5BW Presents: Vendetta II: City of Angels - June 27th, 2021

Here are the shows for 5BW. Monthly and Spot Show results are here. See where your character is going for your destiny!!
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5BW Presents: Vendetta II: City of Angels - June 27th, 2021

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Living the Dream by Five Finger Death Punch kicks in as we are live from SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, California. The pyro is blazing in the background as everyone is ready for the biggest show of 5BW to go down. Shot in the Dark also plays as well as we see the matches kick in and highlight everything. Let’s get the show under way!


Gabe is in front of a green screen wearing a microphone.

Gabe: In a few minutes I have my rematch from Destination against good ol Darian Andrews. I was ROBBED at Destination when he beat me. Rest Assured, the result is going to be different tonight.

Gabe thinks about Darian’s return.

Gabe: All I hear about is Darian’s little comeback. He comes back and beats me? That is unacceptable to me. I am sick and tired of hearing about his comeback. When I beat him, everyone will shut up about his little comeback and start talking about how I beat the respect into him. I am telling you right now, I will make sure his big return will be a short one.

Gabe: Watching that match over again just makes me sick to my stomach. Hearing about it makes me feel even worse. How can I let him beat me like that? Come on now, it was not all that long ago when I was the FIGHT Champion. All of a sudden I get beat by this little guy? NO!!! NOT Tonight!! Not Ever!! I will not let him make me sink to the bottom of the barrel around here. I am too good to be the bottom of the barrel at 5BW.

Gabe lets out a heavy sigh.

Gabe: You people can talk about Darian’s “big” return all you want, however, his win at Destination was nothing more than a fluke. Tonight, he will not be getting another fluke win on me. He will not have a good night at my expense. I refuse to lose to him again.

Gabe looks directly into the camera.

Gabe: Darian, I am looking at you. Tonight, you do not stand a chance against me. You are going to be returning for a beating from me. Tonight is not your night. It is My night to put you away. Tonight is my night that I will finally get some respect around here.

Gabe storms off.


Darian: “Follow me...”

The scene shifts over to where Darian Andrews can be seen walking through the back, the camera in tow.

Darian: “Gabe Khane… looks like you and I are about to go at it again. But you know what? Just like last month, this time around it ends with you flat on your back!”

Darian reaches the Gorilla position, turning to the camera as his music starts to play out over the crowd.

Darian: “I’m not sitting back and waiting for things to change. Tonight is about taking action and making myself known. Tonight, Gabe, you’re just another body in my way. This begins my road back to the Freedom Championship. Now let’s get out there and do this… I’ve got a road to embark on.”

The scene shifts to the ring...



The first match of the night is Gabe Khane going against Darian Andrews in a rivalry that will end right here. The first one out of the back is Gabe Khane as the fans are booing at him as he is making that long walk down the ramp. The next one out of the back is Darian Andrews as he is ready to go with this match up as he eyes the man that has been giving problems as the fans are cheering for him. The match then starts with Gabe and Darian going at it in the ring as the fans are cheering for this as they are going at it in the ring with Darian getting the best of this. Darian throws Gabe out of the ring with Gabe landing on the ground. He then gets on the apron and waits for Gabe to get up. Gabe does with Darian rolling off the apron with a senton. Right now, Darian has control of the match up and that the fans are liking this. Suddenly, Gabe Khane picks him up and throws him back into the ring. The fans are mocking at him as he is taunting everyone and saying that he is better than Darian Andrews and kicks him down. The fans are still booing at him and say to respect him, but Darian rolls him up in the ring as the fans are cheering and locks in a submission hold on him. Darian is yelling for Gabe to tap out as the fans are cheering, but Gabe picks him up while Darian is hanging down and goes for a powerbomb. Darian says that he is going to end this match in the ring right now and that he is going to destroy him to make sure everyone GIVES him the respect and not Darian as the fans are booing for him. He picks up Darian and goes for the Out of Gabe, but Darian grabs him and goes for a DDT onto him as the fans are cheering. Darian waits for him to get up as the fans are cheering for this. Gabe gets up and Darian KICKS him right in the face. He grabs Gabe and goes for the DVDT, but Gabe gets out of it and grabs him for the Out of Gabe. He rolls him over and pins him in the ring, but Darian kicks out of it. The fans are cheering for this as Gabe is angry about this and picks him up again, but Darian goes for the DVDT onto him as the fans are cheering for this. Darian rolls him over and pins him in the ring to get the three counts as he ends the season on a high note. Darian stands up and looks at Gabe Khane and shakes his head. He rolls out of the ring with the fans cheering for him and pumps the fans up. Starting out season two as the champion, he will be walking into Season Three with optimism to a better season as the fans are cheering for this.

Winner: Darian Andrews


Amy Harrison: As we’ve gotten closer and closer to this match, I’ve been doing a lot of looking back. Looking back at my career and looking back over the last few months.

Amy Harrison: I know that when I lost to Anya in Revo a few months back, there were a few people that thought that I didn’t have it anyone, telling me that I wasn’t who I used to me, that I’ve gotten soft, that getting married and being a step-mom has changed me.

Amy Harrison: Bitch, you don’t know who I really am!

Amy Harrison: I’ve pulled myself through a hell of a lot worse than just a title loss, and I was NOT going to let that dictate where my career goes from there.

Amy Harrison: I know I’m not where I was in my career a few years ago, but I know that I’m nowhere near done, and tonight I’m going to show everyone just who I am and what I can do.

Amy Harrison: Kailey might have done well to get this far, but for her, this is where it ends.

Amy Harrison: I know what the Budge Cup means, I know how important it is, and just how important it will be for my career, so you can be damned sure that I’m going to show just who Amy Harrison is tonight.



Zara Grimm stands by while Kailey Queen sits on the bench, showing signs of nervousness about her upcoming match...

Zara: “You know I’m proud of you, right?”

Kailey doesn’t react.

Zara: “Your run in the Budge Cup, while unexpected, has shown everyone that while you can be annoying… have no filter… maybe a little girly at times… you know what? No. Tonight isn’t about cutting you down. Tonight, you either end up with a shot at the Freedom Championship or the Fight Championship. Either one would be a boon for your career. And I’m going to be right there supporting you.

Still nothing… Zara grows a little impatient.

Zara: “Are you even paying attention? You’ve got a golden opportunity, and I know you can beat Amy Harrison. You just need to focus and think on your feet and… oh my God!”

Zara reaches over, pulling an earbud out of Kailey’s ear. Kailey snaps to life, looking up at Zara.

Kailey: “OMG ZEE! What was that for?”

Zara shakes her head, looking at Kailey before walking off.

Zara: “Unbelievable...”

Kailey is genuinely confused...

Kailey: “What did I do?”

She goes to follow Zara as the scene shifts.



The second match of the night is the Budge Cup Finals as Kailey Queen will be going against Amy Harrison as this match is important. Meagan G is in the ring with a red medal for the winner of the match up and the one that will be challenging for the Freedom Championship while the blue medal is for the FIGHT Championship and the runner up. The first one out of the back is Kailey Queen as she is coming to the ring and ready for what is about to happen as the fans are cheering for her. The next one out of the back is Amy Harrison, wearing vintage ring attire that she wore in her career that was important to her, but upgraded as she is ready for this. The match then starts with Amy Harrison and Kailey Queen staring at each other. Kailey is the first one to take the punch at her and punches her dead hard in the face as the fans are in shock, but Amy comes back and battles back against her in the ring as the fans are cheering for this. Both girls are battling with each other with Amy tossing her into the ropes. Kailey comes running back and takes her down as the fans are cheering. She is stomping down on her, but Amy gets up and the dragon whips her out of the ring. Kailey falls on the ground as the fans are cheering for this with Amy going up top and going for a crossbody onto her. Meagan G is clapping at ring side as she is watching this with Amy tossing Kailey back in the ring. Amy waits for her to get up with Kailey getting back to her feet and going for a kick right in the back of her head. Kailey is down as Amy is getting on top of her and starts laying it into her, but Kailey gets on top of her and starts laying it to her and grabs her by the hair and tosses her into the turnbuckle and slams her head into the turnbuckle. The rage is coming out in Kailey, but Amy BACK hands her hard and comes right after her. The fans are cheering as Amy says that she is going to end this match in the ring. Kailey is getting to her feet with Amy going after her, but Kailey Queen KICKS her right in the head with the Crowning. Amy falls on the ground with Kailey rolling her over as the fans are cheering for this. She pins her, but Amy kicks out of it as the fans are cheering for this. Amy is still in the fight with Kailey still in shock with this. She says that she needs to win this and that she needs to get this done as the fans are cheering for this. Kailey goes for the Crowning again, but Amy grabs her and goes for the Broken Ugly face. Kailey stumbles with Amy going for the move again and she finally goes on the ground. Amy rolls her over and pins her, but Kailey KICKS out of it as the fans are in shock. What does Amy have to do and HOW is Kailey surviving this? Amy gets to her feet, along with Kailey. Who wants this more as both are throwing punches, but Amy grabs her and goes for a submission hold and locks it in! The fans are cheering for this, but Kailey rolls her in the pin, but Amy kicks out of it. Kailey again goes for the Crowning, but Amy ducks and goes for the Broken Ugly Face. She rolls her over and pins her and GETS the three! Amy Harrison has won the Budge Cup as she leans up with tears in her eyes. This is what she wanted as she stood up. Meagan G gets in the ring and helps her along with Kailey as Amy and Kailey look at each other and shake hands. Meagan gives Amy the red medal while Kailey gets the blue medal. Both made Meagan and her family proud in this tournament.

Winner and 2021 Budge Cup Winner: Amy Harrison


In the back, we see Brandi St. Pierre as she is standing in front of the 5BW: Vendetta II backdrop looking pretty for the show. She looks at the cameras and smiles.

Brandi St.Pierre: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time….

Drew Rogers and Larissa Johnson come up and push Brandi St. Pierre with Drew smirking at his wife.

Brandi St.Pierre Excuse me...this is not your interview segment?

Drew Rogers: Now it is! Larissa and I don’t have all damn day!!

,Larissa Johnson: You heard the man! Now ask us something, we have stuff to do!

Brandi St.Pierre: Tonight, you two will be teaming up to take on Shane Pasquelle and Veronica Rachelle. We’ve seen your disdain towards them. Why?

Drew Rogers: Are you an idiot? Have you seen WHO those two are trained by?

Drew shakes his head

Drew Rogers: All because you’re trained by a foul mouth and someone that doesn’t care about ANYONE, doesn’t give you the right to be THE best couple. Larissa and I have been together since 2013, married since 2015 and we didn’t need social media to bring us two together!

Larissa Johnson: Not only that, but they think that they can just jump right in here and cut us off on the way up the card. Do they think that just because they attended some kind of “school” that it gives them a free pass?

Larissa shakes her head and fixes her hair.

Larissa Johnson: Tonight, we’re going to make these two lovebirds crash back down to Earth.

Drew Rogers: Now, are there any more questions?

Brandi shakes her head

Drew Rogers: Good! Now let’s go Larissa!


Brittany Lascase: Well this has been an interesting night to say at least, but I will be interviewing the ones that Brandi was supposed to be interviewing. My guests this time, Shane Pasquelle and Veronica Rachelle.

Both Veronica Rachelle and Shane Pasquelle walk up and look at Brittany. The both of them are ready for their match up.

Brittany Lascase: Shane, Veronica, tonight the both of you have a HUGE opportunity against Drew Rogers and Larissa Johnson. How are you both feeling going into this match?

Veronica Rachelle: I for one am really looking forward to this match. It would be the first time that I’ve teamed up with Shane in an official match, and I think we can be a pretty good team out there.

Shane Pasquelle: Yes, we can! We can be the best tag team in 5BW, but we have a hard task for our match up.

Brittany Lascase: Speaking of which, Drew Rogers and Larissa Johnson have a lot of things to say about you two. How do you feel about that?

Shane Pasquelle: Drew talks out of his ass half the time because he is too busy thinking about one thing. The same thing goes for Larissa. She talks out of her ass, but something tells me these two speak out of the same brain.

Veronica Rachelle: I wouldn’t be too sure about that, I don’t think they even have a full brain to share between the two of them.

Shane Pasquelle: That’s besides the point.

Shane looks at VR and goes back to Brittany.

Shane Pasquelle: The fact of the matter is this, Drew and Larissa picked the wrong people. They messed around with the wrong duo and after this is all set and done, they are going to look like the biggest idiots out there!

Shane looks at Veronica

Shane Pasquelle: You have anything to add?

Veronica Rachelle: I do. Larissa and Drew think that just because we’re wrestlers-in-training that we would be easy targets to boost their own self-esteem.

Veronica shakes her head

Veronica Rachelle: No, no. Tonight, we’ll show you that we’re more than capable of taking care of the two of you.

Shane and Veronica walk off for their match up.



Veronica and Larissa start the match and Veronica is quick to get in Larissa’s face. Larissa immediately presses her palm in Veronica’s face and shoves her away, which pisses her off. Veronica comes back, but Larissa knocks her down with a clothesline. Veronica is able to get back up and then Larissa shoves her into the corner and elbows her in the face. Larissa delivers a few chops to the chest of Veronica before she drags her to the center of the ring and takes her down with a running snapmare. Larissa shoves her forearm into Veronica’s face as she goes for the cover, but Veronica is able to kick out at two. Larissa drags Veronica up by the hair and drags her all the way to her corner, where Drew is tagged in. The mixed tag rules enable Shane to be legal, but Drew and Larissa double team Veronica. Shane runs in and puts a stop to this by prying Larissa off of Veronica and throwing her out of the ring. Drew comes back with a rake to the eyes, which gets Shane stumbling. Drew focuses on Shane now as Veronica rolls out of the ring.

