by Living Colour blares over more booing as DSix
comes out. Taylor Hudson looks at this and is afraid. Right behind him starts "Unstoppable" by The Score blares as Noris Cranley comes out. He runs to the ring and looks into the face of DSix.

Jamey Caresalle: I don’t blame our ring announcer one bit for this because Noris is going to kill DSix.

The bell rings, the two competitors just stare each other down for a second before trading punches to the head.

Jamey Caresalle: And here we go! The fight is on!!

Noris is backed into DSix's corner as DSix drives an elbow into the head of Noris. DSix stomps on Noris twice before he kicks him out the ring. From behind, DSix pushes Noris over the barricade. DSix gets Noris up and throws him into the ring. DSix slides in a chair and picks up a kendo stick. Noris is on his hands and knees, DSix swings the kendo stick down his back before jabbing it into his ribs. Noris gets out the ring, DSix chases him around the ring. Noris gets in the ring, bounces off the ropes but gets caught by a clothesline by DSix. DSix picks up the kendo stick and swings it down on the back of Noris once again.

Jamey Caresalle: DSix is hitting Noris Cranley like mad!!

Bimmy Mays: This guy, with his personality, is PSYCHO!

Noris pie-faces DSix in the mask, causing the masked madman to have to readjust his mask. Noris catches DSix with a dropkick! DSix rolls out the ring, Noris hammer throws DSix into the barricade knee first! DSix grabs Noris by the head with both hands and tosses him onto the announce table before tossing him back into the ring. DSix enters the ring.


DSix hits a chop, punches Noris in the head, and starts chopping Noris into his corner. DSix goes for his running knee strike but Noris dodges to the right, sending DSix tumbling over the top rope.

Jamey Caresalle: Out goes Noris Cranley!!

Outside the ring, Noris kicks DSix in the ribs. DSix crawls over to the announce table as DSix picks him up and drops him for a Body Slam on the hard floor. DSix picks Noris up for a piledriver but Noris reverses with a Back Body Drop on the hard floor.

Jamey Caresalle: Back Body Drop onto DSix!!
Bimmy Mays: These guys are killing each other!!!

Noris sends DSix into the ring before locking in a Rear Chinlock but DSix reverses with a Back Suplex. DSix goes top rope and dives off of it but Noris hits him on the way down with the kendo stick to the back. Noris swings the kendo stick down the back of DSix. Noris goes for an Inside Cradle

Bimmy Mays: COVER!!!



DSix kicks out! Noris hits an Enzuigiri! Noris grabs DSix from behind, DSix with a low blow when the ref is out of position! DSix picks up the kendo stick and swings it across the chest of his opponent! Noris is down to his knees, the kendo stick swings down onto his shoulder blades! DSix hits a dropkick! DSix hits a clothesline! DSix hits a swinging neckbreaker! DSix hits the running knee in the corner!

DSix lifts Noris onto his shoulders but Noris escapes. Noris charges but DSix counters with a scoop slam. DSix goes top rope, Noris gets up for a Superplex but DSix knocks him off the top rope. DSix hits a Diving Elbow Drop! DSix picks up Noris, hits a forearm and a punch. DSix lifts Noris onto his shoulders but Noris escapes, bounces off the ropes and hits a bulldog. Both competitors get up, Noris leaping knees DSix in the masked smile!

Bimmy Mays: HOLY FRICK!!
Jamey Caresalle: This guy is amazing, but DSix won’t go down!!

Noris locks in a Boston Crab! DSix crawls to the corner as he shakes his head which is a sign that another alter is taking over, he slides himself nearly out the ring forcing Noris to let go. DSix goes under the ring. DSix rolls into the ring, clutching something in his right arm. Noris locks in another Boston Crab! DSix rolls over in the Boston Crab, he knocks Noris upside the head with a can of Bud Light! Noris lets go of the Boston Crab, DSix gets up and punches Noris in the stomach with the can of Bud Light...fitting for one of the altars named Beer Giles Katz!

Jamey Caresalle: That’s a BIG personal attack on one of DSix alter egos!

Noris rolls out the ring followed by DSix, DSix punches Noris in the stomach with the can of Bud Light then follows up with a roundhouse. DSix goes top rope for the Diving Elbow Drop sending Noris and himself through the announce table! DSix quickly sends Noris into the ring, and covers.

Kick out!

Jamey Caresalle: Noris kicks out of this!!

DSix is enraged as he starts shaking his head, the alter Doktor Gex takes over and just starts illegally choking Noris right in front of the ref! Noris grabs the kendo stick and hits DSix in the mask with it! DSix grabs the chair and hits Noris in the stomach with it, he goes to hit him again when Noris hits another leaping knee sending the chair into DSix’s mask! Noris hooks DSix’s oversized yellow mask in his arms and hits Reset right on the steel chair!

Jamey Caresalle: Reset! This could be over!!!



Kic-no! 3! DSix kicks out a millisecond too late!

Taylor Hudson Here is your winner, Noris Cranley!!

Noris got some amount of revenge on DSix with the fans cheering for this. The youngest member on the roster won the match and got revenge over DSix.

Bimmy Mays: That match was wild as hell! I enjoyed it!

Jamey Caresalle: That win was important for Noris Cranley! I cannot wait and see what happens in the second season for him!

EWtees coming July 1st!

Gabe is backstage pacing back and forth and he grabs the microphone.

Gabe sighs.

Gabe: I wish I was main eventing this show, but, I am still honored to be facing Christina King again. We had a great match at Drags to Riches. I hope this one can be even better.

Gabe Looks around.

Gabe: I need to prove that I can win around here. I have been on a losing streak lately, but tonight, that is all about to change. I need to win this match.

Gabe: I know Christina is going to bring her A-Game, as am I. Since we stole the show at Drags to Riches, we can and will do it again tonight.

Gabe has a serious look on his face.

Gabe: You want to know what else? I am going to use this match as an opportunity to get back to where I belong, which is the main event and the 5BW Championship picture. I may be out of it for now, but I will make sure that does not last very long.

Gabe: I have a lot of goals after tonight. First, I want to beat Christina. I know that is going to be a tough task, she brought it the last time. I know she will bring it again. My main goal in this match is to win. I know nothing else more than to win this rematch. My ultimate goal is to get back to where I belong.

Gabe: I am telling all of you right now, I will not go down as easy as you people may think. You People think I am not taking things seriously, but I am out to prove you people wrong. I am serious here.

Gabe: Christina, I am going to say this to you and say it once. I will do everything in my power to beat you. I respect you but tonight that respect goes out of the window.

Gabe: I am out here to win again. My losing streak ends tonight. If I lose, I am screwed. I am sick of being looked at as a joke around here. I am no joke. I am just as good and hungry as everyone else in 5BW. I am going to prove that tonight. No more jokes, No more games. I am in it to win it. If I have to beat someone I respect in order to do so, so be it. That is what I will do. I will do what I have to do.

Gabe: Tonight, The winning Gabe will be back. I am going to pour my heart into this match. With every ounce of my being, the result will be the same as it was at Drags to Riches, which is to come out victorious. You better believe that I will be back tonight. Mark my Words.


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a singles match and it’s one fall! Introducing first….

I’m to blame by Kip Moore Kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Out comes Gabe Khane as he pumps up the fans as he walks to the ring.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Niagara Falls, Canada, Gabe Khane!!

Jamey Caresalle: Gabe Khane has had an emotional wave of a first season, let’s see if he can make it through and go two and zero over Christina.

Gabe taunts at the fans as he poses for the fans. Pyro begins to explode all over the place for him. Free Speach for the Dumb by the Discharge kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Out comes Christina King as she looks at the fans walking down.

Taylor Hudson: His opponent, she is the 5BW Talent Relations Manager, Christina King!!!

Jamey Caresalle: The talent relations manager wanted to get back in the ring against Gabe Khane.

Bimmy Mays: Hey, I have a question, where’s her mask?

Jamey Caresalle: I guess she doesn’t need it!

Christina gets into the ring and looks at the fans. She shakes the hand of Gabe Khane as the fans are cheering for this. The both of them are ready to go with this match.

Jamey Caresalle: DING DING

Gabe and Christina start the match slow with a lock up. Gabe, being the stronger of the two, easily overpowers Christina and whips the girl into the ropes. Christina bounces back with a running boot which Gabe ducks. Gabe catches Christina with a roll up out of nowhere but Christina kicks out at one. Both are up at the same time. Standoff. The fans go wild. Christina bows and Gabe goes for a second surprise roll up. Kick out at one.

Jamey Caresalle: Gabe rolling up Christina, just like at Drags to Riches.

Bimmy Mays: This is going to be interesting….but fu-

Jamey Caresalle Don’t say it!!

Christina up. Shuffle kick to Gabe followed by a spin kick to the side of the jaw. Gabe staggers backwards into the ropes and bounces off with a clothesline. Christina is down but Gabe is dazed. Gabe takes a few moments to shake off the cobwebs then picks Christina up by the hair. The ref tells Gabe to let go of the hair. Christina breaks free and goes for a stomach kick. Gabe blocks and drops an elbow on Christina’s left knee. Christina down to one knee. Gabe chops the top of Christina’s head and then pins. Kick out at two.

Jamey Caresalle Gabe is showing Christina what’s going on here! He’s showing WHY this is his place!

Christina is up surprisingly quick. Gabe rushes at Christina with a knee to the face. Christina down again. Gabe lifts Christina up and hits a strong German Suplex. Christina rolls outside of the ring. The ref begins his count when, from out of nowhere, DSix (also known as Carnivore) comes from the crowd.

Bimmy Mays: What? I thought he went through hell in the Street Fight? Why the Frick is he there!
Jamey Caresalle I’m confused about what is going on here….

He gets the attention of the ref Gabe walks over and begins to argue with DSix. All the while Christina is busy grabbing a briefcase from ringside. Gabe turns around to check on Christina but by then Christina is already back in the ring. She slams the briefcase into Gabe’s face as the fans boo.


Christina with a pin but Gabe, amazingly, kicks out at two! DSix isn’t happy at this turn of events. He jumps on the ropes but Gabe, who has tossed Christina to the side, rushes DSix and slams a fist straight into his jaw.

Jamey Caresalle I cannot believe this shit…..

Gabe turns around only to be caught with a FIERCE SWAN KICK! Christina goes for a pin and… she manages a three!

The fans are in shock with this. Christina King just took advantage of pinning a 5BW wrestler while she was on staff. Taylor Hudson is even in shock with this.
Taylor HudsonHere is your winner, Christina King!!

After the match DSix enters the ring and begins to celebrate with the 5BW Talent Relations Manager. The fans boo at this is unfair. A loud “this is bullshit” chant is going through Citi Field with Bimmy and Jamey still in shock.

Bimmy Mays: This bullshit is correct! I feel bad for Gabe because he got fucked!!
The fans are still not happy with this with Christina and DSix walking up the ramp. Suddenly, the Eagle has Landed by Avatar kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Out comes Meagan G and looks at Christina King and DSix with a microphone in hand.
Meagan G: First thing’s first, I sincerely apologize to each and everyone of you, especially Gabe from getting FUCKED over by someone who’s supposed to be one of us!
The fans cheer for this with Christina looking at Meagan G. She barks at her and says that she wanted this match.
Meagan G: Yeah, I know. You wanted this match since Drags to Riches, but I didn’t expect YOU to take the easy way out. Christina, with the bullshit that’s been going on with “lack of honor”, you just added more to the pile and I hope YOU are happy!
The fans boo as she looks at DSix as he looks at her. She looks at him.
Meagan G: and YOU out of all people should be knowing better to help a staff member out!

The fans applaud for this!
Meagan G: Unfortunately, the score is tied at 1. Christina - one, Gabe - One. I know season two is not till August 30th, but I’m going to make a match because I can.
She looks at Gabe, Christina and DSix.
Meagan G: At Royal Crown, in London, England, Christina and Gabe, you will have ONE more match, but under ONE condition.
She eyes them.
Meagan G: Since Christina likes to wrestle, and considering that I’m not retired yet, this match will be a tag team match. Christina and DSix will be teaming up against Gabe Khane and…..
Meagan thinks about it.
Meagan G: ME!!!
The fans blow a load as Christina looks at Meagan, but Meagan shakes her head.
Meagan G: Hang on, I’m not done yet. The condition? The losing team’s staff member cannot wrestle for THREE months!
The fans cheer as DSix and Christina are in shock. Jamey Caresalle is clapping with Bimmy Mays looking confused.
Bimmy Mays: Meagan is a WRESTLER? I THOUGHT - I...WHAT?!
Jamey Caresalle: Bimmy, Meagan is an accomplished wrestler, and if Christina wants to wrestle, then Meagan can do it! Season two is looking pretty damn good with this big news!

Justice For None
August 7th, 2020
New Dorp High School - Staten Island, New York

Vendetta cuts to 5BW World Champion Luciana Verdoza as she confidently files her nails in the locker room. She’s in a pleasant mood despite whatever odds may be against her, almost as if she’s throwing up one final act of defiance prior to her match against Samantha Tolson-Anderson. She stands up and tosses away the nail filer and she sees the door to the locker room swing open. She flashes a smile on her face, seeing a familiar face.

Luciana Verdoza: Allison!!!

Allison Mayberry, her long time best friend and publicist, walks in. They walk toward each other and exchange a hug just like they always would over the years.

Allison Mayberry: Hey! Ready to prove why you’re the best wrestler her generation has ever seen?

Luciana Verdoza: Absolutely! You KNOW how much it means to me that you came! God… the memories… you’ve been there for every single world championship I’ve ever won! I was already becoming a star 12 years ago… but when you came on board, you REALLY put it all over the top! God, the damage we’ve done together… the glory we’ve achieved… the memories that we’ve built! God, it’s great to see you in some sort of capacity in the professional wrestling business! Want this job on a permanent basis?

