Five Boroughs Wrestling Presents: Winter Wonderland - December 20th, 2020 (Tape Delay)

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Five Boroughs Wrestling Presents: Winter Wonderland - December 20th, 2020 (Tape Delay)

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The scene starts with Revolution1 Wrestling International Champion, Anya Coyle standing in front of the Scotiabank Arena, her hair is now black with pink tint added to it. She looks around and sees the sign “Five Boroughs Wrestling: Presents Winter Wonderland” and the poster out front.

Anya Coyle: I come from a classy company to a trash company and THIS is what I see?

The fans are outside cheering as she is walking by. Anya ignores them and eyes each and everyone of them.

Anya Coyle: Keep the cheers to yourself because whoever wins the match TONIGHT, I am going to end up destroying them at Mafia Wars!!

Anya walks by them until someone yells “Cartier is going to kick her ass! She is from New York!!” Anya rolls her eyes.

Anya Coyle: Oh Really? I do hope she watches what I PLAN on doing to either Amy, Bridget, Brittani, or Natalie for my championship!

Anya rolls her eyes and walks away, but as she walks in, she bumps into Larissa Johnson, her former tag team champion and one of her former best friends. A stare down happens with Larissa shoulder bumping her and walking away. Anya turns around.

Anya Coyle: Once a bitch…always a bitch. Wait till I drag her ass out of this place for good.

Anya walks away, leaving people to wonder what could happen tonight.


Wizards in Winter by Trans-Siberian Orchestra kicks in as the fans are cheering for this as we are live from the Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Pyro is blaring as everyone is around in the building, staying six feet apart in the rows due to the Covid-19 situation. As Anya Coyle walked in the building prior, this show was going to be an important one for EVERYONE, especially the ones who will be going to Revolution1 Wrestling for her championship. There were more implications at stake with Ariel and Samantha going at it for the championship and Minka and Darian also going at it for the Freedom and Noris defending his championship. It was time for the show to start off.



The first match of the night was Kourtney Kimberly making her debut as she was going against Asia Jones. The first one out of the back is Asia Jones as the fans are wondering what type of victory will be going down in Toronto yet again. The next one out of the back is Kourtney Kimberly recording herself as she walks to the ring. She’s talking to her phone and says that she’s going to defeat Asia in the ring as Asia does not look impressed with what she is about to do. The match then starts with Asia and Kourtney going at it in the middle of the ring, but Kourtney stops her and pulls out her phone, opens TikTok and starts recording Asia, but slaps her phone out of her hands and starts pounding down on her as the fans are cheering for this, but Kourtney starts fighting back against Asia in the middle of the ring. Everything that was thrown at her was fought back. Asia was taking control of the match towards the end and was about to end it, but Kourtney Kimberly got out of it and HIT Asia right over the head with her phone case, causing her to crash on the ground. She goes up top and goes for the New Trends as the fans are booing and pins her in the middle of the ring to get the win. After the match, she grabs the phone and opens her app and takes a video of what happened, but the lights go out. The fans are wondering what the hell is going on here as we hear voices speaking, which causes confusion. The lights come back on as we see Brandy Sutton in the ring, facing off in the face of Kourtney Kimberly. Kourtney goes to slap her, but Brandy grabs her arm and twists it around. The fans are cheering, but Kourtney can get out of it and walks to the back. Brandy eyes her as Kourtney goes back on her phone. Is Brandy in 5BW now? Who knows!

Winner: Kourtney Kimberly.


In a pre-recorded segment, Amy Harrison is in her hotel room, talking to her husband, Johnny Rich, before she turns to the camera.

Amy Harrison: This has been a long time coming.

Amy Harrison: Do you know how long it has been since I last held onto singles gold of my own?

Amy Harrison: Too goddamn long!

Amy Harrison: I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at this match coming up, seeing the people in this match, and knowing that this will be a war. At least it will be against Brittani, not sure about the other two, especially not Bridget.

Amy Harrison: But let’s be real, I’ve been waiting long enough to call myself champion, and I’m going to make sure that I walk out of this match with a chance to become champion again.

Amy Harrison: And whether it’s against Sara Cross, or our old friend, Anya Coyle, I’m going to show Revo1 what a Harrison is all about and I’m going to claim that International Championship as my own!


Mafia Wars….it begins…….


The second match of the night is the Fatal Four to determine who will be facing off against Anya Coyle for the International Championship at Mafia Wars for the Revolution One Championship! The first one out of the back is Natalie Eldredge as the fans are booing at her as she walks into the ring. The next one out of the back is Brittani Helms as the fans are cheering for her as she comes to the ring. The next one is Bridget Johnson as she says that she’s going to come to the ring while the last one out is Amy Harrison. There are high stakes in this match up where someone wants a shot at this championship where Amy and Natalie are going at it and Bridget and Brittani are fighting one another in the ring. The fans are cheering for this with the faces getting the best of their heel counterparts in the match up. Amy and Brittani bump back to back as the fans are wondering what is about to go down as they begin to fight one another, but Bridget and Natalie pull each other out of the ring. Natalie tries to offer something, but Bridget starts fighting Natalie in the middle of the ring. Natalie fights her as well with Brittani coming in the ring and battles with them and Amy does the same. The battlefield is back to playing, but it breaks down again. Natalie thought she was going to be slick in this match up and try to get out of everything, but Amy catches her and keeps her in the ring. Bridget and Brittani are fighting each other and take the fight to the outside while Natalie is about to go for the NSE Stunner, but Amy catches her and goes for the Broken Ugly Face. She rolls over and pins Natalie in the middle of the ring as the fans are cheering and gets the win. Amy is going to Mafia Wars with a shot at the International Championship. Suddenly, Anya Coyle comes out of the back and stares down Amy Harrison while Amy is eying her. This could be the biggest moment of Amy’s career where she could win it all as Anya is holding her championship up in the air.

Winner: Amy Harrison


Sarah McC: I thought it was over. I thought I was done with you.

Sarah McC: It has to be around five years ago when I last had to confront you in the ring. Back then, you decided to throw away a decades long friendship over some jealous motives of yours.

Sarah McC: You saw me being a success and wished that it was you, so you thought the best way to do that was to stab me in the back and take me out, hoping that it would rub off on you and you could actually be someone.

Sarah McC: But it didn’t work out for you. I took you out, banished you from CKP and I thought that was the last that I would ever see from you.

Sarah McC: All of a sudden, you show up here, and try to get into my face and try to drag me down, because you see that I’m actually making something of myself.


Sarah McC: You see me being a success, you see me being able to make a name for myself, and try to help out the next generation, and you just can’t stand it.

