5BW Presents: Big Love - February 28th, 2021

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5BW Presents: Big Love - February 28th, 2021

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Friday before Big Love…

Everyone on the Five Boroughs Wrestling roster is sitting six feet apart from one another in street clothes and other stuff. There are no lights, music, fans or anyone. Just the Fighters, the staff and Dora Richardson. She looks at everyone with a serious look on her face.

Dora Richardson: First off, I want to thank everyone for taking the time and coming out for this roster meeting. There is a lot of stuff I need to cover.

Everyone looks at her.

Dora Richardson: Last week, we lost five people, one of them was someone that caused a stir in the locker room and a rift with everyone and quite frankly, that’s not the way Five Boroughs Wrestling should be.

Dora looks around and sees everyone eying her, most of them are nodding.

Dora Richardson: I get it. Not everyone is going to be friends with one another, not everyone is going to get along, however, don’t come into my office or call my office, leaving voicemails saying you want this person gone so you can roam, you want this person gone because they don’t belong. As I look at EVERYONE in front of me, I will just say this.

She looks at her roster.

Dora Richardson: ALL OF YOU busted your ass to get where you are. That person causing the trouble was the one that didn’t belong here in the first place.

Everyone agrees with her.

Dora Richardson: I am going to tell everyone this. If you don’t like how things are run, you can go somewhere else. When I opened Five Boroughs Wrestling back in April of 2019, I built this place on honor, hard work and dedication. I was in Underground Championship Wrestling where things got crazy, this place could, however, we made the place what it turned out to be and that’s what I WANT this place to be.

She keeps her eyes on her roster.

Dora Richardson: Even though Grandpa Judge’s Honor was our high point, we need to come in strong for Big Love. We need to show we can rise above this. Let’s show what this place is REALLY about.

Everyone nods as the scene turns to black.


All Love is Lost by Architects kick in as we are live from La Boom Night Club in Queens, New York. The fans are pumped for what is about to go down in the ring tonight. The red and pink lights are flashing in the club to the beat of the song with the fans clapping along with the song. They are ready for the first big show of 2021 after everything that went down in the beginning of the year. This is a good feeling to have once more as it’s now time for Big Love.

The scene starts with Sabrina Baker and Luciana Verdoza standing outside of LaBoom Night Club in their gear and 5BW Zip up Hoodies.

Sabrina Baker: You know what, chick. This has been a FUCKED up week regarding the Damned Ones. If there is something I don’t like, it’s being double crossed. That’s what EXACTLY Rachel Faust did to us.

Luciana expresses some anger on her face, clearly sharing Sabrina’s sentiments.

Luciana Verdoza Yeah, you got that right! She couldn’t do what we needed her to do. She couldn’t take out Hayley. She couldn’t take out the Cool Kids! Unfortunately, Rachel turned out to be so USELESS! I have no regrets about the fact that she’s out! We can do better than her… we WILL do better than her...

Sabrina shakes her head and looks at her friend.

Sabrina Baker: You already said what needed to be said on twitter this week and I thank you for that. It’s bad enough that stupid blond big breast bimbo is getting a championship shot when she doesn’t DESERVE IT!

Sabrina growls.

Sabrina Baker: But you know what, You and I, we have BETTER things to worry about, such as the tag team championships that are AROUND the Moron Kids right now.

Luciana Verdoza The moron kids… ha…

Luciana just scoffs for a brief moment.

Luciana Verdoza Or as I like to call them… the CINDERELLAS! Because that’s all they are! Period! I think back to the TLC match and it makes me SICK! You had two WAY better teams basically taking each other out and Tessa like the fluke that she’s always been just happens to be the only one that survived all the chaos. The dumb bitch didn’t even realize that you had to climb the ladder to win the match! What kind of champion is that? And they both want to walk around here and be all NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE UP… get the fuck out of here with that! The tag team championships lost credibility when they won that match. Katie… she’s just a neurotic, psychologically fragile bitch that we can easily break mentally. Tessa? That girl is so stupid and her personality? Girl, she’s the type of wrestler that makes a real wrestling fan vomit in the stands. You’ve got people like Chelsea, Veronica and even CLARISSA down in SNA busting their asses and this aloof, brain dead, vegetable SOMEHOW has a JOB… which is vomit inducing itself… but a CHAMPION? Someone like THAT is a CHAMPION? HELL with that! The only place she belongs is in a dollhouse because all she is? Honestly? Is a Great Value brand Barbie you’d get for a dollar at Wal-Mart!

Sabrina Baker: And that says a lot about the US praises the nitwits at Softball Night Academy. I would RATHER have those girls on the roster instead of Tessa and Katie.

Luciana Verdoza Pfft, I’d rather have CAM ISLEY on the roster than those two…

Luciana pauses, choosing to calm down a bit knowing that she’s getting just a little too heated.

Luciana Verdoza: It’s alright though. That’s where we come in. We can fix this. We WILL fix this. We’re going to give the tag team titles a reason to be chased again. No more will the imbeciles in the tag team division need to feel embarrassed about being a part of it! We’re going to give them a REAL reason to want to be tag team champions! Unfortunately for the FOOL Kids… midnight has arrived… and this time? Cinderella doesn’t get Prince Charming in the end! Now… as for the Damned Ones and anything of that nature is concerned… not to worry… we’ve got it all figured out. Rachel WILL be upgraded, mark my words…

Sabrina smirks

Sabrina Baker: And that my friends….is DAMNED

Sabrina and Luciana walk back in the building ready for their match up.