Drew grabs Shane and is about to put him up for a suplex, but Shane ends up countering with a suplex of his own. Drew goes down and then Shane goes on the attack. He takes to the skies, following up with a missile dropkick that knocks Drew down to the mat. Larissa rolls into the ring, but Veronica trips her out and drags her out of the ring. Shane then executes a bit of a submission offense on Drew, overpowering him. Shane gets Drew up and then drops him with a belly to belly suplex. This leads directly into a cover, but Drew is able to kick out. Shane isn’t fazed as he gets Drew to a vertical base. Shane picks him up and drops him with a scoop slam. After that, he goes to the top rope. He has a frog splash in mind, but Drew blocks it with his knees. This puts Drew in control. Drew tosses around Shane for a bit and even mocks him for being a rookie before he gets him up and nails him with a running powerslam for a cover. He comes close, but ultimately, Shane kicks out at to. Drew drags Shane back to his corner where Larissa is waiting. Larissa tags herself in.

Drew and Larissa begin to stop and double team Shane and this leads Veronica, the legal woman, to run in and pounce on Drew’s back. Drew throws her over himself and she hits the floor and Larissa is waiting for her with a spinning heel kick. Larissa drags Veronica to the center of the ring, but Veronica is able to counter with a jawbreaker. Veronica lets loose and suddenly begins to take control of the match. A running knee to the face puts her into further control and now Larissa finds herself in trouble. Veronica beats Larissa all over the ring and really has her on the ropes. Veronica’s offense culminates when she nails her with a double underhook facebuster. Veronica turns her over for the pin, but Larissa is able to kick out. Veronica tries to get her up, but Larissa grabs her by the hair. Veronica loses her grip and Larissa takes control again. The experience begins to take its toll. For the next few minutes, Larissa bullies and pushes Veronica all over the ring. At one point, she even nailed her with a Fisherman’s suplex right into a cover. Veronica kicked out, but she was clearly exhausted.

Larissa gets Veronica up with the “Maximum” in mind, but in a last second desperation, Veronica counters with a back body drop. Veronica begins to struggle toward the corner while Larissa stays down, Larissa then sees Veronica getting close to her corner. Larissa makes a beeline for her, but it’s too late as Veronica desperately tags Shane back in. Drew comes running into the ring and the two fresh competitors really go at each other. Larissa recovers and tries to jump Shane, but Shane knocks her down with a headbutt. Drew grabs him and tries to pick him up, but Shane counters with a vertical suplex. This puts Shane purely in control as he attempts to make the comeback for his team. Larissa slides to her corner for now. For the next bit, Drew is completely outmatched by Shane. Shane at one point nailed him with a running spinebuster to take the wind out of him. Shane gets Drew up, but Drew rakes him across the eyes. Shane comes back but Drew nails him with a spinning heel kick. Drew gets Shane up and has the Maximum in mind, but at the last moment, Shane shoves Drew back toward Drew’s corner to counter. Larissa gets a tag unbeknownst to Shane. Shane then drags Drew away from the corner and counters with a springboard tornado DDT. Drew is out of it as Shane goes for a cover, but Larissa swoops in and breaks up the pinfall. This leads Veronica to run in and tackle Larissa. Shane goes after Drew , but the referee informs him that the ladies are lega. There’s an argument about this as Drew gets to his knees and shoves Shane from behind, sending him into the ropes and onto the mat. Meanwhile, Veronica looks to get a move on Larissa, but Larissa rolls her up and grabs the tights. The referee doesn’t see the tight pulling as he drops down to make the three count…

WINNERS: Larissa Johnson and Drew Rogers

Drew recovers to celebrate with Larissa and they both get their hand raised. Veronica begins to protest what just happened to the referee causing Larissa to point and laugh at her. She and Drew begin to leave the ring as Shane begins to come to. Veronica goes to check on Shane and the two are left stunned at what just happened. Much to their chagrins, Larissa and Drew continue to taunt them and mock them as they back up the ramp together, celebrating the victory they stole from their adversaries.


Happy Daze
August 6th, 2021



As soon as the bell rings, both women are exchanging right hand after right hand as the match basically begins as a brawl. In the end, Brittani is crafty enough to deliver a headbutt to Kellin, causing her to stagger backward. Brittani then grabs Kelli and delivers a hard snap suplex and she wastes no time going for the first cover of the match. Kelli, however, kicks out. Brittani drags Kelli up to her feet and then applies a standing sleeper hold. Kelli quickly delivers a few elbow shots, but Brittani throws her hard to the mat. Lurking near the ropes, Kelli wisely rolls out of the way to give herself a chance to recover. Still, when she gets up on the outside, Brittani co9nnects with a suicide dive that takes down Kelli. Both stay down on the outside for a while, causing the referee to initiate a 10 count. At the count of 4, Brittani throws Kelli back into the ring. She climbs to the top rope and measures Kelli as she gets to a vertical base. Brittani goes for a diving crossbody. However, Kelli catches her in mid-air and then counters with a powerslam right into a cover. Brittani is able to kick out at the count of two, but Kelli smirks knowing that she’s about to take over control.

Kelli locks in a cobra clutch and angrily urges Brittani to give up. Of course, that’s not going to happen as she tries to elbow her way out of it. Kelli drags her up, only to drive her hard into the turnbuckles. She violently throws Brittani down to the mat and as Brittani crawls on it, Kelli delivers a really stiff kick to the midsection. Brittani goes down again, but not for long. Brittani goes over to her, and then she grabs her and pulls her up. Kelli drags her down with a Russioan leg sweep and shoves her forearm into Brittani’s face as she goes for another cover. However, Brittani is able to kick out again. This doesn’t make Kelli happy as she steps back. She begins to measure Brittani as she gets to her knees. Kelli goes for a buzzsaw kick at this point, but Brittani ducks it. Kelli comes spinning back around in Brittani’s direction and Brittani shoves her into the corner. It’s Brittani’s turn to deliver some stiff, hard chops to the chest. She then picks her up and places her on the top rope and after that, she goes to the second ropes, grabs Kelli and then delivers a second rope suplex delivering quite the hard crash landing for Kelli. Kelli got the brunt of it and Brittani decides to take advantage of this as she hooks the leg for a cover. However, Kelli kicks out.

Brittani really takes the fight to the next level as she stays on Kelli to try to choke her, but at that point, the referee has to step in and make a five count. Brittani releases the choke and she steps back, waiting for Kelli to get up again. Kelli gets to a vertical base and Brittani delivers a hard spear much to the delight of the crowd. Kelli is looking like she’s got the wind knocked out of her now. Brittani steps back and then begins to measure Kelli again. Kelli again is able to get to at least her knees, but that’s as far as Brittani allows her to rise as Brittani comes back in and drops her with a Snap DDT! Brittani again goes for a cover, but Kelli kicks out of it again. Brittani stays focused however, as she measures Kelli again. Kelli gets up and then Brittani attempts the DC Headknocker, but Kelli throws the referee in the way at the last second and the ref gets knocked out cold. Brittani is stunned, but Kelli drops her with a superkick right into the jaw to take control again. Kelli takes the next few moments to choke out Brittani for a bit before she then gets her back up to a vertical base. Kelli then drops Brittani with a hard Alabama Slam, but she’s not done yet as she decides to follow up with a pretty sick Asai moonsault. Kelli swoops in for a cover, but the referee is still down. Still, a second referee runs in as fast as he can and makes the count, but much to Kelli’s disappointment, Brittani kicks out at two.

Kelli is incensed as she argues with the second referee. She delivers a stiff forearm right to the jaw to knock him out. She leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair before she slides back in. Brittani and the first referee are stirring. Kelli is in for a surprise when Holly Mendoza runs into the ring. Holly quickly demands the chair and this brings a smirk to Kelli’s face. A proud Kelli hands the chair to Holly. The referee is starting to stir as well. Holly measures Brittani… and then turns around and stabs Kelli in the gut with a steel chair. Holly tosses the chair away and then plants Kelli with a bulldog before she rolls out of the ring with an angry look on her face. The crowd is going nuts at this as the original referee is now up. Brittani is a bit confused as to what is going on, but nonetheless, she goes with it and she measures Kelli one more time. She’s holding her gut, which took that steel chair stab. She’s able to come to, but not for long at all as Brittani comes in and nails her with the DC Headknocker. Brittani wastes no time hooking the leg for the cover and the referee is able to count to 3…

WINNER: Brittani Helms

The crowd goes wild as Brittani celebrates her win. Holly is smirking on the outside of the ring, clearly loving every minute of this. Brittani celebrates for a little bit longer before she exits the ring, walking past Holly. Holly turns around and begins to walk up the ramp, but she’s interrupted by Kelli on the microphone screaming at her. Holly looks a bit frozen at first as Kelli tells her on the microphone that she’s coming after her and that she’s going to pay for what she just did. She adds that she brought Holly into this business and now she was going to take her out of it. She drops the microphone and drops to her knees to tend to her ribs as Holly backs up the ramp, starting her down and showing no regret for what she just did...


The scene cuts to the backstage area, and it seems to be locked onto a locker room door. The door is practically blank, giving away no hints as to who is inside, but it doesn't stay shut for long, and after a few moments the door bursts open and out comes the bearded face of 'The Australian Ace' Mark Kelly! Kelly almost crashes right into the camera but eases back after a moment and flashes that big larrikan grin.

Mark Kelly: Careful there, bloke....or is that a sheila behind the camera. Can't really tell. Not really the point anyway, is it? Anyone can be a camera person. You do you. Just try to, ya know, do you somewhere else so I don't crash right into you, yeah?

Mark chuckles and goes to step away but then pauses and looks back at the camera. Patting the side of the camera with a gentle chuckle and then jerking his head sideways.

Mark Kelly: Well, since you're already here, may as well put you to work. See tonight's a big night for me. A chance to make a huge impression on my very first night right here in Five Boroughs Wrestling. And I gotta admit, I'm pretty bloody excited. I mean, new wrestling companies, new opponents, new chances to learn, those are all great things. But there's something much more important right now, and that's that here I am in the middle of LOS ANGELES BABYYYY!! You know what I spent yesterday doing? Being a bloody tourist. I know, I know. How dull, right? Locals like you, ya gotta hear these tales all the time. New fella comes to the city and spends his first few days just racing around and sight-seeing. And I wish I could tell you some funny unique story that makes ya think I'm above that, but the truth is......I got nothing but excitement over all those basic bloody things. I went to see the Hollywood sign. I went to the Walk of Fame. I even went down to Disneyland and spent a good day spinning around in some teacups. I even went and visited Nakatomi Plaza. Yippie-kay-yay Mother Fu----

Mark pauses and glances back at the camera. Leaning his head sideway he looks towards the camera-person

Mark Kelly: Are we allowed to sw----only when necessary? Okay.

Mark grins and flashes a big thumbs up at that one as he starts strolling the corridors. Camera follows closely behind him to listen as he walks towards the gorilla position. Spotting a catering table, he pauses to glance over it, and then snatches up a donut and takes a bite before continuing to walk. Swallowing his bite and then spinning to walk backwards while looking into the camera.

Mark Kelly: So that was how I spent my weekend. And I have to tell you, I've barely even checked off a quarter of my list of things to do right here in tinse---WHOA!

Mark is so focused on walking backwards he completely misses the roadie behind him rolling out a cable. Tripping backwards over the cable, he manages to roll with the trip and gets back to his feet. Looking at the shocked roadie, he grins and tosses him the last half of the donut he had been eating.

Mark Kelly: Sorry mate. Gotta watch where I'm going. Here! Enjoy!

Mark grins and then looks at the camera and shakes his head, now slowing his walking to walk beside the camera person and watching where he is going.

Mark Kelly: Anyway, as much as I enjoyed my time as a tourist, I don't want any of you lovely people here in the Boroughs thinking I'm going to be an easy mark or win. I might be enjoying my time in Los Angeles, but my focus is just as much on tonight's Hollywood Brawl. For all my enjoyment of seeing LA, a city I have always wanted to visit, my eyes are still on the prize here in 5BW. Tonight's a big chance. A chance to secure myself a title shot in Season Three. To get myself a shot at some gold, and entertain the heck out of the great 5BW fans as well. I know that every other competitor in this match has the same thought. Same dream. With all these shots on the line, they're going to bring their best, and I'm bloody well looking forward to seeing what they do.

Mark pauses now, turning to face the camera and flashing his big grin as he stares right into it again.

Mark Kelly: Maybe my chances are slim. But LA is the city of dreams. Where people come from all over the world to chase their fairytale. So in a city like this, maybe luck really is on the side of the tourists. And tonight, everyone else in this Hollywood Brawl will find out that I'm called Ace, because I am very good at Taking. My. Shot.

Mark raises both hands up now, finger guns extended as he stares into the camera and after a moment fires his guns, before turning and dashing into the gorilla position while the camera stays where it is and we cut to the next segment.



The fifth match of the night is Chris Mosh going against Jason Ryan as the fans are ready for a street fight. The first one out of the back is Jason Ryan as he is coming out of the back with the fans giving him a mixed reaction. The next one out of the back is Chris Mosh as the fans are booing at him as he is walking to the ring. The match then starts with both Chris Mosh and Jason Ryan throwing hands to each other’s faces as the fans are wondering who is going to be getting out of live as the fans are cheering for this. Jason Ryan tosses him out of the ring with Chris Mosh going on the ground. Jason goes right under the ring and grabs out weapons but Mosh comes back up and starts battling against him and has some weapons in his hands and uses them towards Jason Ryan. The fans are cheering for this as they are battling down, but Chris is getting the best of him and tosses him in the ring. Jason Ryan is on the ground with Mosh throwing in some weapons, but Jason picks one back up and waits for him to get in. Chris comes in with Jason hitting him over the head with the stop sign as the fans are cheering for this. Mosh goes down on the ground as the fans are cheering for this with Jason setting up two chairs as the fans are cheering for this and lays Mosh’s body over them. He goes up top and goes for a leg drop, but Mosh gets out of the way, and Jason crashes. The fans are booing at this as Mosh picks up a Kendo stick and starts beating him down as the fans are booing for this as Jason’s back is getting lit up as the fans are booing. Mosh wraps the kendo stick around his neck and starts to choke him out with it as the fans are booing, but Jason gets to his feet and drops him down on the weapons. He then says that he is going to end this match in the ring and waits for Mosh to get back up. Mosh is getting to his feet with Jason going for the Perculator as Mosh lands on the ground. Mosh is down with Jason going to pin him in the ring. The referee counts this, but for some reason, Mosh kicks out of this barely as the fans are booing for this. Jason says that he is going to end him off again but Mosh hits him below the belt and grabs him as he goes for his finisher. The fans are booing for this as Mosh rolls him over in the ring and pins him in the ring as the fans are booing as Mosh gets the win over Jason Ryan in his official match as the fans are booing. Mosh is feeling the effects of this match as Jason is on the ground. Mosh rolls out of the ring and raises his hands up in the air as the fans are still booing at him and flips off the fans as they are not happy with this as Mosh says that he is coming into Season three strong.

