5BW Presents: Royal Crown - August 29th, 2021

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5BW Presents: Royal Crown - August 29th, 2021

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We open up with the Royal Crown with the Damned Ones walking in the arena. The fans are hostile towards them, but blow past them. Suddenly, all three come to a halt with Sabrina being the first one to open her mouth.

Sabrina Baker: oh look! It’s the happy Bastard and someone who totally sucks at being a teacher here!

Meagan is about to deck Sabrina, but Kieran stops her in her tracks.

Kieran Quinn: No, don't. Stay calm, we've got this under control.

Sabrina Baker: What are you going to do, Kieran?! Smile and think everything is OK?!

Kieran turns back around and walks up to Sabrina, the happy smile on his face nowhere to be seen.

Kieran Quinn: Let’s cut to the chase, we have had ENOUGH of the bullshit that you lot have been doing around here!

Sabrina Baker: And what you along with Meagan is doing with having this Bronx, Philadelphia, Cleveland and all of the cities zoos in here?!

Meagan shakes her head.

Meagan G: That’s not the point we are making here!

She eyes all three of them, not backing down.

Meagan G: Tonight is the most important night to kick off Season Three. Two feuds end tonight with the most important one being the main event!

Jayson Schneider: ...and in that main event, Dakota is going to be feeling something that her boyfriend couldn’t make her feel: absolutely FUCKED!

Luciana is snickering, completely amused by this.

Meagan G: Really? Because the last time I checked….you can’t make girls finish properly.

Someone in the crowd yells “OH SHIT” as Meagan snickers.

Meagan G: Speaking of the main event, Luciana and Dakota’s match...is going to be a fair fight...meaning the peanut gallery has to stay in the back!


Meagan G: Oh yes I can!!

Meagan looks at Luciana

Meagan G: Now as for you, I hope you’re ready because I have my eye on this match and will be watching carefully. And if I were you, I would be worried.

The fans are still yelling at Luciana as they chant “DAKOTA” “DAKOTA”

Luciana Verdoza: WORRIED?

Luciana scoffs at the notion.

Luciana Verdoza: Your so-called “BEST GIRL” in Sam Tolson couldn’t even keep me down even after she beat me. In fact, I became MORE of a nuisance than I ever was in Season 1! You can’t get rid of me no matter how hard you try! You just can’t! You know who else “CAN’T”? Dakota Mendoza, that’s who! The only BUZZ that these IDIOTS are going to hear when this thing is over are the clippers shaving her fucking head, that’s what! So, you might as well have your riot police ready because she’s not winning! I AM finishing this… MY WAY! Just when you think you have me figured out… you never do!

As Meagan says something to Luciana, but we cannot hear it because it’s too loud and audible, Clarissa Vega comes out and eyes Luciana, Jayson and Sabrina. Sabrina is covering her ears

Sabrina Baker: Can we go INSIDE?!

Clarissa Vega: Not until I have something to say. Luciana, eight years ago, I was by your side, as your manager of ALL things, and I saw you completely destroy that company that you had terrorized for YEARS…

Jayson just laughs at this while Luciana shows no remorse at all with a shrug.

Clarissa Vega: What? You think this is funny? What was REAL funny was how shocked YOU were last night when I won my match, so shut your mouth, Jay. If Cora wasn’t watching this right now, I’d have WAY more to say to YOU. Trust me on that. Now back to what I was saying. I saw you revolve around that company. I watched you tear down ANYONE that stood in your way and you didn’t care if that company died or that so many people were left jobless, with some of them never working in this business again. You think Tori, Hayley, Dakota, myself and others are going to stand around and watch you do the same thing to 5BW? HELL NO! I was a party and a witness to seeing YOU destroy ONE company and this time, I’m going to make sure you don’t destroy another...

Meagan and Kieran look at her as Sabrina goes in a huff. Jayson eyes Clarissa and goes in as Clarissa and Luciana are eying each other. The fans are still barking at them with Meagan and Kieran standing to the side as we go to Royal Crown’s opening.

Kingslayer by Bring Me the Horizon and Baby Metal kicks in as we are live from the Tokyo Dome in Tokyo, Japan as the fans are cheering for this. Pyro is blaring with everyone ready for what is about to go down. A lot of matches are in store tonight with people going nuts. There are signs everywhere and one of them reading that they want to see Dakota win, and they have signs that say down with the Damned Ones. The fans are ready, but we have business to take care of before the matches begin.


In the back, we see Dora Richardson sitting at a table while Jessica Hendrix, Mark Kelly, Natalie Eldredge, Zara Grimm and Christy Winters are sitting across from each other. Dora looks at them.

Dora Richardson: The reason why I called you guys in this room is because the four of you have stars and Christy, you still have the contract from when you won it last season.

Christy eyes her with a smirk, but keeps her eyes on Jessica before going back to Dora.

Dora Richardson: We are going to go one by one and see who has what. Natalie, I am going to start with you. Please flip your star over….

Natalie looks at Dora and flips her star. It reveals “Free”

Dora Richardson: Free. Do you know what that means?

Natalie Eldredge: It means I have an opportunity at the Freedom Championship.

Everyone looks at Natalie and shakes their head. We see Zara Grimm roll her eyes, Mark Kelly shakes his head while Christy Winters takes a shot at jack. Dora face palms.

Dora Richardson: No.

Dora looks at this.

Dora Richardson: It means you have a free shot at ANY championship.

Natalie smirks at this and gets up. She leaves the room and heads to her match with Amy Harrison. Christy Winters and Jessica Hendrix are eying each other with Christy still taking a shot at jack.

Dora Richardson: Seems like you two are eying each other. Jessica, what do you say?

Jessica flips her star over and it says “tag”. She has a shot at the tag team championships.

Dora Richardson: Tag team championships. You have a shot at that.

Jessica eyes it with Christy looking at her still. Feeling uneasy, Jessica finally addresses her.

Jessica Hendrix: Guess I need someone to be my tag team partner

Dora eyes Christy Winters.

Dora Richardson: Christy, I know you’ve been eying her for the time being and something tells me you want to be her tag team partner?

Christy takes a shot of her jack again before lighting up a cigar. She looks at Jessica Hendrix while smoking the cigar.

Christy Winters: Yes, Ms. Richardson, I have been eyeing Jessica as my tag team partner ever since she’s been in the company. However, since I am on borrowed time, she has yet to respond to my proposal at all.

Jessica holds her head and looks at her.

Jessica Hendrix: Christy, I had no clue that a proposal was sent out to me. Had I not been wrapped up, I would’ve said something to you right away.

Christy Winters: Sure, I’ve heard that once before

Dora is eying the both of them and looks at Christy then at Jessica.

Dora Richardson: So if I am clear, you asked Jessica, she did not respond and Jessica, you didn’t know how to react?

Jessica nodded her head

Jessica Hendrix Yes Ma’am.

Christy rolls her eyes.

Christy Winters: You could have said yes or no and given the official an answer, but let’s see what's in the briefcase.

Dora shakes her head and opens the briefcase up. It says “World Championship” match up.

Dora Richardson: World Championship match at any time.

Jessica Hendrix: I guess that’s it then? Are you going for the World Championship now and I am stuck with the tags?! I get it, I would love to be World Champion as well…..

Christy Winters: Jessica, you had every chance to give me a yes or no, but I will make it up to you. I will scout the tag team championship match for you and when I do, I want an answer from you.

She winks at her. Jessica feels uncomfortable about this whole thing while Dora looks at both of them.

Dora Richardson: Seems like you two need to work this out. Jessica, you have a shot at the Tag Team Championships, but you need to find a tag team partner whether it’s Christy or not. Christy, you have a shot at the World Championship, but you need to find the time when it’s right to cash in.

The both of them are still looking at each other with Mark and Zara looking at them. Christy puts out her cigar with Jessica leaving, upset about what happened. Dora looks at Zara and Mark. Mark smiles softly, eyes flickering to Dora’s expanding belly and back up.

[font color="#028400"]Mark Kelly[/font]: How are you feeling, Miss Richardson? Got some strong kicks yet?

Dora Richardson: Like you wouldn’t believe. Let’s see what this star brings you?

Mark flips the star around and it reads “Freedom Championship”

Dora Richardson: Well look at that. Freedom Championship. You could be going against Minka or Darian if one of them wins the title. How are you feeling?

[font color="#028400"]Mark Kelly[/font]: Feeling good. Ready for my chance, and looking forward to taking the fight to Minka or Darian.

Dora Richardson: I see. I’ve been looking forward to seeing what happens with you and this star. Anything else you would like to add?

Mark pauses for a moment, looking at his star and then back at Dora and grinning.

[font color="#028400"]Mark Kelly[/font]: Good luck with bubba? And please don’t name him Ray.

Flashing a cheesy thumbs up, Mark headed out the door with a smile. Zara is the final one.

Dora Richardson: Well, Miss Grimm. It's all up to you. Let’s see what you got.

Zara flips the star over and Dora is in shock

Dora Richardson: Well I’ll be damned.

Zara grins.

Zara Grimm: Well I guess this puts me in the driver’s seat, doesn’t it?

Dora Richardson: Big time.

The star reveals “World Championship Match”

Dora Richardson: Now I know that Christy’s gift read “World Championship” match, but you’ve seen what happened. This is, and I mean, to be honest, huge for you.

Zara nods her head, considering her options. This doesn’t last very long as Kailey Queen enters the room…

Kailey Queen: OH MY GOD ZEE! Sorry I’m late! Could you believe the traffic to get to the arena here? Yikes! Talk about a total ZOO out there!

She turns over, seeing Dora sitting there.

Kailey Queen: Oh hi! How are you doing? Doing good, I hope? Taking good care of baby Kay-Kay I hope?

Zara Grimm: Kailey…

Kailey Queen: I mean, if you’re going to name your baby after a wrestler, it might as well be someone bold, fresh, dynamic, and TOTALLY adorable, am I right?

Kailey extends her hand for a high five from either Dora or Zara… one that does not follow. Kailey smiles it off, lowering her hand slowly.

Kailey Queen: Anyway, what did you get?

She picks up the star, looking at the words “World Championship Match”. Dropping it, Kailey covers her mouth.

Kailey Queen: ZEE! Do you know what this means?

Zara Grimm: Yeah… it means that...


Kailey excitedly hugs Zara, almost bouncing along as she is overcome with elation. Zara looks to Dora, who can only offer a sympathetic shrug.