The first match of the night is the Cool Kids defending the Five Boroughs Wrestling Tag Team Championships against Sabrina Baker and Luciana Verdoza of the Damned ones. The first team out of the back are the Damned Ones as they are coming out of the back and out of the ring. Last year at this event, Luciana became the 5BW Champion and this time around, she looks to add the 5BW Tag Team Championships along with Sabrina Baker. The next team out of the back are the Cool Kids, but Katie Powell does not want to come out. Tessa Whitmoyer is encouraging her to come on, but she does not want to come out. Tessa walks to the ring with Katie slowly walking behind her as they finally get to ring. The match starts with Katie rolling out of the ring as Sabrina goes right after her and fights her, leaving Luciana and Tessa to fight it out in the ring. Tessa tries her best to battle back, but Luciana does want to have it. Katie is tossed in the ring as Sabrina comes up and starts beating her down. Katie battles back along with Tessa getting on top of her, but Luciana tosses her out of the ring as she takes a back fall. Katie gets back up and begins to fight down on Sabrina and Luciana as the fans are cheering for this, but the Damned Ones take control of the match and begin to fight down on her in the match. Katie is having trouble fighting with Sabrina and Luciana with Luciana mocking her. Sabrina locks in Katie’s arm while Luciana looks at the fans and STOMPS down on the hand. That is the same way Luciana got hurt from Hayley Fien. Katie screams out in pain, but suddenly, Tessa Whitmoyer jumps on Luciana’s back as the fans are cheering, but Sabrina comes up and slams Tessa down on the ground. Tessa gets back up and SPEARS Sabrina back on the ground as Katie comes up, with one hand and SLAMS Luciana. The Cool Kids are now taking control of this match, but Katie doesn’t feel like she is doing the right thing. She goes over to Tessa and talks with her, but Luciana SHOVES Katie into Tessa causing her to fall on the ground. Tessa’s impact BLASTS Sabrina with Luciana going for her finisher on Katie. Tessa bridges into Sabrina as Luciana covers Katie in the ring. The referee counts with Tessa pinning Sabrina and Katie being pinned by Luciana and gets the three. Luciana raises her arms in the air and yells YES along with Tessa doing a cartwheel in the ring. There is both a confusion going on with the referee, leaving the fans confused. Sabrina goes over to Luciana as Tessa grabs the Tag Team Championships as she thinks she retained as Luciana says THEY won the championships. Suddenly, Dora Richardson comes out of the back and shakes her head with something. She looks at the referee and then at the Damned Ones to go back to the Cool Kids. She restarts the match with Katie coming up in shock. Tessa goes right after Sabrina Baker again, but Luciana catches her. Katie rolls out of the ring, but is STOPPED by Jayson Scheinder. Katie runs to the other side, but he grabs her and tosses her in the ring. Tessa goes right after Jayson, but Sabrina catches her in the Panic Switch and Luciana does her finisher on Katie. Tessa is trapped with Katie falling down with Luciana pinning her in the ring. This time she gets the three count and we have NEW Tag Team Champions. The Damned Ones have the gold as Jayson hands them over to Sabrina and Luciana as all THREE of them raise the titles in the air.

Winners and NEW 5BW Tag Team Champions: Damned Ones.
The scene starts with Veronica Rachelle in her locker room with Sarah McCarthy. Veronica is pacing back and forth knowing that she has the biggest match of her career, with Kieran Quinn who is a well known name in wrestling, especially holding three championships at the same time. Sarah looks worried for her trainee.

Sarah McCarthy: Listen, I know that you're angry and you want to send a message at their expense, but you need to focus. I don't want to see you getting reckless or too carried away out there. Focus on what got you here.

Veronica Rachelle: I do want to send a message to then, but I’m just sick of them disresepcting every body in the school just because of some stupid jealousy they have for us and for you. But don’t worry, I might be hot now, but I’ll be going there fully focused on the match at hand.

Sarah McCarthy: I hope so. I know what they’re capable of, and they can be very dangerous. I just don’t want you getting hurt out there.

Just then Meagan G and Kieran Quinn walk in. Meagan looks at Sarah and then to Veronica Rachelle then back to Sarah.

Meagan G: Yo, what is going on?

Sarah McCarthy: Just making sure that we’re good to go tonight.

Meagan looks to Kieran and he looks to her. She takes a deep breath.

Meagan G: Are you sure? After the week we had, something seems...off.

Sarah McCarthy: I know that this week has been pretty tough, but we’ve gotten through some tough times before.

Sarah looks at Veronica, still pacing around the room, but trying to stay focused.

Sarah McCarthy: Also, I’ve seen something in Veronica that tells me that she’s got what it takes to get the job done.

Meagan G: I see, but look who she is teaming with. There’s two things at stake here.

She looks at Kieran and back to them.

Meagan G: One being a part of Kieran’s team and honoring his legacy. Second, to shut that bitch along with her new friend the hell up!

Kieran looks at Meagan

Kieran Quinn: You can count on me on this

Meagan G: We as former CKP stars, current 5BW Staff, and Softball Night Trainees need to band together and fight this fight. Also…

Meagan puts to the sky.

Meagan G: You, Veronica Rachelle, need to honor that who’s show that was for. He’s looking down on you guys.

Meagan’s voice cracks.

Veronica Rachelle: Meagan, you’ve got nothing to worry about. I know he’s watching down on us and he’ll be proud of what we’re doing. That’s why we need to shut those bitches up tonight.

Everyone nods as Veronica and Kieran go to their match. Meagan folds her arms along with Sarah


The second match of the night is Anya Coyle defending the International Championship against Amy Harrison. This match is an important match for Five Boroughs Wrestling as this is their affiliates championship. The first one out of the back is Amy Harrison as the fans are cheering for her. She could finally win a championship in the middle of that ring. The next one out of the back is the Revolution One International Champion, Anya Coyle as she walks out of the back and into the arena with the fans booing at her. This is enemy territory she is walking in right now. The match starts with Amy and Anya barking with Amy slapping her in the face. Anya comes up and starts beating her down as the fans are booing for this. Anya yells that Amy is NOTHING and that she will ALWAYS fail. Anya picks her up, but Amy tackles her down and tosses her out of the ring. Both of them are fighting on the ground, but Anya upper cuts her right in the throat. Amy goes into the barricade with Anya charging at her. Amy moves out of the way, causing Anya to fly over the barricade and into the stands. Amy goes in and THROWS her into the chairs with her yelling this is 5BW and we get DOWN, but Anya uses a chair and SMASHES it over Amy Harrison. Anya tosses her over and jumps over the barricade, but Amy comes back up and throws her in the ring. Amy comes in and starts beating down on her and does the best she can, but Anya has everything calculated and numbered until she makes a mistake and costs herself in this match. Amy takes control over Anya and says that she is going to win this match up in the ring, but Anya grabs her and HITS her in the face with a stiff right. Amy falls on the ground as Anya smirks and looks up and goes for her moonsault. Amy moves out of the way as Anya holds her midsection, only for Amy to come up and go for Enziguri. Amy says that she is going to end this match in the ring with Anya coming up. Anya gets to her feet with Amy going for Broken Ugly Face and it connects. She rolls her over and pins her in the ring, but Anya puts her foot on the rope. Amy picks her up, but Anya goes for the Pledge RIGHT in the face. Amy crashes hard onto the ground. Anya rolls her over and pins her in the middle of the ring and gets the three count. Anya came and retained her championship as she rolled out of the ring, still with the fans booing at her. The referee is checking Amy with Anya yelling “I EXPOSED YOU” and walks to the back. Anya raises the title with everyone STILL booing at her.

Winner and STILL Revolution One International Champion: Anya Coyle

Gabe: Tonight, I am defending my FIGHT Championship against Jessica Hendrix. Give me one good reason why I am wasting my precious time defending MY Championship against her of all people? It is all good though, just another easy night for me. Hell, I deserve an easy night after the hell Amber Rockwell put me through at Grandpa Judge’s Honor.

Gabe thinks about having to defend his Championship against Jessica Hendrix.

