5BW Presents: Vendetta: Royal Crown - August 31st, 2019

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5BW Presents: Vendetta: Royal Crown - August 31st, 2019

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Royals by OTEP kicks in as we are live from the La Boom Night Club in Queens, New York for Royal Crown! The fans are cheering and going insane for what could be a great night. The song is blaring in the back ground and the fans are rowdy. The cameras go to Jamey Caresalle and Bimmy Mays.

Jamey Caresalle: Welcome everyone to Vendetta: Royal Crown! I am Jamey Caresalle and alongside with me is Bimmy Mays!

Bimmy Mays: Holy Shit! Anyone one of these shows! Where da hood going to be at for this one!

Jamey Caresalle: I don’t know where the “hood” is going to be at, but I will tell you this, we have an action packed show! A prove yourself battle royal will be going down, Fiona Franklin vs Hayley Fien, Mute vs. New York CruZe, the Steinbrenner Cup Semi Final Match ups and the first blood match!

Bimmy Mays: Holy Shit! You mean there’s going to be PMS tonight?

Jamey slaps his head loud into the microphone.

Bimmy Mays: You got a wife and you know how it is!

Jamey Caresalle: Regardless, someone is going to bleed tonight. Whether it’s Larissa or Brittani. One of them wi—

Jamey stops as he hears something in his headset which seems loud and causing him to flinch at the sound.

Jamey Caresalle: Before we get started, it looks like there’s loud commotion going on – Kieran said someone is pulling up on motorcycles and he doesn’t know who.


The cameras cut out with two custom choppers as they make their way through the streets of Queens, New York. After a certain couple of minutes of driving, The choppers finally pull into the parking lot of La Boom, the riders remove their helmets with a woman with a stylish mohawk, coming up to acknowledge the camera

Christy Winters: Hello, allow me to introduce myself, my name is Christy Winters, and I know what you are all thinking, that I am a spoiled rich kid stepping into the world of professional wrestling seeking fame and fortune, the fortune I already have that, and the fame well I have that too.

Christy unzips her jacket revealing a black tank top.

Christy Winters: The wrestling ability guess what, I have that too, and I traveled all over the world honing my craft, Hell I went to Australia, and carried the Legion Of Warriors women’s division on my shoulders when I won their women’s championship I carried it until the company closed its doors because there wasn’t a woman in the company that could beat me. I went to Ladies All-Star Wrestling, where I admit success didn’t follow me from Australia, but hey when you had a roster that was jealous of the fact that I could have outwrestled the entire roster if given a proper chance to prove it, Queen City wrestling I won the television title before being screwed out of that title, with that place now closed I arrive here in New York, Queens to be exact, for Five Boroughs Wrestling, where I find I have to prove myself once again in a battle royal.

Christy removes her jacket.

Christy Winters: At Royal Crown I will prove myself once again, when I cakewalk through the battle royal, Sofia King, sorry, your not going to win, Dakota Mendoza, your pretty I’ll give you that much, but do you possess the killer instinct to win this match, probably not, Asia Jones you have no chance either, so just accept that and save yourself the embarrassment, and finally Larry Gowen, I just have to ask are you the singer from the eighties, who hasn’t been relevant, since then, it really doesn’t matter if your you been around the wrestling game for a long time you have to realize its past you by, and people like me are the present and future of Five Boroughs wrestling, and Royal Crown it the first step in my journey to the top of the company, don’t try and stop me or it won’t turn out too well for you.


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is the “Prove yourself” Battle Royal! The only way to win this match is to have both feet touch the floor. The last person standing will be YOUR WINNER!

Jamey Caresalle: Everyone! Get ready for this battle royal! It’s time to prove yourself!

Bimmy Mays: And hopefully, we won’t have any pull out like someone did!

The fans are cheering as they’re ready to go with the first match of the night. Born to Raise Hell by Motorhead kicks in as the fans are booing for this. Christy Winters, who arrived, comes in as the fans are booing for this.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Long Beach, California, Christy Winters!

Christy comes to the ring and slides in like a cat. She poses in the ring, causing the male crowd to cat call. Firefly by CFO$ kicks in as the fans once again boo as Dakota Mendoza comes out of the back with a sassy smile on her face, but the fans will not accept her for some reason.

Taylor Hudson: Next, from Portland, Oregon, Dakota Mendoza!

Dakota slides in the ring and looks at Christy Winters, who’s sitting on the ropes seductively. Dakota looks at the fans booing at her and shrugs them off because she’s going to win this match. Respect by Jeezy kicks in as the fans give a mixed reaction. Asia Jones comes out of the back as we have a somewhat local coming.

Taylor Hudson: Next, From Brooklyn, New York, Asia Jones.

Asia does not waste any time by running in the ring and mouths off to Christy and Dakota saying that they talked too soon about her. She already made an impact the first show and now she’s ready to go to fight them. Startender by A Boogie With a hoodie kicks in as the fans start booing as we see Sofia King come out of the back.

Taylor Hudson: Next, from University Heights, New York, Sofia King!

Sofia jogs down to the ring, not letting the fans bother her. She rolls in and sees all four of the girls ready to go. Eying on what she could do. Weapon by Matthew Good kicks in and the fans finally cheer for someone. Larry Gowan, who’s well respected, comes out of the back, slapping the hands of the fans.

Taylor Hudson: Entering last, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Larry Gowan!!

Being the only sole male in that ring, he looks at everyone and tries to shake everyone’s hand in respect, but they don’t want any of it. Matter of fact, Dakota takes this opportunity and SLAPS him across the face as the fans are booing.

Bimmy Mays: Those girls didn’t want the smoke and it showed right there! Good Luck being the only male in there with those crazy chicks.

Larry smirks, but doesn’t let it bother him as both Dakota and him begin to brawl. Asia and Sofia are battling with Christy on the corner looking pretty. Everyone looks at her as she’s just standing there and head after her as the fans are cheering for this, If you want to prove yourself, this is the time, not to stand in that ring. Dakota picks her up along with Larry, but Christy shoves the both off and begins to fight her.

Jamey Caresalle: Christy isn’t showing fear. Not after what she said about everyone tonight!

Christy says that she’s smart and that she will do anything it takes for her to win, but what she does not know is Asia Jones is right behind her.

Jamey Caresalle: Asia’s right behind!

Bimmy Mays: Christy doesn’t want the smoke!

She has strong shit said about her tonight regarding tonight as she begins to throw down with her. Sofia comes up and joins in that fight too. Sofia and Asia are working together as they go for a double suplex.


Larry is battling down on Dakota as the fans are cheering, but Dakota looks like she’s about to go for an elimination, but Larry hits at her. Asia and Sofia are still beating down on Christy, but Christy shoves the both down, grabs Asia and tosses her out of the ring as the fans are booing. We have our first elimination of the night.

Bimmy Mays: DAMMIT! Asia’s out! I guess Christy did want the smoke from her!

Taylor Hudson: Asia Jones has been eliminated!

Jamey Caresalle The elimination went to Christy Winters. Asia is officially gone.

Christy says that she’s smart about this and points to her head. The fans want her to do something else and show the good, but Sofia comes up behind her and beats her down. She grabs her by the mohawk she has and tosses her on the side. She gives her a good old fashion New York City beat down as the fans are cheering for her.
Jamey Caresalle: As our GM would say, this some wildin ass shit!

Bimmy Mays: Both of them are from the hood! I’m not surprised!

Sofia tells them to shut up and that they don’t deserve her respect. Christy comes up and SLAPS her in the face and goes for a suplex into the corner, but Larry comes up out of nowhere and knees BOTH Sofia and Christy into each other. Dakota is behind Larry as he is taunting at the fans.

Bimmy Mays: LOOK BEHIND YOU!!!

Larry turns around and sees Dakota standing in front of him. She goes after him, but he side steps her and she goes into the ropes. Larry tries to eliminate her from the match up causing Christy Winters to come up, scoop him and toss him out of the ring with the second elimination going down. Larry is in shock with this as the fans are booing. Christy smirks at the fact that she eliminated someone again for the second time tonight. This girl wants to make her mark in this promotion.

Bimmy Mays: SHIT! Just plain SHIT!

Taylor Hudson: Larry Gowan has been eliminated!

Jamey Caresalle: What a heart break elimination for Larry Gowan, who wanted to make his return well.

Larry walks to the back with a huge disappointment on his face with him looking at Christy, Sofia, and Dakota who are still in this match up. It’s now down to them as Dakota is mocking at them, but Sofia whispers in her ear that she needs to do something. Dakota tells her to fuck off and that she’s not her boss. Sofia beats down on her with the fans cheering for her once again – Sofia wants to make her mark loud and clear, but Christy comes up and SNATCHES her by the hair.

Bimmy Mays: What the hell is this? A hair snatching contest!?

She then yells at her that she is the best around, and that Sofia is NOTHING, but a tramp! Sofia does not take too kind with that and slaps her right in the face. Again, she grabs her Mohawk and RIPS it out. Causing the fans to cheer. Christy looks at her and is pissed off as both girls are pounding down on each other.

However, Sofia is getting the better of her and takes a step back. She yells, runs and goes to ram her shoulders into her. What she does not know is Dakota behind her while she is in motion. Sofia yells that if she wants to fuck around with her then bring it. The smack talk does not last long because Dakota comes up and grabs Sofia’s braids and tosses her out of the ring, leaving her and Christy being the only two in that ring as the fans are wondering what the hell is about to happen.

Bimmy Mays: This bitch means BUSINESS! Holy fucking sons of anarchy!

Jamey Caresalle: Christy could win this match up!

Taylor Hudson: Sofia King has been eliminated!

It’s now down to Dakota Mendoza and Christy Winters. Christy’s Mohawk is messed up over what happened and Dakota’s ready to fight. Both are growling considering that they want to prove themselves as they begin to trade blows as the fans are going wild for this fight.

Jamey Caresalle: Who wants to win this match more! This is what is comes down too!

Dakota is getting the best of this, but Christy KNEES her in the gut. She grabs at her and goes for the Full Throttle. Dakota falls on the ground with Christy falling right on top of her. The fans know that this is not a pinfall in this match and she must eliminate her from the match up OVER the ropes.


Christy realizes what is going as she picks her up. She goes for her finisher, but Dakota goes for a crucifix and gets out of it. Dakota sees Christy standing back to her feet and goes for a super kick and it connects right to her face. Christy stumbles as Dakota goes for another super kick, but Christy grabs her and goes for a SPIKE DDT onto the ground.

Jamey Caresalle: What a SPIKE DDT onto the ground! Dakota could be out cold!

This could be the end of her. Christy grabs at her and tries to eliminate Dakota. Dakota uses her smarts and grabs Christy. She goes for the Mendoza Facebuster with Christy going on the ground. She’s knocked out cold and lifts her over the ropes. Dakota tries to eliminate her…..


But Christy is holding on for dear life as she’s coming to her sense.

Jamey Caresalle: Christy’s hanging on for dear life!

Bimmy Mays: She’s going to need her choppa friends to come and save her ass!

Christy grabs Dakota with her going for a suplex, but Dakota is fighting it. Again she goes for the same move and tries to get her over. Dakota will NOT give up as the fans are wondering what is going on here. She breaks the hold of Christy, takes a step back and gives her a HUGE Forearm, causing Christy to fall onto the ground. The bells ring with Dakota winning the match up.


Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner, Dakota Mendoza!

The fans don’t know what to think because Christy was so close winning this match up. She’s in shock for what happened because she thought she was going to win the match. Dakota says that she’s here to prove herself and that she’s going to be the BIGGEST star now in this promotion.

Jamey Caresalle: Whether you like this decision or not, Dakota Mendoza has proved herself. You can call this a blessing in disguise for Dakota because her trainer pulled out of this match up!

Bimmy Mays: You can say that, but for fuck SAKES, this girl has a long way to go and shouldn’t get her stuff handed to her! She must EARN IT!