Allison Mayberry: I’m not here to talk about taking that job again. I’m quite happy with my life. I know that you invited me here to talk about Dakota…

Luciana Verdoza: Oh right… Dakota. Insolent little BITCH…

Allison Mayberry: Luci, come on…

Luciana Verdoza: I thought you had given me the perfect protege… the one that wasn’t going to resist… you know… just like the other one did a decade ago. Instead, you gave me someone who… well… let’s just say there’s a reason why a big name company didn’t want her before you brought her to me. She… well… doesn’t have the “IT” factor… not like I do. I’ve tried SO HARD to teach that to her but she just keeps RESISTING! It’s not too late though. All she has to do is make the right decision and do whatever it takes to help me win against that BITCH… to put that SHE HULK away once and for ALL!!!! I’ll KILL HER if I have to… hell… she’ll have to KILL ME to get this title away from me!!!

This disturbs Allison, but Luciana is too far gone to notice.

Luciana Verdoza: I know I can trust you, Allison! I always have. You, Dakota and I will celebrate at the end of tonight as the DOMINANT, ETERNAL RULERS of this company!

Allison Mayberry: How DO you feel about Dakota, honestly? Just between us…

Luciana Verdoza: Personally? She’s a good little bitch, you know? She can wrestle, she’s OKAY. But she’ll never have IT! There’s not much of a career to be ended if we’re being quite honest. It’s not like she’s actually DONE anything here. Really… any outsider that joined for the Freedom title tournament has done more than she has already… even CHRISTY WINTERS has probably done more than she has. She just doesn’t have the drive and the passion to be a star. She’s just… okay with being my personal crash test dummy… well… she IS a dummy herself… I mean COME ON, Allison… 12 years later and people like her are STILL stupid enough to trust me? If you never brought her to me… if I never had any respect for you… I wouldn’t even bother with that sniveling, whining little idiot…

Dakota Mendoza: Tell me how you REALLY feel…

Luciana turns and suddenly finds herself stunned to see Dakota Mendoza standing there with a burlap sack that has been filled.

Dakota Mendoza: Nice to see the truth come out of you…

Luciana Verdoza: DAKOTA?!?!? Oh… well… you didn’t hear that. If you did, I was talking about Victoria… you know… my last protege from a decade ago… what’s in the sack?

Dakota Mendoza: A bunch of goodies that Samantha Tolson would never expect… I went to warehouse after warehouse to get the most BRUTAL weapons ANY wrestler can ever have. I may not be able to interfere but… LOOPHOLE!

Luciana Verdoza: OH I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! Give me the bag! You’ve made the right decision!

Dakota Mendoza: Yes I have, Luciana! I’ve made the right decision… that’s why I came here to tell you “goodbye”...

Luciana Verdoza: ...what…???

Dakota Mendoza: We’re done! I’m done… I’m done being your stupid crash test dummy! I’m done being your stupid lapdog! I’m done being held back by YOU! I’m declaring my INDEPENDENCE from you RIGHT NOW… oh and by the way… this bag of goodies? It’s for ME… for MY opportunity… for the Freedom title shot! It’s MY TURN Luciana… it’s MY TIME… and I get to be WHO I want to be, I get to wear what I want to wear, I get to behave the way I want to behave… I get to do ME… I’m DONE being your hype bitch!


Dakota Mendoza: I just did…

Luciana Verdoza: This is PREPOSTEROUS! ALLISON… DO SOMETHING!!!! Tell her how WRONG she is!

Allison Mayberry: ...I can’t, Luciana… not when it’s the truth.

Luciana Verdoza: ...what???

Luciana is floored with shock as Allison stands by Dakota.

Allison Mayberry: I gave Dakota to you so you can create the next great champion… but all you’ve done is use her and abuse her. You have no respect for her, no respect for her abilities, no respect for who she is… and all you’ve done from day one is hold her back. You have no respect for her and you have no respect for ME either…

Luciana Verdoza: Of COURSE I do… 12 years of LOYALTY, Allison! I’ve ALWAYS respected you…

Allison Mayberry: Which is why 8 years ago you decided to replace me with another manager when I was going through hard times, right? Oh… how about that time in IWC when you cast me aside to join Silverstone International? Remember that? How about that time many years ago when I was facing my own personal demons and you constantly laughed at me for suffering from them? You’ve NEVER respected me… I’ve ALWAYS had to put up with your crap. Honestly, the ONLY reason I’ve ever put up with your crap for so long was because you paid me pretty damn good money. If you had ANY respect for me, you would’ve treated Dakota better.

Again, Luciana is left frozen in shock.

Allison Mayberry: From this moment forward… Dakota AND I are done with you… and going forward… I’m going to do what YOU failed to do and that’s make Dakota a champion!

Dakota Mendoza: That’s right, Luciana! She’s MY publicist now! Good luck tonight!

Luciana is just left frozen and stunned with NOTHING else to say as she watches Dakota and Allison leave the locker room. At this point, as the scene fades… Luciana is experiencing a reality she hoped she’d never have to endure… the reality of being… ALONE!


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a singles match and it’s one fall! Introducing first…

Drop Dead Cynical by Amaranthe kicks in as the fans are booing for this. Out comes Bridget Johnson, wearing denim ring attire as she taunts the fans with pyro coming up behind her. Bridget walks to the ring.

Bimmy Mays: You know, for stealing a match up, why is she getting pyro!? I don’t like this James!
Jamey Caresalle: Well regardless of what you can say about her, Bridget is getting the pyro….

Taylor HudsonFrom Tampa, Florida, she is the “Golden Child”, Bridget Johnson!!!

Jamey Caresalle: I should mention with the war of words with KPN, Bridget does look to get another win over KPN. Will she take it?!

Bridget gets into the ring and taunts the fans as they boo at her. She says that KPN’s not going to defeat her in the ring and she will win this match up! Going down Fighting by Unleash the Archers come on with KPN coming out with her black and purple robe with her black and purple ring attire. She spins around as pyro shoots up like mad.

Taylor Hudson Her opponent, from Manhattan, New York, Kelly Penzkee-Nelson!!!

Jamey Caresalle: And here is KPN with a huge ovation. This girl has been through war!
Bimmy Mays: And that’s why I respect HER, not Bridget, HER!

KPN walks to the ring with elegance and keeps her eyes on Bridget Johnson. She takes off the robe and gets into the ring while keeping her eye on her opponent. Bridget mocks her with KPN keeping a straight face to the crowd as they clap for her. The referee calls for the bell.


The bell rings and the two competitors move towards each other. KPN hits a forearm smash to Bridget's face which spins Bridget around, KPN grabs Bridget by the waist and hits a German Suplex. Bridget gets to her feet and kicks KPN in the gut as KPN tries to grab her. Bridget charges and takes down KPN with a clothesline! Bridget lifts up KPN and goes for a forearm smash of her own but it's blocked, KPN hits a knife edge chop!

Bimmy Mays: What a chop! She’s going to light her up!!
Jamey Caresalle: These girls are going to go after each other and KPN’s father JUST showed it!

Bridget whips KPN into the corner and this time connects with the forearm smash! Bridgets picks up KPN and whips her into the ropes, drops down, turns around for the knee to KPN's face! Bridget picks up KPN but KPN kicks her in the gut and follows up with a Sitout Neckbreaker! KPN covers but Bridget kicks out before one.

Jamey Caresalle: Bridget not giving the satisfaction of the doubt to KPN!

Bridget is picked up to her feet, hits two forearm strikes, and hammer throws KPN into another corner. Bridget hammers throws KPN into another corner again and then stomps on KPN's back. KPN rolls onto her back but this allows Bridget to stomp on her right arm three times. Bridget covers.

Jamey Caresalle: Bridget is going after the arm where KPN’s hurt. This is also another reason why her shoulder hurts!

Bimmy Mays: OW!

1...kick out!

Bridget misses with a stomp to KPN's back as KPN rolls out of the way. KPN just biels Bridget to the mat! KPN stomps on Bridget's forehead and then cranks the neck. Bridget rolls out the ring, KPN gets out the ring as well but Bridget hits three forearm smashes. KPN picks the leg and hits a Dragon Screw, taking down Bridget on the hard floor outside.

Bimmy Mays: YEAH KPN! Send her out to the side!!!

KPN kicks Bridget in the back and picks her up for a Body Slam but Bridget slides behind KPN and reverses with an Inverted DDT! Bridget gets in the ring at the ref's count of four and signals KPN to get in too. KPN gets into the ring, whips Bridget into a corner and hits a jumping forearm smash. KPN drags Bridget to the center of the ring and turns her over, before covering.

Jamey Caresalle: KPN looking to win this match up over her long time rival!

1...kick out!

KPN kicks Bridget in the back before stomping on the elbow of Bridget’s right arm. KPN cranks on Bridget's neck again, lifting her to her feet. KPN hits a Spear to Bridget! KPN lifts Bridget to her feet but Bridget counters with a jawbreaker. Bridget whips KPN to the corner, hits a jumping forearm smash. Bridget sends KPN to the ropes and hits a scoop slam! Bridget covers.

Bimmy Mays: Oh no! She can’t win this from here!!

1...kick out!

Bridget lifts KPN to her feet and smashes KPN's face into the top turnbuckle ten times. KPN stumbles out as Bridget, then lifts Bridget onto her shoulders. Ode To BPN!

Jamey Caresalle: ODE TO BPN! Cover!!



Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner, Kelly Penkzee-Nelson!!

KPN stands up to her feet, bends over and yells at Bridget that she PROVED why she’s the best around. The fans are cheering as the referee is holding her hands up with KPN taunting the fans still. She looks at them, and takes a bow.

Jamey Caresalle: And just like that, KPN has won her match and cements her legacy over Bridget Johnson. I hope she comes back to 5BW One Hundred Percent for the next round.
Bimmy Mays: WHAT? KPN is leaving?

Jamey Caresalle: No. KPN said that tonight after this show, she will be taking time off to heal her injuries from Trinity, Women’s Wrestling Revolution, and The Triad Challenge. She’s been through hell, so let her rest up!

Royal Crown - August 30th, 2020
London, England
O2 Arena

Natalie is outside with a serious look on her face.

Natalie: First Off, I am glad I am getting this opportunity, as I should. The winner gets to be the number one contender for the Freedom Championship, which is a bonus for me. It is about damn time for me to get an opportunity like this. I have been wasted for too long now. I am going to show these other little girls in this match that I want this more than them.

Natalie: Do you people want to know why I deserve this? Look, I have been with 5BW for a long time. Hell, I have been here longer than some of these other girls in this match. I have been overlooked, I have been doubted. After I whoop these other girls all over the train, I will be overlooked no more. Quite frankly, I am sick of not getting a chance around here. I am sick of people thinking I am nothing. I want to show these people that I am here to win too.

She looks around.

Natalie: So you people know, I can beat each and every one of those little girls. That is all they are to me are just little girls who wish they can be like me. Newsflash, They will never be like me. Let me go down the list. Jessica Hendrix, do you really think you can be a big star here? I am sorry but why are you in this match again? Do you think this match is going to be a modeling competition? Honey, this match is going to be anything but a modeling competition, so you better be ready to get beat up. Then there is you, Christy Winters. I know your daddy likes to come with you to the ring for your matches. Tonight, daddy will not be there for you. Christy, you will be on her own without daddy holding her hand. With all due respect, Christy, do you really think you can make people stars? I do not need you to make a star out of me. I am already a star.

Natalie takes a minute to collect her thoughts.

Natalie: Let’s see, Jade Valentine, thinks she is some kind of “witch”. Jade, You ain’t putting a spell on me, that is for sure. Then you, Rachel Faust. If you think you are going to just toss me around, you are sadly mistaken. No one is going to toss me around. Then, Dakota Mendoza, who just loves to follow Luciana around. Hell, I think the only reason you are friends with Luciana is because that is the closest you will ever be to being a champion here. Dakota, tonight, you will not have Luciana holding your hand when I am beating you all over the place. Then good ole Tessa Whitmoyer. Tessa, do you seriously think you can hang with me? Please, you are just a itty bitty little girl. Do you really think being a cheerleader is going to cut it here? I don’t think so. Not now, not ever.

Natalie: Then you, Amber Rockwell.

Natalie thinks of something to say about Amber Rockwell.

Natalie: Anyways, Amber, you may be new around here, but all I know is you are better off being a rockstar somewhere else. If you think you are going to go through me, you are delusional.

Natalie sighs.

Natalie: Now here for the best part, Arabella. Do I have to deal with you again? Arabella, you may have beaten me at previous shows but that is not going to happen again. I will make sure of it. I will do everything I can to make sure you do not win this match. Frankly, I can’t stand you. I can go all night talking about you but I ain’t got time for that. I have a big match to win and a title shot to earn.

Natalie: When I win, I am going to be coming after the Freedom Championship. Whoever is champion better look out because I will be coming for you. I do not give a hoot if it is Chelsea or Darian, I can beat them both. Whoever is the champion better hold it close because, They are just going to keep it warm for me.

Natalie: I can beat them because I am that damn good!

Natalie: Bottom line, every other little girl in this match is beneath me. I want this more than them. They know it, I know it. So they better watch out because I am coming to whoop their butts all over the Corona Yard. After this match is through, Corona Yard will be my yard.

Natalie exits the Scene.


COLOR=#4B8A08]Taylor Hudson[/color]The following contest is a singles match and it’s one fall! Introducing first…

Circus for a Psycho by Skillet kicks in as the fans are booing. Out come Sabrina Baker, wearing all black like she’s at a funeral, but this means Amy will die tonight as she gets rid of her for good.