Gabe: You know what though? It is just fine. Jessica is just going to wind up like all of the others who have challenged me. Just like them, she is going to wind up beaten up and defeated. She is going to be embarrassed just like all of my other opponents. Rest assured, her fate is going to be exactly the same as theirs.

Gabe looks into the camera speaking to Jessica.

Gabe: Jessica, you may just be better off not showing up for our match. Do you want to know why? It is because I am going to beat you anyways. Just save both of us the trouble and do not bother. Do you honestly really think you can compete with a champion like me? I don’t think you can. Just so you know, this is going to be a cake walk for me. You can try all you want but you will never be the champion that I am.

Gabe thinks about what Jessica hasn’t done to get a title opportunity.

Gabe: I get it, Jessica has had some wins here and there, but, sorry, in my book, that does not warrant a title shot. No offense but what else has she done to even get the honor of stepping in the ring with ME?

Gabe thinks about tying Noris Cranley for Most Successful FIGHT Championship defenses.

Gabe: After I put Jessica away. I am going to tie Noris for the most Successful FIGHT Championship defenses. Maybe I will get the same respect as him when I tie him. It will show 5BW management that I am just as good as him, if not then better.

Gabe looks into the camera.

Gabe: Jessica, You know what? You are just another title defense to me. You are just another number. Most of all, you are just another victim of standing in my way. That is all you are doing by challenging me for my FIGHT Championship. So time for you to get the hell out of my way. It is time for you to show me the respect I deserve.

Gabe looks closer into the camera.

Gabe: Jessica, after tonight, after I beat you, You WILL RESPECT ME!

Gabe storms off to get ready for his championship match.

The third match of the night is Kelli Song and Fiona Franklin going against Kieran Quinn and Veronica Rachelle, but this match is a tag rules match, meaning they have to tag in and out of the ring. The first team out of the back is Kelli Song and Fiona Franklin with Holly Singleton by their side since that is Kelli’s Protege. Kelli is barking at the fans that are yelling at her with them getting in the ring. The next one out of the back is Veronica Rachelle as she is ready for this match. The one behind her is Kieran Quinn as the fans are going wild for him. He gets to the ring and poses with Holly yelling at him, but he looks at her, still in this pose. Kelli sees the advantage and takes him OUT as the fans are booing, causing Kieran to fall off the mat. Kelli tosses Veronica Rachelle in the ring with Fiona coming after her and pounding down on her. The fans are booing with Kieran being out. Fiona starts the match and starts kicking her down and tells her that she is worthless. She throws her into Kelli’s corner with Kelli being tagged in. Kelli yells that she wants to wrestle bad and STIFFS Veronica right in the face. She tosses Veronica onto the other side. Veronica knows that Kieran is out of commission as she crawls up. Kelli comes after her, but Veronica uses her senses and KICKS Kelli. She jumps on the ropes and goes for a midair sunset flip and pins Kelli in the ring, but Fiona comes in and breaks it up. Kelli tags Fiona in with Holly nodding in approval and enjoying this as she is saying that they are nothing, but bikini models. Fiona KICKS Veronica right in the face where she is bleeding and gets on top of her to open the cut even more. Fiona looks at the blood on her hands and gives it to Kelli, who wipes it on her face. Kelli is now tagged back in and goes right after VR, but VR spears her on the ground. The fans are cheering as VR is battling back and gets up to run into the ropes, but Holly trips her on the ground causing the fans to boo. Kelli gets up and picks up VR and tosses her into the corner and kicks her down even more along with Fiona attacking her. Holly joins in as well. Kelli nods at her protege as VR falls on the ground. Holly nods and looks around, but suddenly, Clarissa Vega comes out of NOWHERE and takes out Holly Singleton. The fans are cheering as Kelli is in shock and yelling. Kieran is in the corner as VR needs to make the tag and she does as Kieran comes in the ring to a LOUD ovation. He turns around Kelli and starts laying it into her as the fans are cheering for this, but Kelli STIFFS him, making him fall on the ground. Fiona wants something from this with Kelli rolling him on the other side of the ring. She tags Fiona with Fiona going up top and going for her 450 Splash onto the Co-GM of Five Boroughs Wrestling and pins him. VR comes in the ring and BREAKS it up. Fiona gets to her feet and yells at her, but Kieran turns around and goes for his finisher onto Fiona, but Fiona gets out of it and BACKS into Kelli. Kelli tags in Fiona and spears Kieran to the post, which was a big mistake because now VR is in and she TAGS herself in the match up. Kieran stands up and allows VR to take down Kelli, but Fiona comes in and tries to take out Kieran. Kieran and Fiona take their fight out of the ring and brawl with each other. Veronica is battling, but Kelli has her right where she wants her. She says that she is going to finish her off, but Veronica rolls her up in the middle of the ring and gets the THREE count and rolls out of the ring. The fans are cheering for this as THIS time, its poetic justice. Holly Singleton gets in the ring and checks Kelli, who is FUMING after her loss.

Winners: Kieran Quinn and Veronica Rachelle

The scene cuts in on Cordelia and Morgan Clark in the Valedictorians of Virtue locker room. They’re both angry and determined at the moment, with much of their anger stemming from the fact that they haven’t caught too much of a break in the tag team division with everything that is going on. Morgan is the angrier of the two at the moment as she begins to speak her mind.

Morgan Clark: We’ve got to have this match, Cordy...

Cordelia Clark: That goes without saying…

Morgan Clark: I REALLY mean it this time though! We’ve got to have this! It’s like we’ve been completely overshadowed in the tag team division ever since we got here. It’s like we’ve been outshined by xS who just… i don't want to go away for whatever reason… The Damned Ones are CLEARLY outshining us obviously since they came out of nowhere and won the freaking tag titles! And you know what the worst part is? The COOL KIDS… the COOL KIDS… they… beat… US! It’s maddening!

Cordelia soaks in Morgan’s words, clearly trying to get a grasp on the sense of urgency that she’s bringing in with this match.

Cordelia Clark: It is! The way the Cool Kids won the tag titles in the first place was an unbelievable fluke too and everyone knows that. At least THAT has thankfully been corrected. But you’re not wrong, sis. I was hoping that we’d at least be in the upper tier of the tag team division, but instead it feels like we’re more on the tier of A&B for crying out loud.

Morgan Clark: Now do you understand why we HAVE to have the Tag Extravaganza? We’re NOT A&B! We’re SO superior to them! I won’t stand for losing to yet ANOTHER underdog tag team tonight. The Cool Kids and their very existence was vomit inducing enough. WE are the real underdogs here, Cordy! Everyone’s betting on the Johnsons and rightfully so! Everyone’s betting on xS… and rightfully so! But you know who they are overlooking? US! We’re BETTER than what we’ve shown! In our hearts, you and I both know this!

