5BW Presents: Renegade's Revenge 2021 - March 28th, 2021 (Tape Delay)

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5BW Presents: Renegade's Revenge 2021 - March 28th, 2021 (Tape Delay)

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Massive by VRSTY kicks in as we are live from the Mount Airy Lodge in Mount Pocono, Pennsylvania as the fans are cheering for this. This is the second annual Renegade’s Revenge and this one is about to be a good one. The fans are ready, and they are pumped up for what is about to go down in the middle of the ring with a shot at the World Championship being at bay. The fans are ready for this and that this show is about to be a good one as the fans are ready for what is about to go down.

With just a few minutes to go before the first match of the night, we are thrown to one of the corridors of the Mount Airy Lodge, serving as the backstage area.

Standing alongside Brittany Lascase is debutant Mark "The Dragon" Cross, dressed in full ring gear as he stops for a quick interview before his match begins.

Brittany Lascase: Hey guys, it’s Brittany Lascase here alongside Five Borough’s latest signing Mark “The Dragon” Cross, who makes his debut here tonight.

The Dragon: Hey Brittany, how’s it going?

Brittany Lascase: Oh, you're British! Very well thank you! I guess my first question, is what brought you here in the first place?

The Dragon: Really, it’s two fold. I’ve been taking a long hard look at my schedule for a while now, and while there’s no replacement for hard work in the gym, I can definitely work smarter when it comes to the bookings I take and the amount I have to travel. This was a great fit. Besides, with a talented roster and a young, ambitious management team, there are all the tools in place to build something really special. It’s a no-brainer to not want a piece of that.

Brittany Lascase: So looking back over your career so far, you’ve made a habit of putting yourself in and around the Main Event picture. Does that mean you’re planning to be the guy to take the 5BW World Championship out of Sam Tolson’s hands?

The Dragon: To be honest, my main aspiration isn't for specific titles, I put myself in and around the Main Event picture by winning a lot of wrestling matches. Usually, when there’s nobody else left to throw at me, I find myself in those sorts of positions. From what I gather, there are more than enough suitors vying for a shot at the throne as it is. I’m not going to stand here and tell you I deserve to be in the mix, I'm just going to get my head down, earn it on merit, then we can talk.

Brittany Lascase: Could you though?

The Dragon: What, take the title?

Brittany Lascase: Yeah!

Mark shrugs nonchalantly.

The Dragon: Probably. Ruining someone’s day is something I’m pretty good at. So is cracking win streaks.

Brittany Lascase: That’s a...quietly confident answer. Interesting. So by the sound of things, since you’re not the kind of guy who likes to look too far ahead...tonight you’re finding yourself up against Natalie Eldredge on debut. How do you rate your chances of starting on the right foot?

The Dragon: I mean c’mon, are you “Crazy?” Natalie’s “Mama Tried” but the only thing she’s gonna be singing is “I Fall to Pieces”, or maybe she just falls into the burning “Ring of Fire” I’m unleashing in the ring tonight. I’ve got a “Wichita Lineman” making sure I’m all powered up as we speak. My victory tonight is going to be so impressive that my next opponent is going to tell me “You Were Always On My Mind” from the moment the card was announced. Natalie you think you’re pretty cool but “That Don’t Impress Me Much”. When I’m jamming out in my hotel room there won’t be any “Teardrops on My Guitar”

Brittany Lascase: Are you just quoting country song titles right now?

The Dragon: Yeah, and I don’t even like country music! I’ve got more...check these out…

Brittany Lascase: You know, they told me to be careful of you, I really hoped they were gonna be wrong…

The Dragon: C’mon I mean I know I “Walk The Line” every now and then but don’t send me to “Folsom Prison” for that!

Brittany Lascase: As if on cue, Melanie O’Flynn appears on scene to begin ushering The Dragon away, no doubt to make sure he doesn't miss the start of his match.

The Dragon: C’mon Brittany, I need you to “Stand By Your Man” here! Please!

Brittany Lascase: And that was Mark “The Dragon” Cross everybody, making an "interesting" first impression here at Renegade's Revenge. Let's see how he does in the ring!


The first match of the night is Mark “The Dragon” Cross, who made some type of impression in the back going against Natalie Eldredge. The first one out of the back is Natalie Eldredge as the fans are booing for her as she is coming out of the back and into the lodge. Natalie yells and smirks at the fans who are booing at her. The next one out of the back is Mark “The Dragon” Cross coming out of the back and into the arena as he comes to the ring. The match then starts with Natalie looking at him and saying that if he wants to be a part of this place, he needs to make a tune here and hit him across the face as the fans are booing for this. Mark looks, takes a step back and begins fighting with Natalie as the fans are cheering for this. Both are throwing hands at each other with Mark getting the best of her and tossing her out of the ring, but Natalie lands on the apron and waits for Cross to come back. He then goes towards her, but Natalie STIFFS him right in the face and YANKS him on the ropes as the fans are booing for this. Mark holds his face with Natalie coming back in the ring and going after him. She is yelling that he does NOT belong here and that this is HER RING, but Mark comes up and attacks her down on the ground and starts laying it into her. He throws Natalie to the side and starts taking her down, but Natalie is coming up and battling back against him causing him to go down in the middle of the ring. Natalie says that she is going to end this match in the ring and picks him up to go for the NSE, but Mark gets out of it and goes for that Move he does, with Natalie going on the ground. The fans are cheering as Mark Cross pins her in the middle of the ring and gets the three in his debut match up. The fans are cheering as he holds his face and rolls out of the ring with his hands up in the air and says that his career in 5BW is going to be a good one and that this place has not seen anything yet.
In the back, we see Clarissa Vega warming up for her match. Clarissa is ready for a fight with this match and looks to represent the Softball Night Academy. Suddenly, a knock is heard at the door. Clarissa walks over to the door without much of a thought and when she opens it, she finds herself surprised at who she sees!