Winner: Chris Mosh


Royal Crown: Rising Sun
Tokyo, Japan



Enigma stares down Matt Knox from across the ring. Knox is covered in bruises and still has his ribs, and shoulder taped up from his war with Supreme Machine a little over two weeks prior at UPRISING's super show SOLSTICE. As soon as the bell rings, the two begin to circle one another in the middle of the ring and go for a lockup. After a second of resistance, Enigma's able to bulldoze Knox into a corner where he begins to thrust his shoulder over and over again into the taped-up midsection of Knox!

The ref backs Enigma up after reaching a count of four, but he shoves past the official and charges back in…right into the raised boot of Matt Knox! Enigma is stunned as Knox leaps out of the corner with a thrust kick to the small of Enigma's back that causes him to seize up and arch his back, letting out a cry of pain as Knox hooks his head and drops him with a big reverse DDT! He goes for the pin, but Enigma throws the smaller man off before the ref even gets to his knees!
Enigma is quicker to his feet as Knox fights to a vertical base, battling through his numerous injuries. Enigma makes him pay for the offensive outburst though, striking Knox in the face with a running knee before lifting him and sending him crashing to the mat with a big German suplex. Now Enigma goes for the cover, hooking both of Knox's legs and driving an elbow into his chest as he pins him.


NO! Knox kicks out! Enigma sits up, frustrated and goes to pull Knox with him…but Knox breaks his grasp! He begins pummeling Enigma with forearm shots to the side of the head! Enigma swings a big haymaker but Knox ducks and as he pops up, he leaps and nails Enigma with a leaping roundhouse kick! As Knox drops down, he sweeps the big man's legs out from under him, and charges the ropes...LIONSAULT!! Knox hooks the leg!


They're back up a little slower this time and Enigma telegraphs a sloppy lariat, but Knox evades it and catches him over in a Muay Thai plum, driving some hard knee strikes into the big man's gut until he's doubled over. Enigma tries to club him out of the way, but Knox drives another knee in before hooking him – DOWNFALL (cobra clutch suplex) and this time Knox doesn't make the cover. Instead, he backs off, stomping on the big man's wrist as Enigma grabs for his boot. His other foot connects with Enigma's face, a sickening crunch heard over the roar of the crowd as his head falls back against the canvas, blood flowing from his nose. Enigma doggedly sits up, smashing the heel of his own hand into the bridge of his nose to put it back into place before lunging at Knox, only to get caught again. Capture suplex—DENIED AS ENIGMA POWERS HIS WAY OUT AND HE FLINGS KNOX INTO THE CORNER.

Enigma charges in, connecting with a spear that crumples Knox to the canvas but when he goes for a stomp to continue taking back control, Knox grabs his foot and wrenches his leg to the side, almost dislocating The Monster Machine’s knee. Enigma goes down and Knox is only too happy to smash his face off the middle turnbuckle before stomping a mudhole that leaves a big bloody stain on the canvas. He drags Enigma back from the corner a little and when he doesn't move, scales the ropes. He perches there for a moment on the top rope, crouched as he watches for signs of life. The moment Enigma stirs and starts to sit up, looking dazed and disoriented, Knox launches – NEVERMORE (shooting star DDT) and Enigma is turned inside out. He doesn't even know what day of the week it is, let alone WHERE he is anymore but that muscle memory is stubborn, and he still tries his best to get up. Unfortunately for him, he ends up stumbling right into Knox's clutches again. Knees strikes and shin strikes keep him on uneven footing, a few hard kicks to the back of the thighs sending him staggering before Knox latches on for the kill. The Mercy, The Murder (tazzmission backstabber)… in the middle of the ring and that submission is locked in deep after that hell of an impact. Enigma isn't moving. He might not even still be breathing and after the referee checks him for a response three times, calls for the bell, awarding Matt Knox a hard-fought and well-deserved victory.


In the Damned Ones Locker room, Luciana Verdoza, Sabrina Baker and Jayson Schneider are getting ready when a knock is heard at the door. Sabrina looks at it and goes to it and opens it, and much to her surprise, it happens to be Clarissa Vega with Tori Colbert next to her.


Jayson Schneider: Clarissa’s probably here to talk about getting more child support out of me… or she wants me back… in which case, I don’t blame her! I’m the only reason why anyone even knows she exists.

Clarissa Vega: In your dreams, asshole!

Jayson Schneider: WOW! You grew a spine! I don’t remember you having one a decade ago when you were all over my…

Clarissa Vega: SHUT UP! We’re here to talk about the fact that you barely escaped with the tag team titles… against the “Softball Night” people! And we’re not done with you yet…

Luciana Verdoza: Excuse me! Just because you graduated from Softball Night Academy doesn’t make you relevant. You haven’t even accomplished anything! You both had your chance, and you lost. That’s as “DONE” as it gets…

Sabrina Baker: Let me guess? All because YOU two lost, you were sent by your trainers because you both LOST?! That’s not how it goes around here!

She eyes them with a evil glare

Sabrina Baker: You two need to go to the BACK of the line and let the greatest tag team do their job!

Clarissa Vega: Greatest tag team? How? By winning it off the worst tag team in 5BW history? Please!

Luciana Verdoza: And what have YOU done in this business again?

Luciana further driving this home doesn’t make Clarissa happy at all.

Clarissa Vega: THAT’S your best argument? Really? If you two are so GREAT, why did you have to pull the shenanigans that you did to even beat us in the first place? That seems to be the question ALL of you are dodging! Nobody sent us here! We came here on our own…

Sabrina’s blood pressure is rising. She is going to end up socking her in the face

Sabrina Baker: Bulls-

Tori comes in and pushes Sabrina down which causes Sabrina to go after her, but the Damned Ones are holding her back.


Security comes running up and takes them out with Luciana trying to calm her down.

Jayson Schneider: Unreal! What a couple of sore losers!

Luciana Verdoza: It’s alright Sabrina, you don’t have to worry about them anymore. They’re not relevant!

Jayson Schneider: They’re not! Other issues are far more important. I still can’t believe that after all these years Clarissa clearly still wants the…

Luciana Verdoza: You two need to get a room and sort this crap out or something. JEEZ! You’re just as bad about that whole situation as she is.

Luciana rolls her eyes before continuing.

Luciana Verdoza: ANYWAY, this IS going to be our night! Obviously, I’m going to take care of Dakota and I’ve got a LOT to say to her later. But as far as the tag team titles are concerned, remember. We SAVED this division! We ARE this division! And WE have grown SO MUCH in the last few months as a unit. The Damned Ones has been THE best thing going in 5BW… which would’ve never happened had we had that good for nothing oaf Rachel Frost on our side instead of Jayson… but that’s beside the point. I’m pretty sure Rachel is sucking a BIG FAT ONE right now in the unemployment line…

Jayson Schneider: A big fat DONUT you mean? Because I can’t imagine any sane man wanting to hit that. Anyway, these two teams they’re throwing themselves at us. A&B…

Luciana Verdoza: PFFFT! As IF! The Valedictorians are even a mild threat at best. You both saw how I riled them up on Twitter, right?

Luciana has a laugh to herself at this.

Sabrina Baker: Trust me, these two tag teams are going to know that the Damned Ones ARE going into season three as tag team champions! There won’t be political bull shit happening this time around on how long these titles will stay!

Jayson Schneider: Nope! We don’t need to pull that crap because unlike OTHER tag team champions, nobody in this company has ever seen us as a one-and-done kind of team, if you know what I mean.

Luciana Verdoza: BOOM! Down goes the fourth wall!

Jayson Schneider: I’m not even sure why A&B even has a shot at the titles. They’re like the upgraded version of the Cool Kids. Now as far as Cordelia and Morgan are concerned: they’re smart girls. But they’re not WRESTLING smart! All this complaining about the spotlight being on other teams. Yet, until Luciana stirred the pot, those two largely kept to themselves on the sidelines. Not our fault…

All of them look at each other

Sabrina Baker: Tonight, this all ENDS!

Luciana Verdoza: Indeed! I have a very good feeling that ALL of us are going to have something to celebrate tonight…


Earlier in the day.

Alex Bell and Brett Elliott are shown pulling up to the arena.

Alex: Tonight could finally be our night! After all that, we have been through, winning the 5BW Tag Team Championship will make all of our losses and adversity
worth it.

Brett: Winning the 5BW Tag Championship will mean the world. Look at everything we have been through. Everyone else calling us the underdog team to some of the fighters here making fun of us. For me winning the tag team championship will be proof that we are just as good as the other tag teams and the other fighters here. It will prove that we, too, are good enough.

Alex and Brett think about getting back on track.

Alex: Winning the Tag Team Championships will also get us back on the right track.

Brett: Yes! We need to get back on track. Winning the championships tonight will be a great start to getting back to winning here. Either way, championship match or no championship match, the biggest thing we need right now is to get back on track.

Alex: It is damn time for us to get back on the right track here.

Alex and Brett stop and weigh in on their opponents.

Brett: There are two other tag teams in this match that we have to worry about. Along with The Damned ones, we are also going against The Valedictorians of Virtue. Now they want this as much as we do, but we have to show these girls that we want it more. I am pretty sure they do not think we stand a chance. Sure, they have won Tagstravaganza this year, but that will not stop us.

Alex: Then we have The Damned Ones to deal with. They are the champions. I know for a fact, that they want to remain the 5BW Tag Team Champions. They have underestimated us for far too long. After we give them a good fight tonight, they will be sure to not underestimate us anymore. We will not be underestimated by those bullies. Just by defeating them, we will be showing those two people who call themselves The Damned Ones that bullies do not win.

Alex: They defeated us at the First Destination, but tonight, We will not let that happen again. We will not make the same mistake of getting beaten by them twice. Sabrina and Jayson are going to do everything in their power to take us out. In fact, they have not been stopped yet. They are going to do anything and everything to make us give up. You know what? We are not going to give up. Not for them, Not for The Valedictorians of Virtue. Not for Anybody.

Brett After we win the Tag Team Championships, all of the other tag teams and certain fighters here will think twice before making fun of us and bullying us again.

Alex and Brett think about their dream.

Alex: Tonight we have a chance at our life long dream. Being Tag Team Champions has always been our dream. We wanted this ever since we were children. We have got to make it happen. Winning the Tag Team Championships tonight will be full circle because last year’s Vendetta was the show where we had our last 5BW Tag Team Championship opportunity.

Brett: Yes, it is only fitting. However, We cannot let those two other teams stop us from our dream. The Damned Ones and The Valedictorians of Virtue can try to stop us all they want, but we will not let them deny us of our dream.

Brett: Our First Tag Team Championship match against Xs may have been our biggest match in our 5BW Career, but I think this one tonight is going to be a lot bigger.

Alex: I agree with you. I think tonight’s match is going to be a lot bigger. Afterall, it is going to be taking place at the biggest show of 5BW.

Brett: It would be amazing if the biggest moment of our lives comes at the biggest show of the year. That will make it even sweeter.

Alex: After tonight, no more being the underdogs. We will no longer be the losers. Tonight we will do everything to be winners. Tonight, we prove the haters and everyone who calls us underdogs WRONG!

Brett: Tonight we will not be known as underdogs anymore. We will make sure we will be known as the 5BW Tag Team Champions.

Alex: Damn Right!


Sabrina and Jayson decide that they don’t want to start this match and to let the other two teams go at it, much to their annoyance. Alex and Cordelia start the match and things are a little bit of a back and forth before a missed clothesline by Cordelia allows Alex to pick her up and give her a scoop slam that leads into the first cover of the match. Cordelia, though, is able to kick out. Alex gets Cordelia to a vertical base and tries to give her a belly to belly suplex. However, Cordelia is able to counter by shoving her all the way into the Damned Ones corner. Jayson then tags himself in at Alex’s expense and he pries Cordelia off of him. Both of them deliver a dropkick to Alex, sending him to the mat and letting him roll out of the ring. Jayson even gets a smack on Cordelia’s ass, much to her anger. Jayson laughs at her, but this causes her to deliver a spinning heel kick right into the side of the head to immediately shut him up. Cordelia slides in and angrily goes for a pin, but Jayson kicks out. Cordelia snaps with anger as she kicks and beats Jayson down near the A&B corner and at this point, she willingly tags in Brett. Both of them are double teaming Jayson and completely beat him into the corner. They then both team up and deliver a double suplex. Both of them try to follow up with a double clothesline, but Jayson counters with a clothesline of his own to take them both down. Jayson then picks up Brett and gives him a running powerslam. He goes for a cover but Brett is able to kick out.

Jayson tortures Brett for a bit and he whips him near the VOV corner. He’s able to get a stinger splash, but much to his chagrin, Morgan blind tags him. She gets to the top rope and knocks down Jayson with a missile dropkick. Morgan begins to unload on Jayson for his actions toward Cordelia earlier, but this leaves her completely blind to the recovering Brett. Brett takes advantage of this by giving Morgan a snap suplex from behind. Jayson rolls out of danger and then Brett follows up with a pumphandle slam right into a cover. However, Morgan is able to kick out. Morgan does fight back some and there’s a bit of a mini-brawl that leads them right to the Damned Ones corner. Sabrina tags herself in at the expense of Brett and rakes his eyes to get him to let go of Morgan. Sabrina gives Morgan a hard shove to the floor. Morgan gets up. Sabrina tries to knock her down with a roundhouse kick, but Morgan ducks it. Morgan then follows up with a double knee backbreaker on Sabrina and she’s able to get a cover in there, but Sabrina kicks out. Morgan pummels Sabrina around for a bit as she gets her up and drags her over to the A&B corner. Morgan tags Alex back into the match. Again, the two challenging teams double team a Damned Ones member and they even give Sabrina a double DDT. However, a Morgan moonsault attempt gets blocked and this throws Alex off. Sabrina is able to come back with a springboard tornado DDT and she gets a cover, but Alex is able to kick out.