The first match of the night is Brittani Helms going against Chris Mosh as this match is ready to go down. The first one out of the back is Chris Mosh as the fans are booing at him as he is walking to the ring with the fans booing for this. He looks at the fans with everyone booing. The next one out of the back is Brittani Helms as the fans are cheering for her as she is coming out of the back and ready for a fight with Chris Mosh. She rolls into the ring, only for Chris Mosh to roll out of it. It appears that he doesn't want anything to do with this as the fans are booing and begins to walk up. He opened his mouth and now he has to deal with it, but Brittani comes running up and starts fighting at him as the fans are cheering for this as the both of them are throwing hands into each other’s faces as the fans are cheering for this. Brittani tosses Mosh back in the ring and goes right back after him, but Mosh trips her and starts pounding her down in the middle of the ring. He then says that he is “undefeated” for a reason and picks her up and throws her across the ring. He gets back and grabs her and slaps her in the face again and yells that he is the BEST for a reason. Mosh goes over to the other side and runs, but Brittani comes up with a clothesline and takes him down. The fans are cheering as Brittani grabs him and starts banging his head on the ground as the fans are cheering. She then picks him up and starts choking him with her foot. She yells in his face, but Mosh does something so disgusting that it cannot be said. The fans are in shock as Brittani wipes it and comes after him with fury. THat serves him right as Brittani pounds down on his face, but Mosh pushes her off and comes at her with a spear to the face. The fans are in shock with this and Mosh’s reactions as he tells everyone that he is going to end the match in the middle of the ring. Brittani gets up and Mosh comes to run at her, but Brittani goes for the DC Headknocker into his face and pins him in the middle of the ring. Chris Mosh is down and is on the verge of losing, but he kicks out of it. Brittani gets pissed off and waits for him to get back up. He does and comes right back to Brittani, but Brittani goes for the DC headknocker. Mosh ducks and rolls her up in the ring and grabs the tights, but Brittani gets out of it and goes into a small cradle with BOTH shoulders being down. The referee counts the fall as the fans don’t know what happened. Did Mosh win? Did Brittani win? Mosh thinks he’s won and says that he is Undefeated, but Brittani says he is not. Chris Mosh rolls out of the ring and raises his arms in the air and leaves with the fans booing. Brittani shakes her head and says that she is going to get his ass whether officials like it or not.

No Contest


Remembrance Day
September 10th, 2021


Backstage, Mary Ellen Harrison is looking back at footage of Bridget Johnson winning the FIGHT Championship in the triple threat match. ME looks on, shaking her head as the match ends.

Mary Ellen Harrison: I tried to make it a mission to hold onto the FIGHT Championship with everything that I’ve got, to do as the title says and fight and prove who I am.

Mary Ellen Harrison: And then Bridget comes in and starts her shenanigans and takes the title from me, and is now doing what she can to keep me as far away as possible.

Mary Ellen Harrison: It’s insulting to me and to the title that Bridget is doing everything that she can to make sure that I don’t get my rematch for the title.

Mary Ellen Harrison: The reason being is that she knows, deep down inside her, that she can’t beat me 1-on-1 for that title.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Now she’s trying to find ways to weasel out of fighting me, and that’s where her family comes in.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Bridget basically put it that if I don’t face Drew, I lose my rematch clause, if I lose to Drew, I lose my rematch. Long story short, she’s hiding behind her family because she’s scared of me.

Mary Ellen Harrison: But this is no problem, Harrisons have never been known to back down from any challenge, and I gladly accepted this one.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Sure, I know Drew is very dangerous, I know his track record of violence and beating people up, and I know just how sneaky his in-laws are, but I know that I still have what it takes to take him out

Mary Ellen Harrison: After I win tonight, Bridget will have nowhere left to run, and nowhere left to hide. She will have no choice but to give me the match that I deserve, and then she’ll have to kiss that FIGHT Championship goodbye, and I take back what is rightfully mine!.


The second match of the night is BGK going against Larissa Johnson as the fans are ready for what is about to go down. The first one out of the back is Larissa Johnson as the fans are booing for her as she is coming out of the back and into the ring. Larissa mocks that she is going to hurt him in the middle of the ring. The next one out of the back is D-Six as the fans are cheering for him as he is coming out with the Shooting Star Championship that is around him. Larissa is disgusted by this and that she is ready to attack him as the fans are booing for this as they are fighting one another in the ring. Larissa is kicking him down, but BGK comes up and hits her in the face and starts to fight at her. BGK is battling down against her in the ring, but Larissa is rolling out of the ring as the fans are booing for this. BGK comes up behind her and starts battling down against her in the ring as the fans are cheering for this. BGK throws her out of the ring with him taunting. Larissa comes back in the ring and WRINGS his neck as the fans are booing at him. Larissa mocks at the crowd as the fans are booing for this as she says that she is going to hurt him, but BGK goes for a drop toe hold onto the ground. Larissa holds her face with BGK grabbing her by the face. Suddenly, Drew Rogers comes out of the back as the fans are booing for this, but Ian Dream and Shane Pasquelle come out of the back as the fans are cheering for this as they are taking him down. Larissa goes and has the Shooting Star Championship in her hands, but Veronica Rachelle comes up and grabs it. Larissa yells at her with Veronica rolling out of the ring. She yells at VR to get back here, but BGK comes up and grabs her and goes for her finisher as the fans are cheering for this as BGK pins Larissa and gets the three count. After the match up, BGK tells Shane, Ian and Veronica to get in the ring as he says that this is his Oddly of a family. BGK looks around and smirks with Larissa being rolled out of the ring from Drew.

Winner: BGK


The scene cuts to 5BW Freedom Champion Minka Carter in the locker room and she is highly confident in herself as she holds the championship with her. She has every reason to be considering the roll that she has been on in recent months. She is showing absolutely no worries regarding the challenge ahead whatsoever.

Minka Carter: Vendetta was an AMAZING night for me. Look, I don’t necessarily WANT to give KPN credit but I am going to have to. She is one tough bitch after all. She did put me through the ringer during that five match series. Hell, I was even scared that she broke my ankle when she dove off the ladder and smashed my ankle between another ladder. Thank god that didn’t happen. And yet, I still won because MY BOO Lacey Moreau did a very stupid thing! That’s okay, beautiful. You’re still gorgeous. But, that’s enough about her. It was a very momentous occasion for me to overcome KPN and remain the Freedom Champion on the grandest stage of them all and I plan on entirely dominating this Freedom division for a long time to come. If you remember, I RESCUED this Freedom Championship from obscurity because before me, there was Darian Andrews and the overall title was a complete ghost because he was the arrive, wrestle and leave kind of champion. While I DID ultimately beat him to win this title, it was in a triple threat match, not a one on one match. And the one time that we actually HAVE faced one on one?

It was HE that was the winner…

And that does NOT sit well with me…

Minka takes a pause as she narrows her eyes, remembering the moment that she had lost to him months before she won the Freedom Championship herself.

Minka Carter: Darian, the only reason why you WON was because I was still running around 5BW as the goody two shoes stupid underdog BITCH that was never going to make a DENT in 5BW! Had I stayed the way I was, I would be just like you: just there, just another arrive, wrestle and leave kind of wrestler. To me, you’re a name. A good name, don’t get me wrong. One doesn’t have the accolade of ‘first Freedom Champion’ without merit, that’s for sure. You did have to go through a few names to win the title and yet, I bet when you faced ME, you thought I was going to be just a one and done challenger, weren’t you? Don’t lie! You know that’s what you thought. And that’s okay, because I can understand having that type of arrogance. Why wouldn’t you when you had just been beating B-tier competition over and over again before I came along? It’s not THAT that doesn’t sit well with me…

But what ELSE doesn’t sit well with me is the fact that YOU wanted to come into MY ring while I was celebrating MY moment, thinking that you could take MY time away from me! I DESERVED my moment after I beat KPN and YOU decided that you wanted to interrupt it and that makes me sick! You and Amy Harrison had no right to take the shine away from MY moment with your jealousy and bitterness. Yeah Darian, I KNOW that you’re still bitter from the fact that I took this title from you and that’s fine. BE bitter! Make it easier for me to break you down. Be jealous of the fact that I am taking this Freedom Championship to heights that you could never even imagine because you never were the kind of guy that was capable of getting this title to the heights that I am taking them to. Hell, just beating KPN in the best of 5 series takes this title to heights that have already exceeded those of your title reign.

And now you want to reverse ALL that I’ve done with this title? You want this title back. You WANT this title to revert to the OLD status quo of when the title was constantly forgotten about? PFFT! Yeah, over my fucking dead body, Darian. You are going to have to KILL ME to get this title back. You think you have me all figured out from before because you beat me once, but the Minka you beat then is NOTHING compared to what she is today! You’re not facing GOODY TWO SHOES MINKA anymore, Darian!

You’d be wise to realize that. But even then?

You are NOT taking this from ME!

Minka angrily walks out of the room after showing her determination to remain the 5BW Freedom Champion. Afterward, the scene fades to black.


Darian: “Do you think time is maybe starting to run out?”

The scene shifts over. Darian Andrews can be seen sitting inside the locker room, wrapping his fist.

Darian: “At Vendetta 2020, I defeated Chelsea Pryce to become 5BW’s first Freedom Champion, the Captain’s Cup winner. And while the latter is something that won’t be taken away… and really, being the first Champion is something no one else will ever say either… at Big Love this year, I was defeated for that Championship. Kind of. You see, Minka Carter didn’t actually PIN me… she didn’t make me submit. She beat Kelly Penkzee-Nelson. And I know, the rules of the match were clear. No one needed to beat me to become Champion. But still, doesn’t that cast a slight pall over Minka’s reign? Well, tonight is a chance to make it right.”

He tosses the tape aside as he begins to slide his jacket over his shoulders.

Darian: “Minka, you’ve been carrying that Championship around for six months… Do you maybe feel like time may no longer be on your side? Like maybe, just MAYBE, you’re going to be running up against something that you’re just not prepared for? Because if we’re honest, I want the Freedom Championship BACK. I think that, after recovering from my injuries and putting the rivalry with Gabe Khane to bed at Vendetta this year, I’m ready to pick up right where I left off. You’ve done a good job with the title… but it’s time for it to come home. And when it flies back to America this week, it’ll be flying back in MY carry-on.”

Darian smirks as the scene shifts to the ring...


"Riot Rhythm" by Sleigh Bells plays over the PA system as Amy Harrison comes out, waving to the crowd. "Lose It" by Kane Brown plays over the PA system as Natalie comes out. The bell rings.

Natalie starts the match off with a forearm strike, Amy reverses an Irish Whip attempt sending Natalie into the corner. Natalie hits a Back Elbow on Amy when Amy charges. Natalie hits two more forearm strikes, Natalie ducks a punch by Amy and hits a Neckbreaker! Natalie and Amy get to their feet, Amy performs an O'Conner Roll pin on Natalie.


Kick out by Natalie!

Natalie performs a Jackknife pin on Amy.


Kick out by Amy. Natalie goes for a DDT but Amy reverses into a school-girl pin.



NO!! Kick out just before three by Natalie. Natalie hits three forearm strikes to Amy's face, bounces off the ropes, and hits a clothesline sending Amy to the mat! Natalie hits two more clotheslines sending Amy to the mat! Natalie drops Amy with a Flapjack followed by a kip-up! Natalie picks up Amy but Amy hits Broken Ugly Face, the Inverted Stomp Jawbreaker, out of nowhere!!!