Clarissa Vega: Oh! Hey! I… wasn’t expecting you…

It’s Meagan G, the 5BW General Manager and the Softball Night Academy Trainer.

Meagan G: I came in to make sure everything is OK for you. I know this match means something for us here, but let’s be real.

She eyes Clarissa.

Meagan G: I am sick and tired of Kelli Song’s bullshit along with Holly Singleton’s. It’s taking me an ounce not to grab her and beat her ass.

Clarissa immediately nods, showing her complete understanding of the situation.

Clarissa Vega: Yeah, I’m really sick and tired of those two also. It was very frustrating and very annoying that Holly cost me that match against Fiona. I KNOW that I had her. I know that I should’ve won… and I didn’t because of her. I’m so tired of those two trashing all the other girls. Holly calling me a ‘grandma’ and making fun of my age… it’s stupid… it’s pathetic… but it’s nothing that I can’t handle. But the other girls being picked on for and being slut shamed so much… that doesn’t sit well with me at all…

Clarissa briefly pauses to let her anger flow for a bit.

Clarissa Vega: And if there’s a way I can end this tonight when I face Kelli, I will, you’ve got my word on that.

Meagan G: Please do because I fear what could be for the worse….

Meagan shakes her head.

Meagan G: However, I know you got this, Sarah knows you got this, and everyone else knows you got this. Clarissa, this is a huge moment for everyone in this place.

Clarissa Vega: It is… I recognize that. I know that they’ve had our number one too many times… and this time, we’re finally going to get one back. I know that I’m capable of making that happen. I know Kelli’s a veteran… as much of a soulless, conniving bitch that she is… but that doesn’t matter. I know what I need to do in order to go out and shock a hell of a lot of people… especially her…

I can already imagine the morale boost that Softball Night would get from this… and it’s one that’s been needed and overdue for some time…

Meagan smiles at her.

Meagan G: Big time.

Meagan looks at the door and back to Clarissa.

Meagan G: Well, what are we waiting for?

Clarissa Vega: Right… I’ve got all the confidence in the world that this is the night that we finally make things happen. I’m ready to crush that bitch’s ego and really let her know that she’s barking up the wrong tree with us!

With this confidence, Clarissa begins to exit as she knows her big match is coming up shortly


The second match of the night is Clarissa Vega going against Kelli Song as this could be the biggest chance of her career and to end Kelli in the middle of that ring. The first one out of the back is Kelli Song with Holly Singleton as the fans are booing at her as she is coming out of the back and into the lodge with her. The next one out of the back is Clarissa Vega coming out with Veronica Rachelle with Holly freaking out. The match then starts with Clarissa and Kelli throwing lefts and rights into the face of each other as the fans are cheering for this as Kelli is getting her ass kicked finally, but Holly pulls her out of the ring and checks at her. Veronica runs up and goes right after Holly, but Holly runs away. Clarissa comes out of nowhere and does a suicide dive onto Kelli and takes her out, causing the fans to cheer for her. Clarissa picks back up Kelli and tosses her in the ring as Kelli is backing up, but Clarissa threatens her and chases to the corner, but Kelli comes up and KICKS her in the knee as she goes right on the ground. Clarissa holds her knee, but Kelli starts banging it down and yanking it out. Clarissa SCREAMS in pain as the referee comes up and asks her if she is OK, but Kelli shoves the referee to the side and attacks it even more. Veronica Rachelle comes in the ring and pulls off Kelli as Kelli is in her face, but Holly Singleton comes up and TAKES down Veronica and fights her. Clarissa hobbles up and ROLLS up Kelli, but Kelli gets out of it and ROLLS up Clarissa and gets the three count. Once again, Holly Singleton plays a factor as she gets in the ring and grabs Kelli! Holly and Kelli look at each other and head back to the ring and attack Clarissa and Veronica as the fans are booing, but Tori Colbert and Chelsea Kennedy come out and stop this, but the Johnsons come out and attack Tori and Chelsea! The fans are booing as the heels are attacking the Softball Night Academy, but Brittani Helms comes running out of the back with a chair and goes after them, but Fiona Franklin comes out of the back and HITS Brittani with the chair. The fans are booing as Kelli Song, Holly Singleton, Fiona Franklin, and the Johnsons stand and look at them. Kelli says that At Deadly Games, Softball Night Academy, DIES as the fans are booing for this.

Winner: Kelli Song
The scene cuts in on the Valedictorians locker room and both Cordelia and Morgan Clark are beaming. Considering that they are just coming off of a huge victory, they have every reason to be happy and confident. When the camera comes on them, they’re maintaining their air of arrogance without any regrets at all as they begin to speak their minutes.

Morgan Clark: It is a brand new day in the 5BW Tag Team division! We had struggled for a while, we had caught some bad breaks and things weren’t looking all that good for Cordy and I considered we had some issues getting over the hump. However, last month at Big Love, that’s exactly what we did. We WON the Tag Xtravaganza when so few people were giving us a chance to begin with. And let me tell you something… this is merely the beginning!

Cordelia Clark: You got that right! But before we dive into that, we’d be remiss to point out the OTHER significant thing that happened in the tag team division and that’s the fact that at Big Love, the tag division wasn’t “DAMNED”, it was SAVED! The Damned Ones did this entire tag team division a favor and dethroned the atrocity known as the Cool Kids. They not only took the titles from them, but they also gave them a one way ticket out of this company and thank goodness for that. Now, the tag team division in 5BW isn’t a laughing stock in the professional wrestling business. Though…. Luciana is getting a little ahead of herself here thinking that she and her crew is just going to run all over us…

Cordelia doesn’t appear to be amused when she mentions some of the comments that Luciana made about them following their tag team title win.