Taylor HudsonIntroducing first, from Columbus, Ohio, Sabrina Baker!!!

Sabrina Baker eyes the people that are booing at her. Johnny Rich, who happens to be in the crowd. She mouths off at him that she’s going to kill him after she’s done with Amy. Johnny moves his kid out with Sabrina rolling in the ring and taunting at the fans.

Riot Rhythm by Sleigh Bells Kings in as the fans are cheering. Outcomes Amy Harrison, who darts to the ring and rolls in. Taylor doesn’t get an entrance out of Amy with the referee backing Amy up. Sabrina threatens her.

Bimmy Mays : Don’t expect any technical holds in this one. This is going to be an all out brawl!

Jamey Caresalle : This is personal between these two. This is the prime example of absolute bad blood between each other!

You can just feel the tension in the air as they stare down at each other. The bell rings and it doesn’t take long before they start trading blows!

Jamey Caresalle : Damn!!!! These 2 aren’t messing around!

Neither woman wants to back down before Sabrina turns around and headbutts Amy sending her reeling into the ropes… Sabrina runs over clotheslining Amy out of the ring. Wasting no time at all Sabrina dives through the ropes with a suicide dive slamming Amy into the barricade.

Jamey Caresalle : It was only a matter of seconds before this match would go outside of the ring!

Bimmy Mays : I don’t think anyone is safe here! Just don’t touch my beef jerky!

With a crazed look in her eyes she grabs one of the camera cables wrapping it around Amy’s neck starting to choke the life out of her.

Jamey Caresalle : Oh come on!!! This isn’t even a match at this point!

Bimmy Mays : Are you going to break this up!? I say let them kill each other!

Sabrina laughs staring at Johnny Rich as Amy is practically fighting for her life just to breathe. Suddenly Sabrina lets out a scream as Amy has sunk her teeth into her arm! Sabrina punches Amy over and over and over but she refuses to let go! Blood is now pouring down Sabrina’s arm after Amy has practically turned feral just to survive.

Jamey Caresalle : Oh my god her arm looks as if it was attacked by a dog!

Bimmy Mays : It’s only going to get much worse from here!

Amy finally lets go as Sabrina says every profanity shakes out her arm looking at the damage before she runs over and is met with an elbow to the face!. Amy grabs Sabrina pulling her up and sending her crashing over the steps! With Sabrina down Amy looks under the ring and pulls out a table scaffolding it between the barricade and the ring.

Bimmy Mays : You know the table has legs! Why use it that way!?

Jamey Caresalle : Amy is wasting a lot of time setting this up!

Sabrina gets up limping before Amy walks over kicking her in the stomach. She grabs Sabrina by the arm and lets out a yell Irish whipping Sabrina….


She flies neck first right into the scaffolded table sending it down on top of her.

Bimmy Mays : That’s not what a table is meant to be used for!

Jamey Caresalle : Forget that! Sabrina just went throat first into that table!!!

Sabrina lays coughing, holding her throat as Amy mounts her punching her over and over. She hoists Sabrina to her feet and drags her to the announce table.

Jamey Caraselle: Bimmy I’d move if I were you!!!

Bimmy Mays : HEY MY HOOKAH!!!


And Sabrina grabbed Bimmy Mays’ glass hookah and shattered it over Amy’s head!


Jamey Caresalle : Your side of the announce table consists of a plate of brownies, a bag of popcorn with some green colored butter, beef jerky that smells funky, and I don’t even want to know what is in that bottle you’re drinking! I think you’ll be fine.

Bimmy pounds the desk furiously like a baby that lost it’s bottle as Sabrina slams Amy’s head into the announce table. Sabrina climbs onto the announce table.

Bimmy Mays : HEY NOT MY SNACKIES!!!!

Jamey Caresalle : MOVE!!!!

Bimmy and Jamey scramble as Sabrina has Amy in position for a DDT before suddenly Amy fights punching Sabrina in the stomach over and over before she suddenly back body drops her over the announce table and through the Spanish announce table! Amy jumps off of the announce table landing on Sabrina with a splash before she grabs her from the wreckage pulling Sabrina to her feet who is clearly on wobbly legs.

Jamey Caresalle : This is unbelievable! The Spanish announce table just got obliterated!

Bimmy Mays : Hey wait a second! No one told me they had Cool Ranch Doritos over there! I’ll trade you guys a brownie for some!

Jamey Caresalle : Will you sit down!

Amy drags Sabrina to the entrance ramp and scoop slams her down onto the hard steel ramp with a loud thud.

Jamey Caresalle : There hasn’t been a single pin attempt at all in this match!

Bimmy Mays : *Burps* I told you this wouldn’t be a pretty match but I would be lying if I were to say it’s not entertaining.

Amy grabs Sabrina dragging her up the ramp. Sabrina out of nowhere grabs Amy and throws her with an exploder suplex right onto the top entrance! Both women are down and clearly hurting.

Jamey Caresalle : Where are these two going!?

Bimmy Mays : Hopefully to hit up one of the vendors. Hey do you happen to know if they sell snow cones here?

Sabrina gets to her feet and walks down the ramp sizing her target up… As Amy gets to her feet Sabrina turns to Johnny Rich flipping him the middle finger before she charges with a barbaric scream spearing Amy through the back screen of the entrance… Cameras scramble everywhere as the two combatants land backstage somewhere!

Jamey Caresalle : JESUS CHRIST!!!! They are literally tearing this entire arena apart!

Bimmy Mays : They broke my hookah damnit!!!

With bad intentions in her eyes Sabrina grabs a trash can and slams it down across Amy’s back. Sabrina grabs Amy dragging her back through the entrance before Amy drops down giving Sabrina a jawbreaker out of nowhere! Amy storms backstage leaving Sabrina down for the count before she finds a heavy equipment cart. Sabrina is slow to get to her feet holding her jaw before the cart is pushed mowing her over. Sabrina is knocked down and tumbles down the ramp from the shot.

Jamey Caresalle : Do you realize how much one of those equipment carts weigh?!

Bimmy Mays : Uhhhh I don’t have a big enough scale to figure that out.

Amy walks down the ramp as Sabrina slides under the ring. Amy grabs Sabrina by the feet only to be met with a blast from a fire extinguisher! Amy stumbles backwards falling on her ass coughing before Sabrina emerges drawing a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

Jamey Caresalle : Oh… My…. God….

Bimmy Mays : Holy faces of The Walking Dead!

Sabrina grabs Amy and slides her into the ring… She steps through the ropes with the look of a serial killer on her face. Sabrina looks at Johnny Rich who is absolutely horrified at the site. She blows him a kiss as Amy gets up…


And like the great Barry Bonds she nails Amy right between the eyes with the barbed wire bat sending her down in a heap…

Jamey Caresalle : Oh my god!!!

Bimmy Mays : Holy shit!!!

Blood is pouring down Amy’s face as Sabrina goes for the cover.



Sabrina pulls Amy up laughing.

Jamey Caraselle: Oh come on! Stop the match already! The girl is practically dead!!!

Bimmy Mays : This is really starting to kill my buzz.

Sabrina laughs clearly not done with Amy. She grabs the barbed wire bat and grinds it into her forehead…. Amy screams out as her face is run through several sharpened barbs. The camera zooms in seeing the damage that is done. Sabrina slides out of the ring grabbing a metal cable to the broken spanish announce table unplugging it and bringing it into the ring.

Jamey Caresalle : Enough Sabrina! We get the picture!

Bimmy Mays : Well the Spanish announce team is literally offline now!

Snarling she lets out a yell whiplashing the cable across Amy’s back over and over and over. The welts on her back begin to form.

Jamey Caresalle : Sabrina isn’t even trying to win at this point! I think she’s trying to torture Amy!

Bimmy Mays : Have you ever been hit with a cable wire?! I’d rather get hit with a belt!

With how much blood Amy is losing the ring is starting to look like a crime scene. She continues to whip Amy before she straight up punts her in the ribs sending her tumbling out of the ring.

Jamey Caresalle : At this point this is like watching a cat playing with a dead mouse!

Bimmy Mays : The best thing Amy can do at this point is run I think!

Sabrina slides out of the ring as Amy crawls near the time keeper’s table… Sabrina goes to wrap the cable around Amy’s neck before suddenly Amy grabs the time keeper’s hammer and cracks her right in the knee with it!

Bimmy Mays : OHHHHHH!!!!!!

Jamey Caresalle : Desperation move by Amy Harrison!

Sabrina drops down holding her knee from the attack. Amy grabs the time keeper’s chair and storms over slamming the chair down onto Sabrina’s leg. Amy slides the chair in the ring followed by Sabrina before following in herself.

Jamey Caresalle : How the hell is Amy Harrison still in this match!?

Bimmy Mays : Adrenaline is a crazy thing I tell ya!

Amy grabs the chair…

Amy Harrison : GET UP YOU BITCH!!!!

Amy yells as Sabrina gets to her feet….


And blasts Sabrina right in the face with one of the most violent chair shots in 5BW history. Sabrina falls over like a tree. There is now a gash above Sabrina’s eye and blood is trickling down her face.

Bimmy Mays : The EMTs are getting paid tonight with this show!

Jamey Caresalle : I think Amy has snapped at this point!

Amy drops down covering Sabrina…



To everyone’s disbelief Sabrina gets her shoulder up. Amy slides out of the ring and grabs the table and slides it into the ring. She sets it up as Sabrina gets up stumbling around practically drunk on her feet now dawning the crimson mask as well. Amy runs and grabs Sabrina spinning around springboarding off the top rope when suddenly Sabrina spins around and slams Amy through the table!

Jamey Caresalle : That’s it! That’s got to be it!

Bimmy Mays : I don’t see how Amy has anything left in the tank…

Sabrina laughs before she looks at Johnny Rich and slides out of the ring yelling at him.

Jamey Caresalle : Huge mistake here!

Bimmy Mays : Like you said James I don’t think Sabrina even cares about winning at this point!

Sabrina Bake r: Yeah fuck you needle dick!

Sabrina says before sliding back in the ring. Amy has rolled out of the wreckage but is still clearly out of it. Sabrina is in position and runs…

Jamey Caresalle : REMIX X2!!!

Bimmy Mays : NOOO!!!!!!!

Sabrina went for the finisher only for Amy to roll out of the way! Sabrina is stunned and gets up holding her stomach. Amy flips Sabrina the middle finger and Nails her with the Broken Ugly Face and goes for the cover!




Jamey Caresalle : WOW!!!! Just wow!!! Despite all the odds against her Amy Harrison has somehow pulled it out…

Bimmy Mays : Really goes to show how much heart she has.

Johnny Rich slides into the ring with his kid helping Amy up who is clearly in dire need of some medical assistance. After all the hell she went through she still has enough strength to muster a kiss barely being able to stand on her own 2 feet.

Inside the Mad N Fit gym in Buffalo, New York, Ariel Madden can be seen sitting at a weight bench. She had just finished a particularly intense workout, with sweat cascading down her forehead and over her skin. Grabbing a towel, she dabs some sweat away as she looks to the camera.

Ariel: “Hi… so I haven’t been the most vocal in the month leading up to 5BW Vendetta, with good reason. I’ve been here training.”

She stretches her arms out, indicating her gym, which has recently installed a wrestling ring to allow further training.

Ariel: “You see, ever since Veronica Van Claudio decided to blindside me after I finally ended my last feud with an emphatic victory, she’s been talking about being the better wrestler. And I’ll admit, I got into the business here in 5BW. This is my first job… my first company. I’m still in my first year wrestling, but I’ve been working hard to become as good as I can be. Vendetta, however, is a Pure Rules match, meaning to win, I truly need to be the best WRESTLER I can be, even if I may not be totally sure about what that means. One thing I do know…”

Ariel sits forward.

Ariel: “You, Veronica, took advantage of me after I went through a gruelling war. You dropped me after I had already been through the wringer. At Vendetta, you don’t get that advantage. You’re getting me at 100%. You are absolutely getting the very best of me. You want to prove you’re better than me? You’re going to have to get past my very best, because I’m not going to let up until the mat has been slapped three times by the referee, or more by you.”

A grin curls onto Ariel’s face.

Ariel: “I’m coming for you, Veronica… full speed ahead. Nothing’s going to keep me down and, when it’s all said and done? There will be no questioning who the better wrestler is.”

The scene fades.

Jamey Caresalle : Now before we continue on we have a video presentation for one of our newest talents to the 5BW roster you will be seeing later tonight in the Corona Yard match!

Bimmy Mays : Oh man I can’t wait for that match! I just hope the pizza I ordered gets here on time!

The screen flashes and suddenly Tessa Whitmoyer appears sitting in front of her vlog camera.

Tessa Whitmoyer : Hey hey hey! It’s ya girl Tessa and oh em gee I can’t believe it! I’ve actually made it into the 5BW!

She laughs, clapping her hands excitedly.

Tessa Whitmoyer : Listen I’m as shocked as everyone else. I put in a tryout video figuring I had nothing to lose and next thing you know here I am like making my debut at Vendetta.

Tessa smiled boldly leaning into the camera.

Tessa Whitmoyer : Ok like don’t mind me I need to make sure my glitter is on point here…

Tessa said as she applied some glittery eyeliner matching the ribbons with her pigtails.

Tessa Whitmoyer : So a Corona Yard match… I like going into this with my skirt around my ankles. I have no idea what this match is but I do know who all is in it…

She points up and the logo of the match appears.

Tessa Whitmoyer : Talk about being a small fish in a large pond geez! Like look at all these people! Jessica Hendrix? She screams spotlight hog if you ask me! Arabella? She seems nice enough but like it’s every girl for themself!

Tessa said as images of each wrestler appeared on screen.