Drags to Riches
October 27th, 2019

As we come back from the advertisement for Drags to Riches, we see Bridget Johnson in the back, watching the news about Hurricane Doran. That’s not on her mind. What’s on her mind is the match she’s in tonight.

Bridget Johnson: Sammy has really been growing a big head here. She thinks that just because she says she can beat me, that automatically means that she will.

Bridget smirks a bit and rolls her eyes. She continues talking.

Bridget Johnson: She has only seen one match of mine, and even then, I didn't even need to do that much in order to win.

Bridget flips her hair, knowing that she did a supposed good job in that match up it seems.

Bridget Johnson: But that's all the evidence that she apparently needs to think that she's just going to breeze past me and progress in the Cup.

Her tone of voice changes because it’s time to get serious about this.

Bridget Johnson: Something tells me she's been spending too much time kissing that desperate wannabe to notice what's going on around her.

We hear a voice of laughter, which sounds like Larissa Johnson. The cameras roll up to Larissa laughing her ass off because she’s also had beef with Mary Ellen Harrison in the match. Bridget gets serious once more.

Bridget Johnson: You should be giving me more respect! I'm a hell of a lot better than what you make me out to be. But then again, I kinda want that.

Her blue cold eyes turn into anger as she keeps facing the camera, Larissa behind her with that smirk on her face.

Bridget Johnson: I want you to underestimate me. I want you to fall into a false sense of security. I want you to regret taking me lightly.

Larissa nods and nods while putting on her shoes. She pats her sister on the back with Bridget closing out the statements.

Bridget Johnson: You will find out the hard way that I'm more than just good looks. I'm a silent killer.

Larissa comes up and hugs her sister before snapping their fingers. Bridget has a game face on and she means BUSINESS.


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a singles match!

The fans are cheering as they’re ready for what is about to go down. Angel Eyes by New Years Day kicks in with the fans cheering. Out comes Hayley Fien as she’s ready to go with her match up against Fiona Franklin.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Wildwood, New Jersey, weighing in at 134 Pounds, Hayley Fien!

Jamey Caresalle: Here comes Hayley Fien! She’s been impressing people as of late in Five Boroughs and it’s showing.

Bimmy Mays: She’s been impressive! But she’s ALSO asking how BIG the assistants BIG ONE IS! I’ve seen his movies and I know why she’s asking! It will make JOHN HOLMES ROLL IN HIS GRAVE!!

Jamey Caresalle: I………

Hayley slaps the hands of the fans in La Boom with them cheering for her. She gets in the ring and taunts at the fans and pumps them up. Hayley is ready for Fiona Franklin to come out. Just then Like a Bitch by Zomboy kicks in as the fans are booing.

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent, from Seattle, Washington, weighing in at 103 pounds, Fiona Franklin!

Bimmy Mays: Now this chick….I would NOT want to be on her bad side.

Fiona walks to the ring slowly and wants Hayley to think about this matchup. Between her war with Mary Ellen and her match with Fiona, she wants to make a point. Fiona rolls in the ring and stares coldly at Hayley, not letting the fans bother her with the booing. The referee calls for the bell.

Jamey Caresalle: Fiona is not letting the fans bother her with the referee calling for the bell.

The match opens with both girls locking up and Fiona initially taking control with a headlock. Hayley, however, reverses out of it and nails Fiona in the face with a stiff punch. And another. And another, ending it with a kick to the shin.

Jamey Caresalle: Hayley Fien not wasting any time with the stiffness to Fiona.

Bimmy Mays: Of course not, she wants that big dick energy to happen!

She goes for another, but Fiona catches her leg and gives it a stiff elbow.

Bimmy Mays: OK, maybe she’s thinking too much about too much!

As Hayley turns around, feeling the pain of the elbow, Fiona immediately trips her leg up, continuing to kick it and elbow drop it, locking in a kneebar.

#Bimmy Mays: Holy Crap! Fiona’s been watching too much MMA!

She’s obviously trying to set up for the infamous Break the Shine, but Hayley’s able to fight out… and immediately she gets caught with another attack on her leg for her troubles.

Jamey Caresalle: Hayley was trying to get out of this, but Fiona will NOT stop attacking that leg!

Bimmy MaysSure she can! She’s the leg fighting MMA machine!

Jamey Caresalle: That doesn’t make any sense!

Bimmy MaysJames, nothing MAKES sense to me!

Fiona yells to the crowd that she’s about to put Hayley away for good, going to attack Hayley again… only to be countered and nailed with a dropkick. Fiona rolls to the outside, but Hayley leaps up onto the top rope and comes flying down onto Fiona with a crossbody.

Bimmy MaysOK NOW I’M WRONG! Hayley DOES have that big dick energy!

She then rains down a flurry of stiff punches, before grabbing Fiona and tossing her back into the ring. She then climbs to the top rope once more, nailing Fiona with a HUGE Dropkick from the top rope, going for the pin.

Jamey Caresalle: Hayley could pick up a win despite being injured on her leg!


2---NO!!! Fiona kicks out.

Jamey Caresalle: Fiona kicks out of this.

Bimmy MaysThat’s because she’s a former fairy, she doesn’t give up James! AND she’s in the MMA!

Hayley goes to pick Fiona up off the mat, but Fiona fights back, getting away from Hayley and immediately going right back after Hayley’s leg, tripping it back up, kicking it, giving it a knee and even hitting it with an elbow drop, once again. Then, she locks in another kneebar, maintaining it for a very long time.

Jamey Caresalle: Fiona has this locked in pretty hard!

Bimmy MaysHayley’s going to need more big dick on her mind to get back!

An uncomfortably long time. Enough time for Hayley to make it all the way over to the ropes and grab on. Fiona leaves the hold locked in despite the referee telling her to break the hold. Eventually, the referee starts the count.



Jamey Caresalle: Fiona has till five to break this hold!



This causes Fiona to break the hold and drag Hayley all the way back to the middle of the ring.
Fiona then locks Hayley in the Break the Shine (Leglock inverted cloverleaf transitioned from a kneebar). After much resistance, the pain is too severe, and Hayley has no choice but to tap out.


Like a Bitch by Zomboy kicks in as the fans are booing. Fiona stands back and looks down at Hayley Fien with a evil look on her face. Her trainer, Sarah McC, comes out of the back and checks on her with Hayley looking upset.

Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner, Fiona Franklin!

Jamey Caresalle: After a hard work from Hayley, she has no other choice but to tap out!

Bimmy MaysI told you she needed to think about the Assistant John Holmes!

Jamey Caresalle: Why the hell are you saying that!?

Bimmy MaysBecause I can! And I’m about to watch Kieran’s stuff so he can teach me some moves!

With Fiona’s theme song blaring in the background, she asks for a microphone. Taylor is hesitant with this as Fiona waves at her.

Bimmy Mays: The MMA Fighter is about to speak! James, listen!

She sees Sarah helping Hayley to the back. Fiona looks at her while she’s walking.

Fiona Franklin:Hey Sarah! The next time you WANT to train someone, train someone GOOD who will NOT last 3 minutes in that ring with me!

The fans are booing with Sarah looking at her. Hayley is distraught and in pain with her knee.

Fiona Franklin:I told EVERYONE that I was going to defeat Hayley and I JUST did now. Now I’m here to make a POINT and that point is.

The fans mummor about this point she’s about to make.

Fiona Franklin:The point I want to make is that I want to become ON TOP!

The fans are booing because they don’t want to see someone like her on top.

Fiona Franklin:But I can get to the top because I have Mary Ellen Harrison in my way at Law and Order!

The fans are cheering for Mary Ellen because they want to see her get her ass kicked.

Fiona Franklin:What? You’re cheering for someone’s who’s known for doing drugs instead of someone who busts her ass and works hard?

The fans are cheering because they support Mary Ellen.

Fiona Franklin:There’s a difference between her and I. You see, back when WE were at Girl Power Wrestling, I was apart of the Shining Fairies. She was apart of the Irish Girls. Farrah and I busted our asses while everyone was praising Mary Ellen, Sarah and Melanie, but what happened?

She leans in and looks at the camera


The fans keep on booing as she smirks. Fiona dropping facts.

Fiona Franklin:And it’s a goddamn shame that you three skanks ended up the way you are. Melanie going nuts over someone that’s proud of his….junk! Sarah thinking her girlfriend is signed to a company and Mary Ellen…poor little Mary Ellen. Trying to look for a friend when NOBODY wants to be her friend.


Fiona Franklin:Mary Ellen, what I did to you at a Night in the Bronx was the beginning, what I did to Hayley Fien was a preview and at Law and Order, I will FINISH you off in our match!

The fans are booing as she looks at the camera.

Fiona Franklin:So Bitch, this is YOUR warning. You want to fight? Let’s fight because at Law and Order, I plan on ENDING YOU in that ring..

She looks at the camera, still focused.

Fiona Franklin:You pathetic waste of human oxygen!

The fans are booing as Fiona rolls out of the ring with her theme song playing. She made a strong sentiment tonight about her match and against Mary Ellen for Law and Order with us going for the next segment.

The Camera transitions to Natalie Eldredge standing in front of the 5BW backdrop. She wants to take some time and address the fans about what happened at Beginnings back a couple of weeks ago.

Natalie Eldredge I have been asked this over and over again for the last month. “Why did you pay Bridget?” Do you really want to know why? I will tell you why, just to shut you up! Why should I have to participate in a tournament when I should be a top star? You want to know something else? The Steinbrenner Cup Tournament is Beneath me. I am way above everyone in this tournament. I think I deserve better than that. From here on out, I will do what I must do to show you people why I should be on top and not be stuck in a tournament with other people who are beneath me.

And with that short simple statement, she walks away, leaving the fans to much confusion about what happened. They wanted to see more come out from that. We go over to the next segment of the night.

We see Brittani Helms in the backstage area getting ready for her match up. The cameras get up to her as they come in her face. Brittani tells them to back up.

Brittani Helms:Yo! I’m going to tell you, get that shit out of my fucking face before I end up breaking it!

The camera person backs up. Brittani puts her bandana on her face.

Brittani Helms:Ima keep this SHORT and fucking SIMPLE. Larissa Johnson, you don’t know what you got yourself into. You ruined the main event back at Beginnings, which made me pissed off.

She puts her hat on.

Brittani Helms:Fuck Mary Ellen Harrison, that bitch doesn’t deserve shit after her snitchin lying tripping ass! This war is between you and I. I’ve waited and waited with the clock fuckin’ tickin’ down and now it’s to this moment. You want to bark like a dog and say that you want to fuck me up?

She gets up in the cameras face.

Brittani Helms:Then fucking do it! Fucking prove why you want to make me bleed! DO it Larissa! Show why you have the supposed biggest balls here!

She puts the hat on backwards and walks out for her match.


Taylor Hudson:: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Theeeeeeeeese little town bluuuuuues,
Are melting awaaaaaaaaay.

These words echo across the arena, drawing the fans’ attention but also their jeers and boos. “New York New York” by Frank Sinatra (Noodl Remix) kicks in over the arena’s speaker system. At about the 31-second, New York CruZe emerges to a not-so-welcoming reception, but he doesn’t seem to mind as he proudly struts out toward the ring with his signature microphone in hand.

He stops at the entrance stage and stands there for a moment before striking his Statue of Liberty pose with the microphone up in the air. This draws even more boos before he heads down toward the ring. CruZe pulls himself up onto the apron then springboards himself into the ring via the top rope, landing in a roll then immediately recovering to his feet and striking the same Statue of Liberty pose in the ring.

Taylor Hudson:: Weighing in at 235 pounds, Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu-!

New York CruZe puts a hand over the announcer’s microphone and raises his own custom microphone to his lips.

New York CruZe: Look, Taylor…

The crowd boos New York CruZe just for existing as he shakes his head and re-adjusts the Trinity Wrestling Nomad Championship on his shoulder.