Morgan Clark: They may have taken care of the COOL KIDS problem, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to be getting on our knees and worshipping them. Winning the Tag Xtravaganza is a massive step, but we still have a long way to go. We still have a problem to deal with… or rather… part of the problem… and that’s where xS comes in tonight.

Cordelia Clark: Yes… this is something that I’ve looked forward to for a LONG time because at the end of the day, it really IS all THEIR fault that the cancer known as the Cool Kids even won the tag team titles. I still say that if they hadn’t gotten in our way and put their own egos aside, we would be the tag team champions right now but of course, it didn’t work that way because just when we were going to finish off the Cool Kids, they had to stick their noses in. We haven’t forgotten, xS. We have not forgotten how we suffered the humiliation of losing to the Cool Kids because of YOU! Winning Tag Xtravaganza wasn’t satisfactory on its own. No… we need to do more for the tag team division… and do the best for the tag team division…

Morgan Clark: And tonight? That’s enforcing the FACT that xS has HAD their day in the tag team division and that your time being the ceiling of this division and holding everyone else down is over. The fact of the matter is that the only reason why you even held the tag team titles as long as you did is because of the fact that prior to us, you didn’t have any competition. Isn't it funny how ever since Cordy and I got here, you two have been exposed for what you are?

Cordelia Clark: You’re a couple of dime a dozen, xS. We’re stronger, better and smarter than you in every way… and if you think you can use the US to regain your old glory, it just isn’t going to happen. Tonight, we’re going to prove once and for all that xS is old news in the tag team division. Sorry, not sorry, ladies. But while xS is trending down, WE are trending up… and we’re going to solidify that tonight!

Morgan and Cordelia maintain their aura of perceived superiority as they both walk out of the scene, highly confident in their chances of defeating the former tag team champions and maintaining their momentum as the scene fades to black.

Starts at Deadly Games and Ends at Vendetta
Stay tuned for Details

The third match of the night is Sabrina Baker going against Hayley Fien as the fans are cheering for this as we have a match that is about to go down. The first one out of the back is Sabrina Baker as the fans are booing at her as she is coming out of the back and into the lodge with the fans booing at her. The next one out of the back is Hayley Fien as the fans are cheering for her as she is coming out of the back and into the arena as the fans are cheering for this. Hayley and Sabrina have no love loss with one another as the fans are cheering for this as they are going at it in the ring with one another. Shots after shots are thrown as the fans are cheering, but Sabrina is taking control of this match, causing the fans to boo at this. Sabrina tosses Hayley out of the ring as the fans are booing for this, but Hayley comes up and attacks her down and takes her out. Sabrina and Hayley are throwing shots into each other’s face as the fans are cheering, but Sabrina again takes control of the match and takes out Hayley. She then looks at Hayley and yells at the fans as they are booing at her, but Hayley comes up and battles back against her in the ring, but Luciana Verdoza comes out of the back and tries to distract Hayley. We know that the both have no love loss with Sabrina coming after her. As Luciana smirks at this, Dakota Mendoza comes up and attacks Luciana Verdoza. Sabrina is yelling at and tells her to get back in as the fans are cheering with Hayley coming up and going for the Ocean Waves as the fans are cheering for this. Sabrina goes on the ground with Hayley rolling her over and pinning her in the middle of the ring and getting the three count. After the match up, Luciana comes in and tries to attack Hayley Fien, but Hayley rolls out of the back and joins up with Dakota Mendoza. Hayley says that she is also joining the Budge Cup with Dakota happy for her friend, but there is a possibility that these two can face off in the match up. The fans are cheering with Hayley getting a win over her as Sabrina and Luciana are BOTH angry for what happened in the middle of that ring.

Winner; Hayley Fien
Backstage, we see Mary Ellen Harrison tying her boots, getting ready for her big title match tonight. After she finishes with her boots, she takes a deep breath before grabbing her jacket.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Ever since this match was booked, I’ve been having a good long think about it, and also thinking about my opponent in Gabe Khane.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Weirdly, you could say that our careers have paralleled each other.

Mary Ellen Harrison: We were both in the same promotions before 5BW, we both started to hit our strides at the same time, and we’ve both happened to find success after we started here in 5BW.

Mary Ellen Harrison: The only difference between you and I is that you’ve held singles gold here, and you still do.

Mary Ellen Harrison: You’ve been making a name for yourself with that championship you’ve been carrying. A lot of people have tried to step up, and you’ve taken them all down.

Mary Ellen Harrison: But no disrespect to anyone that you’ve faced before, you haven’t faced anyone that’s got more fire in them right now than I do.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Every time I go into that ring, I go in there to prove a point, and this match will be no exception.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Gabe, I hope you’re not looking past me. I really hope that you’re not thinking of this match as just another defence, because that would be the worst decision you would make in this title reign. It would also be your last decision of this reign.

Mary Ellen Harrison: I’ve been able to do a lot of things while in 5BW so far, but there’s one thing that I haven’t been able to do yet, and that’s to be able to call myself champion.

Mary Ellen Harrison: That changes tonight!