Sarah McC: You see what I’m doing and wish that you were in my spot. You wish that you got what I have, and it makes you sick.


Sarah McC: Straight up, you’re jealous of me.


Sarah McC: You’re jealous that I’ve had a better wrestling career than you. You’re jealous that I’ve helped 5BW grow, with the current generation and the next. You’re jealous that I have two beautiful children at home.


Sarah McC: You wish that you had all of that, and because you know you can’t have any of that, you try to take it all away from me.


Sarah McC: I haven’t spent more than 15 years of my life busting my ass in this business to have some jealous bitch come in here out of nowhere and try to take it all away from me.


Sarah McC: You wish you were me, you wish you had the life that I’ve had, and now you wish to take it all away from me.


Sarah McC: No. You don’t have any say in my life anymore. You were the one that decided to throw it all out the window. You had your chance, and you blew it.

Sarah McC: Tonight, this is the final time that I ever have to deal with you, and your petty bullshit. Tonight, I rid you from my life once and for all. Tonight, it ends!

Scene Ends.


The third match of the night is Kelli Song, who is on the verge of being out of Five Boroughs Wrestling facing off against Sarah McC. The first one out of the back is Sarah McC as the fans are cheering for her as she wants to end this stuff in the middle of the ring and that it's time for Kelli to get out of the company, but all of a sudden, Kelli comes out of nowhere with a clipboard and HITS Sarah right in the back as the fans are booing for this. Kelli tosses her in the ring and starts pounding down on her as the fans are booing for this as she is using every single punch to come at her. Sarah comes back up and takes her down in the middle of the with a spear and the fight is on for both. Sarah and Kelli are throwing hand in each other’s face when they got back up because there is no love loss with them. Sarah is getting the best of her and tosses her out of the ring, but Kelli does everything she can not to fall. Kelli would eventually come back in the match and take everything under control, but Sarah was determined to get rid of her, but Kelli was unstoppable during this and almost tried to cheat, but Sarah prevented everything and took back control of the match. Sarah was about to end the match up, but someone came out of the back and THREW something in the face of Sarah, causing Kelli to take advantage of this and go for her finisher. She rolls over Sarah and pins her in the middle of the ring and gets the win over Sarah McC. Kelli can stay in 5BW as the person comes in with the clipboard. She looks at her and smirks as this person happens to be…..Shauna McDevlin, another one of Sarah’s past. Kelli signs the clipboard, signaling that she is a part of the company. Shauna smirks and yells in the face of Sarah, who is on the ground, but the Softball Night Stars, Chelsea Kennedy, Tori Lawson and Veronica Rachelle, comes out of the back and tries to attack them, but Shauna and Kelli roll out of the ring and smirk. Tori helps Sarah up with a stare of frustration coming over her face as the fans are not happy regarding this.

Winner: Kelli Song


The cameras go outside yet again as we see Juggernaut parked in the parking lot with Amber Rockwell jumping out of the truck and walking into the arena. The cameras roll up with Amber shoving them out of the way as it lays down. Amber leans over and picks it up before leaning it up towards her.

Amber Rockwell: I want all of you guys to watch what I fucking do tonight! I am sick and tired of those two bitches in the main event getting praised!

She licks her lips.

Amber Rockwell: If I cannot win the cup, then NOBODY deserves to have a PARTY!

Amber Rockwell walks away as the camera shuts off. What exactly is she talking about?


The studio cuts to a determined Minka Carter backstage who is holding the flag that enabled her to challenge for the 5BW Freedom Championship. Minka is determined, but also, she’s in a bit of a testy mood. She definitely doesn’t seem to be in the losing mindset. Reflecting on the year that she’s had, Minka begins to express her thoughts.

Minka Carter: This is it! Most likely, this is the final match of my 2020! I came into this year with many high hopes and expectations but what ended up happening is that this ended up being quite a weird year for me. I had many main event aspirations and I feel as if I didn’t even come close. Sure, I was able to score a championship in another company and all… but that loss to Ariel Madden in the Steinbrenner Cup sort of puts the whole year into a microcosm…

Minka expresses some disappointment in her face for a few brief moments showing that to some degree, that experience is still bothering her somewhat.

Minka Carter: There’s a part of me that still can’t move past that because that’s the match that captures the frustrating experiences that I’ve had this year. It was far from the start that I wanted in 5BW. I was able to bounce back and capture this flag to get this very title shot tonight. Darian, there’s something that I want you to know. I don’t have a damn thing against you. In fact, I respect much of what you’ve done in this business… especially that Freedom Championship that you’ve had. You went through the gauntlet to win that title. You deserved to win that tournament and become the first Freedom Champion. You’ve been a great champion with some memorable defenses. But, you and I both know that eventually, all good things have to come to an end and as far as the Freedom Championship is concerned… it ends with me!

Minka takes another pause. She knows that she just made a very bold statement, but it’s a statement that she also knows she had to make.

Minka Carter: I’m not Behemoth. I’m not any other wrestler on the block. I’m not just any other challenger! I’m going to give you the toughest test yet! I’m going to be brutally honest with you, Darian. You may be a strong Freedom Champion… but I know in my heart and soul that I can be a better one. You show up, you wrestle, you take care of business and you hit the showers. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, the Freedom Championship is something that needs more exposure! I know that going out there and defending the championship as much as you have is valuable exposure in and of itself… but I KNOW that I can provide even more of that. I defeat you and I KNOW that I can make that championship relevant in ways that you have not! I’m sorry Darian, but I refuse to be just another defense. I refuse to be a statistic. I refuse to be another name on your long list of defenses!

I’ve been passive this whole year letting other people take the spotlight that I’ve hungered for. Ariel did that not too long ago and to a degree, it STILL pisses me off!

I’m passionate for what I do! I’m passionate about getting where I know I’m good enough to be. And if I struggle so damn much in getting there, it really bugs the hell out of me! That’s why I need this tonight, Darian. This year more than any other has been a real thorn in my side… well… more than any other year that didn’t involve certain ‘demons’ anyway… but STILL…

This is where it ends, Darian…

Your championship reign…

My frustrating 2020…

The whole notion that I’m just going to stand by and let someone else have the spotlight at my expense…

The passive Minka that relished in an underdog story for far too long…

I’m going to end the year on a bright note to make up for the frustrating year that I’ve had. Because at the end of the day Darian… I’m not just another challenger. I’m not a statistic that anyone can use to pad their resume. I’m not an underdog anymore.

