5BW Presents: Night Of Glory - May 30th, 2021 (Tape Delay)

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5BW Presents: Night Of Glory - May 30th, 2021 (Tape Delay)

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For the Glory by All Good Things and Hollywood Undead as the fans are cheering for this as we are live from Orchard Beach in the Bronx. It may be cold outside with the dampness from the rain, but inside, we have tents and heaters hooked up where the action will be taking place. The 5B-Rumble is ready to go and everyone is ready as the show gets started.
Earlier in the day

Natalie is laying poolside.

Natalie notices the camera.

Natalie: What do you people want? Can’t y’all see I am trying to get some sun here? Y’all really gotta come here and bother me? Since you people are here sticking a camera in my face…

Natalie pauses for a minute.

Natalie: Tonight at Night Of Glory, I am challenging Mary Ellen Harrison for the FIGHT Championship. You know, The one she stole from Gabe? Before you say anything, No Gabe and I are not friends, frankly I don’t know him that well. All I know is he was robbed! Tonight, I am TAKING that championship from her. She may have robbed Gabe but tonight I will be damned if she robs me of MY opportunity.

Natalie looks closer into the camera.

Natalie: Mary Ellen, That’s right! I am looking at you girl! I may not have accomplished as much as you around here. Quite frankly you are only accomplishing a lot because your bestie is the 5BW Champion, and your sister is Amy Harrison. You see, you are just living on your sister’s coattails. The only reason you are champion is because you just want to be like your sister. Tonight you will be like your sister alright. You want to know why? It is because y’all will be losers. You will lose the FIGHT Championship and as for Amy, she will not make it any further in the Budge Cup.

Natalie pasues and thinks about how The Harrison Sisters will be embarrassed.

Natalie: When Amy loses to that rookie, You know the dude who likes to call himself a Dragon? That is going to be embarrassing for her. I am going to be the one to take care of Mary Ellen. Like her sister, she will be leaving Night Of Glory all Embarrassed and crying like a little baby. As for me, I will be the Winner and celebrating my big and overdue championship win.

Natalie Starts Laughing

Natalie: Excuse me! I am trying not to laugh here. Imagining The Harrison Sisters losing is just so funny to me.

Natalie Regains her composure.

Natalie: Ok, Anyways……

Natalie: Let me continue here.

Natalie thinks of her last words for Mary Ellen before the match.

Natalie: Mary Ellen, do not think for one second you are keeping that FIGHT Championship. I hope you enjoyed your reign. So, hold that title nice and tight, This will be the very last time you will get to see it and hold it. All you are doing is just keeping it warm for me. Tonight, Your reign will be ending because of me. I am leaving Night Of Glory with The FIGHT Championship. There will be nothing you or your sister can do about it. Tonight is your night for embarrassment and tonight is MY Night Of Glory.

Natalie walks away from the camera and jumps into the pool.

Scene Fades.

Backstage, we get a quick look at Mary Ellen Harrison making her way to the ring, fixing the FIGHT championship belt around her waist, before she gets stopped by Brittany Lascase.

Brittany Lascase: Excuse me Mary Ellen, but do you have any last remarks before your title defense tonight?

Mary Ellen stops for a second, taking in a deep breath to calm the nerves before she speaks.

Mary Ellen Harrison:: I know that Natalie is someone that I cannot take lightly, she has shown time and time again why she’s here and why she deserves a shot at this title.

Mary Ellen Harrison: But I’m not going to let go of this title any time soon. I’ve heard my backside off too much to drop it now, and tonight I’m going to show everyone why I have this title around my waist,

Mary Ellen Harrison: I hope Natalie brings her A game tonight, because I will be.

Mary Ellen and Natalie lock up for a few seconds. Natalie breaks the lock up and then catches Mary Ellen off guard by raking her eyes. Mary Ellen holds onto her face and then Natalie gives her a shoulder block knocking her straight down to the mat. The champion rolls away but Natalie drags her up to her feet before she takes her down with a Russian leg sweep. Natalie wastes no time swooping in to get a pin on the champion, however, Mary Ellen is quick to kick out at two. Natalie remains relentless as she applies a choke hold on Mary Ellen as she drags her back up to her feet. However, on instinct, the champion backs up, pressing Natalie straight into the corner causing her to break up the hold. Mary Ellen steps away as she turns toward her challenger. Natalie went for a clothesline, but the champion ducked underneath it. Natalie turns around right into a Pele kick right into the jaw. Natalie goes down and the champion swoops in for a cover, hooking the leg. However, Natalie is able to kick out at two. Mary Ellen was certainly putting on a wrestling clinic when she was in control of the match, bringing down Natalie with moves like a springboard dropkick and a spinning facebuster, but Natalie would constantly cheat to get control of the match back. She would try to use the ropes for leverage at one point during a pinfall, but the referee caught her having her feet on the ropes. At one point, she got Mary Ellen in an inside cradle, pulling the tights, but Mary Ellen kicked out.

Late in the match, Natalie knocked down Mary Ellen with a spinning heel kick. Going for another cover, the champion kicked out at two, causing frustration for Natalie. She rolled out of the ring and quickly grabbed a steel chair from the timekeeper. She slid into the ring and the referee caught her in her tracks. She tried to argue her way out of this as she put down the chair. The referee grabbed it and left the ring to put it back, but in the meantime, Natalie pulled out a set of brass knuckles as Mary Ellen stood up slowly. Natalie blasted the knuckles across Mary Ellen’s forehead while the referee had his back turned. He came back, but the damage was already done as Natalie hid the knuckles. She dropped down and went for the emphatic cover… only for Mary Ellen to kick out! Natalie was incredibly shocked at this and irately argued with the referee over the count. This would prove to be a big mistake as Mary Ellen slowly recovered. She seemed dazed after what just happened. Natalie finally gave in and turned around, but right into a spear from the champion. The fans cheered Mary Ellen’s resolve as she got to her knees. She grabbed Natalie on her way up and then once she had her in position, she dropped her with the Raven’s Lock! This brought the fans out of their seats as they knew this was over once Mary Ellen dropped down, hooked the leg and got the three count.

WINNER and STILL 5BW Fight Champion: Mary Ellen Harrison

Mary Ellen got up and the referee was quick to hand her the FIGHT championship that she had to endure quite a bit to retain. The fans were happy about this. Mary Ellen was looking relieved considering all the trickery and cheating by Natalie that she had to overcome in order to retain, but she was happy nevertheless.

In the back, Tori Colbert was putting on her Softball Night Academy T-Shirt with Clarissa Vega in the back with her. Tori looks at her.

Tori Colbert: Are you ready for this?

Clarissa looks intensely focused, as if this match has a significant personal meaning to her.

Clarissa Vega: Of course I am! This is definitely an opportunity that I’ve wanted for a long time. Well, TWO opportunities that I’ve wanted for a long time: to be a champion in this business as a professional wrestler and also to…

Clarissa takes a pause, stopping herself from getting too much into it.

Clarissa Vega: Well… I’m just going to say there’s a personal aspect to it and I’m going to leave it at that.

Tori eyes her tag team partner before sitting next to her.