Cordelia and Zara are the two that start the match as the bell rings. Both women charge at each other and they’re truly firing some punches as there has been no love lost with either team considering the months of history between them. Zara headbutts Cordelia and then knocks her down with a shoulder tackle to take her down. She has control of the match on the early going, trying to trap her with submissions. She gets a sleeper hold on her, but Cordelia is able to fight back. Once Cordelia gets to a vertical base, Zara violently throws her down into the mat. She follows up with a running knee to the head once Cordelia starts to crawl and then she goes in for a cover, but Cordelia kicks out. Zara goes back to her corner and tags Kailey in. They double team Cordelia and pin her against the corner. Zara goes for a handspring elbow smash, but Cordelia ducks out of the way. Cordelia scurries over and tags Morgan in before Kailey can stop her. Morgan decks Kailey with a clothesline and then she clotheslines Zara up, over and out of the ring. Kailey gets up and Morgan grabs her and takes her down with a vertical suplex. Morgan has a ground and pound focused offense as she keeps Kailey pinned into the corner. Morgan follows up with a double knee right to the chest, knocking Kailey off the corner. Morgan drags Kailey to the center of the ring and covers, but Kailey kicks out.

Morgan tries to stay on Kailey, but Zara comes back into the ring and begins to get involved. This gives Kailey the time to recover, and Morgan is getting double teamed. Cordelia then jumps in and this initiates a two on two brawl for a while that results in xS being pinned near their corner. The referee gets involved and separates Cordelia from the fracas, but this distraction allows xS to double team Morgan and then plant her with a double powerbomb. Zara gets out of the ring at the same time Cordelia does and then Kailey goes for the pin on Morgan. However, Morgan kicks out just in time. Zara gets tagged back in and when Morgan gets up, Zara takes her down with a running bulldog for another cover, but this time, Cordelia breaks it up. Kailey gets back in to neutralize Cordelia and then she clotheslines herself and Cordelia out of the ring. While this is going on, Morgan rolls up Zara for a two count. The two fight for a bit before Morgan catches her with an elbow, drags Zara back to the corner and tags in Cordelia. Morgan hoists Zara up on her shoulders and Cordelia climbs to the top. Cordelia leaps and connects with a cross body and Morgan hits the electric chair at the same time. Cordelia makes a cover, but Kailey breaks it up.

The referee gets in and separates Morgan and Kailey, sending them to their respective corners. Cordelia and Zara brawl for a bit as they try to gain an advantage over one another. Cordelia tries to lift up Zara for a suplex, but Zara buckles down and counters with a spinebuster into a pinfall attempt that Cordelia kicks out of. The proverbial race to the corners happens here, and it’s Zara that wins the race. Kailey runs in and drags Cordelia away from her corner, then pounces on her. She beats her down for a bit, then she gets her with a sidewalk slam. Kailey goes for a cover, but Morgan breaks it up. Morgan pounces on Kailey, but then Zara comes back and goes after Morgan, pulling her off. Cordelia bounces back against Kailey and a two on two brawl occurs that the referee can’t get control of. xS takes command, cornering their adversaries. xS whips Morgan and Cordelia toward each other, trying to get them to bump into each other, but they counter with Morgan and Cordelia knocking Kailey and Zara respectively straight down to the mat with a spear that sends them right into the corner. Cordelia clotheslines Zara out of the ring and then Morgan whips Kailey toward Cordelia, who catches her, spins her around and nails her with the EDUCATED! Cordelia pins Kailey…

1…. 2…. 3!

WINNERS: The Valedictorians of Virtue

Cordelia gets up to have her hand raised and Morgan does the same. They look down upon their fallen opponents and celebrate for a bit. Zara slides in to check on Kailey and she’s not thrilled at all watching Cordelia and Morgan leave the ring and walk up the ramp in a celebratory mood...

Recorded earlier.

The camera pans around the Mount Airy Lodge, sitting on a chair is Brittany Lascase, a few moments pass and she’s joined by Christy..

Brittany: Thank you for joining me.

Christy Winters: My time is valuable, so let's get this over with.

Brittany: Later tonight in the main event of Renegade’s Revenge, you compete in a triple threat match to determine the next challenger for Sam Tolson’s 5BW title.

Christy Winters: Back at Winter Wonderland I won the opportunity for a title match, the opportunity to call my shot like Babe Ruth in the ‘32 World Series,

Brittany: Your opponents tonight…….

Christy Winters: Let me cut you off right there, First Beer Giles Katz, I have no idea who this chump is but apparently he won some flag that entitles him to a title shot, but I’ve never heard of the guy until recently. Juiced up Janet, Ariel Madden, I never heard anyone bitch, whine, and complain as much as her. I’ve never once complained about my position on the card, or whether or not I received a title match or not. Ariel couldn’t get the job done and blames everyone but herself. Honestly she doesn’t deserve this opportunity.

Brittany: The world champ herself is the assigned official for this match and she stated on Twitter that she’ll call the match down the middle, your thoughts?

Christy Winters: Sam is a woman of honor and she’ll do what’s right, but if for some reason she doesn’t, then she and I will have a problem.

Backstage, Gabe is warming up for his title defense tonight.

Gabe thinks about his toughest opponent yet, Mary Ellen Harrison.

Gabe: Tonight is what I feel is my toughest challenge. Mary Ellen may be a tough opponent, but tonight I will be the one who is even tougher.

Gabe Looks around.

Gabe: Look here, I have already made 5BW history by having the most defenses of MY FIGHT Championship. That is very impressive, if I say so myself. With that said, that makes ME the BEST FIGHT Champion of all time! I can rightfully say that I am better than that Little Noris Cranley. No disrespect to Christy Winters, but I can now say that I am better than her too. I am sure as hell better than that Tessa Whitmoyer. Thank goodness that annoying little girl is long GONE! Maybe now I will get the respect I deserve.

Gabe looks into the camera.

Gabe: Tonight is going to be yet another successful defense for me. May as well put it in the record book, because that is the only thing that will happen. If Mary Ellen thinks for one second she is going to break my streak, all I can say is she has another thing coming.

Gabe thinks about Mary Ellen’s Longevity.

Gabe: Mary Ellen, You may have the experience, you may have been in the wrestling business for a long time. However, Tonight, Longevity will NOT help you. As a matter of fact, Nothing will.