Cordelia Clark: We ARE! I sure as heck didn’t come to 5BW to be outshined and overshadowed by all of the other tag teams.

Cordelia thinks about things for a few seconds knowing that a lot of what Morgan is saying is true. She doesn’t share Morgan’s frustration, but she really is beginning to understand why Morgan badly wants this.

Cordelia Clark: We’re going to be alright, Morgan. I get why you want this. I’ve felt that frustration. I’ve got to be honest with you, when the Cool Kids won the tag team championships, I felt… humiliated. It’s like we’ve been saying… it’s not like they went out and beat us and xS by being the best team. It was all because ONE person avoided a glorified car crash. But at the same time, we can’t let that break us down, you know? We’re better than that. We’re smarter than that and most importantly, we’re stronger than that. This is the one opportunity that we have to really make things right and really prove that we’re a force to be reckoned with. So I’ll tell you this… let’s not worry about the other teams, okay? Let’s not worry about the odds. Let’s not worry about the type of match we’re going to be fighting. Let’s just worry about us. Let’s worry about what we are capable of and what we can do. Forget about the stupid Cool Kids. They’re gone. They don’t exist anymore. Let’s forget they ever existed and let’s just do our thing, okay? In the long run? WE are going to be the ones being the roses while they’ll be dead and buried. So yeah, I’m with you on how important this match is. So let’s get it done and show this division exactly what we’re all about!

Morgan Clark: That’s exactly what I was hoping to hear, Cordy! We’re going to take this and we’re going to show this division that we are NOT going to be overshadowed and outshined by ANYONE in this division EVER AGAIN!

Morgan and Cordelia do a double fist bump and then the determined young tag team walks out of the locker room ready to make the impact they’ve been starving for… for quite some time.


The Fourth Match of the night is Gabe Khane defending the Five Boroughs Wrestling FIGHT Championship against Jessica Hendrix. The first one out of the back is Jessica Hendrix as she looks to add another championship to her resume. The next one out of the back is Gabe Khane as the fans are booing at him as he is walking out of the back and into the Night Club. The match then starts with Jessica Hendrix and Gabe Khane staring down at each other as the fans are cheering with Gabe taking the first shot at her, but Jessica moves out of the way and begins to fight back against him in the ring. Jessica kicks down on his legs, but Gabe SLAMS her onto the ground as the fans are booing. He gets on top of her and starts laying it into her, but Jessica comes up and starts fighting down at him. Jessica picks him off and tosses him out of the ring, causing him to come out. Jessica comes up and gets on the top rope and goes for a crossbody onto Gabe from the outside, taking him out. Jessica picks him back up and tosses him in the ring as Gabe comes and spins around. Jessica comes running full speed ahead and goes after him, but Gabe goes after her and goes for a spinning spin buster as the fans are booing for this. He rolls over Jessica and pins her. Jessica kicks out of it, leaving Gabe coming up and yelling at her as the fans are booing. HE picks her up and puts her in the corner as the fans are booing and yells in her face, but Jessica forearms him in the face. Gabe stumbles with Jessica coming up and going for a corkscrew onto him. She pins him in the ring, but Gabe kicks out of it. Jessica shakes her head and says that she is going to finish this match in the ring as the fans are cheering. Jessica goes for Superkick as Gabe does not fall on the ground. Jessica goes for it again, and Gabe gets to one knee. Jessica runs and goes for the Famouser as the fans are cheering for this. Gabe is down as we could have a new champion as she rolls him over in the ring and PINS him, but Gabe kicks out of it as the fans are in shock. Jessica nearly had him with her coming up and getting in the position of her finisher. She goes for it, but Gabe grabs her and goes for the Out Out Gabe. The fans are booing for this as Gabe pins her in the ring and gets the three count over her. He stands up and looks at Jessica with his FIGHT Championship around him. Gabe says that he is unstoppable with this championship and rolls out of the ring, leaving Jessica coming up and upset about this loss.

Winner and STILL 5BW FIGHT Champion: Gabe Khane.
Alex and Brett just pulled up in their car.

Alex and Brett get out of their car and head into the arena.

Alex and Brett are thinking about their ladder match later tonight.

Brett: I am really looking forward to this ladder match. I wish we had more teams sign up for Tag Extravaganza, but it is what it is.

Alex: You are right, at least this ladder match will be a good one for the 5BW fans to see. I think they will enjoy this match. Hopefully we get some more tag teams to be a part of 5BW. I really want the competition. Our Tag Team division is great now but there is always room for more competition.

Alex and Brett think about their experience, having been in a ladder match before.

AlexAlex: Remember last year’s Tag Extravaganza, we were in a triple threat ladder match in the finals?

Brett: I remember. Even though we did not win, we learned a lot.

AlexAlex: We sure did. However, Xs are in this ladder match too. They won last year’s Tag Extravaganza. They had a good championship reign too.

Brett: Unfortunately, they beat us in a Two Out Of Three Falls match. I think we came pretty close to winning. It was not to be that night. I think this loss made us stronger and want to be champions that much more.

AlexAlex: Xs are going to be really hard to beat. They really want to repeat. I know we have never defeated them. They have always beaten us.

Brett: We need to make sure that they do not repeat.

Brett thinks about the other teams in this match.

Brett: But, there are two other teams in this match. There are The Valedictorians of Virtue. I feel like they are going to pull all of the stops to win this match. So far they have been a successful team.

Alex: Yep, they are going to be hard to beat. They want to be the best team around here. Tonight, we cannot let them out smart us. Cordelia and Morgan are two smart ladys. With them being as smart as they are, they will find a way to beat all of us.

Brett: Cordelia and Morgan may be smart, but our desire is just as good as their intelligence.

Alex: Right now, I think they are our biggest threat in this match. I have to give it to them, they are on a roll.

Alex sighs, thinking about the fact that The Johnson sisters are also in this match.

Alex: The only other team in this match happens to be the Johnson sisters. They are really close too. I have seen what they can and will do. We have to find a way to stop them too.

Brett: I think Larissa and Bridget will do anything to win. I am pretty sure they are going to try and weasel their way to a victory.

Alex: I could see that. They are known to be dirty and have tricks up their sleeve.

Brett thinks about his and Alex’s chances against the three other teams.

Brett: We are probably going to be seen as the underdogs in this match yet again. These are the three best teams in 5BW right now. I know we are not the “favorites”, but I think we still have a good shot of pulling it off.

Alex: I think our chances are good, we want this. We are going to show these other teams that we want to be the number one contenders just as bad as they do. We are just as good as they are.

Brett: I think they are too. We wanted competition, now we have it. This is why we have to be at our best tonight.

Alex: That is for sure.

Alex and Brett look at eachother.

Brett: I think we need to prepare for our match.