Tonight, you’re going to realize that. I hate that it had to be you, because I do like you and all… but tonight, I end 2020 by making a statement… and that statement is becoming the NEW 5BW Freedom Champion!

Minka keeps her angry, yet determined poise before walking out of the shot. Once she does so, the scene fades to black.



The next match of the night was Minka Carter going against Darian Andrews as the fans are ready for what is about to go down in the middle of the ring. The first one out of the back is Minka Carter as the fans are cheering for this as she is walking to the ring. The next one out of the back is Darian Andrews as the fans are cheering for him as well. The match then starts with Minka and Darian shaking each other’s hands, but Minka hits Darian right in the face as the fans are in shock with this. Darian smirks at this and hits Minka right back as both are fighting each other in the ring. This match is even with both going at it in the ring. It was a fast pace match with both, but Minka was taking control of the match, attacking his bad knees as the fans were in shock with this, causing Darian to scream out in pain regarding this. Minka looks at the fans as she keeps on attacking him, but Darian fights back and hobbles on one knee. Minka keeps on going after it, but Darian will not give up the fight and begins to battle back, but Minka keeps on attacking him until she gets kneed in the face from Darian. Darian let out a lot of rage, but it nearly cost him with Minka going for the Demon Stake. Minka said that she was going to end him again and grabbed Darian to go for the move again, but he rolled her up in the middle of the ring and got the three count as the fans were cheering for this. Minka looked at Darian and got up and handed the championship. Darian accepted and shook her hand in respect and raised it in the air, but Minka did not keep her eye off the championship.

Winner and STILL Freedom Champion: Darian Andrews


The show cuts to the locker room and the Valedictorians of Virtue, Morgan and Cordelia Clark, are standing in front of the cameras wearing a sweater representing Cornell and Princeton, their respective colleges. Even with the TLC match being just a few months ago, Morgan and Cordelia are still incredibly pissed off. It’s clear that they’re not over what happened and that they are especially not happy with the Cool Kids being the tag team champions as they begin to express their thoughts.

Morgan Clark: Let’s just get this part out of the way. Everything regarding Turkey Trot was a load of crap! There’s no question that my sister and I deserved to contend for the tag team championships and to challenge for them. However, it was as clear as day that every single obstacle that could’ve been thrown in front of us WAS thrown in front of us and ultimately, it led to the DEATH of the 5BW tag team division! It led to the WORST thing that could ever happen to it and that’s the Cool Kids as the tag team champions!

Cordelia Clark: Morgan and I are extraordinary athletes. We had SO many disadvantages going for us. For starters, a TLC match? Are you kidding me? Morgan and I are above partaking in such diabolical, destructive nonsense. Put us in a pure wrestling match with any tag team on the block and we’ll win! We were completely out of our element considering the type of society that we want to represent.

Morgan Clark: Exactly! We’d wrestle circles around the Cool Kids! That’s not even a debate! The same would go for XS! The thing is though… the stipulation wasn’t the ONLY disadvantage that we had to put up with! Instead of facing one team, we faced TWO? The Cool Kids had no business in that match especially when you consider the triple threat singles nonsense from the show before! If I’m not mistaken… weren’t the Cool Kids the ones that took the fall in BOTH of those matches? What were they even DOING in that match?

Cordelia Clark: Yet, in spite of ALL of the odds against us… we STILL were a hair away from being the tag team champions! And yet… it didn’t happen! We had everything set up PERFECTLY! But no… that lunatic from XS… whatever her name was… they both look too much alike to tell them apart… she had to be a barbarian and set the table on fire! Then they had to take one of US out to get in on the table action that was happening. XS wanted to get greedy and it not only cost them… more importantly… it cost the US too…

What Cordelia points out just now clearly leaves both members bitter about what happened.

Morgan Clark: XS, I want you both to know that the tag team division has now hit rock bottom with the worst possible tag team in 5BW now reigning as champions… and it’s all your fault! Why did you both have to have such false pride? You could’ve just let us win the match! You could’ve done us a solid! We would’ve done the same for you in the form of giving you a rematch! In fact, had you stayed out of our way, we could very well be defending those tag team titles against you two! But no, you HAD to be greedy! You had to take things to an extreme that professional wrestling has never needed to go to! You… screwed… us!

Cordelia Clark: And tonight? We’re going to make you pay for it by proving our superiority. Seriously, what’s so SPECIAL about XS anyway? It’s not like they stood out ever since they stopped working with that lunatic Luciana Verdoza or anything!

Morgan Clark: That much is clear! You’re both good athletes and all… but in our universe, being a good athlete alone isn’t good enough. In fact, it’s about time you two stepped aside. You were on top of the tag team division for an eternity with everything revolving around you and yet, until WE came along nobody paid that much attention to the tag team division! Well… even without the championships on the line… you two have the honor of passing the torch to us...

Cordelia Clark: If you’re not going to step aside… we’re going to force you to do it! We’re going to make sure that tonight, XS stands for what you’re going to be feeling after we’re done with you… Xtra Sh…

Morgan Clark: LANGUAGE!

Cordelia Clark: Sorry… anyway… once this is over? You’ll both be exposed as just two more middle class average Janes in this society… a tag team that had a great run but ultimately… in the end? Exposed as a couple of dime a dozens who won’t register in the common memory when it’s all said and done.

The Valedictorians walk out of the locker room getting at least SOME verbal catharsis. However, both Morgan and Cordelia are hoping for a physical catharsis as well as the scene fades out.

Inside what appears to be a large Warehouse, a ladder is set up in the middle sitting on the bottom rung is Christy.

Christy Winters: I bet you're all wondering what exactly I’m doing in this abandoned warehouse, well luckily for all you, I’m about to explain, and i’ll talk slowly and clearly to all uneducated idiots.

Christy Winters: December 20th, Toronto Canada, Winter Wonderland, four of five boroughs wrestling will attempt to climb a ladder, similar to this one, the goal, the gift ladder match, where the winner gains the opportunity to challenge for the title of their choosing, it’s a pretty interesting field.

Christy Winters: Felicity, I don’t know anything about you, will not yet anyway but I assure you by Winter Wonderland I’ll know you better than you know yourself, but this I do know you haven’t been around long enough to be worthy to challenge for this opportunity, Winter Wonderland isn’t going to be your night, not if I have anything to do with it.

Christy Winters: The big bad Enforcer, the man everyone thought was going to break me in half in the Steinbrenner Cup, but that didn’t happen did it, no you big dummy it didn’t, on that night you felt my knockout power, Winter Wonderland Enforcer, just like the big dummy you are, you will once again come up on the losing end.