Tessa Whitmoyer : Christy Winters? Ummm forgive me for asking but like why is half of her head shaved? I’m not even trying to be a smart ass but she looks as if she got into a fight with a lawn mower and lost!

An image of a Toro lawnmower appears on screen mowing down Christy’s picture.

Tessa Whitmoyer : Jade Valentine? She seems like one of those weird girls with the black lipstick smoking cigarettes by the school dumpsters and wears nothing but leather and spikes!

A cheap witch Halloween decoration appears on screen with an old lady cackle.

Tessa Whitmoyer : And what is she wearing?! Like I swear I saw that outfit on a strip club costume website…. Don’t ask why I was looking at that!

She shifts her eyes awkwardly before the image of Natalie Eldredge appears edited with a trucker hat and a piece of straw sticking out of her mouth.

Tessa Whitmoyer : Natalie Edredge… Just looking at her you can like hear dueling banjos! I wonder if she married her cousin… Nope scratch that I don’t want to know!

Tessa laughs as a tractor blaring Flirtin With Disaster by Molly Hatchet drives across the screen running over the image of Natalie Eldredge before the image of Dakota Mendoza appears.

Tessa Whitmoyer : Dakota Mendoza? She’s new, she’s young, and she’s a firecracker… Wait, am I talking about myself? IDENTITY THEFT!!!!!

Tessa yells as police sirens blare and a set of prison bars appear around the image before the image of Amber Rockwell appears on screen.

Tessa Whitmoyer : Holy hell like what is this girl’s deal? Green hair? Isn’t like the result of going into a swimming pool and your hair dye has a reaction to the chlorine? Yeah I totally had that happen to me once...

An image of Tessa pouting with bright green hair appears on screen followed by a Mortal Kombat fatality scream with the sound of glass shattering.

Tessa Whitmoyer : Yeah it wasn’t pretty… I looked like a bottle of Mountain Dew for a week!

An image of Rachel Faust appears on screen. Tessa looks at the image and cringes.

Tessa Whitmoyer : Ok ummm wow… Rachel Faust…. Like I don’t even know where to begin… Is she wearing a gas mask? Like why does she look so angry? Like me Rachel makes me angry! Ook ook ook!

Sounds of the jungle can be heard with a gorilla rattling a cage appearing on screen.

Tessa Whitmoyer : Ok look I’m just going to avoid her at all costs because she seems like the type who would try to rip my skeleton out of my body!

Tessa laughs as the images fade.

Tessa Whitmoyer : Anyway that is like my thoughts on the match! Like! Share! Subscribe! And remember to catch ya favorite Firework in The Corona Yard! Blink and you may miss me! Peace out Tessa Maniacs!

The screen fades to static showing a bewildered Jamey Caraselle and Bimmy Mays.

Jamey Caresalle : Wow… I don’t know much about her but she definitely brings an attitude.

Bimmy Mays : Hey she’s the youngest to ever wrestle in the 5BW so she has everything to gain!

Brittany Lascase : I am live outside… It’s the quiet before the storm where ten fighters are going to do battle for a shot at the Freedom Championship! The field of competitors is a melting pot of personality to say the least…

Brittany walks in front of what appears to be a massive monster truck.

Brittany Lascase : One of them being The Heavy Metal Queen Amber Rockwell…

Suddenly jumping into the picture from the hood of the massive truck is Amber Rockwell with a bottle of Captain Morgan in hand.

Amber Rockwell : Sup!!!

Brittany Lascase : Amber I just have to ask… How in the world did you bring a monster truck into New York?!

Amber smirked, patting the massive tire.

Amber Rockwell : Uh I drove it! How the hell else do you think?! What’s the point of having a big mother truckin vehicle if you’re not going to drive it!? I call this bad boy The Juggernaut!!!

Brittany Lascase looks at Amber bewildered.

Brittany Lascase : Just look at it! The fire breathing smoke stacks! The skulls embedded into the bumper! The spikes that impale my enemies!

Brittany looks at the massive war machine.

Brittany Lascase : Ummm yes very impressive piece of machinery you got there… So how do you feel going into this match?

Amber Rockwell : How do I feel? Shit this is going to be awesome!!! I get to beat the crap out of people without winding up in jail? Hell yeah! Let’s turn this mother fucker into a full mosh pit!!!! Honestly this is just a day that ends with Y for me!

It definitely wasn’t the answer that Brittany was looking to get. She stands there stammering not sure what to say.

Amber Rockwell l: Oh and the best part of this truck!!!! Watch this!!!

Amber suddenly runs and climbs into the cab.


She yelled as the camera zooms out and a stream of fire shoots out from the front grill of the machine. Brittany lets out a scream jumping backwards falling onto her ass.

Brittany Lascase : HOLY SHIT!!!!!

Brittany gets up brushing herself off. As flames shoot from the smokestacks. Amber stands on the hood of the monster truck.


Brittany runs out of the picture panting.

Brittany Lascase : I’m outta here! This girl is dangerous!

The screen flashes back to Jamey Caraselle and Bimmy Mays.

Jamey Caresalle : Did she just say she drove that thing here?

Bimmy Mays : I thought I saw a monster truck rolling down the street but I figured it was from the hit of purple haze I took.


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a “Pure Wrestling Rules” match and its one fall. The only way to win this match is by pinfall or submission. Rules stand as follows.

The scoreboard at Citi Field lights up and puts the rules up on the board. The fans are leaning in so they can see this.

1.Each wrestler has three rope breaks to stop submission holds and pinfalls during the match. After a wrestler exhausts his rope breaks, submission and pin attempts under the ropes by the opponent are considered legal.
2.There are no closed-fist punches to the face allowed in a Pure match, only open-handed slaps or chops to the face are allowed. Punches to other parts of the body (save for low blows) are permitted. The first use of a closed fist would get a warning, and the second would cause the wrestler to be penalized a rope break. If he is already out of rope breaks, he would be disqualified.
3.A wrestler is subject to a twenty count by the referee if the wrestler goes to the floor.

Bimmy Mays: What the hell is this? They can’t use violence in this match-up?

Jamey Caresalle: Yeah, that’s basically it, Bimmy. They can’t use violence in this match, even if they wanted to! It throws away the purpose of the match!

Head like a Hole by Nine Inch Nails kicks with the fans booing for this. Out comes Veronica Van Claudio breezing through like she owns the place for this match up.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, weighing in at 136 pounds, Veronica Van Claudio!!!

Jamey Caresalle: Veronica Van Claudio, or VVC for short, wants to make Ariel a wrestler out of this whole entire thing! I don’t know what’s her issue with Ariel, but Ariel has made her mark known in this promotion.

VVC looks to the fans that are booing at her. She rolls into the ring and looks at the fans that are booing at her. She says that she is going to make Ariel Madden WRESTLE instead of being a twitter model. She waits for her as the fans are booing for her. Bounce by Bon Jovi kicks in as the fans are cheering. Pyro is coming up on the sides of the ramp to the beat of the song.

Bimmy Mays: It’s because VVC wants to make Ariel, “wrassle” instead of being one of those models these chicks like to be!

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent, from Syracuse, New York, weighing in at 130 Pounds, Ariel Madden!!

Ariel came out wearing orange and blue ring attire for the Mets. She walks to the ring with a serious look. The fans are cheering for her and telling her to kick Veronica’s ass. Veronica tells her to get in the ring as Ariel keeps her eye on her. She comes in and looks at Veronica before taunting the fans. However, Veronica comes running up and attacks Ariel. The fans are booing as she tosses her into the ring and is about to go for a closed fist, which is NOT allowed.

Bimmy Mays: What the heck is she thinking? She’s already breaking the damn rules!!

Jamey Caresalle: Folks, that’s apart of the rules. She cannot use a closed fist!

The referee asks Ariel if she is OK with this and Ariel nods yes. Anger comes up with Ariel coming after her and going after Veronica and SMACKS her in the face with her open hand. Veronica stumbles back and SMACKS her right in the face back and throws her into the ropes. Ariel comes running after her with a clothesline and knocks VVC right down on the ground.

Jamey Caresalle: Ariel is NOT taking VVC’s BS. She wants to prove to her that she’s in it!!

The fans are cheering as she begins to stomp down on her as the fans are cheering for this. She picks her up and tosses her out of the ring, making the fans cheer for her even more. She gets on the apron and waits for Veronica to get back up as the fans cheer for this. Veronica slowly gets to her feet and Ariel comes charging and goes for a senton onto Veronica, but she catches her, lifts her up and POWERBOMBS her right on the apron. The fans are booing for this as she mocks and says that the Princess of the Gym is down and gets back into the ring.

Bimmy Mays: VVC is already getting cocky! Telling her to get back to the gym! HA!

Veronica gets into the middle of the ring and taunts at the fans. She then gets on the ground and starts doing push ups to mock at Ariel Madden. Ariel gets back in the ring and comes up behind her. Veronica gets to her feet and says that she is going to do it again, but Ariel grabs her and goes for a German Suplex!

Jamey Caresalle: Beautiful German Suplex from Ariel!!

The fans are cheering for this as Veronica gets back to her feet with Ariel grabbing her and going for a bearhug. The fans are cheering for this as she shakes her like a ragdoll. Ariel drops Veronica and goes to pin her in the ring as the fans are cheering for this.



Thr-Veronica puts her foot on the ropes.

Jamey Caresalle: This move is legal, as much as I hate to say it!!

While this is legal to happen, Ariel does not want to win by having a foot on the rope as she picks her up, but Veronica LOWBLOWS Ariel. The fans are booing as she uses a closed fist on her. She broke a rule with the reference giving her a warning for that move.

Bimmy Mays: Welp! She broke a rule with the closed fist!!

Veronica says that she does not care and grabs Ariel’s leg and kicks at her. Ariel screams at it in pain as the fans are booing for this as she keeps on doing it. The referee is yelling at Veronica, but she does not care. She mocks at the fans still that are booing at her. Ariel picks her up by the hair and tosses her into the turnbuckle as the fans are booing at her.

Bimmy Mays: VVC is a straight savage! She’s not going to let Ariel go through with this match!!

Veronica goes up and yells at Ariel before hitting her in the face with slaps to her face. Veronica does a couple of times before Ariel comes up and grabs her. Veronica is screaming to put her down, but Ariel spins her around and goes for a powerbomb. The fans are cheering for this with Ariel going for another pinfall on her as the fans are cheering for this.

Jamey Caresalle: POWER BOMB!!



Thr- Veronica kicks out of it!

Jamey Caresalle: VVC is not letting go!!

Ariel grabs Veronica and starts banging her head down on the ground by the hair because she cannot use closed fists. Veronica reaches up and RAKES the eyes of Ariel! The fans are booing for this as Ariel holds her eye, leading to Veronica to clothesline her right on the ground. Ariel’s head crashes onto the mat with a sick thud. Veronica does not have any care in the world as she drags Ariel in the ring and LOCKS in the sharpshooter!

Jamey Caresalle: Veronica locks in the sharpshooter on Ariel Madden!!!

Bimmy Mays: She’s REALLY going to make Ariel a wrestler! Holy hell this is going to become better if I need a smoke!!

Veronica is yelling for her to tap out, but Ariel does not want to give up. She crawls over to the ropes and grabs the ropes to break the hold. Veronica does not want to let go with Ariel screaming. Veronica VIOLENTLY yanks her off the rope and goes back into the middle of the ring. Ariel tries twisting around, but Veronica keeps applying the pressure. Finally, Veronica breaks the hold and pins Ariel in the ring.

Bimmy Mays: Ariel is done, James! Seal it!!



KICK OUT by Ariel.

Jamey Caresalle: Don’t seal it just yet!!! Ariel is STILL in this fight!

Veronica yells at her to stay down, but Ariel gets back up, grabs her and goes for a brainbuster. The fans are cheering for this with Ariel waiting for her to get back in. Veronica stands back up and goes after Ariel, but Madden gives her a spinning clothesline. Veronica lands on the ground with Ariel grabbing her as she goes for the Atlas-Plex right onto the ground. Ariel pins her in the ring as the fans are cheering for this as she could get the win...

Jamey Caresalle: ATLAS-PLEX!!




Jamey Caresalle: VVC is still in this fight!

Bimmy Mays: How?!

The fans are in shock with this. Ariel needs to put her away, but VVC is getting back to her feet. Ariel comes running after her and goes for the Atlas-Plex again, but VVC gets out of it and goes for a spinebuster. She then goes up to the turnbuckle and climbs it, but Ariel comes running back up and gets on the ropes. She then grabs her with Veronica yelling, but Ariel has NO FEAR AND DOES THE ATLAS-PLEX OFF THE TURNBUCKLE!!!


The fans are cheering for this as she pins VVC in the middle of the ring.



Jamey Caresalle: Holy crap was that something!!!


Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner, Ariel Madden!!!

Ariel Madden gets to her feet and raises her arms in the air as the referee is raising it in the air. Ariel goes over to Veronica van Claudio, who is stirring and walks over to her and says that SHE belongs here and that she IS a wrestler. She gets out of the ring and gives the fans high fives while VVC looks upset in the middle of the ring about what happened.

Jamey Caresalle: That match was a clinic! Ariel and VVC should be proud of how this match went down! My hats off to the both!

Bimmy Mays: Fricken impressive, if you ask me, James!

Over here.

The chick carrying the camera steps through the mesh wire fence inside of an industrial yard sitting on a rack of pipes is Christy Winters.

You should really learn your directions better.

Sorry Ms. Winters

let it slide for now.

Christy stares into the camera.

By know you know who the fuck I am so I don’t need to introduce myself.

Christy smirks.

First off I like to apologize in advance to the loved one of my opponents in the Corona Yard Match at Vendetta, your loved one are coming back to you in body bags.

