5BW Presents: Turkey Trot 2020 - November 22nd, 2020 (Tape Delay)

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5BW Presents: Turkey Trot 2020 - November 22nd, 2020 (Tape Delay)

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Voiceover: Tonight is the night where career’s will change….

*shows clips of Ariel Madden and Amber Rockwell*

Voiceover: And Decisions are made….

*shows D-Six, Hayley Fien, Sabrina Baker, Adelaide Ainsworth, and Minka Carter*

Voiceover: Friendships tested

*shows clips of Dakota Mendoza and Hayley Fien*

Voiceover: One will stand strong

*Shows clips of Darian Andrews and Behemoth*

Voiceover: And one will have rage….

*shows Luciana Verdoza*

Voiceover: Tonight, the thanksgiving tradition begins. WHO walks out champion and shows respect

*Shows Clips of Samantha Tolson and Gabe Khane standing face to face with the video fading to black*

Midnight Mover by Accept plays as we are live from LaBoom NightClub! The fans are cheering with them socially from a distance. The cameras go to Jamey Caresalle and Bimmy Mays as the fans are cheering for this.
Jamey Caresalle: Welcome everyone to Turkey Trot! I am Jamey Caresalle alongside Bimmy Mays!
Bimmy Mays:: HI!
Jamey Caresalle:: Tonight is a action packed night! We have all the championships on the line!
Bimmy Mays:: I just hope for the love of god, xS are walking out as tag team champions!!

Jamey Caresalle: Also tonight, we have the FINALS of the Steinbrenner Cup where Ariel Madden and Amber Rockwell will fight it out to make sure who walks out the cup winner!
Bimmy Mays:: My bet is Amber Rockwell winning! She was my bet from the start!!
Jamey Caresalle:: Let’s open the night up with Meagan G standing with the winners of the Graveyard match!


Adelaide Ainsworth, Sabrina Baker, Hayley Fien, Minka Carter and D-Six are on the stage holding their respective color flags. Meagan G is on the stage with the six of them as the fans are looking at what could go down.

Meagan G: All five of you on this stage are winners in your own right. You did not grab the pink flag, unlike Panos Diakos, who was fired because it shows that you want to further your careers.

They all nod in agreement, but Sabrina keeps her eyes on Hayley Fien the most.

Meagan G: Starting with Addy A…..

Adelaide Ainsworth comes up and looks at the flag and then to Meagan.

Meagan G: Let’s see what your flag is….

She smirks at the General Manager and flips her flag over. It reads “FIGHT Championship”

Meagan G: Well Damn, a chance at the Fight Championship! Thoughts?

Addy A: Well, shit. Not tha title I thought it should be, but a title shot's a title shot right? It'll feel get ta get all hot and sweaty with Noris. Do you remember how that feels, Hayley what it's like to touch Noris. Or are ya just used to him playing with every other woman he sees? But ya know Megz, it's just another title I'm addin' to me resume. Game on bitches, right or some cool catchphrase shit like that. I'm outtie like the titties of a breastfeeding' mother.

Addy A walks away ignoring everyone else on the stage as she does

Hayley Fien is seen about to go right after her, but is stopped considering that Addy does have a match and there have been accusations about Noris lately. Meagan looks and shakes her head.

Meagan G: Minka Carter, you are up! Let’s see what your flag has!

Minka looks at the General Manager and opens the flag. It’s a shot at the Freedom Championship

Meagan G: WHOA! A shot at the Freedom Championship!

Minka of course, is quite happy to see the outcome of what her flag ends up being.

[color=##045FB4]Minka Carter:[/color] Now THAT's what I am talking about and I am absolutely thrilled that I have received this. The Freedom Championship is something that I know is held in very high regard in this company no thanks to the fact that Darian Andrews has represented that championship with much class and dignity. I know he’s got a tough challenge tonight against Behemoth and I’m going to be rooting for him, but at the end of the day, I came to 5BW to be one of the best in the world and the best that I can be and winning the Freedom Championship is going to go such a long way toward that. I’m going to give it my absolute best when the time comes… but I want to make this very clear right now. Whether it’s Darian or whether it’s Behemoth, I’m going to come away with that Freedom Championship and really show what I can do! So, needless to say? This is definitely something to be thankful for!

Minka, poised and determined, steps away at this point.

Meagan looks at Minka with a smile on her face. She then turns to D-Six

Meagan G: Now I know you and I have had issues in the past, but tonight is no different.

D-Six looks at his flag and then to Meagan

Meagan G: Let’s see what your flag has!

D-Six unveils to show it’s a shot at the Five Boroughs Wrestling World Championship.

Meagan G: Holy shit! You hit the jackpot!

D-Six hands shoot up, he takes off his mask revealing a wide-eyed shocked face that’s been painted green with a black star, his mouth is agape.

D-Six : I didn't come out here just to run my mouth, I'm here to prove every single thing I say. I’m going to prove how good “Boozy Swizzle” is. After feuding with Noris Cranley and you, Meagan, then being in the graveyard match, I'll be the one getting the shot at the Five Boroughs Wrestling World Championship. It doesn't mean anything compared to the Shooting Star Championship, of course, but I'm going to do it all and you're going to see what the Shooting Star and the Shooting Star Champ are going to accomplish. Then I'm going to have every single thing I want in Five Boroughs Wrestling. As far as this championship match is concerned, I don't give a damn, Beer Giles Katz time has come. When I get my shot, you're looking at the next Five Boroughs Wrestling World Champion. That’s no BS!

D-Six walks out the back with Sabrina Baker coming out and looking at Hayley Fien.

Sabrina Baker: Meagan, you don’t need to reveal mine because it’s for the Tag Team Championships!!

The fans boos as Meagan looks pissed off here while Sabrina looks at Hayley, who has the last flag to be revealed.

Sabrina Baker: That’s right….the TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS that are held by xS, who LOVED to hang out with Luciana. I hope to GOD that they are the tag team champions by the end of the night, but Hayley, since you are holding a flag as well….what do you have?

Hayley looks at Sabrina and flips it over. It reads any championship in Five Boroughs Wrestling…..

Sabrina Baker: Oh goodie! Any Championship! What? Are you finally going to knock some sense into your cheating boyfriend? Are you finally going to end Sam Tolson’s run? Are you going to end Darian’s run? What are you going to do?

Hayley goes to speak, but Sabrina cuts her off.

Sabrina Baker: Oh wait….let me answer that….NOTH-

Hayley cuts her off….

Hayley Fien: You know what? I am sick and tired…….

The fans look at her with Meagan eying the both of them.

Hayley Fien: I am sick and tired of people accusing one person of doing something they did even do and on top of that, coming after me and saying I got arrested, but enough of that! Sabrina, you are right, I can challenge for my boyfriend’s championship, but afterwards, we will have a better match in our “den”.

The fans cheer for this with Meagan trying not to laugh.

Hayley Fien: I can challenge Darian or Samantha because I have respect for the both of them OR I can grab Noris and we can challenge for the Tag Team Championships!

The fans cheer for this as Sabrina gets on the microphone

Sabrina Baker: No you won’t because you are scared of facing off against Luciana! Matter of fact, look behind you!!

Hayley turns around, but Sabrina pushes Hayley right into Meagan G. Sabrina gets on top of her and starts fighting with Hayley Fien, but Hayley fights back. Suddenly, Luciana does come up and THROWS Hayley RIGHT into the stage area. Luciana grabs her hand and SCRAPS it on the stage as the fans are booing. Sabrina looks at her Damned Ones Tag team partner with Hayley in pain. Trainers come out as Meagan G checks and looks pissed off at Luciana and Sabrina.


Jamey Caraselle: Kelli Song has been nothing but a pain in the ass since she’s arrived. It’s like she’s out to piss off as many people as she can!

Bimmy Mays: You know this sounds familiar! I’m going to start calling it the Amber Rockwell effect!

Jamey Caraselle: That’s not a thing to be proud of!

The bell rings and the two women waste little time to go at it meeting in the middle of the ring trading blows. Kelli gets the upper hand hitting Amy with a drop kick. Amy gets back to her feet and Kelli spears her through the ropes both of them hitting the floor outside.

Jamey Caraselle: It didn’t take long for these two to take things outside!

Bimmy Mays: This entire night is going to be brutal matches and we’re only getting started!

Kelli grabs Amy by the hair and drags her to the announce table and slams her face first into it. She tries again and Amy elbows Kelli in the stomach and slams her into the table! Amy walks over grabbing a chair from the time keeper and slams it across Kelli’s back.

Jamey Caraselle: This is all legal!

Bimmy Mays: In a street fight there are no rules! They could fight out into the actual streets if they want!

Amy slides the chair into the ring and Amy is met with the ring bell to the skull by Kelli! Amy is down and may be out. Kelli slides her into the ring before rummaging under the ring.

Jamey Caraselle: You just never know what you’re going to find under any wrestling ring.

Bimmy Mays: Rumor has it you can find the portal to Narnia under there!

Jamey Caraselle: What?!

Kelli throws in a trash can of plunder along with a table before sliding into the ring herself. Amy is on her hands and knees trying to shake out the cobwebs before Kelli walks over and kicks her in the ribs laughing. She grabs the chair and brings it down across her back with a bone shaking crack. Kelli isn’t going for the cover as she nudges Amy with her foot.

Jamey Caraselle: Why isn’t she trying to cover Amy?!

Bimmy Mays: She’s just trying to mess with her! Kelli is here to send a message!

Jamey Caraselle: This may cost her…

Kelli is content continuing the brutality as she pulls out a Handicapped Parking sign from the trash can and nails Amy right between the eyes with it as she stands up. Kelli runs to the ropes and springboards off of them with a beautiful moonsault landing on Amy. However she stands up right away not even trying to cover her.

Kelli Song: This is who you hold in such high regard!?

Kelli laughs slapping Amy across the face clearly not even trying to win at this point.

Jamey Caraselle: I’m telling you she could win this match now if she would just go for the pin.

Bimmy Mays: Winning isn’t everything sometimes Jamey. She’s clearly trying to send a message.

Kelli grabs the garbage can, dumping the contents out before slamming the can across Kelli’s back before dunking the can over her head, laying her down. Kelli goes to the top rope and takes flight slamming down across the trash can with a huge splash crushing the entire can completely along with Amy in it.

Jamey Caraselle: Unbelievable! From the very beginning Kelli has dominated Amy through this entire match!

Bimmy Mays: The problem is you just can’t count Amy Harrison out! Time and time again she has proven to be tough as nails.

Kelli walks over pulling a pad off one of the turnbuckles as Amy manages to crawl out of the wreckage. Kelli walks over and is met with a punch to the stomach. Kelli stomps on Amy’s hand before slapping her across the face again!

Jamey Caraselle: This is just disrespectful!

Bimmy Mays: It’s the Amber Rockwell effect I tell you!

Jamey Caraselle: Will you stop calling it that?!

Kelli grabs Amy pulling her to her feet before whipping her right into the exposed turnbuckle. Amy screams out in pain falling to her knees. Kelli laughs almost like she’s a kid in a candy store at this point.

Jamey Caraselle: This is getting hard to watch... Can we even really call this a match at this point?

Bimmy Mays: That’s the risk you take stepping into the ring.

Kelli storms over grabbing a kendo stick and winds up before slamming it across Amy’s back. Again and again and again she beats Amy almost like a pinata. Amy is writhing in agony as Kelli hoists her up and starts to choke Amy with the kendo stick.

Jamey Caraselle: This may be it. Amy may go out here.

Bimmy Mays: This has been utter domination by Kelli Song…

Amy appears to be fading fast before suddenly with a burst of energy rushes backwards slamming Kelli into the exposed turnbuckle! Kelli is stunned letting go of Amy. Amy with a few punches trying to get some offense before Kelli swings and nails her right between the eyes with the stick!

Bimmy Mays: Jesus Christ! That may be the hardest shot I’ve ever seen Amy Harrison take!

Jamey Caraselle: Right when it looked like the tides could turn!

Kelli Song grabs the table setting it up as the camera zooms in showing the cut now on the forehead of Amy Harrison.

Bimmy Mays: And now Amy is bleeding…

Jamey Caraselle: That woman has shed so much blood in this sport.

With things looking bad as it is Kelli struts around the ring taking a bow as the fans boo loudly.

Jamey Caraselle: And again she won’t go for the pin! Unbelievable!

Bimmy Mays: We’re getting the message loud and clear.

Kelli grabs Amy picking her up before bringing her to the corner. She scoops Amy up and hangs her upside down in the tree of woe. Kelli grabs the chair and sets it in front of Amy’s face. She runs to the opposite corner before with a sprint of speed charges and baseball slides the chair into Amy’s face. The fans groan in pain as Amy just hangs there like a helpless corpse at this point.

Kelli Song: THAT’S RIGHT!!!!

Kelli grabs the kendo stick and slams it right into Kelli’s stomach before she falls off the ropes in a heap.

Jamey Caraselle: Enough!!!! Just cover her god damnit! Cover her or someone stop the match!!!

Jamey’s cries fall on deaf ears as Kelli continues her diabolical attack slamming the kendo stick across Amy’s shoulder. She slams the stick down before she grabs the table and drags it to the center of the ring. She grabs Amy and lays her across the table before climbing to the top rope.

Jamey Caraselle: Surely this has got to be it. Put an end to this mauling!

Bimmy Mays: Wait who is that?!

Bimmy says as suddenly none other than Sarah McCarthy comes walking down the ramp. Kelli immediately takes notice of her and begins talking trash.

Jamey Caraselle: What is Sarah McCarthy doing out here?!

Bimmy Mays: I think she’s seen enough of this!

Right as it seems like Sarah is about to get into the ring Kelli lets out a scream of pain as the loud crack of the kendo stick is slammed across her back from Amy.

Jamey Caraselle: Out of nowhere!!!!

Bimmy Mays: Never turn your back on Amy Harrison!!!

Amy grabs Kelli and drags her off the top rope with a crucifix powerbomb through the table as the fans erupt. She drapes her body over Kelli’s for the cover… 1...2...3!!!

Amy Harrison rolls out of the ring with Kelli looking pissed off. Sarah walks to the back with Amy Harrison causing Kelli to bitch that she was screwed yet again!


Backstage, we see Sarah McC walking through the halls, and not in the best of moods. She stops, takes a deep breath, before addressing the camera.

[color=FF99EE]Sarah McC:[/color] Kelli, I know why you’re here. The only reason why you’re here is because of me. You still think you have a chance to win this grudge that ended five years ago!

[color=FF99EE]Sarah McC:[/color] You want to try going after my friends, my students, even my family, just so you can try to send a message to me by saying you think you still can be better than me.

[color=FF99EE]Sarah McC:[/color] All you’re doing here is coming off as desperate. Desperate to hold onto any shred of belief that after all this time, you still are better than me.

[color=FF99EE]Sarah McC:[/color] The fact that you had to come back and try to open up old wounds for your own personal benefit just shows what kind of person you are.

[color=FF99EE]Sarah McC:[/color] Well, I’m not going to take it anymore! You want a piece of me? At Winter Wonderland, we settle this once and for all.

[color=FF99EE]Sarah McC:[/color] If you’re so sure that you’re better than me, and that I’m beneath you, then prove it!

Sarah is not happy with this and walks away, obviously she wants this to end.

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“What the Hell” by Avril Lavigne hits and the fans let out some boos as Morgan and Cordelia Clark begin to make their way to the ring. They, of course, don’t care what the little people think as they waste no time getting to the ring, sliding in and keeping their focus on the match to come.

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a tables, ladders and chairs match and it is for the 5BW Tag Team Championships! Introducing first… Morgan and Cordelia… the VALEDICTORIANS OF VIRTUE!

Jamey Caresalle: The events of Fright Night have set up this very match here and you can already tell that Morgan and Cordelia are ready to claim what they feel is their destiny!

Bimmy Mays: While I like these two ladies, this TLC match is out of their element. They pride themselves on being purer, more technical wrestlers. Are they going to be able to step up and make the adjustment? That’s what I am curious to see.

“Cool Kids” by Echosmith hits and the fans let out a cheer as Tessa and Katie begin to make their way down the ramp. Tessa of course, is full of energy while Katie is more reserved and nervous as she trails behind her partner. This behavior continues through their entrance as Tessa greets the crowd while Katie lies in wait in the corner staring right at the Valedictorians.

Taylor Hudson: Next at a combined weight of 260 pounds… Katie Powell and Tessa Whitmoyer… THE COOL KIDS

Jamey Caresalle: Without question, the Cool Kids come into this with the odds stacked against them especially when you consider that at Fright Night, BOTH members were the ones that took the falls in the triple threats.

Bimmy Mays: Exactly and in my honest opinion, that alone should have disqualified them from being part of this match. But, here we are and at long last, the Cool Kids are going to be exposed as the real pretenders that they are!

“Ready to Go” by Republica hits and the fans boo as Zara Grimm and Kailey Queen walk out, raising their tag team championships in the air to draw further heat from the audience. They maintain this collective confidence as they get inside the ring and show no fear at all of their opponents.

Taylor Hudson: And finally, the 5BW Tag Team Champions… Kailey Queen and Zara Grimm…. XS!!!!!

Jamey Caresalle: The tag team champions have to be feeling incredibly good right about now considering that they got the sweep at Fright Night… even if their methods were a bit questionable.

Bimmy Mays: I don’t care HOW they did it because what counts is the fact that they DID do it. They’ve got all the momentum in the world following those two triple threat matches and I know for a fact that they’re going to do whatever it takes to remain 5BW tag team champions.

Jamey Caresalle: We’re about to begin a huge match here as the tag team championships are on the line in a tables, ladders and chairs match. There isn’t any love lost between any of these teams, there’s no doubt about that, especially with what happened back at Fright Night.