Tori Colbert: How is Cora feeling? I thought I'd ask

Clarissa sighs for a split second before answering the question.

Clarissa Vega: She’s feeling… well… as okay as you can feel about it I guess. It’s strange knowing that you’re going to be wrestling against your daughter’s father and everything and her being in the middle of all of that. Jayson has never been a bad father to her but as a human being in general? Yeah, that’s something completely different. As much as I’ve been waiting a long time for this, I’ve got to put that aside to the best of my ability because what WE do, what SNA accomplishes, it’s a lot more important in the grand scheme of things.

And really, as we all know? The Damned Ones are NEVER good news no matter who is on the other side.

Tori Colbert: But you know what would be bad news to them? Losing the tag team championships to us before we graduate. That would be the icing on the cake in our careers!

Clarissa Vega: Right? That would be the biggest humiliation that they’d ever suffer in their whole careers too! Luciana isn’t even in this match and for her, that might be more embarrassing than Vendetta last year when she lost the 5BW World Championship and slipped into that ‘Regina George’ void for a while. I get it. Not a lot of people expect us to win… but not many expected us to get this far when you had the Kelli thing going on…

Tori nods in approval to Clarissa.

Tori Colbert: Well, what are we waiting for? It's time to shock the world yet again.

Clarissa Vega: You’re damn right we will!

Clarissa and Tori leave the scene as it fades out.

In the Damned Ones Locker Room, Sabrina is pacing back and forth, holding her head back and forth. Luciana and Jayson are looking at her like she is crazy.

Luciana Verdoza: What in the world has gotten into you, Sabrina? What’s with the nervous pacing?

Jayson Schneider: Maybe she’s possessed by a demon… you know… like that crazy Minka chick…

Luciana Verdoza: Okay, I REALLY doubt it’s that! Come on Sabrina, what the hell has gotten into you?


Sabrina takes a deep breath.

Sabrina Baker: Can someone please ANSWER that!?!

Luciana Verdoza: That is absolutely one hundred percent a fair question. I wish I had an answer for that. But, from the looks of things, it’s like they want to throw this tag team division back to the “COOL KIDS” era… and don’t get me started on them. Worst 5BW tag team. EVER! But it’s alright. You both got this. They’re very inexperienced… especially someone in particular… right Jay?

Jayson just scoffs and has a chuckle to himself

Jayson Schneider: Ah, Clarissa… if I knew she would be a pain in the ass all these years later, I would’ve never gotten involved with that woman. But anyway, they want to throw these ROOKIES at us. They have no idea what they’re doing. They’re destroying two careers before they even begin. They couldn’t have at least thrown the Valedictorians at us? At least they’re worth something…

Luciana Verdoza: Not like they’d be able to beat us anyway. You both got this. You won’t be needing me out there. I mean… it’s Softball Night Academy for fuck’s sake…

Sabrina shakes her head and looks at Luciana

Sabrina Baker: You have that numb nut Hayley Fien to deal with and I am sure you have a lot on your plate. THE ONLY thing I hope that AFTER this is all set and done, 5BW Management will give US suitable tag teams for the championships!

Jayson Schneider: Like the Valedictorians. They’re feisty. That Cordelia is a hot one, you know.

Luciana glares at him with disapproval.

Jayson Schneider: I’m just saying. ANYWAY, it’s the Valedictorians… XS… and... well…

Luciana Verdoza: You can’t think of anyone else, can you?

Jayson shakes his head.

Luciana Verdoza: And yes, we do have quite a bit on our plates. Me? Hayley…

Luciana pauses and narrows her eyes, expressing some form of determined bitterness on her face.

Luciana Verdoza: I never got revenge for when she broke my hand. I never got my revenge for the HUMILIATION she and her STUPID BOYFRIEND put me through. Oh when that happened, that’s what pushed me OVER THE EDGE. Now? I’ve got her trapped in a cage all to myself. There’s no BOYFRIEND. Dakota can’t and won’t do anything! Oh yeah, we’re ALL going to raise hell tonight! And if I get to permanently scar that bitch’s face and snap her fucking neck, even BETTER!

Sabrina goes in the refrigerator and grabs out the wineo

Sabrina Baker: Well said. I am over her and her ass as well. No Noris, No Dakota, you and her in the ring where we witness her demise.

Jayson Schneider: It’s a little too early for that, don’t you think?

Sabrina Baker: We are going to drink it when we win our matches. Hayley’s demise and us retaining the tag team championships. Who the hell do you think I am? Amber Rockwell?

Jayson Schneider: WOOOOOW! Throwing HER under the bus…

Luciana Verdoza: She always had a reputation for doing that herself…

Luciana gives a wink near the camera’s direction.

Luciana Verdoza: But anyway… changing the subject from that never-will-be, there WILL be a celebration: for our imminent tag team title defense, for my REVENGE on Hayley… and for one of us winning that rumble match! I’d say we’ve talked enough about it, now let’s go and get it done!


Sabrina and Clarissa were the two that began the match. Sabrina would take Clarissa lightly at the start and this would cost her as Clarissa surprised her with a snap armdrag. This angered Sabrina as she stood up and when Clarissa bolted for her, Sabrina caught her and delivered a belly to belly suplex right into a pinfall, which Clarissa was quick to get out of. Sabrina pulled her up, but Clarissa fought back and eventually got her with a DDT. Clarissa went for a cover, but Sabrina kicked out. Clarissa went back to tag Tori in and they both delivered a clothesline to Sabrina. Clarissa left the ring then Tori went to work, but Sabrina raked her eyes and took over control again. She lifted her up and dropped her with a Fisherman’s suplex right into a cover, but Tori kicked out of it. Jayson was tagged in and got going, pummeling Tori for a bit and dropping her with a sidewalk slam. He covered, but Tori kicked out. Jayson had her going for a powerbomb, but Tori countered into a hurricanrana. Tori mounted a rally of her own until she would eventually take down a kneeling Jayson with a roundhouse kick to the jaw. Tori would dive in and go for the cover, however, Jayson would kick out at two. Tori went back to her corner to tag in an eager Clarissa, who badly wanted to get at Jayson, but Jayson, who got up, just sneered at her and went back in to tag Sabrina, much to Clarissa’s chagrin.

This would ultimately lead to Clarissa getting mad and Sabrina taking advantage of this, but Clarissa fought back and took out Sabrina with a diving crossbody into a pinfall attempt that Sabrina kicked out of. Tori would be tagged back in and Jayson ran in to distract the referee. Clarissa then ran to the other side of the ring and jumped Jayson from behind, landing on his back and he would throw her over and onto the mat. This caused a distraction for the referee and then Sabrina raked the eyes of Tori and decked her with a running knee to the face. Jayson and Clarissa rolled to the outside and when the referee focused his attention back on the other two, Clarissa delivered a low blow to Jayson. Tori nailed Sabrina with a snap DDT, but Sabrina grabbed the bottom rope. Clarissa went back to her corner and Tori got Sabrina up. Sabrina countered by clawing Tori, digging her fingernails in her face. Tori lost her grip and Sabrina countered with a snap suplex. Sabrina got really pissed off and she left the ring. Not giving a damn, she grabbed one of the tag titles and went back in to measure Tori. Clarissa went to stop this and she grabbed the belt, leading to a tug of war. This distracted the referee and Tori leaned against the ropes, Jayson was able to recover enough to slide into the ring. He grabbed Clarissa from behind and gave her a German suplex. The referee then tried to break that situation up and this gave Sabrina the opportunity. Tori stood up with help from the ropes and then Sabrina blasted her in the back of the head with the title. Jayson’s experience won out with Clarissa and he clotheslined her out of the ring. Jayson slid out of the ring allowing the referee to turn around and see that Sabrina had Tori pinned. The crowd was incensed as the referee made the three count….