New York CruZe: I don’t know how they do it on the “air waves.”

NYCz throws up some pretty dickish air quotes with the hand holding up his belt. A quick re-adjustment before continuing keeps the title on his shoulder.

New York CruZe: I represented New York City and everything all of you idiots stand for and here I am the greatest thing to ever wander down those dirty streets yet I can’t get the damn respect I deserve. I wasn’t announced me as CruZe when I won the Trinity Nomad Championship so why the hell out 5BW announce me that way. Get outta the ring!

Taylor Hudson seems a bit confused at first, but does as New York CruZe says. NY CruZe mounts the second turnbuckle and begins announcing himself:

New York CruZe: Weighing in tonight at 235 pounds, I am representing you, New York City! Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: I am one of your own! The Trinity Nomad Champiooooooooooooon! Newwwwwwwww Yorrrrrrrrrrrk CruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuZe!

NYCz seems quite proud of himself and his job announcing himself. He turns his attention to Taylor Hudson on the outside.

New York CruZe: I hope you took some notes.

Bimmy Mays: New York CruZe is one talented man. Uh oh!

As New York CruZe says this to Taylor, the crowd begins to cheer, but not quite for that reason.

Jamey Caresalle: Look out! Here comes Mute!

Taylor Hudson’s reaction to the oncoming wrestler, leaves New York CruZe to turn with a raised eyebrow and a large gape on his face as Mute slides in under the bottom rope.

Bimmy Mays: Did she drink all the coffee in catering before she ran out here?

New York CruZe drops down from the second turnbuckle while simultaneously dropping the Nomad title and his custom Statue of Liberty torch microphone with the intent to meet her, but Mute runs into him with a jumping elbow strike before he can strike. CruZe stumbles back into the turnbuckle, and Mute reaches out with a right handed shot to the face, trapping him in the corner.

Bimmy Mays: It’s amazing that Mute still has a head after that kick from New York CruZe at Beginnings back in June, Jimmy!

Jamey Caresalle: Not only that, but she wanted this match with CruZe to get some payback for that!

Bimmy Mays: Weren’t you listening to NYCeez? His name is New York CruZe!

Mute whips Cruze across the ring, with CruZe reversing the whip yet redirecting her toward the ropes. She leapfrogs him off the rebound, electing to stop and throw a back hook kick to the gut.

Bimmy Mays: Wow! Mute is on fire tonight!

Jamey Caresalle: New York CruZe is thinking twice right about now! He’s rolling to the outside, trying to catch his breath after that kick in the ribcage!

Bimmy Mays: Yeah, she could have gotten her toes stuck under there if she hadn’t-


The crowd jumps to their feet, but neither Mute nor NY CruZe are as quick to get up as the fans.

Jamey Caresalle: What a move! She goes through the ropes AND does the flip!

Bimmy Mays: She used Adderall for creamer when she chugged all the coffee, yo! Holy shit cakes! Yo, someone pull up a replay of that!

A second look shows the high flying move, while back to live-action Mute rolls NY CruZe into the ring. CruZe is inside the ring, while Mute springboards to the top rope...

Jamey Caresalle: Here we go again!

CruZe kicks the bottom rope while on his back, wobbling the top rope just enough to force Mute to abort her attempt at another high flying move. Mute is now in the ring, where CruZe is now back to his feet.

Bimmy Mays: Man, this guy’s got more of a kick than Dave’s Insanity Sauce!

Jamey Caresalle: Mute barely had the presence of mind to jump off the ropes there, but how hard can this man kick to be able to do that?

Mute attempts an arm drag, but NY CruZe breaks out and gets Mute in a rear waistlock. He turns his back around, away from the ropes, and drops to one knee - slamming Mute’s spine directly into his kneecap! Fans in the front rows gasp as Mute rolls over onto her stomach.

Bimmy Mays: JEE-SUS!

Jamey Caresalle: New York CruZe with the first big impact of the match! That’s how you start to set a tone!

Like a hungry wolf, New York CruZe remains on the attack. He allows himself a couple of nicely calculated stomps to Mute’s back before locking in a side variant of the Bow & Arrow Stretch. NY CruZe modifies the hold a bit by pulling back on the mouthpiece of Mute’s mask. There are moments during the hold it almost seems like he’s going to tear the mask right off of her face.

Jamey Caresalle: And now the new Trinity Wrestling Nomad Champion is going to work on Mute here… Just no regard for mask tradition...

Bimmy Mays: I gotta hand it to him, James. He said he was going to go over there, win that title, and bring it back to New York City! And he did EXACTLY that!

Jamey Caresalle: He also had to slam a steel cage door onto 5BW’s own Lex Collins in the process!

NYCz helps Mute to her feet by tearing at her mask again. He slaps her in the back of the head while talking some smack.

New York CruZe: You can’t beat me, I don’t care how many of your friends voted for you on Twitter!

NY CruZe seems to be really enjoying himself here as he pulls Mute into a front facelock. He even takes a moment to shout at one of the fans before going for the lift. As NYCz seems to be looking for a suplex or something to that capacity, Mute suddenly shifts her weight causing her legs to make a large arc before she rolls her aggressor up into a very beautifully-executed Small Package!



CruZe’s feet wiggle wildly before he finally kicks out just before the referee’s hand hits the mat again! CruZe is clearly shocked that this near fall has even taken place. He’s already trying to argue with the referee that it was only a two-count. Naturally, the referee confirms this.

Bimmy Mays: There! Your girl just surprised him for a two count!

After confirming the count, CruZe turns around only to be met with some heavy kicks to the chest. Mute is feeling the energy now as she decides to run the ropes.

Jamey Caresalle: Mute is showing so much heart, just like she did at our debut show!

And, just as Jamey says that, Mute seems to be looking for a Running Bionic Elbow, but that isn’t what happens! New York CruZe tilt-a-whirl lifts Mute into a hold that almost resembles a fancy dance move! CruZe pivots in a circle with Mute held above his head causing her to spin in a circle before coming crashing down on NYCz’s waiting knee!

Jamey Caresalle: Tornado Backbreaker! Mute’s back has got to be sore, Bimmy!

Bimmy Mays: New York CruZe got his big start in l!

New York CruZe vines each of his legs within Mute’s own before slapping her as hard as he can in the sides. This causes Mute to jerk in a way that allows CruZe to grab her arms. He then rocks her up into a Romero Chinlock. Instead of an actual chinlock though, CruZe grips savagely at the sides of her mask! Mute’s splayed body shutters from the strain put on her back as New York CruZe shouts at her from behind.

Jamey Caresalle: You may not agree with this guy’s antics, but he could very well be on his way to winning gold here in 5BW...

Only after he’s satisfied with the damage done by the submission move does CruZe release his grip. Too exhausted from the stretch, Mute just drops to the mat. Unfortunately for her, she’s still tied up to CruZe by the legs, giving him the perfect opportunity to do just a bit more damage as he leaps up and stomps on both legs to release the remnants of the Romero Chinlock. Mute looks to be in pain as New York CruZe once again helps the female wrestler to her feet with a grip on her precious mask.

Jamey Caresalle: There he goes after her mask again; New York CruZe is trying to expose Mute’s face and identity to the world! That’s just disrespectful on his part!

Bimmy Mays: Well, I’m kind of wondering who this woman is, because from the way she wrestles you can tell she’s not just some random girl off the street!

Jamey Caresalle: And New York CruZe just shoves Mute away! She’s not wanting to give up, Bimmy...you’re right, now that I think about it! She has clearly had excellent training, and she’s got a lot of moves that are not rookie level maneuvers!

Bimmy Mays: She’s getting back up for more...but my man NYCeez here ain’t letting up!

New York CruZe goes for an Irish whip, but Mute attempts to reverse. CruZe pulls Mute back into him for a short arm clothesline, but Mute reverses the reversal into a crucifix roll-up! The fans count along with the referee.

Jamey Caresalle: Mute going for the upset here...two and a half! Great wrestling here by both of these competitors!

As soon as these two pop back up, NY CruZe pulls Mute into a gutwrench. He flips Mute’s legs up and lifts her, looking to put this away with a Crucifix Powerbomb...but Mute reverses this as well, but sends New York CruZe rolling to the outside while catching herself on the apron.

NYCz sits up slowly and painfully in disbelief, looking around for a moment in a state of bewilderment. In the mean time, Mute looks prepared to hit another suicide dive as she runs the far ropes, but stop when she sees Sofia King standing there on the apron. The crowd boos King, but Mute seems a bit put off by her presence as she engages Sofia verbally.

Jamey Caresalle: Mute is giving it everything she has! What an amazing effort she’s putting out here... What is Sofia King doing out here?!

Bimmy Mays: I think we know damn well what Sofia King is doing out here!

The referee turns around to see this and immediately heads over to engage the situation. Sofia notices the referee and simply hops down from the apron as her job is finished. The referee turns his focus back to the ring as Mute turns around as well. Unfortunately, New York CruZe is waiting there to deliver an almost flipping version of a Spinning Wheel Kick!


Jamey Caresalle: What a sickening impact...

Mute isn’t moving at all. New York CruZe simply grabs Mute by the leg and drags her motionless body over to him then lays back over her body with the leg hooked in an otherwise lackadaisical pin attempt.




New York CruZe rises in victory. He receives his Trinity Wrestling Nomad Championship then raises it up proudly. Sofia King joins him in the ring as he uses a boot to shove Mute’s still KO’d form out of the ring. New York CruZe gets his custom microphone. While still sweaty from competition NYCz lifts his title up onto his shoulder.

New York CruZe: What you see before you right here and now is 5BW’s future from now until we deem it necessary to release our hold of New York City. We are the 6th Borough, and tonight, you’ve been given a taste of what makes us so dangerous. We will be dripping with gold in 5BW. They may even need to change the damn name to 6BW!

Jamey Caresalle: That very well could be a prediction of things to come for 5BW…

Bimmy Mays: You think they’d change the promotion’s name for them?!

Jamey Caresalle: That’s not what I meant...

With that, New York CruZe shifts the title belt down to his right side before holding his microphone up in the air, standing proudly before the New York City crowd as if he were the Statue of Liberty. Meanwhile, Sofia King is sharing some choice words with Mute who may not even be able to hear her as the referee checks on her. New York CruZe’s music kicks back in as The 6th Borough leaves ringside to boos.

The Royal Crown broadcast cuts to the back following the match that just took place right to Luciana Verdoza in the hallway who gets booed quite loudly by the crowd. She hears them, but she merely scoffs at them as she folds her arms and continues to be quite arrogant, obnoxious and condescending with her attitude.

Luciana Verdoza: Go figure. They don’t like me very much do they?

The cameras pan to reveal that Luciana is standing next to backstage interviewer Brittany Lascase who has a microphone in her hand.

Brittany Lascase: You didn’t exactly endear yourself to the 5BW audience with what you pulled when the Royal Crown card was announced.

Luciana scoffs again.

Luciana Verdoza: Why? Because I spoke my mind? Because I know what I am worth in this business? Because I wasn’t going to stand for the match that I was originally going to compete in? I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that speaking up was such a cardinal sin of professional wrestling.

Brittany Lascase: It’s not, but why did you make a fuss about being placed in the Prove Yourself battle royal initially?

Luciana Verdoza: I’ll gladly answer why. I thought it was insulting. I’ve been in this business for more than a decade now. I’ve traveled the world a few times over. I’ve got a collection of world titles to my name and that was the best that they could do for me? Seriously? I did not come to this company to be disrespected like that. Why do I have to “prove myself” again? Why am I, at the age of 35, being treated like everything I’ve worked hard for in this business throughout my entire career means nothing? Before you tell me that they “didn’t mean it like that”, I want to let you know that I don’t buy it. They should have known better! Period! I don’t have much time left in my career, I realize this. I’m not oblivious to the wear and tear that comes with age and the injuries I’ve had in my career. And you think I should be wasting time “proving myself”? Please!