Alex: Yeah we better get inside.

Brett: Time to show the three other teams that we came for one reason and one reason only, that is to win.

Alex: That’s right! We are here to win.

Brett: When it is all said and done, they are going to find out why we want to be the top Tag Team here.

Alex and Brett look at eachother.

Brett: Let’s go.

Alex: It is time for us to show out!!

Alex and Brett fist bump each other.

Scene Fades.

In the back, the Damned ones are seen walking with the 5BW Tag Team Championships as they are celebrating.

Sabrina Baker: AH YES!!!! WE DID IT!!

Luciana Verdoza: Like there was ever a doubt that we could!

Luciana has a smirk on her face as she is clearly satisfied with the way things turned out

Luciana Verdoza: I mean SERIOUSLY! There was never, EVER a doubt in my mind that we were going to get it done! This is the CINDERELLAS we were talking about. They were scrappy little bitches, I’ll give them that but it just… wasn’t… good… enough!!!

Sabrina Baker And since Jayson is in...he’s a part of the US now!!

Luciana Verdoza: TOLD YOU we were going to upgrade Rachel… and who better than the man that mentored me into the wrestler that I am to begin with! He’s got three things that Rachel never had and never will have: world championships!

Luciana pauses, as she breaks out laughing. Jayson can only smirk in the background before he steps in between both women.

Jayson Schneider: What can I say? Some people have it, some people don’t. Clearly, she didn’t. Funny, you have her around and you both are going at a snail’s place but once the dead weight is gone… BOOM! Tag team champions! All it took was getting rid of… what’s her name again?

Luciana Verdoza: Never change, Jay! Never change! You’ll get used to his sense of humor. I’m getting flashbacks to the old days when we were tag team champions together…

Jayson Schneider: Flashbacks… a very good thing. We terrorized our old company for a long time… and with us and the most overlooked, underappreciated wrestler in 5BW in Sabrina here… I have a feeling this will be a damn good time!

Sabrina looks at them and keeps quiet. She never really had a World Championship, but agrees with what is said.

Sabrina Baker: But you know what? There is a brain to this group. Eventually, you guys will know who it is, but for now….

She takes out bottles.

Sabrina Baker: It’s time to Celebrate!

Luciana Verdoza: Damn right it is!!!!

Sabrina hands one each to Luciana and Jayson. Luciana takes her time opening up her bottle, but Jayson pops it open immediately. He smirks as some of the ‘bubbly’ flows out of his bottle.

Jayson Schneider: Cheers to a new day! A new era! A new power in Five Boroughs Wrestling! Cheers to the Damned Ones!

Luciana Verdoza: Cheers to 5BW never being the same again! Cheers to our conquest! Cheers to the end of the Cool Kids! Cheers to the Damned Ones!

They all drink to that.


The fifth match of the night is the Tag Extravaganza ladder match as the fans are ready for what is about to go down in this ladder match. The first team out of the back are the Johnson Sisters as they are ready for what is about to go down in the ring. A and B are out next followed by VOV and then the reigning tournament champions, xS. The match then starts with all hell breaking loose in the ring as the fans are cheering for this. A and B are battling down with VOV with xS fighting down with the Johnsons. We all know ladder matches can be very crazy with this as the fans are cheering for this and it gets brutal too. Alex and Brett are eventually tossed out of the match as the fans are booing with VOV taking control of the battle and the fight in the ring, but the Johnson sisters are battling back. Kailey Queen is showing a different side of her, a more serious side as she is fighting down on Larissa Johnson. Bridget is fighting with Zara with A and B coming in the ring and taking this fight seriously now and resume their summer battle with xS. Everyone was trying to go up to the ladder and getting the briefcase, but it was not enough for some of them. Towards the end of the match, xS and VOV were fighting on top of the ladder where Zara and Morgan had taken a fall outside from Larissa pushing them off the ladder. Kailey and Cordelia are fighting on the ladder as Kailey and Cordelia are fighting, but Kailey PUSHES the briefcase in front of Cordelia's face with one hand, but Cordelia uses the other hand and starts pounding it down, causing Kailey to fall off the ladder. Cordelia grabs the case and WINS the match up, thus Valedictorians of Virtue are the 2021 Tag Extravaganza winners and could get the championship shot. Again, xS are upped by VOV as Cordelia and Morgan celebrate with A and B being disappointed in what happened.

Winners and 2021 Tag Extravaganza Winners: Valedictorians of Virtue

In the back, Dora Richardson is walking in the back with Katie Powell running up to her.

Katie Powell: Miss Dora! I cannot do this anymore!

Dora looks confused.

Dora Richardson: Do What?

Katie Powell: This! I cannot do this!

Dora comes up and is still confused with the whole entire thing. She has to explain instead of saying “this”

Dora Richardson: You got to explain, Katie. I don’t know what you are talking about!

Katie Powell: I cannot find Tessa after me losing the tag team championships. I feel like this is all my fault!!

Dora Richardson: You do know there’s something called a rematch!

Katie Powell: Oh God!!

Katie darts out of the Night Club with Dora looking confused. She puts her hands on her head.

Dora Richardson: I cannot.

The screen fades into Christy Winters sitting behind her desk at her bike shop.

Christy: Back at Winter Wonderland, I obtained my guaranteed title shot, and as the time has passed I have been giving it a lot of thought as to exactly which champion I want to beat for their title.

I could challenge the winner of the fight title match, whomever that turns out to be. I could also do the same with the Freedom title. Another thing I could do is reform the Dynasty with my sister and run a rough shot through the tag team division.

Or maybe I just forgot all those titles and went straight to the top and the five boroughs champion, because that's really the money.

While my decision is still undecided, rest assured that when I do, said champion will know about.


The Freedom Championship match is now up as we have Kelly Penkzee-Nelson, Minka Carter and Darian Andrews going against each other. The first one out of the back is Minka Carter as the fans are giving her a mixed reaction. The next one out of the back is Kelly Penkzee-Nelson as she walks to the ring as the fans are cheering for this. The next one out of the back is Darian Andrews as his championship could be in danger. The match then starts with all three of them wiggling their fingers to see who will make the first move. Minka goes right after KPN as the fans don’t know what to think, but Darian Andrews comes up and fights as the fans are cheering for this. Him and Minka do have history with one another over the FIGHT Championship as the fans are cheering for this as they are battling with one another, but Darian is getting the best of Minka Carter. KPN comes back in the ring and attacks down on Minka Carter and throws her in the ring. She looks at Darian and you can see the height difference as they begin to brawl with one another as the fans are cheering for this. KPN and Darian are having a chop battle with one another in the ring and lighting up their chests like the city. Minka comes off the top ropes with a crossbody as she is punching KPN in the face. Darian gets on her and begins to battle with her, but Minka kicks him right in the face. She says that KPN does not belong in this match up, but KPN takes her out of the ring. She goes up top and sees Darian and Minka down as the fans are cheering as she goes for a moonsault, taking everyone down. A loud holy shit chant is going through with KPN picking up Darian. She says that she is going to win this match up, but Darian comes up and goes for a Super Kick in the face. Darian says that he is going to end this match in the ring and goes for the DVDT, but Minka comes up and SHOVES Him off as the fans are booing for this as she pins KPN in the ring. KPN is out as Minka covers her and WINS the Freedom Championship! The fans are in shock with this as Minka is now the second Freedom Champion. She picks up the championship and raises it while standing over KPN.