WINNERS and STILL 5BW Tag Team Champions: The Damned Ones

Sabrina immediately celebrated as she raised one of the tag titles. Jayson went to grab the other and slid in to join the celebration. Meanwhile, Clarissa lied on the barricade and she was completely incensed by what just happened. It was a hard pill for her to swallow seeing Jayson and Sabrina stand over Tori.


Take a look at the history of Orchard Beach in the Bronx.


It is now match four of the Freedom Championship series where Minka Carter and Kelly Penkzee-Nelson are going to be going at it yet again. The first one out of the back is Kelly Penkzee-Nelson as she comes out of the back without her robe, just her ring gear. She is ready for a fight and the biggest fight for her life. The next one out of the back is Minka Carter as she has the Freedom Championship around her waist and mocks at KPN, saying that she is going to be retiring her and retaining the championship. The match then starts with Minka Carter shoving KPN, but KPN HITS her right in the face and takes her down. She wants to go down to that level, she will. KPN starts pounding down her face with closed fists and picks her up. Minka rolls and holds her face as she checks on her. KPN comes up and grabs her by the hair and tosses her right across the ring. KPN comes right up and KICKS her in the side. This match is all KPN as she is fighting at her, but Minka comes up and SLAPS KPN right in the face and takes her down in the ring. She gets on top of her and starts laying in on her. She rolls out of the ring, grabs her championship and YELLS in the face of KPN that she is going to end, but KPN grabs the belt and HITS Minka right in the face with it. Minka stands back up, only for KPN to Big Boot her out of the ring. She then sees Minka out of the ground and goes for a baseball slide, but the champion grabs her and throws her into the apron and starts pounding her down. She grabs the surgically repaired shoulder and SMASHES it into the pole. Minka gets a sick smirk on her face with KPN screaming out in pain as she does the same move again. She lifts KPN and tosses her back in the ring and pulls out a stake that’s end is sharp! She tosses it in the ring and leans into KPN. She wants to KILL her on the spot, but KPN sees this and uses her power that is in her and pushes the stake out of her hands. KPN kicks it out of Minka’s hands, but Minka grabs KPN and rolls her up in the ring. KPN gets out of it before standing up and going for a Big Boot again, but Minka ducks out of the way and goes for the Demon Stake right into the gut of KPN. She falls on one knee, but Minka runs and does another Demon Stake to her face. She rolls over her challenger and pins her in the ring, but KPN kicks out of it. Minka screams and yells in her face that she plans on KILLING her and GRABS the stake that was on the ground. She raises it in the air with the sharp end near her head, but KPN GRABS it from Minka and TOSSES it out of the ring. Minka freaks out as KPN comes up behind her and LOCKS in a headlock on her as the fans are cheering for this, but Minka again breaks free from this as the fans are booing. She then goes in her pocket and pulls something out of it and puts it in. KPN grabs her as she gets to her feet, but Minka SPITS something towards KPN, but she ducks it and goes in the face of the referee. KPN is in shock with this along with Minka. Suddenly, Lacey Monreau comes out of the back and looks at this. Minka smirks at this with Lacey looking worried about KPN. KPN yells at Lacey to get out of here, but Minka gives Lacey the stake and brushes her hair back. Lacey rolls in the ring and has the stake in her hands. KPN is backing up and holding up her hands with Minka saying to KILL her. Lacey’s hands are shaking with her raising it, but KPN KICKS it out of the hands of Lacey and goes towards Minka and beats her down. KPN battles her down, but Lacey gets right on her back causing KPN to flip her down. Lacey is freaking out, but Minka GETS KPN with the stake, causing her to bleed. That’s what she wanted, with Lacey freaking out. Suddenly, another referee gets in the ring and sees that KPN is bleeding. KPN looks and HEADs towards Minka and lays it into her. KPN has snapped with Lacey rolling out of the ring in fear. KPN beats down on Minka Carter and grabs her arm and locks in the submission hold. Lacey is wondering what she should do, but KPN drags her in the middle of the ring. KPN locks in a stronger submission until the referee hears a POP in Minka and calls for the bell. KPN has tied this match up which leads now to Vendetta. Lacey looks in shock with this as KPN rolls out of the ring. She wants to know what the hell that was for and walks up to the back.

Winner: Kelly Penkzee-Nelson (Tie 2-2)

In her locker room, Amy Harrison is fixing her gear before her Budge Cup semi-final match.

Amy Harrison: One down, two to go….

Amy Harrison: I keep telling everyone that there’s a reason why I’m in this tournament and there’s a reason why I’m the #1 seed, and that’s because I’m as good as it can be here.

Amy Harrison: I’ve done everything that I can to get to where I am right now, and I’m not going to stop any time soon, especially not at this stage.

Amy Harrison: Matt can come in and try to stop me, but it’s not going to work. I’ve made it this far, and I’ll be damned if I don’t go all the way and win this whole thing, because I’m not slowing down one bit!

Amy Harrison: I’m going to win tonight, I’m going onto the final, I’m winning there and I’m taking this whole damn cup, end of story!


Both wrestlers locked up initially, but a hard shove by Mark would give him control on the early going. Amy was able to get up, but Mark grabbed her around the waist and nailed her with a belly to belly suplex. Mark would swoop in for the first cover of the match, but Amy kicked out. Mark picked her up and tried to make another move, but Amy countered with a jawbreaker. Mark rolled away and then Amy responded with some extremely hard, stiff kicks that had Mark scrambling toward the ropes. Mark pickled himself up with the ropes, but Amy responded with a stiff punch to the gut, knocking the wind out of him, before she dropped him with a swinging neckbreaker. Amy went for a cover, but Mark would kick out. Throughout the match, Mark would be caught by surprise by Amy. At one point, she chopped him so hard and on such a constant basis that Mark’s chest turned red. Mark would still use his strength advantage to take control and seemed to be in good shape following an Asai DDT, but Amy would kick out of it. The next time that Amy was in control, she would respond with an incredibly hard buzzsaw kick to the back of a kneeling Mark’s head that had him collapsing to the mat with a quickness. Amy would make a cover, but Mark would kick out much to her frustration.