Bimmy Mays: This is going to be one explosive match, I know that for a fact. And I can already tell you that the Cool Kids are going to be in over their heads with this one especially against two tough teams.

Jamey Caresalle: I’m not even sure if I should even bother asking you about your prediction for this thing.

Bimmy Mays: When in doubt, you have to go with the champs. That’s the general rule. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Valedictorians and all, but at the end of the day, I think xS is more willing to take things to an extreme level than all things considered. But hey, I could be proven wrong. Let’s find out right now...

The bell rings and right away the Valedictorians pounce on Tessa and while they’re doing that, the tag team champions mob Katie. Both fights are pressed into opposite corners as they make it clear that there is no love lost for the Cool Kids. Cordelia and Morgan take down Tessa with a double vertical suplex while xS takes down Katie with a double flapjack. The fans aren’t happy with this as the Valedictorians kick at Tessa until she falls out of the ring under the bottom rope. In the meantime, Kailey gets Katie up and the pair give a double clothesline to Katie, sending her out of the ring. The remaining two teams back up until their backs collide. They turn around and there’s a staredown before a fist fight ensues. Cordelia is fighting with Zara and Morgan is fighting with Kailey. Morgan gets the advantage over Kailey with a headbutt followed by a DDT. However, Zara rakes the eyes of Cordelia and then grabs her and takes her down with a belly to belly suplex. Morgan then jumps Zara trying to get some revenge for her sister and while she’s able to pummel Zara back into the corner, Kailey recovers and jumps in, keeping Morgan double teamed in the corner. They manage to pull Morgan out of the corner and when they get her up, they take her down with a hard double flapjack. The fans are booing the fact that the tag team champions are dominating early on!

Jamey Caresalle: These fans may not like it, but it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that the tag team champions are in complete control here in the early going.

Bimmy Mays: They’ve got more experience in this type of situation than the other two teams put together. Of course they’re going to get ahead. They’ve also worked together the longest out of all the teams, I’m sure of that fact. It’s still early though and it’s not like either team is down for the count… well maybe the Cool Kids are… HA!

Jamey Caresalle: You really don’t like them at all. The way I see it, even though xS is on top right now, this is anyone’s game. This match is far from over! All it takes sometimes is one quick move to turn things around for either team and this match can change in a snap!

xS looks like they are going to jump and pound on Morgan some more when Katie Powell returns to the ring with a steel chair in hand, immediately smacking it across the spine of Kailey! She goes down and then Katie grunts as she stabs Zara in the gut with the chair. Katie puts the chair down on the mat and Katie drives Zara’s face into the chair with a DDT! Katie kicks Zara out of the ring and then when Kailey tries to jump her, Katie delivers an elbow to the gut to regain control. Tessa comes back into the picture as she slides a chair into the ring herself. Katie places the chairs next to each other as Tessa climbs to the top rope. Katie lifts up Kailey in an electric chair position and then Tessa dives off the top rope trying to senton Kailey, but Kailey catches her at the last moment. Still, Katie delivers an electric chair drop in conjunction with Tessa’s senton and Kailey ends up going into two chairs at once, with the impact being felt right between the shoulders! The fans explode for this as the chairs become broken. The Cool Kids split from the ring as they notice Zara stirring. Katie applies a sleeper on Zara, instructing Tessa to get a table. Tessa looks under the ring and finds a table… a kiddie tea party table… much to Katie’s disappointment. Katie whips Zara into the steel steps to keep xS at bay…

Bimmy Mays: Of course Tessa pulls out a kiddie table… and the Cool Kids are actually in control of this match. I pray to God this isn’t a sign of things to come.

Jamey Caresalle: I did mention that all it takes was one move for things to turn around for someone and they clearly have for the Cool Kids here. Kailey took a vicious move through those chairs and I’m surprised that there doesn’t appear to be any blood running down her face, somehow. How long can they maintain this control?

Bimmy Mays: Hopefully not very long. This is too hard to watch right now! Poor Kailey! She deserves better than to have her beautiful face eat those chairs!

...meanwhile, the Valedictorians are using the ropes to pull themselves up. Katie pummels Zara for a little bit as Tessa pulls out a ladder from under the ring, sliding it in. However, both Valedictorians run in and deliver a double baseball slide sending the ladder right into her face. This catches the attention of Katie who leaves Zara alone and goes back inside the ring. Cordelia and Morgan then pounce on Katie before dragging her up to a vertical base. They then pick her up and give her a double flapjack right into the ladder. Cordelia drags the ladder away while Morgan watches Tessa roll back in the ring. Cordelia sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring and Morgan drags Tessa up to her feet. Morgan knees her in the gut and drops her with a jawbreaker. Cordelia begins to climb the ladder, but Kailey is recovering as well and sees Cordelia make the climb. Morgan sees Kailey and she tries to stop her, but Kailey decks her in the face and throws her down right into the mat. Kailey begins to climb up the other side of the ladder doing everything that it takes to catch up with Cordelia. Cordelia notices Kailey climbing up with her but neither notices that Tessa is right behind Cordelia. Tessa goes underneath her and pries her from the ladder, much to her dismay, then flattens Cordelia in the center of the ring with an electric chair facebuster into the mat!
Jamey Caresalle: It doesn’t appear that the Cool Kids are going away anytime soon!

Bimmy Mays: I don’t like where this is going, but it is evening up a bit. xS is very much in the game right now. I’m surprised Tessa even knows the difference between an electric chair and an electric chair facebuster!

The impact from the move causes the ladder to shake a bit and Kailey stumbles as a result. Tessa starts to climb up the other side. Tessa and Kailey tie at the top and they both begin to exchange punches, but Morgan recovers and shoves the ladder, sending both Tessa and Kailey crashing on the mat. Zara slides in with a chair, but Morgan places her foot on the chair to prevent Zara from moving any further. Morgan stomps Zara in the head and steals the chair. Morgan then stabs Zara in the spine with the chair a few times before tossing it away. Sliding out of the ring, Morgan reaches underneath the ring and takes out a table, sliding it back in. Cordelia slowly stands up as Morgan gets back in and Morgan asks her to help with the table. They set it up, but before anything else can happen, Tessa knocks Morgan down to the mat while Kailey does the same with Cordelia. Morgan and Tessa brawl into the corner while Zara recovers and helps out Kailey. They both knee Cordelia in the gut and then lift her up and give her a double gutwrench powerbomb right through the table! xS drags the ladder back to the center, but before they can do anything else, they notice that Katie is slowly rolling back in. They help her up, but they knee her in the gut as well. They lift her up and focus their sights on the ladder…

Bimmy Mays: Looks like xS is back in control again and all's right with the world. I knew that eventually, their experience was going to shine through. I think the best part right now is that Katie appears to be in a whole host of trouble!

Jamey Caresalle: It really isn’t looking good for Katie right now! It looks like they’re going to seriously injure Katie here. xS at the moment is cleaning house and it appears as they are on their way to retaining the titles the way this thing is going.

...Tessa however, dives in and clips the knee of Zara and xS puts down Katie. Kailey tries to punch at Tessa and Zara joins in, but Katie evens the odds while Morgan sneaks out of the ring. xS and the Cool Kids erupt into a big brawl at this point. Katie takes control of Zara by giving her a DDT into the ladder. Nobody is paying attention to Morgan who just slid a table into the ring. Tessa and Katie then focus on Kailey while Morgan slides another table and a couple of chairs into the ring. Tessa and Katie whip Kailey out of the ring and then they begin to set up the ladder. Once that happens, Morgan slides back in the ring and the Cool Kids climb up the ladder on both sides. Morgan is quick to grab a chair and smack Tessa right in the spine to slow her progress. Morgan is able to do the same thing to Katie. This stalls their progress and then Morgan stabs Katie in the gut, knocking her off the ladder. Morgan puts down the chair and shoves Tessa head first through the ladder, causing her to dangle from her ankles upside down, underneath the ladder. In a fit of rage, Morgan takes the chair and constantly bashes Tessa in the spine almost as if she was swinging at a pinata. Morgan rears back and makes a beeline for Tessa releasing the chair then dropping kicking the chair right into her face!

Jamey Caresalle: I have to give the Valedictorians some credit. There were some doubts as to whether or not they’d take it to the next level. Tessa took quite a bit of damage there and Morgan didn’t give a damn about her well being. She basically trapped her and beat the holy hell out of her!

Bimmy Mays: I love it. Seriously. I love it. Not just because it’s Tessa getting lit up like a Christmas tree, but also I love how Morgan addressed my concerns about the Valedictorians in general. Despite their background, they’re showing me that they are willing to do whatever it takes to become the tag team champions.

Jamey Caresalle: Is this unrealized aggression from Morgan and perhaps Cordelia as well be enough to win the tag team championships for the Valedictorians? We’ll have to wait and see, but it’s really looking good for them right now.

Morgan climbs up the other side of the ladder. She’s about halfway there when Kailey slides back into the ring. Morgan gets up just a little bit higher but Kailey bends down, grabs the bottom of the ladder and then flips it over! The result is the ladder crashing into the mat with Morgan bouncing off the ladder and Tessa getting sandwiched in between! Kailey grabs one of the tables and sets it up near the corner before she kicks the other table out of the ring. Cordelia then comes in and clubs her from behind. Kailey goes down and Cordelia grabs one of the chairs. Kailey gets up and Cordelia throws the chair at her face. Kailey makes the catch, but Cordelia runs up and nails Kailey with a double knee facebreaker, driving the chair right into her face. Cordelia rolls away and holds her knees in pain and while all of this is going on, Zara has set up the table on the outside, in the same corner as the inner table. Zara slides in with Cordelia in her sights, but Katie Powell comes back in and clotheslines Zara right into the mat. She fires some punches at her in rapid succession and before long, Cordelia is joining in and they both pick up Zara from the mat. They drag her to the ladder and they then proceed to pick her up and throw her stomach first into that ladder, causing her to clutch her chest in pain…

Cordelia then clotheslines Katie straight to the mat, following up with some stomps and some kicks. Tessa is still knocked out while Morgan is starting to recover. Cordelia grabs Katie and whips her straight into a superkick by Morgan. Cordelia keeps things focused by having Katie trapped in a headscissors chokehold. Unknown to everyone, Kailey had exited the ring and just got back in with lighter fluid. She’s able to pour it on the table but before anything else can happen, Morgan clubs her in the face with a running forearm. The lighter fluid is out of the ring and Morgan drags Kailey back to the center. Kailey delivers an elbow to fight back and Cordelia breaks the hold on Katie and jumps Kailey. Cordelia shoves Kailey into the rope's throat first and she and Morgan get Katie up. They carry her to the corner where the table is situated and they both place Katie on the top of the turnbuckle. Morgan pulls the table out a bit as Cordelia climbs to the second rope, Katie begins to fight back.. Kailey comes in from behind and drags Morgan away, lifting her up and nailing her with a side suplex into the ladder. Kailey climbs to the second rope with Cordelia and they double team Katie. Zara then swoops back in and lights up a match she brought with her, setting the table on fire! Katie headbutts Cordelia at the last moment and elbows Kailey in the face, delaying them both…

Jamey Caresalle: This is bad folks! This is really, really bad! That table is on fire and some well beings are at risk here. You just know that at least one, if not all three of these ladies are about to go through the table.


Jamey Caresalle: I know you love xS and everything, but come on!

Bimmy Mays: I don’t want the Cool Kids to win this match damn it! Anyone but them! I just want the other two teams to put them away! I don’t know how Katie is even withstanding this. All I know is that this is bad for all three of them right now with the flaming table below.

...Katie has both of her adversaries by the throat and she’s enraged! They struggle to breathe for a few seconds and then KATIE SHOVES BOTH OF THEM RIGHT THROUGH THE FLAMING TABLE! Zara knees a crawling Morgan right in the head and then she makes a beeline for Katie who is now standing on the ring apron. Katie decks Zara in the head then grabs her around the head. She drags her up and then she leaps AND GIVES HER A VERTICAL SUPLEX SENDING THEM BOTH CRASHING INTO THE OTHER TABLE BELOW! Everyone is down… except for Tessa… who sees Cordelia and Kailey knocked out in the table debris. Seeing the opportunity, she slides in and covers them both… with some of the crowd chanting the count, but when the other half of the crowd tell her to climb, Tessa ‘gets it’ and walks to the ladder. She sets it up and looks at the titles, entranced by how shiny they are, before she makes the climb up. The crowd is getting louder and louder as she makes the climb and when she gets to the top, she looks around. Nobody else is moving. Tessa tries to pull the titles right off the hook to no avail and then she unstraps one of the championships. Cordelia, xS and Katie show no signs of movement at all, but when Morgan starts to stir below, which causes Tessa to panic and quickly unstrap the other title sending the crowd into a frenzy

Taylor Hudson: Here are your winners and the NEW 5BW Tag Team Champions… THE COOL KIDS!!!!!

Jamey Caresalle: This has got to be considered one of the most pleasant, unreal surprises in 5BW history! Through it all, the Cool Kids survived to become the NEW tag team champions!!!!

Bimmy Mays: NO!!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!! THIS IS A FLUKE GOD DAMN IT! THIS ONLY HAPPENED BECAUSE THE OTHER TWO TEAMS TOOK EACH OTHER OUT! Tessa was the only one of the six that didn’t go through a table at the end because she was knocked out for so long! How can the DUMBEST of the six actually win the match? SHE THOUGHT THERE HAD TO BE A THREE COUNT IN THE LADDER MATCH DAMN IT!

Jamey Caresalle: You can try to make excuses for the other two teams, but this isn’t going to change the outcome. At the end of the day, Tessa won the match for her team by letter of the rule and you can’t take that away from the Cool Kids.

Bimmy Mays: I guess sometimes it’s just better to be lucky than good…

Tessa takes both championships, leaves the ring and walks over to Katie, helping her up as she drags her out of the rubble of the table that she was in. They both back up the ramp, hearing some cheers from the audience as both xS and the Valedictorians begin to come to. Kailey and Cordelia are the first to get up and they both see the sight of the Cool Kids with the tag team championships. Kailey immediately screams “IT’S YOUR FAULT!” at Cordelia and pushes her into the ropes, pissing her off. Cordelia shoves Kailey down to the mat without saying a word.

Jamey Caresalle: Oh no… this is not good! Kailey blamed Cordelia for what just happened!

Kailey gets up and is about to slap Cordelia, but Morgan comes from behind and blocks the slap. Kailey again screams “IT’S YOUR FAULT” at both of them, but Morgan says “NO! It’s YOURS!” This creates a back and forth argument and when the Valedictorians realize they have an advantage, they lunge toward Kailey, but Zara trips up Kailey and drags her out of the ring. xS backs up as both teams continue to verbally shout at one another and blame each other for what just happened.

Bimmy Mays: It appears both teams are blaming the other for this outcome. I hate to see this! I really do. Neither team has really gotten along very well...

Jamey Caresalle: They can blame each other all they want… but ultimately… it won’t change the outcome. The Cool Kids are the NEW 5BW Tag Team Champions!

Bimmy Mays: It makes me sick…

Winter Wonderland
December 20th, 2020
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Night of the Ravens by Leaves’ Eyes kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. A white and black circle is going around the stage with Mary Ellen Harrison coming out of the back. As she walks to the ring, she appears to be quite ready and focused for the challenge that is coming for her.

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a two out of three falls match and it is for the 5BW FIGHT Championship! Introducing first, the challenger, from Belfast Northern Ireland… MARY ELLEN HARRISON!!!!

Jamey Caresalle: Up next is our two out of three falls match for the 5BW FIGHT Championship and folks, if you are a big fan of technical wrestling, you’re going to enjoy this one as two of the best in that department go head to head! Mary Ellen Harrison is looking to take that next step up to be considered one of the best we have to offer.

Bimmy Mays: Mary Ellen definitely has her work cut out for her, but she’s very much capable. Still, we are talking about someone who’s been the hardest FIGHT Champion to topple so far.

“Unstoppable” by The Score hits and the fans erupt with cheers as Noris Cranley comes out with the FIGHT Championship around his waist. He looks as determined and as focused as usual as he makes his way to the ring.

Taylor Hudson: And her opponent, from Miami, Florida, he is the 5BW FIGHT Champion… NORIS CROWLEY!

Jamey Caresalle: There’s no question in anyone’s mind that Noris Cranley is a focused and fighting champion. In a match with someone more his speed, will he be able to overcome the challenge?

Bimmy Mays: This match is a toss up for me. Noris is the slight favorite, there’s no denying that. But, if he overlooks Mary Ellen, he could be in a lot of trouble

The bell rings and both Noris and Mary Ellen circle each other before Mary Ellen tries a spinning heel kick that Noris ducks underneath. She comes back toward Noris, and Noris grabs her and plants her into the mat with a belly to belly suplex! He’s quick to apply a side headlock onto the mat, but Mary Ellen is able to reach out with her leg and drape her ankle across the bottom rope leading to Noris immediately breaking the hold. Still, the FIGHT Champion stands up and drags his challenger away, pulling her up and keeping a hold of one of her wrists. He doubles her over and connects with a Fisherman’s suplex near the center of the ring, choosing not to stay on her for the fall. Noris gets up and waits for Mary Ellen to do the same. Once she does so, he knees her in the gut, before lifting her up and nailing her with a gutwrench suplex. Mary Ellen flails into the ropes coming off of the mat and she seems a bit dazed as she uses the ropes to pull herself up. She staggers toward Noris who is right there patiently waiting for her with another knee to the gut followed up by an axe kick. Mary Ellen is face down on the mat and the FIGHT Champion is looking quite confident as he turns her over and goes for the pin, hooking the leg in doing so…

1…. 2… Mary Ellen kicks out!

Jamey Caresalle: It’s definitely still early, but right now, the FIGHT Champion is the one with the advantage. He used his strength to overpower her.