Backstage, Lacey Moreau is loosening up for her match against Kelly Penkzee-Nelson, as Brandi St. Pierre walks in.

Brandi St. Pierre: Lacey, I just wanted to get your thoughts before your match tonight.

Lacey looks up at Brandi before she gets straight up and faces her.

Lacey Moreau: I’m just going to put it like this. Tonight, I’m going out there with a point to prove. To prove to Kelly, and to everyone else that I do have what it takes to be in that ring.

Lacey Moreau: Kelly wants to come out and say that I’m reckless or that I have a death wish that I even want to face her in the ring. But she’s the one person that doesn’t want to see what I can really do.

Lacey Moreau: Tonight, I’ll give her no other choice but to see who I am.

In the back, we see a very pissed off Kelly Penkzee-Nelson as she is pacing back and forth. KPN is ready for her match up. Sarah McCarthy walks in and looks at Kelly, who seems to be mad.

Sarah McCarthy: Kelly, I know that you’re beyond mad right now about Lacey, but I just want to make sure that nothing too crazy happens out there tonight.

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: Sarah with all due respect…

She eyes her.

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson THAT’s BULLSHIT!!

Sarah takes a jump back. She’s mad

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson I am sorry I am getting loud, but I became THIS close on being out of Season Three with a broken fucking neck! Lacey put me and this company in danger and yet, she thinks around going around like nothing happened?!

Sarah looks at KPN and sees the rage in her eyes. Sarah tries to stay composed, but can’t help but let out her own frustration on the matter.

Sarah McCarthy: Do you not think that I’m not aware of everything that’s been going on with her? I’m one of the people that’s been training her, and after all of the work I put in. all this happens!?


Kelly looks at her.

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson Sarah, you are going to have one less student come the next exams because if she tries to injure my ass…..

Sarah eyes Kelly, showing her feelings clearly.

Sarah McCarthy: If she does anything that bad to you, I’ll make sure I take care of her myself. All I ask is that you make sure you don’t do anything out there that you might end up regretting, even if you feel that it’s justified.

Kelly shakes her head.

Kelly Penkzee-Nelson: I can try, but I cannot make promises.

KPN then grabs her robe and walks out with Sarah looking, very worried about what might happen.



When the bell rang, Kelly charged at Lacey and Lacey suddenly charged back to the corner. This ticked Kelly off for a bit and when she charged to the corner, Lacey fired a back elbow that sent Kelly staggering. Lacey would follow up with an elbow that would drop Kelly to the mat and then after that, she began to fire some punches away at her while Kelly was on the mat. Lacey dragged Kelly to a vertical base and then kicked her in the gut. Lacey then dropped Kelly with a facebuster and went for the first cover of the match. However, Kelly kicked out. Lacey then went up to the top rope and attempted a moonsault, but Kelly rolled out of the way. Kelly was a bit furious when she recovered. She dragged Lacey up to her feet and pinned her against the corner. She fired shot after shot at her face before the referee intervened. Kelly would follow up with a bulldog out of the corner. She turned Lacey around and then connected with a quick leg drop for her first cover of the match. However, this was to no avail as Lacey kicked out. Kelly was angry as she applied a side headlock to Lacey. Lacey was left to combat this as she fired off some elbows, but Kelly dragged her back up to her feet and connected with a double knee backbreaker.

Kelly then attempted to go for a Lionsault at this point, but Lacey would block it. Kelly rolled away and got to her hands and knees. She was clutching her chest as Lacey cane back in and drilled her with a running kick to the side of the head. Lacey would then taunt her a bit by kicking her around the ring. She turned her over on her back and shouted some words at her before she dragged her up and brought her back down with a vertical suplex right into a pinfall attempt. Lacey thought she had it, but that would not be the case as Kelly kicked out. Lacey then applied a cobra clutch to try and keep Kelly at bay, but she was much too strong to stay down for long. Once Kelly got to her knees, she stood up only to drop back down to her knees, breaking the hold. Lacey had to catch her breath for a bit, but the opening was all that Kelly needed. A running knee to the gut followed by a running knee to the skull brought Lacey back down and gave Kelly the opportunity to be in control again. Kelly locked in a crossface on Lacey, really trapping her for a while. Lacey greatly struggled with the move, but she was able to will her way to the bottom rope. She grabbed it. Kelly broke the hold and dragged her up to her feet. Kelly connected with an STO. She went for a cover, but Lacey kicked out.

Kelly wasn’t done yet considering the fury she had within her. She got Lacey back up to her feet and then planted her with a spinebuster. She still wasn’t done as she dragged her up. She set her up and then connected with a jackknife powerbomb that nearly shook the ring. Kelly kicked Lacey around a bit in an attempt to get her to stand up. Lacey would do so, but Kelly got her up and powerbombed her. She hanged onto her and then got back up along with her so she could pick her up and powerbomb her again. This time, Kelly finally dropped down and got a pinfall attempt, but through all of that, Lacey managed to kick out. Kelly got even more furious and then she stood up, dragging Lacey up with her. She hoisted her up on her shoulders and had the Ode to BPN in mind to try to finish this off, but Lacey kept elbowing her in the face repeatedly until Kelly lost her grip. Lacey managed to escape and land behind Kelly. Kelly turned around and then Lacey surprised her by kicking her in the gut. She would drop her with a tornado DDT. A cover by Lacey was made, but Kelly was able to kick out. Lacey got into Kelly’s face and verbally taunted her some more as she shoved her forearm into Kelly’s face and went for another cover. However, Kelly kicked out again.

Lacey dragged Kelly to the corner. She got to the top rope and followed up with a split legged moonsault. She rolled away from her smirking, starting to feel confident in herself. She got Kelly back up to a vertical base and then she ran toward the center and connected with a running snapmare. Lacey screamed “who’s bad now?” at Kelly as her cockiness began to increase. Dragging her back up again, she lifted her up and nailed her with a backbreaker. Lacey began to declare that the match was going to be over. She stood back and let Kelly slowly get up. Kelly grabbed at Lacey’s legs, using them to pull herself up as Lacey taunted her. Lacey kicked her in the gut, hooked both arms, and connected with the Rouge Décoloré. Lacey got up, rather than go for the cover. She showboated for a bit, circling the ring and starting somewhat of a celebration. She went back to Kelly and instead of pinning her, she dragged her up and placed her on her shoulders. She had the “Ode to BPN” in mind, wanting to hit her with her own move to add insult to injury. Kelly fired some elbows to the face. Kelly manages to escape. She grabs Lacey around the throat from behind, then nails her with a reverse swinging neckbreaker. Afterward, Kelly gets up, dragging Lacey up with her. She hoists her on her shoulders and then connects with the Ode to BPN! Kelly angrily dropped down and made the cover….

1…. 2…. 3

WINNER: Kelly Penkzee-Nelson

Kelly wasn’t in a celebratory mood at this point, but she was at least satisfied when she stood up to get her hand raised. She took some time to acknowledge the fans by doing a brief celebration at all four corners of the ring and then she saw that through it all, Lacey was stirring and on her knees. Kelly kept the celebration while a disappointed Lacey stood up. She looked somewhat bitter, as if she wanted to attack Kelly. Kelly turns to look at her. Lacey remains disappointed, but she extends her hand, much to KPN’s surprise. Kelly slightly hesitates before shaking it. But immediately, three people invade the ring and completely assault both of them. They individually beat them down to the mat, with Kelly taking a neckbreaker for her troubles. The three people got Lacey up and then flattened her with a triple powerbomb. The same three individuals then dragged Kelly up and triple powerbombed her as well. The fans booed this as the three mystery people left the ring, and Kelly and Lacey completely laid out.

The scene cuts to the locker room of the Valedictorians of Virtue. Morgan Clark has one of the 5BW Tag Team Championships around her waist as she watches a replay from the tag team title match at Vendetta. Watching them become the tag team champions is something that Morgan is definitely always going to take pride in. She continues to exude some joy when Cordelia, who is carrying her half of the tag team titles over her shoulder, walks in.

Cordelia Clark: You can’t get enough of that, can you?

Morgan just smirks at this.

Morgan Clark: It’s the first championship that I’ve ever won, how could I? I struggled through a lot of pain and a lot of bull no thanks to that late cousin of ours nearly ending my career with the hit she put on me.

Morgan takes a pause as she stands up and stands by Cordelia.

Morgan Clark: But, more importantly, WE did it! We struggled through way too much to get the tag team titles. It seemed like we were always going to be the black sheep of the division, Cordy. It seemed like we were the ones that were always going to be forgotten about when xS dominated everything. Where is xS now anyway? Hmm? They’re definitely not ruling the tag team division anymore.

Cordelia Clark: THANK GOD! Dealing with them even longer than we did would have dropped our IQ down a few points. Yeah, as far as the tag team division goes? They’re not in the picture. You know who else we were seemingly overshadowed by?

Morgan Clark: It’s best not to talk about THEM. But, the REAL work is about to begin tonight as we both know. We actually have to defend these tag team titles now and I have no doubt in my mind that we will. Though, I would’ve rather faced the Damned Ones in a rematch…

Morgan narrows her eyes, not exactly TOO happy with the opponents that have been lined up for them tonight.

Cordelia Clark: Yeah, that little asterisk as far as they are concerned is annoying. I don’t care for the Damned Ones and all their melodrama with Dakota, Clarissa, Tori, and all of those people. Did the tag team division really need to be infected with their nonsense? This is professional wrestling! This is NOT a soap opera! What part of that do these idiots NOT understand? The Damned Ones were at least worthy champions of the tag team division, but I would’ve much rather beaten them myself.

Morgan Clark: Same! UGH! We didn’t need ANYONE’S help! But, look at it this way. THAT was a problem in the tag team division that we DID NOT NEED! The Damned Ones are not in the picture either. This is an opportunity for us to show what the tag team division SHOULD be all about: no overbearing, tyrannical same old same old nonsense, no Cinderella stories, no melodramatic morons that made the tag team titles all about them and the division. A&B… they’re not necessarily a team that I would consider THAT much of a threat. Those goody two shoe country boys don’t worry me. They’re too damn nice. They’re OKAY, but they could be better if… oh I don’t know… they weren’t hollow, empty, plain Jay, goody two shoe country boys. I bet you anything that they wouldn’t even know even ONE quantum theory if one was presented to them. In fact, would they even KNOW what A quantum theory is?

Cordelia Clark: Do they even know what calculus is?

Morgan Clark: Probably not. I bet if you presented them with a long division math equation, 94 divided by two would be 9 and 4…

Both tag team champions have a pretty hearty laugh at the expense of A&B.

Cordelia Clark: There is no way in hell that we’re going to let this tag team division go back to the way it was… especially to a team like THEM that would set this division back! No way! We’re way too smart and way too good to lose to a team like A&B!