From that point on, Amy mainly picked apart Mark. Mark didn’t seem as into it following that kick to the back of the head. Mark would occasionally counter with a clothesline or a shoulder block, but following a double knee facebreaker, Amy had Mark pinned again. However, Mark was just barely able to kick out. Amy really went high risk following that kick out as she had wanted to put Mark away. She went to the top rope and went for a moonsault, but Mark was able to block it with his knees and buy himself some time. Rolling away from Amy, Mark slowly got up, a slightly dazed look in his eyes. Amy got up and then Mark would pick her up and would then drop Amy to the mat with a Northern Lights suplex right into a cover. Amy managed to kick out at two. Mark caught his breath and then after that, dragged Amy up to a vertical base. With a bit of hesitation, Mark picked up Amy and had the "Erm...that move he does!" in mind. However, Amy escaped the hold Mark had her in and landed right behind him. Mark turned around and tried to clothesline her, but Amy countered with an arm-trap cross face right in the center of the ring. Mark greatly struggled with this move and with the beating he had taken throughout the match, and with little strength left, he had no choice but to tap out.


Amy would not release the hold right away and it took the referee threatening her and starting a five count before she finally broke the hold. Amy stood up and got her hand raised by the referee, but she was looking incredibly pissed off as she looked down at Mark Cross who meekly rolled out of the ring holding his arm in some pain. After getting over this anger, Amy would begin her celebration of moving forward to the finals.

Catch us live from SoFi


We all know that Amy Harrison has moved on, but who will she be facing off against? The first one out of the back is Kailey Queen as the fans are cheering for this as she is walking to the ring. Kailey looks to win this match up and move on. The next one out of the back is Dakota Mendoza as the fans are cheering for her too as she is ready to go with this match up. The match then starts with Dakota and Kaliey shaking hands, but knowing how much this means to her, Dakota HITS her in the face as the fans are cheering. Dakota is not playing around much with this as Kailey is fighting back against her. The fans are cheering for this with Kailey fighting back against her, but Dakota is too strong for her. Dakota tosses her to the side and starts pounding down on her as the fans are cheering. She looks at her and says that this is her moment to shine in the Budge Cup and throws her to the other side. Kailey is holding her back with Dakota coming up and going for a snap suplex. Again she does the move, but Kailey gets to her feet and starts batting back against her. She then HITS Dakota in the face and holds her mouth. She didn’t mean it, but Dakota smirks and ELBOWS her right in the face. She slips under her and goes for an Electric Chair as the fans are cheering for this. She then says that she is going to end this off in the ring, but Sabrina Baker comes out of the back and tries to attack Dakota, but Dakota and Kailey go for a double drop kick. They want this fight to be fair and everything then Jayson Schneider comes in the ring and attacks Kailey Queen. The fans are booing at this, but Dakota comes in and attacks him, making the fans cheer for him fighting, but Luciana comes up and ATTACKS her former protege down on the ground. The fans are booing with Luciana laying it into Dakota Mendoza, but Hayley Fien comes running out of the back and going to the ring and chasing her out. The fans are booing as Jayson lays Kailey on top of Dakota Mendoza and rolls out of the ring as the referee counts this and Kailey gets the three count. She is now going to the finals as she leans up and sees what went wrong. Kailey gets to her feet as she looks confused as Zara comes down. Dakota leans up with Kailey trying to talk, but she PUSHES her out of the way and looks pissed off. Amy Harrison comes down to the ring with her looking at Kailey. Someone is going to win it all and challenge for the Freedom Championship while someone who loses will challenge for the FIGHT. Who will take it at Vendetta?

Winner: Kailey Queen

In the back, Veronica Rachelle, Lacey Moreau, and Shane Pasquelle are getting ready for the rumble of a loud BARGE coming right through. It’s Kelly Penkzee-Nelson as she goes right towards Lacey.

Shane Pasquelle: WHOA, KPN, what’s the matter?

Kelly looks at Shane Pasquelle with a serious look on her face. She eyes Lacey up and down.

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: May I ask what the Tom Jones Fuckery that bullshit was with YOU and Minka about?!

Veronica and Shane look confused about what is going on. Veronica speaks to her friend in French before looking back to KPN.

Veronica Rachelle: Hold on there, what are you talking about?

Shane Pasquelle: Yeah, this is the first time I heard about this.

KPN eyes Shane and Veronica as they don’t know what happened.

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: Oh you don’t know? The other day, Minka Carter tried to play mind games with me stating that this one was hotter than me because why? EVERYONE knows what I’ve gone through with being sick and having body issues because of that stuff.

She looks at Lacey.

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: So Lacey over here comes out for whatever reason and Minka has to fuck around with her with Lacey NEARLY costing me my match on four different occasions and thanks to her, I was cut open.

Shane and Veronica are shocked by this.

Shane Pasquelle: Lacey, what the hell?

Lacey Moreau: Wait, I’m not doing anything against you. I’m just trying to keep Minka out of my business, but she just seems obsessed with trying to drag me into all of this stuff.

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: Well you need to tell her to knock it off because if you don’t and you cost me…..

She eyes her up and down.

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: There will be problems, got it?

Lacey Moreau: Got it.

KPN walks out of the locker room with Shane looking at Lacey and back to VR as the scene fades out.

Pre-Recorded Segment

We see Hayley Fien somewhere in New York City with chain linkages all around. She eyes them up and down, knowing that she has the biggest match of her career at stake. Hayley keeps on eyeing the chains.

Hayley Fien: Luciana, I have waited for almost a year and a half to finally get you where I wanted for the longest now. You and I have been at each other’s throats and wanting to kill each other.

She keeps her eyes on the chains.

Hayley Fien: and to think of it, a steel cage match is the perfect way to end this all. When this all started back in June of last year, you were someone that reminded me of a bully. Someone that was targeting someone for a reason to be unknown, and yet, when I helped that person. You went after me.

She doesn’t move at all.

Hayley Fien: I am not going to lie, when I broke your hand at Royal Crown, it felt good, but when you came back and grabbed Sabrina Baker to align with and break my hand in revenge….

She moves a slight bit.

Hayley Fien: You tried breaking my spirit. I watched you win the Tag Team Championships with the Damned Ones and make Dakota and my life a living hell, but if there is one thing Dakota and I learned about each other along the way, it was to never let a BITCH like you bring us down!

She looks at her.

Hayley Fien: And ever since you, Jayson and Sabrina TRIED EVERYTHING to stop Dakota and I until a breaking point happens. Kieran was getting fed up and decided this WILL end at Night Of Glory. The steel cage is a perfect place….

She eyes the chains.

Hayley Fien: Every chain being driven through your body and you screaming in pain, every scrap going to your skin while it punctures you and seeing you ooze the blood. I know that this may sound sick, but this is MY kind of sick.

She looks at the cameras.

Hayley Fien: Luciana, this will all end at Night of Glory where I will get you out of my LIFE for good. No Damned Ones, No Bullshit, just you and I in the cage, Sunday!

Hayley walks away as she leaves the yard.