Bimmy Mays: He’s doing the right thing against someone that just may be quicker than her. He’s got to stay on her and not take an eye off of her if he wants to retain the title tonight.

Noris isn’t fazed by Mary Ellen kicking out and he stands back and measures her. Mary Ellen gets to her knees and Noris attempts a shining wizard, but she’s able to dodge it at the last second. Noris turns back around and Mary Ellen gives him a roundhouse kick to the gut to make him double over. Mary Ellen follows up with a snapmare to take him down to the mat. She takes a moment to catch her break and to figure out her next move and then she stands up and waits for him to do the same. Noris gets to a knee, but Mary Ellen nails him with a buzzsaw kick to the back of the head causing him to fall face down on the mat. Mary Ellen grabs Noris by the head and drags him up to whip him into the corner. Noris hangs onto the corner, but then Mary Ellen runs up and dropkicks him into the top turnbuckle. Noris stumbles backward right in Mary Ellen’s direction and she turns him around and knees him in the gut. Once he’s doubled over Mary Ellen brings him back down to the mat with a spinning facebuster. The challenger catches her breath as she looks at Noris, who looks worse for wear as he’s face down on the mat. She slides over to him, turns him over, and then hooks the leg for a cover on the 5BW FIGHT Champion…

1…. 2…. Noris is able to kick out!

Jamey Caresalle: Excellent counter offense there by the challenger! It’s clear that she’s not backing down!

Bimmy Mays: I am not denying that she came to play tonight. This just may be her night considering she’s fallen short multiple times to take the next step.

Mary Ellen remains intensely focused as she stands up. She has the presence of mind to go to the top rope and she waits for Noris to stand up. Once Noris faces her, Mary Ellen leaps off of the top rope and flips into a senton that knocks Noris down into the mat. The momentum from the move allows Mary Ellen to get up quickly. Noris is slowly getting up, but Mary Ellen doesn’t let him get past his knees as she runs in and decks him in the side of the head with a running enziguri. Noris drops face down and Mary Ellen turns him over to hook the leg for another cover…

1… 2…. Noris kicks out again!

Jamey Caresalle: Mary Ellen continuing to stay on top of things with her strikes here!

Again, Mary Ellen isn’t deterred by Noris’s kickout. She stands up, dragging Noris up with her. She’s able to follow up with a springboard bulldog that again takes him face down on the mat. Mary Ellen briefly considers a cover, but instead, she decides to stand up and wait for Noris to do the same. Noris slowly gets to his knees and Mary Ellen grabs him around the throat and drags him up into position. Mary Ellen goes for the Raven’s Lock, but at the last second, Noris is able to reverse the move, turn toward her and then roll her up into a surprising inside cradle that Mary Ellen wasn’t prepared for.

1….. 2….. 3!!!!!

Taylor Hudson: The winner of the first fall… the 5BW FIGHT Champion, NORIS CRANLEY!!!

Jamey Caresalle: Wow! What a great counter by Noris! Mary Ellen looked like she had the first fall won, but Noris managed to turn around and take that fall from her!

Bimmy Mays: He’s got a huge advantage now, especially psychologically. The pressure is on Mary Ellen to get this thing tied up as soon as possible.

Noris lets Mary Ellen go and she sits up stunned at what just happened.

Bimmy Mays: She knows that pressure is on her too! You can see it in her face!

Mary Ellen is able to stand up despite the surprise that just happened to her, but Noris makes sure to take her back down just as quick with a lariat. Noris doesn’t wait for her to stand. Instead, he grabs her, drags her up to a vertical base, picks her up and drops her in the center of the ring with a scoop slam. The FIGHT Champion is certainly showing some increased momentum as he locks in a crucifix armbar on Mary Ellen. Mary Ellen winces in some agony for a moment, but she’s not ready to give up just yet as she tries everything that she can to get to the ropes. It takes her a while, but she’s able to do so as she grabs the bottom rope. Noris breaks the hold, but when he gets up again, he drags Mary Ellen back to the center of the ring. He drags her up to her feet and then connects with a bridging German Suplex that leads right into a pinfall attempt with Mary Ellen’s shoulders pinned to the mat.

1…. 2…. Mary Ellen rolls out the left shoulder then kicks out of the bridge.

Jamey Caresalle: I’ll give Mary Ellen this, she’s at least not giving up yet!

Bimmy Mays: Maybe not, but Noris is still in control right now! Down 1 to 0, Mary Ellen needs to turn this around quickly!

Noris isn’t quite done yet as he drags her back up. He comes off of the ropes with her in his grip and takes her down with the Fallen Angel! Noris wastes no time as he again goes for a cover…

1…. 2…. Mary Ellen manages to kick out in the nick of time!

Jamey Caresalle: That was ALMOST it right there! Noris was that close to a sweep!

Noris stays confident as he responds with a side headlock on Mary Ellen. She struggles to breathe for a bit, especially when Noris drags her up to a vertical base. Mary Ellen tries to elbow her way out of the sleeper hold, but Noris responds by throwing her down to the mat. He stands back and waits for Mary Ellen to get up. She turns over and crawls on the mat before she’s able to stand up on her own devices. Noris sneaks up behind her, grabs her from behind and takes her down with a Russian leg sweep then follows up with a cobra clutch on the mat. Mary Ellen again struggles to breathe, but she’s not giving up just yet as she begins to inch her way to the ropes. She tries to reach out with her hand, but she’s unable to get very far. Instead she kicks and drags her way close to the ropes. She’s able to reach the bottom rope with her foot, placing her ankle on it. Noris, showing some frustration, breaks up the hold, but drags Mary Ellen back to the center of the ring. He sets her up for a powerbomb, even lifting her up, but Mary Ellen fires repeated forearms and punches to try and counter. Noris teeters for a bit and Mary Ellen keeps punching away until she’s able to counter into a senton that takes down Noris straight into the mat for a pinfall attempt….

1….. 2…. Noris kicks out!

Jamey Caresalle: Mary Ellen with a solid counter there! Could this be the opening that she needs to get back in this thing?

Bimmy Mays: She’s still got a long way to go, considering she was on the verge of a sweep just a few seconds ago.

Mary Ellen is quick to stand up and she waits for Noris to do the same. She doesn’t get to wait long, but she drives a knee right into his gut to double him over. Mary Ellen follows up with a double knee armbreaker on the right arm, getting Noris back down to the mat. Mary Ellen is quick to pin his shoulders to the mat.

1…. 2…. Noris rolls out the right shoulder!

Bimmy Mays: Mary Ellen isn’t fooling around! She’s grinding to get this tied up!

Mary Ellen isn’t done quite yet however, as she locks in a cross armbreaker on the injured arm. Noris though, is close enough to the ropes to grab the bottom one with his left hand and Mary Ellen breaks it immediately. She stands up and steps back, waiting for Noris to stand up. He does so and she charges at him. Noris tries to counter with a clothesline but Mary Ellen ducks under it. She comes off the ropes and Noris tries to clothesline her again, but Mary Ellen counters by catching him and countering with an armdrag, sending Noris bouncing off the mat and into the ropes. Noris comes off the ropes, doubled over, and Mary Ellen drops him with another double knee armbreaker in the middle of the ring before quickly following up with a bridging Fujiwara armbar! Noris screams out in pain with nowhere to go. The bridge keeps him locked in the center of the ring and with Noris himself knowing this, he realizes he has no choice but to tap out!

Taylor Hudson: The winner of the second fall, by submission… MARY ELLEN HARRISON!

Jamey Caresalle: WOW! That was an impressive comeback to even the score! Mary Ellen went from being on the verge of being swept to submitting the FIGHT Champion. There aren’t a lot of people that get to say that

Bimmy Mays: That’s got to sting for Noris, but you can understand the logic. That move can snap your arm in half and he’d rather just eat the submission and fight the final fall. It had to be an ego bruiser, but it was the right decision.

Mary Ellen breaks the hold right away and kicks Noris in the right shoulder. She stands back and patiently wants for him to get up. Once he does so, Mary Ellen grabs him and sets him up for the Raven’s Lock, but Noris turns it around, countering it and shoving Mary Ellen right into the corner. Mary Ellen clutches her chest as she comes back toward Noris, who uses his good arm to take Mary Ellen down with an armdrag. She’s able to get up quickly, but Noris is able to take her down just as quickly with a bicycle kick. Noris drops down and makes a quick cover on Mary Ellen.

1…. 2…. Mary Ellen kicks out!

Jamey Caresalle: Noris righting his way back here to once again take control of the match.

Bimmy Mays: He’s not fazed from the tap out moments ago, he’s still fighting it with everything he’s got.

Noris doesn’t appear to be fazed a bit as he stands up and waits for his challenger to do the same. He’s laser focused on her as she gets to a vertical base. Once she does so, Noris winds up picking her up and taking her all the way to the corner in an Alabama slam position. Noris then connects with a hard “Abandoned” into the corner. Mary Ellen hits the mat pretty hard, enabling Noris to drag her back to the center of the ring and go for another cover…

1… 2… Mary Ellen counters with a victory roll pin that surprises the audience.

1….2…. Noris manages to kick out just a half second before the referee could get to 3 and he’s left quite surprised following that unexpected pin.

Jamey Caresalle: Neither champion or challenger is giving an inch here!

Bimmy Mays: They both want this really bad!

Both of them stand up at the same time and Noris fires a right hand. Mary Ellen fires a right hand of her own. The two exchange punches until Mary Ellen counters with a headbutt. Noris is staggering backward, but when he regains his senses he walks right into a spinning heel kick right near the ear by Mary Ellen, knocking him right back down. Noris falls on his back near the corner and then Mary Ellen runs up, bounces off the second rope as she grabs the top rope, lets go of that top rope and connects with a reverse corner slingshot splash. The challenger is feeling quite confident as she climbs up to the top rope. She leaps and goes for a moonsault, but Noris blocks it with his knees at the last second. Mary Ellen rolls away in quite a lot of pain as she clutches her chest. Noris gets up and when he does, he drags Mary Ellen up and to the center of the ring before ultimately planting her with the RESET! Mary Ellen falls face down and Noris is quick to pounce on her, turning her over for the cover…

1….. 2…… KICKOUT!!!!

Jamey Caresalle: WOW! I thought for SURE that was going to be it! Mary Ellen made a big mistake with the moonsault and she ALMOST paid for it!

Bimmy Mays: How much longer can she last though? Even though she kicked out, the RESET still takes plenty out of you!

Noris is in disbelief, but not for long. He gets up, dragging Mary Ellen up with him, places him on his shoulders, carries her near the center and plans her in the middle of the ring with the No Limit Driver! Noris drops down for the cover again…

1…. 2…. 3!!!!

Taylor Hudson: The winner of the third fall, the match, and STILL 5BW Fight Champion… NORIS CRANLEY!!

Jamey Caresalle: Mary Ellen gave it her very best, even kicking out of the RESET, but obviously that took out whatever was left in her and Noris went with the No Limit Driver knowing that she had nothing else left.

Bimmy Mays: This was a battle of attrition, that’s for sure. In the end, Noris just had a little bit more in him to fight on and remain the FIGHT champion.

Noris gets his hand raised and the title gets handed to him. He celebrates for a bit, but he sees Mary Ellen barely start to stir. Noris walks over to her and grabs her by the wrist, pulling her up and into what winds up being a handshake. Mary Ellen of course, returns it in kind and she congratulates him before leaving the ring!

Jamey Caresalle: You definitely have to appreciate the great sportsmanship there between the two! What a match that was!

Noris is left to celebrate, however, he doesn’t celebrate for long. He’s right back to having that intense look in his eyes when he sees Adelaide Ainsworth standing on the stage with the flag that she revealed earlier.

Bimmy Mays: Oh boy! There’s Addy sending a little bit of a message to Noris that she’s got that flag to challenge for his title!

Jamey Caresalle: We’ll see when this clash is going to happen, but what we know is that there will be no love lost here!

Bimmy Mays: I have a feeling that their match is going to be more of a knockout, drag down variety…

Noris and Adelaide continue to stare each other down as the broadcast cuts backstage.


Inside Long Beach Speed Shop Christy is busy working on her latest creation, she turns to acknowledge the camera.

Christy Winters: Hey, I didn’t see you there.

Christy lays down her wrench and wipes her hands then stands up.

Christy Winters: I'm glad you're here, I have some things I need to get off my rather ample chest. First after reviewing the match with Amber Rockwell, I noticed the referee look away as Ms. Rockwell took liberties with me towards the end of the match. I will be filling an official motion to have that referee banned from officiating my future matches. Two I hope Amber and Ariel beat each other to fucking death.

Christy takes a long sip of water.

Christy Winters: Third, the match at Turkey Trot, from what I’ve seen of you Adelaide you seem like a tough chick despite your losing ways, you’ve been real close a few times, so keep that chin up, so I can knock it off at Turkey Trot. Adelaide I actually question 5BW managements choice of a stipulation for our match, I mean it should be painfully obvious to anyone that anyone who builds motorcycles for a living would be well adversed at using a biker chain, which I am, and believe me Adelaide, I use it to carve you up like a Thanksgiving Turkey. Adelaide this isn’t personal between us, it's just business, but with that being said at Turkey Trot, in Queens, I'm coming to beat your ass.

Christy waves to someone who has entered the shop.

Christy Winters: Adelaide, I guess the next time you see me we’ll be standing across from each other in Queens, see ya there.



The show cuts backstage to the Valedictorians locker room and Morgan Clark is fuming pissed. She finds herself alone for the moment, clearly bitter and unhappy with the way the tag team title match from earlier went. She goes deeper into the locker room and finds Cordelia looking at a replay from the match and she’s deeply frustrated.

Cordelia Clark: I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. THEM? Of ALL the people in that match that could’ve possibly went up and grabbed the titles, it had to be HER? This tag team division is so screwed now. I can’t help but feel robbed. I just don’t understand what the hell happened. We’re SO much better than them, but we’re having THIS much trouble beating them? I know we had it sis! Tell me that I’m not crazy!

Morgan Clark: You’re not wrong, Cordy. I want to show you something…

The two watch the match a little bit more and then they get to the part where they were both double teaming Katie in the corner, setting up for a double suplex through the table.

Morgan Clark: It’s quite amusing how xS wants to blame the US for the tag team title match going the way it did. But the fact of the matter is, we DID have it! It’s really simple! We suplex Katie through that table. One of us goes up to get the belts, the other takes a chair and decks whoever tries to interfere. That’s what we had in mind. But, that didn’t happen that way. There’s Kailey getting involved and taking ME out of the equation! That caused you to stall things a bit and you went with it… which great… but that gave Katie all sorts of time…

The Valedictorians bitterly watch the sequence that follows, including the part where Zara comes in and sets the table on fire.

Morgan Clark: There’s Zara getting involved, like the ingrate that she is, lighting the table on fire and then taking me out of the equation.

Their anger continues as they watch Katie shove both Kailey and Cordelia through the flaming table, then Zara goes in and suplexing both herself and Katie through the table waiting on the outside.

Morgan Clark: Next thing we all know, we’re all knocked out except for Tessa who just HAPPENS to avoid all of that. The Cool Kids winning the tag team championships is nothing but a total fluke and incredibly fortunate happenstance. I know that had we succeeded in putting Katie through that table, we would’ve put xS away as well and we’d be the tag team champions.

Cordelia Clark: Yet… they want to blame US for that? We’re the ones that had everything set up! They’re the ones that chose to mess with our plans! And what in the world was Zara thinking when she decided to set the table on fire?

Morgan Clark: It’s called desperation, Cordy! I’ll tell you what happened. They were worried about us! They knew that we were about to win. So, they did what they had to do to screw us both over. They’re the reasons why a team like THEM are the tag team champions. Is it our fault that Zara set the table on fire? Is it our fault that Zara took out Katie and herself instead of just Katie? No… and no! I know for a fact that xS is the pure and simple reason that we’re not the tag team champions and they can spin it any way they want to, but they have themselves to blame and themselves alone.

Cordelia Clark: I’m getting fed up with all this… that’s for sure! When I started doing this, going through a flaming table was not what I had in mind. I didn’t come to 5BW so both of us could be massive failures just like that horrible cousin of ours who destroyed our family’s reputation being the piece of trash that she is! This is NOT what I had in mind when we came here!

Morgan Clark: Cordy… don’t worry. I assure you, we’re not her. We could never be her. We’ll get xS back for this… and when we do… we’re going to claim what rightfully belongs to us!

Morgan and Cordelia bitterly glare at the image of Tessa Whitmoyer grabbing the tag team championships. It’s clear that they are not going to forget any of this any time soon as the scene cuts out.



“Savage” by Jessar War plays over the PA system as Addy A comes to the ring.

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a biker chain match! Introducing first, from Las Vegas, Nevada… Adelaide Ainsworth!!!!

Jamey Caresalle: Addy A is looking to really get going again! The flag match earlier in the night should definitely help as we know now that she’s going to have a shot at the FIGHT Championship!

Bimmy Mays: I would hope that losing to Brett Elliott in the Steinbrenner Cup didn’t affect her in any way. Sure, she’s got a shot at the FIGHT Championship… but I really don’t want to imagine her losing to Christy Winters here. Talk about a momentum killer if that happens!

"Born to Raise Hell" by Motorhead blares over the PA system as Winters comes to the ring.

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent from Long Beach, California… Christy Winters!!!!

Jamey Caresalle: Christy Winters is coming off a cruel loss in the Steinbrenner Cup in which many people believe that Amber Rockwell basically stole that match from her. This type of match does work to her advantage, especially against someone like Addy who could use some momentum.

Bimmy Mays: But you’ve got to figure that Christy has to be reeling. There’s a part of her that definitely feels that she should be the one in the finals facing Ariel Madden tonight. But, she does have a reason to be motivated. A win here could get her in FIGHT title contention herself once again.