Christy Winters: Mary Ellen, I know you're the fan favorite, you're the people’s and Five boroughs choice to win, that Mary Ellen, makes me sick and makes me want to take a Ladder and smash your face, and crack your skull open like an egg. Mary Ellen while we’ve never had any previous encounters, but I hate your guts, your everything I hate about professional wrestling, people like you is why people like me exist, to never allow you to achieve what you want.

Christy climbs the ladder and sits at the top.

Christy Winters: This is the outcome of the Gift ladder match at Winter Wonderland, me standing at the top of the ladder, victorious.



xS and the Valedictorians of Virtue had some issues starting back from a couple of weeks ago. The first team out of the back were xS as the fans are cheering for this as they are in their hometown of Toronto and it’s better than the last time they were there. The next ones out of the back are The Valedictorians of Virtue as the fans are booing for them as they are walking out of the back. If xS does not win, there might be a riot. The match then starts with both teams going at it in the middle of the ring with Zara and Morgan going at it and Kailey and Cordelia also going at it. There is hate with both teams as the fans are cheering for this. They are pro xS and want to see them kick the VOV’s ass in the middle of the ring. The VOV took control of the match as Morgan tossed out Zara out of the ring and started fighting with Kailey in the middle of the ring. They beat her down and said that she was not worthy enough of being in the ring as the fans are booing for this, but Kailey began to battle and fought the both of them and did everything she could to battle back. Zara came back in the ring and fought with Morgan and they both went out of the ring, leaving Cordelia and Kailey to fight each other in the ring. Cordelia was about to end her in the middle of the ring, but Kailey got some type of energy and fought to the core which caused the crowd to cheer. As Kailey was about to end the match, Morgan got in the ring and attacked her, leaving Zara to go for Mrs. Sandman, but Morgan shoved Zara into Kailey, causing Kailey to go down on the ground. The fans were booing as the VOV set up and went for their finisher. Morgan rolls over Kailey and pins her as VOV gets the victory over the former champions. Could they be going into the Tag Extravaganza tournament? Find out!

Winner: Valedictorians of Virtue


In a pre-recorded segment, we go to a living room filled with Christmas decorations, as the camera turns across the room, it shows Mary Ellen Harrison sitting in front of a Christmas tree, looking at a look filled with pictures of her from the previous twelve months.

Mary Ellen Harrison: 2020. What a crazy year it has been.

Mary Ellen Harrison: I don’t really need to get into the details, we’ve all lived it, but since we’re nearly at the end of the year, I thought I would look back at what 2020 has been like for myself.

Mary Ellen Harrison: I’ve had my success and failure in the ring, competing for 5BW titles against the best that this company has to offer.

Mary Ellen Harrison: I’ve had my constant problems with the Johnson sisters all year.

Mary Ellen Harrison: I was able to team up with my fiance for one night only..

Mary Ellen Harrison: I also got to make my first trip to Japan for many years to compete with Samantha Tolson to show how good of a team we are.

Mary Ellen Harrison: While I like to say that I can be proud of my year, there has been one thing that has been missing, and it just so happens to be at the very top of my holiday wish list.

Mary Ellen Harrison: A 5BW Championship.

Mary Ellen Harrison: At Winter Wonderland, I can get myself one step closer to that goal, by competing in the Gift Ladder Match. The winner can get a shot at any championship that they want in 2021

Mary Ellen Harrison: But it’s not going to be easy. There are three other competitors in this match that are just as hungry as I am to grab this opportunity.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Christy Winters has been here for a while, and has been making a name for herself, whether that’s for good or bad reasons is up to others to decide, but I know she’s very eager to shut the haters up.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Enforcer is definitely someone not to mess with. Easily the biggest person in this match, he is not going to go down easily, but that doesn’t mean he won’t go down, even if we need assistance from some steel.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Then we have Felicity Ann Mason, definitely the wild card of this match. Someone that seems to have been reborn over the last couple of months, but that doesn’t mean I can’t take her lightly. If anything, the new attitude could make her even more dangerous.

Mary Ellen Harrison: But even with all of those competitors in the match, there is one thing that should still be very clear. I’m not going in to compete, I’m going in to win.

Mary Ellen Harrison: I’m getting sick of always being one step away from grabbing my own championship. I’m going to go in there and win this ladder match and finally show everyone that I am indeed worthy of being called a champion.



The Gift Ladder match was the next match up with a shot at getting any championship that these four wants to get in the future. The first one out of the back was Enforcer as the fans were booing at him as he was walking to the ring. The next one was Felicity Ann Mason, who was Phoenix LeStrange before she rechanged. The next one out of the back was Mary Ellen Harrison and the last one being Christy Winters. All four of them had a plan, but one plan was to get Enforcer out of the ring, which they did, but of course, the backstabbing did happen when Christy Winters knocked Felicity right in the face where Mary Ellen was left with Enforcer most of the match, but she was able to get him in the ring. Of course, the break down was chaos as everyone tried to get on the ladder. At one point, Christy and Mary Ellen were fighting on the ladder due to stuff that was said beforehand as there was no love loss. Felicity got most of the stuff in with Enforcer, but Mary Ellen eliminated him when she dove off the ladder and onto him, taking him out of the match. Felicity, Mary Ellen and Christy were all in the battle for who was going to get the gift, but Christy took out Mason and wanted Mary Ellen, but Mary Ellen showed why she didn’t want to let up and kept on fighting and fought and actually threw Christy off the ladder, but tossed herself as well. The fans were amazed with everyone in this match as everyone was busting their ass in this match. Towards the end, Mary Ellen was going up and was about to grab the gift that was hanging above, but Felicity came up and PUSHED Mary Ellen right off as the fans were booing for this. Christy sees the advantage and climbs up the ladder and pulls the gift down as the fans are booing. She now has the gift for any championship match she could be going for as the fans are booing for this as she smirks and holds it.

Winner: Christy Winters


Gabe is standing in the green room backstage.

Gabe thinks about Winter Wonderland being in his home country of Canada.

Gabe Tonight, Winter Wonderland is in my home country. This time, I will not be embarrassed here in Canada like the last time 5BW was here, which was for 5BW Goes Canadian in April. This trip is going to be a whole different ball game. So you people better be prepared for a different outcome tonight. Mark my words, 5BW Goes Canadian is going to be the last time I am ever embarrassed in my home country.

Gabe: So, You people must be so happy that I did not walk out of Turkey Trot 5BW Champion? I had to tell Samantha that I respect her. You know what though? I did not mean a damn thing from it. I still do not respect the girl.