Gabe has thoughts about not going easy on Mary Ellen.

Gabe: Mary Ellen, you best be prepared, because I will NOT be going easy on you. In fact, I am going to make it even more difficult for you to beat me. You may want the FIGHT Championship, but I have news for you, You will not be getting it.

Gabe has a serious look.

Gabe: Mary Ellen, If you are watching, I have something to say to you.

Gabe Pauses for a minute.

Gabe: Mary Ellen, You are going to be like everyone else that has already challenged me. I hate to break it to you, but you will be walking out of Renegade’s Revenge tonight all disappointed and sad that you could not get the job done. Not even your sister, Amy will stop me from doing what I have to do to you to keep MY championship.

Gabe looks closer into the camera and has an even more serious look.

Gabe: Mary Ellen, By Challenging me, you are doing nothing but setting up yourself for disappointment. That is all you are going to feel tonight when I beat you. It is going to be all the same for you. Just so you know, This is MY Championship and it is NOT going anywhere. In fact it is NEVER going anywhere. I am not going to allow MY FIGHT Championship to go anywhere except with Me.

Gabe keeps looking at the camera.

Gabe: Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a challenge I got to put away and continue to make 5BW history.

Gabe Leaves.

Scene Fades.


The fifth match of the night is Mary Ellen Harrison looking to go against Gabe Khane as the fans are ready for what is about to go down in the middle of the ring. This could be a shot for Mary Ellen Harrison finally winning her first championship as the fans are ready for this. The first one out of the back is indeed Mary Ellen Harrison as she's walking out of the back and into the arena as the fans are cheering for her as he is coming to the back and walking to the ring. The next one out of the back is Gabe Khane as the fans are booing for him as he is coming out of the back. With the most successful FIGHT Championship defenses, this could be the biggest one to date. The match then starts with Gabe Khane yelling that Mary Ellen is NOTHING and that they are going to flop to his feet, but Mary Ellen begins to battle against him in the ring as the fans are cheering for this. Gabe does not know what he wakes up and that he is getting his ass kicked. Gabe Khane rolls out of the ring with Mary Ellen coming at him, but Gabe goes right back after her and takes her down with a shoulder tackle. Gabe tosses Mary Ellen back in the ring and begins to take her down in the middle of the ring. The fans are booing as he is throwing Mary Ellen around like she is a rag doll, but Mary Ellen will not give up and rolls up Gabe Khane in the ring, but he kicks out of it. Mary Ellen goes for a clothesline; however, Gabe rolls out of it and grabs her in the spinebuster. Gabe pats his back and says that he is smart and is going to end Mary Ellen in the ring as he prepares to take her down with the Out of Gabe, but Mary Ellen gets out of it and goes for the Raven’s Lock and it connects. Mary Ellen rolls him over in the ring, but Gabe kicks out of it. Mary Ellen holds her head as the fans are cheering for her, but Gabe gets up and goes for the Out of Gabe and it connects. Mary Ellen’s Championship dreams could be over with Gabe Khane. The referee counts but Mary Ellen kicks out of it! Gabe gets frustrated as that’s what normally ends the people as the fans are cheering for Mary Ellen who is getting up. He then yells that he is going to kill her, but Mary Ellen being the Raven that she is, jumps off the turnbuckle with a moonsault and into a DDT as the fans are cheering for this and it takes Gabe out. Mary Ellen waits for him to get up as he does with Gabe dizzy. He gets caught with the Raven’s Lock and it connects. Mary Ellen pins him in the ring and GETS THE THREE!! We have a NEW FIGHT Champion as the championship quest in 5BW for Mary Ellen has ended as the fans are cheering for this. Mary Ellen rolls out of the ring and raises the championship in the air. Suddenly, Samantha Tolson, Mary Ellen’s tag partner, raises her hand in the air as BOTH Tag Partners have Singles gold. Gabe comes up and is in shock with this as his impressive run was cut by a true underdog in Mary Ellen Harrison! Amy Harrison also joins her sister as this could be a resurrection of the Harrison’s Dynasty!

Winner and NEW 5BW FIGHT Champion: Mary Ellen Harrison

In the back, we see Brittani Helms nodding at the screen of approval at Mary Ellen Harrison, her long time rival, winning the championship. Suddenly Ariel Madden comes up next to her.

Ariel Madden: Say Brittani, you and I have been friends for a long time, but I am going to ask you a serious question.

Brittani turns to Ariel Madden and looks at her with a serious look on her face.

Brittani Helms: Shoot, fam. I got time to listen to you.

Ariel eyes on the television that Brittani is watching and sees Samantha.

Ariel Madden: How would you feel about me possibly getting the championship shot over your friend? I know you and her had a match a couple of months ago, but I need to know your thoughts on me possibly defeating her.

Brittani turns off the television and then looks at Ariel.

Brittani Helms: I am going to be real with you and it’s the only thing I am known for being. You defeating Sam will be the biggest story EVER that this company has to offer, however, I know how Sam is. She’s tough, and she takes a lot of honor with that championship she is holding.

Ariel Madden: The story would be big, but it will be a bigger thing to talk about when Season Two ends. This season, thanks to thou shall not be named, is a dud and we need something to talk about.

Brittani looks at her.

Ariel Madden: You know my history with Christy Winters. I don’t like her, she doesn't like me. BGK, I cannot say the same thing about, but he is in my way of being the champion.

She keeps her eyes on Brittani

Ariel Madden: And considering that the first person gets a shot at the championship at your show, I know that this will be a fair matchup with NO bullshit

Brittani eyes her.

Brittani Helms: I got that all covered. You don’t need to worry about it. Besides, if it ends up you and Sam at the show. I found the best person to prevent no bullshit from happening. You can count on that.