Now onto the matter at hand Vendetta, the Corona Yard match, the winner who survives the match is the number one contender for the freedom title, well here your spoilers folks the winner will be me.

Now I get the misconception of me, I’m the spoiled rich kid, the entitled one, the one born with the silver spoon in here mouth, while all of these things are true, I’m also the chick that can my silver spoon and carve Arabella’s eye out, or maybe I take a steel pipe and cave Natalie Eldredge’s skull in, or choke the life out of Jade Valentine with barbed wire. So many possibilities.

Jessica Hendrix, I admit your sexy as fuck, and its honestly a same what I have to do to you to get my Freedom Title match.

Amber Rockwell, Tessa Whitmeyer, and Rachel Faust, the three new chicks on the block, well I’m the badass queen of this fucking block, and the three of you, colatteral damage, three bodies I leave laying in the Carona yard.

Dakota, nothing more than Luciana’s little puppet, a shame really, your actually a talented wrestler, I know that first hand, but your stepping into my world, and let me me put it it this way, if Luciana is expecting you to help her against Tolson, she’s going to be greatly disappointed, you will by another body I leave in the Corona yard, sucks to be all of you.



We go across the street to the Corona Yard where cars, subway cars and weapons are all around. The New York Police Department is blocking off the street to make sure everything is safe. We see Jade Valentine, Natalie Eldredge, Tessa Whitmeyer, Jessica Hendrix, Arabella, and Rachel Faust already in the yard. We are missing Amber Rockwell, Dakota Mendoza, and Christy Winters from the match with the referee standing in the middle of the yard.

Referee: We are just waiting for three more people an-

Suddenly, we hear a motorcycle coming up. It is Christy Winters rolling in the yard as she takes off her biker top and tosses it towards Jessica Hendrix. She did say something about her being “sexy” but the violence will be coming. Arabella eyes Christy Winters. The next person coming up is Dakota Mendoza as she came from the back. She looks at Christy Winters and pushes her. Of course, those two have some type of issues. The referee looks around and has no clue where Amber is.

Suddenly, we hear a LOUD truck coming up the street with loud screaming coming out and honking. Amber Rockwell is coming up on the streets of New York with a truck. The girls are looking to see what is going on with her parking it. The cops are looking at her and treating her with a ticket, but she does not give a shit. She is ready for a fight. The referee looks at all nine of them from the circle.

Referee: Yes, this is going to be a wild one, but this is last person standing rules. There will be 5 referees in all places. If you are tossed off anything, and cannot move, you are out. If you go out in the streets of Queens, you will be eliminated from the match up. This must end in the Corona Yard. The MTA says we can use the abandoned cars, but if you enter a “7” train leaving this yard, you are eliminated from the match up. First women to win this match will become the number one contender to the freedom championship.

All of them ready but Amber looks at the eight of them.

Amber Rockwell: I don’t know what the fuck you bitches are standing here for, let’s FIGHT!!!

Amber takes a shot at Arabella as she is on the ground. Christy and Dakota’s bad blood begins again with them fighting one another while Tessa and Jade Valentine are fighting one another. Jessica and Natalie begin to fight one another while Rachel is standing there and waiting for someone to move. Christy pushes Dakota into Rachel which Rachel stumbles a bit. She eyes at Christy Winters and chases after her with Christy darting. Arabella and Amber are fighting with Amber throwing her into the truck. She comes after her with Arabella kicking at her. Jade and Tessa come up and are on the tracks where the subway is. Tessa pushes Jade into it as she hits the number seven sign head-first. Jade falls with Tessa going up on the car.

Dakota comes up behind Rachel and chases after her with Jessica and Natalie fighting one another. Christy sees this and slaps Jessica right on the ass. Jessica stops what she is doing and looks at Christy. Christy starts flirting with her as Jessica is backing up. She thinks she is weird and creeping her out, but Rachel Faust comes up and GRABS Jessica Hendrix as Christy tells her to don’t ruin her because she has a pretty face. Rachel swears at her with Jessica punching her in the head. Rachel looks at this and tosses Jessica right into the “7” car. She looks at her again and grabs her. Christy tries to stop Rachel, but Natalie and Dakota come up and TOSS her into the seven car and NEAR the third rail. Christy sees that it is live and gets out of it with Dakota coming at her with a spear. Tessa, Arabella, and Jade see this and try to attack Rachel. They use weapons all around them to stop her, but Rachel punches them. Amber, who is the wild card of this match, is on top of the subway and sees Jessica getting up. She lets a howl and does a coffin drop onto Jessica Hendrix!

Amber gets up and howls into the night sky, but Christy comes up and ROCKS Amber right in the head with a lead pipe. She walks over to Jessica Hendrix and looks at her into her eyes.

Christy Winters: I am going to protect you from everyone here until you are mine, sexy.

Christy looks at her, but what she does not know is Rachel is standing behind her. Rachel eyes her up and down with Christy looking at her in fear.

Rachel Faust: Ich werde diese hübsche Prinzessin vor dir töten!!!

Rachel grabs Jessica Hendrix and throws her into the New York City street! She does not care for this and the safety of anyone. Jessica is eliminated from the match up as Christy is battling against Rachel. On the other side of the yard, Arabella and Natalie are fighting out as they are on the subway car. Arabella has history with Natalie with Tessa coming up and going for a double bulldog. Arabella sees Tessa and asks for an alliance. Dakota comes up and goes for a SUPER KICK into the face of Arabella, Jade comes up and grabs Arabella and goes for a chokeslam. Amber sees this and uses her guitar and SMASHES her into the head of Jade Valentine. Amber sees Jade come after her. The subway car starts moving with Amber jumping off it. The girls who were on top of it also jump down and land on the ground, causing them to roll on the ground.

Jade, Arabella, Dakota, Natalie, and Amber are down with Christy and Rachel battling each other. Christy is getting the best of Rachel finally as all girls’ nod at each other and try to eliminate Rachel Faust. Rachel sees Arabella coming after her and grabs her. She swings her across the yard like a rag doll with Arabella hitting a car door headfirst that it knocks her out. The referee rules her out of the match with medics coming up. Rachel is too dangerous for this and knocks all the girls down with Natalie flying, Christy falling on her ass, and Dakota being tossed across the ground. Amber comes up and uses her guitar again on Rachel right across the BACK of her, but it has no effect. Rachel grabs at her by the throat and tries to choke slam her.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, Tessa Whitmeyer comes FLYING off the truck that Amber brought in with a crossbody. They both fall as she is the first person to get back on her feet and takes Rachel off. Tessa looks around and sees Natalie coming after her. She grabs at her and goes for the NSE Stunner, but Tessa grabs her, but Christy Winters comes up and goes for the Full Throttle. Tessa is battling against her with Rachel coming up and letting out a growl towards Christy Winters. She is on her ass with Christy fighting back against her. Tessa goes to where the entrance is, but what she does not know is Jade is right behind her. Jade turns her around and grabs her by the throat and goes for a chokeslam so hard that it knocks the wind out of Tessa. Jade stands over her with Tessa unable to continue. She is officially eliminated from this match.

Christy and Dakota are throwing hands into each other’s face. There is too much hate with the both considering what has been said. Suddenly, Natalie comes out of nowhere with a hubcap and SMASHES Dakota right in the face with it, making her bust right open. Arabella sees Christy and goes after her as she begins to fight her, but Christy throws Natalie into a car windshield, breaking it. Natalie’s arm is sliced open with Christy coming up and trying to go for the Full Throttle onto what is left. Natalie fights out of it, but Rachel Faust comes back up and takes the both down. They both fall off the car as Rachel looks at it. She lifts it off the ground and FLIPS it over. Christy and Natalie see what’s going on and move out of the way to prevent death. Dakota comes up behind her and starts beating her down. She yells something at the rest of them.

Dakota Mendoza: We need to get rid of Rachel Faust!

Christy Winters: I ain’t helping your ass out!!

Dakota Mendoza: Fuck you! You don’t do shit here you fucking failure!!

Christy looks at Dakota and spears her down and they begin to fight yet again while Rachel sees this and grabs the both. Amber Rockwell comes up and LOW BLOWS Rachel, causing both Dakota and Christy to fall. Amber drop kicks Rachel, which causes her to lose her balance. Jade comes back up and grabs her as she goes for a chokeslam, but Rachel powers out of it and throws Jade onto the ground. Jade crawls and tries to use her “witch power” on Rachel, but it is not working. She grabs her and goes for Heat Seeking Missile, with Jade going into a car. She is not moving due to that impact and is officially eliminated from the match up.

The final five are Rachel Faust, Christy Winters, Dakota Mendoza, Natalie Eldredge and Amber Rockwell. The main target being Rachel Faust, and somewhat Christy Winters. The girls are eyeing the both with Natalie going after Christy Winters along with Dakota Mendoza. Rachel and Amber begin to fight with Amber getting her off her feet. Natalie and Dakota are beating down on Christy. Dakota then turns on Natalie and throws her headfirst into the truck. Natalie holds her head as blood comes out the side. Dakota picks her up and gives her the Mendoza Buster!! Natalie is down and out with her being eliminated from the match.

Amber and Rachel are on top of the subway car battling it out with one another. Amber is throwing punches into Rachel and doing everything she could to get her down. Rachel grabs her and goes for a military style press. Amber is not going to back down and gets off her back. She kicks her, making Rachel wobbly. Rachel turns back around with Amber coming after her and taking her off the subway car. A loud buzz is being heard with the referees looking. They yell to turn off the electric quickly as Rachel and Amber are eliminated with Christy and Dakota being the final two.

Dakota and Christy are the final two members of this battle with the both battling. They are near the entrance where they both entered and pushed one another out. If they go out in the street, they are eliminated from this match up. Dakota BITES the arm of Christy Winters, making her scream out in pain. Dakota grabs her and tries to throw her out into the street. Christy uses her feet to block it and takes Dakota down with a STO. She looks at the street gates open and THROWS DAKOTA onto the sidewalk, but not into the street. Christy thinks she has won the match up and raises her hand in victory.

Dakota gets back to her feet and comes up with a bulldog onto Christy Winters. Dakota bends over and looks at her as she yells in her face.

Dakota Mendoza: You couldn’t eliminate me?! FUCKING BITCH! YOUR STUPID!! STUPID! STUPID!!!

Christy grabs a taser and tases the hell out of Dakota Mendoza after her yelling. She grabs her and goes for the Full Throttle onto the ground. Dakota is not moving, and the referee blows the whistle. Christy Winters has officially won the first ever Corona Yard Match and has a match with the Freedom Champion in the second season!!

Christy sits down with her father, Marshall Winters coming up and giving her a bottle of whiskey. She looks at the carnage that was caused with her father as she sips all it down. This was a true war.

Brittany Lascase can be seen standing backstage next to the Freedom Cup trophy and the 5BW Freedom Championship belt.

Lascase: “We are moments away from the finals of the Freedom Cup tournament, the winner of which will receive this trophy here as well as being declared the first 5BW Freedom Champion. My guest at this time is one of the finalists in that tournament, a man who is no stranger to Championship glory, Darian Andrews.”

Darian steps into the scene, his eyes locked on the trophy as he does.

Lascase: “Darian, in moments, you’re going to be heading to the ring to take on Chelsea Pryce for the right to be the first Freedom Champion. Your thoughts?”

Darian: “Ahh, Britt… we MADE it! 5BW Vendetta, the season finale, and the finals of the Freedom Cup tournament! Can you feel that? That’s electricity! It’s been a long road to get there… I had to get through Jade Valentine in Brampton. A bunch of strange supernatural effects weren’t enough to keep me down then. I had to face Asia Jones a month ago in the semis and she was great… I was better. Which brings us here.”

He points to the trophy.

Darian: “It’s just within reach… and I don’t mean physically, although that, too, is true. Now, I’ve been doing my homework. I know that Chelsea Pryce is a world-class athlete. Eleven years in wrestling. Multiple World Championships to her name. It’s an impressive resume. How do I measure up against it?”

Darian pauses, almost waiting for an answer.

Lascase: “I don’t know…?”

Darian: “Simple: I lean into my strengths. I’ve been a Champion in my own right, ending a record-setting reign in GCW. I have fought to the top of the mountain, overcoming every obstacle put in front of me! I have made a career of shocking the world. Tonight, I’m ready to go and do it again. This trophy, and this Championship... “

He grins.

Darian: “I’ll stop at nothing until they’re mine. Tonight, let’s go out on a high note.”

Darian exits the scene, heading towards the entrance as he prepares for his match. The scene shifts.


Taylor Hudson The following contest is a singles match and it's one fall! Introducing first…

Here come the Vultures by Delain kicks in as the fans are booing for this. Out comes Larissa Johnson, wearing the pink ring attire she wore when Mary Ellen and her had a last women standing match nearly six years ago. Larissa looks at the fans who are booing at her and blows them off while she walks to the ring.

Taylor Hudson From Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 125 pounds, Larissa Johnson!!!

Bimmy Mays: If there is someone that I despise more, James, it’s her. Larissa Johnson. She pisses me off like every republican!

Jamey Caresalle: To make this not political, I can see what my partner is saying, though I will say this. Mary Ellen and Larissa’s war is like the Cold War, conflict for years and it ends tonight.

Larissa gets into the ring and looks at the crowd booing at her. She sees Tiffany McC in the crowd and eyes her. Larissa mouths off something to her, making Tiffany keep an eye on her as she gets in the ring and taunts at the fans. Larissa says that she is going to end this long-standing feud once and for all.

Night of the Ravens by Leaves’ Eyes kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. A white and black circle is going around the stage with Mary Ellen Harrison coming out of the back.