Gabe thinks about his FIGHT Championship Fatal Four Way Match.

Gabe: But, Tonight is a new night. Tonight is going to be way different than Turkey Trot. The outcome is going to be different this time. This time, I am walking out as champion. Tonight, I have the chance to get my hands on That overrated, overhyped little kid, known as Noris Cranley. I am going to take pleasure in taking what is very dear to him, the FIGHT Championship. I am so sick of seeing him parade around with that championship anyways.

Gabe takes a deep breath.

Gabe: Since I could not beat Sam, beating Noris is going to be just as good, if not better. Of course, there are other people in this match who are standing in my way of me putting my hands on Noris. Those girls do not mean a damn thing to me. They are both just stepping stones to getting what I want. All I want is to beat Noris and take the only thing that means anything to him. Hell, The FIGHT Championship probably means more to him than his little girlfriend.

Gabe pauses.

Gabe: So Noris, It’s okay though. I am here to take the FIGHT Championship off of your hands. Do you even want the responsibility?. All you want to do is be in your girlfriend's shadow. Not having the championship will take good care of that.

Gabe stops and thinks about his other two opponents.

Gabe: I have two ladies standing in my way of getting to Noris. Now Ladies, I have nothing against the both of you. But, I am the one who wants to get his hands on Noris the most here. I am telling you both right now, stay the hell out of my way. Let ME take care of Noris. You both just go and do your thing, while I beat Noris to a pulp.

Gabe thinks about the two women who stand in his way.

Gabe: We have Rachel Faust. She is a big strong lady. With all due respect to her, what has she done here to get into this match? All she has done is play security guard for The Damned Ones. Since when does being a security officer become a requirement for finding a way into a championship match? The only thing she has to offer is her size. I get it she is strong and could be a threat. Guess what? Not to me. I can still push her out of my way. She may think she is all big and bad, but you know what? I am badder and I am better. My desire to get my hands on Noris is way more powerful than her size.

Gabe pauses and collects his thoughts about Adelaide Ainsworth.

Gabe: Notice a pattern here? We have another strong tough lady in Adelaide Ainsworth. She has done more than be a bodyguard. I give her that. However, why in the hell is she in this match when she couldn’t even put away Brett Elliott of all people? Like Rachel, she is going to be in my way too. Neither one of you ladies are going to get the job done tonight.

Gabe thinks about how management does not respect him.

Gabe: Does 5BW Management disrespect me so much that they have to put two strong women to come between me getting my hands on Noris? What is wrong with this picture? I guess the 5BW Management loves putting people in MY way. You know what 5BW Management? If you are even watching this, the joke is going to be on YOU tonight when I walk out the FIGHT Champion. I will be the one laughing after tonight.

Gabe collects his thoughts again.

Gabe: Well like the saying goes, when one door closes another one opens. I will be damned if I let this one close on me tonight.

Gabe thinks about his last thoughts.

Gabe: So Noris, Get ready for me to embarrass you. I am going to make sure I take your precious championship away. I may have two women in my way but even they cannot stop me from getting a hold of you. All I am going to say to you Noris is your time as FIGHT Champion is dwindling down.

Gabe gets up and leaves the green room.

Scene Fades.



The Fatal Four Way match up is Noris Cranley, Adelaide Ainsworth, Rachel Faust and Gabe Khane going at it to see who will be walking into 2021 the FIGHT Champion. The first one out of the back is Adelaide Ainsworth followed by Rachel Faust, Gabe Khane and then the FIGHT Champion, Noris Cranley. The match broke down into pure chaos as Noris and Rachel fought due to their history and Gabe Khane and Addy A also fought one another in the ring. The fans are cheering for this as the fight was on in this match up. Finally, Noris and Gabe got their hands on each other due to words that were exchanged and Addy A and Rachel Faust started fighting with one another in the ring. All Chaos was happening until Noris was able to take control of the match and tossing Gabe out of the ring, but Rachel saw this as an open and attacked Noris as the both of them fought due to their history with one another. Addy A was taking control of the match with Gabe fighting back in the match. While it looked like Addy A was about to win the match, Noris got her and went for the No Limit Driver, but Rachel Faust came up and tackled into the ground. Addy A Fell, leaving Gabe Khane to come in the ring and pin Addy in the middle of the ring and get the THREE count. We have a NEW FIGHT Champion as Gabe grabs the championship. The fans are booing at this and they are not happy with what went down. Gabe said he was going to win and it just happened.

Winner and NEW FIGHT Champion: Gabe Khane.


The scene cuts in on an angry as hell Dakota Mendoza as she sits on a metal crate. After what had just dealt with the other day with her sister being kidnapped, her anger is absolutely boiling. She’s trying the best that she can to contain herself, but she’s clawing at the metal crate quite hard. Still, she’s trying to keep herself as composed as she can be as she begins to express her thoughts.

Dakota Mendoza: This company would’ve been so much better if you had either left 5BW after your embarrassing world championship loss… or if you just stayed away after Hayley broke your hand…

Dakota retains her anger as she continues…

Dakota Mendoza: But NO Luciana… you HAD to come back, didn’t you? You couldn’t just put your damn ego aside and realize that 5BW DOESN’T need you anymore. I will be the first to admit it! When we first came here, 5BW did need someone like you! For all that you have done for this business, the star power and the prestige that you brought to this company was exactly what it needed. You were, without question, ahead of everyone else in this company. You were miles ahead of everyone. You and I both know that and I hate to admit that, but it’s the truth. By the time Hayley broke your hand, the rest of the roster for all intents and purposes DID catch up to you. You couldn’t have just stayed gone?

Your ego had to keep you here?

Right… I’m talking about the same woman that went through four glass tables from a 25 foot drop about three years ago, had her lower spine nearly severed, nearly left paralyzed after you got what you honestly deserved at that time. You were lucky that you were even able to have a career after that even if it did take you more than two years to come back. And yet, no matter what you go through… whether it’s that… whether it’s that humiliation that you went through at Vendetta… whether it’s Hayley breaking your hand… you just… don’t… go… away…

Dakota pauses, wondering how in the world Luciana continues to come back from everything that she’s been through.

Dakota Mendoza: And then there’s all the shit that you put ME through when I was your protege… when you tried to force me into being something that I’m not… when you put restrictions on me as if I was a fucking child… when you brainwashed me into doing your bidding… most of the time by blackmail… and then all the shit that you’ve put me through ever since you came back, hell going as far back as when we broke ties… breaking Hayley’s hand… embarrassing me by causing me to lose to Jade Valentine… shaving my boyfriend’s head...costing me the Splat universal championship… KIDNAPPING MY SISTER!!!!!