The crowd boos her even louder for her answer as they clearly hate how entitled she’s portraying herself to be.

Brittany Lascase: In any case, you were removed from that match and not too long from now, you are going to be in action against the man known as Thriller who as you know… is quite the notorious competitor… though that’s understating it quite a bit. Do you feel as though this is some form of “punishment” to “teach you a lesson”?

Luciana Verdoza: Where in the world do you get an idea like that?

Brittany Lascase: I’m just restating some chatter I’ve heard through the grapevine.

Luciana Verdoza: Honestly, even if it WAS some kind of “punishment”... it’s a weak one. By the way, I’m not buying that whole conspiracy theory that just came out of your mouth. It’s preposterous. The bottom line is… I don’t care how much of a “big name” or a “legend” this Thriller guy is. So he’s been around the block, right? I’m sure he’s accomplished quite a bit to his name… but that’s okay. The way this company feels about him it’s almost as if he’s one of the best things to ever happen in wrestling. I’m fine with that because hey… I beat him, I make a grand statement right? There’s no way at all that I am going to buy that narrative that he “puts me in my place”. I refuse to let that happen.

Brittany Lascase: But… let’s not forget the fact that you’re coming into this match as a total underdog here…

Luciana Verdoza: Why? Because some stupid Twitter poll said so?

Brittany Lascase: I was thinking more along the lines of some of your recent years in this business. I know you’ve had injuries and bad luck with other companies but I highly doubt you’ve even wrestled 15 matches over the past three and a half years. Even you have to admit that you’re facing a tall order here.

Luciana Verdoza: Then I suppose if that’s the way you see it… if that’s how the little people see it… then I guess I’m going to have to shock the world, aren’t I? Everything you just mentioned… that doesn’t matter to me. I’m always at my very best when I’m being overlooked or doubted… and since that happens to be the case tonight, clearly, then the fans of this company that were hoping to see the legend “put me in my place” are in for a massive disappointment.

Luciana chuckles for a bit before she brushes by Brittany being booed for being so defiant and confident and leaving her alone.

Brittany Lascase: You may not like Luciana Verdoza… but the woman clearly has guts. Still, against someone like Thriller… it’s going to take more than that to come out on top. Stranger things have happened though… and we’ll find out if she can surprise so many doubters and critics here tonight.

Brittany walks away from the camera causing the interview to come to an end.

The camera finds Hannah Collins, the wife of Lex Collins, stepping out onto the roof of La Boom Night Club. She looks apprehensive as she approaches someone standing near the edge and it isn’t until she stops beside him and the height difference is revealed that it’s clear this isn’t her husband at all. The stranger turns, his face revealed in the moonlight as newcomer Larry Gowan. LG lets out a soft sigh, shaking his head before he begins to speak.

Larry Gowan: Thanks for agreeing to meet me.

He glances down at the view below, at the crowd still milling around downstairs, waiting for the doors to open and it’s clear that this video was recorded earlier in the evening, perhaps unbeknownst to the participants.

Larry Gowan: I promise this time I haven’t been drinking or fighting with Ch-

He breaks off, still unable to say the name of the man who he was once both life and wrestling partners with.

Larry Gowan: I’m not going to try and hurl myself off into oblivion in some dramatically desperate attempt to make the pain stop, either way.

He sighs again, earning a concerned look from Hannah.

Larry Gowan: I’m not sure the same could be said of Lex. I’ve been watching for a while, Hannah. I’ve seen this before, in him. That anger and angst - I think you know what I’m getting at, don’t you? Tell me I’m reading the signs wrong. Tell me this isn’t a repeat of 2015 all over again.

That concerned look on Hannah’s face fades, replaced with wariness. She turns her back to the view, folding her arms across her chest as she looks back towards the door rather than focus on the self-proclaimed White Knight. Her silence speaks volumes about how bad those days had been, how much the split with Lex had hurt. Slowly, she shook her head.

Hannah Collins: You’re barking up the wrong tree, Larry. Lex and I... we’re good. Better than ever, really. He’s just… after Riot Star… after he got screwed over so many times and that psychopath showed up on our doorstep and threatened Allegra? He’s so over it all - I can’t say I blame him. Hell, a part of me wants to pick up a bat or a chair or a taser and just start swinging until…

Larry Gowan: If only that would make a difference, hmm?

LG chuckles humorlessly.

Larry Gowan: There’s so much potential here, so many talented wrestlers… so much passion. It’s bound to boil over in the worst ways, especially in close quarters like these. I just don’t want to see you hurt, Hannah. You or Lex.

The beautiful brunette shakes her head, looking like she wants to rip a strip off the smaller man. Instead she turns and starts walking away.

Hannah Collins: Pick a side, Larry. Either you’re his friend and you have his back… or you’re just another name on his list of people who don’t belong in this business. If I were you, I wouldn’t want to cross him. Not now.

She leaves the dumbfounded Gowan behind, letting the door slam loudly behind her. He shrugs and sighs, turning back to his contemplation of the view.


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a singles match!

Maneater by Nelly Furtado kicks in with the fans giving this person the biggest boos for the night. Out comes Luciana Verdoza with a snobbish look on her face with the fans flipping her off.

Taylor Hudson: introducing first, from Milan, Italy, weighing in at 132 pounds, Luciana Verdoza!!

Bimmy Mays: Jamey, I know you’re going to introduce her first, but I have something to say about this woman. Who the fuck bitches and moans about being in a battle royal!

Jamey Caresalle: Luciana hasn’t made friends here because of her actions and she looks to put down the doubters. I don’t agree with her and what she’s doing.


Luciana gets in the ring as the vulgar Queens crowd in La Boom yells at her. She tells them that none of them are tough and that she can take on all of them because they are not worth it to her. This is the end by Think up Anger ft the Filthy Souls kicks in as the fans are giving a mixed reaction, the cheers going over the boos.

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent? From the S.I.T.M.O.N, weighing in at 205 pounds, Thriller!

The smoke is filling up in La Boom with Bimmy May coughing up in the microphone.

Bimmy Mays: Holy Frick! This man is bringing in too much smoke that it’s making me cough up my freaking lungs!

Jamey Caresalle: That’s not weed smoke, Bimmy. Let me give you history on this competitor. This was a right call on Meagan G and Dora’s behalf because Thriller is a well-known legend in Canadian Vendetta League, World Onslaught League, Underground Championship Wrestling and other promotions as well. Him and I did wrestle and he was one of the toughest wrestlers I competed against. We all have respect for him!

Bimmy Mays: I don’t know who he is, but I RESPECT HIM!

Thriller gets in the ring with the fans showing him respect. Luciana does not look pleased as she’s ready to go to fight him.

Bimmy Mays: This bitch is not giving him respect that he needs. Wait a hot minute!


Thriller and Luciana circle each other before locking up in the dead center of the ring. Thriller bodyslams Luciana. Luciana is quick to her feet and blasts Thriller with an elbow to the side of the jaw. Thriller strikes back with a gut kick.

Bimmy Mays: Well he’s not doing that much legendary yet, James. What myth of a story you just told?
While Luciana is bent over Thriller goes for an axe kick to the back. Luciana pops up just in time to avoid the axe kick and side steps out of the way. Stare down.

Jamey Caresalle: Thriller and Luciana are in a stalemate right now with one another. It seems like she’s going to have some type of work for her!

Thriller locks up with Luciana. Luciana is ready and whips Thriller into the corner. Luciana rushes the corner and hits a handspring corner elbow. Thriller comes off the ropes dazed. Luciana rushes again with some sort of kick but Thriller shakes off the daze, side steps, and takes Luciana to the canvas with a side headlock driver. Pin for a two count. Luciana kicks out with power. Thriller isn’t happy. Thriller starts laying boots into Luciana.

Bimmy Mays: I bet this is the pounding she’s going to get after all of the talking she’s been doing and her not being in this match.

Jamey CaresalleThriller is letting her have it! He’s showing why she should show some type of respect!

Bimmy Mays: Fuck giving her respect! She deserves it!

Luciana recovers after a bit. Thriller takes a page out of Luciana’s book and whips her into the ropes. Running body splash! Luciana falls over and Thriller hits a baseball slide to her prone body. Luciana rolls out of the ring to recover. Thriller begins to step through the second rope. Luciana plays the heel role well, poking Thriller in the eyes while he’s occupied with leaving the ring, then jumps on the ring apron and knees Thriller in the face. The fans boo.

Jamey CaresalleFans are letting Luciana HEAR IT! And she does not care…AT ALL!

Another knee to the face and Thriller falls backwards. Luciana locks in an armbar. The fans rally behind Thriller. After a few minutes of agonizing pain, Thriller breaks the hold and shuffle kicks Luciana in the side of the face. Luciana rolls around on the canvas yelling in pain. She lifts her head and the fans can see Luciana’s highly pissed off face. Thriller takes the chance to hit a one-inch punch into Luciana’s temple! Luciana appears to be knocked out!

Jamey CaresalleThis HAS to be it! Luciana is KNOCKED OUT!

Pin! One… Two… KICKOUT! Thriller beats the canvas again while Luciana recovers and uses the ropes to stand to her feet.

Bimmy Mays: How the fuck? How the FUCK SHE KICKED OUT OF THAT SHIT!

Thriller takes a superkick to the jaw from out of nowhere! Luciana pins but Thriller kicks out at two! Luciana begins driving knee after knee into the left side ribs of Thriller. Each blow is stronger and more punishing than the last. The fans are on their feet, booing her actions. She turns to taunt the fans. While she does Thriller goes for a quick schoolboy! Luciana has it scouted and kicks out early. Now both wrestlers are down, both needing to recover from the beatings they have delivered to each other.

Bimmy Mays: You know, if that smoke was weed, they could smoke it because they need it right now!

Both are up. They begin to brawl from one side of the ring to the next with Thriller throwing stiff punches and Luciana answering with stiff elbows.

Jamey Caresalle Both Thriller and Luciana are throwing down! They want to win this match up badly to make a point!

Thriller gets the upper hand and manages to slam Luciana’s head into each turnbuckle in order. The fans cheer greatly for this. After this Thriller goes for a windup punch. Luciana is down. Thriller goes to the top rope to attempt a Five Star Frog Splash.



Luciana rolls to the side and Thriller eats the canvas!

Bimmy Mays: OW! FUCK!

Luciana to her feet. Running elbow drop to the heart of Thriller. A second running elbow! A third! Luciana really wants to end Thriller. Thriller isn’t having it.

Bimmy Mays: She’s going to have to do more then THAT to end him!

The madman gets to his feet in time to cut Luciana off with a clothesline from hell. Both wrestlers fall again. The fans are to their feet, cheering Thriller on. Thriller goes for another pin. Luciana kicks out again at two, but this time with far less power.

Jamey Caresalle Luciana is finally getting out of it! Could this be the end?

Thriller hits the top rope and manages to land a FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!

Jamey Caresalle Second FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!!

However, he’s far too injured to go for a pin and Luciana can roll to the outside of the ring. Thriller slides to the outside and rolls Luciana back into the ring. On his way back in Luciana pops to her feet and knees Thriller in the jaw!

Jamey Caresalle Thriller was too hurt to go for the pin, causing Luciana ram her knee right in his jaw!

Luciana has a sick smirk on her face as she says that she’s going to end this match in the ring. Thriller holds his jaw as it looks to be disclosed. The fans are worried for what is about to happen to him as Luciana goes for her finisher called Arrivederci as the fans are booing for this. Thriller’s head goes right into the mat as the fans are booing for this. Luciana goes for the pin fall as the fans are booing.

Jamey Caresalle If Thriller doesn’t kick out of this, Luciana wins!



TH-Kick out by Thriller.


Luciana starts cursing out in Italian because she thought Thriller would go down after that as the fans are cheering for him still in this match up. Luciana goes for her finisher again, but Thriller gets out of it as the fans are cheering as he goes for the TKO on Luciana! The fans are cheering for this as he rolls her over and pins her in that ring.