Addy gets into Winters face and tries for her three kick combo, getting off the first two kicks. Winters responds with two southpaw punches to the jaw. Winters hits a two kick combo of her own, goes for the third kick but Addy grabs the boot and spins Winters around. Winters spins around again and takes down Addy with a clothesline! Addy gets up and crouches in a corner, trying to regain her composure. The two women lock up and Addy backs Winters into the corner. Addy hits a chop to the chest, a right hand to the jaw, a chop to the chest. Addy performs an Irish Whip sending Winters into the opposite corner, Addy leaps in the air for a splash but Winters kicks her away by bringing both boots up. Winters tries to put on a sleeper with the chain but Addy drops down and rolls out the ring.

Bimmy Mays: That’s the Addy that we know right there! She was aware of where she was and she got out of dodge before Christy could do any damage with the chain.

Jamey Caresalle: Still, Christy Winters with that chain in her hands is incredibly dangerous, especially in a match like this that definitely favors her.

Winters rolls out but Addy rolls back in. Winters tosses in three steel chairs. Winters tries to get in the ring but Addy hits her with a kick, then three overhead punches to the back and then one to the head. Addy performs an Irish Whip, leaps in the air, Winters catches her with a powerbomb! Winters puts a sleeper on Addy with the chain, pulling at the nose. Winters sets up a chair, performs an Irish Whip, hits a drop toe hold sending Addy face first into the chair.

Bimmy Mays: OUCH! That’s going to hurt!

Wisely, Addy lets her momentum roll her out the ring but Winters puts the chain over the top rope. Winters knees the forehead of Addy twice, the camera revealing that Addy is a bit busted open. Winters uses the chain to whip Addy over the back three times. Winters hits two punches, Addy responds with a punch of her own from the apron, Winters punches Addy punches, a punch by Winters sends Addy off of the apron as the steel chain starts hanging her! Addy rolls into the ring, Winters goes to bash her over the head with a steel chair but Addy ducks, Spinning Heel Kick by Addy sends the chair into the face of Winters! Addy goes top rope, Diving Spinning Heel Kick to Winters!

Jamey Caresalle: Addy was able to get control of this match back after Christy was in control for some time!

Bimmy Mays: She’s got to keep this up! Some key momentum is on the line here!

Winters rolls out the ring. Addy slams Winters face first into the steps. Addy stomps and then sends Winters shoulder first into the barricade. A well placed kick by Addy busts open Winters on the outside. Addy rolls Winters into the ring, Winters props herself on the bottom rope. Addy punches, Addy wraps the chain around her forehead. Headbutt! Headbutt again! Headbutt again! Three more punches. Three more punches. Addy sets up the chair and sends Winters face first into it, once more. Winters comes alive, three punches then a kick, she goes for a DDT! Addy spins out, DDT of her own on the chair!

Bimmy Mays: Nice counter there by Addy! She really wants to punish Christy!

Addy wraps the chain around Christy's throat, tosses over the top rope, and tries to hang her again but does so less successfully. Winters gets on the apron, three punches by Addy, three punches by Winters, Winters pulls the throat of Winters down over the top rope. Couple punches by Winters followed by a clothesline. Kick by Winters sends Addy into the corner, Winters runs off the ropes and hits a clothesline! Irish Whip, corner clothesline, Winters goes for a bulldog but Addy pushes her off. Addy charges from behind but Winters catches her with a mule kick! Winters wraps the chain around Addy's throat. Winters rolls out of the ring, grabs a trash can, rolls back into the ring. Winters bashes the trash can over Addy's head three times. Winter sets up a table, Addy puts Winters on the table, Addy goes top rope, Winters goes top rope and drops Addy with a top rope DDT through a table!! Winters wraps the steel chain around Addy's throat as tightly as possible before throwing her over the top rope. Addy taps out, her face is turning purple!

Taylor Hudson: The winner of this match by submission…. Christy Winters!!!!

Jamey Caresalle: It’s clear as day that Christy was definitely carrying some Steinbrenner Cup anger into this match! She manages to pull through against the FIGHT Championship flag winner in Adelaide Ainsworth after a brutal ending to that match!

Bimmy Mays: That’s a soul crusher for Addy, for sure. That’s a big dent in momentum going into her FIGHT title challenge. As for Christy, I hate to say it, but she really showed up tonight. That’s a big momentum boost for her, especially after what happened to her in the Steinbrenner Cup.


In the back, we see Hayley Fien in the Trainer’s room having her hand wrapped up. The trainer talks with her about what could happen.

Trainer: You need to be careful with your hand in this match up! The bandage could easily come off and you will have blood everywhere in this match up.

Hayley eyes the trainer with a serious look on her face. Noris Cranley, the FIGHT Champion, comes in wearing her official T-shirt from Ewtees.com, and looks at his girlfriend and then to the trainers.

Noris Cranley: What is going on, doc?

Trainer looks at Noris and Hayley with a serious expression on his face.

Trainer: Hayley has a laceration to the hand where the skin is falling off. I put a bandage on, but have to be careful in this match up.

Noris looks pissed off about this, but understands what Hayley needs to do.

Noris Cranley: Babe, do you know what to do? I know during the week, you were not feeling it towards this match.

Hayley looks at her boyfriend with an angry look in her eyes.

Hayley Fien: Luciana did this…..

Noris looks at her, getting worried even more.

Hayley Fien: Luciana caused this…..

The trainer backs up….

Hayley Fien: And now Dakota has to be on the wrath of this….

Noris Cranley: Babe, no she doesn’t, you are getting Luciana in your head!!

Noris is worried for his girlfriend as Hayley looks at him.

Noris Cranley: This is what the damned ones want, and I don’t want ANYTHING happening to you….

Hayley looks at him.

Hayley Fien: I don’t either, but sometimes, you have to stoop low….

Noris looks at Hayley standing up and walks to her match. He’s worried about this and puts his hands on his head. Meagan G walks in the trainer's room and looks at Noris.

Noris Cranley: I’m worried boss. I really am.

Meagan nods and looks at Noris. She puts the cameras out of the trainers room so nothing would be violated medically.


Meagan G’s Final Match (For a limit time)
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Taylor Hudson: The following contest is the Hard Ten Match up! Here are the rules as follows! Each weapon used in a match will equal one point while tables are used for Five Points. Whoever gets to ten first will win the match up! Introducing first….

Angel Eyes by New Years Day kicks in as Hayley Fien comes out of the back and into the Night Club. Her hand is bandaged from the fight before where she was clipped. Hayley shakes it off and looks at the fans, not even acknowledging them because of the pain she is going through in her hand.

Taylor Hudson: From Wildwood, New Jersey, Hayley Fien!!

Jamey Caresalle: This match that is coming up is rather unfair for Hayley and Dakota both. I’m sure that they are both going to give it their best shot but you know there is one entity that is going to be quite amused from this match and that’s the Damned Ones.

Bimmy Mays: Hayley would be considered the favorite since she’s shown more of a willingness to compete in this match. Plus, we can’t forget the Royal Crown and how extreme she got with Luciana Verdoza. We’ve seen it that out of Hayley, but we have never seen that out of Dakota.

The fans are hoping Hayley Fien is OK for this match up. Hayley looks up and still shakes her hand to numb out the pain. Take It Out on Me by Thousand Foot Krutch kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Outcome Dakota Mendoza as she looks at Hayley Fien. She knows that Luciana, Sabrina, and Rachel wanted to see the downfall of their friendship, and it could as well happen.

Taylor Hudson: From Portland, Oregon, Dakota Mendoza!!

Jamey Caresalle: Dakota has been hesitant about this match from the start. She truly doesn’t want to hurt Hayley and she’s hated this entire situation from the get go. Still, coming off losing that Multiversal title match in such a cruel fashion, no thanks to Luciana, this is a good opportunity to bounce back.

Bimmy Mays: And that’s exactly what she needs to focus on! Friendships are NOT magic in this business and she needs to quit being a victim and actually be a wrestler for once. She can only leech off of Luciana for her pathetic sympathy for so long before it gets old!

Dakota looks at her friend and it is obviously that she does not want to do this. Hayley looks the same way. Both are now in the ring circling and staring at each other. The referee makes sure that they are OK to go as Hayley looks at her hand and eyes Dakota Mendoza. The heart is racing with both as they go right after each other with punches into each other’s faces.

Jamey Caresalle: This did not take long to get real!

Bimmy Mays: I hope that Dakota keeps up this fury and doesn’t hold back!

The fans are holding their head because they do not know what to exactly think with Hayley yelling at her and SLAMMING Dakota right on the ground. She eyes her with a deranged look in her eyes because of what is going on and the damage that the Damned Ones are putting them through. She gets on top of her and uses the hand that is injured on her and yells in her face. Dakota pushes her off her and tosses Hayley out of the ring. Hayley lands on the ground while Dakota rolls out of the ring and goes right after Hayley. She runs towards Hayley and tackles her into the table and right into Bimmy and Jamey.

Jamey Caresalle: Well… I guess up close and personal just got a new definition...

Bimmy Mays: You mean these two in this match or literally these two?

The fans are cheering for this with Dakota being the first one up. She grabs Hayley by the blonde hair and smashes her face into the table. You can tell Dakota is hurt with this, but she must do what she must do. Hayley’s face is bleeding from what is going on, but she has a weapon in her hand. Dakota comes over to her, but Hayley hits her right in the gut with a police Bataan, thus giving a point to Hayley Fien. Hayley throws it and picks up Dakota and tosses her back into the ring. Hayley picks her up and throws her into the corner and yells into her face!

Jamey Caresalle: It looks like Hayley is really beginning to lose it again! This is, without question, shades of Royal Crown!

Bimmy Mays: Dakota definitely pissed her off when she busted her open but what she needs to realize is that she HAS to match this intensity because if she doesn’t, Hayley is going to end this match real quick!

Hayley takes a step back as this is a vicious side of her as she goes for a handspring elbow. Dakota sees this and kicks Hayley in the back. Dakota rolls out of the ring and grabs steel chairs and tosses them into the ring as the fans are cheering for this. Hayley is on the ground with Dakota opening one chair and putting Hayley’s hand in it. Dakota pushes her hair back and looks at her, knowing that this is something that Luciana wanted to see. She goes to lift her foot but stops. She picks up the chair and HITS Hayley right in the back with it, gaining a point. She grabs another chair and HITS Hayley in the back again and gains another point. She looks at Hayley, who is holding her back and goes out of the ring and pulls out a table. She goes to walk it in the ring, but Hayley comes out of nowhere with a baseball slide and kicks Dakota right in the face with it. The fans are cheering for this with Hayley picking up Dakota and going for a suplex on the ground.

Jamey Caresalle: These two women are getting VERY intense! Dakota managed to gain TWO points here! I have never seen her act like this in any match in her young, 5BW career!

Bimmy Mays: This is exactly what I wanted to see out of her. But, you have to wonder if all this is going to do is piss Hayley off even more! These fans are eating this up every step of the way and you have to imagine that at this point, the Damned Ones are probably all having a great big laugh in the back.

Hayley goes under the ring and grabs out a baseball bat. She waits for Dakota to get back up and SMASHES her in the gut, making it 2-2, but Dakota takes a quick lead and HITS Hayley right back with the bat. Hayley falls on the ground still holding herself from the pain. Dakota gets back in the ring and sets up the table that she brought in the ring as the fans are cheering for this. Dakota is in the clear path of winning as she is about to win this match up. Dakota grabs Hayley Fien as the fans are cheering for this as she is about to go for the Mendoza buster, but Hayley grabs her and goes for the No Limit Driver, a finisher that she adopted from her boyfriend, Noris Cranley, but it misses the table.

Jamey Caresalle: Shades of Noris Cranley right there! Dakota regained the lead after Hayley tied it up, but she looks like she’s in a whole host of trouble now. How much time did Hayley manage to save herself to get back in this?

Bimmy Mays: Well… she missed the table! That would’ve helped! Still, it’s incredibly entertaining seeing these so-called ‘friends’ kill each other! I never thought I’d see anything like it, but this is great!

Hayley Fien is getting frustrated about this. She wants to prove a point here, but Dakota does not want to give up that quickly. She picks up Dakota again and tries to go for a slam through the table, but Dakota goes for a hurricanrana as the fans are cheering. Dakota picks up her friend and SLAMS her right through a table, making it a five-point lead. Dakota looks at this and notices what she does NOT want to do and that is defeat her friend. The pressure is on for her. Suddenly, the fans start booing as the Damned Ones of Sabrina Baker, Luciana Verdoza and Rachel Faust are coming out of the back as the fans are booing for this. Dakota gets out of the ring and starts fighting with Luciana, but Sabrina catches her and tosses her on the ground as the fans are booing for this. Luciana walks over while Rachel pulls out another table. Hayley sees this and baseball slides Rachel with the table. She runs over to Luciana Verdoza and fights her as the fans are cheering for this, but Sabrina SLAMS Her headfirst.

Jamey Caresalle: Come on! This is ridiculous! You would think that the Damned Ones would have been entertained enough just watching these two beat the hell out of each other but they wanted to get in on the action?

Bimmy Mays: If you think about it, why would the Damned Ones want either woman to look like a winner in any capacity when they can’t stand either of them?
Jamey Caresalle: You make a fair point, but this is too much! They’re completely robbing these fans of an unbelievable match up by even getting involved in this! When is enough enough? When Luciana breaks someone’s hand? Come on!

Bimmy Mays: The Damned Ones are making it very clear what their agenda is, there is no denying that!

Both Hayley and Dakota are both down as Rachel has the table set up. Luciana and Sabrina both drag Dakota to where the table is and pick her up. They place Dakota on the table, but Hayley is in the ring and is on the top rope. She waits for them to turn around as they do. Hayley jumps off with her crossbody, but both Sabrina and Luciana move out of the way, making Hayley CRASH into the table and getting those five points. It’s now 8-7 and the Damned ones have an idea and start tossing in weapons as the fans are holding their heads about this. Rachel picks up both and tosses them in the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: What the hell is on their minds now? Who do they even want to win this match? This is not looking good for either one of them! This is absolutely disgusting!

Bimmy Mays: Chaos! Chaos everywhere!

Hayley is near a stop sign while Dakota is near a barbed wire bat. Both get to their feet and grab the weapons. Once they see the weapons, they stand at a stalemate. Hayley looks at the stop sign and SMASHES it over the head of Dakota and ties the score at eight. She says that she is going to end this in the ring right now and looks at the final weapons she can put her in. Luciana yells at Sabrina and Rachel and waves to set up another table. Back in the ring, Hayley waits for Dakota to get back up as the fans are wondering what is about to happen. Hayley goes for the Ocean Waves, but Dakota backs her up into the corner and lifts her up to put her on the top. She takes a step back, runs and jumps on it, but Hayley sits her down and both trade shots with Dakota grabbing Hayley by the hair and standing her up….


Jamey Caresalle: NO!!!!! How is either one of them going to be the same after that!

Bimmy Mays: HOLY CRAP! Sabrina just screwed them BOTH over!

Jamey Caresalle: What about this match? That’s 5 points each! They were both on the verge of winning before that happened!

Bimmy Mays: Hopefully we find out because man, this is chaos!

What the hell just happened? Hayley and Dakota are both in the table as the referee looks at this and the score hits 13, which is over the limit and right at ten. He goes over to Taylor Hudson and gives her the word about this match up.

Taylor Hudson: Due to Hayley Fien and Dakota Mendoza going through a table, which was five points, the score is 13-13 . Therefore, this match is a DRAW!!

Jamey Caresalle: You’ve got to be kidding me! The Damned Ones have completely ruined this match for Hayley, Dakota and every single person out there that was enjoying this! This was the plan! They wanted neither one to win!

Bimmy Mays: And I don’t think the Damned Ones are done yet...

The fans are booing for this as Luciana’s plan worked. She along with Sabrina Baker and Rachel Faust toss Hayley and Dakota in the ring. They have been through it all just now with more damage as the fans are booing for this. Luciana tells Sabrina to pick up Hayley and then yells to Rachel to pick up Dakota. She looks at both and yells at the two of them. Sabrina tackles Hayley onto the ground where Luciana opens the chair and puts her hand in!
Jamey Caresalle: Oh no… oh god no… she’s not just about to do what I think she’s about to do! No!!!!!

Bimmy Mays: I think it’s about to be payback time!

The fans are booing as Luciana looks to the crowd and STOMPS down on the chair! Hayley screams out in pain as now her hand could be broken.

Jamey Caresalle: THIS IS SICK!!!! There’s NO place in 5BW for that!!!

Bimmy Mays: Funny! You didn’t say that when Hayley did the same thing to Luciana!

Luciana does not stop at all and keeps attacking the injured hand until Noris Cranley comes out of the back as the fans are cheering for this, but the Damned Ones rolls out of the ring. Hayley is seething in pain with Noris checking on his girlfriend. Dakota has rage in her eyes now after everything that just happened.

Jamey Caresalle: Hayley’s hand has to be broken after that! What Luciana just did is absolutely cruel! What is wrong with that woman? I get that she had so much bitterness in her heart, but this is just too damn much! Was this the plan the whole time? Was this the reason? To do the same thing to Hayley that she did to her?

Bimmy Mays: Perhaps… and you know what the scary thing is, Jamey? The Damned Ones aren’t done yet! Hayley could very well be just the first victim tonight! If I’m A&B, I would do one thing and one thing only: forfeit! Nobody would blame them…

Jamey Caresalle: I highly doubt they’re going to do that… hopefully it’s not what we think it is for Hayley…

The show fades to a pre-recorded warehouse setting and Luciana Verdoza happens to find herself in it as she looks around the room and sees that she has a variety of weapons of which to choose from. She’s incredibly happy about this and she walks over to an electric taser, picking it up with curiosity and having a bit of a smirk to herself as she begins to express her thoughts.