Ariel eyes her.

Ariel Madden: Good because if something happens….this all falls on you…

Ariel eyes her.

Ariel Madden: Like I said, we are friends, but this match needs to be a fair one, WHEN I win.

Ariel leaves the room with Brittani shaking her head. What has got into her friend?

Brittani’s Cake Ass Birthday
April 2nd, 2021
Washington, DC

The scene cuts in on Minka Carter who sits down on a metal crate in her dimly lit locker room. She holds the 5BW Freedom Championship over her shoulder and she is incredibly amused. She has no remorse or any of her actions at all that would ultimately win her the freedom Championship as at ht comment, all she gives a damn about is the fact that she has the title at all. Stil Minka is definitely in battle.mode as she begins to express her thoughts.

Minka Carter: At Big Love, I did what I had to do. I was not going to stand by and allow the INJUSTICE of Kelly being added to the match when she had done NOTHING to deserve the Freedom Championship or a shot at it! Go figure that she gets handed ANOTHER shot… but I’m going to cover that in a little bit. The truth of the matter is that Kelly… or KPN as she is colloquially known around here… was just another BITCH that was thrown in to steal MY spotlight and MY shine! 5BW threw her in that match… a match that should’ve been Darian and I… just to show me up. You know what adding her to the match truly is? It’s a message from 5BW. It’s a message from the people in charge that they don’t think I’m good enough. I heard their message loud and clear and if they thought I was going to sit back and take that insult lightly, then they have a whole different thing coming to them. I bet they were shocked and dismayed as hell that I ended up with the Freedom Championship because at the end of the day, they wanted their PRECIOUS KPN to hold the title. But even though I can’t STAND her… even though I HATE seeing her FACE… I can’t FULLY blame Kelly for all of this..

Because I also know that the message from the people in charge wasn’t just to me… it was to Darian Andrews too…

Minka takes a pause and expresses a bit of an angry scowl when she thinks of Darian. She definitely isn’t feeling any love lost for him whatsoever as she makes her point.

Minka Carter: The TRUTH of the matter is that Darian created the situation. The Freedom Championship was completely invisible when he held it because all he did was arrive, wrestle, leave. He’s always been a good wrestler, but in this business, just being a good wrestler isn’t good enough. While he just shows up whenever he feels like it, the title suffers. While he just shows up while he feels like it, people forget that the title even exists and whose fault is that? HIS! If he wasn’t such an invisible champion, the power that be wouldn’t need to hand their PRECIOUS something that she doesn’t deserve at all. However… I corrected the issue! I”M the one that has saved the Freedom Championship from the depths of mediocrity. FINALLY… people are going to give a damn about the Freedom Championship because I AM a champion that is going to put this title out there and I’m doing it for ME… and ME only! I’m doing it so I can build my well deserved LEGACY in 5BW… one that was NEVER going to be about being this stupid Cinderella story!

I was NEVER going to amount to ANYTHING being what I was before.

No Kelly, you don’t get to outshine me! I don’t care about your reputation and what you’ve accomplished. I don’t care that you get handed everything around here like candy considering that you’re far and away the most OVERRATED wrestler on the whole roster now that Amber TRASH-WELL is gone! It doesn’t matter to me what your name is BITCH… because I WILL make sure that you do SUFFER for deciding to get in my way! I will make sure that you’re the one on your knees, WORSHIPING ME as your MAKER! All the hype YOU get… should be MINE!

5BW shouldn’t revolve around YOU, it should revolve around ME!

I should be the one BUILDING this championship… NOT YOU!

And when I beat you tonight and leave you laying at my feet an exposed, broken, sorry excuse of a FAILURE… you’ll recognize that your place in this business is BENEATH ME!

You’ve awakened the demon BITCH… and tonight, you get to pay for that…

Minka delivers a soft, evil chuckle, still showing no remorse as she slides off the crate and heads into the darkness as the scene fades to black.

In the back we see Kelly Penkzee-Nelson, wearing her official 5BW T-Shirt you can get on Ewrestling Tees dot come and yellow shorts. She has her arms folded with her eyes on the camera.

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: Minka Carter, we finally meet yet again, but this time it’s you and I, and only YOU and I in the ring.

She moves back and forth.

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: And it seems like you have a lot and when I mean A LOT, of things you said about me, that are totally inaccurate. How I got the shot because 5BW wanted me to get the shot, how I am overrated and how I don’t deserve that. Let me explain something to you, little girl.

She drops her Hands

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: I am FAR from being overrated. If you want to talk about overrated, look on the outside of this place and tell me ONE person you know who is overrated. Secondly, 5BW didn’t need me to go after the title. Hell, I didn’t even want a shot quite frankly because I didn’t deserve it! You and Darian went at it for months, I didn’t have business being in, however, since you want to make this personal, I have no problem making this more personal.

She keeps her eyes on the camera.

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: You talk and you talk and you talk about shit you don’t know of and make assumptions about me. It's also kind of funny that you go around calling yourself a “demon” when the only thing I see is some chick, who is holding the freedom championship acting like a bitter bitch.

She shakes her head

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: you know what, that’s fine. Call yourself a demon and say I’ve woken you up. I’ve never been afraid of anyone. Matter of fact, you remind me of Theodore Bagwell, who called himself “a murderer” and tried to scare me, but it didn’t work. If I can best that shitbag in the ring, I can beat you and take away that championship you have.

Kelly moves around

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: Minka, you are going to be in one hell of a fight of your life and your career. When everything is all set and done, I’m walking away with the Freedom Championship and there is not a DAMN thing you will do about it!

Kelly walks away and heads to the locker room for her match up.