Jamey Caresalle If she doesn’t kicks out….Thriller will win!



Both: WHAT?!

The referee suddenly gets pulled out of the ring by Dakota Mendoza, who’s still in her ring attire from her match before yells at Thriller.

Jamey Caresalle Dakota Mendoza is out there when she has NO BUSINESS BEING OUT HERE!

Bimmy Mays: Mother fuck! GET HER OUT!

Thriller yells at her while Dakota has the referee distracted. While this is going down, Luciana slips on something and waits for Thriller to turn around.

Bimmy Mays: What the fuck does she have in her hand!

Jamey CaresalleLuciana really going to end this match by cheating! Please god no!!!

When Dakota gets done, Thriller turns around…



The fans are booing with Luciana having a smirk on her face with her going over him with a cocky pin as the fans are booing for this.




Bimmy Mays: OH HORSE SHIT!!!

Maneater by Nelly Furtado kicks in with the fans still booing at this. Luciana talked her way out of the battle royal and now she got a big win over a legend in Thriller. Dakota Mendoza gets in the ring herself and begins to beat down on a fallen Thriller.

Jamey CaresalleDakota’s now doing the dirty work for Luciana. This is absolutely SICKENING!

She’s pleasing her mentor while Luciana is just standing there. Luciana tells her to stand his ass up as the fans are booing. Dakota does what she asks as the both try to go for a DDT. However, Luciana has a better idea and rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair. She wants to make her mark that NOBODY is going to force her to do anything.


Luciana sets up the chair and grabs him once again, but suddenly, Larry Gowan, the same person who was in the battle royal and outspoken about this comes out of the back and saves Thriller.

Bimmy Mays: OH THANK GOD!!!

Jamey CaresalleLarry Gowan here to save Thriller from this assault!!!

Both Luciana and Dakota roll out of the ring with the fans booing for this. Larry tries to check on Thriller, but the lights in La Boom go out, causing confusion in the crowd.


The lights come back on with Larry still in the ring. A loud “THANK YOU” is heard booming as more smoke comes up!

Bimmy Mays: Holy shit! Someone is LIGHTING UP!

Jamey CaresalleAs my partner is mentioning about lighting up, I’m just going to say this. I’m sick with the actions that went down tonight and I hope that Luciana is happy with her actions of bitching out of a match. I’m sure Dora will NOT be happy with this.

While the power’s out in the building, the screen happens to be on with Meagan G in the office. She hears the fans chanting “we want refunds”.

Meagan G: We’re going to get the lights issue situated in a second. Con-Ed is working hard to figure out what exactly happened.

The fans are cheering for this, though most are still chanting “we want refunds” after the power outage.

Meagan G: Onto a serious issue on what you guys saw what happened in the ring with Luciana and Dakota. Personally, I’m sick, just like everyone. Luciana bitching that she’s too “good” for a prove yourself battle royal all because she’s a “world class athlete” and wrestled in many promotions.

Meagan has a pissed off look and when you have that pissed off look, you know shit got real.

Meagan G:Let me tell you something, I wrestled in the SAME promotions that Thriller did and my uncle’s based promotion here in New York, which traveled all over the world. I won titles, didn’t bitch and got where I wanted to be. Here in 5BW, it’s different, you prove yourself!

She looks at the cameras, still with that pissed off look.

Meagan G: You did prove yourself….for the WRONG REASONS.

The fans are cheering for this.

Meagan G: And since you and Dakota want to gang up on people and cause war, I’ve personally decided a match for YOU two at our spot show, Law and Order on September 13th.

The fans are wondering about this with Meagan still being serious.

Meagan G: You two will be facing off against Larry Gowan and Thriller!

The fans are cheering for this. The lights do come back on with Meagan having a cold glare on her face.

Meagan G: And Luciana, there’s not going to be special treatments this time around!

The fans are cheering with the General Manager putting in her own Law and Order! She means business and when Meagan means business, she means it.

We float over to Mary Ellen Harrison in the back, dressed very sexy, but sex appeal is not on her mind right now. She must address certain matters.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Fiona can say whatever the hell she wants to say about me, she can try spreading all of the untrue rumours she wants, it doesn't matter.

Mary Ellen becomes very pissed off about talking about Fiona.

Mary Ellen Harrison: She's made this shit personal with me. If Fiona wants to shed that fairy gimmick she had years ago, then I'll make she sheds blood along with it.

She has to keep her composure but moves onto another havoc. Larissa and Brittani

Mary Ellen Harrison: I know both Brittani and Larissa very well, I know how the two of them are, and even though I'm not in this match tonight, I know I still have unfinished business with both of them.

Mary Ellen folds her arms, looks at the ground before looking back up.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Brittani beat the ever loving shit out of me, I'll have no problem admitting that. However, I took the best that she could give me, and she still couldn't keep me down.

Mary Ellen has that famous Harrison smirk on her face. She knows Brittani can’t keep her own that long.

Mary Ellen Harrison: As for Larissa? What she did during the match just showed what kind of person she is: Always looking for the easy way to make a statement, always being an annoying pest.

Knowing the history those two have, wants to keep her eye on this match.

Mary Ellen Harrison: I'm going to be watching their match very closely. I may be sitting on the sidelines this time, but I'm going to make sure that they both remember who I am and what I am capable of.

The fans cheer for Mary Ellen and that statement she made.

Mary Ellen Harrison: And if either of them think for one second that I'm just going to be pushed aside again, then I'll make what happened during the street fight seem like a walk in the park.

Mary Ellen threw her shots in and she’s ready to go. Enough with the talk and the action, she’s action into her own hands.


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is the Steinbrenner Cup round two semi final match up!

The fans are cheering. They’re ready to go with what is going to happen with this. Drop Dead Cynical by Amaranthe kicks in as the fans let out of the biggest boos of the night. Bridget comes out of the back, poses with the money that she got from Natalie and walks to the ring.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 120 Pounds, “The Golden Child” Bridget Johnson!

Jamey CaresalleEarlier tonight, Bridget was going to say that she was going to bring the Hurricane to New York and run all over same. Despite that, Bridget has her work cut out for her in this match against Samantha Tolson-Anderson.

Bimmy Mays: First off, why the FRICK would you call yourself a Hurricane when there’s already one going on and secondly, SHE BETTER NOT FUCKING PAY HER TONIGHT LIKE SHE DID IN THE PAST!

Bridget rolls into the ring as the fans are still booing at her. Again, she taunts at the fans and mocks at them as a LOUD “Let’s go Sam” Chant rings through La Boom. Bridget mouths off that their hero’s NOT going to win tonight and that she will be going onto the Steinbrenner Cup Finals and become the FIRST champion. Just then The Solider by Lacey Strum kicks in as the Queens crowd gives a standing ovation with a one percent for some reason booing at her.

Bimmy Mays: What’s up with that one fan? He MUST be a Bridget supporter!

Jamey CaresalleRegardless, listen to this ovation from the Queens crowd for STA.

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent, from Jefferson City, Missouri, weight in at 158 pounds, “The Pretty Little Murder Machine”, Samantha Tolson-Anderson!

This time around, Samantha’s not smiling from the first-round matchup she had with Richard Dweck. She has a very serious tone on her face because of her recent banter with Bridget. Samantha walks to the ring fast and gets right in the face of Bridget Johnson.

Jamey CaresalleThe war of words between Bridget and Samantha on twitter now boils down to this!

Bridget smirks and says that she does not fear her, but Samantha SMACKS her across the face so hard, causing Bridget to stumble back at the impact. Sam’s not playing around after everything going on.

Both: HOLY SHIT!!!

The referee makes sure Bridget’s OK, but Bridget lets out a HIGH pitch scream and goes right after her and starts pounding down on her. Bridget and Samantha are throwing hands as the fans are going nuts for this. This is a personal battle with the both as the fans are cheering for this.


Bridget and Sam tumble outside of the ring as the fans are cheering. They’re not letting go of each other because they want to murder one another. Just then, Samantha picks her up, runs with her and SLAMS her right through the barricade as the fans are cheering and taking out the fans in the front row.


Jamey CaresalleThis could be over for Bridget and Samantha can prove her fact that Bridget couldn’t hang.

The match hasn’t even started yet as mayhem just begun. Samantha gets up on her feet and has a deranged look in her eye as she tosses Bridget out of the area where the fans are. Bridget is crawling as Samantha grabs her by the long hair. She says that she’s going to wish she NEVER fucked around with her.

Jamey CaresalleSTA’s making it clear. She wants to KILL Bridget!

Bimmy Mays: She’s the fucking pretty littler murder machine, James! What else more can you have?

As Samantha has her, Bridget BITES her so hard as the fans are in shock with this, causing Samantha to scream out in pain. Bridget grabs her and tosses her back in the ring and finally the bells ring.



Bridget barks at her and tells her that she’s not going to have her be pushed around because she’s doubted her too much recently. Bridget picks her up and tosses into the corner and begins to stomp down on her. She grabs her by the hair picks her up to put her on the turnbuckle. Samantha, who is bleeding by the arm, is aware with what she’s doing and picks her up again and punches her down. She then kicks her down and down as Bridget falls on the ground. Samantha gets a little crafty and goes to run at her. She then goes for the knee, but Bridget moves out of the way and SLAMS her face first into the corner.

Bimmy Mays: CHRIST!

Bridget drags her out and pins her as she takes the first fall.

Samantha quickly kicks out at one.

Jamey Caresalle Bridget shouldn’t have pinned her that fast.

Bridget looks at her and goes to pin her again, but Samantha rolls her up and she goes for the pin.


Bridget gets out of that one.

Jamey CaresalleAnd Samantha tries to go for that!

Bimmy Mays: Bridget is trying to one up her! You know how conservatives are when they don’t get their way!

Samantha looks at her and mouths off that she may have copied her and that she needs to get creative because this is not going to work as she has her, but Bridget comes up out of NOWHERE and uses Samantha’s Mind Your Head against her as the fans are in shock with this.


Jamey CaresalleI’m in shock! I think Samantha bit off more than she can chew!

Bridget points that she’s smart and that was the smartest thing she done. Bridget then goes on the ground and locks in a reverse Boston Crab on her and yells at Samantha to tap out. She wants to END Samantha in this ring. Samantha rolls out of it, much to the fans cheering, but Bridget has the lock still on and bridges back with the move. Samantha’s screaming in pain as Bridget has a sick smile on her face.

Jamey CaresalleBridget wants to make Samantha suffer and judging by her face, I’ve seen that look before from her brother in law, Drew Rogers!

Bimmy Mays: This is a side I did NOT want to see out of Bridget, and for some sick reason I’m being turned on!

She wants her to suffer badly that she will quick. With every once, Samantha crawls and GRABS the bottom rope. The referee counts as the fans are cheering as Bridget must break at five. She finally breaks.

Like a snake, Bridget crawls over to her and gets on top of her and starts to choke her out. Again, Bridget must break at five, but she doesn’t want to let go. Samantha reaches over and STIFFS Bridget right on the side of her face.

Jamey Caresalle What a hard stiff from Samantha to Bridget!

Bimmy Mays: She’s going to feel that for days!

She rolls off her and gets back to her feet, only to have Samantha go for a Japanese Arm drag on her. Bridget rolls back up and turns around to swing, but Samantha gets behind her and goes for a German Suplex. Bridget lands on the ground and again, Samantha goes for the pin.

Jamey CaresalleGerman Suplex by Samantha with her going for the pin right after!



Bridget kicks out.

Bimmy Mays: I’m fucking impressed with Bridget, but I’m still waiting for her to pull out the money! Hell, she should give me some so I can get some “stuff!”

Jamey CaresalleI don’t think Bridget wants to give her money. She WANTS to prove Samantha wrong and THAT’s WHAT she’s doing!