Morgan Clark: You got that right. Let’s show this company what REAL tag team champions are supposed to be!

Cordelia scoffs in agreement as she and Morgan both leave the scene supremely confident that they are going to get the job done tonight and remain the 5BW tag team champions.


Alex and Brett are sitting in the locker room reflecting on the big opportunity that awaits them later.

Brett: This is it. We have to make the most of this opportunity.

Brett thinks about people saying they do not deserve the opportunity.

Brett: Some people say we do not deserve to have this opportunity to go after the 5BW Tag Team Championships, so, it is time for us to prove that we do deserve this opportunity. We are going to show everyone that doubted us why we deserve to be 5BW Tag Team Champions.

Alex thinks about people doubting them, including their opponents, The 5BW Tag Team Champions, The Valedictorians of Virtue.

Alex: You know what? I have had ENOUGH of people doubting us. We need to go out there tonight and prove EVERYONE wrong and win those championships. Hell, Those girls who we are challenging tonight do not even think we are on their level. We need to show those ladies that we are here to win and beat them. When we do they will NEVER say that we are undeserving again. We are going to have to throw everything we have at them.

Brett: We are just as good as every tag team in 5BW. Tonight we go out there and prove that. The haters are going to find out that we belong just as much as all of the other tag teams here.

Alex and Brett think about the new tag teams coming into 5BW.

Alex: However, there are some new tag teams here that want opportunities at the Tag Team Championships. I know for a fact that they want to be champions as badly as we do. With that said, we need to bring our A game and put them all on notice.

Brett: I think that This new competition is going to make our tag team division stronger. Some of the new teams coming in are ready for opportunities too. For example, Clarissa Vega and Tori Colbert are already making a name for themselves. They just graduated from The Softball Night Academy. Those two women are going to be a force to be reckoned with. They could run past us if we do not make the best of this chance tonight.

Alex: I am not ready to just give up and let other teams have opportunities. I am sure you are not either Brett.

Brett: Hell No! There is NO Quit in us.

Alex and Brett take a minute to think about the team they are challenging, The Valedictorians of Virtue.

Alex: That is what we have to show The Valedictorians of Virtue. They think we are just going to throw in the towel, but Hell no! They may want us to throw in the towel but We are telling them right now, we are NOT going to. Not tonight, Not ever.

Brett: We both know they do not see us as threats. NOT one bit. Tonight those ladies are going to find out how much of a threat we can be too. They will not know what is going to be coming to them. They are going to get a much different A&B this time.

Alex: Those ladies are going to get the surprise of their lives. We have just as much passion and heart as they do. You know what? We can be just as tough as them.

Brett: Once we give them a run for their money, they will change their minds and start seeing us as threats in the 5BW Tag Team Division.

Alex: Not only we have to change their minds, we have to change everyone else’s too, especially those people who have ever said hateful things about us. They know damn well who they are!

Brett: When we win tonight, they will not hate us for being underdogs, they will hate us for proving them wrong.

Alex: To make those people eat their words will be icing on the cake for us.

Brett: Damn Right! Winning the tag team championships will make all of the underestimating and hate toward us worth it.

Alex and Brett have a message for The Valedictorians of Virtue.

Alex: Morgan and Cordelia, You ladies may not see us as real competition. You ladies may not see us as threats. You both may think we are beneath you. Most of all you ladies may not think we are deserving of this opportunity. Tonight, You both are going to be surprised at what you see out of us. Tonight, you ladies will be eating your words. Whether you like us or not, Brett and I deserve to be here. When we get in the ring with you, you will find out why.

Brett: Not only that, it is time for people like you to eat your words. It is time to shut every single hater of us up. We belong here just as much as you do. We belong just like everyone else in 5BW. Just know we are not playing tonight. Not anymore. It is damn time for you ladies to be shocked at us. Morgan and Cordelia, You both are in for a surprise if you think for one second that we do not deserve to be Tag Team Champions. Just so you both know, You ladies will not be going up against nice, sweet little boys. You ladies will be going up against men with passion, heart and desire. We are not going to let you or anyone else walk all over us anymore.

Alex: We will no longer be pushovers for you or anyone else that wants to hate and doubt us.

Brett: We are here to fight for our Dreams.

Alex and Brett have parting words for each other.

Brett: We need to get ready to go out there. This is a big night for us.

Alex: It is a big night for us. Tonight could be the night that our lives change. We cannot beat ourselves tonight!

Brett: I am with you on that. We both want this. We wanted this ever since we were kids as best friends who grew up watching Wrestling. Time to go out there and make our dream come true.


Brett: Damn Right we do!! Now, Let's show them all that we belong. Tonight, a childhood Dream will come true.

Alex and Brett sit down and take deep breaths.

Alex: Now Let’s do this!!

Alex and Brett High Five each other.

Scene Fades.



Valedictorians of Virtue © vs. A and B
-Tag Team Championship Match

Alex and Morgan start off the match and things are a bit even before Brett uses his strength advantage to bring down Morgan with a belly to belly suplex. He goes down on her and fires some punches at her before he lifts her up and then takes her down with a sidewalk slam. Alex follows up with a sleeper hold and Morgan struggles with it for a bit, but she’s still able to fight her way up. She delivers a few elbows before Alex then turns her around and goes for a swinging neckbreaker for a cover before Morgan kicks out. Brett is tagged in. They both attempt a double clothesline but Morgan is able to duck it. A&B run into the ropes and Morgan dropkicks Alex out before focusing on Brett and taking command. She keeps Brett grounded for a bit before she plants him with a springboard bulldog for a cover. Brett, however, kicks out. Cordelia gets tagged in and she goes to the top rope immediately. She attempts a body splash that Brett blocks with his knees. This takes some air out of Cordelia and Brett really wears her down for a bit using more of a power based offense. Brett takes Cordelia down with a gutbuster that had him driving his shoulder into her ribcage, then he drops down for a cover, but Cordelia manages to kick out of that. Alex gets tagged back in and he walks in while Cordelia stands. Alex gets her up for a powerslam, but Cordelia slips out of it and dropkicks Alex from behind right into the turnbuckle. Cordelia takes her shots as well, regaining control of the match, before she drops Alex with a Russian leg sweep. Alex recovers and crawls on the mat for a bit, and then Cordelia follows up with a running knee to the skull. Cordelia drops down for a cover, but Alex kicks out.

Cordelia drags Alex up and back to her own corner where Morgan gets tagged in. They both kick and pummel Alex into the corner. Brett comes in to try and even things up and this causes Cordelia to separate from the fray. Brett eventually is able to give Cordelia a clothesline that sends both of them out of the ring and into the floor. Meanwhile, Morgan drags Alex out of the corner and connects with a double underhook facebuster. She decides to go for a cover, but Brett swoops back into the ring and breaks up the count. Brett fires a few shots at Morgan, giving Alex some time to recover. Once he does, they both nail Morgan with a double clothesline. They then follow up with a double spinebuster much to the approval of the crowd. Alex then officially tags Brett back in after he steps through the ropes and Brett connects with a cross body splash right into the cover. Cordelia goes in and breaks up the pin at the last second. Cordelia fires away at Brett, but Brett fights back and pins Cordelia into her own corner. This distraction allows Morgan to recover and join in, making it a two on one advantage. Alex tries to even things up, but Morgan senses him and gives him a double knee gutbuster to take him down. Alex rolls out of the ring and Cordelia steps through the ropes to get tagged back in. Morgan drags Brett away, holding him up. Cordelia goes to the top rope. Morgan shoves Brett away, right into a flipping senton that is super effective. Cordelia lands directly on Brett, pinning his shoulders right into the mat for a cover. However, Brett rolls the shoulder out.

This does not stop the tag team champions from constantly double teaming Brett and tagging each other in and out for the next few minutes, essentially isolating him from his corner. Eventually, with Morgan as the legal wrestler, Cordelia holds him up while he’s on his knees and Morgan nails him in the jaw with a superkick. Morgan covers Brett, but Alex breaks it up. Cordelia then gets into it with Alex and a brawl between them starts until they both spill out of the ring. Morgan applies a headscissors chokehold to Brett, trying to choke him out. It takes Brett a couple of minutes, but he’s able to grab the bottom rope. In the meantime, their partners recovered and returned to their respective corners. Morgan goes to the top rope while Brett stands up, she goes for a hurricanrana, but Brett counters with a desperate powerbomb. This leaves both wrestlers racing toward the corner and both Alex and Cordelia are tagged back in at the same time. Alex and Cordelia get themselves into a back and forth brawl before a headbutt and then a vertical suplex by Alex puts him in control. Morgan gets up and tries to attack him, but Alex clotheslines her straight to the mat. Cordelia gets up and suffers the same fate. Alex spears Morgan into her own corner causing her to collapse to the mat. Brett recovers. Cordelia stands but A&B both meet her with their Low Superkick and Running Knee combo. They both get her up, ready to set her up for the Mooresville Machine, but Morgan dives in and nails a vicious chop block on Brett at the last second. Brett, exhausted, collapses to a knee while Cordelia slips out of Alex’s grasp. Morgan nails him with a Busaiku knee kick while Cordelia recovers, turns Alex around and then nails him with the Heartbreaker! Cordelia drops down, somewhat tired, for the cover….

1… 2…. 3!!!!

STILL 5BW Tag Team Champions: Valedictorians of Virtue.

Morgan helps up her exhausted sister and both of them are handed their title belts as they begin to celebrate. Brett helps Alex out of the ring and the champions are ecstatic at their first successful defense. But, when they look toward the stage, they are looking right at Christy Winters. The sight of her causes their joy to fade and they immediately stare her down making it clear that they’re not fond of her interrupting their celebration.


In the back, Meagan G, Kieran Quinn, Melanie O’Flynn and Phil H are in the back. Phil is 5BW’s newest security to help alongside Melanie. He wasn’t there with the commotion along with Melanie, but wants to know.

What the hell happened before? I heard you and Kieran along with Clarissa got into a spat and the fans went nuts.

Melanie looks at Meagan and Kieran, also wanting to know as well.

Melanie O’Flynn: We heard a lot of noise going on out there, but we had our own issues to take care of, so we couldn’t get there in time.

Kieran looks at the three of them.

Kieran Quinn: I’m just sick of The Damned Ones, at this point.

Meagan jumps down from the crate she was sitting on.

Meagan G: Don’t you think I am at this rate? First off, where the fuck does Luciana get the idea that it was OK to pay Kelli Song off when it was Kelli that was talking? And the bashing as well?

Meagan is mad at this.

Meagan G: And the constant attacks on Clarissa for what? I Want to do something like this. We’ve all seen it, right?

All three of them nod.

Meagan G: I have never seen a spiteful ass tag team since the days of Chase Hudson and her shit spewing “kliq” that didn’t last long, but unlike The Damned Ones, they were actually more tolerable.