Taylor HudsonHer opponent, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, weighing in at 120 pounds, she is the “Raven’s Lock”, Mary Ellen Harrison!

Mary Ellen, who is wearing her black top and white shorts with her black cape comes out of the back and walks to the ring with it. She eyes her longtime adversary and does not lose focus on her. She gets on the apron and taunts at the fans, but Larissa comes running up and attacks Mary Ellen, making her fall off.

Jamey Caresalle: Larissa is not wasting any time with this match up! She wants to attack her!!

The fans are booing as Larissa goes over to her and chokes out Mary Ellen with her cap and screams for her that she is nothing. Larissa tosses her with the cape on with the referee asking if she is ready to go. Mary Ellen takes off her cape with an angry look, but Larissa comes at her again and begins to attack her and HITS her in the ribs. She grabs her by the hair and tosses her out of the ring. The fans are booing for this.

Bimmy Mays: And of course this happens! She wants to ruin her, especially during the month of Pride!!

Jamey Caresalle: Did we REALLY have to go there?!

Larissa grabs her and throws her into Jamey Caresalle and Bimmy Mays as the fans are booing. Larissa laughs at this and tosses her back into the ring. The fans are still booing for her with Mary Ellen crawling around in the ring. The bells finally ring, but the damage may already be done with Mary Ellen hurting. Larissa picks her up and tosses her into the corner and starts to kick her down. She yells that she is worthless and it’s showing it. Larissa puts her foot up and goes for a choke hold, but Mary Ellen grabs her foot and uses a leg whip to whip Larissa across the ring. Mary Ellen is showing life as she begins to come back. The fans are cheering for this.

Jamey Caresalle: Mary Ellen is coming back to live! Here we go!

Mary Ellen looks at Larissa on the ground and gives her a STIFF kick right to the side. She picks her up and goes for a DDT. Larissa being the smart one gets out of it and kicks Mary Ellen and throws her down by the hair. She gets on top of her and starts laying into the Black-haired fighter. The fans are booing with Mary Ellen trying to get Larissa off her. The referee is telling Larissa to get off her as she yells “NO” at him. He backs off with Larissa again picking up Mary Ellen and tossing her out of the ring. The fans are booing with Mary Ellen on the ground and Larissa in the ring, taunting the fans.

Bimmy Mays: She’s telling the fans what she tells our General Manager, and it’s shut up!

Larissa struts and says that Mary Ellen is worthless and that she does not belong here. She gets out of the ring, taunts Mary Ellen and runs towards her. Mary Ellen sees this and opens the ring apron, making Larissa fall into it. She then starts hitting at her while she is in the apron and SLAMS her head.

Bimmy Mays: There we go!!!

Mary Ellen tosses her back in the ring and stalks at Larissa. Larissa is holding her nose as she says it could be broken. The referee checks on her as Larissa is holding it while Mary Ellen is getting pissed off and rolls up Larissa Johnson for the first fall of the night.

Jamey Caresalle: Mary Ellen rolls her up with the first fall of the match up!!



Larissa kicks out of it.

Mary Ellen bends down, but Larissa KICKS her right in the head, making her fall right back down. Mary Ellen lands on her backside with Larissa running into the ropes and kicking Mary Ellen right in the face. Larissa picks her up by the hair and throws her into the ropes and kicks her down. Mary Ellen falls out of the ring and lands right on the ground.

Jamey Caresalle: That fall was not pretty!

The fans are groaning in pain with Larissa mocking at her again. She looks and sees Mary Ellen is getting up from that fall with Larissa running through the ropes with a suicide dive. A rarity that we see Larissa do that! The fans still boo at her as she tosses her back into the ring.

Both: WHAT?!

Bimmy Mays: Did Larissa just pull that out?!
Jamey Caresalle: She in fact did do something like that!!

Larissa says that she is going to end Mary Ellen once and for all. She taunts at her and waits for her to get back up as the fans are booing for this. Mary Ellen is getting to her feet with Larissa going for a spinning heel kick to the face of Mary Ellen. She grabs her by the black hair and looks at Mary Ellen before going for the Maximum….

Mary Ellen gets out of it and goes for a double stomp onto the black heart of Larissa Johnson.

Jamey Caresalle: DOUBLE STOMP!! And to be honest, that’s a homage to Kieran Quinn, who’s known for that move!!

Bimmy Mays: You’re telling me. She should have HIT below the belt!!

The fans are cheering for this as Mary Ellen yells that she is going to end this match once and for all. Mary Ellen waits for her to get back up with Larissa coming at her as the fans are cheering for Mary Ellen to end her in the ring. She grabs her and goes for the Raven’s lock, but Larissa gets out of it, pushes Mary Ellen into the turnbuckle.

Mary Ellen comes out of it with Larissa STEALING her finishing move. The fans are booing for this with Larissa rolling over Mary Ellen. She is about to end this match with a stolen finisher.





Mary Ellen kicks out of it.

Jamey Caresalle: Mary Ellen is still in this battle! And she’s not giving up, especially with a stolen finisher!

The fans are cheering with Mary Ellen still in this fight. Larissa kicks the bottom rope and yells that the referee. She tells him that was a three count and that she deserves to win this match up. The referee keeps on yelling at her. Larissa does not want to listen and GRABS him.

Jamey Caresalle: Larissa is seriously about to get fined!

Bimmy Mays: She doesn’t care! She’s a REPUBLICAN!!!

Mary Ellen rolls her up in the ring as the fans are cheering for this.




Larissa kicks out of it.

Bimmy Mays: DAMMIT!!!

Mary Ellen goes after Larissa again and goes for the Raven’s Lock onto her and it connects. The fans are cheering as this could be the end of this match up.

Jamey Caresalle: RAVEN’s LOCK!! THIS COULD BE IT!!




Larissa AGAIN kicks out of it!!!

Jamey Caresalle: Again Larissa kicks out of it!!

Bimmy Mays: DAMMIT!!

ME slams her fists on the ground. She knows that she must end Larissa in the ring with this. ME stands back up and waits for Larissa to stand up. Slowly Larissa does with Mary Ellen grabbing her as she goes for the Raven’s Lock yet again, but Larissa rolls her up in the ring and GRABS the tights as the fans are booing for this.




Thr-MARY ELLEN Again kicks out.

Jamey Caresalle: Mary Ellen is still in this fight!

Larissa mouths off for her to stay the fuck down. We see Tiffany clapping for this with Larissa seeing her. Larissa comes out and GRABS Tiffany by the hair, making the fans boo for this and tosses her back into the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: What the hell is Larissa Johnson doing?!

Jamey Caresalle: Who? Tiffany!?

Bimmy Mays: No! LARISSA!!!

Larissa is yelling at her that she is going to hurt her precious “raven” and wants to end her once and for all. Larissa gets back up and goes right over towards Mary Ellen…..

Tiffany turns her around and goes for her backflip kick!

Bimmy Mays: WHAT?!

The fans are cheering as Larissa goes right into Mary Ellen with her going for the Raven’s Lock yet again. Larissa rolls her over in the ring and pins her as the fans are cheering for this!!!




Bimmy Mays: What the freak did I just witness!?! WAS THAT A GANG UP?!

Jamey Caresalle: If you know the history with Mary Ellen and Larissa, Tiffany did get attacked by Larissa. I say this win is justified!


Mary Ellen gets back to her feet and raises her hands in the air with Tiffany coming over and raising her hand. Finally, Mary Ellen gets the win on a big stage and ends her long-standing feud with Larissa Johnson!!!

Taylor Hudson Here is your winner, Mary Ellen Harrison!!!

Mary Ellen celebrates with Tiffany with the fans going nuts for this. She gets out of the ring and celebrates with the fans while Larissa is on the ground. Mary Ellen looks at her and mouths off that she can do it and that NOBODY is going to stop her, especially Larissa now.

Jamey Caresalle: That being said, Larissa is officially off the back of Mary Ellen. Could this be another future title shot for Mary Ellen?! Who knows what could happen in season two?

5BW Stands in Equality for all! Whether your white, black, asian, bi, straight, gay, lesbian, trans, and so forth, this is a safe place to be!


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is the finals of the Captains Cup and it’s to determine who will be our first Freedom Champion! Introducing first…

The fans are sitting in silence. Just then Human by HellYeah kicks in as the fans are booing. Out comes Chelsea Pryce, who was the favorite in this whole tournament comes out of the back and looks at the fans as they are booing at her.

Taylor Hudson: From Detroit, Michigan by way of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 130 pounds, she is the “Ice Queen”, Chelsea Pryce!!

Jamey Caresalle: Chelsea Pryce, who came here as a guest to 5BW breezed through almost everyone. Arabella and Noris Cranley. Who is to say that she could win this match up?!

Bimmy Mays: This girl looks like she can be the toughest challenge to date for Darian!

The fans boo at her as she spins around with the color of white pyro going up in the air as the fans are booing for her. She smirks at the fans while walking to the ring. Knowing that this could be the biggest moment in her career and winning this all, Chelsea prepares for what is about to come. She gets into the ring and taunts at the fans while they are booing at her.

Rebel Yell by Billy Idol kicks in as the fans are cheering for this with Darian Andrews coming out of the back and into the stadium.

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent, from Atlanta, Georgia weighing in at 215 pounds, Darian Andrews!!!

Bimmy Mays: Then we have this guy who says he’s the SAVIOR of 5BW in a way!

Jamey Caresalle: I wouldn’t say he’s the savor of 5BW…he just wanted to get this company going, but Darian Andrews does look like he could win this match!

Darian comes out and surveys the fan. At Xmas Chaos, he said that this will be the year of the Boroughs and sees that everyone is out there. Pyro shoots off in red with him running to the ring. Chelsea Pryce keeps her eye on him as he circles the ring and touches the Freedom Championship. Darian rolls into the ring, taunts the fans before surveying the fans again. Darian jumps down and waits for the bells to ring.

Jamey Caresalle: Both Chelsea and Darian want to become the first Freedom Champion. Who will win this and take it? Let’s get it under way!


The match opens with Chelsea Pryce and Darian Andrews locking eyes at each other. They go up and yell that one of them are going to head into the second season as champion. Chelsea SHOVES Darian with the fans booing and yells that she is a veteran and that she will win this match up. Darian looks at her and punches her in the face. Chelsea smirks and goes after Darian as the both are now going at it with each other by throwing shots into their faces. Darian and Chelsea want to show that they are the best ones here and will ANYTHING it takes for them to win the title.

Jamey Caresalle: It’s throwing shots time!!

Bimmy Mays: These two are literally going to freaking kill each other for the title!!

Chelsea throws Darian out of the ring, making him fall onto the ground as the fans are booing. She taunts and gets out on the apron. Chelsea waves for Darian to get up and he does. Darian sees this with Chelsea coming at him and moves out of the way, making the Ice Queen go into the ground.

Bimmy Mays: Down goes to Ice Queen! Elsa was the only true one anyways!

Darian gets back into the ring and waits for Chelsea to come in as well. She wobbles a bit before going over toward where Darian is and getting back on the apron. Darian goes after her and hits her in the face before grabbing her and going for a suplex into the ring. The fans are cheering with Darian telling her to get back up as he goes over towards the turnbuckle and waves for her to get back to her feet. She slowly does with Darian coming at her, but she uses her smarts and goes for a Backflip kick as the fans are booing for this.

Jamey Caresalle: What a maneuver from Pryce! Let’s see what happens with this!
Darian falls onto the ground with Chelsea getting on top of him and going for the first fall of the night…



Kick Out by Darian.

Jamey Caresalle: Darian kicks out of it!!

Chelsea gets back to her feet and starts kicking down the ever-determined Darian Andrews and GRABS his ankle and locks in the ankle lock. The fans are telling him to get out of it as Darian is fighting it off, but Chelsea keeps on putting the pressure on him. Darian rolls out of it and tosses Chelsea on the other side of the ring. She comes back up and goes after him, but Darian comes at her with a lariat. The fans are cheering for this as he goes for the pinfall for this.

Jamey Caresalle: Darian kicks out of it!!!

Bimmy Mays: The savior really doing his best to battle against Chelsea!




Chelsea gets out of it with Darian hobbling up and waits for her to get to her feet. Chelsea does with Darian coming at her, but she goes for the KO Shot right to his face. The fans are booing for this as we see blood coming out of Darian’s nose. The fans are worried about this because Darian could have a busted nose. The referee checks him to see if Darian wants to keep going and he nods. He does not want to give up, but Chelsea goes after him and does the same move again, this time to the side of his head. The fans are still booing with her dragging him into the middle and goes for the pinfall.

Jamey Caresalle: Chelsea doesn’t care for Darian’s safety or wellbeing! She just wants to punish him and leave him injured!!



Darian KICKS OUT!!

Bimmy Mays: He kicked out of it!!

Chelsea holds her head and yells that she has him and goes over to Darian for him to stay down and to stay down for good. Darian grabs Chelsea by the blonde hair and rolls Chelsea up in the ring as the fans are cheering for this.




Chelsea gets out of it!!

Bimmy Mays: What is this? The battle of the roll ups!?!

Jamey Caresalle: It shows who wants to win this match, Bimmy!

Darian gets back to his feet and waits for Chelsea to stand back up. He waits for her as she slowly again is getting to her feet. Chelsea comes up with Darian going for a super kick, but Chelsea grabs at Darian with his blood getting on her arm. Chelsea goes for the Vengeful Bitch as the fans are booing this could be it with Chelsea winning this matchup and the title as the fans are booing for this.

Jamey Caresalle: Vengeful Bitch as she calls it! This could be it for Darian!!



Darian AGAIN kicks out of it!

Jamey Caresalle: Darian kicks out of it! Unbelievable!