Samantha may have bitten what she could chew. Bridget is not going down without a fight as she picks her up again. She throws her into the ropes causing Bridget to run into them. Bridget ducks out of Samantha’s path, but Samantha comes out of NOWEHERE and goes for a springboard drop kick as the fans are cheering for this. Samantha goes to try and pin her, but Bridget rolls out of the ring. Samantha gets pissed off about this because she means business.

Bimmy Mays: You want to take that back, James because she just rolled out of the damn ring! Hey Bridget, buy me a beer!

With Bridget rolling out of the ring, we see Samantha walking around the ring, trying to find Bridget.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: You’re not going to get away with this, Bridget!

Bimmy Mays: She’s in the stands! Find her there!


As Samantha is looking for Bridget, she happens to be on the top rope. Not really a highflyer, Bridget is going to do whatever it takes to take OUT Samantha.


Bridget jumps off and does a DIVING CORKSCREW MOONSAULT off the top rope as the fans are in shock with. This is the most that Bridget’s done as the both are down.



Bimmy Mays: She wiped her out like a BIG ASS WAVE from the Hurricanes!

The referee is counting as the fans are cheering and going wild for this as he gets up to a four count. Samantha and Bridget begin to stir. Bridget gets up and gets in the ring to stop the count. She rolls out and picks up Samantha and tosses her back in the ring.

Jamey CaresalleBridget has her back in the ring and looks to finish her off!
The fans are wondering what on earth Bridget is about to do. Bridget takes on good hop on the top rope high enough, jumps off…..



This must be it. Samantha looks at her and tells her to get the FUCK up as the saying is high and loud. Bridget gets to her feet but is slowly out of it as she could have a concussion from this. Samantha then grabs at her and finishes her off with the Victory Drop Omega as the fans are cheering.

Jamey CaresalleVictory Drop Omega! Samantha’s closing in on a win to make her go for the finals!

This could let Samantha goes into the finals with the referee counting.



TH-BRIDGET kicks out of it.


Jamey CaresalleI’m in shock with this! Samantha was going to say she was going to kick her in the head hard, but not hard enough it seems!

The fans are in SHOCK with this. That move could’ve ended Bridget. She’s STILL fighting in this match. Samantha has UNDERESTIMATED her big time as she stands up and takes off her shirt she was wearing, revealing a sports bra.

Jamey CaresalleOh crap….we are seeing a different side of Samantha!

Bimmy Mays: Hey look! You know she’s going to get likes from Mary Ellen Harrison on twitter now because she took off her top!

Jamey Caresallewhat the FRICK does that have to do with that?!

Bimmy Mays: I’m JUST saying, James! I’m A BLOODY MAN WHO LIKES THAT STUFF!

Samantha slams it in anger and waits for Bridget to stand back up as the fans are waiting. Again, Bridget goes and right away Samantha goes after her. Bridget sees this, grabs Samantha and goes for the Double Underhook Powerbomb.


Bridget does NOT want to pin her YET as she grabs Samantha again and places her on the turnbuckle. Bridget then grabs at her and spins her around and looks where she wants to land. She yells at her, stands up….


Both: WHAT!!!!!

Jamey holds his head in shock with this as he’s seen that move before. Bimmy takes another hit of his bong.


Bridget pulled off that move as she used it as a tribute to Larissa and her Husband, Drew Rogers, who ended the career of one person. Bridget rolls her over and pins her. This could be the end of Samantha’s dream of winning this all.

Jamey CaresalleThe dream is over for Sam! We’re about to have Bridget really in the finals!




Samantha JUST got the shoulder up.


Bridget lets out a cry of frustration and anger. She yells at the referee and starts throwing a tantrum in the middle of that ring and gets up. She lets her hair go from the ponytail she was in and yells to her to STAY DOWN. Bridget goes to her….



This must be it as Samantha goes for the pinfall with the referee counting this….




The bells ring as the fans give a standing ovation. After the war of words of twitter between the both, it delivered with Samantha winning.


Bimmy Mays:……She was supposed to get me a damn beer! I hope she can get some money afterwards!

Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner, Samantha Tolson-Anderson!

Samantha hobbles to her feet as Bridget’s still on the ground and looking up at the ceiling of La Boom. The referee raises her hand in the air as the fans are still giving a standing ovation. She breaks the hold of the referee and walks over to Bridget, who does NOT want anything to do with her.

Jamey CaresalleThis could get ugly in a second knowing what I fear COULD happen after this.

Samantha looks at her and extends her hand out to Bridget with the fans being confused about this. Bridget eyes her and walks away because she wanted to win this badly. Samantha shrugs it off and celebrates with the fans as they are cheering for this match.

Bimmy MaysIf I didn’t win money, I wouldn’t shake the hands of someone. Good for Bridget for doing that and not taking nonsense!

The cameras cut out as we see Gabe Khane in the back preparing for his match up.

color=#FF27AC]Brittany Lascase:[/color] Gabe, how are you feeling heading into your Semi Final Round match in the Steinbrenner Cup Tournament against Lex Collins?

Gabe Khane: I just feel grateful that I made it this far. I am grateful to just be a part of 5BW. I am feeling as confident as I can considering that I am going into a match against Lex Collins. However, I must keep my head held high. I know Lex wants to win, as well as everyone else who is still in this, but this is my time to prove myself in 5BW. As much as I respect Lex, I cannot let anyone stop me from my goal of winning the Steinbrenner Tournament. Tonight, everyone is going to see that I am taking this seriously too.

Brittany Lascase: What has the support of the 5BW fans meant to you?

Gabe Khane: Having the support of the 5BW fans has meant the world to me. Getting to be a wrestler is a dream come true. I want to thank the 5BW fans for their support. With that support, I plan on returning the favor and make them proud. I am going to try to do my best to not let them down.

Brittany Lascase: Good Luck Gabe

Gabe Khane: Thank You So Much

Gabe walks out of the camera with Brittany looking at him.


Lucky Cheng’s will be hosting Drags to Riches on October 27th, 2019!!! Come out and celebrate this show during LGBTQ+ History Month!


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is the Steinbrenner Cup Semi Finals Match up!

Jamey Caresalle: Alright ladies and gentlemen, we are getting ready for the second of the Steinbrenner Cup semi final match ups! The winner of THIS match will face Samantha Tolson-Anderson in the final match up.

Bimmy Mays: Are you frickin serious? How the hell is THIS match going to topple Samantha and Bridget, which caused me to have a freaking heart attack!

Jamey Caresalle: They have their work cut out, yes, but I’m sure these two will make the best of it.

I’m to blame by Kip Moore kicks in as the fans cheer. Out comes Gabe Khane out of the back with him saluting the fans as he feels confident about this match up.

Jamey Caresalle: And here comes Gabe Khane. He’s determined to win this match up!

Taylor Hudson:Introducing first, from Niagara Falls, Canada, weighing in at 200 pounds, Gabe Khane!

Gabe slaps the hands of the fans with a smile on his face. He says how you doing to one of them and takes a selfie with a teenage fan who wanted one. Gabe rolls in the ring and taunts at the fans as they are ready to go.

Bimmy Mays: I bet you two dollars that fan is going to sell it to his local weed dealer or put it on E-Bay!

Re-education (Through Labor) by Rise against kicks in as the fans give a standing ovation louder for Lex Collins.

Jamey Caresalle: What a AMAZING ovation for Lex Collins!

Bimmy Mays: The roof of this place has BLOWN OFF! Queens is officially going wild for Lex Collins!

Taylor Hudson:His opponent, from the Open Road, “The Fearless One”, Lex Collins!

Lex Collins slaps the hands of the fans while coming down to the ring. He also takes photos with the fans for a good photo. He rolls into the ring and taunts the fans. Gabe looks at his opponent while Lex gets on the other side. The both want this moment, but only one can win. The referee goes for the bell.

Bimmy Mays: Here we FUCKING GO!


The bell rings and both men immediately trade blows. Back and forth, back and forth, until eventually, Lex breaks the cycle and catches Gabe off guard with a Palm Strike, before taking him down and nailing him with several rapid-fire rabbit punches.

Jamey CaresalleLex’s not wasting ANYTIME with the punches. He wants this more than anything.

Bimmy Mays: Gabe’s going to have his work cut out for him!

He then picks him up and hits him with a Scoop Slam. He goes for the pin.


NO!!! Gabe kicks out.

Bimmy Mays: The hell was that?

He then picks Gabe up once more and hits him with a Backspin DDT, once again going for the pin.


2--- NO!!! Gabe once again kicks out.

Bimmy Mays: The hell was also that? What on crack is he doing?

Jamey CaresalleBoth Lex and Gabe look off tonight. I guess it was over excitement on Gabe’s part.


Lex picks Gabe up once more, but this time, Gabe fights back, nailing him in the stomach with a few right hands before going behind and nailing a HUGE German Suplex.

Jamey CaresalleBeautiful German Suplex by Gabe!

He holds onto him, though, and he hits him with another. This time, he bridges it, going for the pin.

Bimmy Mays: No James! This one is BEAUTIFUL! ITS RED BULL POWER!


2---NO!!! Lex can roll out of it!

Bimmy Mays: Dammit! I guess the freaking rats ass Red Bull didn’t work out!

Lex goes for a right hand, but Gabe catches him and throws him to the ground, cinching in the Camel Clutch, looking to make Lex tap out.

Jamey CaresalleGabe has this pretty locked in!

Gabe keeps it locked it, refusing to let go until Lex gives up, but conversely, Lex refuses to give up.

Jamey CaresalleThe never say die attitude in Lex is coming on! Gabe wants to win this badly, but Lex does NOT want to go down.

Eventually, Lex can break out of it, getting up with Gabe still on his back and hitting him with a makeshift backpack stunner.

Bimmy Mays: Holy Shit! Gabe’s going to need A LOT OF PILLS for that damn jaw.

Gabe clutches his jaw, moving away from Lex as he does. Lex goes back after him, nailing him with a Single Leg Running High Knee, and then nailing him with a Running Enziguri.

Bimmy Mays: Hey Gabe! I know someone that can help you with medicine!

He then gets down on the mat, catching Gabe in a front face lock position and kneeing him right in the head. He then gets back up and leaps into the air, nailing another knee right to the head. He then goes out to the apron and begins to build up to something, beckoning for Gabe to get up. Gabe slowly rises, and turns around, only to be met by Lex leaping onto the top rope and nailing him with a Diving Back Elbow, right to the chest. He then goes for the pin.



NO!!! Gabe manages to get the shoulder up.

Jamey CaresalleLex needs to do something because Gabe doesn’t want to seem to go down!

Bimmy Mays: Of course he freaking doesn’t! It’s that goddamn Red Bull!

Lex is beginning to look frustrated. He gets up and tries to pick up Gabe once more, but Gabe manages to fight him off. Gabe then gets up and hits Lex with a Northern Lights Suplex, bridging it.


2---NO!!! Lex gets the shoulder up!


Gabe then tries for another, nailing it, but this time, he transitions it into a Powerbomb. After this, he bounces off the ropes and hits him with a Leg Drop, going for the pin again.



NO!!! Lex, again, manages to get the shoulder up!

Jamey Caresalle Lex does NOT want to go down. Winning the Steinbrenner Cup is the most important to him right now!

Gabe, looking to finish things off properly, picks Lex up and tries for the Out By Gabe (Running Powerslam)... only for Lex to wriggle out of it and NAIL Gabe with Absolute Zero (Headlock Driver), going for the pin.




Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner, LEX COLLINS!

Jamey CaresalleAnd with that, Lex Collins wins the Semi Finals and will be facing off against Samantha Tolson-Anderson.

Bimmy Mays: Gabe should’ve drank MORE RED BULL! But I’m sure Lex will give him some.
After this, the referee raises Lex’s hand in victory, though Lex is feeling a little bit worse for the wear. Afterwards, Lex helps Gabe to his feet and offers him a handshake. Gabe obliges, shaking Lex’s hand and raising it too much fanfare.