Jayson gets tagged back into the match at this point and they both connect with a double powerbomb on Alex, but when Jayson pins Alex, Brett gets back into it to break things up. This leads to a brawl between both teams. They’re evenly matched at this point and the brawl leads them to the VOV corner where Cordelia blind tags in at Alex’s expense. VOV and A&B team up to make it four on two in their favor and they eventually clear the ring of Sabrina. VOV naturally turns on A&B and dumps them out of the ring leaving them alone with Jayson. Morgan superkicks Jayson right in the jaw, leading to him stumbling in Cordelia’s direction. Cordelia then takes Jayson down with a jawbreaker and goes for the cover. However, Sabrina breaks up the count at two. Both teams really get into it at this point. Sabrina gets drop kicked to the corner and VOV whips Jayson all the way to the A&B corner. Cordelia delivers a dropkick to Jayson, but as she does so, Brett tags himself in via Jayson. Jayson rolls out of the ring, but Brett decks Cordelia with a clothesline. This brings Morgan back into it. Alex gets back in the fray and eventually, A&B’s size advantage takes over. A double vertical suplex is enough to keep VOV down and then Brett goes for the cover on Cordelia, but she’s able to kick out. A&B isolate Cordelia into the Damned Ones corner, but Sabrina sneaks in and tags Cordelia. While A&B give Cordelia a double armdrag, they turn around where Sabrina is waiting for them to take them down with a cross body. Sabrina then isolates Brett. She zeroes in on him and nails him with a springboard bulldog. She goes for a cover, but Alex breaks it up. Jayson gets back into the fray at this point. He and Sabrina focus on Alex and then throw him into the corner. Sabrina tags Jayson back in and he gets Brett up. Jayson gives a hard Irish whip into the VOV corner and Brett lands hard in it. With his back turned to the corner, Jayson sets up Brett for a finish, but gets distracted by some yelling at ringside. Sabrina and Jayson look over and see Clarissa Vega and Tori Colbert taunting them.

Morgan sneaks in a blind tag on Jayson just as he lets Brett go. Jayson and Sabrina leave the ring and walk over to Clarissa and Tori, a bit of an argument stemming between them. Tori splashes a bucket of popcorn in Sabrina’s face while Clarissa dumps soda all over Jayson’s head. This really ticks off the Damned Ones and they jump the barricade into the crowd. There’s a brawl in the audience between all four of them at this point. Back in the ring, Alex tries to save Brett, but Cordelia sneaks in and gives Alex the “Educated”. Security meanwhile, has gotten involved with the brawl in the audience. Brett groggily stands up in the midst of all the chaos but Morgan, the legal wrestler, runs in and gives him the Heartbreaker! Brett stumbles toward Cordelia who follows up with the Educated. Brett goes down in a heap and then Morgan swoops in and hooks the leg for the cover. The referee at this point drops down and is able to complete the three count!

Winners and NEW 5BW Tag Team Champions: Valedictorians of Virtue

Security has broken up the fight between the Damned Ones, Clarissa and Tori by this point. Back in the ring, Morgan and Cordelia are completely ecstatic at what just happened. They’re awarded the titles and they’re completely overjoyed at the fact that they managed to step up in such a big moment. They hug each other as they begin to celebrate. Alex recovers to tend to Brett. Meanwhile, as security escorts them up the ramp, Jayson and Sabrina are completely livid at having to see VOV celebrate with the tag team championships...


Tyler Truex is sitting in the locker room with the camera in his face.

Tyler: Camera person, You may want to get up close and personal for this.

The camera moves closer to Tyler.

Tyler: I have a huge announcement to make. Y’all need to listen up! I will be participating in the Hollywood Brawl tonight. I do not plan on leaving Vendetta II empty handed. One of those championship flags is going to be mine. Hell, I wish they all could be mine but unfortunately, things don’t work MY way.

Tyler sighs about the fact that he has not won a match in 5BW yet.

Tyler: I know, I have not won a match here at 5BW yet. I have been Robbed each time! I was robbed in the Budge Cup, I was robbed at Destination, and I was Robbed in the 5B-Rumble. Tonight, that disgusting statistic is going to change. I am finally going to win in 5BW tonight. I will no longer be robbed. I could care less about who I have to go through or who I have to beat. I am getting a championship flag, one way or another.

Tyler:So All you other competitors in this match, y’all try to stop me. It will not happen. I am not letting anyone stop me from getting a win around here. I will do what I have to do. Y’all you others will NOT stop me.

Tyler thinks about the championship possibilities.

Tyler: I could get a shot at the 5BW World Championship, the biggest prize here. Hell I will not mind taking on Samantha Tolson or Ariel Madden. I would like to face both of these women. Or, I may just get a shot at the FIGHT Championship. That would be fine with me too. I would not mind beating up Mary Ellen Harrison. She was also in CKP with me. I liked her when I first started there, but not so much now. I will be just fine beating her and taking the FIGHT Championship away from her.

Tyler: Maybe I will get a chance at the Freedom Championship. I could go after Minka Carter who with all due respect, I can beat her too. She is nothing to me. Tonight, she is going up against Kelly Penkzee-Nelson. Kelly is someone I have a long history with at CKP.

Tyler thinks more about his history with KPN.

Tyler: My history with KPN goes a long way. She and her family have always been a problem for me and my family. More specifically, my brother and sister. She took opportunities in the CKP Women’s Division away from my sister. I will never forgive her for that. I sure as hell am not going to forget. She has been a thorn in my side for years.
Tyler: You people living in your mommy’s basements just don’t understand. Y’all can call me bitter and tell me to get over it all you want. Newsflash, I am not going to get over it until I TAKE what I want from her, a championship.

Tyler: With that said, I do not like the girl. However, I hope Kelly wins the Freedom Championship tonight. If I get the Freedom Championship title match, I will have the opportunity to take it away from her. It will be sweet satisfaction to beat her and take a championship away from her. That is the ONLY reason I want KPN to win the Freedom Championship tonight.

Tyler Looks at the cameraman.

Tyler: Move Closer Camera Person!

Tyler: The fact is, it does not matter which championship flag I TAKE! I will be coming for that championship. I do not care who I have to go through in this brawl. I am here to TAKE opportunities. I am FINISHED with earning them. This starts tonight when I take MY opportunity.

Tyler looks at the camera.

Tyler: Now get the hell out of my way, camera person! I have an opportunity to TAKE!

Tyler Storms off.

Scene Fades.


Vendetta cuts backstage where the Valedictorians of Virtue: the NEW 5BW Tag Team Champions are sitting in the locker room. Morgan and Cordelia are holding their respective championships and for obvious reasons, they’re beaming. They’re incredibly happy that they won the championships and after a few moments of soaking in everything else, Morgan Clark is the one that breaks the ice.

Morgan Clark: Since we’ve been here, they’ve overlooked us…

Cordelia looks at Morgan and nods before having a chuckle to herself.

Cordelia Clark: Nobody was really talking about us. The attention was always on the other tag teams. I remember when we first came here, all the talk was centered around xS and their long tag team title run. I remember how all the talk around here was how they had beaten everyone and that they seemed to be unbeatable champions.

Morgan Clark: It was annoying, but not as annoying as the COOL KIDS having more success and more attention than us for even a brief moment all because one was a floozy that knew nothing about wrestling and the other made every single spaz in the universe look terrible.

Cordelia Clark: And then there was the DAMNED ONES… with Luciana throwing that shade at us…

Cordelia pauses as both sisters reflect angrily at some of the crap that Luciana threw at them in the days leading up to Vendetta.

Cordelia Clark: Dismissing us is one thing. Jayson being a creep and saying that I’m ‘hot’, considering that I’m like 15 years younger than him was another thing. But Luciana compared us to our garbage cousin… THAT is what really angered me. It was the most messed up comparison one can make considering how much we hated her for disgracing our family. I mean seriously! She NEVER won on a flagship Pay-Per-View stage! Ever! On a big stage, she always lost, including here in Los Angeles where she was tapping out to rip offs from Frozen. For me, this is the second time I’ve been in a title match on a flagship stage and the second time I’ve won! Do you mind telling me how I’M like her?

Morgan takes it all in stride at this point, not seeming as bothered as she was before regarding Luciana’s comments.

Morgan Clark: We’ve rendered those comments completely useless now, Cordy…

This reminder calms Cordelia down quite a bit.

Morgan Clark: Yeah, SHE brought shame to our family. SHE disgraced us. SHE embarrassed us. She never knew how to fight and win on the big stage. But WE have! What’s important here Cordy, isn’t just the fact that we rose up and proved so many people wrong and have completely shaken up the tag team division now. What’s important is that we have restored honor and dignity to the family name. What’s going to happen now is that we’re going to restore honor and dignity to this tag team division! This isn’t going to be the same old, same old status quo championship reign of xS! This isn’t going to be the Damned Us basically using these titles as pawns to further their agenda. WE wanted these titles, Cordy! Luciana only wanted it to pad her resume and get closer to the triple crown. Jayson didn’t even do anything to earn the titles. The tag division deserved better! Of course, this ESPECIALLY isn’t going to be the COOL KIDS with the tag team division hitting rock bottom with those one hit wonders. We deserve this!

Cordelia Clark: Damn right we do!

Both sisters stand up and give each other a huge hug.

Cordelia Clark: By the way, all this talk about honor and dignity and integrity… we need to be careful with that.

Morgan Clark: Why’s that?

Cordelia Clark: We talk about it enough and those ingrate, middle class “little people” are actually going to like us. Do we REALLY want that?

The tag team champions exchange a laugh with each other.

Morgan Clark: Of course not! We’ll never be one of them! We’re about to show this division exactly how and why we’re so genetically and intellectually superior to every last one of them. Anyway, let’s get out of here. I heard that mom and dad booked us one hell of a party someplace where NONE of these ‘little people’ could ever afford to go even in their dreams!

Morgan and Cordelia have one last laugh at this final cheap shot against the ‘little people’ before they depart from the scene. They’re definitely in the brightest spirits they’ve ever been as the scene cuts out.



Outside of the Stadium, everyone that is participating in the Hollywood Brawl is standing all around. The referee goes over the rules of this as everyone here is ready. The whistle blows and all hell breaks loose. Tyler Truex comes out of nowhere and starts fighting with Mark Kelly. Natalie Eldredge, Jessica Hendrix, Jade Valentine, Felicity Ann Mason, Lilianna Rose are all fighting, but Lilianna shoves Natalie Eldredge and starts running down the street. Tyler and Mark are battling each other with Natalie and Felicity throwing hands in the middle of the street. Jessica Hendrix is also running the other way, but suddenly, Traci Dimarcentino comes running out and tackles her down as she is in this match. Jade Valentine and Natalie Eldredge are on one side of the street as both are fighting each other. Suddenly, Jade sees something hanging and goes near it, but Felicity is nearby and uses a ladder to go up top. Rose is right behind her and goes up top as well. Suddenly, we see Katy Sorley from Softball Night Academy in the match as well and jumps off the balcony that they were on, but Natalie Eldredge sees the first prize and grabs it. She won it and left the area. Tyler and Mark are still going at it with each in the street with Traci and Jessica fighting each other in the street. We see Zara Grimm come in the match up and begin to fight with Traci and Jessica in the street. Jade Valentine also gets in the way of Mark and Tyler, but Jade grabs Tyler, and choke slams him on the ground. Mark and Jade then throw hands at each other again, Felicity and Lilianna teaming up against Katy, but Katy is battling down with them. Suddenly, Kelli Song, who lost her match up beforehand and is angry comes up and THROWS Katy into a car as it causes to honk. Zara Grimm comes flying off the car and lands on Kelli Song. She sees a star that is right in front of her and grabs it. Zara has won something with everyone else fighting each other in the street. Mark and Tyler are still fighting in the street with Jessica and Traci going at it, but Jessica shoves her and grabs the next star that was hanging over. Tyler and Mark are the only two that are into this as they are fighting each other as Tyler is doing his best to get rid of Mark. He then says that he is going to be getting this, but Mark Kelly comes up and goes right after Tyler. Tyler grabs him and goes to kick him off, but Mark gets out of the way and side steps him. Mark grabs Tyler and tosses him off the top and grabs the last star as Tyler is on the ground. Jessica, Zara Grimm, Natalie and Mark are holding the stars and in season three, we will find out which one of the championships they will be going after when the time comes right as Mark looks at his in satisfaction with Zara, Natalie, and Jessica looking at there’s. Suddenly, we hear commotion from down the street as the fans do not know what is going on. We are trying to get some word of what is going on as we go back in.


Brittany Lascase: Mary Ellen, tonight you will be facing two women in what could be your toughest challenge to date as FIght Champion, as you go against Hayley Fein and Bridget Johnson. How are you prepared for this match?

Mary Ellen Harrison: I’ve been spending the last month or so preparing for this. From the moment this match was official, I knew what kind of challenge I had in front of me.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Look no further than when the two of them faced each other at Uprising’s Solstice show. You can tell that they both have a point to prove and want what’s mine.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Hayley is a real tough customer, I’ve watched her wrestle for a few years now and she’s a really determined young woman, and Bridget is cocky and sneaky, two things that I definitely have to watch out for.

Mary Ellen Harrison: I also know that both of them have a point to prove: Hayley wants to show everyone that she’s championship material, and Bridget wants to show that she can stand on her own two feet, and dare I say, step out of her sister’s shadow.

Mary Ellen Harrison: But here’s the problem: They both want what I have, and I have no plan of giving up this title any time soon.