The fans explode again with Chelsea in the fight of her life here. She smirks at Darian and tells him to get back up. Chelsea stands up, spits something out of her mouth and backs up. She circles around him with Darian getting back to his feet. Chelsea goes and heads for her finishing move called “Pay the Pryce” as the fans are booing for this with it connecting. This could be it for Darian and his dreams of becoming the Freedom Champion! Chelsea rolls over Darian and pins him in the ring…

Jamey Caresalle: Chelsea gets him again! Unbelievable yet again!




Both: WHAT?!
Bimmy Mays: How the frick is Darian staying alive in this?!

The fans blow a load with loud ass cheers going through Citi Field. Darian’s still in this fight and does not want to quit. Chelsea goes over to the referee and yells at him, saying why is he NOT down as the fans are telling her to turn back around. She does with Darian grabbing at her and going for the DVDT. Darian rolls her over in the ring and pins her as the fans are cheering for this.


Jamey Caresalle: DVDT!! THIS COULD BE IT!!




Both: WHAT?!

Jamey Caresalle: Chelsea Pryce just locked in the Natural Disaster on Darian! She could easily make him tap!!

The fans are booing for this and wondering how the hell did she get into that move? Chelsea locks in the finisher and tells him to tap out! Darian does not want to give up and crawls over and grabs the ropes. The referee starts counting as the fans are telling her to break free.

Jamey Caresalle: Chelsea needs to break the hold!

Bimmy Mays: She won’t! she’s hellbent on winning this title!

Chelsea finally does and realizes that he will NOT stay down. Chelsea up to the top rope and looks at Darian while he is rolling on the ground. Chelsea looks at him and goes for The Blizzard Warning…..



The fans are cheering as he grabs Chelsea and goes for the DVDT!! Chelsea goes onto the ground as the fans are cheering for this. Darian looks at her and runs on the apron. He jumps up and then goes for the Falling Star! The fans are cheering for this as Darian pins her in the ring as the fans are cheering for this.

Jamey Caresalle: This is it! Darian’s looking to put the nail in the bag!





The fans explode as we have a new champion! Darian Andrews has completed his come back as he stands up and has emotion in his face. Darian cries, knowing that he is the first ever 5BW Freedom Champion! Taylor hands the title to the referee.

Jamey Caresalle: Darian Andrews is the FIRST Winner of the Captains Cup and the FIRST ever Freedom Cup Champion!!!

Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner of the Captains Cup and NEW 5BW Freedom Champion, DARIAN ANDREWS!!!!

The referee gives Darian the title and he takes it. The emotion is there as he stands to his feet. Pyro blares off as the fans are cheering for him as Darian celebrates with his new championship. Chelsea Pryce rolls out of the ring and nods while we see Christy Winters coming out of the back and standing on top of the ramp.
Bimmy Mays: What the hell is she doing here? I thought she got messed up during the Corona Yard Match?

Jamey Caresalle: As much as people are going to debate this, Christy Winters did win the Corona Yard match, and has the first shot against Darian Andrews. I’m sure Chelsea Pryce will be keeping her eyes on this match because let’s be honest, I would love to see Darian vs. Chelsea for the title down the line, if Chelsea wants to stay here.
Darian keeps his eyes locked on Christy Winters before she walks to the back, leaving Darian Andrews to still celebrate as we go to commercial break.

5BW Season Two
August 2020
Stay Tuned for Details

Luciana is left alone in the locker room, still stunned by what happened earlier. It’s just her and the 5BW World Championship at this point as she’s looking like someone who has been left in a catatonic state of sorts. XS. Gone. Dakota. Gone. Allison. Gone. She’s left all alone now and this realization definitely has her in the stunned silence that she’s in. She clutches onto that title for dear life, looking at it with the grim reality that she’s found herself in.

Luciana Verdoza: It’s just you and me now… and I’m going to make sure it stays that way.

Luciana pauses… letting out a laugh… though whether this is a laugh of denial or a laugh of insanity isn’t quite known yet.

Luciana Verdoza: SO BE IT! I’ve always had to rely on me anyway! Every single ally I’ve ever had has proven to be USELESS to me and I take full pride and joy in stating that any ally I’ve EVER made in this business, I’ve successfully used for my own gain: every… single… one! I’ve always discarded them whenever they’ve become useless and I have no shame in admitting that. I have no shame in admitting that I used and manipulated other people to claim this championship.

You know… this same championship that nobody ever gave me a chance to win…

This same championship that NOBODY ever even WANTED me to have…

But everyone wants to anoint Sam Tolson as the SAVIOR of the company right? Everyone wants to talk about her journey like if it means anything. She and Lex Collins… they were the first ever world title match… but of course, people forget that, right? Lex Collins is gone and there isn’t a damn person singing his praises anymore. He’s gone… forgotten in the annals of history… when this is all over… Sam will be in the same boat. She doesn’t deserve to be a champion. She doesn’t deserve to be a face of 5BW let alone THE face of the company… I DO… and I AM… because I’m the reason why people even turn their eyes to this company! I’ve DOUBLED Lex Collins’s ratings damn it!

You think I can’t survive this, Sam?

You think I’m not capable of giving ANYONE the biggest beating of their life?

Bitch… you don’t even know me.

You don’t know the careers that I’ve altered for the worst.

You don’t know the careers that I’ve ended!

You don’t know that years ago, in PRW, when NOBODY could touch me… when I WAS THE company… I was unbeatable! I KILLED PRW, DAMN IT! I manipulated my way to the top there… I held SO many people back because I wouldn’t let them anywhere near me. I made sure that when the dust settled, that I was PRW’s final world champion… that ninety percent of the roster would be left without JOBS… that they would NEVER find success in this business again… and most of them didn’t after PRW shut down… and I’m HAPPY for that fact.

I’m HAPPY that I destroyed so many careers when I killed that company. I’m HAPPY that most of those careers that I destroyed burned out within a year. I’ve always been one of the most evil, wicked people that has ever stepped in the ring and the one person through ALL of this that I’ve EVER cared about is myself… that’s how through thick and thin, good and bad, active or hiatus… I’ve been able to stick around for THIRTEEN YEARS!

I’ve made people QUIT this business…

I’ve DESTROYED the mystique and aura of cult phenomena, never to be relevant again!

I’ve manipulated proteges into becoming just like me, causing them to sell out and then subsequently cause them to go through confidence crisis after confidence crisis when the fame that I HANDED THEM fades away…

I’ve gotten into the heads of rivals who TRIED SO HARD to win a world championship off of me for their stupid, pathetic dead mothers and their bastard daughter that after I defeated them… they SOLD OUT and became EVIL just like me… BECAUSE of me once they had the nerve to ever return to pro wrestling.

I’m proud of ALL of that, Sam!

I’m not just A devil of 5BW… I’m THE DEVIL!

This title is all I got now… but this title is all I need! And just like those I’ve mentioned in passing… I’m going to FOREVER ALTER your career… I’m going to SHATTER YOUR SPIRIT… when I beat you in your own game… when every ounce of darkness and evil in my heart combines to form the unstoppable force that I am… I’m going to make sure you’re NEVER a world champion again! I’ll leave you shattered… crying… broken… just like I have so many others and those delicious blood and tears that are coming out of you when I leave you to being what you are: an overrated, overhyped, dime a dozen PIECE OF SHIT… you’ll wish you NEVER… EVER met me… the PRIMA DONNA of professional wrestling… the devil… the boss… the witch that’s the head bitch…

And STILL 5BW World Champion…

You’re going to regret EVER putting me in this match… because doing so? You essentially committed suicide locking yourself in an environment with a devil like me...

Luciana continues to clutch the 5BW World Championship for dear life… her cold, calculating eyes indicating that she’s got nothing but pure, evil intentions in mind as the scene fades out.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson stands in her locker room, a heavy white terry-cloth robe over her to hide her gear for the evening.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: It's almost time Luciana. Can you hear them? Close your eyes for a moment, calm your mind...can you hear them now? The drums of war are sounding, their original low, far-away sound growing into a definite rhythm.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: Louder and louder they grow, and by the time you and I get inside Devil's Playground they'll have reached their bloodthirsty crescendo. Blood they will get, from both of us, because of all the battles fought on this night, only ours holds the near certainty of both of us spilling the other's life force.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: This night has been a year in the making, Luciana. For one full year now I've done business the right way, chasing down the 5BW World Championship. The very same championship you wheedle your way into a few months ago.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: The stolen property that sits around your waist, crying for a real champion. Desperate for someone to hold it that will treat it like the gem and honor that it is.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: Tonight, Luciana, I finished what I started when I entered the Steinbrenner Cup. Tonight, all the lies and the hate and the backstage machinations you've made to get where you are come crashing down on you with the velocity of a hammer from on high. Me? I'm the damn hammer.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: You've used every trick you could to keep that belt around your waist, and at every turn I told you that penance for all of it was coming. I warned you before the War Games that losing in Toronto would have life-altering consequences. I've warned you since then about what you'll face inside that structure.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: You've paid heed to none of it. You're so confident that you'll have an ace up your sleeve that you even went on Twitter and told the world about it.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: Yet there's one way in and one way out, and that only. It's going to be just you and me. No one can save you. No one can help you."

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: All your sins require payment. I'm the one that's been sent to collect

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: Tonight you fight or you bleed. No more running, no Brian Malone. No Dakota. No xS. No one, Luciana."

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: You're on an island. My island. You're a trespasser here and you're getting kicked off

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: You were warned. Now it's my time. Sayonara....bitch.

Scene ends with the song in the End by Anthrax kicking in.

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is the Devil’s Playground Match for the Five Boroughs Wrestling Championship! The only way to win this match is by SUBMISSION. The first person to make their opponent tap out will become the Five Boroughs Wrestling Champion!

Darkness envelops the home of the Mets suddenly. Golden glitter rains down on the scoreboard as the melodic piano opening of Van Halen's "Right Now" begins to filter through the sound system of Citi Field. On the heavy chords, orange, white, and blue lights flash on the stage, casting just enough of a glow to show a few people lined up down the ramp. More and more lights shone with each moment, until the very end of the opening, when a bright white light alone illuminated the stage.

Jamey Caresalle: It's the challenger, Bimmy.

Bimmy Mays: But who is that on the stage with her?

Both are dressed in long white trench coats, hoods over their heads as they look downward. Both heads come up and pull down the hoods.

Jamey Caresalle: Holy crap is that who I think it is?!?

Bimmy Mays: Well bend me over and fuck me, because that's Samantha's trainer and mentor...a nine-time World Champion himself!

Jamey Caresalle: 'Nightbringer' Ryan Corey is going to lead his student to the ring and dammit I am all the way here for it!!!!

Bimmy Mays: I need a stiff drink! We are in the presence of a goddamn freaking LEGEND!!!!

The pair begin walking down the ramp together, stopping as they reach Mary Ellen Harrison and Tiffany McCarthy. They each give Samantha a hug, imparting a few words before she continues down the ramp. She stops at a group of four men, her four older brothers. She hugs them all tightly, with the oldest brother Brian, wiping a tear from her eyes.

Next up as she walks the ramp are her parents, and Samantha covers her mouth before embracing first her mother, then her father, both whispering encouragement to her. At the end of the ramp is her wife, Katie Anderson-Tolson. The couple hugs each other tightly, then press their foreheads together as Katie speaks to her wife. Samantha nods as she does, wiping away tears before Katie gives her wife a kiss. Samantha and Ryan then share a warm embrace before he escorts Katie to their ringside seats.

Taylor Hudson: From Jefferson City, Missouri, weighing in at 158 pounds, “The Pretty Little Murder Machine” Samantha Tolson-Anderson!!!

Samantha bounces on her toes a few times then rolls under the bottom rope. She stands in the center ring, unbuttoning the trench coat to reveal a special set of gear for this match...an orange singlet with blue and white trim, blue boots and knee pads, with the Mets' NY logo in blue on the front, and the number 16 in blue on the back. The Citi Field crowd roars as Samantha pays homage to her location, climbing up on each turnbuckle and raising her arms to the fans before awaiting the champion in the corner.

Jamey Caresalle: This is it. Samantha. Luciana. One of them walks out the champion while the other must start again. God knows what we could be in for in season two.

The emotion is there with Sam looking above into the night sky. She knows that this is important for her and to Five Boroughs Wrestling. Maneater by Nelly Furtado kicks in as the fans are booing. The boos are rumbling Citi Field, possibly even louder when the Kansas City Royals won the World Series against the New York Mets.

Jamey Caresalle: And never in my life have I seen a stadium rock to the core with someone that’s so hated.

Bimmy Mays: It was a long time coming, James. Luciana deserves ALL of these boos! She has nothing to blame but herself!!!

Out comes Luciana Verdoza with the 5BW Championship and wearing white. She taunts at Sam with the pyro going off behind her.

Taylor Hudson: From Milan, Italy, weighing in at 132 pounds, She is the current 5BW Champion, Luciana Verdoza!

Luciana keeps on walking to the ring and not giving the satisfaction to Samantha Tolson-Anderson, the woman that wanted to get her hands on her for a long time. Keeping her eyes on the challenger, she mocks at everyone around her and yells at everyone around here that she’s NOT going in there.

Luciana gets to the bottom and rolls into the ring, but walks out, but the referee stops her! She screams that she does NOT want to do this at all and wants to keep her title.

Jamey Caresalle: The rules state you have to go IN! Nobody is going to help you out!!
Bimmy Mays: This crazy bitch is going to do EVERYTHING to get out of this match! You watch!!!

Sam grabs her by the hair and tosses her in the ring, making the fans cheer for this. Just then Imminent Danger by Jim Johnston kicks in with the Devil’s Playground cage lowering to the ground. Samantha has Luciana pinned to the ground with her screaming like a banshee.