Phil H: Isn’t that what happened when the “Kliq” tried to ruin City Vice?

A Flashback comes to Meagan's head as a small scene is aired.

July 28th, 2009.

CJ pins Danny Doorells in the ring and becomes Underground Championship Wrestling for the second time. As soon as Danny Doorells comes in the back, Danny looks at Meagan G and tells her that he is done with this and that he is gone. Meagan tries to ask Danny a question,but Danny refuses

Back to the present

Meagan G: That was Danny’s doing and he left because of CJ’s playing political games.

Kieran looks at Meagan

Kieran Quinn:We can’t let anything like that happen here. I know I’m not going to let that happen on my watch.

As Meagan was about to say something. The lights go out. We hear Melanie’s voice

Melanie O’Flynn:Hey! Who turned the lights off? Turn those back on NOW!!

A woosh comes through and a flame is seen with a person’s face near a candle. The candle burns out with Phil holding something in his hand.

Phil H: Meagan, I think you want to read this.

Meagan looks confused with Phil handing it over to her. Kieran is also confused along with Melanie.

Meagan G: It’s a note...from Kelli Song

All of them look pissed off and not happy. In the background and far away, we see the person, whose face was lit smirking as they walked away.


Starting Law and order


The bell rings and Darian and Minka lock up for a bit before Darian overpowers her with an arm drag. This makes Minka rather furious. She stands up and Darian brings her down with a clothesline. He pounces on her and locks in a cobra clutch. Minka struggles with it for a bit, but she is able to get to her knees. She fires off a few elbows to the gut with her free arm, but Darian throws her down to the mat. Darian picks her up again and hits a series of vertical suplexes, going for a cover after the third, but Minka is able to kick out. Darian hoists her on her shoulders, thinking of an electric chair facebuster, but Minka is able to roll through and surprise Darian with a reversal into an inside cradle pin, but Darian manages to kick out. Minka stands up and Darian gets to his knees, but Minka comes back with an enziguri to knock him down. Minka takes control from there, applying a headscissors chokehold. She does her best to try to choke him out, but Darian manages to grab the bottom rope. Minka refuses to break the hold, but a referee’s five count causes Minka to let go at four. The Freedom Champion is furious, but for the moment, she is in control.

Minka steps back and measures Darian as he stands up using the ropes. Minka comes right back at him with a dropkick that sends him over the top rope and onto the apron. She comes back with a running forearm, but Darian blocks it with one of his own. He steps through the ropes and attempts a clothesline. However, Minka ducks it. When Darian comes back around, Minka is right there waiting for her with a spinning heel kick that nails him right in the jaw. Minka maintains some confidence as she drops down for the cover. However, Darian kicks out. Minka stands up and climbs to the top rope as Darian stands back up. Minka attempts a diving crossbody. Darian catches her in midair and then counters with a fallaway slam. Minka staggers toward the corner and she’s able to stand up. But, Darian grabs her from behind and brings her back down with a sidewalk slam. Darian doesn’t go for a cover just yet, going for a Boston crab. Minka struggles with this for a couple of minutes before she drags herself to the bottom rope and grabs it. Darian pulls her off the rope and drags her back up. He then picks her up and this time, manages to nail her with an electric chair facebuster. Darian goes for the cover, but Minka kicks out.

Darian isn’t phased as he gets Minka up to her feet. He hooks her arms and then throws her over him for a double underhook suplex. However, Minka is able to land on her feet. Darian turns around and then Minka surprises him with a shoulder tackle that gets him to double over. Minka follows up with a swinging neckbreaker to take back control of the match. She’s starting to get a bit angry as Darian starts to get to his knees. That’s as far as Minka allows him to stand as she drops him with a running forearm. Minka then drops down on Darian and applies a cobra clutch, but rather than keeping it to the mat, she drags her up then brings Darian down with a cobra clutch bulldog. Minka afterward stands up and waits for Darian to do the same. Once he does, she nails him with the shining wizard. She drops down and goes for a cover, but Darian kicks out. Minka is not amused as she goes to the top rope. Darian stands again and Minka attempts a flipping seated senton. However, Darian catches her and flattens her with a powerbomb. The crowd goes nuts at this. It’s a race for both wrestlers to stand up and both beat the 10 count. Darian takes command with a spear, knocking Minka straight down to the mat. After following up with a Fisherman's suplex into a cover (which Minka kicked out of), Darian follows up further with a running knee to the head. Another cover, but Minka kicks out again.

Darian has full confidence as he steps through the ropes. He attempts the Falling Star, but Minka is able to block it with her knees. Darian rolls away and holds his ribs in some pain. Minka recovers for a moment. She’s able to stand and she attempts a superkick. Darian catches the kick and reverses it into an ankle lock. Minka immediately is experiencing some pain, even more so as Darian adds a grapevine. Minka is fortunate that she’s close enough to the ropes, so she grabs it immediately, but Darian uncharacteristically holds on. The referee makes a five count, but Darian breaks at four. Darian stands up then bends down to grab Minka, but Minka rakes the eyes in desperation. Darian staggers, blinded a bit. Minka stands up and drops him with a sliding forearm. She recovers and waits for Darian to do the same. Minka has had enough and she attempts the Demon Stake, but Darian moves out of the way and the referee gets it right in the skull. He goes down in a heap and appears to be out of it. Minka is surprised by this and then Darian turns her around and drops her with the DVDT! The fans are exploding as Darian goes for a cover, but the referee is out. Darian becomes frustrated at this and tries to get the referee to wake up for about three minutes to no avail. Minka in desperation delivers a low blow from behind. While Darian is doubled over, Minka recovers further and nails him with the Demon Stake. She goes for a cover, but the referee hasn’t moved at all. Minka becomes incensed with this and rolls out of the ring. She grabs the Freedom Championship and attempts to clock Darian in the skull with it as he rises.

However… Darian ducks it.

He snatches the belt away from her and drops it on the mat and now he is pissed. Darian beats Minka into the corner, but another eye rake further incenses him. Minka herself is fuming pissed and both wrestlers really lay into each other all while the referee still remains down. Darian clotheslines himself and Minka over the top rope and onto the floor, leading to a further brawl. The brawl becomes violent to the point where security has to come out and separate the two. Officials check in on the referee in the ring that never recovered. The fans aren’t too happy seeing both wrestlers escorted separately away from each other, but brother Minka or Darian are pleased with what happened just now…

Result: NO CONTEST (still Freedom Champion: Minka Carter)


Backstage at the famous Tokyo Dome, Christy Winters, finds the person she is looking for, Jessica Hendrix, before approaching Christy takes a moment to check out Jessica before taking a look at her. Jessica, sensing someone behind her, turns around.

Christy Winters: I know I'm probably the last person you want to see but hear me out, please?

Jessica looks at her and keeps an eye on her.

Christy Winters: I've been keeping a close eye on Five Boroughs Wrestling since I've been here and I realized several things around here need a shake-up, like the tag team division.

Jessica seems uninterested, but still listens.

Christy Winters: That’s where you come in, the tag team division is stagnant at best, and could use a huge kick in the ass, and who better to do that than you and me?

Jessica stares at her still with Christy eying her.

Christy Winters: I know you're skeptical, but all I ask you is give it a chance, say a couple of tag matches, then after that if you are not interested in continuing as a team, we can so our separate ways, with no hard feelings. So what do you say?

Christy extends her hand to Jessica. Jessica is hesitant but shakes her hand. Do we have a team? Let’s see what happens?


Law and Order
September 26th, 2021



Ding Ding! The referee calls for the bell as Mary Ellen Harrison and Drew Rogers meet in the center of the ring. Rogers shoves the smaller Mary Ellen away from him, stumbling for a second before she recovers and walks right back up to him. Rearing back, she connects with a hard right hand across his cheek. Unfazed by the attack he whips her hard into the corner. Charging after her he uses his larger frame to crush Mary Ellen into the corner. He yanks her out and scoops her up, holding Harrison at his side as he walks into the middle of the ring. Dropping all his weight he brings her down hard with a sidewalk slam. Hooking the leg Mary Ellen is able to kick out at 1.345.

Back to his feet Rogers drags Mary Ellen to her feet but before he can attack her the raven-haired Harrison explodes out with a European uppercut to the face. Stumbling for a second, she is able to lock in and drop King Prick with a snap DDT to the mat. Not letting up and takes advantage of his predicament and mounts him throwing a couple of hard elbows into the face. To her feet Harrison uses the ropes to gain momentum and bounce off. Leaping into the air she drops a leg across the thorax of Drew Rogers. She hooks the legs and uses her legs to push her upper body down harder as referee Cliff Wilson drops down for a count.




Shoving the smaller Harrison of his, Drew launches her a few feet away. He gets back to a vertical base as Harrison pulls the hair out of her face. She charges forward trying to spear him but is stopped as Drew grabs hold of her. Gutwrench powerbomb takes her back down as he doesn’t let up. Pulling her up to her feet, Drew drills a knee into her midsection. A right-hand thrust punch to the chest sends her back a few steps. Left hand thrust punch pushes her back further. An Irish whip shoots her into the ropes, ducking under a lariat Mary Ellen bounces off the opposite ropes. She leaps over the drop down from Drew Rogers(because who ever falls for the drop-down trip in modern wrestling), and grabs hold of the ropes to stop herself Catching her breath for a moment the larger man gets up and goes to attack her from behind. Harrison throws a hard elbow to the nose of Drew Roger. The sudden impact of the elbow to the bridge of his nose blinds him for a split second. This opening is all Mary Ellen needs to hop onto the bottom rope and use it as a launching pad to leap into the air.

A springboard clothesline catches Drew off guard and causes him to start to fall over. Taking a few steps backwards she runs and leaps again and takes Drew down with an inverted bulldog finishing the job. She manages to get a few punches as Drew pulls her off. Unrelenting, she starts to hit him with a kick to the side of the ribs and connects hard. She winds up for a stomp but misses as Drew rolls out of the way. A punt-like kick to the ribs does connect, guiding him back to his feet.

Looking directly at the camera ring side, Mary Ellen puts Drew into an inverted facelock and yells out the name of Bridget Johnson before she swings her whole body around in one hundred and eighty degrees and yanks him down with a neckbreaker.


A lateral press as Cliff Wilson slides into position to start counting.




Mary Ellen Harrison lets go as Cliff Wilson helps her up to feet. Raising her hand in the air she smiles as she once mouths the name of Bridget Johnson as she celebrates in the ring. “Night of the Ravens” by Leaves’ Eye begins to play.


In the back, we see Sabrina Baker looking at a mirror with pictures of Hayley Fien all around it. The eyes are cut out as she looks at them. The mirror is broken and we see Sabrina’s face, with makeup all down it. Sabrina cocks her head and looks at the mirror before taking one deep breath and yelling. She walks out of the locker room and smashes everything she sees in the way. Sabrina yells still.

Sabrina Baker I HATE YOU HAYLEY!!