Luciana Verdoza: I’ve always wondered what it was like using one of these things on people. It wouldn’t be the first time I ever electrocuted someone in professional wrestling by the way. Anyway, let’s cut right to the chase. Alex… Brett… I’m not going to say ‘I’m sorry’ for what’s about to happen to you even though what IS about to happen to you isn’t exactly your fault. You two have never done anything to me. You’ve never said anything mean about me. But, as the luck of the draw would have it, you two find yourselves in the ring with the Damned Ones. You think Sabrina is crazy? She is… I’m not denying that fact. But, I have a whole lot of catharsis that I need to let out. Unfortunately, you two just happen to be in the way. This is my first match since Royal Crown… I remember that night…

Luciana takes a pause and right away, she’s looking incredibly angry when she remembers not just Hayley Fien damaging her hand the way she did, but also taking the pin in that tag team match. Her eyes are showing a bit of a cold emptiness as she looks at the taser then back at the camera.

Luciana Verdoza: I want to forget that it ever happened but… I can’t. I’ve been thinking about it non-stop for the last few months. How could I NOT be bitter about it? After all, it was only the second most embarrassing night of my 5BW career and that was literally my first match since… you know… the actual most embarrassing night of my career here. It was bad enough that the match was lost. But to have my hand shattered the way it was? Oh… that just made it WORSE… and if you thought THAT was bad? How about your opponents running up the score after the fact? I remember EVERYTHING Alex… Brett… so yeah, maybe I DO have a reason to be bitter! You think I was going to stand by and allow Royal Crown to be the last match I ever wrestled? No! All these months later and I’m STILL not over that EMBARRASSMENT! That was the night that sent “Regina George” to her grave and thank god for that! Well… tonight, I get to at least get that HORRIBLE taste of that embarrassing night for me out of my mouth… and that’s where you two come in…

I know you’re both going to speak your mind about me and say every single regular cliche thing about me in the book, so go ahead and do that.

But when Sabrina and I win this match, we’re both going to show this company that the Damned Ones aren’t playing. I’m going to show this company that they didn’t eliminate the EVIL that is me with what happened at Vendetta… they only made it WORSE… and they only made it even HARDER to defeat. I want you both to get this through your thick fucking skulls. This isn’t the old, fashion queen, rail thin, wannabe Glee looking 110 pound ass bitch that you remember that would just run away from matches like this. This isn’t the Luciana that would go on social media and call people names without merit. This isn’t the Luciana that would flee at the first sign of danger and if THAT is the Luciana that you’re expecting, then you’ve already lost this match. Well, then again… just having your names across the card from us alone is what loses you this match! You’re a couple of squeaky clean rat boys that wouldn’t know the first thing about hardcore or the first thing about stretching things to the limit and you think you stand a chance in hell of beating US?


Because Brett Elliott got ONE Cinderella win in the fucking Steinbrenner Cup? Get the fuck out of here with that!

That doesn’t mean anything to me! You boys are out of shockers and miracles for the next six months and the fact of the matter is… with Sabrina and I? It’s going to be a miracle for you boys to even SURVIVE let alone beat us! Then again… maybe you’re not out of shockers just yet…

Luciana pauses and smirks at the taser in her hands.

Luciana Verdoza: ...if you know what I mean.

Sabrina and I begin our crusade to damn this company… and tonight? You two? You’re going to be the FIRST to be truly damned! It’s nothing personal boys… you just happen to be in our way tonight…

Luciana shrugs off any possible remorse for what may be coming on this night as she walks out of the warehouse determined to get some modicum of revenge against 5BW and some modicum of retribution for Royal Crown as the scene cuts out.


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Taylor Hudson: The following contest is the Last Man Standing Match and it’s for the Five Boroughs Wrestling Freedom Championship!!

The fans are worried for this as Darian could get hurt here. Out comes Behemoth through the door as the fans scream at this. He has a lead pipe in his hand and begins to search for Darian Andrews. Bimmy Mays and Jamey Caresalle move out of the way because they do not know what he is able to do. Rebel Yell by Billy Idol kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Taylor Hudson, who is afraid of Behemoth, announces his opponent…

Taylor Hudson: From Atlanta, Georgia, he is the defending Five Boroughs Wrestling Freedom Champion, Darian Andrews!!

Darian’s theme song is playing throughout the club where everyone is wondering what the hell is going on here. Darian Andrews comes behind Behemoth as the fans are cheering as he tackles him down to the ground. This is the same thing that happened to him back at Fright Night as the fans are cheering for this, but Behemoth grabs him and tosses him out of the ring, causing the fans to freak out about this. Darian Andrews is on the ground and rolling with the large man coming out of the ring and attacking him.

Behemoth grabs Darian and throws him into the barricade, making the fans move backwards as they are running around for their dear life. Behemoth again picks up Darian and THROWS him into the crowd and onto the chairs as the fans are in shock with this. Darian is on the ground holding his back in pain while Behemoth walks over, but Darian gets up and HITS him with a chair, causing him to stumble. He stands on top of one and goes for a flipping neckbreaker, but Behemoth goes for a suplex as the fans are booing. The referee begins to count as this is the first count of the match up…





Darian gets back to his feet as he grabs another chair and tosses it in the face of Behemoth. He stumbles a bit and goes right to the merchandise stand where Darian comes at him at full speed. Behemoth sees this and ducks out of the way, causing Darian to jump on the table. He turns around and goes for the Tornado DDT off the table and makes the monster fall onto the ground. The referee looks at this and starts counting with Darian looking to jump ahead just in case the fans are still backing away regarding this.




Behemoth is back to his feet with Darian coming after him yet again. He knows that there are no pinfalls in this match! Darian grabs the steel chair that was on the ground and smashes it right in the back of his large opponent. Darian puts the chair down and grabs a cart that was on the side and PUSHES it into Behemoth. Behemoth picks up the thing, spills everything and THROWS IT at Darian! Darian ducks out of the way, but the force of Behemoth’s push causes Darian to get on it. With one force, Behemoth pushes the cart out in the streets of Queens, New York and starts fighting at him as the fans are still running, but we have morons outside dancing.

One of the idiots in the streets, takes a picture with Behemoth and runs away with Behemoth not knowing a damn thing about this. Darian comes up and HITS him with a cap that was in the middle of the street as Behemoth goes onto the ground. The fans are going wild with the referee beginning to count with Behemoth on the ground and Darian going up as the fans are cheering for this as he is in the car.



Behemoth is up with blood coming out of his face from the hubcap that he was attacked by and Darian is in shock with this! Darian gets up and goes for a dropkick off the car, but Behemoth grabs him and goes for a Samoan drop as the fans are booing for this. Behemoth could be winning this match up with the referee beginning to count…..








Darian gets up with Behemoth coming at him yet again, but Darian moves out of the way with Behemoth going into the car and tipping it over! The fans are in shock with this as they are on the outside looking. Darian sees something as the fans are coming over and PIN Behemoth under the car! The referee is in shock with this as they begin to count….











The referee calls it as everyone on the outside is cheering that Darian Andrews retained his championship. Suddenly, Minka Carter comes up and looks at Darian Andrews. She has the shot for the championship and mouths off to Darian that at Winter Wonderland…..she wants the next shot! Darian nods at her with the fans cheering for him.


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(Pre-Taped Segment)

Earlier today, Alex Bell and Brett Elliott were at the gym.

Alex: Congratulations Brett on making it to the Semi Finals in the Steinbrenner Tournament.

Brett: I am so proud I made it that far. No one ever thought I would make it as far as I did. Once again, I proved everyone wrong. Facing Ariel was quite the task. I respected her before but after facing her, I have even more respect for her. I hope she wins this whole Tournament.

Alex: I hope Ariel wins too, because if Amber wins, we will not be hearing the last of it. I do not feel like hearing her brag.. I have heard enough from her as it is.

Alex pauses for a second.

Alex: Anyways……

Brett: As good of an experience as being a singles competitor was, I would say being in a tag team with you is my calling here.

Brett thinks about the hardcore tag team match coming up next.

Brett: Tonight, we face Sabrina Baker and Luciana Verdoza in a hardcore tag team match. Who, along with their friend Rachel Faust like to call themselves the Damned Ones. I am pretty sure Sabrina and Luciana will find a way to beat us. Knowing them, they will have Rachel do all of the heavy lifting.

Alex: I guess they are called The Damned Ones for a reason. They think they will be damned if we defeat them. If they really think that then those ladies are in for a rude awakening.

Brett: Well this is Luciana’s first match back after changing up her look and attitude. We did not like her before, but I think she is going to be even harder to deal with now.

Brett picks up the dumbbell and looks at Alex.

Brett: We need to beat those two Damned Ones to prove our point. We need to show the 5BW fans and management why we could be a top team here.

Alex: We need to do that. This is not the time to sit back and let other teams run the tag team division around here. We should be included in the picture. Our names should pop into people’s heads when they think about who could be a top tag team here. Defeating The Damned Ones will be a good start for us.

Brett Yeah, we also need to find our way back into the tag title picture. I know Xs have beaten us before, but we came very close to beating them and taking the tag team championships. If we can find our way back into the Tag Team Title picture, I think that we would have a better chance at beating Xs than the last time we faced them.

Alex looks at Brett as Alex picks up a dumbbell.

Alex: Finding our way back in the tag team title picture may be harder now. Our tag division is pretty damn stacked now.

Brett: Yeah it is.

Alex: Earlier tonight, Xs, The Cool Kids and The Valedictorians of Virtue gave it their all in that TLC match. All six ladies killed it out there. I would not mind it if we got to face any of them. I think all three of those teams could be good competition for us.

Brett: This makes me happy that our tag team division is stacked, it shows that tag team wrestling is becoming important in 5BW. Every one of these teams have the same goal as we do.

Alex looks back at Brett.

Alex: Yeah they do. As they should. I feel like if you do not want to be a champion then you are in the wrong business. Everyone’s goal here should be being a champion.

Brett: You are right. However, We are up to facing any tag team here. I, I know you will too, do anything to get those tag team championships, even if it means we got to start at the bottom. I know we have to earn back our opportunity but in order to do that, we have to work hard and work our way back up again.

Brett sighs.

Brett: First we must beat The Damned ones.

Alex: We have to give them everything we have. We may get hurt and bleed along the way but we are going to show The Damned Ones and everyone tag team here that we could be a threat for all of the tag teams here and teams coming in as well.

Brett: The Damned Ones are going to be hard to beat. I know Rachel will be there supporting Sabrina and Luciana. We will be outnumbered. If they think that is going to stop us, if they think they are going to get an easy win, they better think again.

Alex has a serious look on his face.

Alex: The Damned Ones will find out that we are not here to play. We are going to make them take us seriously and as a threat.

Brett: Damn Right!

Alex: We are just as much a threat as they are. We are just as good as The Cool Kids, Xs and The Valedictorians of Virtue. We are just as good as The Damned Ones too.

Brett: You Damn Right we are! They may be three tough teams but we can be just as tough as they are.

Brett and Alex look at eachother.

Brett: Time for us to get to work. This will not be easy but we can do this.

Alex: Yes we can and we will beat the Damned Ones. I do not care about the fact that we are outnumbered. Our heart and passion will outnumber all three of them.

Alex looks at Brett.

Alex: Let's get this done.

Brett: Let's Do This!

Alex and Brett leave the gym.

Scene Fades.



"Dirt We Were Raised On" by Jason Aldean hits and the fans erupt with cheers as Alex Bell and Brett Elliott make their way down to ringside with a determined look on their face to overcome the odds. They don’t waste much time getting to the ring and acknowledging the cheers from the fans.

Taylor Hudson: This tag team contest is a hardcore match and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first at a combined weight of 325 pounds… Alex Bell and Brett Elliott… A&B!!!!

Jamey Caresalle: A&B is certainly in a good mood tonight considering the circumstances. A hardcore match isn’t exactly up their alley but that doesn’t mean that they should be counted out right away.

Bimmy Mays: I’ll give them that, but the opponents that they’ve got tonight? They are going to be brutal. I don’t know if ‘heart’ is going to be enough in this situation. They’re good eggs these two, but they may be in over their heads.

“Roots Bloody Roots” hits and the fans let out some deafening boos as Luciana Verdoza and Sabrina Baker walk together through the curtains. They are both all business as they quickly get to the ring without even acknowledging any of the crowd reaction they are receiving at all.

Taylor Hudson: Their opponents, they represent the Damned Ones, at a combined weight of 267 pounds… Luciana Verdoza and Sabrina Baker!!!

Jamey Caresalle: I hate to say it… but… guess who’s back? She’s got company too in the form of Sabrina Baker. The Damned Ones clearly have some brutal plans for 5BW and they definitely want to make A&B their first victims!

Bimmy Mays: I remember how much Luciana HATED being mocked and made fun of following her world title loss… and I bet she does too! She and Sabrina have been friends almost from the very start and they’re going to be a force to be reckoned with.

Jamey Caresalle: I can’t help but feel sorry for A&B here. It’s clear that they definitely drew the short end of the stick. Being in a hardcore match is tough in and of its own, but against these two women?

Bimmy Mays: You’ve got Sabrina who is as psycho as she is and then you have Luciana who hasn’t lost her bitterness. She’s made it as clear as day that she’s tired of the ‘Regina George’ nonsense.

Jamey Caresalle: I hate to say it, but she may be using A&B as some form of catharsis. But, you can never discount A&B! We can’t forget what Brett Elliott was able to pull in the Steinbrenner Cup

Bimmy Mays: That’s true… but Sabrina and Luciana are in a different league than Adelaide Ainsworth. Is this going to be a bloodbath? How much of a fight are A&B going to put up? I’m dying to find out...

The bell rings and Luciana and Sabrina storm out of the gate going right after their opponents, Alex takes Sabrina and Brett takes Luciana. Sabrina takes control with a knee to the groin, causing Alex to double over. Luciana takes down Brett with a quick DDT before she kicks him out of the ring. Sabrina maintains her grip on Alex as Luciana comes in for a double team. Sabrina and Luciana are able to give Alex a double suplex. Sabrina applies a body scissors while Luciana leaves the ring. She reaches under the apron for a trash can and tosses into the ring. She slides back in and Sabrina breaks the hold. Luciana reveals that the trash can is full and she opens it, pulling out two lead pipes, tossing one to Sabrina. They both allow Alex to slowly stand up. Luciana guts Alex with a lead pipe shot to the stomach and then Sabrina wraps the lead pipe around Alex’s throat and drops him in the center of the ring with a Russian leg sweep driving the pipe into the throat. Alex flails and struggles to breathe much to Luciana’s enjoyment. He rolls over and Luciana follows up with a running knee to the head. Alex drops down on his back and Sabrina pounces on him for the cover, with Luciana making sure Brett doesn’t break up the pin…

1… 2… Alex manages to kick out.

Jamey Caresalle: The Damned Ones are absolutely NOT wasting their time bringing out the heavy artillery, particularly with that lead pipe and it’s given Sabrina and Luciana the early advantage here.

Bimmy Mays: Real smart by those two! In a hardcore match, you want to bring in the weaponry early especially if you know that in a match like this, you have the advantage on paper.

Jamey Caresalle: A&B are going to have to adjust their tactics if they’re going to want to win this thing. This is not their usual match. Kudos to Alex for being able to kick out there, but it’s clear that the Damned Ones want to end this thing as quickly as possible!

Luciana isn’t pleased as she and Sabrina drag Alex up to a vertical base. However, Brett comes back with a fire extinguisher and unleashes it to blind both women. Brett guts Luciana with the extinguisher before he and Alex throw her out of the ring and they both give a double suplex to Sabrina right in the center of it. Alex goes to the trash can to collect something and Brett works on Sabrina. Alex pulls out a baseball bat and tosses it to Brett and then Alex claims a Kendo stick for himself. Sabrina sits up and Alex smacks her in the spine with the stick! Sabrina cries out in some pain as Alex strikes again with the stick. Sabrina starts to get up as a result, but Alex still swings at her spine. Once Sabrina is vertical, Brett jabs Sabrina in the head with the end of the baseball bat knocking her down. Luciana rolls back in and then Alex smacks the kendo stick across her lower back, snapping the stick in half. Brett pulls out a barbed wire aluminum bat from the trash can and places it near the corner. Luciana is left alone as Sabrina is getting up. A&B get to her, pick her up and give her a DOUBLE SPINEBUSTER into the aluminum baseball bat! Alex stumbles away while Brett makes the pinfall attempt on Sabrina…

1… 2… Luciana breaks up the count!

Bimmy Mays: Luciana making the save there! I hate to admit it, but it looks like A&B is showing up tonight. It’s not easy to kick out after taking a spinebuster into some barbwire and Luciana knew that!

Jamey Caresalle: A&B getting really creative with fire extinguishers and aluminum bats! If they’re able to keep this going, they just might be able to pull this one out.

Bimmy Mays: Right, but this thing is far from over. You may think that a longer match might favor A&B, but I don’t think that’s the case. The Damned Ones are capable of dragging out torture and punishment if they have to.

Luciana pounces on Brett, trying to punch him out, but Alex comes in with the lid of the garbage can and smacks it over her lower back. This allows A&B to continue their double team strategy as they get Luciana to her feet. They whip her off of the ropes, but when she comes back toward them, she surprises them both with a double clothesline. Luciana focuses on the garbage can and pulls out a vinyl bag, tossing that aside, before just settling for the can itself. Alex gets up and Luciana blasts him across the head with the can. Brett uses the aluminum barbed wire bat and clips Luciana in the back of the right knee with it causing her to fall down. Brett knocks her down entirely with a shot to the spine. Luciana stays down and crawls toward the center as Brett leaves the ring and grabs the top half of some steel steps. He slides them into the ring while Luciana continues to crawl toward the center. Brett walks over to Luciana and then picks her up in an Alabama Slam position. Carrying her to the top half of the steel steps, Brett connects with said Alabama Slam sending Luciana back first into the steps. Luciana winces in pain as Brett drags her off the steps and onto the mat to make a pinfall attempt.