Mary Ellen Harrison: I have been spending the last three months to show everyone just what I’m capable of and just what this title means. There’s a reason why it’s been given its name, and I will fight with everything that I’ve got to make sure that I walk in as champion, and walk out as FIGHT Champion.



Once the bell rings, all three women circle the ring for a bit before Hayley makes a direct beeline for Bridget. Hayley decks Bridget a few times as she pummels her into the corner. Hayley whips Bridget away from the corner and into a spinning heel kick by Mary Ellen. Bridget goes down and Mary Ellen focuses on her to try to pick her up, but Hayley gets back in there, grabs Mary Ellen from behind and gives her a German suplex. Bridget gets up and then Hayley gives her a German suplex herself. Mary Ellen is able to get to her feet, but Hayley keeps up the intensity by grabbing her and giving her a belly to belly suplex. Bridget does the same, only to be met with the same fate. Unlike with Mary Ellen however, Hayley stays on top of Bridget to go for the cover, but Bridget is able to kick out. Hayley squarely focuses on Bridget as she tries to get her up, but Bridget rakes her in the eyes to squarely blind her. Bridget then violently tosses Hayley shoulder first into the corner. She then sees Mary Ellen get up. Bridget walks over to her, picks her up and drops her face first into the mat with a bulldog. Mary Ellen crawls over to the corner and Bridget constantly kicks her to it, even choking her in the corner with her foot before she drags her up and drags her back to the center of the ring. Bridget picks up Mary Ellen and then brings her down with a brainbuster! Bridget goes for the cover, but Hayley swoops in to break up the pinfall.

Hayley pounds away at Bridget, really taking it to her as much as she can. Bridget tries to fight back, but a hard forearm to the face gets Bridget stumbling. Hayley follows up with a dropkick and Bridget crashes into the mat. Bridget rolls out of the ring at this point, but before Hayley can do anything else, Mary Ellen turns her around and takes her down with a swinging neckbreaker to take control of the match. The FIGHT Champion follows up with a side headlock to keep Hayley grounded and Hayley fights back to the best of her ability. However, Mary Ellen winds up maintaining her offense when she drags her up and then drops her into the mat with a backbreaker. Hayley writhes in pain for a bit, but Mary Ellen isn’t done quite yet. Hayley at least gets to her knees, but Mary Ellen takes her down with a shining wizard. Mary Ellen goes for the cover, but Hayley kicks out. Mary Ellen kneels above her, but before she can do anything else, Bridget comes back in and nails the FIGHT champion with a running knee to the skull. Bridget then tries to steal a pin on Hayley, but Hayley is able to kick out. Bridget tries to focus on Hayley, but Mary Ellen comes out of nowhere and sneaks in an inside cradle pin on Bridget. However, Bridget is able to kick out at two.

Mary Ellen drags Bridget up to a vertical base with her and the two exchange hands for a bit. The fist fight becomes a bit more furious and Bridget desperately grabs a chunk of Mary Ellen’s hair before she knocks her down with a bicycle knee kick to the face. Mary Ellen falls flat on her back, but Hayley recovers. Hayley picks up Bridget from behind and connects with a Samoan drop. Hayley becomes even more furious as she continues to kick Bridget toward the corner. Hayley allows Bridget to get up in the corner and she goes to deliver some chops at her, but Bridget counters with a spit to the face. This just further drives Hayley mad as she delivers a stiff elbow right to the chin. Mary Ellen has recovered and now both fan favorites are taking their shots at Bridget. They both double team her for a bit and they eventually bring her down with a double vertical suplex. Mary Ellen gets a cover in, but of course, Hayley breaks it up. With Bridget out of the equation for now, Hayley and Mary Ellen have a bit of an intense back and forth. Hayley was able to get an advantage by delivering a running powerbomb to Mary Ellen.Ha Hayley would get a pinfall here, but Mary Ellen kicked out Mary Ellen was able to take advantage by delivering Northern lights into a cover, but Hayley kicked out.

Mary Ellen was beginning to sense victory. She gets Hayley up and has her set up for the Raven’s Lock. However, Bridget comes in from behind and delivers an axe handle to the back of her head. Mary Ellen drops Hayley. Bridget then sets up Mary Ellen for the double underhook powerbomb. However, Mary Ellen is able to counter and she sets up Bridget for the Raven’s Lock! Hayley comes in and delivers a stiff punch to Mary Ellen’s jaw. Mary Ellen lets go of Bridget and then after that, Hayley gets to the champion and nails her with the Ocean Waves! However, before she can drop down for the cover, Bridget comes from behind and grabs Hayley. She violently throws her through the ropes and out of the ring. Bridget drops down to the mat and shoves her forearm into Mary Ellen’s face and the fans are going to end up being quite unhappy about this as the referee drops down to get to the three count.

WINNER and NEW 5BW FIGHT Champion: Bridget Johnson

The fans become quite irate as Bridget begins to instantly celebrate. She gets her hand raised and it’s not long before the referee hands her the FIGHT Championship that she just won. Bridget completely mocks the booing going on around her. While the referee checks on Mary Ellen, Bridget looks back at an incensed Hayley and she flashes the loser symbol at her before she rolls out of the ring and walks up the ramp. Bridget continues to mock the audience all while Hayley looks bitterly disappointed at what just happened...


Christy and her father are somewhere between Malibu and Los Angeles, as they have stopped to recharge their motorcycles, as they wait they drink a cold beer.

Marshall: I can’t believe this is how a company treats one of its top stars, my daughter gives Samantha Tolson the best match of her title reign and this is how you repay, a match with Five Boroughs Wrestling resident face painted idiot Beer Giles Katz.

Christy Winters: it’s like two steps forward, a hundred back, as my dad said I give Sam Tolson the best fucking match of her title reign, and somehow I relegated to the bottom of the card to wrestle this fucking clown Beer Giles Katz.

Christy takes a long gulp of her Miller Lite.

Christy Winters: Fuck head, let you make you aware of something, you and this match is beneath me, sure you somehow got lucky and beat me, but listen stupid, your not going to do it again, honesty I’m going to beat the living piss out of you, and leave you for fucking dead in Los Angeles, maybe the rats and the buzzards will feed on what I leave of you.

Christy lights a cigarette.

Christy Winters:I honestly should give these up, but when I’m pissed off, I tend to have one now and then. Five Boroughs, you’ve pissed me off by giving me this complete shit match, and what happens to Beer Giles fucking Katz will be on you.

Marshall: Five boroughs as my daughter just stated, you’ve pissed off the Winters family, and people who have done that, have greatly regretted that decision, and in Los Angeles, Christy will settle the Vendetta.

Christy Winters: God Damn Right.

Christy and marshall mount their bikes and ride off



As soon as we get done with the FIGHT Championship and Bridget winning the championship, Beer Giles Katz and Christy Winters are fighting each other in the streets of Los Angeles as this feud is a blood feud that has been brewing. Beer Giles Katz and Christy are brawling with Christy Winters throwing BGK all over the place. She screams that he is nothing, but a clown and grabs a towel to wipe his face off, but BGK flips her over and tosses her into a car that was parked in the streets as the fans are in shock. Everyone here is running around and trying to get the hell out of the way and running down the street where Christy Winters pulls out a crowbar and SMASHES a car window. The car is going off where she tosses BGK into the back seat and gets in the drivers’ seat, but BGK comes up and starts fighting in the seat. The both are brawling in the car as they come out of it, but BGK tosses Christy back into the place and goes right after her as the fans are patting down on them. Both are now fighting the concession area where beer is being put out. Christy grabs it and THROWS it in his eyes as the fans are cheering for this. She then tells them to shut the hell up, but BGK comes out of nowhere and throws her down the hallway as the fans try to follow but are cut off. He throws her into the office of Dora Richardson as he yells at the boss that this season will end on the BEST NOTE and goes for his finisher. The referee counts this as he is pinning her on the ground, but Christy Winters kicks out of it. He tosses her out of the office and goes into the locker room with everyone getting out of there. Beer Giles Katz is saying that he is going to end this match up, but Marshall Winters comes up and ATTACKS him with a Guitar by smashing it over his head. Christy grabs him and goes for the Full Throttle and pins him as she gets the three count as the fans are booing for this. Christy Winters just became 2-0 at Vendetta as she closes out her season with a win yet again.

Winner: Christy Winters


The scene cuts to a dimly lit locker room. There’s nothing but a spotlight hovering over a steel chair and eerie, ghostly silence. Some footsteps are heard in the distance and before long, someone is seen walking in. That someone happens to be 5BW Freedom Champion Minka Carter as she sits down on the chair and enjoys the ‘spotlight’ that she finds herself in. But, this enjoyment doesn’t last too long as she is feeling incredibly pissed off. She thinks about all the ups and downs that she’s been through as far as KPN is concerned, but for Minka, her entire journey goes deeper than that.

[color=##045FB4]Minka Carter:[/color] When I first came to 5BW, I was supposed to be a one off guest for the Steinbrenner Cup. I’m sure that part of things has been long forgotten by now so considering that this IS the biggest show of the year, I just needed to remind you all of that. I was, at the time, just happy to be part of the tournament and I was satisfied with having the opportunity and then going back to focusing on what else I was doing with my career. And yet, from the first day that I’ve gotten here, this company has disrespected me. Look at the bracket of that Steinbrenner Cup tournament. I am better, simply BETTER, than just about EVERYONE in that bracket with only TWO PEOPLE in that tournament that I would honestly consider real competition. At worst, I should’ve been a three seed. But no, KPN was the three seed. Christy Winters of all people… CHRISTY WINTERS… someone who I am MILES better than… is the TWO SEED? You’re telling me that the likes of AMBER ROCKWELL are better than me with the way the seeding worked out? You’re telling me I’m not good enough to already be in the tournament so I have to wrestle a PLAY-IN MATCH against someone who was overshadowed in her stupid Softball Academy graduating class by the likes ot Tori Colbert and a manager-turned-wrestler at the age of 35 in Clarissa Vega?

How could I NOT be insulted?

So I won that match… but now I’m an eight seed. An EIGHT SEED! I was livid about this longer than any of you realized. It didn’t help that I wound up facing ONE of the two people I considered actual competition in this tournament in Ariel Madden and I’m not knocking her abilities but for FUCK’S SAKE! All I heard leading up to the match was Ariel this, Ariel that. EVERYTHING was about HER! NOBODY gave me a chance to win but hell, I pushed that bitch to her limits! I’M the one that did that! The real finals of that tournament was ME and Ariel, not Ariel and TRASH ASS AMBER ROCKWELL! But did anyone talk about my performance? NO! All everyone was doing was praising and kissing Ariel’s ass! It made me SICK!

You know what else made me sick? Having a Freedom title shot against Darian Andrews and losing! Yeah, THAT pissed me off because in my mind, I always figured I was BETTER than him especially since when HE was the champion, he would arrive, wrestle and leave! I, on the other hand, have generated INTEREST in this championship!

And then there’s YOU, Kelly…

Minka takes a pause, letting that anger seethe through her. She clutches the Freedom Championship and makes it very clear that she doesn’t want to let go of it just yet before she continues with her thoughts.

[color=##045FB4]Minka Carter:[/color] YOU more than anyone have been the biggest pain in my ass since I’ve been here! You thought you could waltz into the Freedom Championship picture and steal the spotlight from ME! You’re a worthy opponent, I’ve never denied that. If you weren’t a worthy opponent, I would’ve swept your ass instead of this series between us coming down to match five. My problem with you has ALWAYS been about how overhyped and how overrated you really are! KELLY THIS, KELLY THAT!, KPN THIS, KPN THAT! I’m SICK of hearing it! You get talked about as if you’re some kind of living legend when the pure, cold, hard fact of the matter is, you haven’t won ANYTHING in 5BW but the matches you’ve won. I don’t see a 5BW title to your name. When someone asks me what your most memorable moment is, the most memorable match in 5BW is… I can’t think of a damn thing. What’s your most memorable match? Beating AMBER TRASHWELL and not even advancing in the Steinbrenner Cup because Amber just happened to be the illegitimate daughter of Donald Trump… wink wink, hint hint… BOOM GOES THE FOURTH WALL!

Politicians never win in this business but that’s besides the point.

What’s your most memorable moment, Kelly? Getting your ass handed to you by Luciana Verdoza while she’s the 5BW World Champion?

It hit me… the most memorable thing you’ve done in this company… has been this series! With me! Funny… I’M the one that’s made YOU relevant here! This is your ONE SHOT, Kelly! This is your ONE CHANCE to have your most memorable moment. I’ve got great news! It IS going to happen for you… only because that moment will be you CRASHING AND BURNING like you should have a long time ago! You’re WELCOME for giving the 5BW audience something to remember you by! And once you crash and burn, once I win this ladder match, win this series and REMAIN the 5BW Freedom Champion, I’m going to make sure that I’M the one that gets the damn spotlight around here! You? Well… good luck finding your way without me giving you your most memorable moment in 5BW to date…

Minka scoffs with arrogance and she stands up and walks out of the scene. The spotlight above the chair, and the scene, fades to black.


The scene starts with Kelly Penkzee-Nelson sitting in her locker room. She is putting the finishing touches on her gear and is ready to go. She looks at her robe and then her shoulder as she sees the camera in front of her.

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: What the hell can I say about this fucked up season? We started off Amber Rockwell and her fucked up nonsense and we are ending it with me. Funny how fate works there, right Minka?

She stands up and looks at the camera.

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: For the past couple of months, you and I have been doing something that NOBODY in this company has ever done yet. The both of us were making history and showing what we were able to do, but you FAIL to see any of that. You blame, you blame and you blame me for going after the championship when quite frankly, we raised the championship higher than expected.

Something comes across her mind.

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: And you want to know the funny thing about this and WHY you’re currently the champion? I actually FOUGHT and FOUGHT even when I was injured to have you focused more because I saw everything that you could, but you were too blind to see. Matter of fact, 5BW officials were going to put Amber in the match, but I pleaded to make sure that didn’t happen!

She shakes her head.