The bell rings and right away, Minka and KPN are slugging away at each other blow for blow, with neither woman holding back. Minka blocks a punch and then pulls a dirty move biting into the hand of Kelly, causing her some pain. The referee breaks this up, but Kelly steps back holding her hand. Minka decks her with a clothesline to take her down, and then she repeatedly kicks her into the corner before coming back with a hard corner splash. Kelly stumbles out of the corner and Minka connects with a belly to belly suplex right into a cover that Kelly is able to kick out of. Minka has some anger in her eyes as she tries to apply a sleeper hold. Kelly though, isn’t having it as she repeatedly elbows her in the chest. Minka loses her grip on the hold and Kelly is able to counter with a headlock takeover. Minka stands up, but Kelly is there to greet her with a chop across the chest, then she whips Minka off of the ropes. Minka comes back her way and a spinning forearm from Kelly decks her right in the jaw and causes her to drop to a knee. Kelly then comes back with a superkick square in the jaw and then she drops down for the cover, but Minka is able to kick out at two.

Kelly is starting to seem pissed off as she stands up as she drags Minka up to her feet and then connects with a release belly to belly suplex of her own. Minka is in some angry pain and when she gets to her knees, Kelly decks her with a shining wizard. Minka goes down in a heap again and then Kelly begins to pounce on her and fire some constant punches right in her face again and again until the referee has to break it up. She drags Minka back to her feet again and she throws Minka off of the ropes. Kelly then attempts a clothesline, but Minka catches her and counters her with an arm drag. Minka then gets Kelly up and pins her against the corner, punching her in the face again and again, even sneaking in an occasional elbow and forearm before the referee breaks it up. Minka then comes back with a shoulder block pinning Kelly into the corner and causing her to double over. Kelly stumbles out of the corner and then Minka decks her with a spinning heel kick right to the head. Kelly goes down and Minka slides in to cover her, but Kelly kicks out again.

Minka begins to get frustrated as she drags Kelly up. She grabs her and attempts a float over DDT, but Kelly blocks it and pins Minka back toward the corner. Kelly responds with a chop across the chest, but Minka responds with a chop right back. She’s not giving up any space, but Kelly comes back with a chop, and then Minka responds with a chop of her own. The two have a back and forth chop fest for a while as Minka keeps backing Kelly up to the middle of the ring. Minka tries to break the string with a punch, but it gets blocked and then Kelly picks up Minka and surprises her with a Samoan drop! Kelly covers, but Minka kicks out at two. She drags Minka up, hoisting her on her shoulders and looking to finish it with the Ode to BPN, but Minka with some desperation elbows manages to block the move until she escapes. She lands behind Kelly and drops her with a double knee backbreaker. Minka is smirking as she senses victory when she stands up. Kelly rises to a vertical base and Minka goes for the Demon Stake. Kelly ducks the movie. Minka comes back her way and Kelly attempts the KPN, but Minka counters with a roll up that has both women’s two shoulders down on the mat.

1…. 2….. 3……

Winner: ?????

Minka and Kelly are both celebrating, each thinking that they had won, but this celebration doesn’t last long with the referee informing them that they didn’t win. The fans grow confused at what they just witnessed and the referee makes an explanation to Taylor Hudson. Taylor announces that both women had both of their shoulders down and that the match was a draw!

Result: DRAW (STILL Freedom Champion: Minka Carter)

Kelly is NOT happy with this, but Minka is amused as she gets handed her title knowing she was just able to retain it...

As the fans are booing at this, Legion of Monsters by Disturbed kicks in as a standing ovation kicks in. Kieran Quinn comes out with the fans cheering for him.

Kieran Quinn: Hang on for one second….

Minka looks at him with KPN putting her hair up as the fans are wondering what is about to go down.

Kieran Quinn: I know the both of you have had valid reasons tonight and those valid reasons were put in the ring tonight. Minka, you almost lost the championship, KPN, you nearly won the match championship.

The both of them nod, but Minka yells she is the RIGHT 5BW Freedom Championship.

Kieran Quinn: Not denying you are the Freedom Champion, but I personally feel like a lot of things need to be proven.

KPN looks at him and leans in while Minka is barking.

Kieran Quinn: So I have a GOOD idea what we can do. Since you two want to duke it out so much, the 5BW Officials have decided to do a first. KPN and Minka Carter, the both of you will COMPETE in a first for 5BW

What is the first?

Kieran Quinn: Starting at Brittani’s Cake Ass Birthday as she has agreed to add this on, the first ever Freedom Championship best of FIVE will take place to see if Minka Carter or KPN will be the champion by the end of season two. If Minka or KPN win three matches, one of you will be champion. However, if you are tied at 2, then at Vendetta, we will decide what match it will be!

The fans are cheering for this as KPN and Minka stare at each other. Game on.

In the back, we see Brittani Helms yet again all over the place. This night has been stressful for her. Just then, we hear the voice of Samantha Tolson, the 5BW Champion,

Samantha Tolson: Yo, Fam. What brings you around the neck of the woods?

Brittani looks up and then to her friend.

Brittani Helms: Nothing, I am ready to see what goes down with your referee job tonight. I am sure this is stressful for you.

Samantha shakes her head.

Samantha Tolson: Stress? It doesn’t bother me. We had one feel good moment tonight already with Mary Ellen, but it needs to get serious. Three people, one shot at my championship at your show. The fourteenth defense. I am going to make sure NO BS happens tonight, but let me ask you this….

Brittani Helms: Sure Fam.

Samantha Tolson: Who do you want to see win this match up?

Brittani looks at her and takes a deep breath. She remembers the conversation she had with Ariel.

Brittani Helms: Ariel Madden and I will tell you why.

She eyes her friend Samantha and keeps a serious tone.