Also in the back, we see Hayley Fien, who is coming off a trip from Reno after her match for Uprising. She just wore her ring gear over here with sweat pants and took them off. Hayley looks at them before walking out of the room. She walks down the hallway.

[color= #01A9DB]Hayley Fien[/color]: It’s War time now.


In no way was this ever a wrestling match as Hayley and Sabrina came to blows immediately upon the opening bell. Hate was unleashed upon them and Sabrina delivered a hard headbutt that knocked Hayley right on the mat. She pounced on her and punched away at her, doing the best that she could to keep her grounded, but Hayley fought back to the best of her ability. Sabrina kneed Hayley and then brought her down with a swinging neckbreaker. She stepped away and allowed the referee to count, but Hayley was up at around 5. Sabrina went for a clothesline, but Hayley tripped Sabrina into the ropes. She threw her through the ropes and out to the floor and when Sabrina got up, Hayley went for and connected with a suicide dive knocking her straight to the floor.Hayley got up, then dragged sabrina up to her feet and then Irish whipped her hard into the steel steps, knocking the steps right off. She still wasn’t done as she grabbed the top half of the steps. Sabrina got to her knees, but Hayley rammed the steel steps right into her head. Hayley was already beginning to look furious as she stepped back and allowed the referee to count. It took Sabrina a bit, but she was able to recover and stand up at seven.

Hayley attempted to whip Sabrina into the ringpost, but Sabrina reversed and did just that. Hayley went face first into the ringpost and then Sabrina reached underneath the ring and grabbed herself a lead pipe. Hayley was on her hands and knees and then Sabrina began to choke her out with the pipe. She applied a camel clutch to go along with it and Sabrina kept pressuring the windpipe. She would eventually let her go when Hayley stopped responding, allowing the referee a chance to make a count. Hayley seemed like she was out of it, but she was able to slowly get up and break the count at 8. Sabrina swung the lead pipe right at Hayley’s head, but she ducked it. Hayley would then counter by grabbing Sabrina from behind and then giving her a German suplex sending her spine first into the steel steps. Hayley was getting angrier as she stepped away to grab something from underneath the ring and the referee began another 10 count. Sabrina was squirming and writhing in pain, but she was able to get up at a count of seven. However, Hayley was waiting for her with an empty trash can and she smashed it right along her head. Sabrina went down to the floor in a heap and the referee made another count. Sabrina slowly got up and she was able to break the count at eight, but there was some blood running down her forehead.

Hayley tried to follow up with a chick kick, but Sabrina ducked under it. Hayley turned around right into a spear from Sabrina. She then realized she was bleeding and she just about lost it as she reached underneath the ring and grabbed a barbed wire baseball bat. She screamed “I HATE YOU” at Hayley as she got to her knees and then she gutted her with the bat… and then she did it again… then a 3rd… 4th… 5TH TIME! Sabrina then wrapped the barbed wire around her throat and connected with a Russian leg sweep that drove the bat right into the throat. Hayley rolled away, writhing in pain and struggling to breathe. Sabrina smirked at her suffering as the referee started a 10 count. The struggle was real as Hayley just barely made it, getting up at nine. Sabrina wasn’t done as she ran in and bashed the bat right across her skull, leaving her busted open as well. Sabrina stepped aside to allow the referee to make the count. Hayley was motionless at the start, but even with this, she was still able to stand at the count of 8. Sabrina went for a spinning backfist, but Hayley ducked under it. Hayley gave Sabrina a hard shove into the side of the ring. She reached under the ring and pulled out a board that had been wrapped in barbed wire. Hayley got Sabrina up and then planted her with a facebuster that sent her face down into the board! The crowd erupted with cheers at this, thinking that Sabrina was done. The count began, but much to their disappointment, Sabrina just barely got up at the count of 9, more bloody than before.

Still, this didn’t stop Hayley. She picked her up again and… OCEAN WAVES into the barbed wire board! More cheers from the audience. It sure seemed like Sabrina was out of it, but she started stirring at 5 and somehow was up at about 9.5 to break the count. Hayley grabbed Sabrina and threw her down on the barbed wire board, then she attempted to curb stomp her right into it. However, Sabrina rolled out of the way and the stomp got nothing but barbed wire causing Hayley to roll away and really writhe in pain. Sabrina took some time to recover and then she got Hayley up and delivered a running powerbomb right into the board. Now it was Hayley’s turn to recover and she seemed out of it, but like Sabrina, she was up at 9.5. Sabrina was furious and fired a punch, but Hayley blocked it. Hayley came back with a punch of her own that connected, then Sabrina did the same. Both got into a back and forth fist fight up the ramp and onto the stage, completely evenly matched. Hayley whipped Sabrina into a wall on the stage hoping to get a 10 count from that but Sabrina was up at 8. Likewise, Sabrina delivered a brainbuster on the stage, but Hayley got up at 8 herself. Sabrina desperately grabs Hayley and drags her to the edge of the stage. She screams “I AM GOING TO MURDER YOU” at her and grabs her around the head. Sabrina is about to jump off the stage with Hayley, but Hayley gets a couple of elbows in. With her back toward the edge, Sabrina grabs Hayley… then LEAPS AND CONNECTS WITH A C4 SENDING THEM BOTH THROUGH FOUR TABLES AND ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT BELOW! “Holy shit” chants are heard as both women are out. The count begins. Nobody is moving.

Nobody is moving at 5…

Hayley starts stirring at 6…

She turns toward her side at 7…

She’s barely at her knees at 8…

She rises at 9…

And all this time, Sabrina doesn’t move at all.


WINNER: Hayley Fien

The crowd, and Hayley herself, is completely overjoyed at the end result. Sabrina gets helped a bit by some medical staff while Hayley is emotional in victory. She collapses to her knees in exhaustion and takes in the hard fought victory that she just got, relieved that this war with Sabrina is finally over.


In the back, we see Dora Richardson sitting at her desk. We’ve seen her a lot tonight regarding everything that has happened.

Dora Richardson: What a night this is?

The fans roar in attendance with the cameras going back to Dora in the office.

Dora Richardson: As you saw, the Third annual Steinbrenner Cup will be returning starting at Remembrance Day, but this year, things are going to be a little bit different to say at least and to prevent something happening like last year, we are going to make sure nothing bad happens. This will be opened to anyone in Five Boroughs Wrestling as well as anyone from the outside.

What does Dora mean by that?

Dora Richardson: We are going to be doing the Steinbrenner Cup by Four Blocks. Jeter, Jackson, Mattingly and Rivera.

The fans cheer for this.

Dora Richardson: In the coming weeks, we will be announcing who will be in which block. However, I do want to address Brittani Helms and Chris Mosh.

She looks at them.

Dora Richardson: Tonight, the both of you ended in a draw, BUT you guys are automatically in the Steinbrenner Cup. Chris, since you like to cause controversy, you will be in the Jackson Block and Brittani, since you like to be a leader, you will be put in the Jeter Block.

The fans cheer.

Dora Richardson: The rest of you will go in blocks by random pick. I wish everyone luck.



It was now time for the first of the featured matches as we have Samantha Tolson facing off against AOI. The first one out of the back is Samantha Tolson as the fans are cheering for her as she is back in Japan. The fans are greeting her as she takes time signing autographs at ringside for them. Samantha rolls into the ring and prepares for her match up. The next one out of the back is the “Star Queen” AOI as she is coming out of the back to a huge ovation. This is a huge match for her as she is ready to go with this match up as the fans are cheering for her as she rolls into the ring. The match then starts with Samantha and AOI standing across from each other as a loud ovation is kicking in. The both of them nod to each other as AOI takes the first shot to Samantha as the fans are cheering for this as they are battling. Samantha is at shock with this, but some come just as hard as AOI and throw her into the ropes. Samantha comes back and gets behind her and goes for a German Suplex, but AOI rolls under her and goes for the pin. Samantha quickly kicks out of it and stomps right down on AOI. The Former 5BW World Champion uses her feet to kick down at AOI, but the Star Queen is fast enough to come after her and take her down and uses a spear to bring her out of the ring. The Star Queen goes up to the top ropes and looks at the fans before going up and doing a moonsault onto her. The fans are clapping for this as she stands up and takes Tolson back in the ring. AOI looks at her and runs towards her again, but this time, Samantha uses a jumping double knee to take her down. Samantha is now in control in this match up as she is battling back against her and goes to the top rope. Samantha sees this and goes for a moonsault of her own and pins the Star Queen. She kicks out of it. Samantha has a smirk across her face and goes for a backslap, but the Star Queen ducks again and goes for a chop. Samantha also has chops in her moveset and starts chopping against her back. This is now a chop fest as the fans are cheering, but Samantha gets the best of this and uses the Mind Your Head! The fans are cheering as Samantha is about to go for the finisher as she grabs her, but the Star Queen comes up and goes for her finisher of her own called “The Heart Killer” right to the heart. That was a heart punch in a half as the fans are cheering for this. She goes over and pins her in the ring, but Samantha kicks out of it. AOI goes to grab Samantha, but Samantha comes up and goes for Beautiful Oblivion Rendezvous as the fans are cheering for this. Samantha goes to pin her in the ring, but AOI reverses it and locks in the Queen’s Clutch! The fans are cheering as Samantha is trapped in the submission hold! AOI has locked it, but Sam breaks the hold. The fans are chanting this is awesome with the both of them trying to figure out what to do next. AOI comes charging again, but Samantha grabs her, goes for the Tazzmission suplex and locks in the Nightfall as the fans are cheering for this. AOI has nowhere to go and is doing everything she can to get out, but she can’t as she has no other choice, but to tap out!! Samantha has won a hard tough battle in Japan as she stands up with emotion. She helps up AOI and helps her to her feet and bows with her in a sign of respect. The fans are cheering for this as the both of them embrace, the Japanese faithful thanking the both of them.

Winner: Samantha Tolson


Press Conference

The scene rises up to a media room prior to 5BW’s Royal Crown in Tokyo, Japan. The 5BW World Champion, Ariel Madden, can be seen sitting behind the table, in front of a series of microphones, with the World Championship belt set in front of them. She fields questions from various reporters inside the room.

Reporter: “Ms. Madden, how does it feel to have your first pay per view Championship defense be outside of your familiar surroundings in New York State and be here in Japan?”

Ariel: “Honestly, it’s quite humbling. I was trained in this craft by a man who made quite the name for himself here in Japan way back when you had Rising Sun Wrestling, at the Cornerstone Wrestling Academy run by Donovan Kayl. The man is a legend here, I understand, and he impressed upon me the significance of Japan not only on his career, but on the wrestling industry in general. So to have the chance to come here, not only to compete itself, but to compete defending the 5BW Championship? That’s nothing short of a dream come true for me.”

Reporter: “You made a tremendous journey for yourself, from brash newcomer to Champion in remarkable fashion. To what do you owe your success?”