Winner and NEW Five Boroughs Wrestling Freedom Champion: Minka Carter

The live shot cuts in on Dakota Mendoza, but she’s not in any 5BW building. In fact, she’s not even in the city nor the state of New York. She finds herself back in her hometown of Portland, Oregon in a small, pink colored bedroom. There are toys and stuffed animals scattered all over the place and some pictures of two young girls playing and laughing together. Dakota looks around looking incredibly dejected. Giant, white letters spelling out the name “HEATHER” in a zigzag pattern are seen behind her indicating that this wasn’t her room. Bummed, Dakota sits on what was Heather’s bed at one point and she begins to express her thoughts.

Dakota Mendoza: It seems like everywhere I turn, Luciana and the Damned Ones just seem to be getting the upper hand. I saw what happened earlier tonight. I was hoping that they wouldn’t win the 5BW Tag Team Championships, but deep down, knowing the Cool Kids and the mismatch that the match was to begin with, I knew that the outcome was inevitable. Luciana has taken SO much from me. She’s tortured the hell out of me and no matter how hard I try, she seems to get the upper hand. I should’ve won that Splat! Title and she made damn sure that I didn’t. I should’ve made my way up the ladder in this company to a higher position by now. But Luciana just keeps ensuring that this doesn’t happen. She kidnapped my boyfriend and shaved his head. She kidnapped Heather… or Holly… or whatever she wants to call herself, and she almost shaved her head. There was Festivus in Florida where my sister and I teamed up and she and Jayson got the better of us and it was after that when Heather’s attitude toward me began to change. I’ve lost so much dignity dealing with Luciana… but that’s something that I can handle.

But losing my SISTER?!?!?!?!

Dakota lets out an exasperated sigh.

Dakota Mendoza: THAT is something that I’ve found difficult to deal with. I knew something was wrong when she wouldn’t talk to me, and I know YOU are responsible for that somehow Luciana. I KNOW that you turned her against me. I know that prior to the cameras coming on, you had her completely brainwashed. You probably are indirectly responsible for her running into Kelli’s arms! I KNOW for a fact that I lost my sister because of you! Heather and I didn’t always get along, but that’s any sisterhood! I never meant to bully her. I never meant to be the bossy big sister. I never meant to hurt her. I always thought that our relationship was great but I guess I didn’t realize she had been in such pain for so long. I own up to the fact that I caused some of it… but there’s no way that this relationship between us could fall apart so fast! You took my sister away from me, that’s what you did, Luciana! But I know why you did it. You did it so you can destroy me. You did it so you could get me to quit. You did it to bring me to rock bottom. Well, congratulations, you DID bring me to rock bottom.

You have driven me to my worst…

But what you’re NOT going to do is destroy me.

What you’re NOT going to do is get me to quit.

All you are doing, Luciana… is DIGGING YOUR GRAVE! Mark my words… when this is all over… I’m going to get it all back! I’m going to get my dignity back! I am going to get my pride back! I am going to get my momentum back! I am going to put myself on a path to greatness by overcoming you! You think you can kick me around like I’m some kind of cheap rock? No… YOU are the rock… hell… you are the STEPPING STONE, Luciana! Do you understand that? I know that in order to finally meet my potential in this business, I have to get through YOU!

And at this point, I’m DONE hoping that I’m going to do it the right and honorable way!

I know exactly what I am going to have to do in order to get through you and to meet my potential in this business. I know what I am going to need to do to get my happiness and my dignity back. I know what I am going to need to do in order to get my sister back and at this point, Luciana… I am at the point where I don’t give a DAMN if your career is over! I don’t give a DAMN if your little three year old girl is crying over the hospital bed I am planning on putting you in!

You deserve ALL the pain that I’ve been waiting a LONG time to unleash on you! What you’ve done to my sister and what you’ve done to break us apart is the last straw…

So celebrate and enjoy your big moment tonight, Luciana. Milk it for all its worth. Because you’re not done with me yet. And when this thing ends? It’ll be on MY terms BITCH!

Dakota maintains an angry glare on her face and just to make her point clear, she reaches underneath the bed she was sitting on and reveals fourteen cans of paint. She stands up and pops them all open, revealing that the paint is black. One can at a time, she splatters the black paint all over the bedroom, drenching the walls and some of the toys with the black paint before she walks out. The black paint spreads some more in the room, slowly engulfing the innocence of the room… leaving perhaps… a visual of what is happening to Dakota’s innocence itself as the scene cuts out.


Ariel Madden can be seen inside the 5BW locker-rooms. As it is right now, she is not in a very good mood. As evidenced by her recent Twitter activity, there’s clearly something on her mind. She sits in place, already in her ring gear, but looks to the camera with a bit of a cross expression on her face.

Ariel: “So this is what I get, is it?”

She sits back, scoffing a bit as she shakes her head.

Ariel: “You know, when I started with 5BW… with wrestling in general… I was warned to always keep an eye on what’s going on around me. That there were snakes in the grass waiting to pounce at any moment and take you out of the picture. I did what I could to persevere in spite of that, but here we are now, and I’ve been snakebit.”

Ariel smiles bitterly.

Ariel: “Back in December, I was at an all-time high. I had all the momentum behind me! I was ready for a chance to take the 5BW Championship from Sam Tolson, only to have that opportunity unceremoniously interrupted by an overrated, ill-mannered, petty and jealous BITCH… the same overrated, ill-mannered, petty and jealous bitch that I beat to EARN that Championship match in the first place.”

Ariel sits back, calming down a bit.

Ariel: “What was a dream match between the two best in Five Boroughs Wrestling turned instead into a nightmare as someone with no business being involved tried to take all the attention, steal the narrative, and make the story about her. And where is she now? Huh? Standing in an unemployment line. Well, to her I say good fucking riddance! I hope to never see your self-entitled face in MY ring again! But that’s not the issue right now, is it?”

Ariel shakes her head.