The mere mention of this really gets Dakota heated up considering that this has really gotten personal now with that last event that she just mentioned…

Dakota Mendoza: YOU… of ALL people… kidnapping someone else’s sister? SERIOUSLY? Look, your husband was not supposed to be hurt by what happened… but do you think I’m SORRY for what he went through? NO! He didn’t deserve that… but YOU did… so YOU can know what it’s like to have one of YOUR loved ones hurt. After all this time… you don’t seem to get this ONE thing…

Every action has a CONSEQUENCE!

You think that just because you’ve been able to get away with the shit that you have ever since you came back that you’re not going to pay for it all? Your husband was just the beginning… as much as it sickens me to even say such a thing. You walk around acting like I am completely incapable of being just as good if not better than you! Well tonight, Luciana… you’re finally going to get the reality check that you have needed for your ENTIRE CAREER! I’m not talking about just 5BW… I’m talking about the decade plus long reign of terror that you’ve had in this business!

You’ve taken your share of bumps and bruises over the years. You’ve suffered some heavy consequences. And yet, you not only keep coming back… but you don’t change a bit either because you haven’t learned your lesson… or because you REALLY don’t give a fuck as long as the end justifies the means.

I know you better than anyone else contracted to this company Luciana…

And I know exactly how to beat you and make you PAY for the shit you’ve put me through!!!

Dakota slides off the metal crate at this point and disappears down the hallway, ready for one hell of a fight as the scene fades out.


The scene cuts in on Luciana Verdoza in the locker room and she’s fuming pissed at the moment. Obviously, her failed attempt at shaving the head of Dakota’s sister isn’t helping her mood, but the kind of anger that Luciana appears to be expressing on her face is definitely in regards to much more than that…

Luciana Verdoza: You act like you’re the only one that has any right to be angry?

Luciana sighs and rolls her eyes.

Luciana Verdoza: You took out my HUSBAND, you IDIOT! And you JUSTIFY IT? My husband was not the one that was about to shave your sister’s head. It was ME! Oh but you spear him through the sliding door? You REALLY should be fined or even suspended for that crap! But there you go again, behaving like a damn victim telling everyone and anyone who will listen how wrong it was of me to break Hayley’s hand. HELLO? She did it first! PAYBACK was long overdue for her. I gave her exactly what she deserved. I was perfectly justified in doing that.

You act as if everything I do is for no good reason at all… like you’re some kind of patron saint…

Luciana takes a pause, expressing some annoyance on her face.

Luciana Verdoza: Why do you want to get rid of me? Why do you want me out of 5BW? I have every fucking right to be here just like you do! You’re right about two things though: one, 5BW NEEDED ME to be here because before me, where was the star power? Who the fuck were the ingrate fans going to pay to see, huh? Mary Ellen Harrison? Pfft! THRILLER? Get the fuck out of here. Hey, remember how I humiliated that guy right out of 5BW? Lex Collins? Ultimately, he just couldn’t handle being ‘the guy’ that 5BW tried SO hard to make him be. Face the facts, honey. The world championship has spiraled into obscurity since I lost it. 5BW STILL needs me. And the other thing you’re right about?

I ALWAYS come back no matter WHAT I suffer through!

I’m the queen of resiliency, don’t you get that? I’ve been humiliated on live television as a rookie wrestler. I’ve had my baby sister kidnapped… ironically enough… by a flash in the pan… and the worst part is that the FANS chose HIM over me when my second title reign ended in his hands. I was hospitalized again and again 5 years ago and they STILL couldn’t keep me down. Sure, throw Vendetta in my face. That was humiliating. Royal Crown was fucking humiliating. But I’m still here, Dakota. You want to know why?

Because I am not YOU!

I am NOT a fucking VICTIM like you are!

Yeah, I’ve been taken out, knocked down and humiliated TONS of times over my 13 and a half year career… but I ALWAYS come back… I ALWAYS get BETTER when I come back because I don’t wallow in the misery of what happened to me! I come back stronger and better than ever and you are too up your own ego to EVER admit that I DID come back better than before…

That’s why you’re so scared of me…

That’s why you have your little temper tantrums and behave like a victim when I cause some damage to you.

I’ve had tons of reality checks. I’ve had tons of opportunities to ‘learn my lesson’. Yet, I PASS on those opportunities. You know why? Because I don’t give a FUCK! I do things MY way! I’ve ALWAYS done things MY way! I’ve NEVER made a decision in my career based off of someone else’s words or actions toward me. To ‘learn my lesson’ and to ‘change’ would be giving in to someone else and why the FUCK would I EVER want to do that? I don’t ‘learn my lesson’ because I can’t… I don’t ‘learn my lesson’ because I just don’t fucking WANT TO! Ever think about that?

So to answer your curiosity?

I REALLY don’t give a fuck because the end always justifies the means!

Luciana takes one last pause as her bitterness and anger courses through her. It’s apparent that she is just about fed up with everything regarding Dakota Mendoza’s personality.

Luciana Verdoza: And in the end? YOU will be the one failing your boyfriend. YOU will be the one failing your sister! I will be the one avenging my husband here… and when I am done with you… you’re going to realize what I’ve felt all along… that you’re JUST NOT FUCKING GOOD ENOUGH to be ANYTHING in this damn company! I can’t WAIT to be fucking DONE with you so I can get MY world title back! You’re a stepping stone to get there Dakota… that’s what you REALLY are to me!

Luciana lets out a bit of an angry expression as she bolts from the locker room showing just how fed up she is with Dakota as the scene fades to black.