Ariel: “I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for the minds behind this company, and the people who pushed me along the way, particularly Sam Tolson. I know she takes a lot of flack throughout various locker-rooms, but you won’t find anyone more committed to their brand and using their brand to lend credibility to what they do than Sam Tolson. She’s one of the best for very good reasons… she earned it. And I know that as Champion, I have big shoes to fill there. And that’s the other thing I owe my success to… this nagging voice in the back of my head that tells me to go farther, that keeps pushing me to higher levels than I dreamt possible, whether out of pure stubbornness or simple pride. I want to be seen as the best, and I know that even as Champion, I still have a ways to go.”

Reporter: “So how do you deal with the pressures then knowing that tonight, you will be standing opposite a legend in this nation in Goro Matsui?”

Ariel grins.

Ariel: “I’m excited about the match, honestly. I want my Championship reign to be defined by spectacles and great matches. And what better way to kick off the PPV defenses than to give a two-in-one. I know Goro Matsui is a tremendous competitor… you said it yourself. He’s a legend. He could advertise that he’s going grocery shopping and draw a crowd. And I know what he’s capable of in the ring. But if you think that I flew halfway around the world to LOSE this Championship that I just won a couple of months ago, you’re out of your mind. I respect the hell out of Goro Matsui, and that respect is WHY I’m going to hold nothing back… it’s why I’m going to prove not only why I AM World Champion, but why I DESERVE to be World Champion!”

Reporter: “Thank you for your time.”

Ariel: “Thank you for having me.”

Ariel rises from her seat and takes her Championship, posing for a few pictures as the scene fades...



The First main event of the night is for the 5BW World Championship as Ariel Madden has the toughest task against her. The first one out of the back is Ariel Madden as the fans are cheering for her as she comes to the ring with the 5BW World Championship. This is the second championship defense she is making as she walks to the ring. The fans are cheering for her as she rolls into the ring. The next one out of the back is Goro Matsui with Crazy Nights by Loudness kicking in as the fans are cheering for him as he is coming to the ring. Goro gets into the ring and embraces the fans as they are cheering for this and going for this. Ariel is watching this and looks in awe. As soon as Goro’s theme kicks out, the both of them take a picture with the referee holding the title with the both of them. Streamers are also coming in the ring. Black and White for Goro, maroon and orange for Ariel Madden. It gets cleared as the fans are ready for this match up. Goro has faced off a huge star with the last being in CKP when he faced off against Phil for the World Cup Championship back in 2015 as he looks to take glory again. The bells then ring as the fans are cheering for this as the both of them are going at it in the ring. Goro comes up quickly and kicks Ariel, but Ariel ducks out of the way and starts fighting back as the fans are cheering for this. Ariel is punching Goro in the face, but he will not let up as the fans are cheering. Ariel swings at him, but Goro knees her right in the face so hard that Ariel has to hold her face. Ariel comes back up and starts fighting back against Goro. She takes Goro out of the ring as he goes right on the ground. Ariel gets on the apron and goes for a rolling Senton as the fans are cheering for this. She throws Goro back in the ring as the fans are cheering for this as she gets him and takes him down in the ring with a shoulder block. Goro is down with Ariel again going at it in the ring as the fans are cheering for him. She then picks him up and goes for a Bear Hug, but Goro is using her elbows and elbowing her in the head as the fans are cheering for this. He then takes her down with a DDT as the fans are cheering for this. Goro says that he is going to end this match in the ring as the fans are cheering for this. Ariel could be in trouble with this as the finisher connects as the fans are cheering for this. Ariel goes down on the ground as Goro pins her in the ring, but Ariel gets out of it with the fans cheering for this. Ariel gets up and waits for him to get up and he does as the fans are cheering for this. Goro comes running again, but Ariel pushes him into the corner and runs. Goro kicks her and jumps on top of the top rope. Ariel comes running up and grabs him as she goes for the Atlas-Plex onto Goro! The fans are cheering for this as Ariel pins him in the ring and gets the three count as the fans are cheering for this. Ariel has retained her championship as she stands back up and looks at him. Goro is down on the ground and helps him up and shakes his hand. The fans are cheering for this as Ariel raises it up in the air as Streamers of their color are coming at them in sign of respect with Ariel winning her match up and retaining the title.

Winner and STILL 5BW World Champion: Ariel Madden


The scene cuts backstage. Luciana Verdoza is in the locker room making some final preparations for her ironwoman match against Dakota Mendoza. She’s definitely in a serious mood with no time at all for nonsense or drama. As she reflects in her thinking, she’s unaware that Jayson Schneider has entered the room. He can sense the tension that is coming off of Luciana and this is the point where he decides to break the ice.

Jayson Schneider: You don’t have to listen to a damn thing that Meagan, Clarissa or anyone else has to say. Of course, you already knew that.

Luciana just scoffs at this.

Luciana Verdoza: It’s cute how your ex suddenly thinks she can be a superhero. She’s not wrong about “the old company”. She was at my side when I tore it down myself and left so many people out of work. Who is SHE to throw that in my face? It’s the fear propaganda machine that the Damned Ones are out to destroy 5BW! That has NEVER been the case. We’re just trying to make it better. Granted, I DO have every reason to WANT to destroy it considering the whole freaking locker room danced on the grave of my world title reign at Vendetta…

Luciana lets out a reflective sign.

Luciana Verdoza: I remember when they wrote me off. I remember when Sam mocked me for weeks after the fact. I remember Noris Crowley burying me and thinking I was outdated, irrelevant and that my career was over. I won't forget things like that. I don’t forget people that DON’T MATTER writing me off and bringing me down. Now, you’ve got people wanting Dakota to FINISH ME as in… end my career finish me. It’s hilarious. I truly am HATED… I am the most hated wrestler in 5BW history and NOBODY can dispute that. For years, everyone at some point or another jumps in and acts like I’m done… and every single timeI get better and stronger! That is what I did last year after Sam, Hayley and Noris ALL wrote me off. They don’t get that I am better than I’ve ever been and that’s why DAKOTA CAN’T WIN!

Jayson Schneider: And even if she SOMEHOW does, it’s not like you CAN’T come back from that. You will…

Luciana Verdoza: I won’t have to! I’m not even entertaining the thought. I am going to be SO GLAD that this thing with Dakota will be over because once I am done with HER, I’m FINALLY going to reclaim what is mine! I am FINALLY going to win my SIXTH World title! All these years Jay, putting up with this type of bullshit! I’ve been a screwjob victim, I’ve dealt with locker room hazing over the years, I’ve dealt with being labelled a black mark in this industry, I’ve dealt with the humiliation of last year’s Vendetta… I have put up with SO much shit and I keep coming back. I even came back from that back injury that everyone, even me, thought would end my career for good.

Jayson Schneider: Luciana… listen…

Jayson wraps an arm around her in the fashion that a brother would to a sister, highlighting the kind of friendship that they’ve had.

Jayson Schneider: I’ve been doing this a LONG time, alright? Most of the world doesn’t know ALL of you, but I am one of the few that do. You are, without question, the strongest woman I’ve ever met in this business. I remember when we met and you wanted nothing to do with me. I remember how you came to me after a fiance of yours dumped you at LAX, took off to China, and abandoned you. I remember that 21 year old heartbroken young woman who didn’t know what to do with herself and what I saw in that young woman was a megastar.

Luciana just laughs and rolls her eyes, remembering the person that she was back then.

Jayson Schneider: I remember seeing you for the first time and KNOWING that you had the look and the charisma for this business and telling the man you’d eventually marry that if I could train you and take you under my wing, you were going to be a huge star. From the moment we started to train together, I KNEW you were special. I’ve done a hell of a lot of things in my time in this business: three time world champion in my own right, DOMINATING this very Japanese scene for years before I came back to the States, among other things, but what I am most proud of out of anything that I’ve ever been involved with… is you!

You have evolved into a true legend of this industry and don’t you let ANY match or ANY sorry piece of trash like Meagan, Sam, Clarissa, Dakota among others say otherwise. I know that you’ve got this match against Dakota because you, even at 37, are STILL one of the best women’s wrestlers in the WORLD. You are STILL THE best in 5BW! This company doesn’t exist if you never come here. YOU made 5BW… and when you beat Dakota, those ungrateful bastards that we work for will have no choice but to THANK YOU for CARRYING this company for two seasons…

Luciana takes in Jayson’s words and she has a laugh to herself, obviously believing them all to be true.

Luciana Verdoza: Dakota is the most ungrateful of them all. I TRIED SO HARD to get her to be a success story. I took her under my wing. I tried giving her the same gift you gave me and the stubborn bitch rejected it. I did my absolute best to make her someone. Now? I am left with no choice but to destroy her… and that’s what I am going to do! Once I humiliate her? Dakota Mendoza will NEVER, EVER see a wrestling ring again! And THEN? I’m coming back to RECLAIM 5BW and WHEN I DO… OH BOY… if they thought my FIRST reign was a nightmare… that’s CHILD’S PLAY for what I have planned for them…

Jayson Schneider: That’s my girl…

Jayson lets go of Luciana at this point and heads out of the locker room. Luciana remains alone with so much to think about as the scene comes to an end.


Royal Crown cuts to Dakota Mendoza in the hallway and there is no question at all that she is going through some nervous feelings at the moment. So much is at stake and so much is on her shoulders. She’s definitely feeling the weight of it all as the nervous look on her face would indicate. However, some of that nervousness gets put to the side for a bit with the sudden, surprising presence of Clarissa Vega, who is obviously in a good mood following her win on Destination last night.

Clarissa Vega: I don’t think introductions are needed. You know who I am and vice versa. But, it is good that I finally get to meet one of the brightest, rising stars in professional wrestling that I have seen in a LONG time!

Dakota Mendoza: Clarissa, I think you’re alright and I respect you for going through Softball Night and making a career for yourself. But, I don’t need you to patronize me. I don’t think that’s what I am. Maybe it was true when I first got to 5BW, but I haven’t shown that at all. Then again, so MUCH of that was because of Luciana and all of the crap she’s been putting me through for two seasons. She held me down, she held me back, and I’ve got to be honest with you, Vendetta was the most heartbreaking loss of my entire career. I did what I had to do to save Heather, but god, it made me really feel like I was destined to be a bust in this business. I’ve been here for two seasons now and I STILL haven’t won a championship? I’ve been on the mainstream for a couple of years and I STILL haven’t done anything…

Clarissa Vega: I’m not trying to patronize you, Dakota. I really do believe that. You’re frustrated because you haven’t done what you’ve wanted in wrestling. I get it. But you pointed out what the problem was: Luciana. I haven’t lost faith that you’re going to be a massive star in this business someday… and I don’t think your fans have either. What YOU need more than anything right now is that BIG, BREAKOUT MOMENT that EVERY young wrestler that is destined to be a star experiences. I personally feel like YOU are going to have that moment tonight…

Dakota Mendoza: How can you know that?