Jamey Caresalle: And with that ladies and gentlemen is respect. Gabe may not have won the match up, but he surely earned the respect of Lex Collins tonight.

While Lex’s celebrating in the ring, Diamond Eyes by Shinedown kicks with Dora clapping. She’s satisfied about how this match went down. She grabs a microphone and looks at Lex.

Dora Richardson: Congratulations Lex on your win over Gabe Khane. I would also like to congratulate Gabe on making it this far.

The fans cheer on. Lex leans in the corner against the turnbuckle, sipping from a can of Pepsi while looking at the owner of the place.

Dora Richardson:Now I’m going to need Samantha out here for this occasion as well.

The Soldier by Lacey Sturm kicks in. The fans are cheering as Meagan G and Kieran Quinn are helping her out of the back after the brutal match up she was in. Samantha looks at them and tells them she got this, but the two staff members want to make sure she’s OK. Lex is eyeing her warily as Dora opens the ropes for her.

Dora Richardson:Now that I both got you out here. I want to congratulate you both. Lex, you got here by defeating Mute and Gabe, Samantha, you got here by defeating Richard and Bridget.

Dora looks at Samantha with a serious look.

Dora Richardson:While Richard did give you a good fight, I thought for a split second that it was going to be Bridget, but you overcame her and won.

Samantha looks at her. Still out of it from the war she was in.

Dora Richardson:And here we are. Royal Crown, the last two standing. There’s going to be a BIG prize. Money is involved, but something else is involved.

Kieran Quinn gets in the ring and stands in the middle. Kieran looks at Dora and takes the black cover off to reveal a beautiful BIG golden title.

Dora Richardson:This right here is the Five Boroughs Wrestling World Championship. Meagan’s uncle, and the investor spend THOUSANDS of dollars creating this beautiful belt.

The fans are ooing and aahing at it. It’s a very beautiful belt.

Dora Richardson:And one of you at Drags to Riches are going to be walking out the very FIRST 5BW World Champion.

Fans are cheering as Lex and Samantha keep on eying it.

Dora Richardson:Is there anything you both need to say?

Collins straightens up, slowly crushing the now-empty soda can in his fist. His gaze drifts between Dora and Samantha before he reaches for the offered microphone.

Lex Collins: Gabe Khane gave as much as he got… all the props in the damn world to the guy. He hits hard. He doesn’t waste time with all the other petty bullshit goin’ around these days. He’s a beast. I’m gonna be feelin’ this for a few days, that’s for sure. But hey, if you don’t have nothin’ to show for it… was it really a good fight?

He drags a hand across his lips, looking at it afterwards before holding it up to show the smear of blood off to the capacity crowd. They pop on cue, drawing a smirk from Collins.

Lex Collins: These last couple months’ve been surreal. I took a gamble, saw a name dropped on my social media feed an’ I got this wild hair to come back to New York. This city, these five boroughs we get to compete in… they’ve always been good to me. I owe you thanks, Miss Richardson… not the other way around.

When the crowd reacts again, Collins ignores them. His gaze is fixed on Samantha and the way she seems completely unimpressed.

Lex Collins: Yeahhh… I know. I’ve been putting people on notice for weeks for all these dumbass wars of words an’ here I am doing the same thing. Mean, I gotta find a way to keep ‘em interested, right? Need this to be emptier, don’t you, Sam? More relatable? Sorry. Next time I’ll remember to spam half-naked photos of myself and my wife all over Twitter - give you some real ammunition to chew on.

There’s heavy scorn in his voice before he folds his arms, leaning back into the corner as though he’s not intimidated in the least.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: Rest assured, I'll feel my match for a few days as well, though admittedly I can't do that cool little thing to get these good folks to cheer that you did with your hand just now.

Samantha collects herself for a moment, looking out at the fans.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: I'll be honest...while these good people here have always been good to me, wrestling in this city hasn't always been. It’s been a mixed bag for me at best. See, Lex, this is a chance for me to change all that up. This is a chance for me to make history, to make a memory, to leave an imprint on this sport in a city where doing so hasn’t always gone my way.

Samantha wipes some sweat from her forehead.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: I mean, don’t get me wrong. I see what you’re trying to do, old dog. You’ve been trying for weeks now to get some sort of mental edge on me. Questioning my desire to be a champion, let alone a World Champion...let alone the FIRST Five Boroughs Wrestling World Champion. You sit up there, looking all smug and shit, and you THINK, Lex...you THINK you have it all figured out. Throw some slants her way about her pictures, go with the old simplicity ploy, drizzle in a little of the old tired relevancy argument, and VOILA! Instant mental advantage!

Samantha takes a couple of steps forward, sneering directly at Lex.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: In case you haven’t been paying attention, and given the things you’ve said about me over the last two or so months, you haven’t, that may have worked two or three years ago. Back then, when I was still new at this, you might well have gotten in my head. Now? All you’re doing is providing me more bulletin board material. You see Collins, when we meet up for that pretty gold belt, I’m going to beat you.

The crowd gasps at the bold prediction, but Samantha doesn’t take her eyes off her opponent for the title.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: Know why I’m going to beat you? Because you believe you just went through your toughest opponent in this tournament. You think you just earned yourself a free pass to putting that big golden belt on your shoulder. You’ve hinted at it for weeks now, and that little schpiel you gave just confirmed it. You’re a freaking warrior Collins, no one in their right mind would deny that. But don’t think for a goddamn New York minute I’m not every bit your equal. I’ll admit it. I underestimated how bad Bridget wanted to win. That’s on me.

Samantha takes another step toward the ring. Collins leans on the turnbuckle, chuckling as though he’s enjoying every second of this.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: But I see it in your eyes, Lex, and you’re doing the same exact thing. Here’s the difference between Bridget and I. She didn’t have quite enough to make me pay for my mistake. When we meet in the finals of this tournament? I have absolutely everything I need to make you pay for yours. So go ahead, Chuckles. Yuk it up at my expense for a couple months, take your pot shots like you did earlier this week. You will, because you can’t help yourself.

Samantha spits on the floor, clearing her throat.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: Just know that every little dig, every little slight you’re about to put out there on social media about me, it’s going on the board. Every time I go to the gym, whether it be at home or on the road, I’ll look at them. And I’ll prepare just that little bit more, push just that little bit harder, do the extra reps and sets, run that extra mile. You have wondered aloud before how I maintain the pace I do? Pay attention this week, Collins. Pay close attention. This was just the first of six matches this week. I end the week with a ladder match. It’s crazy. I admit that. None of them will be easy.

Samantha wipes some hair from her face, taking two more steps toward the ring.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: Nothing worth doing, Lex, ever was.

Samantha stands there under her own power, eyes staring daggers into the ring. Collins stares right back, taking a few seconds to let her words sink in before he breaks the silence.

Lex Collins: Everything comes full circle, Sam. Ten days. I did the impossible tonight - you did too. Nobody’s takin’ that away from you. I never said you had it easy. You put that little seed in the ground yourself, watered it with your own doubt. I know how it is. You hear the words day in, day out… cutting you down to size. Tell you that you’re never gonna be good enough. Never gonna matter to anyone.

He pauses, turning slightly as he gestures towards the fans surrounding them.

Lex Collins: We matter. In certain circles… in certain company, even.

The fans pop and Lex finally drops the crumpled can that’s still in his fist. He keeps his eyes on it for a moment before looking up.

Lex Collins: In ten days, I headline an event in Los Angeles. In ten days, I got myself another title shot. And I know you want me to play that way, to roll over, play dead an’ just chase that dream in that other playground. It’d suit you just fine if I petered out, found I couldn’t hack it in more’n one place - never got the hang of that in all these years, y’know? I know you want someone to finally back the frick down when you show your teeth.

He kicks the can hard, making it fly out of the ring in her direction. When she doesn’t flinch, he nods.

Lex Collins: Yeah. I’ll watch you burn the candle at both ends. I’ll wade through the sea of tits an’ ass on the timeline just to catch your latest brain dropping. Least I can do, right? You do me a favor though, alright? You park your ass in front of a TV on September 10th an’ you watch the preview of what’s gonna happen at Drags to Riches, alright? You watch me walk outta the Staples Center a changed man. You watch while a cocky bitch gets their comeuppance.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: That’s what I was talking about, Lex. You THINK you know what I want from you. You don’t. What I WANT you to do is walk that ass into that Staples Center, kick that bitch’s ass, and bring that belt back here to show all these people what we, as a group in this company, are capable of. So I’ll give you my word that should I not be able to plop my happy ass on my couch and watch live, it’ll be on my DVR for as soon as I can. But these matches I’m in rest of the week all have title implications. Every last one of them, culminating with me fighting for a championship in the sixth ladder match of my career. So if I’m sitting on my ass watching you in your other playground, you do the same for me, because I know this. What each of us went through tonight will look like child’s play when you and I hook it up in that ring. I’m not a fool. You’re every bit the stubborn mule I am, and we’re gonna kick the absolute shit out of each other.

Samantha steps forward and picks up the crushed can, looking at it with a sick grin before slamming it into her bandaged forehead a few times, causing new blood to stain it.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: And I don’t want this any other way.

Samantha drops her microphone in the middle of the aisle, still looking at Lex. Rather than saying anything else, he drops his microphone as well, mimicking her actions. There’s a smirk on his lips, almost a sense of pride as he watches his opponent. The crowd seems frozen, waiting for something to happen as the tension grows thicker. Dora, Meagan and Kieran are in shock, though, she keeps that serious owners look on her face when she begins to speak again.

Dora Richardson:: The both of you want this badly and THAT’S what I like to see.

The fans erupt in cheers again.

Dora Richardson: Considering that I have two wonderful people next to me in Meagan and Kieran, I have decided that one of them will be special referee to make sure that no nonsense goes down. I want the title match to be fair and unbiased.

Lex and Sam look at each other, wondering who it is.

Dora Richardson:And the referee of this match up will none other be Meagan G.

The fans cheer for this as this was a right call. Lex and Samantha both nod.

[color=BE81F7]Dora Richardson:[/color] Good Luck Sam and Lex. One of you will go down as Immortal.

Jamey Caresalle And there you have it! Lex Collins vs. Samantha Tolson-Anderson for the Five Boroughs Wrestling World Championship with Meagan G as the referee. What a main event match up that will be come Drags to Riches!



[color=4B8A08]Taylor Hudson[/color]: The following contest is the FIRST BLOOD match. The only way to win the match is to make the opponent bleed. Whoever makes their opponent draw first blood, will win the match!

The fans are cheering. They’re about to see blood and it’s about to get violent. Here Come the Vultures by Delian kicks in as the fans are booing for this person. Larissa Johnson comes out of the back with a smirk on her face.

Jamey CaresalleWhat a loud jeering sound for Larissa Johnson! And the fans have every right to do so with her.

Bimmy Mays: I hate this bitch with a passion! And I hope Brittani DESTORYS her in the middle of that ring.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Tampa, Florida, Weighing in at 125 pounds, “The Prick Princess” Larissa Johnson!

The fans are booing at her still as she’s walking to the ring. A fan tries to yell at her, but Larissa yells back and tells them that she’s going to mess Brittani up. Larissa rolls in the ring and taunts at the fans, causing the fans to boo at her even more as her theme song fades out. Just then Stop Snitchin by YG kicks in as the fans are giving a mixed reaction, but its mostly cheers.

Bimmy Mays: Yo this song bumps! Good Shit Brittani!

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent, from Washington, DC, “The DC Savage, the Snitcher Shooter” Brittani Helms!

Brittani walks to the ring wearing her bandana around her mouth. She stares down Larissa with blue contact lenses in her eyes to show Larissa that she is not scared of her. Larissa is yelling at her and says that she is not scared of her. Brittani takes off her bandana and goes right after her as the match begins.