1…. 2…. Sabrina dives in and breaks it up!

Jamey Caresalle: This time it’s Sabrina making the save! I bet that didn’t feel good for Luciana having a surgically repaired lower back meeting metal! A&B deserves so much credit right now for stepping up. It’s not easy taking it to a former 5BW World Champion, but that’s exactly what A&B are doing here.

Bimmy Mays: It’s a good thing Sabrina made that save too! That would’ve been a horrible loss in the Damned One’s armor if they were to have lost right there. I wonder if Luciana being rusty may be a factor right now. A&B are the underdogs on paper, but they’re much more in tune and they could be taking advantage right now.

Sabrina is definitely expressing some anger as she drags up Brett and violently throws him through the ropes and out of the ring. Sabrina is quick to slide out to focus on him and when Brett gets up, Sabrina whips him shoulder first into the ring post. Brett goes down and winces in pain and then Sabrina goes to the timekeeper and chases him away. Sabrina grabs a ringbell and comes back toward Brett, but when she sees Alex coming, she changes targets and stabs him in the gut with the ringbell. A shot between the shoulders takes Alex down. Sabrina turns around and Brett is stumbling toward her. Sabrina smacks him hard in the shoulder with the ringbell causing him to fall right onto another set of steel steps. Sabrina gets Alex up and rolls him back into the ring where Luciana is waiting for him. She has the trash can in her hands and she places it down on the mat as she stands up. Luciana waits for Alex to stand up and Sabrina winds up rolling back into the ring. Both women grab him by around the neck and drop Alex with a double STO into the garbage can, completely denting it. An angry Luciana drops down and makes the cover on Alex after turning him over, hooking the leg in the process…

1….. 2…. Alex manages to kick out… blood beginning to trickle…

Bimmy Mays: Oh boy! Alex is bleeding! Sabrina raised hell with the ring bell and then she and Luciana picked apart Alex after Brett was taken out of the equation. Luciana is showing no remorse at all for Alex going straight into the trash can. If I were the Damned Ones, Alex would be the one to target. He appears to be the weaker half as this match has gone alone.

Jamey Caresalle: A&B has definitely brought it more than most would expect against some tough competition, but maybe we’re getting to the point where the better team is starting to shine through, as much as it pains me to admit. Still, there is plenty of heart in both of these men and it’s still far too early to count them out.

Luciana sees this blood and has a smirk on her face. She takes a few more punches to the cut while Sabrina grabs the vinyl bag. She opens it and pours out an entire bag of Legos while Luciana drags Alex up to a vertical base. She and Sabrina drag Alex to the corner and they use their combined strength to get him up on the top rope. They slip underneath him and pry him off the top rope, carrying him on their shoulders before they nail him with a double electric chair facebuster right into the Legos! Alex flails in pain, with the cut from the trash can bleeding a little bit more. Sabrina holds Alex up while Luciana grabs the aluminum barbed wire bat and grinds it across Alex’s forehead to continue to cut him open. Alex screams through this but Luciana doesn’t care. In fact, she’s smiling through this immensely as she guts him with the bat. Luciana drives the bat into his heart, torturing him some more. Luciana places the bat down on the mat and then Sabrina curb stomps him face first into the barbed wire bat. Sabrina leaves the ring while Luciana applies a rearnaked choke with the bat across the throat. Sabrina searches for some more weapons. Luciana drags up Alex and delivers a Russian leg sweep driving the barbed wire into his throat. Luciana makes the cover…

1….. 2…. Brett breaks it up!

Bimmy Mays: I’m going to say it, Jamey. If Brett didn’t make the save, this match would’ve been over. They have singled out Alex like a couple of piranhas and they’re just torturing him right now with that barbwire.

Jamey Caresalle: Luciana and Sabrina are showing no mercy at all. I’ve always known Sabrina for being this way, but this is a different side of Luciana that we haven’t seen yet. It’s almost scary, in a way. Brett certainly faces a tall order trying to even the odds, but as we saw in the Steinbrenner Cup, Brett is very much capable of overcoming some tough odds.

Bimmy Mays: You gotta let it go man! This isn’t the Steinbrenner Cup anymore. Yeah, he’s been through this before, but the situation was different. Heart isn’t always good enough to win these types of matches.

Sabrina swoops in from behind with a burlap sack, dropping it on the mat and jumping Brett. She fires some punches at him, but he counters with a knee to the gut and a swinging neckbreaker. Luciana goes toward him, but he counters with a drop toe hold sending her face first into one of the Legos. Brett drags Luciana back to the center and places her right hand on the barbed wire bat. However, before he can do anything else, Sabrina comes darting toward him. Brett counters with an armdrag that has Sabrina landing on Luciana’s hand. Luciana rolls away grabbing onto her hand and almost getting out of the ring. Sabrina slowly gets up and Brett picks her up and gives her a spinebuster. Brett sees the burlap sack and opens it, putting out a cookie sheet. Sabrina stirs as she’s just barely getting up, but once she gets to a vertical base, Brett swings and nails her in the side of the head with the cookie sheet causing her to stumble to her knees and then Brett takes another shot right in the shoulder, completely denting the cookie sheet. Brett puts it down and then drags Sabrina to the pile of Legos nearby. Brett then picks up Sabrina and drives her right into the Lego pile with a sick Tiger bomb that leads directly into a pinfall attempt…

1…. 2…. Sabrina is able to kick out!

Jamey Caresalle: A&B has taken full control of this match and that was one savage move by Brett to deliver the Tiger bomb into that pile of Legos! That couldn’t have felt good for Sabrina at all. They isolated Luciana out of the equation by taking advantage of her bad hand, and from there, it was all Brett!

Bimmy Mays: How much longer can Brett do it alone? I’ll give him credit for being able to take it to the Damned Ones on his own, but he can’t hold them alone much longer. Sure, he kept Luciana at bay by targeting her hand and all, but the sooner Alex recovers and gets back into this thing, the better it’ll be for A&B.

Jamey Caresalle: I can’t disagree with that last comment. Brett is doing the wise thing by taking Luciana out of it. You take her out of the equation and isolate Sabrina and you stand a better chance. He deserves tons of credit for being able to stem the tide here while Alex recovers. Hopefully he can keep this going.

Brett drags Sabrina up to her feet and notices that Alex is slowly rising, bloodied and all. She whips her over to Alex who knocks her down with a spinning heel kick. Brett reaches into the burlap sack and pulls out a light tube. Alex is able to drag Sabrina up and Brett blasts her in the head with a light tube, busting her forehead open. Luciana is lying on something on the outside of the ring. Brett gets Sabrina up and gives her a piledriver into the mat. Alex goes to check on Luciana who stands up holding a large mirror. He grabs her by the hair, but she responds by lifting the mirror and smacking Alex cold in the face and head with it, breaking it upon impact. Alex goes down in a heap and Brett checks on his partner, but Luciana smacks the mirror frame between the shoulders. She reveals some barbwire wrapped around her right hand as she returns to the ring and she’s fuming pissed. This anger causes her to pummel Brett in the forehead repeatedly with her barbed hand until Brett’s face is cut open. Luciana unwraps the barbed wire from her hand and she begins to strangle Brett with it for a few seconds. She drags him up by the throat with the barbed wire before flattening Brett with a neckbreaker slam. Luciana makes the cover…

1….. 2…. Brett somehow kicks out.

Jamey Caresalle: Now Brett has been busted open, although Alex is by far the one that is worse for wear. Luciana got really vicious right away with that mirror and Alex, who is already hurting, is in some massive trouble now. It’s starting to not look good for A&B!

Bimmy Mays: You got that right! The stronger of the two in this match has been busted open himself. I know Sabrina is bleeding as well, but Luciana is really getting surgical now.

This kickout greatly angers Luciana, but she keeps cool when she notices Sabrina is getting up. Luciana reaches into the big burlap sack pulling out a smaller bag and an electric taser! She walks over to Brett with the taser and constantly jabs him in the chest with it. Brett shudders for a bit until he rolls and falls out of the ring. She throws down the taser and she sees Sabrina getting Alex up. Luciana joins her as they both double team Alex with a double DDT in the center of the ring. Luciana drags Alex up and applies a cobra clutch while leaning back against the corner while Sabrina leaves the ring. She searches under the ring for something while Luciana throws Alex down. A large piece of oval glass is slid in by Sabrina along with a wooden frame. Luciana smirks as she puts them together, setting up a glass coffee table. Sabrina then slides back in. Brett is slowly crawling up the ropes and Sabrina runs and delivers a forearm to him to knock him off the apron. Luciana gets Alex up and nails him with the HELL KICK causing Alex to land on the glass table. Sabrina then comes back and nails Alex with REMIX 2 sending Alex right through the glass table. Sabrina rolls away in some pain as well which then leaves Luciana swooping in with the cover…

1…. 2….. 3!!!!!

Taylor Hudson: Here are your winners… Luciana Verdoza and Sabrina Baker… the damned ones!

Luciana has a smirk on her face as she gets her hand raised.

Jamey Caresalle: You hate to see it, you really do. A&B put up a great fight, but in the end, the Damned Ones constant isolation of Alex was just too much for them to overcome.

Bimmy Mays: It was a brilliant strategy by Luciana and Sabrina to pick apart one member, knowing that eventually, the other would wear down. Of course, torturing someone with an electric taser helps. A&B put up a strong effort, I’ll give them that. But ultimately? The better team came through.

Luciana helps Sabrina up and requests a microphone, the fans already hating this. Meanwhile, both Alex and Brett are getting some help from some medical officials.

Jamey Caresalle: Oh god… it looks like Luciana has something to say… and of course… that’s never good.

Bimmy Mays: She and Sabrina have plenty to brag about tonight…

Luciana has a smirk on her face as she begins to speak.

Luciana Verdoza: Has it registered yet? How SERIOUS I am about this? You do see how serious WE are about this? You see Dakota, THIS…

Luciana pauses as she wraps an arm around Sabrina, who is smirking and laughing.

Luciana Verdoza: … is a REAL friendship which of course, you know NOTHING about because all along you’ve been nothing but a parasite for your own convenience. I’m not going to lie, it was damn enjoyable seeing you and Hayley beat the hell out of each other. It was AMAZING to see the suffering you both had to go through… mainly your suffering of course. Sabrina and I worked together and we got the job done! No manipulation! No brainwashing! No matter how you try to spin it honey, what Sabrina and I have as a friendship is REAL… WE don’t play the victims because we’re not YOU!

You’re not in my league because all you do is play the damn victim! After you broke away from me and stole my publicist and one of my best friends from me… all you have done is play the ‘woe is me card’. All you have done is WILLINGLY play the victim all to make ME look worse and to make YOU sound better!

Luciana is interrupted by the sudden presence of Dakota Mendoza, but considering the same she’s in as she limps down the ramp, Luciana is more amused than anything.

Luciana Verdoza: Look at you thinking that you’re so tough…

Sabrina and Luciana have themselves a laugh as Dakota rolls into the ring with an angry look on her face.

Luciana Verdoza: The fact of the matter is Dakota… you’re NEVER going to amount to being the big star you’ve always believed you were delusional enough to be! You’ll NEVER be at my level, you understand me? You’re a failure of a protege, a weak excuse for a professional wrestler and worst of all honey… you’re the biggest piece of shit excuse for a girlfriend I’ve ever known in my life because you couldn’t save your pussy whipped boyfriend. Honey, if I knew he was THAT easy… well… you probably KNOW how easy he is considering he’s nowhere close to a real man and all…

Dakota has enough of Luciana’s words as she decks her with a right hook to the jaw. Luciana goes down and Sabrina tries to grab her, but Dakota shoves her away and pounces on Luciana, instigating a brawl between them. The fans explode with cheers as Dakota takes the microphone and keeps bashing Luciana in the head with it.

Jamey Caresalle: Holy crap! I’ve NEVER seen Dakota explode like that! She’s definitely not acting like a victim, that’s for sure!

The brawl continues as Luciana shoves Dakota off of her. The microphone shots to the head have her bleeding as well. She’s about to go on the attack against Dakota but security comes out. The first two members of security slide in and hold Dakota back while Sabrina does the same with Luciana. Security drags Dakota out and while she’s pissed off, Luciana is FURIOUS! Luciana is demanding to be let go but Sabrina calms her down as she pins her against the corner.

Jamey Caresalle: Things between Luciana and Dakota are getting REALLY intense! Luciana is doing everything she can to get at Dakota, but Sabrina is not letting it happen… perhaps for Luciana’s protection considering the hardcore match they both just went through.

Bimmy Mays: Who the hell does Dakota think she is coming in and ruining Luciana’s victory speech? Seriously!

Jamey Caresalle: I’m not even going to bother trying to reason with such flawed logic…

Luciana checks the blood on her forehead as she remains furious. Dakota is just as angry as she is dragged to the back, making it clear she’s getting fed up with Luciana’s nonsense.


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The scene cuts to an angry Dakota Mendoza sitting on a crate with her back leaning against the wall. She’s beginning to show some signs that she’s just about had it with Luciana Verdoza and her never ending games She’s definitely feeling some wear and tear stemming from the Hard 10 match as well but she’s doing the best that she can to not let it bother her as she begins to express her thoughts.

Dakota Mendoza: You thought I wasn’t going to come in and fight back, were you? You thought that I was going to just be what you thought I was and not do anything, is that it, Luciana? You want to talk about me being a parasite, but the reality of the situation is that you’ve been leeching off of this business from the moment you walked into it. You clearly weren’t good enough to be an actress, so you had to compensate and infect this business with this virus that doesn’t seem to ever go away! I am not one that is going to sell your talent short. I, more than most, know exactly what you’re capable of and I know that you can beat just about anyone on any given night with no shenanigans at all which makes it all the more sad that you feel that you have to resort to such nonsense. You’ve leeched off of this business for your own gain for more than a baker’s dozen years at this point. You’ve admitted to destroying and ruining careers along the way just so YOU can stay on top.

Someone needs to break the news to you that this isn’t all the other companies you’ve manipulated your way to the top in, Luciana. You can go ahead and hide behind Rachel, who never will have a mind of your own. You can go ahead and be best friends with Sabrina... somehow. I guess that speaks to the state of her career that she’s hanging with you when she doesn’t need to. But the fact of the matter is, you’re not going to break me. You think I’m going to just stop at busting you open with your own microphone? I think I’ve shown tonight that you shouldn’t push me and that you should start taking me more seriously. I saw how pissed you were. Hell, I’d say you wanted to kill Sabrina for holding you back from me. I guess you deserve credit for wanting to fight me. I guess you really have ditched the ‘coward’ crap.

But this whole ‘victim’ theory that you have? I think I burst a big hole in that…

Dakota pauses for a moment, maintaining her motivated anger as she continues on.

Dakota Mendoza: You’re not going to get away with this much longer, I am going to tell you that right now. You think you’re so tough and you think that the world revolves round you just because you managed to come back and get a win tonight, right? The brutal, honest truth Luciana… is that Hayley fucked up when she decided to do what she did with you at Royal Crown. She didn’t fuck up by taking you out for a while because you deserved what you got. Where Hayley fucked up is the fact that she didn’t take you out permanently. No matter what you say, no matter how you spin things, I’ll always support what she did to you that night. Nothing that you try to do can ever drive a wedge in our friendship. Honestly? It would’ve been nice if you had reflected on things and made a change… actually… that’s what you did… except it was a change for the worse. I don’t know what you’ve evolved into exactly. I know that you’re coming into this with more focus and you showed that you’ve become more dangerous but if you think I’m going to fear you? You’ve got a reality check coming. If you think that I’m just going to run away and ‘play victim’, you’re setting yourself up for one hell of a fall.


Yeah, that was just the start. You want to keep pushing me? Go ahead! Because the fact of the matter is… as time goes on… I’m becoming less and less afraid of you… and that’s something that you should take as a REAL warning…

Dakota leans back against the wall showing the exhaustion that she’s dealing with from the hard night that she’s had. She maintains her anger for a little bit longer before the scene fades out.



Warrior by Skarlett Riot plays through LaBoom as the fans are cheering for this. Outcomes Kelly Penkzee-Nelson, wearing business casual attire. She walks down the aisle and looks at Jamey Caresalle and Bimmy Mays. She greets some of the fans and sits with Bimmy Mays and Jamey Caresalle. She puts the headset on and looks at both.

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is the FINALS of the 2020 Steinbrenner Cup and this will be contested under Iron Women Rules! After thirty minutes, the woman who has the most falls will be declared the winner of the 2020 Steinbrenner Cup.

Party Hard by Andrew WK kicks in as the fans boo. We hear honking from the outside as Juggernaut rolls up into the streets of Queens right in front of the Nightclub. Amber Rockwell jumps down from the driver's seat and walks into the building where the boos get louder and louder. KPN from the commentator’s seat eyes her but does not move.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, She is the “Heavy Metal Queen”, Amber Rockwell!!
Jamey Caresalle: There are definitely plenty of people, especially our special guest here at ringside, that think that Amber Rockwell is lucky to be here. A reversed decision and a stolen win has her here in the Steinbrenner Cup finals!

Bimmy Mays: Look, it is what it is, alright? The fact of the matter is, she’s gotten this far and there’s nothing that can be done to reverse that. Amber is definitely ready to take the next step and win the tournament

Amber rolls into the ring and taunts at the fans booing her. She walks over to the rope and sees Kelly Penkzee-Nelson eying her and mouths off something. Kelly does not flinch at all because she wants this match not to end in controversy. Amber takes off her helmet and jacket and puts it down. Bounce by Bon Jovi kicks in as Laboom gives a standing ovation. Out comes Ariel Madden, wearing a white singlet. She turns around and shows the back that read’s “#NoFilter 2020” and walks to the ring.