Brittani Helms: You and Ariel are the top faces in the company and the reason why people come and see what goes on. Hell, the both of you gave what the fans wanted until Green Eyed Monster ruined the match up.

Samantha laughs at this.

Samantha Tolson: Green eyed Monster. That sums it up well, but keep going.

Brittani Helms: Now, if she wins this match up, I found someone who WILL make sure no funny shit goes down. If anyone interferes, they will get their ass kicked. This person does not care who you are, he will throw hands.

Samantha raises an eyebrow.

Samantha Tolson: Trust me, whoever this person you found, will count this correctly because my successful fourteenth defense against Christy, BGK or Ariel will be a clean one. I don’t want this to fall on you because I trust you since you and I are best friends.

Samantha looks at her and then the championship as she walks away.


The main event of the night is the triple threat match with Samantha Tolson referring to it as the fans are cheering for this. The first one out of the back is Christy Winters with the fans booing at her as she is coming out with Marshall Winters. The next one out of the back is Beer Giles Katz as the fans are cheering for this while the next one out of the back is Ariel Madden. Samantha Tolson is the last one as she is in official 5BW Referee attire and short shorts as she is telling them to fight, but Christy Winters and Beer Giles Katz go right after Ariel Madden as the fans are booing for this, but Ariel Madden is battling back against both. She gets vicious with them as she takes out Beer Giles Katz in the ring as the fans are cheering for this. Ariel and Christy resume their feud by exchanging punches in the ring, but Christy looks at Samantha and says that she wants the next shot as Sam is telling her that she needs to earn it. Samantha tells her to keep fighting, but Ariel comes up and attacks down Christy. She gets in the face of Samantha, but Beer Giles Katz comes up and fights with her. This match is becoming to see who wants it more with the two of them ganging up on Ariel, but Ariel is using whatever she needs to take. BGK would eventually take control of this fight, but Christy took control of the match up as the fans were booing for this. Marshall tries slipping something in the ring, but Samantha grabs it and sees what this is. Samantha rolls out of the ring and yells at him and says that this is going to be a fair fight, but BGK comes in the ring with the Old Shooting Star Championship, but Ariel grabs it from him. BGK hits her in the face with a free hand, causing Ariel to go into Christy Winters with her going for her finisher. She rolls him over with Samantha still yelling at Marshall. Marshall goes with BGK and Christy fighting to see who will pin Ariel, but BGK grabs Christy, but Christy uses her power and shoves BGK into Samantha. Samantha blocks this. Christy turns around and yells at Sam as she is supposed to help her, but Sam says “No”. She’s not helping anyone. Christy raises a hand, but Ariel catches it, twists it around and goes for the Atlas-Plex out of the ring. BGK sees this and goes for his finisher onto Ariel Madden and it connects as the fans are booing. Samantha shakes her head because this means BGK could get the first shot, but Samantha kicks out of it. BGK shakes his head and says that he is going to end Ariel and grabs her to the turnbuckle. She pulls Ariel up top and goes for his finisher again, but this time, Ariel grabs him and goes for the Atlas-Plex OFF the top rope as the fans are cheering for this. Ariel Madden rolls him over with Samantha going for the count with Ariel eying her and gets the three count. Ariel RIGHTFULLY now has a rematch as the fans are cheering for this. We are going to see Ariel vs. Samantha for the championship for a second time. Both Ariel and Samantha look up and see this, but suddenly, Christy Winters comes back in the ring and tackles Ariel down.

The fans are booing as Christy is pounding down on her, but Samantha breaks it up. Christy and Samantha are eye to Eye with Christy yelling at her, but BGK comes back up and attacks Christy Winters as they are fighting. Ariel gets up and gets in the face of Samantha yet again as they are about to trade blows! Brittani Helms comes out again and looks at EVERYONE
Brittani Helms: You know what, tonight is one of those nights that fighting seems to be the question and funny enough, it started with me being attacked because I did something right….

She shakes her head.

Brittani Helms: Now, I will address Ariel and Samantha when I am done addressing the both of you, Christy Winters and Beer Giles Katz….

The both of them look at her.

Brittani Helms: Since you two won’t be taking apart in the championship match up, I have decided to put you two in a match at my show because you two love fighting and I love a good ole fashion fight.

Christy eyes her and since BGK and Brittani had trouble.

Brittani Helms: The both of you are going to be fighting in the Washington Nationals Parking lot, with cars all around, with people screaming and banging on them. I am talking about a “parking lot brawl”.

The fans are cheering for this as she looks at Samantha and Ariel.

Brittani Helms: Now onto my two friends here. The both of you seem to put me on spot tonight, saying that you want this match to be a fair fight. Am I right?

The both of them nod at this.

Brittani Helms: I did say I would find someone suitable to prevent that stuff happening.

The fans lean in anticipation.

Brittani Helms: There needs to be a clear winner in the championship match and I found the perfect person to MAKE SURE that no fuck shit goes down because this person will act as the ENFORCER of your match.

The fans want to know who it is. Suddenly, a nice looking car comes up and starts doing all this stuff in the parking lot. Jumping up and down as the fans are wondering who it is. A bald head comes out with the cameras rolling up. This person looks around and says these words.

“When City Vice needed to have a fair fight, we got one. 5BW fans will have a winner in this, you can bet on that”

The person in question? Danny Doorells of Underground Championship Wrestling Fame. The fans are going crazy for this as Danny is a legend and is familiar with championships. Gangsta Zone by Daddy Yankee and Snoop Dogg kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Danny comes through the crowd and gets in the ring to look at Samantha and Ariel. Suspicious as Danny mouths off that nothing will happen. Ariel eyes Danny along with Samantha before eying what is really on the line here, the 5BW Championship as we end Renegade’s Revenge.
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