5BW Presents: Night of Glory - May 30th, 2021

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5BW Presents: Night of Glory - May 30th, 2021

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5BW Presents: Night Of Glory
May 30th, 2021
Orchard Beach - Bronx, New York

Mary Ellen Harrison © vs. Natalie Eldredge
-FIGHT Championship
Preview: To kick off Night of Glory, the heated feud with Mary Ellen Harrison and Natalie Eldredge will be kicking off as Mary Ellen will be defending the championship for a fourth time, tying the record of Noris Cranley. Natalie looks to put all stops and looks to become the new FIGHT Champion. Who takes this home? Find out!

The Damned Ones © vs. Clarissa Vega and Tori Colbert
-5BW Tag Team Championship Matchup
Preview: What it looks like could be a fairytale, Softball Night Academy about to be graduates, Clarissa Vega and Tori Colbert look to win the tag team championships, but its going to come at a price. Jayson Schneider and Sabrina Baker are the champions, and without Luciana Verdoza. Jayson and Clarissa do have history with one another as this will be looking interesting. Who takes this home? Find out!

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson (1) vs. Minka Carter (2)
-Freedom Championship Best of Five.
Match 4:
Preview: What looks to be an important match up, Minka Carter has a 2-1 lead over Kelly Penkzee-Nelson. On twitter, Minka Carter stated that this is now personal due to an announcement KPN made while KPN, on EFedder, said that Minka winning is dishonesty. Can KPN pull this match to five or will Minka use that dishonesty and defeat KPN to retain her championship? FIND OUT!

Mark “The Dragon” Cross vs. Amy Harrison
-Budge Cup Semi Finals
Previews: With rumors going around, this match could be interesting. Mark “The Dragon” Cross and Amy Harrison will be going at it to see who goes to Vendetta II as a finalist. A lot of things are on the line with this match up, but the question is this, who wins this? Find out!!

Kailey Queen vs. Dakota Mendoza
-Budge Cup Semi Finals
Preview: Another Matchup that could be interesting with Dakota Mendoza taking on Kailey Queen. A lot of people think Dakota may win. A lot of people may think Kailey may win. It’s a 0
battle that could be easily tested. Who takes this home and possibly join Amy or Mark in the finals? Find out!

Luciana Verdoza vs. Hayley Fien
-Steel Cage Match
Preview: This match has been months in the making. Ever since Luciana had her hand broken, she has looked for revenge. Ever since Hayley had hers broken, she had waited to get Luciana. The both of them went back and forth, but this all ends here in a steel cage match up. Hayley and Luciana will go war to war with each other, but who walks out in one piece? Find out!!

Samantha Tolson © vs. Christy Winters
-5BW Championship Match Up
Preview: Some people say Christy Winters isn’t deserving of a championship match because of questionable things. Some say in the past months, Christy has improved and deserves this shot. The Bronx fans are going to be vocal on this one. Samantha Tolson comes into her championship defense for a record breaking seventeenth defense and has her work cut out for her. Does Christy win the big one a few weeks before Vendetta II or does Samantha reach the 365 mark as champion into the next show? Find out!!

-Winner goes to the Main Event and challenges for the 5BW Championship
Preview: Five Boroughs Wrestling will be around for Two Years and it’s time to do something big. At Night Of Glory, for the first time, a 5B-Rumble will happen. Names in 5BW, Surprises and so forth will come forth, but who will go onto Vendetta II? Find out!!

Confirmed Participants: Ariel Madden, Darian Andrews, Behemoth, Zara Grimm, Larissa Johnson, Veronica Rachelle.

Surprises to be announced too.

If anyone else wants to be apart of this, the deadline to enter as a surprise or entrant has to let me know by May 25th. Contact me via twitter @BoroughsFive or E-Fedder (5BWrestling)
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