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent, from Syracuse, New York, Ariel Madden!!
Jamey Caresalle: Ariel Madden has been the favorite from the very beginning of this tournament, but the entire time, she has always had something to prove.

Bimmy Mays: We know, we know. She won’t shut up about it on social media about how ‘overlooked’ she is. Amber winning tonight would really give her something to cry about. But, she’s definitely worked her way to this moment and time will tell if she’s capable of finishing the job.

Ariel Madden keeps her eyes on Amber Rockwell while Amber is yelling at her. She looks at the cup with a nod and heads into the ring. Amber Rockwell tries to go after her, but the referee blocks at her. Thirty Minutes are shown up on the board with Ariel getting ready for the fight of her life. Amber is in the corner with Ariel ready. The referee looks at both and calls for the bell and right away, the fight with Amber Rockwell and Ariel Madden has begun.

Ariel and Amber are throwing left and right into each other’s faces with the crowd being “pro-Ariel”. Amber is getting the better of this and tosses Ariel right into the ropes. Ariel comes running back at her and grabs Amber and goes for a belly to belly suplex. Ariel gets to her feet first and starts stomping down on her. Amber is doing her best to get back up, but Ariel STOMPS are out of this world. She picks her up yet again and goes to throw her, but Amber reverses it and shoves Ariel into the turnbuckle shoulder first.

Jamey Caresalle: This match has just started and it looks like Amber’s going to take charge of this one in the early going

Bimmy Mays: When you’re the underdog, that’s exactly what you need to do and that’s start off the match strong. If Ariel pulls a KPN and takes her lightly, she’s in for a long night!

Ariel holds her shoulder in pain, but that doesn’t stop Amber from grabbing her arm and bringing her down with a armbar as the fans are booing for this. She applies the pressure on the arm and tells Ariel to tap out. Ariel is screaming in pain with this as she’s doing everything she can to get out, but Amber raises her arm higher, leaving Ariel no choice, but to tap out and giving the first fall to Amber by submission. Amber gets to her feet and yells that she is going to destroy someone that takes PEDS in the middle of the ring before barking at KPN on the outside, screaming at her!!

Amber Rockwell: What?? You are mad that I am in this and you are not!!
Jamey Caresalle: I understand that Amber has always been quite the bold woman and that she just struck the first blow, but this is no time to showboat.

Bimmy Mays: Oh quit your crying already! She has every right to showboat. She’s just reminding our spoiled, privileged guest here that she’s so much better than she is!

KPN flips Amber Rockwell the middle finger. Amber Rockwell does not look phased by her gesture and tells her to get in the ring. While she wants to do that, Ariel Madden comes up and clotheslines Amber Rockwell on the ground and shakes off the arm that Amber was working on. She picks up Amber Rockwell again, but this time, Amber drop toe holds her into the corner again. The fans are booing as Amber again mocks at the fans and yells that this is for everyone. They are getting angry with Amber still yelling at them.

Jamey Caresalle: Amber’s cockiness sure cost her there.

Ariel gets up and has had enough as she punches Amber Rockwell straight in the mouth as the fans are cheering for this. Amber stumbles with Ariel grabbing her and lifting her high above her head. The fans are telling her to DROP her on her head as she smirks with them before going for a powerslam. The fans are again cheering for this and going crazy while Amber gets up. Ariel grabs her and goes for the Atlas-Plex as the fans are going wild. She rolls her over and pins her in the ring for the three count..



Jamey Caresalle: And there’s an example of youth and inexperience costing Amber right there. She was in control of the match with a one to nothing lead and she just lost that lead.

Bimmy Mays: I hate to say it, but that wasn’t smart of her to take her eye off the ball. Ariel made her pay for that one at the end of the day and we’re all tied up!

Ariel has tied this up with twenty minutes left. She looks over to Amber Rockwell and again picks her up. She yells in her face that she is waiting to do something like this and goes to slam at her again, but Amber grabs her and tosses her out of the ring. Amber waits for Ariel to get up and she does. Amber goes running off with a senton as the fans are booing, but Ariel catches her as Amber is trying to flip, but Ariel is too strong and POWERBOMBS Amber right onto the floor. She picks her up again and goes for a second powerbomb. The fans are cheering with one fan going for an elbow bump and she does it for him.

Ariel paces around and gets back in the rings to shake off her shoulder with Amber running around to the other side of the ring, gets in and goes for a bulldog onto the ground. The fans are booing for this as she is stomping down on her. Again, Ariel gets picked up by Amber, but Ariel kicks her right in the face. The fans are in shock with this with Amber stumbling a bit. Ariel grabs her with fifteen minutes left as she grabs Amber and goes for a German Suplex! She rolls out of it and goes for another one with her going for a third one. Amber flips out of it and runs into the rope. Ariel turns around with Amber going for a Coffin Drop off the ropes! She pins Ariel in the ring as she is on top of her.



Kick Out by Ariel!

Jamey Caresalle: It was ALMOST a 2 to one lead for Amber there, but Ariel was just barely able to kick out.

Bimmy Mays: Amber’s doing what she needs to do. She came back pretty strong after surrendering a fall. She may not have taken the lead there, but she has the killer instinct that Christy Winters could never have.

Amber gets to her feet and rolls up Ariel on the ground again as she goes for another pin in the match as the fans are booing for this…



Ariel Powers out of it and lifts her up into the bear hug!

Jamey Caresalle: Ariel kicks out again and now she’s taken control just like that!

Bimmy Mays: I don’t know how she did that, but Amber needs to reverse this quickly!

Ariel starts shaking her around like she is a ragdoll while locking her into the bear hug. The fans are cheering for this with the determined ranked number one seed taking the wind out of the mouthy Amber Rockwell! Suddenly, Amber uses her hand and GAUGES the eyes of Ariel Madden, causing her to break free. Ariel is holding her face and checking on her eye with Amber turning her around and going for the Wall of Death so hard that Ariel falls right on the ground. The fans are booing as we have ten minutes left in this with Amber going for the pin….




Jamey Caresalle: Come on! SERIOUSLY? Ariel looked like she was about to take control of the score, but Amber AGAIN steals a fall from someone and regains the lead!

Bimmy Mays: You’re starting to sound like you’re married to Kelly over here because… well… heh… shutting up! Amber up 2 to 1...

Amber now takes control of the match with Ariel’s forehead bleeding from that hit. Amber gets right on top of her and starts pounding the cut open even more as the fans are booing. Amber yells in her face before picking her up and throwing her into the turnbuckle and starts punching on her even more. Amber climbs up, looks at the crowd again before smashing in Ariel’s face even more. Amber gets down and goes to go for the shoulder block, but Ariel catches her and grabs her as she goes for a fallaway slam. Ariel wipes the blood out of her eye and waits for the Heavy Metal Queen to get up!

Amber gets back to her feet with Ariel charging at her, but Amber rolls out of the way, causing Ariel to put on the brakes. Amber comes up behind her and goes for a backstabber and locks in the armbar yet again on that shoulder as the fans are booing for this, but Ariel is not going to get caught again and breaks free of this as she locks in a submission of her own! The fans are cheering and yell for Amber to tap out. Amber takes another way out and goes for a crucifix pin with Five minutes left remaining!




Ariel rolls her up and goes for a Crucifix in the ring!

Jamey Caresalle: With the time left on the clock, had Ariel not kicked out, that could’ve been it!

Bimmy Mays: Ariel reversing though...




Jamey Caresalle: Just like that, out of nowhere, we are tied! 2-2! That’s a huge one this late in the match! Imagine the momentum swing! Ariel was that close to being down 3-1 with a huge hill to climb, but that hill is much easier with a tied score!

Bimmy Mays: For a top seeded favorite, she’s having way more trouble with Amber than she’s supposed to. This match is far from over

Ariel has now tied this up again with the time getting longer and longer. Amber looks up and sees what is going on as she is on her knees and starts punching Ariel Madden in the face. Ariel is exchanging blows back to her face as a loud “LET'S GO ARIEL” chant is going through the nightclub. Ariel is getting the best of this as she grabs Amber by the hair and has her in position for a Brain buster. She does it and it connects as the fans are cheering for this! Ariel pins her in the middle of the ring with time running out!!



Th-Amber kicks out of it!!

Jamey Caresalle: Amber with a massive kick out there!

Bimmy Mays: We’re running short on time here! I’m starting to doubt either woman is going to be able to pick up a final fall before the clock runs out!

Ariel gets back up, but Amber SLAPS her in the face. Amber says that this is her moment as she tosses Ariel out of the ring. The fans are still booing at this with Amber going from the top rope. She then looks at the fans, flips them off and goes for the Stage Dive off the top turnbuckle and onto Ariel Madden. She gets off her and goes under the ring to grab a bottle of jack. Something she is known for drinking and takes a sip out of it. She waits for Ariel to get back up with Ariel slowly getting to her feet. Amber leans back with Ariel moving out of the way as Amber SPITS in the face of KPN. The fans are in shock with KPN taking off her headset. That was the uncalled for.

Jamey Caresalle: Oh boy… this is getting intense! Amber shouldn’t have done that!

Bimmy Mays: Stay in your seat, KPN and be a pro for once!

Jamey Caresalle: With the short amount of time left, Amber is focusing way too hard on KPN right now!

Bimmy Mays: Let her gloat! She’s earned this!

Amber is mocking at KPN now with two minutes left in the ring as the fans are telling Ariel to grab her. Ariel does and tosses her into the ring with Amber and her once again throwing lefts and rights into the face of each other, but again, Amber goes for the Wall of Death! Again, Ariel falls to the ground. Amber goes up to the turnbuckle again with the time running down. She yells at Ariel to get back up as we are nearing down. Amber looks at the turnbuckle, goes up and waits for Ariel to get back up.

Ariel gets back to her feet with only a couple of seconds left as Amber goes for Coffin Drop, but Ariel moves out of the way, causing Amber to get on her feet. Ariel grabs her and goes for a German Suplex, then goes for a second one and then goes for the hattrick, but Amber rolls out of the ring with time wasting down. We have Twenty seconds left with Ariel rolling out of the ring, but Amber rolls back in the ring with the fans counting down….





Amber and Ariel are battling to the clock….


Amber goes for the One-Winged Angel yet again as Ariel falls….



Amber pins Ariel…




The fans are wondering what the hell is going on here? The referee goes out of the ring, gives word to Taylor Hudson as she begins to speak….

Taylor Hudson: Ladies and Gentlemen, the time has officially expired in the 2020 Steinbrenner cup!

Jamey Caresalle: WOW! That was a close call! Time has run out with a two to two tie! What’s going to happen now?


The fans are booing as Amber and Ariel are sweaty from this and soaked from wrestling over thirty minutes in this match up.

Taylor Hudson: However, this match WILL CONTINUE until we have a winner! There will be five minutes added to this match up!!

Jamey Caresalle: Here we go! Five minutes of overtime!

Bimmy Mays: Amber should be the Steinbrenner Cup winner already!

Jamey Caresalle: Time ran out and by rule, she didn’t get that fall in time!

Bimmy Mays: But Ariel wouldn’t have kicked out…

Jamey Caresalle: Do we know that for sure though?

Bimmy Mays: Shut up, Jamey! Why don’t you just marry Ariel already?

The fans are cheering as Amber Rockwell looks up to the sky and Ariel waiting for what could happen next. The bells ring for five more minutes as Amber and Ariel once again exchange punches in each other's face, but Amber throws her into the turnbuckle as the fans are booing. She picks up Ariel Madden, upper cuts her. She goes to run and goes for the bottle opener…..


The fans are cheering for this as a loud holy shit chant begins to ring through La Boom Night Club!!


Ariel and Amber are on the ground, but Ariel moves over to Amber Rockwell and pins her in the middle of the ring….






Bimmy Mays: ...well that’s just great… She can thank the bell for that one.

Jamey Caresalle: Will you quit discrediting Ariel already? She earned it fair and square by the letter of the rules of this ironwoman match! She’s going to be taking on the winner of tonight’s main event at Winter Wonderland for the 5BW World Championship

Bounce by Bon Jovi kicks in with the fans going wild. Ariel leans up and starts crying as she knew that hard work and dedication got her to this moment. She will have a shot at the Five Boroughs Wrestling Championship. Amber Rockwell rolls out of the ring as she looks at Ariel celebrating in the ring. Meagan G, Dora Richardson, Kieran Quinn, and Kelly Penkzee-Nelson are clapping around as she accomplished this, but Meagan says someone is here to present her the award

The lights dim, and the sound of a heartbeat fills the silence, growing a little louder and faster before being replaced with a driving rock beat. "Re-Education (Through Labor)" by Rise Against kicks into gear over the arena sound system, getting an ear-splitting huge pop from the female fans in attendance. Orange and red spotlights fade up slowly, like the sun rising to reveal a fire in the sky, illuminating a figure before he steps into view. Lex Collins stands with his head bowed for a moment, soaking in the atmosphere – rather than the usual fanfare and light show, his music continues to blare as he makes his way down towards the ring. Like usual, he pauses for a few selfies with fans before hopping up on the apron. Grinning at the crowd, he presses his right fist over his heart to a huge pop before turning and springing over the rope, already with a microphone in hand as his music fades out.

Lex Collins: Holy shit, Queens…

The crowd pop is immense, as he can't help the smile on his face.

Lex Collins: You motherfuckers really know how to make a guy feel welcome. Thanks. Seriously. I can't even-

He's cut off by a chant of "WELCOME BACK! WELCOME BACK!" that ripples across the fans in La Boom Nightclub.

Lex Collins: Feels good to be. Especially tonight… after what we've witnessed here. Talk about wrestling! The level of talent that's already stepped into this ring tonight is off the damn charts… and I dunno… kinda feels a lot like I'm passing a torch. Winning that Steinbrenner Cup was a huge deal for me, made me realize that there were still things in this business that I could do… and a place that was damned happy t'see me do just that. I don't regret the time I spent here. Not in the least.

A chant of "ONE MORE MATCH! ONE MORE MATCH! ONE MORE MATCH!" breaks out, echoed a few times. He smiles, shaking his head as he walks over and picks up the Steinbrenner Cup, holding it aloft.

Lex Collins: This ain't about me, tonight. I'm happy with my choice to retire for the time being. Maybe when this world's sorted, when a new normal's found a way to break through… maybe I'll be back again. In the meantime…

He gestures to Ariel Madden, who's been leaning against the ropes, nursing a bottle of water after her hard-fought victory.

Lex Collins: It's with great honor and pleasure that we celebrate the 2020 Steinbrenner Cup winner… ARIEL MADDEN!

The crowd pops enormously as Lex crosses the ring and holds out the trophy to her. When she takes it, he pulls her into an awkward one-armed hug, the huge trophy between them keeping space and the crowd eats it up, even as Lex's words come through over their noise.

Lex Collins: So damn proud of you.

He steps back and holds up her hand as Ariel's music erupts over the speakers again, nearly drowned out by the thunderous cheering of the crowd for her epic victory.


Gabe is sitting on a bench outside of the area, in the dark night, thinking about his Respect Match against Samantha Tolson for the 5BW Championship Match.

[color=#0489B]Gabe[/color]: Tonight is the night where I will finally get some respect around here. Not only will I get respect, I will also be getting the 5BW Championship. Tonight is the start of me getting respect around here. No longer will I be unnoticed. I will be a ghost no more. When I beat Sam, I will be the one who is liked and respected around here. I have been in this business longer than some of those “favorites” around here. Yet, they get more respect than I do? It is NOT right.

Gabe thinks about defeating Meagan G. At Fright Night.

[color=#0489B]Gabe[/color]: At Fright Night, I did exactly what I said I was going to do. I defeated Meagan and sent her ass packing. What more do I have to do to get respect? I beat Meagan fair and square in the middle of that ring. It is pretty sad that beating Meagan is still not enough for me to get the respect I deserve.

Gabe stops for a minute.

[color=#0489B]Gabe[/color]: As far as Sam goes, she will have NOTHING left once I get done with her. No Fight, but most of all, NO Championship.

Gabe thinks about the times Sam has called him an Uber Driver.

[color=#0489B]Gabe[/color]: Sam may think I am some Uber Driver, just because I do not do all my talking on Social Media. In case you didn’t know, I am here to work and be a wrestler. I am not a social media star like some people are trying to be here. At least, I am not posting bathing suit modeling pictures and selfies for the whole damn world to see. You see, I am better than that. I am better than everyone here who does that crap. I actually, you know, work my ass off. So Sam, call me an Uber Driver all you want. Tonight this Uber Driver is going to kick your ass all over this place. As a matter of fact, this Uber Driver is going to do all he can do to drive you OUT.

Gabe sighs.

[color=#0489B]Gabe[/color]: Everyone thinks Sam is going to beat me in this match and make me respect her, NO, as a matter of fact, it is going to be the other way around. After I take the only thing Sam cares about away, she will have NO choice but to respect me. Mark my words, I will beat it out of her one way or another and walk out of this show as the 5BW Champion.

Gabe thinks about some of the fighters who are respected more than he is.

[color=#0489B]Gabe[/color]: Hell, there are new fighters who have not earned their keep are getting more respect here than I am around here. I am sick of people coming after me being favored around here. I have earned my spot. I am sick and tired of all of those new fighters leapfrogging me. After tonight, there will be no more fighters trying to leapfrog me. I hope everyone watches me beat the hell out of Sam tonight. They will learn the lesson to never try and leapfrog me.

Gabe gets closer to the camera.

[color=#0489B]Gabe[/color]: There is Noris Cranley. I get it he’s young, but he is only liked because of who his girlfriend is. He is loved because he does some “cool” moves. All he does is fly around in the ring like he is some kind of bird.