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: Yeah I know, I am breaking what happens behind the scenes, but it needs to be said!

KPN is laser focused.

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: However, with me standing up for you….that’s all out the window. At last year's event, I made my mark that I didn’t need to add anything more to my resume by defeating Bridget Johnson, which, fact check, she was the one that cost me against Luciana Verdoza when I was facing off against her. Luciana knows the beating I gave her. This year? It all changes….

She eyes her down.

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: I add to my long list of accomplishments. CKP Women’s Tag Team Championship. CKP Women’s Champion, Triad Challenge Finalist, World Class traveler, defeating nervous bullema, and so forth. I’ll be the third 5BW Freedom Champion where you will be crashing down through ladders, looking at me in defeat.

She keeps that stern face on.

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: You made this shit personal by calling me this and that, saying I offended you when I announced I was getting married and you childishly attacking me, saying Lacey was prettier. Don’t worry Minka, those games are going to end!

She eyes her

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: This ends tonight, Minka!

She grabs her robe and puts something on her head and walks out.



The bell rings and naturally, it starts out as a slug fest with both women having truly come to hate each other over the course of this series. Kelly whips Minka hard into the corner and then attempts a corner splash, but Minka is able to move out of the way. Minka grabs her from behind and connects with a back suplex. Minka snarls for a bit as she kicks Kelly around the ring. She exits the ring and wastes no time going for the ladders. She grabs two and slides them both into the ring. However, before she can get back in the ring, Kelly counters with a baseball slide sending one of the ladders right into her face. Minka gets stunned for a bit but she’s able to groggily get up. However, Kelly is right there waiting for her with a suicide dive that takes her straight down to the floor. Kelly is the first to get up and she drags Minka to her feet and gives her a hard, shoulder first toss into the steel steps. Minka is suffering a bit, but not enough as far as Kelly is concerned. She reaches underneath the ring and grabs a baseball bat from underneath, striking her right in the midsection. Kelly takes this chance to get back in the ring and set up one of the ladders. Minka meanwhile, searches for something under the ring. Kelly is confident as she begins to scale the ladder, but halfway up, Minka slides in with an 18 inch lead pipe. Minka takes a swing with the lead pipe right behind the knee and this stalls Kelly’s progress. Minka gets under Kelly and plucks her off the ladder, taking her down into the other ladder with an electric chair drop!

The force of the move shakes the ring enough to topple the ladder that Kelly was climbing. Minka doesn’t care as she takes the lead pipe and applies it with a rear naked choke. She’s got a demonic look in her eyes as she does her very best to try to choke Kelly out with it. Once she feels like she’s out, Minka drags Kelly away and then sets up a ladder in the corner. She gets Kelly up and then rams her straight into the corner ladder with a running spinebuster. Kelly stumbles in Minka’s direction and then Minka takes her down with a snap suplex. Minka decides now is the time to go for the Freedom championship above and she sets up the ladder. She’s halfway up the ladder before Kelly begins to stir. Kelly sees Minka climbing and she begins to fire some punches at her when she gets to her to stall her progress. Minka tries the best that she can to break free, but Kelly grabs Minka’s right ankle and twists it into an ankle lock, causing Minka to become strained with pain. She can’t move up the ladder and she tries to kick Kelly off of her, but to no avail. Kelly then drags her off the ladder and causes Minka to crash into the mat below. Kelly then drags Minka by the ankle to the ladder in the corner. She gets the ladder and sets it down. After that, she opens up the ladder and places Minka’s right ankle on it and Kelly slams the ladder on it, causing Minka to be in some pain.

This draws a pop from the fans and Kelly does it again. The fans pop louder so Kelly does it for a third time. She stops at this point, but keeps Minka’s ankle sandwiched between the ladder. She then sits ON the ladder, pressuring Minka’s ankle to an agonizing degree and if that’s not enough, she’s able to twist it again to add even MORE agony to the Freedom champion! Some fans are even chanting ‘break it’ at this point and Minka grabbing the ropes doesn’t stop Kelly. Kelly lets go and stands up eventually, but she drags Minka to the center of the ring. She gets her up and sets her up for a powerbomb, but Minka in desperation fires punch after punch after punch until she’s able to counter with a modified seated senton. Minka springs up, but her right ankle being injured causes her to land awkwardly and she falls to her knees. Kelly gets up and gets right toward her, but Minka grabs the lead pipe and bangs Kelly right in the kneecap with it. Minka gingerly walks over to one of the ladders and sets it in the corner, on the second rope. Kelly is favoring her knee and Minka takes advantage of it. She drags Kelly to the ladder and places her on it. Minka sets up the other ladder near the corner and is able to climb to the top. She’s being very careful with her ankle, but despite that, when she gets to the top, she leaps off the top of the ladder and nails a 450 SPLASH! The impact sends both of them crashing right through the ladder as it instantly breaks! Some holy shit chants are heard as Minka is barely stirring.

She is barely able to get up, all while she waits for Kelly to do the same. Kelly is incredibly slow to get up. But, she’s up. Minka goes for the Demon Stake, but Kelly catches her ankle, the same one she hurt before, and counters with another ankle lock. This time, Minka is able to counter it and she kicks Kelly away. She gets up, but Kelly picks her up near the corner and then with the Ode to BPN into one of the remnants of the broken ladder! Minka looks like she’s out cold and then Kelly leaves the ring. She searches underneath it and pulls out a 20 foot ladder! The fans pop for this as she slides it into the ring. Kelly picks up the standard ladder and places it near Minka, who is still looking like she’s out. She again sandwiches Minka’s ankle, but she stops herself. She opens up the ladder again and sits down next to Minka, who’s still out. She reaches over to her boot and begins to untie it and it’s not too long before Kelly removes Minka’s boot and sandwiches her ankle, now unprotected, into the ladder. Kelly then begins to scale the twenty foot ladder which is not in the center of the ring. The fans are rising, anticipating what is going to happen. Kelly gets to the top, then leaps… AND CONNECTS WITH A SHOOTING STAR PRESS!

LOUD “Holy shit” chants are heard as Kelly writhes away, holding her chest in pain. The impact topped over the 20 foot ladder, but Minka got the worst of it as she’s holding her ankle, acting as if it’s possibly broken and doing as much as she can to hold back tears at this point. She drags herself to the corner, burying her face in the turnbuckle, while Kelly is hardly moving. Both stay down for a while, but Kelly is the first to stir. She’s able to use the ropes to pull herself up. Minka is starting to do the same. Kelly clutches her chest as she gets to the 20 foot ladder. She’s able to set it up, but she’s exhausted as she lies on the ladder. Minka is barely able to get up, but she’s mostly unable to put any weight on her ankle. Kelly begins to climb the ladder and Minka leans against the corner, but before she can get up, Lacey Moreau runs down the ramp and into the ring. Minka goes right after Kelly, but Lacey jumps right on her back, bringing Minka down to a knee. Kelly is halfway up the ladder at this point. Minka instinctively counters with an overhead takeover, not realizing who she’s dealing with. Minka and Lacey stand up and begin to face each other. Minka smirks upon seeing her as Kelly is 3/4th of the way up. The fans are roaring as Kelly is basically touching the Freedom title, but then Minka pulls Lacey right into an unexpected kiss. Lacey tries to resist and she’s able to break free and push Minka away, but the momentum of the push sends Lacey barreling right into the 20 foot ladder! The ladder topples over sending Kelly crashing HARD THROUGH the barricade below as the barrier breaks upon impact. Lacey, embarrassed by what just happened, rolls out of the ring and quickly walks up the ramp and stops halfway, looking like she wanted to vomit. Minka smirks as she gets the 20 foot ladder and sets it up. Minka is incredibly slow in getting up the ladder, but Kelly is motionless and not moving at all. The fans are booing the higher Minka gets up the ladder. She gets to the top and takes one last glance down at an unconscious Kelly. She delivers the middle finger to her before she unhooks the title from the top!

WINNER of Match 5 and the SERIES, and STILL 5BW Freedom Champion: MINKA CARTER

Minka climbs down the ladder, smirking, and she has the title clutched to her chest. She gets to the mat below and she drops to her knees, smirking with the Freedom title still intact. Before she can do anything else though, Darian Andrews runs into the ring. He confronts Minka, much to her chagrin, and he’s wanting a rematch for the title that he has yet to have. This then draws the attention of Amy Harrison, the Budge Cup winner, who gets in the ring to confront both of them. Minka responds by calmly rolling out of the ring and dragging herself away from both of them. Meanwhile, Kelly is stirring and she’s completely bruised as she rolls back into the ring. Lacey comes down and tends to Kelly at the barricade, wanting to apologize. Kelly yells at Lacey, unnerving her… and then Lacey responds with a slap across the face, immediately regretting it. Kelly is about to go on the attack, but Meagan, Sarah and security officials come in to break them up. The fans are left stunned at all of the explosiveness that just happened as everyone separates...


The scene cuts in on Luciana Verdoza angrily staring at something off camera. She is looking at it with anger and complete disgust. Her eyes narrow further as she focuses in on the object in the distance and when the camera pans, it’s revealed that she’s looking at a still image of the entire 5BW locker room celebrating Sam Tolson’s 5BW World Championship victory over her after she had suffered probably the most humiliating moment of her 5BW run. The events of earlier regarding the tag team championships certainly don’t help her mood either as she begins to speak.

Luciana Verdoza: That’s when it started for me. That was the moment that really started a downfall that many of you here in 5BW wished was permanent… but it wasn’t…

Luciana turns toward the camera at this point and continues.

Luciana Verdoza: What you ALL don’t realize is how resilient I have ALWAYS been in my career! Through EVERYTHING, I have hung around as long as I have, even at the age of 37! Let’s play a game of ‘did you know’ when it comes to my wrestling career. Did you know that in my rookie year, the first company that I wrestled for double crossed me and humiliated me in front of the whole world and legitimately screwed me out of the first championship I ever held? Yeah, that happened. It DESTROYED ME for NINE MONTHS because I allowed it to happen. My career completely crashed. And yet, once I snapped out of it, I broke the gender barrier and I made HISTORY. A decade ago, when I lost my second world championship in PRW, it was a humiliating defeat to a flash in the pan. Many didn’t think I’d ever recover from that. I’ve since won three more world championships. Did you know how BADLY I was written off from IDIOTS that used to work for this company that DON’T MATTER ANYMORE after Hayley broke my hand?

Oh I’m aware of the talk.


“Old news”

And look at me now! I’m the best that I’ve ever been! I’m STILL the most hated person on this roster. Then there was last year at Vendetta… where I was completely humiliated. Is that what you all think is going to happen again? Last year, I QUIT! And you all expect me to quit AGAIN this year? You all think that this is finally the night when the CONQUERING HEROINE in Dakota Mendoza FINALLY gets her due on me after everything I’ve ever put her through and that this is going to be the moment where she FINALLY breaks through and becomes somebody in 5BW!

That’s not going to happen. You want to know why?

Because you’re not ready to take that next step, Dakota.

I’ve strung you along for months. I’ve pissed you off. A few months ago, you were cutting a promo in a black room going all goth, emo or whatever the fuck you want to call it and you’re complaining about how I’ve taken all of your innocence away. It made me laugh and I already know that I’ve got you beat. I’ve got you beat because you’ve got darkness in your heart, honey. You don’t want to wrestle this match to have your big moment. You want to have this match to kill me and end my career. It’s ALL personal for you. But for me? It’s really just business! It’s about me AVENGING Vendetta from last year and getting the last laugh. It’s about SHOWING THESE IDIOTS who STILL the HBIC around here! I’ve damned you so bad, Dakota. Do you realize how deep in the hole you really are?

You’re not ready to take the next step because you’ve allowed me to change you into something you’re not. You have lost ALL of the passion that I once knew you for. You don’t have passion for this business anymore Dakota, and somewhere in your heart, you know that. That’s why you’ve yet to even win a championship in your career. Sure, I’ve tortured and tormented you… but you just choose to play the victim instead of doing something about it. You walk into Vendetta tonight, in MY RING, as someone that’s already defeated. You walk into MY RING not a champion, but a VICTIM! You are EXACTLY the STUPID, FUCKING BITCH that I was 13 years ago when I allowed myself to be a victim of that bullshit company that fucking screwed me until I snapped out of it and decided to quit being a damn victim. You had SO many chances to snap out of it… but it’s too late now.

Even if you DO snap out of it, it’s still not going to be enough! You’ve buried yourself in a pit that you can escape from. The GAME wasn’t being better than me, Dakota. The GAME wasn’t whether or not you could get revenge on me. Nooooo… the GAME this whole time?

It’s whether or not you could stay true to yourself as I continued to torment you! It’s a game that you’ve LOST because you went from a perky, bubbly young lady who had ALL the potential in the world to be a big star to being a VICTIM dressing up in this gothic, rebel clothing thinking she’s all hip and edgy but naaaaah…. I just see a little punk, emo bitch that’s just happy with causing pain to other people. I’ve turned you into a mini-me since last Vendetta, DUMBASS!!!!!

And if that STILL hasn’t registered with you NOW… it WILL… when I DESTROY YOU… when your DAMNATION becomes COMPLETE! And if AFTER I do so… it STILL hasn’t registered with you… then you’re NEVER GOING TO AMOUNT TO ANYTHING IN PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING!!!!

Tonight, Dakota… you’ll once more be what you’ve ALWAYS BEEN TO ME…


You CAN’T make me QUIT, Dakota… not when you ALREADY HAVE!

Luciana angrily leaves the scene… determined to finish things her way as the scene fades to black.


Dakota Mendoza finds herself in the hallway making her final, mental preparations for her I Quit match against Luciana Verdoza. It’s not entirely clear whether she has actually seen the words that Luciana has just spoken, but nevertheless, Dakota is looking quite angry. At the same time, she looks like someone that may have long had her own soul sucked out of her. As she concentrates as much as she can on her match, an unexpected yet familiar guest appears…

Holly Mendoza: Hey…

Dakota is completely stunned by the sudden appearance of her baby sister. She looks at her and Holly is definitely looking like she’s going through a lot of guilt despite the fact that earlier in the night, she had an impact on the show with her presence during Kelli Song’s match.