The first main event of the night was Dakota Mendoza and Luciana Verdoza finally going at it in the ring. The fans were ready for this fight and that the action was going to be a good one. The first one out of the back is Dakota Mendoza as the fans are cheering for her. She comes out with a serious look on her face and that she means war. The next one out of the back is Luciana Verdoza as she is walking to the ring very slowly and giving Dakota time to think about what the biggest mistake of her career could be. Dakota rolls out of the ring and starts fighting with her and the fight is on as the fans are cheering and going wild for this as they are fighting in the ring with one another as the fans are cheering. Luciana, though, was able to get her jabs in against her and actually tried to break Dakota’s hand in the middle of the ring, but Dakota was not going to allow it and prevented that from happening. The fight poured outside of the ring, but Sabrina Baker came out and tried to attack Dakota, but Dakota was able to kick her in the face. Luciana threw her back into the ring and tried to finish her off, but Dakota was able to get the Mendoza Facebuster in on her, but Sabrina again tried to attack her. Dakota went after her, but Luciana was able to get her in the new finisher Hell Kick as the fans were booing. She pins Dakota in the ring as the fans are booing for this, but Dakota can get out of it, leaving Sabrina and Luciana in shock. Dakota is having a two on one situation, but Noris Cranley comes up and evens it up and takes out Sabrina Baker, but right behind him is Rachel Faust as the fans are booing, but Noris, who is raged on losing his championship, thanks to her, fights her as the fans are cheering for this. Luciana is enjoying this as Dakota is on the ground and pulls out hair clippers. It’s about the hair shaving season, but suddenly…. Hayley Fien, who is in a hand brace, is behind her and grabs the clippers. She throws them and turns Luciana around. Hayley and Luciana are standing toe to toe, but Sabrina Baker comes back in the ring and attacks her. Hayley and Sabrina are now fighting with the referee telling them to get back in the back, but Hayley slips a piece of her cast in the ring with Dakota picking it up. Dakota waits for Luciana to turn around, but Jayson Schneider, Luciana’s trainer, comes out of the back and HITS Dakota right in the face with the cast. He tells Luciana to cover her and she does and yells at the referee as the fans are booing. Luciana has her pinned and wins the match up, causing the fans to boo at this. Luciana stole a win thanks to the Damned Ones and Jayson Schneider as the fans are booing at this as he raises her hand in the ring with the Damned Ones standing in the ring. Hayley and Noris both check on Dakota with Heather coming out of the crowd and checking on her sister as well.

Winner: Luciana Verdoza


New Years Party
January 10th, 2021
Bronx, New York



Ariel Madden can be seen inside the 5BW locker-rooms. She’s dressed to compete. She is also as ready as she can be given the monumental task ahead of her. Breathing deeply, she doesn’t even notice as Brandi St. Pierre enters the locker rooms with a camera crew. Her mind is focused on one thing and one thing alone: Sam Tolson. Brandi approaches cautiously, unsure of how to begin. Still, she listens to instinct.

Brandi: “Ariel?”

Ariel is brought out of her focus, and she turns her head to face the new interviewer.

Ariel: “Hi… Brandi, right?”

Brandi smiles, placed a little more at ease.

Brandi: “Yeah.”

Ariel: “Welcome to 5BW, Brandi.”

Brandi: “Thanks… um… I was wondering what your thoughts are going into your main event match… the biggest match of your career?”

Ariel smiles. She sits back and begins to ponder the question.

Ariel: “That’s a good question. I’ve actually given a lot of thought to this match, running through the gamut of feelings and emotions that I could have knowing just how high stakes this contest is. When the season started, I came into it with a chip on my shoulder. You see, my feeling at that time was that I was being forgotten or, worse, relegated to the crowd.”

Brandi: “Is that a bad thing?”

Ariel: “When the industry thrives on those who stand out, getting pushed into the crowd can be fatal. That’s why I went with the motto of “No Filler”. I wasn’t going to let myself get relegated to the “good hand” position, someone to go out there and fill some time. I wanted to show that every step I took, ever action I made, MATTERED. That I mattered ”

Brandi: “And how did that go?”

Ariel grins, motioning around her.

Ariel: “You tell me. I went through the first part of the season building credibility back quietly. I sat back while a few people were gift-wrapped opportunities and watched as the RESPECT was given to fewer. My name was strangely always kept out of people’s mouths when it came to the “good job” that would go out on Twitter after the shows, but I guess that’s what happens when you don’t socialize with your peers.”

Brandi: “Why don’t you socialize with your peers more?”

Ariel: “Do I really HAVE peers, Brandi? For many of the people on the roster, wrestling is their life. They compete for two, three, even four companies at a time. They run themselves into the ground. Me? I’ve got my gym. I’ve got my acting. And I’ve got 5BW. Don’t get me wrong, I love all of my jobs, but I have my hands in so many pots that there are times I feel like my outside interests would just limit how much socializing I can do with my “peers”.”

Brandi: “Oh...”

Ariel: “But back to your question... my thoughts about tonight? I think that, first of all, I deserve the position I’m in. I earned the right to challenge Sam Tolson for the 5BW Championship because I am talented. I’m more than some muscles. I fought my way through the Steinbrenner Cup against some of the most game athletes in this company and emerged victorious. That, in and of itself, proves that I deserve this opportunity more than someone who joined the company and gets a title shot to give the Champion a match to pad her reign.”

Brandi: “You’re talking about Sam Tolson.”

Ariel winks.

Ariel: “You’re a sharp one. Sam… what can I say about Sam Tolson? She’s been a tremendous Champion. She’s proud. She’s honorable. She’s doing what she can to build the profile of the 5BW Championship. And people know who she is. I mean, let’s face it. How many people in the wrestling world are familiar with Sam Tolson? Personally, it was seeing her in 5BW and knowing her reputation that brought me to the company in the first place. But…”

Brandi: “But?”

Ariel: “But… I mean, she wants to rebuild from Luciana’s “disrespect”. But has she done that so far? Look at who she’s beaten… how many of THOSE matches have been treated like MY shot against the former Champion was? How many of those shots REALLY had people believing the challenger had a shot? When I challenged Luciana, all anyone could talk about was what would happen when Sam got HER singles shot against her. There was never ANY consideration that maybe, just MAYBE, I would pull off the upset and become Champion. No one even floated that as a remote possibility… and that includes Sam Tolson herself. And you wonder why I got a chip on my shoulder? No one gave me a chance… so I made my own chance. And here we are… Winter Wonderland. Tonight I take my chance. Tonight I prove to everyone who doubted me… everyone who ever dismissed me… that I am the real thing. And I do it WITH that 5BW Championship. I’m not going to be just another number to tack onto Sam Tolson’s reign. I’m so much more than that.”

Brandi: “Well, good l...”

Ariel: “No!”

Ariel cuts Brandi off.

Ariel: “I’m not interested in “luck”... tonight is about skill and preparation. And I’m ready.”

Brandi: “Great… um… back to you?”

The scene shifts...


Mafia Wars
January 31st, 2020
Bronx, New York

The scene starts with Brandi St. Pierre standing in front of the 5BW Backdrop and looking at the camera.

[color= #cc6699]Brandi St.Pierre[/color]: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are moments away from the match that everyone here has come to see, the Five Boroughs Wrestling Championship. Earlier, I interviewed the challenger, Ariel Madden, but now let’s see what the champion, Samantha Tolson has to say.

Samantha Tolson walks up, wearing the mask that Mary Ellen Harrison got her and pulls it down as she eyes the newcomer to Five Boroughs Wrestling.