The fists were flying as soon as the bell rang to start this match as neither woman would give an inch whatsoever. Luciana would break things up with a headbutt and take control of the match in the early going with a snap suplex, but technical wrestling was the last thing that was on her mind as she dragged her up by the hair and violently threw her into the side of the cage. Hayley fell down to the mat, and Luciana, of course, would constantly stop on the hand for a little bit. She stepped back and attempted a curb stomp to Hayley, but Hayley moved out of the way and Luciana landed awkwardly on her ankle which gave Hayley an opening. Hayley would target that for a bit, even going as far as stomping her ankle right into the cage. Hayley applied an armbar with an emphasis on the hand she had broken before, but Luciana skillfully escaped the move. Technically, it would be an even match. However, at one point, Luciana removed a turnbuckle padding and after Hayley missed a stinger splash that had led her face first into that exposed steel, Luciana went nuts and constantly jammed Hayley’s forehead into the exposed steel again and again and again. She would then grind her forehead into that steel, then she whipped her head first into the side of the cage. This would result in Hayley’s forehead being busted open.

Luciana then climbed the side of the cage near the corner with the exposed steel, but then Hayley recovered and climbed up that same corner. Right when Luciana was getting close, Hayley slipped underneath her and pried her off the cage in an electric chair position. Hayley jumped down off the top rope and violently threw Luciana face first into the exposed steel. Hayley lost it at this point and would then bash Luciana’s face into the side of the cage repeatedly and ultimately, Luciana herself would be bleeding. It would be a bloodbath from there. Hayley at one point was climbing up, but Luciana pried her off the cage and flattened her with an electric chair facebuster. Likewise, Luciana was in the same spot, but Hayley caught up to her and stopped her with a top rope German suplex. Near the end of the match, Luciana knocked Hayley down with a roundhouse kick and climbed up the cage. Near the top, she noticed Hayley was beginning to get up. Once Luciana reached the top, she stood and saw Hayley doing the same. Angry, she leaped off the top rope, performing a flipping seated senton from the top. However, Hayley caught her in mid-air and countered with a powerbomb!

The crowd exploded as a result of this and Luciana seemed out of it. Hayley went to the side of the cage and began to scale it. Luciana began to stir a little but as she was halfway up. Three fourths of the way up, Sabrina Baker ran down the ramp and started to scale the other side of the cage. While this was happening, Dakota Mendoza hopped into the crowd and scaled another side of the cage. Dakota was quick to get in and she attacked Luciana who had just barely gotten to her knees. At the top, Hayley was right there, but Sabrina met her and the two started to punch away at each other. Hayley socked Sabrina in the throat, then grabbed her. Hayley then leaped off the top and nailed Sabrina with a Spanish fly! They both crashed onto Dakota and Luciana below and then onto the mat! Eventually, Luciana is the first to recover and she begins to crawl away toward the door of the cage. The door opens as she gets very close, but Dakota at the last moment grabs her by the ankle. Luciana tries to kick her away but to no avail and Dakota even responds with an ankle lock, causing Luciana to be in some pain. Neither Sabrina or Hayley were moving at all. Luciana dragged herself to the door, desperately trying to kick Dakota away, but Jayson Schneider came through the crowd and reached into the cage. Grabbing Luciana by the wrists, he ended up in a bit of a tug of war with Dakota as one tried to pull her out and the other tried to pull her back in. With Hayley beginning to recover and getting to her knees, Luciana delivered one last desperate kick that finally broke the ankle lock sending Dakota running into Hayley. At this point, Jayson pulled Luciana out of the cage much to the dismay of the fans.

WINNER: Luciana Verdoza

The fans were irate as the cage began to be lifted. Referees came out to help Sabrina out of the ring. Luciana couldn’t even stand on her own and Jayson had to help her. Back in the ring, Dakota tries to reason with a furious Hayley, who didn’t take long to realize what had happened. Hayley wanted no part of it and immediately left the ring and once she did so, she leaned against the barricade, exhausted and furious. Dakota requested a microphone at this point, much to Jayson’s and Luciana’s amusement.

Dakota Mendoza: I have HAD IT! I have HAD it with YOU ruining my career, Luciana! I’ve had it with you ruining my LIFE! I will END THIS at VENDETTA, Luciana… and I will end YOU! I want you at Vendetta… and I want an answer… NOW! Let’s settle this at last, damn it!

Jayson continues to be amused, but Luciana’s not finding this funny anymore. The referee leaves the ring to hand her the microphone Dakota just used.

Luciana Verdoza: Finally… FINALLY… you FINALLY show some FIRE, huh? Where the FUCK was this MONTHS ago?

Jayson is telling Luciana “you don’t have to do this…” but she ignores him.

Luciana Verdoza: Yeah, I accept the challenge at Vendetta… for AN I QUIT MATCH!

Luciana drops the microphone and she’s laughing. Jayson turns her around and Luciana gingerly walks up the ramp with him all while Dakota is left standing alone in the ring, stunned by what she just heard.

Christy is inside her huge executive office at Winter’s Media. She stands looking out the window observing the Malibu skyline.

Everyone has their of me and that’s their right, but what your opinion is based on really doesn’t bother me in the least, why because I’m Christy Winters that way and you opinions like all of you is simply beneath my contempt.

Christy smiles.

Since my arrival in Five boroughs wrestling, people have questioned my motivation, why would the heiress of the largest media company what to be a wrestler, it simple because somebody once told me I couldn’t, so i trained and went to Australia and dominated the Legion Of Warriors women’s division and had runs in LAW and Queen City Wrestling before landing in Five Boroughs Wrestling.

Christy pours herself a drink.

Everyone wanted me to fail, but through every ounce of sweat, every drop of blood I spilled, I worked my way up the ladder and never complained once. Night of Glory, all my hard work, all the blood and sweat I’ve spilled culminates in a world title match with the most dominant champion in Five Boroughs Wrestling Samantha Tolson.

And I bet people are expecting me to fail once again.

Christy smirks.

Samantha no one can doubt your dominance as world champion sixteen successful title defenses against the best that Five Boroughs had to offer, number seventeen come against me. Now I know what your thinking Samantha do I deserve this title match against you, the answer is yes I deserve it, I’ve worked my ass for this opportunity, and I don’t intend to leave Night Of Glory a loser, the difference between me and the other sixteen people you beat is they lacked the killer instinct, some were intimidated, some were friends, me I’m none of those things. My motivation is to prove everyone that doubted me wrong, to prove I have the killer instinct to to beat you at Night Of Glory, and Samantha you know I will do whatever I have to to win the Five Boroughs Wrestling world title.

Christy walks over and sits on her desk.

Samantha, a Winters always gets what they want,and I want the Five boroughs World Title, and I’m going to have it by any means necessary. Samantha you’ve been a great champion but your time is over, and my time is just beginning.

The scene starts with Samantha Tolson in her locker room. We all know that she has had matches that went down all weekend as this is the last one of the weekend for her. Samantha eyes the 5BW Championship that is hanging around her locker room. As she is eying it, she grabs it and takes a good look at it. Samantha stands up and walks out of the locker room where she is greeted by people who are in the rumble. Everyone eyes her as she walks down while heading to her match up.

Samantha Tolson: People are eying me. I welcome everyone, but what they need to know is this. I plan on keeping this championship around my waist for a long time. Maybe into Season Three. All of them are hungry, but I am hungrier.

She looks at the crowd.

Samantha Tolson: Let’s do this. Christy Winters is a game, but let’s see who has more games.