Ariel: “No… you see, I never LOST the Championship match. The end result was never actually attained. And yet now I find myself sitting on the sidelines, some weird outsider looking in and wondering when I get to make good on my opportunity? As far as I’m concerned right now, until I get to finish my shot at Tolson and the title, there is a cloud hanging over that belt and isn’t that ironic? You know, you get Sam on the mic and she talks about clearing the stench out from the previous Champion’s reign. And I try… I TRY not to take that personally because you know what? That previous Champion? That’s one that actually beat me. That I faced in the ring and went through without any shenanigans. So is that part of the stench, Sam? Am I part of the stench of that reign? Because the fact that you’re continuing to tack up statistics on your reign when you and I have unfinished business? That stinks pretty fucking badly to me.”

Ariel sits back.

Ariel: “You see, I have no issues with Mary Ellen Harrison, nor do I have issues with facing her tonight. But if you think I’m going to sit back and watch while every other person gets a chance to pad Sam Tolson’s reign before I get the shot that the Steinbrenner Cup ENTITLES me to? You’ve got another thing coming. And if Mary Ellen has an issue with that? Well, I have no qualms with making an example out of anyone. I want my shot. I want that Championship. And I will do what I have to in order to get it. Make this right, before I have to take drastic measures.”

Ariel steps away, moving to the door as the scene cuts.


The first main event of the night is Ariel Madden taking on Mary Ellen Harrison. The first one out of the back is Mary Ellen Harrison as the fans are cheering for her. In what was supposed to go down prior, she is now going against Ariel Madden. The second one out of the back is Ariel Madden as she is ready to go with this match up. The match then starts with Mary Ellen and Ariel saying they are not happy with everything that happened, but Ariel does not want to hear it and SHOVES Mary Ellen across the ring. Mary Ellen comes back up and battles with her and does everything she can to fight back against her in the ring, but Ariel is too strong and powers her. Mary Ellen is even put above her head and SLAMMED into a Military press slam as the fans are impressed with this as Mary Ellen is down. Ariel picks her up again and starts waving her around like a ragdoll and again tosses her down. We know Ariel is pissed off about everything that happened and she is showing it, but Mary Ellen comes back up and starts fighting her in the ring. She throws her into the ropes, but Ariel is strong for her. Ariel pulls her in for a headbutts Mary Ellen in the face. Ariel looks around and mouths off that she is not playing nice and picks up ME, but ME rolls her up in the middle of the ring and pins her, but Ariel powers out of it. ME pushes her into the corner and rams her shoulders to bring her down. She is able to get Ariel down finally and runs into her with double knees. ME gets on the top rope and waits for Ariel to get up. She does and ME goes for a corkscrew moonsault onto Ariel Madden and pins her in the ring, but Ariel kicks out of it. ME says that she is going to end this match in the ring and goes for the Ravens Lock and it connects. She again pins Ariel, but Ariel again kicks out of it. ME looks to the ropes again and looks up top as she climbs up, but Ariel comes running up, grabs Mary Ellen and goes for a SUPER ATLAS PLEX as the fans are in shock with this. This has to end Mary Ellen, who is fast with Ariel pinning her in the ring and gets the three count. Ariel Madden has officially won the match over Mary Ellen Harrison as she can move on. She looks at Mary Ellen, who is on the ground and helps her up. ME looks at her with her black hair basically wet from sweat with Ariel patting her on the head and leaves the ring. Ariel looks and mouths off to the camera that she is gunning for the World Championship now and that nobody is about to stop her now.

Winner: Ariel Madden
In the back, xS are looking sad about their loss as Kailey looks very upset with this.

Kailey Quinn: I cannot believe this. I cannot believe this! Like Oh em Gee! What are we going to do next?

Zara Grimm shakes her head and puts her hands on her head. She looks at Kailey Quinn, but suddenly, Meagan G walks by. Zara eyes the general manager, and does not look happy at all.

Zara Grimm: YOU!

Meagan eyes Zara Grimm as Kailey looks at her.

Kailey Quinn: Z, NO! Calm down! We don’t need this!

Meagan looks at Zara and then to Kailey before looking at them with a serious look.

Meagan G: Look, I understand you guys are not happy with what happened in the match up. I get it. It’s very upsetting because you two are the MAIN important part of this tag team division, BUT I am not here to rub more salt in wounds. I am here to let you know something.

Zara Grimm: Then let’s hear it, Judge!

Kailey Quinn: YEAH! Let’s hear it, Judge Lady!

Meagan looks at them and pulls out something.

Meagan G: Since you guys won the match at My Grandfather’s show and considering that Valedictorians of Virtue won Tag Extravaganza on top of that, We do have new tag team champions, who are intoxicated probably, but that’s not my point. The point is this.

She looks at them still

Meagan G: Everyone wants to see you and Valedictorians of Virtue to go at it one more time, and considering that my grandfather was a HUGE tag team fan, I want you and them to tear down the house. The match? Grandpa Judge’s Rules.

xS look at each other.

Kailey Quinn: It’s….it’s...its not a hardcore match, is it?

Meagan shakes her head “no”


As Kailey is celebrating….Zara has a serious look.
Zara Grimm: Whatever match this is, we will do it. Besides, I am sure everyone would love to see two serious tag teams go at it instead of jokes.

Meagan G: That I understand.

Meagan walks away as Zara Grimm looks at her tag team partner and tells her to calm down.

The scene starts with Brandi St. Pierre standing in front of the 5BW Big Love backdrop with the camera on her.

Brandi St.Pierre: Ladies and Gentlemen, this night has been a very interesting night thus far. However, let me introduce you to the challenger for the Five Boroughs Wrestling Championship, Hayley Fien.

Hayley Fien walks up, wearing her new T-Shirt (which will be soon on eWrestling Tees) as she looks at Brandi. Brandi smiles with Hayley keeping her eyes on her.

Brandi St.Pierre Hayley Fien, you are moments away from your match against Samanatha Tolson for the Five Boroughs Wrestling Championship. How are you feeling going into this match?

Hayley Fien: Brandi, it’s quite simple. If you’ve seen my Riding Shotgun series, you know EVERYTHING that I went through to get to this moment. From training, to accidentally breaking someone’s nose, to having a place shut down to NEARLY quitting Five Boroughs Wrestling in June to this moment.

She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes.

Hayley Fien: Any obstacle I have been through is now coming full circle. I know what lies ahead of me and that’s Sam and the Five Boroughs Wrestling Championship.

She opens her eyes again.

Hayley Fien: Sam is one of my good friends. Matter of fact, she was the one that actually hooked me up with my current boyfriend, Noris Cranley. However, the fun is on full pause because it’s about to get real in the field.

She looks down and looks up to Brandi again.

Hayley Fien: Like The Eagles going to the Super bowl and winning it all, they were the Underdogs and I like being the underdog. NOTHING is going to stop me from winning the Five Boroughs Wrestling Championship. It will be the icing on the cake to my career. If Sam wants the best from Hayley Fien…. She will get the best of Hayley Fien!!

