5BW Presents: Big Love - February 28th, 2021

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5BW Presents: Big Love - February 28th, 2021

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Five Boroughs Wrestling Presents
Big Love
February 28th, 2021
LaBoom NightClub
Queens, New York

This show is Hybrid

The Cool Kids (C) vs. The Damned Ones
-5BW Tag Team Championship Match
Preview: Kicking off Big Love will be the Five Boroughs Wrestling Tag Team Championship match up between the shock team of the Cool Kids, who won the championships at Turkey Trot taking on The Damned Ones of Luciana Verdoza and Sabrina Baker. The Cool kids need to step up their “A” game against the team that is known for evil intentions. Will the Cool Kids surprise everyone again or will games be played? Find out!!

Anya Coyle © vs. Amy Harrison
-Revolution One International Championship Match
This match is RP’d - 1 RP per handler, 2k words MAX
Preview: At their pay per view Christmas Chaos, Anya Coyle won the Revolution One International Championship while at Winter Wonderland, Amy Harrison won a chance to face off against Anya Coyle considering that Revo and 5BW are affiliates. The pressure is on Amy Harrison the most as she looks to win her first championship in Five years but Anya Coyle is unstoppable right now. Will Revo gain one over 5BW or will Amy prevail?

Kelli Song and Fiona Franklin vs. Kieran Quinn and Veronica Rachelle
-Tag Rules
Preview: At Grandpa Judge’s Honor, Kieran Quinn returned to the ring and was victorious over Warren Schmitt. Veronica scored the upset win over Fiona Franklin, which caused a hysteria with both Kelli Song and Fiona Franklin. Considering that Kieran became very frustrated with Kelli and has a history with Fiona, he had the honor to be the partner of Veronica Rachelle. However, the catch in this match? This is a tag in, tag out, not the typical 5BW Tornado tag. Will Veronica and Kieran win this match or will Kelli and Fiona stop the both of them? Find out!

Gabe Khane © vs. Jessica Hendrix
-FIGHT Championship
Preview: Gabe Khane may have gone through war, but now he has another challenger in Jessica Hendrix. Jessica Hendrix has been here, but this could be her biggest moment. If Gabe retains, he ties former champion Noris Cranley in defenses, but everyone is sure Jessica will not go down without a fight. Who takes home the FIGHT championship? Find out!

xS vs. The Valedictorians of Virtue vs. A and B vs. the Johnson Sisters.
-Ladder Match
-Tag Extravaganza
Preview: Tag Extravaganza has taken a twist this year. This will be in a ladder match to determine who gets a shot at the Five Boroughs Wrestling Tag Team Championships. xS won it all last year while A and B, VOV and The Johnson Sisters look to win it. Only one team can win this. Who could take it all? Find out!!

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson vs. Minka Carter vs. Darian Andrews ©
-Triple Threat
-Freedom Championship
Preview: Darian Andrews’s championship run could be in jeopardy come this match up. Kelly Penkzee-Nelson is one of the toughest women on the roster while Minka Carter has history with Darian and the championship. We all know that both girls want a shot at the championship and we all know that Darian Andrews is a fighting champion. Who takes this home? Find out!!

Ariel Madden vs. Mary Ellen Harrison
-Singles Match
Preview: Two women that were aligned for fighting a good battle are now going against each other and this is only business between the both of them. Mary Ellen and Ariel both have good track records, but only one will win. Who takes this match home? Find out at Big Love!!

Samantha Tolson © vs. Hayley Fien
-5BW Championship match
Preview; This may come at a surprise for everyone. Samantha’s championship run has been one for the ages, but it will get tougher throughout time. Now she will be facing off against 5BW Upstart, Hayley Fien. Hayley Fien won her big match at Grandpa Judge’s Honor and now she is here, getting a shot at the championship. Who will be taking this home? Will Samantha complete defense 12 or will Hayley be the one? Find out!
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