The first main event of the night is Samantha Tolson defending her championship for a record breaking seventeenth time by going against Christy Winters. This is a controversial match, but everyone is going to be ready for it regardless. The first one out of the back is Christy Winters as she rolls up in a Motorcycle to Orchard Beach. She gets off it and walks to the ring with the fans standing back. Her father is right behind her and is ready to see his daughter finally win the big one. The next one out of the back is Samantha Tolson as the fans are cheering for her as she comes out of the back and raises the belt in the air. She has competed in matches prior towards this one, but how will she fare against a Fresh Christy Winters? The match then starts with the both of them having a staredown for the ages, but someone from the crowd screaming at them, JUMPS over the barricade, but security grabs them. Samantha sees this and yells at them, but Christy comes up and rolls her up, but Samantha kicks out of it. Christy starts kicking her down and targets all over her body, but Samantha stands back up and starts fighting back against Christy Winters and LAYS into the chops on her. The fans are cheering as Samantha is doing every single chop to her, causing Christy to get out and hold her chest. Her father is telling his daughter to fight as Samantha comes up to her again, but Christy sees her coming and BACK HANDS her. Christy then drags Samantha into the corner and starts pounding down on her. She then yells in her face that this is her time and goes for a snapmare across the ring. Christy looks at the fans that are booing at her and flips them off, but Samantha gets back up and goes for a German Suplex. The fans are cheering for this as she picks up Christy and goes for another one. Christy is going to German Suplex City as the fans are cheering for this with Samantha going for the German, but Christy rolls out of it. Samantha turns around with Christy going for a HUGE Clothesline. She then says that she is going to end the match in the ring as the fans are booing for this and lifts the champion up and goes for the Full Throttle onto Samantha Tolson! Her Championship run can end right here as she goes for the pinfall, but Samantha kicks out of it. The fans are cheering for this as Christy YANKS her hair up. She tells Samantha she is going to end her, but Samantha goes for the MIND YOUR HEAD into Christy before grabbing her to go for the Suplex into the Nightfall, but Christy rolls out of it and locks in the Winters Stretch on Samantha, but the champion fights out of it and goes for the Victory Drop Alpha! The fans are cheering for this, but Samantha is not done because she wants to make sure she is done as the fans are cheering for this as she grabs her yet again and goes for the Victory Drop Omega! Samantha has her covered and pins her in the ring and gets the three count over a gamed Christy Winters. Samantha Tolson will be walking into the same place she won the championship ONE YEAR AGO to the day. Samantha is ready for a battle and WILL be seeing who wins the 5B-Rumble.

Winner and STILL 5BW Champion: Samantha Tolson

Gabe is sitting in front of a green screen.

Gabe has the 5B-Rumble on his mind.

Gabe: Tonight, I am proving all of these haters who say I have not done anything wrong! I will be the last fighter standing tonight. When I win tonight, All of you other fighters will be looking up at me and looking up to me.

Gabe thinks about the people who say he has not accomplished anything.

Gabe: Tonight is My night to finally say I accomplished something more than just retiring Meagan. To me retiring Meagan is enough to warrant me respect, but I guess others expect more. I find it funny that those other small minded people who expected me to accomplish more have not accomplished a damn thing here. At least I retired someone who was a big deal here. What in the hell have they done?

Gabe has thoughts of proving others wrong.

Gabe: After I win the 5B-Rumble, I will be the one who people will finally show respect to. Afterall, I deserve respect. Tonight is going to show you people why I am meant to be a top star in 5BW. When I win tonight, hopefully you people will finally start waking the hell up. Frankly, you people will have NO choice but to wake up. It is time to wake up people and see what is in front of you. In front of you is someone who everyone needs to show respect to.

Gabe thinks about what is at stake in the 5B-Rumble.

Gabe: Then at Vendetta II, I will be walking out of that show The 5BW Champion. It doesn't matter if I have to beat Samatha Tolson or Christy Winters, one thing is for sure, I will be the 5BW Champion going into season 3. No one is going to stop me from doing so this time. Samantha may have gotten the best of me when I challenged her the last time but this time. NO!! I will be the one getting the best of her or Christy, or whoever the hell else I have to face.

Gabe thinks about some of the competition in the 5B-Rumble.

Gabe: There are going to be people who may try to take my victory away from me, but however, I will be the one denying them. Well, You got Ariel Madden in there. Of course she thinks she has to win everything.

Gabe Rolls His Eyes at the thought of Ariel Madden.

Gabe: We also have a monster named Behemoth, he is going to be hard for everyone else to throw over. With my body building training, I will be the only one who can throw him over. Also confirmed is Tyler Truex. I have history with him, dating back to our CKP days but you know what? I actually respect the guy now. However, tonight is just not his night. Also dating back to CKP is Traci Dimarcentino. I will not even be wasting my breath talking about her. She will be easy to toss over.

Gabe: Then there is Mr. Goody Goody Darian Andrews. Well he did beat me at Destination, I will give him that. However It still won’t take me long to toss him over. He got lucky at Destination but tonight, his luck runs out. There is also some rookie in training, Veronica Rachelle. Why is she even in this rumble again? Isn’t she supposed to be in school? Also participating is her little boyfriend Shane Pasquelle..

Gabe becomes sarcastic and mocks.

Gabe: Aww their love story is just so cute.

Gabe Rolls his eyes again.

Gabe: Well I will be taking Veronica and Shane’s love affair to the back, where it belongs. That love story crap does not belong in the ring.

Gabe: Then there is Brittani Helms….Now this girl had her own show last month for her birthday. How in the hell did she manage to get her own show? What makes her so special enough to have her own show? 5BW Management will never let me have my own show. So tonight Brittani will be taking her little birthday show with her when she gets tossed out. She is not winning this thing! No one else is winning this. I am. I am the only one who is going to.

Gabe pauses.

Gabe: Again, some people here are just 5BW Management favorites. Unfortunately, I am not one of them. Like I said It is about time 5BW Management starts opening their eyes and seeing someone who has what it takes to be a top fighter. Come on! It is right in front of their faces. Winning the 5B Rumble is going to make people open their damn eyes.

Gabe thinks about his final thoughts before competing in the 5B-Rumble.

Gabe: Night Of Glory belongs to me tonight. I will be making history in 5BW Yet again. I will be winning the first ever 5B-Rumble. So 5BW Management, throw whoever the hell you want at me in the Rumble Match. I will just answer back by throwing everyone you throw at me over. Rest Assured, I will be the 5BW Champion at season 2’s end. There is not anything anyone can and will do about it.

Gabe: When I win the 5B-Rumble, everyone will finally have no choice but to RESPECT ME!

Gabe gets out of his seat.

Backstage, Larissa and Bridget Johnson are both walking down the hallway, talking about the upcoming Rumble.

Brdget Johnson: Does it really matter who else is in this match?

[color]#8904b1]Larissa Johnson[/color]: Of course not! All I know is that we’re going to go in there and we’re going to take it all!

Brdget Johnson: Exactly! Let’s take everyone out and make it so we’re the final two, and then we’ll show everyone just how good we are.