Hayley looks to the sky and back down.

Hayley Fien: We talk about the ones passing away. I know Meagan lost her grandfather a couple of weeks ago, but tonight, when I win the championship, I will be dedicating that win to my brother, Kerry. This match means more than anything to me.

Hayley walks away as Brandi looks to the camera.

Brandi St.Pierre: A determined, but emotional challenger. Samantha Tolson vs. Hayley Fien is one of matches that needs to be seen. Get ready for it.

Samantha Tolson sits in her locker room, dressed for battle with Hayley Fien. She moves her knees to stay limber.

Samantha Tolson: "I don't have much to say, Hayley. That's not because I don't respect you or anything, it's quite the opposite. I respect the hell out of you and I think you'll hold down a championship sooner rather than later."

Samantha Tolson: "But that's not tonight. Not here, and not now. You see, my dear friend, I'm just now getting the stain...the stench...of Luciana Verdoza removed from this title."

Samantha holds up the 5BW World Championship belt for the camera.

Samantha Tolson: "It's been a labor of love, no doubt, but still a labor nonetheless. There's more for me to do for this championship, more that can be accomplished to make it one of the most sought after titles in our sport."

Samantha Tolson: "That means I've got to hang on to it, despite what I know will be your best efforts. I know how badly you want this. And I don't blame you one bit."

Samantha Tolson: "Even getting to this point, a match for a World Title, is a huge accomplishment for you. I'm beyond proud of you for getting here."

Samantha Tolson: "But this isn't my first rodeo, as you well know. This isn't the first time the brightest spotlight has been on a match I've been in. That's the difference, Hayley. The reason why I will deny you this dream tonight."

Samantha sighs heavily, standing up and slinging the title belt over her shoulder.

Samantha Tolson: "This is the final step to your training. To be in a top-flight match with everything on the line. Learn from this. Soak in the moment and let everything that happens out there motivate you to keep fighting for it all."

Samantha Tolson: "But tonight, this singular night? This isn't the fulfillment of that golden dream. It doesn't have to be a nightmare, either...but rest assured I will do what I have to, within the rules, to walk out of this match as I'm about to walk in."

Samantha Tolson: "See you in the ring Hayley."


The main event of the night is Hayley Fien vs. Samantha Tolson for the 5BW Championship as this is the biggest moment of the night. The first one out of the back is Hayley Fien as the fans are cheering for her as she is coming out of the back. The next one out of the back is the World Champion, Samantha Tolson as she is coming out for defense number twelve. The match then starts with Hayley and Samantha looking at each other with Hayley and Sam circling around the ring and seeing who could attack each other first, but they go for the test of strength with Sam powering her, but Hayley is quick and cartwheels out of it. Samantha goes after her again, but Hayley backflips. Sam is impressed with this, but takes her down in the ring. Samantha has the match in control of her, but Hayley is quick to use her speed against Samantha. Hayley was able to get Samantha grounded in the ring most of the time, but being the champion she is, Samantha was able to power her. The match went back and forth with the both of them as they seemed matched out, but Hayley got overzealous in the ring and started to fight against her, even tossing her out of the ring. Of course, it's not a 5BW with this going out of the ring. With Samantha being out, Hayley flew out and did a crossbody onto her, but the champion got her in midair and slammed her on the ground. She tossed her back in the ring and took control yet again and worked on the leg that Hayley uses for a launch pad, but Hayley was able to use her other foot and kick her. She is able to break Sam’s hold and begins to have a kicking match with her as the fans are cheering for this. This has now become a kick party, but Hayley takes a BLOW right to the face. Samantha goes and goes for the Mind Your Head as she falls on the ground. Samantha pins her in the ring, but Hayley kicks out of it. Samantha slips Hayley right under her and goes for a powerbomb, but Hayley goes for a hurricanrana as the fans are cheering for this. Hayley is spitting out blood as her mouth is bleeding and chops up Samantha, but Samantha chops her back as they are going for a chop fest. This time around, Hayley lights her up with chops then follows up with a Backflip to a Superman Punch. The champion falls as she could be in jeopardy. Hayley waits for Sam to get back up. The champion does as she goes for the No Limit Driver! Hayley rolls her over in the ring and pins her, but Samantha kicks out of it. Hayley holds her head and says that something needs to be done right now and goes up top. This was a mistake that her boyfriend made and this could cost her. Hayley goes up top, but Samantha comes right after her and grabs Hayley. The both of them are battling on the top rope with Hayley grabbing her and GOING FOR AN AIR RAID CRASH!! The both of them fall off as Hayley pins her as we could have a new champion. Hayley pins her, but Samantha kicks out. Hayley knees and bangs her hands. What more does she have to do? Samantha is stirring as Hayley rips off her shirt, and tells Sam to get up. Samantha does with Hayley going for the Ocean Waves, but Samantha gets her in the back flip and goes for the Nightfall. Hayley is trapped and has nowhere to go, but is rolling in the ring, but Sam is applying the pressure on her with Hayley fading fast. The referee grabs her arm as Sam has tears in her eyes, but Hayley puts her arm up. Samantha breaks the hold and is in shock with this. She backs into the corner and looks to see what she can do to get Hayley down. Hayley, who has tears in her eyes, is getting up to the ropes with Samantha coming at her FULL SPEED with the Mind Your Head and it connects, but she slips under Hayley and goes for the Victory Drop Omega. With emotion, Samantha covers her friend and pins her in the ring as she retains her 5BW Championship in a dramatic finish. Samantha leans up and kneels to see if Hayley is OK, still with tears in her eyes. Hayley comes to her senses with Samantha walking over and helping her up. She looks at Hayley as the both of them embrace. Hayley was the closest to defeating Sam, but it was not her night. Hayley leaves the ring, leading Samantha to celebrate another successful defense.

Winner and STILL 5BW Champion: Samantha Tolson.

While Samantha is celebrating in the ring, Marshall Winters, Christy’s father, comes out from the back with something in his hands. He rolls into the ring and hands Samantha something.Samantha nods saying if Christy wants a shot at the championship, then bring it on. Marshall smirks and gets out of the ring, but the lights go out again as we hear laughter, the lights come back on as we see Beer Giles Katz standing on the stage, holding the Black Flag he won back at Fright Night with Samantha staring a hole into him. Who is going to be taking a shot? Find out!!

Note From Staff:

I know we’ve gone through a dark patch just recently, but I will say this. I love EVERYONE of you. This is the first time in a long time that we did not need to extend our deadline. Everyone should pat themselves on the back. That was hard work.

March is coming up and I should mention we will be in New York for one, but going to Pennsylvania for the other. I hope March will treat us well for this!

Thank you guys for your hard work. You really deserve a pat on the back.
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