Gabe Pauses and thinks about some of the other Fighters who are respected.

[color=#0489B]Gabe[/color]:Then there are those annoying little girls known as The Cool Kids. They are respected. They just started here. They are getting opportunities. I do not see anything great about those two. Both of those girls make me cringe anyways.

Gabe thinks about the fact that he was not included in the Steinbrenner Cup.

[color=#0489B]Gabe[/color]:Also there are those pretty boy country punks called A & B who think they are so overlooked. Yet, They are here getting opportunities that they do not deserve. It should have been me in the Steinbrenner Tournament, not freaking Brett Elliott of all people. This is to just name a few. Yet, The fans and management just love them. Honestly, I think the fans and management love those so called underdogs because they PITY them.

Gabe gets up from the bench.

[color=#0489B]Gabe[/color]: Unlike them, I do not want anyone to feel sorry for me. No, I am NOT here for pity. I am here to be the top champion. That is exactly what I came to do tonight. When I beat everyone’s favorite fighter, Sam, I hope everyone will be crying in their towels. When I win the 5BW Championship tonight and when she finally shows me respect, I will be drinking in everyone’s hater tears.

Gabe starts to walk toward the arena.

[color=#0489B]Gabe[/color]: Sam, you better be watching, listening and paying close attention. Listen up and listen well. Please enjoy your championship right now, because you will not have much time holding it. Your time as champion is running out. Your time as being the most respected fighter is running out. Your time is up and my time is NOW.

Gabe looks even closer into the camera.

[color=#0489B]Gabe[/color]: Sam, Times Up! The time I get respect starts right now!

The Cameraman follows Gabe.

Gabe is still walking.

[color=#0489B]Gabe[/color]: Get that thing out of my face right now. I have respect to beat out someone.

Gabe walks back into the arena.

Scene Fades.


Samantha Tolson is shown backstage, ready for battle in her red singlet with blue and white trim, 'Bombs Away' t-shirt over top of it, and the 5BW World Championship around her waist.

Samantha Tolson: You know, it was around a year ago that I said Gabe Khane had all the potential to be a World Champion, but not the focus. He took umbrage to that, and shortly after Luciana Verdoza screwed Gabe, myself, and Lex Collins out of the title...he went looking for respect.

Samantha Tolson: Problem is, he went about it the wrong way, using shortcuts to win a few matches.

Samantha Tolson: So tonight, he takes his shot in a Respect Match. I find that a little ironic, because lately he's been anything but respectful to anyone.

Samantha Tolson: Yet here we are.

Samantha Tolson: Gabe, I'll reinforce what I said back then. You have all of the talent but you lack focus. I know how bad you want this, yet you've put all your energy into Meagan G these past couple of months.

Samantha Tolson: You could've focused on getting a title shot sooner, but instead of being in the first two or three defenses, your actions have made you wait until number nine.

Samantha Tolson: Not sorry to say this...but you'll continue to wait. The Mission to cleanse the stench and ignominy of the previous champion needs to be completed, and it's far from over.

Samantha Tolson: Because tonight, Gabe Khane, you have to force me to say I respect you. Not that I don't talent-wise, but I won't be saying it out in the ring.

Samantha Tolson: I told you on Twitter a few days ago...you'll be a World Champion. But not tonight. Tonight, I force you to admit you have some respect left, then continue The Mission.

Samantha Tolson: See you in the ring Gabe.



Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a respect match for the Five Boroughs Wrestling Championship!! The only way to win this match up is to have your opponent blurt out the words “I respect you….”

The fans are cheering for this as this is the second time in Five Boroughs Wrestling that this happened. The first time this happened? Dakota Mendoza and the champion herself. I’m to Blame by Kip Moore kicks in as the fans are booing for this. Out comes Gabe Khane walking to the ring, cocky as ever. Gabe eyes the fans as they are jaw jacking at him as he says that everyone is going to respect him! Gabe gets in the ring and taunts at the fans with his theme song kicking out. Gabe is still yelling at the fans and not letting up with this.
Finish Line by Skillet kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Out comes Samantha Tolson, with the Five Boroughs Wrestling Championship around her and wearing the shimmery mask from her friend Mary Ellen Harrison’s line along with her singlet. Samantha walks to the ring and gives elbow bumps to the fans and rolls into the ring as she raises the championship in the ring.
Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, the challenge, from Niagara Falls, Canada, Gabe Khane!
Jamey Caresalle: Gabe has certainly not been liked ever since his change in attitude. He used to be such a respectful man that would do whatever was right for 5BW, but now he’s considered one of the most despicable people in 5BW

Bimmy Mays: Well… here’s a quick world title fact for ya, Jamey.

Jamey Caresalle: What’s that?

Bimmy Mays: The reason why Gabe wanted this match was to prove that he can win a world championship… unlike Meagan! He wants to win it to stick it to her!

Jamey Caresalle: That’s disgusting! He’s got no respect for Meagan whatsoever! He couldn’t even respect her enough to leave it as is at Fright Night.

Gabe taunts at the fans as they are booing for this. He mocks at Sam and says that he is going to take that title. Samantha keeps on eying him.
Taylor Hudson: His opponent, from Jefferson City, Missouri, she is the Five Boroughs Wrestling World Champion, “The Pretty Little Murder Machine” Samantha Tolson!!
Jamey Caresalle: It should be brought up that the winner of this match will likely be defending the World Championship against Ariel Madden, who had won the Steinbrenner Cup earlier in the night. I know Sam’s not thinking about that right now as she’d have to win this match first, but she’s ready as always.

Bimmy Mays: She’d be smart not to underestimate Gabe. This is not the same Gabe that would make me puke with his old attitude! I was disgusted by it. I’m glad he changed his ways.
The fans cheer as Sam holds the championship up in the air and looks at Gabe with a serious look on her face. Gabe keeps on barking at Sam as the referees rest assured them about this match.

The bell rings for the championship match to begin. The crowd, erupting at the very sight of Samantha Tolson and Gabe Khane standing across from each other. This match, set to be for the ages. Gabe, the cockier of the two, showboats for the fans as he shouts across the ring “by the time this is over, you’ll respect me”. But just after he says this, Samantha charges at the unprepared Gabe Khane and launches him over the ropes with a clothesline. As Gabe hits the floor, he quickly regains his composure and smacks the edge of the mat for Samantha to join him. Tolson, thinking quickly rolls out of the ring, but around the corner from Gabe to distance the two of them. As she builds momentum towards Gabe he prepares for the worst, and successfully tosses her into the barricade. Gabe, now on the offensive, pulls Samantha up to her feet and tries to slam his elbow into her, but she quickly maneuvers away and knees Gabe in the ribs. As Gabe buckles over, Samantha takes advantage of the situation and dropkicks Gabe out of nowhere! Gabe, now on the ground, looks up and blankly states “Respect me bitch”. Just after he says this, Samantha stiffly knees Gabe in the face.

Jamey Caresalle: Sam wasn’t going to take that disrespect there at all! It’s still hard to believe that Gabe was once a paragon of virtue here in 5BW!

Bimmy Mays: I think what Game is doing is pretty smart! He’s pissing her off enough to throw her off of her game. Eventually, he’s going to disrespect her into a mistake if he’s able to execute this strategy perfectly.

Gabe, now cupping his face, turns from Samantha as if he is truly hurt. As she turns him around, he quickly uppercuts her in the jaw, knocking her back. The crowd, at this point chanting their names back and forth, don’t know what else to suspect from these two superstars. Gabe, back on the offensive, grabs Samantha by the back of her hair and tosses her back into the ring. As he does so, he looks to the crowd and begins chanting the word “Respect” as they boo him loudly. Before re-entering the ring, Gabe digs underneath the ring and pulls a steel chair. Gabe, now back in the ring, is quickly hit with an uppercut from Samantha. As he stumbles back, she quickly lands a dropkick INTO THE STEEL CHAIR! GABE IS DOWN! Samantha pulls Gabe to a corner, and attempts to connect “Nihon e no ōdo”, but after her first leg strike, Gab grabs Samantha by the leg and drags her to the mat. Samantha, now on the mat, is met with a devastating elbow from Gabe. The referee approaches her, asking her if she’s ready to give in, but Samantha smacks the microphone out of their hand.

Jamey Caresalle: Sam was in control, but somehow Gabe was able to turn the tides and he’s in control now! That elbow certainly changed things.

Bimmy Mays: Sam is being stubborn of course… not wanting to give up that easily!

Samantha, trying to make her way to her feet, is quickly met by a knee strike from Gabe. The referee, trying to get Samantha to say the words, she once again smacks the microphone from the referee, but as she does this Gabe quickly stomps down on her. Shouting “you will respect me. I’ll beat the words out of you if I have to”. As Gabe lifts Samantha up to her feet, she stiffly kicks Gabe into the chest. As Gabe drops onto the mat, Samantha regains her composure. As she does so, she quickly moves to the attack, pulling Gabe up to a seated position on his knees. Contemplating what to do next, the fans scream for “Mind Your Head”, chanting it to the ceiling as she prepares for the move. Running with all of her might, she attempts the maneuver, but Gabe drops to the mat and rolls out of the ring before she can get the signature move off. Gabe, now trying to regain himself, turns quickly to face Samantha flipping off of the top turnbuckle! ODA A MEXICO! ODA A MEXICO!

Jamey Caresalle: WOW! What a move! It seemed like Gabe had escaped any punishment from Sam, but instead we’re right back to where we started: completely evenly matched!

Bimmy Mays: It was a hell of a move by Sam, but I don’t know if it was a smart one! After all, while it brought down Gabe, it didn’t help her too much either.

Gabe and Samantha both lay out flat on the floor as the crowd chants “this is awesome” followed by “more of that”. Samantha, the first to start climbing to her feet, stumbles a bit as she stands tall over Gabe, who appears to be still collecting himself off of the floor. Samantha, now with an opportunity, pulls Gabe up once again for Mind Your Head, but this time Gabe pulls her up before she can land the knee strike and flips her into a POWERBOMB! Samantha is down as Gabe tries to collect himself enough to continue on. Gabe, now up on his feet, slowly pulls Samantha up. As she tries to fight him, he shouts the words “respect me” as he pulls her up into position for a Powerslam. Gabe, fueled on adrenaline, gets a running start and lands the OUT BY GABE! SAMANTHA IS DONE AS GABE PULLS HER HEAD UP DEMANDING SHE GIVE UP. Gabe, not finished yet, pulls Samantha up once more for ANOTHER OUT BY GABE! SAMANTHA ISN’T MOVING! THIS IS GETTING UGLY!

Jamey Caresalle: Gabe is starting to lose his head out there and he’s bringing out his vicious side. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to walk out of here with a world championship.

Bimmy Mays: I don’t think she was anticipating this tough of a challenge, but she’s certainly getting one and she finds herself in deep trouble!

Gabe, now with his back turned to Samantha raises his arms in victory as the crowd continues to cheer. The young wrestler had claimed victory in his eyes. As he walks to the announcing table, he pulls the 5BW Championship off and raises the belt above his head. The referee wakes Samantha up from the ground, though Gabe gives no care. As the referee asks her if she’s ready to say the words, he prepares for the bell but then Samantha stands to her feet.

“You’ll have to end me, for me to ever consider saying those words.”

Bimmy Mays: I appreciate the toughness… but she may live to regret those words.

Samantha says violently into the microphone. As Gabe turns, he is met by a sinister dropkick into the face. Samantha, fueled by rage, pulls Gabe up to his face and begins to slam various forearm shots, as well as knee strikes into the ribs and chest of Gabe Khane. Tolson, on the offensive, gains the upper hand and quickly connects a Snap DDT to Gabe Khane. As Gabe drops to the mat, Samantha raises her arm in a rallying cry to the fans as she uses their energy to fuel her to carry on in the gruesome match. Samantha, still standing over Gabe, she smirks as she pulls Gabe up to his feet and drags him away from the ring towards the backstage area. Gabe, fighting with everything he has in him, lands a kick to Samantha’s back, stopping her from continuing on her crusade. Gabe, now once again with an advantage, sees his opportunity and hits MIND YOUR HEAD ON SAMANTHA! HER OWN MOVE USED AGAINST HER!

Jamey Caresalle: You’re KIDDING ME with this guy! How disrespectful can Gabe get? Now you use the champion’s own finisher? When is enough enough?

Bimmy Mays: Whatever it takes, Jamey! Whatever it takes. If that means disrespecting her as much as he can, then so be it!

Gabe, not making the same mistake as before, pulls Samantha up from the ground and pulls her up into a powerslam form once again for Out By Gabe, but just before he can hit the move on her, she elbows his face forcing him to drop Samantha back down. Both wrestlers are down on the floor as the referee checks to make sure they can both continue on with the match. After he does this, Gabe pulls Samantha into the Camel Clutch. Samantha screams in agony as Gabe pulls on her body, demanding she say that she respects him. Tolson refuses, continuing to fight with everything she has left inside of her. After what can only be described as the most agonizing moments of this fight, Tolson finally breaks the hold and Gabe quickly goes back to the offensive, stomping down on Tolson’s upper back. Samantha twists and churns, her spine taking the force of Gabe’s strikes more than anywhere else. As she attempts to stand to her feet, Gabe pulls her up and attempts to hit another powerbomb on her, this time tossing her into the backstage area. As he does so, Samantha screams in pain as Gabe stumbles forward, following her into the backstage area of the arena. Gabe and Samatha, now taking their fight to all new extremes, begin trading blows inside of the locker-room of the 5BW Superstars. The referee, barely keeping up, asks them both if they’re ready to forfeit, and they both blankly state no as they continue on with their brutal match. The two begin to slow down, feeling the full effects from the match as Samantha falls down first, but Gabe quickly follows. The two try to regain themselves, but neither can as the referee checks on Samantha first, who has taken more of the punishment up to this point.

Jamey Caresalle: This continues to get uglier and uglier as both wrestlers are definitely taking things to a further extreme.

Bimmy Mays: The way this is going, I wouldn’t be shocked if they just knocked each other out and if there was no winner… you know… like the Hard 10…

Jamey Caresalle: That wasn’t a self-double knockout… Sabrina Baker caused that...

Bimmy Mays: Well get over your crush on Sabrina Baker and focus on the match at hand damn it!

After minutes go by, Samantha makes her way up to her feet. The champion, who had been fighting defensively for most of this match, finally had enough and landing a slow boot to Gabe’s face as he tries to do the same. Tolson, still fighting for every moment, continues to stomp down on Gabe until he is no longer able to stand. As she gains the advantage finally, she pulls him up to his knees and calculates her shot before hitting MIND YOUR HEAD! Gabe lies flat on the ground, almost unconscious as Samantha pulls Gabe up, and shouts out to him “You want respect, then you better earn every bit that you ever get. Don’t ever demand anything from me” before slamming her forearm into his chin. As Gabe begins to fall once again, Samatha helps him back up to his feet. She drags him out to the sold out crowd once again, pointing to them for reassurance before dropping Gabe to the ground. As Gabe, surprised by what was going down attempts to stand back to his feet, he’s met by a dropkick to the back! Gabe is down, but he’s crawling towards the ring. Samantha, surprised by his determination, charges forward towards Gabe and lifts him to his feet once more, but this time she’s met with an elbow from the challenger. Gabe, trying to pull together anything he can, throws his arm up for a clothesline, but Samantha has done the same! Both competitors fall down onto the floor once again. The two both try to stand to their feet as the crowd screams and chants louder than ever before in the match. Tolson stands to her feet first, barely though, as she stumbles her way to a barricade to hold herself up. Gabe Khane takes a bit more time, but stands up more stable than Samantha. The two lock eyes with each other once more, as they did in the beginning of the match. This time though, they were both fatigued. Both were barely holding on as this match had truly defined just how far they would go for this win. Samantha makes the first move, attempting to throw her elbow into Gabe’s chin, but he counters the move and tries to kick Samantha in the ribs, which also fails. The two stalemate against each other for another few moments before finally Samantha slams her knee into Gabe Khane’s chest. Gabe, now barely standing on his two legs, tries to do everything to counter Samantha’s attacks but it’s too much. Samantha finally has gained the upper hand she has needed. As she slams her elbow into his jaw, Gabe tries to drop to the floor, but Samantha pulls him into NIGHTFALL! IT'S ALL OVER! GABE SAYS HE RESPECTS HER AND SAMANTHA TOLSON RETAINS HER TITLE!

Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner and STILL the Five Boroughs Wrestling Champion, Samantha Tolson!!

Jamey Caresalle: It was one hell of a fight from Gabe, but in the end it wasn’t enough...

Bimmy Mays: That has got to sting for Gabe… I can’t imagine the ego burst going through him at the moment. Sucks for him… considering the effort he gave tonight

Samantha gets on her feet and grabs the championship. She looks down at Gabe holding his neck as he rolls out of the ring with a look of disappointment. Just then Bounce by Bon Jovi kicks in as Ariel Madden comes out of the back. Ariel won the Steinbrenner Cup early tonight as she is the next one to rightfully have the shot. She eyes Samantha and then the championship with Samantha extending her hand out. Ariel accepts it, but pulls her in and eyes her. This match will go down at Winter Wonderland as the fans are cheering for this.

Jamey Caresalle: It’s official now folks! Samantha versus Ariel at Winter Wonderland for the 5BW World Championship!

Bimmy Mays: Can the Steinbrenner Cup winner take the final step?

Jamey Caresalle: That of course, will be answered at Winter Wonderland. But for now, good night from Turkey Trot!

Note from Staff: I sincerely apologize for the delay regarding this. This is not like 5BW Standards and not my standards lately. I feel like I’m letting you guys down as a fed head because of the Delays. Ill address more at the meeting, but for Winter Wonderland, we need to come in strong.

Writing matches: The Writing Team
Segments: Done by respective handlers

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