[color]#8904b1]Larissa Johnson[/color]: Sounds good to me.


5BW starts off season three in Tokyo, Japan. Be there!

Darian: “I’m back!”

Darian smiles.

Darian: “Miss me? It’s been a while. I have a bit of an injury following my loss of the 5BW Freedom Championship, but I’ve spent my time off, rehabbing, training, and preparing for an opportunity like this.”

He points upward.

Darian: “The top of the mountain… I know, everyone in this match is going to be hungry for this. Everyone wants the shot at being World Champ… but tonight is about my return as much as anything else. You can call me Captain Five-Star, you can call me the Lord of the Ring… you can call me any sort of cliche or reference you want. At the end, all I want to be called is the winner.”

The scene shifts elsewhere...


Zara Grimm can be seen preparing for her turn in the Rumble...

Zara: “Tonight I have a chance to earn a shot at the 5BW World Championship, and I…”

Just then, Kailey Queen, her tag team partner, bursts into the scene!

Kailey: “OMG ZEE! Guess what!?”

Zara looks at Kailey with a raised eyebrow as Kailey waits for an answer. But before Zara can provide one...

Kailey: “I’m in the Rumble!”

Zara: “What?”

Kailey: “Yeah! I went to Quinn… nice guy, by the way… and asked if I could be in and he kind of gave me one of those raised eyebrows that looked like… well like you’re doing.”

Zara becomes cognient of her raised eyebrow and lowers it.

Kailey: “And he said “I thought you were already in…” and I said “What?” and he said “What?” and I said “Really?” and he said “Yeah!”...”

Zara: “So…”

Kailey: “So we can help each other and come down to the final two and then decide who wins from there! YAY!”

Kailey lunges forward, hugging her partner. Zara rolls her eyes.

Zara: “Yeah, great...”

Kailey keeps hugging, oblivious to her partner’s distaste in this news, as the scene shifts.

Tyler is standing around backstage, Facing the camera.

Tyler: Tonight is going to be MY Night when I win the first ever 5B-Rumble. Like I have said before and I will say it again, I am here to be the top star, the champion. That all starts tonight with me winning the 5B-Rumble.

Tyler thinks about what he gets for winning the 5B-Rumble.

Tyler: My prize for winning the 5B-Rumble? I will get a 5BW Championship match at Vendetta II! That match is going to be mine, then at Vendetta II, that 5BW Championship is also going to be all MINE!!

Tyler looks very close into the camera.

Tyler: To all the other 29 wannabe champions in this Rumble, I want to make one thing clear with yall. I will be the ONE who comes out on top. So you other people go line up, I will just throw each and everyone of you OUT. Over the top Rope Yall go.

Tyler thinks about what he has to say to the 5BW Fans.

Tyler: As for you people living in your mommy’s basements watching, you will be watching me make some history. That is something you people will never get to do. I guess you will get to live vicariously through me by watching me be the winner that I am. Hell, I am the poster child for being a winner. I am not some loser like you people. You people never appreciated me, even when I was in CKP. So when I become a big star here, you people will learn to appreciate me!

Tyler thinks about fan favorites in 5BW.

Tyler: Some of these fighters here may kiss you people’s asses, but that is not me. I do not kiss anyone’s ass. I do not need people to love me to get by. Hell, I do not give a damn what you fans think of me. I do not give a damn what these other fighters here think of me either.

Tyler thinks about why he does not have friendships in Wrestling.

Tylerr: I did not come to 5BW to make friends. Hell the only people I can trust in this world are my Brother Kasey and sister Lauren. After being betrayed by people who I thought were friends, I made a promise to not make friends in this business anymore. I know everyone else here has their friends and their relationships. Well, guess what? I do not need friends, I do not need a relationship. I am fine with doing things on my own. I came to 5BW to be a champion. I came to 5BW To make a statement. When I win the Rumble, that statement will be made!

Tyler thinks about why he turned bad.

Tyler: At one time I did care, guess what? It got me nowhere! Pleasing you people only set me back. All I did back then was pretend to be someone I am not and do not want to be. Being nice did not get me squat! Being Nice got me nowhere!

Tyler breathes a sigh of relief.

TylerTyler: Then, one day I finally woke up and saw the light. I woke up and realized the wrestling fans are not the people who mattered. I discovered that I am the one who mattered. I am not doing anything for you wrestling fans. I am in it for myself. I am here to win championships, be a big star and get paid good money. Nothing else matters. I am proud of who I am. I am damn glad I bettered myself instead of catering to ungrateful wrestling fans.

Tyler pauses.

Tyler: You people made me this way. You have yourselves to thank. Do not get mad at me for changing myself for the best. Get mad at yourselves! I am who I am and you can’t do a damn thing about it.

Tyler looks into the camera even closer.

Tyler: I am better than your favorites here, but most of all I am better than you people. When I win the 5B Rumble, you people will have to just deal with the fact that I defeated all of your precious favorites. I am going to be the one standing over the 29 others. Now, Deal With It!!!

Tyler storms off.

Scene Fades.


In mere moments, the 5BW Rumble will begin. As we move backstage, we can see Ariel Madden pacing in her locker-room

Ariel: “This is it...”

She doesn’t look at the camera, but rather keeps pacing...

Ariel: “The last chance, really. I made a bold declaration earlier on in the year… no, not “No Filter”. I have come to accept that everything I do in 5BW is going to be watched, going to be under a microscope for that matter. As one of the top names here, that goes with the territory. But earlier when I said I was going to end Season Two as Champion… that was bold.”

Ariel chuckles.

Ariel: “And tonight is my last chance to make that happen if it IS going to happen, because if I don’t win tonight? That chance is gone. I know everyone’s going to talk about tonight and how they need to go through 29 other competitors. I don’t. I don’t have to eliminate 29 opponents. All I have to do is eliminate ONE… the last one. I’m not going into tonight with a plan… There are too many variables. I’m going in with one goal in mind, however: Vendetta. Tolson. And the Championship.”

Without another word, Ariel heads out of the locker-room ready to take her turn in the match...

5BW Presents: Vendetta II: City of Angels
Los Angeles, California
June 27th, 2021
The end of Season Two

It is now time for the 5B-Rumble where the winner will be facing off against Samantha Tolson for the championship at Vendetta II: City of Angels. This is a big match for everyone here and history in the making. There will be surprises and returns. Let's see who has drawn number one!

(OOC Note: This will be a list of who was entered and eliminated. Suggested by G to do this. Good Luck everyone)

Entry One: Veronica Rachelle
Entry Two: Larissa Johnson
Entry Three: Kelli Song
Entry Four: Brittani Helms
Entry Five: Traci Dimarcentino
Entry Six: Darian Andrews
Entry Seven: Zara Grimm
Entry Eight: Drew Rogers
Entry Nine: Gabe Khane
Entry Ten: Shane Pasquelle

*Shane Pasquelle and Gabe Khane went at it in the match up, causing Shane to PUSH Veronica out of the ring by bumping into her. Veronica Rachelle is the first one eliminated*
*Kelli Song and Brittani Helms were battling due to their problems and battled, but Brittani got the best of Kelli and ELIMINATED her out of the ring*

Entry Eleven: Jason Ryan
Entry Twelve: Behemoth
Entry Thirteen: Tiffany McC

*As Tiffany made her return to 5BW as a surprise, Drew Rogers and Larissa Johnson quickly teamed up on her and tossed her out of the ring before she got in, being the third one eliminated. Shane saw Drew mocking Tiffany along with Larissa and eliminated BOTH Larissa Johnson and Drew Rogers from the match up! The fans gave a standing ovation*
*Jason Ryan saw Shane celebrating and went up to eliminate him, but Gabe Khane came up and tried to eliminate Jason Ryan. Brittani Helms tries to eliminate Gabe, but it does not work, Gabe powers Brittani over her and she falls onto the ground.