Dakota Mendoza: What are you doing here?

Holly Mendoza: Can we talk?

Dakota Mendoza: Of course…

Holly Mendoza: Look… I just wanted to say sorry… about everything. When Luciana kidnapped me and nearly had my head shaved, I blamed it on you. I realize that I was wrong to do that. It made me incredibly weak and it became so easy for someone like Kelli Song to come in and brainwash me. Truth be told, she really taught me nothing about how to be a real wrestler and everything. But that’s not important right now. I just want to make things right between us.

Dakota Mendoza: Heather…

Holly Mendoza: We’re sisters, Dakota. We always will be! I know that things between us haven’t always been peachy, but at the same time? Things can be different! Things can be better!

Dakota Mendoza: You’re right… and I’m going to make them better when I FINALLY KILL LUCIANA FOR EVERYTHING SHE’S EVER PUT ME THROUGH!

Dakota’s sudden burst of anger shocks and concerns Holly.

Holly Mendoza: Dakota… what the hell are you saying? This isn’t you!

Dakota Mendoza: Oh you have NO IDEA! You have NO IDEA what she’s done to me and I swear to God, if there’s a way I can kill her tonight, you bet your ass I’m going to go as far as I need to go in order to make that happen.

Holly Mendoza: I understand that she’s put you through so much crap, Dakota but stooping to her level just isn’t the way to do it. What happened to the sister that I knew before she ever met Luciana at all? I remember she was motivated as hell to be a star and I didn't detect anything about the sister that I knew in the body that I’m talking to. You’re one of the most naturally gifted wrestlers that have come out of Portland in years. You don’t need to resort to such violence, Dakota. You’ve still got that wrestler in you.

Dakota Mendoza: I’m not the sister that you knew before. In all honesty, the sister that you knew was never good enough for this business at all…

This statement from Dakota truly has Holly in a state of shock.

Holly Mendoza: How can you say that?

Dakota Mendoza: If who I was before was good enough to make it in the professional wrestling business, she would’ve never been stupid enough to fall for Luciana’s bullshit in the first place. If she was ever good enough to make it, she would’ve never just accepted a place as being Luciana’s minion. She would’ve been good enough to win a championship but she never was and never will be. Going back to THAT, in a match like THIS? I might as well retire and commit career suicide!

Holly Mendoza: None of what you said is true…

Dakota Mendoza: I’ve made up my mind, Heather! I KNOW how I have to beat Luciana and that’s by beating her at her own game. That’s the only way that it’s going to happen because if I try to beat her with my own game, she’s going to run all over me and she’s done ENOUGH of that! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! Tonight? EVERYTHING CHANGES! I will end Luciana’s career, that’s what the fuck I am going to do! Out Wrestling her isn’t going to cut it! I’m going to have to destroy her and out-Luciana her! I’m going to have to beat the shit out of her until the piece of fucking shit quits and even then, I might as well throw her off the stage to ensure that she NEVER wrestles again! If I’m lucky, I’ll snap that bitch’s spinal cord and she never walks again! She deserves it not just for all the shit she’s put the US through, but for all the shit she’s ever done throughout her career! Tonight, I will RID professional wrestling of a stage 4 cancer that has infested it 14 years too fucking long!

And NOBODY is going to stop me…

Dakota walks away from Holly at this point without even letting her say anything or without even offering a hug. Holly looks devastated upon what she just heard, almost as if she realizes something that Dakota does not.

Holly Mendoza: ...this isn’t right…

Tears of worry fill her eyes as the scene fades out...



Once the bell rings, Dakota makes a beeline for Licuana who merely trips her up with a drop toe hold just to frustrate her. Luciana is laughing right at her and then Dakota gets up and tries a clothesline, but Luciana easily counters with an armdrag. Dakota gets up again but this time, Luciana is merciless as she runs up and knees her in the gut before she drops Dakota with a Samoan drop. Luciana grabs Dakota in a cobra clutch and mockingly asks her if she’s going to quit, to which of course, Dakota says no. Dakota tries to fight her way out of the cobra clutch, but Luciana violently throws her down and then kicks her around, completely toying with her. Luciana kicks Dakota out of the ring and she rolls out of it herself. She grabs her in a sleeper hold and she screams “Quit or else”. Dakota of course, refuses and Luciana tries to throw her into the steel steps, but Dakota ends up countering it and throwing Luciana head first into the steel steps. Dakota mocks Luciana right back asking her “are you going to quit now?” Dakota reaches underneath the ring and she ends up finding a Singapore cane. Luciana is able to get up, but Dakota smacks her across the skull with the cane, causing the cane to snap in half. Luciana goes down in a heap and then Dakota pulls out a garbage can. She opens it, revealing that there are more goodies inside. One of these goodies is a barbed wire baseball bat which she uses to wrap around Luciana’s throat. Dakota demands that the referee asks her if she quits, to which he obliges, but Luciana says no. Luciana gets dragged up to a vertical base and then gets nailed by a Russian leg sweep! The barbwire of the bat goes right into her throat and Luciana flails around for a bit, coughing a lot, but somehow not coughing up blood. Dakota screams at her to quit, but Luciana gives her the finger. Dakota beats her in her surgically repaired lower back again and again, but Luciana doesn’t quit. Dakota then places the bat down on the floor. She waits for Luciana to get up and then Dakota runs up to her and gives her a spinebuster, lower back right into the barbed wire. Luciana is in some serious agony and Dakota asks her to quit, but Luciana screams “FUCK OFF” at her…

Luciana is really feeling it considering the lower back injuries she’s had. Dakota reaches into the garbage can and pulls out a bag of something. She wraps the bag around her fist and attempts to nail Luciana in the skull, but Luciana ducks. Dakota turns around, right into a roundhouse kick to the jaw. Luciana is pissed as she gets the bag frok Dakota. She smirks, having something in mind, but when she opens it and dumps out the bag, she’s disappointed that it’s nothing but a bunch of Legos. Still, she’s able to drag Dakota to the Legos and give her a hard DDT into the Legos. Luciana angrily goes to the corner and shoves aside any steel steps. She picks up the bottom steps and has something in mind, but Dakota is able to recover enough to dropkick the steps right into her. Luciana’s momentum causes her to crash and flip over the barricade and into the crowd. Luciana stands up in the crowd and Dakota suicide dives herself right in as well to knock Luciana down. Luciana is able to fight back and the two women begin to crawl up the stairs. Luciana grabs Dakota’s head and jams her face into the guard rail. She grabs a glass of beer from an unsuspecting fan and smashes it right between Dakota’s shoulders! “DO YOU QUIT NOW?” she screams. Dakota says “FUCK NO” as Luciana drags her further up the stairs. Dakota then counters with a drop toe hold sending Luciana’s face right into the guardrail. Dakota grabs a filled glass lemonade bottle from a fan and yells “QUIT” at Luciana. Luciana says “NO” and Dakota in kind, responds by breaking the bottle over her lower back, again targeting her weakest point. Dakota traps Luciana in a sleeper hold as she drags her up the steps and into the concourse where the concession stands are waiting. Dakota then whips Luciana hard over a counter where food is being served.

The employees quickly bail. There is a grill that is on and Dakota drags Luciana over. “Are you going to quit now?” “NO!” Dakota then responds with “LET ME GIVE YOU A HAND WITH THAT” before taking Luciana’s surgically repaired hand and placing it right on the hot spot on the grill! Luciana really screams in pain. “HOW ABOUT NOW?” Dakota asks before Luciana kicks her away on instinct. Luciana is really smarting over her hand, but Dakota isn’t done with the brutal torture just yet. Dakota drags Luciana to a popcorn machine. “HOW ABOUT NOW?” “NO!” SMASH!!!!!! Dakota smashes Luciana’s head right through the popcorn machine and she’s been busted open. To add insult to injury, Dakota grabs some fresh butter from nearby and pours it all into Luciana’s hair. Luciana falls limp on the floor and Dakota further adds to her humiliation by spraying ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise all over her. She drapes Luciana across the counter and flips her over it then she steps over. Dakota drags a bloodied Luciana over to a cotton candy machine. She picks her up and tries to powerbomb her on it, but Luciana counters with a hurricanrana that sends Dakota face first into the cotton candy machine. Luciana then goes to another concession stand and grabs a random 14 by 20 portrait with a glass frame of Amber Rockwell.



“HOW ABOUT NOW” Luciana asks as she turns over the picture to reveal Amber’s picture.

“What the fuck?”

Luciana then smashes the portrait over Dakota’s head, with Dakota’s head going through Amber’s face. Luciana tosses aside the remains of the portrait in the trash, where it will now belong with Amber’s career for all eternity and asks Dakota if she quits. Dakota gives her the finger, but she too, is bleeding now. This angers Luciana as she drags her up. The two begin to brawl through the concession stands. Luciana bangs Dakota over the head with an LA Rams football helmet while Dakota breaks a Philip Rivers bobblehead over Luciana’s forehead. Dakota drags Luciana to the entrance of a luxury suite and she kicks the door open. Luciana and Dakota crash the suite at this point and they end up next to a patron with a bowl of caviar. Dakota asks Luciana if she quits, but Luciana says no and Dakota begins to pour the caviar down Luciana’s throat much to her disgust!

“That’s not the first time you’ve liked something slimy down your throat BITCH!”

Luciana is gagging as she collapses and begins to crawl on the floor. Suddenly Snoop Dogg shows up out of nowhere and Dakota says “ASK HER IF SHE QUITS!”

“Are ya gonna quit this match, fo shizzle on the dizzle?” Snoop Dogg asks a confused Luciana, who responds with a low blow! Dakota breaks the caviar bowl between the shoulders. She drags her up, but Luciana gives her a hard shove that sends her right over a dinner table. Luciana drags Dakota off the dinner table and she happens to spot Justin Herbert, star QB of the L.A. Chargers sitting there.

“Asks her if she quits….” she asks him.

“I’m not getting involved…” he says as he shrugs and walks away, angering her. Luciana responds by picking up Dakota and giving her a scoop slam right through the dinner table. Luciana recovers and then drags Dakota right through the open doors leading to a balcony overlooking the building. Luciana looks down and sees a bunch of tables, about 8, stacked together 25 feet below. She has a sick smirk on her face as she looks back at Dakota. “QUIT NOW” she screams at her. Dakota says no and then Luciana hesitates a bit as she steps onto the edge of the balcony. “QUIT NOW!” she says again, but again, Dakota says no. Luciana lets out an angry sigh as she leaps off the balcony… AND DELIVERS A C4 CAUSING BOTH WOMEN TO CRASH THROUGH EIGHT TABLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Both of them are completely knocked down and knocked out as the loudest HOLY SHIT chants of the night are heard. Neither are moving and this delay causes some security to call for some stretchers. EMT’s arrive on the scene and they immediately focus on Dakota. While they try to tie her down on the stretcher, Luciana gets up, albeit very slowly. She grabs a fire extinguisher nearby and unleashes it, spraying all the EMT’s out of the way. She’s about to use it on Dakota, but Dakota sits up, grabs an oxygen tank and smacks it across the chest of Luciana, causing her to drop the fire extinguisher. Luciana though, isn’t going down that easy as the two begin to brawl through the hallway and now they’re both in the backstage area.

After Irish whipping each other into metal crates, Dakota takes control after blinding Luciana with hairspray near a salon area. Dakota smashes Luciana's spine first on a barber’s chair and Dakota spots clippers nearby! The crowd explodes with cheers! Luciana looks terrified as Dakota asks her if she’s going to quit! Luciana says no and and she immediately freaks out when Dakota points the clippers at her. Dakota tries to turn them on, but they’re not turning on. She looks over and sees that they aren’t even plugged in and when she tries to do so, Luciana dropkicks her away and she drops the clippers. Luciana picks them up and smashes them on the floor, ruining the fantasy of the fans of seeing Luciana getting her head shaved as pieces fly everywhere. Still, Dakota comes back and spears Luciana right through a mirror. Luciana seems out of it as she stumbles to a waiting Dakota… who applies a Christos armbar on Luciana. Dakota leaps onto Luciana’s back as she applies the move and Luciana’s eyes are looking like she’s completely triggered by this.

“You’ve quit this move before, haven’t you?” Dakota says as Luciana struggles to breathe. She collapses to her knees. “HAVEN’T YOU?”

“SCREW YOU!” Luciana is barely able to utter.

“How many times did Victoria make you tap to this move, HUH?”

Referencing Luciana’s other former protege truly stings, but Luciana is now lying completely on the floor with no escape whatsoever! “QUIT!” Dakota screams at her! “FUCKING QUIT” Luciana doesn’t say anything for a little bit…. But… “I…” “DO YOU QUIT!?!?!” “I….”


That’s the sound of a kendo stick being broken over the back of Dakota’s head. Dakota loses control of the move at this point and Luciana is able to escape… but she’s in very little shape to fight. Sabrina slips some mystery objects in Luciana’s direction and then she grabs Dakota and brings her up to her feet. However, Dakota is able to counter, and then kick Sabrina in the gut. She drags Sabrina over to a waiting table and then she gives Sabrina the MENDOZA FACEBUSTER through the table. Sabrina is out, but Dakota is recovering. Jayson Schneider then gets into it and Dakota responds with a bicycle kick before Jayson even lays a hand on her. Dakota then darts after Jayson, but Jayson books it. Luciana then comes in with a jar of candy and smashes it right between Dakota’s shoulders. Dakota goes down in a heap and then Luciana reveals TWO pairs of handcuffs. She applies one pair to Dakota’s wrists and the other to her ankles and she drags her down the hallway to a metal crate. There’s a small pole near it and Luciana places Dakota on the pole, then using a rope, she completely ties up Dakota, who is now trapped with nowhere to go. She pulls out AN ELECTRIC TASER and ZAPS Dakota with it. This wakes up Dakota…

“QUIT!” Luciana screams as she zaps her again. “NO!” Dakota says back. “QUIT!” she says as she zaps her a third time. “NEVER” the trapped Dakota says in defiance.