Brittani wastes NO TIME pounding in the head of Larissa Johnson as the fans are cheering for this. This could be a fast match if Brittani busts her open. Brittani stands up and checks her fists for blood yet. There’s none as she goes back, but Larissa kicks her right in the mid-section. Brittani stumbles a bit and catches herself before heading back to Larissa, but Larissa STIFFS her with a cheap shot right in her mouth. Brittani falls on the ground with the fans being in shock with this.

Bimmy Mays: Conservatives always know how to fight!

The referee checks on Brittani to see if she’s bleeding or lost any teeth from that punch. Brittani stands up and nods to give the que she’s OK, but Larissa grabs at her and tosses her out of the ring. Larissa mocks at the fans with them booing at her. Larissa points at her head and says she’s smart about this whole thing. Brittani stands back up and grabs at her to bring her out of the ring. Larissa screams as Brittani SLAMS her hard into the barricade as the fans are cheering for this. Brittani yells that she’s not going to allow a bitch to come out and ruin this for her. A fan gives something to her, and Brittani looks at it and grabs it.

Jamey Caresalle: What in God’s name is that?

Brittani’s confused about why she has this and sees Larissa on the floor and pulls the cloth over the weapon she was given and it’s a dildo with BARBWIRED around it. The fans are going for this as Larissa is backing up because she sees what this is. Brittani raises it up in the air and tries to bring it down on her head as the fans are cheering and still going wild. Larissa is yelling to get it away from her head. The fans are booing as she’s screaming and SLAPS IT AWAY from her. Brittani loses the weapon and gets kicked right in the knees by her. Larissa throws her back in the ring with the fans cursing her out. Again, she’s mocking the fans with them STILL booing at her. Suddenly, Brittani reaches over and grabs her hair as she’s screaming and lifts her. Larissa still screaming, but AGAIN elbows her in the face. The fans keep booing with Larissa going under the ring once again.

Bimmy Mays: I’m fucking done. Barbed wire dildoes? This is where I draw the line.

Larissa grabs out a weapon and tosses it back in the ring. One of them is a barbwire bat as the fans are wondering how Larissa is going to handle this. Bimmy Mays is heard removing his headset, uttering various “fucks” and “Jesus dicks”. Brittani also rolls on the other side as she grabs something under the ring. Larissa’s wondering where Brittani is. Larissa screams and tells her to come out and fight her like a woman. What she does NOT know is Brittani is behind her, with a machete. Larissa turns around with Brittani holding the machete in hands. Larissa screams and backs up, telling her not to kill her, but Brittani WILL do it. She raises it in the air as Larissa looks fearful and Brittani goes to slice her….

Jamey Caresalle: Folks, my partner at the broadcast table has legitimately gotten up and walked off to find the concessions guy, and he is missing one HELL of a beatdown here! LOOK OUT! BRITTANI HELMS SWINGS FOR THE FENCES...

BUT LARISSA MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AND the machete goes through the turnbuckle. Brittani tries to get it out, but Larissa HITS Brittani right in the back with the barbwire and blood comes out of it. Brittani cannot lose that way as she must bleed from the face, but Larissa does not care. Larissa punches her back and opens the wound even wider. She then turns her around and tries to go for a snap DDT onto the barbwire, but Brittani goes for a face buster right onto the barbwire. She thinks she has Larissa bleeding. Brittani rolls her over to see if she is….

Jamey Caresalle: That has to be it...has to be...

And Larissa is NOT as the fans are booing at this with the barbwire bat out of the way as the fans are booing.

Jamey Caresalle: Larissa Johnson must have skin made from diamonds! How did that not split her open?

Brittani’s pissed about this whole thing and needs to figure out what she needs to do. Suddenly, Larissa comes up behind her with the machete out. Larissa puts it on the ground and turns Brittani around. She goes for her finisher and does it. Brittani lands on the ground with Larissa thinking she’s going to win this match up and tells the referee to roll her over as the fans are wondering for this as this could be the end for Brittani. The referee rolls her over to check and see if she’s bleeding….

Jamey Caresalle: This must be it! HAS TO BE!



Larissa throws a tantrum regarding this because she thought she had her right where she wanted her and she thought this was the moment she was going to win it. Bimmy is haggling with a hot dog vendor somewhere in the floor section. Larissa stands back up and goes after her…

Jamey Caresalle: What’s next?

But Brittani KICKS her right in the head with the DC Headknocker as the fans are cheering for this. Larissa goes on the ground, but Brittani says she’s not done with this as the fans are wondering what she’s about to do next. Brittani grabs part of the barbwire and puts it on her shoe. This is one creative move to do. Brittani waits for Larissa to get done with bickering at the referee. Larissa gets done with that, causing Brittani to go for the DC Headknocker….

Jamey Caresalle: This could be the end, finally...


Jamey Caresalle:: OH NO! Official down! Official down! Bimmy, get in there and wake him up! Take his place! Do something useful!

The fans are in shock with this. Brittani holds her head in shock because that was NOT the way she wanted it. Brittani turns around and gets kicked RIGHT in the face by Larissa as she falls on the ground. Larissa then starts waving someone out of the back and the person coming out of the back is none other than Bridget Johnson.

Bridget Johnson is PISSED off from her loss and takes out her anger on Brittani Helms along with her sister.

Jamey Caresalle: This is unfair, even for a street fight! Two on one? The Johnson sisters are the biggest group of cowards-

Bimmy Mays:...motherfucker wanted two fifty for a dog with mustard and sauce. Two fifty!

Jamey Caresalle: Oh, glad you’re back…

Bimmy Mays: The ref’s fine. I saw him breathing.

Both the Johnson sisters whip her across the ring. Brittani starts running while the Johnson’s wait back for her. Brittani takes both down and grabs Bridget, causing the fans to get loud. Bridget is screaming and yelling. Brittani looks at her right in the face, yelling at her.



Brittani falls on the ground, causing Bridget to become free. Larissa stands over her as she just saved her sister from getting killed by Brittani in that ring. Bridget holds her head in shock but has a sick laugh over her along with Larissa Johnson. Larissa barks at her sister, telling her to wake the referee. He’s woken up from the kick to the head causing Larissa to make the motion of pick her up.

Larissa Johnson: PICK HER THE HELL UP!

Bridget holds Brittani and lifts her up. Blood’s coming out of Brittani’s head, causing the referee to go for the bell, leading to the fans in La Boom Night club to boo the hell out of Larissa Johnson.

Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner, Larissa Johnson!!

Bimmy Mays: I thought that Brittani chick was winning! What the hell did I miss?

Jamey Caresalle: About half the damn match! That was despicable!

Bimmy Mays: Settle down, Daffy Duck.

The fans are still booing at Larissa and Bridget for their dirty deed, but they are not done. They begin to kick down on Brittani even more, leading to Bridget to take more of her anger out on an already busted open Brittani. Suddenly, the fans are cheering as Mary Ellen Harrison comes out of the back and attacks Bridget Johnson. Brittani, who’s busted open, badly, comes up and PULLS Mary Ellen off Bridget. The both start yelling at each other, causing Larissa to come up and grab both by the hair, but Brittani uses her knowledge and KICKS Larissa right in the face as she goes down.

Bimmy Mays: Hit her with the floppy cock again!

Jamey Caresalle: You’re kidding me, right?

Bimmy Mays: Hey, if it’s two on one and all you got is a dildo wrapped in barbed wire, you use that shit to your advantage! Am I right?

Brittani and Mary Ellen are having a stare down and this COULD get ugly. Mary Ellen tells her that she has a problem with Larissa and Brittani says that this was HER issue, not hers. Mary Ellen keeps on reasoning and Brittani punches her in anger. Mary Ellen does not let that bother her and goes RIGHT after her as both FINALLY throw hands with each other causing the referees to come out of the back. Just then a voice BOOMS at the top ramp.


The fighting stops as Brittani and Mary Ellen are finally pulled apart. The Voice in question? Dora Richardson as she’s not happy.

Dora Richarson: Between the drug accusations, Lowe and Larson accusations, the twitter wars between my roster and this, I’m HIGHLY getting pissed off at these actions as of late!

The fans nod in agreement while the Johnson sisters are mocking Mary Ellen and Brittani.

Dora Richarson: This is NOT what I want my company to be like! I wanted this company to be an alternative place where people can enjoy, not an episode of Degrassi where the drama happens. Also, this is NOT what the investor wanted as well.

The fans are confused with this. The Investor got word?

Dora RicharsonAnd she’s not happy with this at all.

Dora points to the screen and shows a familiar face. It’s Ariel Shadows, causing the fans to become shocked with this. Brittani walks around and says that she does NOT give a fuck about this.
Ariel Shadows: No….not really.

The fans are looking on. Silence is going through La Boom right now with Ariel on screen.

Ariel Shadows: I’m the one who came to these ladies and provided the capital necessary to get this place up and running. I’m the one paying all of you to act like idiots on MY dime. And you all seem to have this big issue with authority. Nothing that any of us say means anything to you. So, I’ve came up with a solution.

Brittani and Mary Ellen have security in between each other with Larissa and Bridget walking around the ring, laughing at both Brittani and Mary Ellen.

Ariel Shadows: Since you two like to jump people one-on-one, you’re gonna be facing Brittani Helms in a tornado tag team match at our next show on October 27th! It’s going to be two on two this time, girls. And Larissa, good luck getting your dad or any of his friends to get you out of this one. It’s going down. You’ll both be competing, and if either of you do anything out of line, I will see to it the only match you wrestle in from now on is on a trampoline.

Larissa freaks out considering that both her and Ariel have history with one another, especially going back to Girl Power Wrestling.

Ariel Shadows: Now, as for YOU. Since you two can’t seem to play nice with others, I’m gonna teach you a lesson in cooperation and teamwork. Brittani, your partner will be none other than the woman standing right next to you...Mary Ellen Harrison!

Brittani and Mary Ellen cock their heads to one another. Blood coming out of Brittani’s head with Mary Ellen staring hard at her. Bridget and Larissa again bust out laughing.

Ariel Shadows: FURTHERMORE! If you two cannot cooperate as a team, and your personal issues interfere with your ability to work together...you’re gone. And I’ll slap a six month no-compete clause in there, meaning you can’t just go work for somebody else who won’t stand up to you. I fully expect you two to put your little beef down and for ALL OF YOU grow up. If you don’t, you will see me again. And it won’t be on a big screen, either.

The fans erupt in cheers. Brittani and Mary Ellen stare down each other hard with Brittani rolling out of the ring. They MUST work together for this match up or their fired.

Ariel Shadows: Thank you...well, carry on!

The fans are cheering with Mary Ellen still in the ring. Jamey and Bimmy are in shock with the announcement.
Jamey Caresalle: And there you have it! Brittani and Mary Ellen WILL be teaming up at Drags to Riches by facing off against The Johnson Sisters!

Bimmy Mays: Ariel’s NOT someone to fuck around with! I know her for years and SHE just laid down…Law and Order…

Bimmy finally gets his hot dog.

Bimmy Mays: Finally you get me this shit! I’m fucking hungry from this show!

Jamey CaresalleFolks, that’s all the time we have for this show! We will see you all again on October 27th, 2019!

We got back in the ring and see Mary Ellen still standing there before heading out to take pics with the fans. What a night Royal Crowd was as the 5BW Logo pops on the screen to end the show.


Note from Staff: WOW! What an amazing show this was! Thank you for everyone for taking part in this and doing your segments. I’m happy that this went down well. I hope everyone is ready for Drags to Riches as well as Law and Order right in the middle. Tune in for some news regarding that. Thank you once again.

Writing team for the Matches:

Battle Royal/Sam vs. Bridget/First blood – Meagan
Mute vs. NYC – Jeremy and Shawn
Thriller vs. Luciana – A Special guest
Hayley vs. Fiona/ Lex vs. Gabe – Owen
Segments done by respective handlers.

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