Entry Fourteen: Ariel Madden
Entry Fifteen: Tyler Truex
Entry Sixteen: Kailey Queen
Entry Seventeen: Kylie Moore
Entry Eighteen: Bridget Johnson
Entry Nineteen: Natalie Eldredge

*Behemoth and Darian were fighting, causing Gabe Khane to join the fray and power with him. Tyler Truex comes up with Jason Ryan too. Behemoth grabs Tyler and tosses them out, he then tosses Jason Ryan out of the ring while Bridget doesn’t want anything and actually eliminates herself. Gabe Khane sees Darian and goes after him, but Darian opens the ropes and gets eliminated. Traci comes off the ropes and goes right after Behemoth, but he picks her up and tosses her out of the ring*
*xS were double teaming on Behemoth and trying their best to get battle back against them in the ring. Kailey tries to reason with him as Zara is doing her best to battle down on the biggest man in the match up. Zara and Kailey try to get him out, but he powers out and shoves them to the side.

Entry Twenty: Ravage
Entry Twenty One: Jayson Schneider
Entry Twenty Two: Luciana Verdoza
Entry Twenty Three; Dakota Mendoza

*Dakota Mendoza made a Bee-Line right towards Luciana Verdoza and started to pound down on her. We already see blood from Luciana in the match prior as the cut opened up. The both of them eliminated each other, but caused a brawl. Behemoth and Ravage were fighting Jayson Scheinder, but Behemoth turned on Ravage in the match up and tries to eliminate, but Darian Andrews, Kylie Moore Kailey Queen, Zara Grimm, Jayson Schneider,Ariel Madden along with Ravage team up and TOSS Behemoth out of the ring. It took SEVEN people to take out Behemoth

Entry Twenty Four: Lacey Monreau
Entry Twenty Five: Sabrina Baker
Entry Twenty Six: Christy Winters
Entry Twenty Seven: Hayley Fien

*Lacey took advantage of Sabrina Baker’s injury, but was PLOWED by Ravage and fell onto the ground. Ariel Madden came over and picked Lace up, but Lacey jumped down and tried to eliminate Ariel from the match up, but Ariel skimmed the ropes and got back in the ring. Jayson Schneider and Hayley Fien went at it with Sabrina Baker, who was hurt from before coming and fighting, but Hayley got her revenge and eliminated BOTH Jayson and Sabrina. Ravage came up and eliminated Hayley as she landed on the ground. Christy and Darian were going at it as Christy was pissed off from before, but Kylie came up and eliminated Darian Andrews from the match up. Zara and Kailey went after Lacey, but Ariel grabbed Zara Grimm and tossed her out of the ring, causing Kailey to be on her own. Lacey got involved and tried to eliminate Christy, but it did not work as Christy eliminated her. Kailey reasoned with Ariel Madden, but both Ariel and Christy put their differences aside and eliminated Kailey Queen, but Ariel and Christy went back to fighting until the buzzer rang*

Entry Twenty Eight: BGK
Entry Twenty Nine: Victoria Salinas

*Victoria went right after Christy Winters and BGK as the fans were cheering for this as Ariel Madden joined in the fight along with Kylie Moore. The fans were cheering because Victoria is a big name in here as the fans were cheering for this. Everyone wants to make a point in this rumble. Christy and BGK were going at it as the both of them have history with one another, but BGK was using his mind games in the match up and was pushing Christy over. BGK leaned Christy over and tried to eliminate her, but Christy grabbed him and brought him lower. Kylie saw this and KICKED both BGK and Christy’s legs, CAUSING them to go out. Ariel, Victoria and Kylie are in as the buzzer rings for number 30*

Band-Maid’s Reincarnation kicks in as the fans are in shock. AOI has entered the 5BW Rumble as the fans are in shock with this. Victoria, Kylie and Ariel are amazed with this and have their work cut out for them. She rolls into the ring and as the final four is now AOI, Kylie Moore, Victoria Salina and the only sole person representing 5BW, Ariel Madden.

*All four of them were going at it in the ring as the fans were cheering for this. Both Kylie Moore and Victoria were fighting one another as Ariel and AOI were also battling one another. Kylie Moore was about to eliminate Victoria Salinas, but Victoria was lifting her over and using everything she got, but Kylie Moore was doing her damndest to eliminate Victoria Salinas well. Both of them were teetering, but Victoria was getting near, but AOI came up and eliminated Victoria Salinas! The fans were in shock with this as Victoria held her head. AOI saw this and looked at her and said something to her, but Kylie Moore came up behind her and eliminated her. It is now down to the final two.*

*The General Manager of Revo against the Steinbrenner Cup Winner. Ariel Madden and Kylie Moore were the final two with Ariel Madden saying that she refuses to lose this match up. Kylie Moore says BRING ALL WHAT SHE’s GOT and starts fighting with her. The fans are blowing a lid right now as Kylie Moore and Ariel Madden were fighting each other with Kylie surprisingly holding her own against Ariel Madden. Ariel is having trouble against the long time veteran Kylie Moore. Kylie throws Ariel into the ropes with Ariel coming back after her with Moore going for a DDT onto the ground. Ariel is down with Kylie standing up and bringing the fans alive for this. Kylie goes over and picks up Ariel, but Ariel grabs her and locks in the bear hug. Ariel Madden is shaking Kylie, but Kylie has more fight left than anything and actually is about to win this, but Ariel Madden lifts her up and goes for the Atlas-Plex into the ring. She is running out of gas with Kylie coming up and going after her. Kylie grabs Ariel Madden and tries to toss her out of the ring and using every power, but Ariel grabs her and tries to wrestle her to the ground. It’s working, but Kylie is holding on. With her tank running on E, Ariel makes one more move and CLOTHESLINES Kylie right out of the ring, causing her to fall as the bells ring. Ariel Madden has won the first ever 5BW Rumble*

Winner and 2021 5B-Rumble Winner: Ariel Madden

Ariel Madden breaks down in the middle of the ring, crying that she knows she has a shot at the 5BW Championship and knows that she HAS to do it. Kylie Moore comes in the ring and looks at Ariel Madden before lifting her up. She shakes her hand and raises it in the air as the fans are cheering for this. Kylie rolls out of the ring as we see Samantha Tolson come out and get in the ring. The match is now set. Samantha vs. Ariel III will happen at Vendetta II: City of Angels as the Drones come up in the air showing the logo as we end Night of Glory.
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