Luciana zaps her for the fourth time. “QUITTTT!!!!!!!!!!”



Dakota definitely spits in her face.

An angry Luciana turns around and signals to someone. That someone is Jayson Schneider and he’s dragging a long, filled six foot bag with him. He lets go of the bag and pulls it off… revealing Holly Mendoza bound and gagged and looking incredibly helpless.


Dakota hesitates and doesn’t answer and Luciana zaps Holly, causing her to deliver a muffled scream.


Luciana zaps her again. Dakota looks incredibly worried now but doesn’t say anything.

“Okay that’s it…”

Luciana pulls out a can of gasoline and she pours it all over Holly.

“Are you going to quit now?” Luciana asks a terrified Dakota, who can’t do anything about this.
“NO? Come on! I’ll set you free if you do! Don’t make me do this to your sister… are you going to quit now…”

Rather than answer, Dakota tries to break free. Luciana taunts her with the keys to the handcuffs.

“Come on! Don’t tell me you’re going to choose vengeance over your sister!” Luciana says with a sick laugh. Dakota STILL tries to break free.

“Jay?” Luciana says as he hands her a stack of matches. She rips off a couple and now Dakota’s eyes look completely horrified knowing Luciana is about to light them.

“I QUIT!!!!!! I QUIT! I QUIT! I QUIT!!!!!!!!!!” Dakota screams out of desperation.

WINNER: Luciana Verdoza

Luciana smirks as she tosses the matches away. Jayson smirks as he pulls out a blade, which he uses to cut Dakota’s ropes. Luciana tosses over the keys to the handcuffs to Sabrina who stumbles into the scene. With a nod, Sabrina unlocks the handcuffs freeing Dakota. Luciana has a sick, smirking laugh to herself. Luciana, though, stumbles, having gone through a lot herself in the match. Sabrina and Jayson help Luciana walk away from everything. Bloodied and battered, she’s delighted to be a winner. But Dakota on the other hand, is completely shattered as she grabs the blade Jayson left behind and cuts through the ropes that kept Holly bound and gagged. She immediately wraps her arms around her and she begins to lose it, guilt pouring through her as she tearfully says sorry to her sister...


A pre-recorded message

The scene rises up to a black and white image of Ariel Madden training inside her Mad ‘N Fit Gym. As she works out in slow motion, her voice narrates overtop.

Ariel: “Season two comes down to this...”

Ariel works at a punching bag, leaving mild imprints on it as her audible, slow motion grunts can be heard.

Ariel: “When I entered this “year” in 5BW, I felt like I was being something of a sidebar. I wasn’t in a position to move forward. I wasn’t friends with anyone in high places, so I couldn’t get a main event glow that way. I was just left where I was. Beating Christy Winters to end season one didn’t provide me with a boost to my career… after I beat her earlier that season, it really could have stood to end, only to be dragged out by her own insolence and refusal to accept that my star was on the rise while her’s was stagnant.”

Ariel chuckles.

Ariel: “I started #NoFiller because I honestly believed at the time that my lot was cast TO be filler. I believed that I was going to be used to filling out the cards, but kept a general distance from anything of real relevance. I definitely stood up thinking if I didn’t, I’d just accept never being a major player. I’d be cast in the same role as so many others: Maybe getting a sniff at the top, but never really making it there. Then the Steinbrenner Cup came along.``

Black and white stills from the Steinbrenner Cup are shown.

Ariel: “The Steinbrenner Cup was my chance to prove that I belong… not only as a competitor on the 5BW roster, not only as someone who was more than “filler”, but as a top star and a Championship contender. I did have one opportunity at the 5BW Championship in season one, but let’s be honest: No one then gave me a chance. Back then, all anyone thought was that I was a stop-gap on the road to Samantha Tolson vs Luciana Verdoza. Perhaps that’s something else that put that chip on my shoulder, but I carried that through the tournament and, lo and behold, I ended up winning it all. I moved on to challenge for the World Championship…”

The sound of Ariel laughing a bit is heard.

Ariel: “The less said about that first shot, the better. I had to go out and earn myself placement for a rematch. And with a head full of steam, I fell short. It was bittersweet. It was definitely humbling. But it was mostly a teaching experience. Had I not lost to Sam Tolson at the Birthday show, I don’t know that I would have known what I needed to do to get through the 5BW Rumble. In many ways, that loss led me to this point: Two out of three falls. Not only do I have to beat Sam Tolson once in a night - something that has become increasingly rare in 5BW - I have to do it twice. If I can pull it off, I will become the undisputed 5BW Champion. If I can’t…”

A small silence…

Ariel: “I don’t want to think about what that might mean. I’m not treating tonight as an all or nothing proposition. Because this could very well be my last shot at the title… tonight I’m going to leave everything I have out in that ring. Tonight I’m going to give EVERY LAST BIT of myself to what I do out there. Tonight… Championship or bust. You know, it’s kind of funny. After the Steinbrenner Cup, I had it in my head that this season was a story of two parallels - Tolson and Madden - that would lead to our eventual collision. But I was wrong. It wasn’t our story. Season two will have gone down as MY story. My rise. My fall. And my redemption as I step to the throne and become 5BW Champion!”

With that, the images cease and the scene fades...


Samanta Tolson: You know...tonight marks day three hundred sixty-six of my run as 5BW World Champion...

Samantha Tolson sits in her locker room, the referenced title over her shoulder as she readies for another battle.

Samanta Tolson: The nineteenth defense is tonight. So, I did a little math. I've defended this championship approximately once every nineteen and a quarter days.

Samanta Tolson: Then I realized that what I set out to do a year ago has been accomplished. To make this a true World Championship, one sought after and one that marks the holder as one of the very best in our sport.

Samanta Tolson: I've taken this title to Japan multiple times. To England. To Germany. To Canada. And, of course, these United States. This title is now bigger than just the Five Boroughs.

Samantha smiles warmly, a genuine smile that is rare for her this close to a match.

Samanta Tolson: So, I can honestly say The Mission has been completed. Don't mistake that, however, for me being ready to pass the torch so to speak.

Samanta Tolson: No, anyone who takes this from me will have earned it. And there will be a day that happens. It could even be this very night.

Samanta Tolson: But if it is, or whenever it does happen, I'll be at peace. Because I've done what I made a promise to do.

Samanta Tolson: The next person who holds this? They've got a hell of a legacy to live up to now.

Samanta Tolson: Is that you, Ariel Madden? We'll soon find out.

Samanta Tolson: Time to see if you're truly ready to take up this mantle.

Samanta Tolson: See you out there.



The main event is now as the fans are cheering for this as we are ready to see what could go down in these two out of three falls match ups. The first one out of the back is Ariel Madden, wearing Dodgers colors as she is coming out of the back. She is not doing any theatrics and means business tonight for this. She stops and allows pyro to go off behind her as the fans are cheering for this. Ariel rolls in the ring and looks at the fans who are cheering for her. The next one out of the back is Samantha Tolson, who came into this event one year ago and faced off Luciana Verdoza at this event with the championship as she is wearing red this time around. Samantha raises the championship above her head with pyro coming out. This is now a moment for everyone to be apart. Ariel and Samantha are in the ring with the championship being raised. The fans are ready for what is about to go down as a loud “This is awesome” chant goes through Sofi Stadium and the match has not begun yet. Ariel and Samantha are soaking in the chants, but Ariel Madden comes up and attacks down at Samantha Tolson and gets on top of her and starts beating her down. The fans are cheering for this as Ariel is battling against her, but Samantha gets to her feet and starts fighting down on her as the fans are cheering for this. Ariel Madden and she are battling with the fans cheering for this, but Ariel tosses her into the barricade. Samantha goes back first as Ariel goes running at her, but Samantha moves out of the way, making the challenger crash into the barricade and breaking it. Samantha rolls her in the ring with Ariel holding her wrist as it could be broken. Samantha worries for her, but she cannot worry as she goes up top and goes for a moonsault. Samantha connects with it as she covers Ariel Madden, but Ariel kicks out of it. While shaking her wrist, Ariel goes right after Samantha, but Samantha catches her with the Mind Your Head. Ariel stumbles with Samantha grabbing her and going for the Nightfall. Ariel blocks it and rolls her up in the ring to get the first fall of the night. The fans are in shock with this as so is Samantha. Ariel is a pinfall away in winning the championship.

Ariel is making sure her wrist is OK, but Samantha picks her up and moves her to the turnbuckle and starts chopping at her as the fans are cheering for this. Ariel is also chopping her back from the turnbuckle area as this has become a chop fest as the fans are cheering for this. Ariel is getting the best of her and kicks her as she is about to go for a Butterfly Suplex onto her. She does as Samantha goes down on the ground. Ariel waits for her to get back up as she does and goes for a Belly-to-Belly Suplex on her, but Samantha rolls her out and goes for a German Suplex, but Ariel gets to her feet and does one on her own, but Samantha grabs her and pushes Ariel out of the ring. Ariel lands hard with Samantha running and coming after her with a suicide dive and lands onto Ariel Madden. The fans are cheering with Samantha doing what it takes for her to retain the championship. She throws her back in the ring and waits for her to get back in. Ariel is surely getting back in the ring, but she goes to the ropes as the fans are wondering why she is going up there. Ariel does not fly. Ariel gets on the turnbuckle, but Samantha comes up and grabs her, causing both to battle each other on the turnbuckle. Ariel Madden and she are throwing hands in each other’s faces, but Samantha grabs her and GOES FOR A GERMAN SUPLEX OFF THE TOP ROPE! The fans are in shock with this as she took Ariel Madden OUT! Samantha waits for her to get back with Ariel getting to her feet. She does with Samantha going for the Mind Your Head onto the challenger as the fans are cheering for this. Ariel spins with Samantha going for her finisher that she used in the past on her and it connects. Samantha rolls her over and gets the second pin of the night. It now leads down to one more fall as the fans are cheering for this.

Ariel Madden has a knot in her head as Samantha is ready for what is about to go down. Samantha gets to her feet and starts yelling at Ariel as Ariel, knot and all says that this all ENDS right now and starts battling back against her. Both are throwing hands into each other’s face and start battling as both are fighting each other. Ariel and Samantha are throwing lefts and rights into the face of each other, but the champion is getting the best of her. Samantha grabs her and starts kicking her down, but Ariel grabs her leg and THROWS her into the turnbuckle. Samantha holds her knee as the fans are holding their head as Ariel is kicking it down, but she uses her good leg and kicks the challenger onto the ground. Ariel gets back up, but Samantha grabs her again and THROWS her into the corner. Samantha is going in a circle as she charges as Ariel, but Ariel moves out of the way with Samantha stopping in her tracks. Ariel comes after her, but Samantha jumps on the top rope and goes for a springboard Drop Kick, causing Ariel to go down.

Samantha’s face is lighting up as she looks at Ariel and says that she is going to end this off. Samantha waits for her to get back up as she does. Samantha comes charging at her with the Mind Your Head, but Ariel moves out of the way and grabs her for a German Suplex as she does one. She goes for a Second One and does it with Ariel going for the Hattrick, but Samantha gets out of this one and does one on her own in twos. Ariel gets out of it and SHOVES Samantha into the corner. She then picks her up and tries to go for the Atlas-Plex, but Samantha gets out of it and locks in the Nightfall on Ariel and brings her down. Ariel is wrestling out of it and doing the best she can, but locks in the pressure on her, but Ariel rolls to her feet, Lifts her up and goes for a backpack stunner onto Samantha, causing her to break the hold. Ariel says that she is going to end this right NOW and grabs the champion, but again, Samantha will not go down with a fight and knees her in the head. She grabs Ariel and goes for the Victory Drop Alpha as the fans are cheering for this. She pins Ariel in the ring, but Ariel kicks out of it. Samantha is in shock with this because this is where she would end it and waits for Ariel Madden to get back up.

Ariel Madden is slowly getting to her feet with Samantha coming after her, but Ariel gets out of the way and grabs her. She goes for a Brainbuster as the fans are cheering for this as Ariel knows that she MUST PIN her. She slowly does, and pins her in the ring, but Samantha kicks out of it. Ariel Madden bangs her hands on the ground and waits for Samantha to get back up. Samantha does as Ariel comes after her, but Samantha goes for the Mind Your Head, but Ariel ducks. Samantha at full speed goes to the top rope, but Ariel catches up to her and gets behind her. This could cost someone with ARIEL GOING FOR A OLYMPIC SLAM OFF THE TURNBUCKLE ON SAMANTHA!!

The fans are in shock with this as a loud “HOLY SHIT” chant is ringing through Sofi! Ariel is back to her feet with Samantha wobbly as she goes for the Atlas-Plex on her!! The referee counts this with and HITS the mat a THIRD time! We have a new champion!

Bounce by Bon Jovi kicks in as Ariel Madden gets on her knees and starts crying. She has done the impossible and defeated Samantha Tolson and ended her historic reign at the same place where it started one year prior. Ariel finally gets to her feet along with Samantha Tolson. The referee is about to hand Ariel the championship, but Samantha stops them in the tracks.

Samantha looks at the championship that she defended all over the globe and wraps it around the waist of Ariel Madden in a classic sign of respect. Both embrace for a hug with the faces of 5BW Coming out of the back and congratulating both Samantha and Ariel for not only for a good match, but a passing of the torch. Ariel has a legacy to fulfill as she is officially now the fourth 5BW World Champion in the company. Everyone is celebrating a remarkable ending to Season Two as we head into a new page into Season Three.

Notes From the Staff: WOW! What an ending to Season Two. Congratulations to G for winning the championship and congratulations to Corey for holding onto the championship for a year. That was one hell of a story and a match to write. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this ride.

As we end Season Two, I want everyone to reflect on this season and see how this season nearly came to a halt due to a lot of issues. It was you guys that kept it going for me. I want everyone to take a breather and relax for the time being. Stay tuned for details on the 5BW Season Two awards as that will begin.

Thank you everyone for making Season Two happen. And Remember….

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