Brandi St.Pierre: Samantha, we heard from Ariel Madden and she had a lot of things to say heading to this match up. What are your thoughts facing off against her?

Samantha looks at the belt and then to Brandi.

Samantha Tolson: Brandi, I want to welcome you to Five Boroughs Wrestling. I am sure you’ve heard a lot about this place?

Brandi nods her head and looks at Samantha as she keeps on going.

Samantha Tolson: Ariel Madden was someone I looked forward to facing off against the longest time and personally, no disrespect to Noris or Brittani, who are two of my good friends in this company, but I feel like Ariel Madden could give me the match of a lifetime. I know how BAD she wants to win this. I know how bad she wants to become the top dog. I was heartbroken when she lost the first time around against Luciana, but that was when the championship was not the way it was.

She eyes it, rocks it and looks at Brandi.

Samantha Tolson: But ever since I won the championship, I made it what it turned out to be, and she showed why she is the top dog of this place and let's be honest, I would rather have faced off against her and not someone who doesn’t know the word “respect”. That’s what Ariel Madden has, respect, but enough of that. I am going to get to the point.

She eyes Brandi up and down before speaking yet again.

Samantha Tolson: Tonight, I will give EVERYTHING Ariel Madden wants. Whatever she will give, I will take and I know she won’t back down from giving me what I want, but in the end, 2021 is coming and I will be walking out of the match, STILL the Five Boroughs Wrestling Champion! The mission will Keep on going, Brandi!

Samantha gets a serious tone on her face and walks away, leaving Brandi looking and then turning back to the cameras.

Brandi St.Pierre: Ariel Madden. Samantha Tolson. Five Boroughs Wrestling Championship. Starts Now.



The main event of the night is the match that everyone wants to see and came for. Ariel Madden and Samantha Tolson for the Five Boroughs Wrestling Championship. The first one out of the back is Ariel Madden as the fans are cheering for her as she is walking to the ring with a Steinbrenner Cup T-Shirt on her and shorts that were made. She won the cup fair and square. The next one out of the back is Samantha Tolson as she comes out of the back and into the arena, wearing The Toronto Frost Logo on her single and the number 16 all around. She gets in the ring and holds the championship in the air and looks at the fans. Both Sam and Ariel are in the ring and stare down at each other, no blink as the fans are cheering for this with Ariel taking the first shot in her face. This is what Sam wanted from her and both started fighting in the ring, leaving the fans going wild for this match up. Both girls had one mission, go into 2021 or become champion. Ariel did not want to let go and was doing the best she can, but once Sam was getting defense, Ariel was crumbling because Sam was too strong for her, but she was able to fight back, but Samantha was doing everything she could to bring it. Samantha was taking control most of the match where she tweaked her knee a bit, leading Ariel to have an opening in the match and bring her down because Samantha does have a history of bad knees. Ariel worked on them to prevent her from using her Mind your head, but Samantha was able to kick her using her foot and get back up. Samantha did eventually use it, but Ariel kept attacking the knee, and almost got the victory there after one Butterfly Suplex. The match kept going and going where there were near falls in the match and Samantha had her in the Nightfall, but Ariel powered out and got her in the Atlas-Plex. Samantha did get out of it and locked in the Nightfall, but Ariel powered out of it and got her in the Atlas-Plex. She pinned her, but Samantha rolled her over and got her in the Nightfall. This was close and the heart was racing until Ariel grabbed the rope. They both had sweat pouring from their head and the gas was running low as now shots from the ground were happening. The fans were into this classic as both got up and went for a double superkick to each other’s faces. The fans were cheering, but suddenly, Amber Rockwell came out of the back, pulled the referee out of the ring, and HIT him, causing the fans to boo. Amber got in the ring and started to pound down on Ariel Madden as the fans were booing, but Samantha came back up and FINALLY got her hands on the women who tormented her over twitter for the past couple of months, but Amber threw her down on the ground and POUNDED down on the both of them. The fans are booing and flipping her off as Amber screamed at the top of her lungs. She has lost it and keeps on attacking them, but Mary Ellen Harrison, Samantha’s tag team partner, runs out of the back, but Amber rolls out of the ring and ignores Mary Ellen Harrison. ME checks on her and Ariel. Diamond Eyes by Shinedown kicks in as a standing ovation happens with Amber pausing, Sam leaning up along with Ariel.

No Contest.


Dora Richardson: Thank you everyone for the warm welcome, but right now, I am not in a warm welcome mood after the stuff I just saw.

Amber rolls her eyes with Ariel and Samantha standing up next to Mary Ellen.

Dora Richardson And yes, I am talking to YOU, Amber because this is something you NEED to hear!!

The fans cheer with Amber freezing in the middle of the ramp. Dora has a serious look on her face.

Dora Richardson: Ever since you have been in this company, you’ve been NOTHING, but a pain in everyone’s ass! From people complaining about you in my office, to people mentioning how bad of a company this is and who I hire without doing a background check!


Dora RichardsonI get it, you don’t want to change, but eventually, you will grow up!

She looks at Ariel and Samantha and the fans.

Dora Richardson: Which leads to Ariel and Samantha and the fans. I am sorry that you guys BOTH got fucked out of a proper ending of a match. The fans deserve it and down the line, there WILL be a proper finish, but it seems to me I have something different on my mind.

She rubs her chin.

Dora RichardsonConsidering that Tag Extravaganza is coming up and I am a former tag team champion in my right, you three seem to have a common enemy and when I say “you three”, Mary Ellen is also added in this as well.

Mary Ellen nods and mouths off that she wants in the mix.

Dora Richardson: Which leads to this, at Mafia Wars, Samantha, Ariel and Mary Ellen. All Three of you will team up against Amber Rockwell and two others she can find, that’s if people want to team up with her.

Samantha, Ariel, and ME nod, but Amber yells she wants to take all three on. Dora shakes her head “no”

[color= #BE81F7]Dora Richardson[/color]: But I’ll be fair here. Since you like to “party”, cause havoc and raise hell, I will do that because in this match, there will be no rules, there will be no ropes, there will be weapons and the only way to win this match is by K/O where one team has to be K/O’d to win the match up! The match is called….

She paces back and forth

Dora Richardson: MOSHERS BALL!!

The fans cheer for this as Amber Rockwell turns and looks at them. No Ropes, Weapons and someone must be knocked out on the losing team? Suddenly, Addy A comes out of the back and looks at Amber Rockwell. The both are enemies in a way, but who will be the third person? All things must be answered into the New Year as we end Winter Wonderland

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