Bimmy Mays: Holy Frick! She’s screaming like a child!!!


Luciana is doing everything in her power to get out, but Samantha grabs her by the waist and goes for a German Suplex onto Luciana into the Devil’s playground. The fans are going wild because it is time to see Luciana get what she deserves! Luciana gets up and sees EVERYTHING is blocked off. She has nowhere to run. The look of fear is finally coming across the face of Luciana with the fans cheering for this.

Jamey Caresalle: I think, and correct me if I’m wrong, the first time we’ve seen Luciana have fear in her eyes.

Samantha is right behind her and turns her around as she hits her in the face. Luciana falls flat on the ground before backing up. Samantha has a sick grin on her face with Luciana rolling to prevent her from getting hurt, but Samantha grabs her and picks her up. Luciana begins to scream and yells to put her down, but Samantha THROWS her into the side of the Devil’s Playground, making the fans roar even louder for this.

Bimmy Mays: HOLY FRICK!!! Sam just tossed Luciana like she was a baseball into that wire! My back hurts seeing that!!!

Samantha grabs Luciana, who draws the first blood of the match up and tosses her back into the ring. She gets a sick look again on her face. Samantha goes under the ring and grabs out a kendo stick, a chair and a barbed wire bat. She tosses that all into the ring and has the barbed bat right with her. Luciana grabs the kendo stick with Samantha coming back into the ring. Luciana sees Sam coming at her with the barbed wire bat. Sam takes a swing at her, but Luciana ducks out of the way and waits for her to turn. Sam does, but Luciana super kicks her in the face. The fans are booing as Luciana grabs the barbed wire bat and goes to slam it in the face of Sam.

Jamey Caresalle: Luciana’s taking the role of Sabrina Baker like she did in war games! I don’t think this will work against Sam!

Samantha sees this and grabs it as the fans are cheering for this and BACKS Luciana into the ropes. With force, Luciana tries pushing her down, but Sam goes to one knee. She flips Luciana, making the champion lose grip with the bat. Again, Sam goes chasing after her, but Luciana grabs a kendo stick and HITS Samantha right in the knee with this. The fans are booing for this with Sam going down. Luciana picks her up and goes for a suplex near the ropes. Sam is blocking this, but Luciana tries her best to use power. Again, Luciana does a suplex, but Sam grabs her and THROWS her out of the ring, making the champion fall with a loud THUD!!

Jamey Caresalle: WHAT A SICK LANDING! Luciana could be broken!!!

The fans are in shock with this as Samantha looks at Luciana. She goes up top and sees her getting to her feet. Samantha sees this and goes for a MOONSAULT. Luciana sees this and MOVES out of the way, making the challenger crash hard onto the floor. Luciana laughs and drags Samantha over to the razor wire and RUBS her face into it.

Jamey Caresalle: Luciana wants to make Sam taste that barbwire! This is sick!!

Bimmy Mays: Of course this lunatic has to rub it in! Sam’s going to be bleeding like a mother!

The fans are booing with her mocking at them. Sam’s shedding the crimson mask with Luciana getting on top of her. She starts laying it into Sam and screams in her face. Luciana stands back up and grabs Samantha by the hair to toss her back into the ring. She takes some time to catch her breath before going back into the ring.

Bimmy Mays: What is she catching her breath for? She’s supposed to be our “great” champion!!

Luciana walks back over to her and yells that she will NEVER be champion if she lives and kicks her so hard. Samantha screams out in pain with Luciana going over to her and locking in a cobra clutch. The fans are booing with Luciana telling her to give up and to give up quickly. Samantha is using her elbow to fight out of it to make Luciana break the hold, but Luciana keeps on putting it in.

Jamey Caresalle: Luciana has Sam stuck in that Cobra! Sam does not want to give up knowing that the title is on the line!!

Suddenly, Samantha gets to her feet and picks up Luciana again and THROWS her into the turnbuckle. The fans are cheering as Samantha takes a step back and runs towards her. Luciana gets out of the way, causing Samantha to crash shoulder first into the pole, making the fans groan out in pain with this.


Luciana again goes under the ring and grabs out a steel chair. She sees Samantha holding her shoulder. Luciana gets in the ring and raises the chair overhead, but Samantha stops her and grabs it. She kicks Luciana right in the stomach and HITS her right over the back with it. Luciana falls to the ground with Samantha hitting her over and over. Samantha tosses the chair down, opens it up and GRABS Luciana by the arm. Luciana is screaming, but Sam wants to hurt her. She does an armbar right into the chair as the fans are cheering for this.

Jamey Caresalle: This is a smart move from Samantha! Use the arm of Luciana to prevent her from locking in a submission hold!!!

Luciana screams as the referee is asking if she wants to tap out. Luciana sees the barbed wire bat on the side of the ring and grabs it. She uses the free arm with Samantha still applying the pressure on the arm that is locked. Luciana uses the bat and HITS Samantha right over the face with it again, making the challenger break free. Luciana stands back up, pulls her arm out and grabs the barbed wire bat. She picks up Samantha again and WRAPS the barbwire bat around her head and locks in the cobra clutch.



The fans are booing for this as she yells at Samantha to tap out, but Samantha will not. Luciana throws Samantha down in frustration. Luciana gets out of the ring and goes over to the lock and tries to juggle it around, but the referee is trying to explain that she needs to STAY in the ring.

Bimmy Mays: Is she a freaking Moron?! YOU GOT TO STAY IN!!!!

Luciana blows him off and tries to juggle the locks. Suddenly, a wave of SHOCK comes at her as she shakes her arm. Luciana did something to shock herself.


As she is yelling at the referee to make her get out. Samantha comes at her and goes for a spear RIGHT into the razor! The fans are cheering for this as Luciana’s back goes right into it. The fans are cheering as Samantha gets up with Luciana trying to get out of it. Luciana’s screaming in fear, but Samantha comes at her with the Mind Your Head!


The fans are cheering with Luciana’s head bouncing off. Samantha runs again and goes to the Mind your head again and rams her in the face. Luciana’s blonde hair is turning into an orange color with blood coming out of it along with her white attire turning pink due to the blood. Samantha YANKS Luciana off the razor before tossing her back in the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: Look at the blood on Luciana. My god, she is cut up all over!!!

Luciana’s a bloody mess, but Samantha wants to END HER in the ring. She grabs her and goes for the Nightfall, but Luciana low blows her. Samantha holds herself with Luciana grabbing her and going for the Arrivederci, but Samantha backs her up into the turnbuckle and places her up. Samantha comes running at her and goes for a kick right into Luciana’s face before running up and going for a Japanese Arm drag, but Luciana grabs her and bends Samantha over and locks in the Boston Crab on the turnbuckle.

Jamey Caresalle: Luciana has her locked with the Boston Crab on the Turnbuckle!? COULD THIS BE IT?!

Bimmy Mays: Oh god! I HOPE NOT!!!!

Is Luciana going to make Samantha submit this way? Samantha is fighting out of it, but Luciana keeps on pulling at her. She grabs the leg and YANKS it down with the fans booing for this. Luciana gets off the turnbuckle and LOCKS in a figure four from the post as the fans are booing. Samantha is screaming out in pain with Luciana yelling that she will END HER like this. She keeps on swinging with Samantha yelling “NO”. Again, Luciana breaks free and goes under the apron and grabs out a ladder, table and a can of gas. This is not good for ANYONE at all, especially if there’s fire going to be involved!

Bimmy Mays: What the hell is Luciana doing?! If She’s going to light shit on fire, I’m moving the hell out here!!

Jamey Caresalle: I’m not liking this at all! Especially when fire is involved!

Luciana puts them in the ring, opens the ladders, then sets up the chairs. She looks at the table she brought in the ring, sets that up, grabs the gas and DUMPS it all over the table. The fans are holding her head because something bad is about to happen as the fans are booing for this. Luciana goes into her pockets and grabs out matches as the fans are booing for this.

She lights the table on fire and goes up to the top of the ladder, but what she does not know is Samantha is on the other side of the ladder. The both are climbing up at the same time with the fire and flames being around. Luciana gets to the top of the ladder first and kicks Samantha’s hands off, but Samantha grabs her and SMASHES her head into the ladder.

Jamey Caresalle: For the love of god, this is not pretty!! 5BW is going to lose TWO WRESTLERS!!

Bimmy Mays: I can’t look!!!

She grabs the jilted champion and tries to drop her off, but Luciana kicks her down, making Samantha go upside down. Luciana slips down and GRABS Samantha and LOCKS in the Boston Crab around the ladder while Samantha is upside down as the fans are scared for her life.


Jamey Caresalle: Ladies and Gentlemen, for the love of god, please put the kids to bed!! This is not for the heart!!!

Luciana Verdoza: I’m going to kill you! I am going to make sure you will NEVER EVER SEE THE LIFE OF DAY OF THE 5BW CHAMPIONSHIP AS LONG AS I’M CHAMPION!!!!!

Luciana drags her up and sets her up for the Arrivederci, but again, Samantha grabs her, leans her back and looks into the eyes of Luciana Verdoza before yelling at her.


Samantha grabs Luciana and goes for the Alpha Drop Omega OFF THE LADDER AND DRIVES LUCIANA INTO THE BURNING TABLE!!


The fans are in shock with this but cheering for this as that move just wiped out the both. A loud “Holy Shit” chant is going through Citi Field with Jamey Caresalle and Bimmy Mays holding their heads.

Jamey Caresalle: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have done this crazy stuff in the past, but never have I seen TWO WOMEN GO THROUGH A TABLE LIKE THAT WITH FIRE!! This proves how much the 5BW Championship MEANS TO them!!

After a few minutes, Samantha gets to her feet with emotion in her eyes because she is about to win the Five Boroughs Wrestling Championship for the first time and after everything. Luciana is getting to her feet as her back is burned and bloody. Samantha screams and comes charging at her and goes for the mind your head, but Luciana JUMPS up and goes for the Gogoplata on her. The fans are booing for this with Luciana locking this in and bringing her down.

Bimmy Mays: How the hell with a burned back, she’s STILL in this thing?!

Samantha goes down and falls to her knees. Luciana keeps on screaming for her to tap out as the fans are shaking her heads no. Slowly, Samantha is fading, with Luciana telling the referee to check on her. He does with the fans holding their head knowing that this match is about to be over…….

Bimmy Mays: NO!! PLEASE GOD NO!!!


Jamey Caresalle: Sam is still in this! TOLSON IS ALIVE!!!

The fans are cheering with Luciana breaking the hold. Luciana cannot think of anything else as she runs to the middle rope and puts her back towards Samantha, but that was a HUGE mistake! Samantha grabs Luciana Verdoza and goes for a German Suplex. Luciana goes on the ground with Samantha waiting for her to get back up. The emotions of Samantha are coming again. She knows that this time around it is coming, but Luciana is getting up slowly to her knees.

Jamey Caresalle: Luciana is back to her feet!!!

Luciana is making Samantha wait, but the challenger cannot wait that long. She turns her around and goes for the Mind your head, making Luciana stumble. Samantha goes for Mind Your head again and grabs her to set up for the Nightfall. The fans are cheering for this knowing that Samantha is a few seconds away from winning the championship!

Bimmy Mays: COME ON TOLSON!!!

Luciana is down on the ground with Samantha wrapping this move in tightly. Luciana is doing her best not to tap out, but Samantha keeps applying the pressure on her. Luciana is screaming and screaming until she has no other choice, but to tap out!!! The referee calls for the bell as Luciana JUST tapped out!!


Samantha breaks the hold and realizes what just happened. The fans are going WILD as Luciana tapped out and we FINALLY have a new champion! Finish Line by Skillet kicks in as the Devil’s playground Raises. Taylor Hudson gives the referee the belt and the referee heads back into the ring and kneels to Samantha, who is crying in happiness.


After the hell she has been through in 5BW, Samantha has FINALLY done it!! She is the third champion in the company and will be going into season two as champion. Pyro is blaring and confetti is falling with everyone coming out of the locker room. Her wife, Katie comes into the ring to join the celebration while Dora Richardson comes up and shakes her hand, with the new champion.

Jamey Caresalle: From starting in the Steinbrenner Cup to losing to Lex Collins at Drags to Riches to building herself up to being SCREWED out of the 5BW Championship at Big Love to going to War in April to this moment, Samantha Tolson-Anderson could finally say that she’s FIVE BOROUGHS WRESTLING CHAMPION!!! MY GOD FINALLY!

Luciana is on the outside of the ring, holding her neck while crying in anger. Back in the ring, Brittani Helms and Darian Andrews hoist Samantha on their shoulders with Samantha raising the title in the air. What a night this has been for the company with the fans chanting around Citi Field.



Jamey Caresalle: Folks! This has been one emotional season one to say at least! We would love to thank everyone who has been apart with us, past and present during our time. Thank you so much for being a part of Vendetta! See you next season!!

The show ends with Samantha getting off them and kissing her wife. Mission Accomplished for Samantha Tolson-Anderson as we head into Season Two.

A recap of Vendetta kicks in with Balls to the Wall playing in the background. It shows everything that went down tonight before the song moves onto No More by Disturbed before it ends with Anthrax. We see a final shot of Samantha Tolson-Anderson raising the title in the air to end the show.

Note from the staff:


We want to thank everyone that has taken part in this crazy journey. If it wasn’t for the support and love, this wouldn’t last a year. We want to thank the following people for making this happen.

EWrestling Guys who’ve been with us since day one.

The Efed Podcast for their support and love

We are Splat who air our shows.

The handlers who made this possible.

And the countless hours of putting this together after work.

Justice for None and Royal Crown will be out first shows of season two, but for now. We are going to enjoy our time off. Enjoy it everyone and see you in season two!

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