Clarissa Vega: Honey, I was a manager for an eternity before I made the conversion to a wrestler. I have an eye for talent. I KNOW who the bright young stars in the business are and what they’re capable of. Unfortunately, I have also seen Luciana destroy all those dreams. You saw me earlier tonight talk about how I stood by her side as she destroyed an entire company and left many people jobless. I regret that I EVER had a hand in that. More than anyone else employed by 5BW, I know what Jayson and Luciana are capable of because I’ve stood side by side with them and seen them ruin lives, ruin careers, and ruin dreams.

Professionally? Luciana is the most toxic poison I’ve ever met in my wrestling career…

Dakota Mendoza: Even Jayson?

Clarissa Vega: He’s the most toxic person I’ve met PERSONALLY… but professionally? There’s nobody worse than Luciana. I saw so many people try to beat her nine years ago when she ruled PRW with an iron fist and dispatched challenger after challenger. Great talent, don’t get me wrong. But one by one, they ALL made the same mistake. They couldn’t dethrone Luciana back then because they fought a personal battle. They focused too hard on getting back at her for all the nasty, horrible things that she had done to them and she feasted on their souls. She feasted on their desperation. That’s how she gets in your head and that’s how she beat you. That’s how she beat you at Vendetta. I know that for you, this is about finally breaking away from her and being free from her shadow. But focusing on that is not how you’re going to beat her…

Dakota Mendoza: What’s the big secret then? What do I have to do to beat her? What is it that is going to give me the big breakthrough moment you talk about? You do realize that this thing between Luciana and I has been personal for a VERY LONG TIME! You realize it’s going to be REALLY difficult to just put that all on the side. She has tortured me more than ANYONE I’ve ever met in my life and I’m supposed to just step in that ring with her and forget all that?

Clarissa Vega: Try forgiving…

Dakota Mendoza: That’s insane…

Clarissa Vega: When you forgive, you carry no more bitterness within you. At Vendetta, bitterness is all you fight with. The way to beat Luciana is to fight for a greater purpose than oneself. Think of all the other people she tortured and put down in 5BW. Think of what she’s put this company through. Think about the fact that the SOUL of this company could very well be on the line tonight. YOU are the one person that is standing in the way of total Damned Ones domination here! I’m sure you realize the consequences for losing tonight are going to be severe. You’ve got to fight for this company, Dakota… because every single time ANYONE fights Luciana for a purpose greater than themselves, they win. Luciana is a solid wrestler… but YOU are better… and you know it. Alright? You fight for this company and you’re going to win, I PROMISE you that!

Dakota Mendoza: I have never, ever considered that perspective. It sure sounds like 5BW would be a scary world with Luciana winning. I’m not going to let that happen. Last time around, I focused on wanting to kill Luciana and ending her career. Well, as much as I hate to admit it, Luciana and the Damned Ones aren’t going to stop their reign of terror regardless of whether I win or lose. They’re going to keep pushing on. Me winning tonight? It’s going to make Luciana more bitter and more desperate to get her way. That’s what Sam beating her did to her. Maybe I can’t “end” Luciana’s reign of terror, but what I can do is grind her bullshit to a screeching halt and score a massive victory for 5BW. I can have the last word on her that she can NEVER forget nor can she EVER be able to deny. The Damned Ones are always going to try their hardest to consume the soul of this company. But as long as people like you and I are around, they will struggle to do so and they never will be able to.

That’s exactly the statement I am going to make tonight when I beat Luciana…

Clarissa Vega: You’re getting it. Now I know you’re going to win!

Clarissa can only let out a confident smile at this point before she turns around and walks out of the scene.

Dakota Mendoza: So do I…

Dakota takes a deep breath, thinking about the new perspective Clarissa has brought to her as the scene fades out.



30:00 - 0-0 TIE

The bell rings and the fisticuffs are flying. Luciana and Dakota are exchanging blows and are evenly matched at the start. Luciana tries to change things up with a kick, but Dakota catches her and trips her up. She grabs a hold of her other leg and then she turns her around and locks in a Camel Clutch. Luciana is not in a comfortable position but Dakota applied this too close to the ropes and Luciana grabs the bottom one quickly. Dakota breaks the hold but quickly drags Luciana up to her feet. She knees her right in the gut and hooks her arms setting up for the Mendoza Facebuster. She turns her around, but Luciana breaks free at the last second and rolls her up from behind…





26:33 left - LUCIANA 1-0

The crowd immensely boos this as Luciana stands up to completely laugh at them. Dakota is left completely shocked at the fact that Luciana got a fall on her so fast. Luciana follows up with a running knee to the face knocking Dakota down. She stomps and kicks her all around the ring before she picks her up and drops her with a swinging neckbreaker. Cover here, but Dakota kicks out. Luciana beats her around the ring for a bit, pinning her against the corner. She steps back and goes for a handspring backward corner elbow, but Dakota counters it with an elbow of her own. Luciana staggers away and Dakota drops her with a bulldog. Cover here, but Luciana kicks out. Dakota knocks her around the ring for a bit, unleashing some anger. She delivers a backbreaker to Luciana who is writhing in pain. Dakota gets her up to try and go for a suplex, but Luciana blocks it and counters with a snap suplex of her own. Luciana then applies an armbreaker to Dakota, urging her to tap, even saying “You’ll always be my bitch” to her. Dakota angrily grabs the bottom rope and Luciana breaks the hold. She steps up, measuring Dakota as she rises. Luciana goes for a superkick, but Dakota catches her foot and grabs her ankle. She turns Luciana around and counters into an ankle lock when Luciana is very far from the ropes. Dakota drops down into a grapevine and the crowd explodes with cheers as Luciana is stuck. She’s screaming in pain and barely moves at all. Dakota screams “I’M GOING TO BREAK IT” at Luciana as she buries her face into the mat and reluctantly taps…

20:22 left - TIE 1-1

Dakota lets go and stands up. Luciana crawls toward the corner and eventually gets up. Dakota charges toward her and attempts a stinger splash but Luciana moves out of the way. Luciana clotheslines Dakota and herself out of the ring and onto the floor near the barber’s chair. Dakota tackles Luciana into the steel steps and another fistfight begins. Luciana shoves back, eventually tackling her into the barber’s chair. The referee’s count is at 3 at this point. Luciana gains control and grabs Dakota’s head, slamming her face into the barber’s chair. She has her in the chair and straps her to it. The referee’s count is at 5. Luciana tries to turn the clippers on, but they’re not plugged in. She takes care of that and smirks as she turns them on. Referee is at 7. Right when she moves in, Dakota snatches the clippers out of Luciana’s hand and shaves off a tiny bit of Luciana’s hair right behind the left ear. Luciana is stunned and then Dakota frees herself from the chair, stands, unplugs the clippers and gives Luciana a drop toe hold into the barber’s chair. Referee is at 9. Dakota makes a beeline for the ring and slides right into it. Luciana falls to the floor, not moving at all. The referee gets to 10 as Luciana gets counted out.

14:54 left - DAKOTA LEADS 2-1

Luciana recovers and sees some, but very little, of her hair on the floor. She becomes pissed and runs right into the ring. Dakota pounces on her, but Luciana resists it as she stands up and then she delivers a stiff headbutt right to Dakota. Luciana SNAPS as she picks Dakota up and slams her spine hard into her knee hitting a massive backbreaker. Dakota rolls away holding her spine. Luciana pounces on her and begins to choke her out, further unleashing some anger. The referee gets involved and Luciana lets up, but not for long. She rips off a middle turnbuckle exposing steel, then she gets Dakota up and gives her a running spinebuster jamming her spinefirst into the steel. A diving shoulder tackle into her lower back knocks Dakota down and then Luciana applies a Camel clutch. Dakota is flailing around in pain and 30 seconds later, Luciana converts into her Spirit Killer submission. This leaves Dakota in an uncomfortable situation where she has no choice but to tap out…

11:30 left - TIE 2-2

Luciana breaks her submission and continues to pound the hell out of Dakota. Dakota withstands her barrage of right hands. Luciana keeps firing away but Dakota shoves her away, right into the referee! Luciana lands hard on the referee in the mat and then Dakota drags her away and whips her head first into the exposed turnbuckle. Dakota snaps in her own right and keeps bashing Luciana’s head into the turnbuckle until Jayson and Sabrina come out. They remove their shirts to reveal referee shirts.They immediately double team her and the fans completely boo them. Dakota gets planted with a double DDT. Luciana recovers and then afterward, she and Sabrina nail Dakota with their Damned Rogue combo finisher. Luciana’s kick knocks Dakota out. She drops down and the fans boo loudly as Jayson makes the count…

1…. 2…. 3!!!

8:54 left - LUCIANA LEADS 3-2

Luciana and Sabrina lift up Dakota again. Dakota counters Luciana with a jawbreaker. Sabrina tries to fight back, but Dakota counters with a quick superkick of her own. Unfortunately, Jayson turns her around, kicks her in the gut, and nails her with a sitout facebuster! Luciana recoversand then slides in to trap Dakota in a sleeper hold. Jayson immediately calls the submission even though Dakota didn’t tap whatsoever…

8:04 left - LUCIANA LEADS 4-2

Luciana lets go of the hold and takes a slight breather considering all those metal turnbuckle shots have left her groggy. The original referee begins to recover and Jayson takes note of this. He and Sabrina beat down Dakota. They set her up and have something in mind, however, Sabrina gets tripped up and rolled out of the ring from behind by…

...the Pretty Little Ravens!

Mary Ellen and Sam Tolson start to beat down Sabrina and then Jayson leaves the ring to deal with both of them. The original referee is lying on the ropes at this point, almost recovered. Luciana DDT’s Dakota and looks out to see what is happening. Jayson shoves Mary Ellen away, but is distracted by the sight of Clarissa Vega coming in through the crowd. Jayson looks at her with fury, but Tori Colbert comes into the picture entering through the OTHER side of the crowd knocking down Jayson from behind. Clarissa jumps in and Jayson and Sabrina are now being attacked four on two. Luciana is incensed with this, but doesn’t join in the fray. Jayson and Sabrina punch and kick their way out of danger and they both make a break up the ramp with Sam, Mary Ellen, Clarissa and Tori all in hot pursuit. Back in the ring, the original ref has recovered. Luciana is left frozen seeing what just happened. Dakota comes from behind, pulls Luciana toward the center of the ring, turns her around and plants her with the Mendoza Facebuster! The fans erupt with cheers as Dakota turns her around and makes the cover with the original referee recovered enough to make the count…

1…. 2…. 3….


Dakota has some serious determination in her eyes now back to within one. She drags Luciana back up to her feet. She connects with a Northern Lights into a cover, but Luciana is able to kick out. Dakota drags her back up to her feet again, but Luciana counters with a jawbreaker sending Dakota stumbling back into the ropes.

3:00 LEFT

Dakota comes off the ropes and Luciana drags her down into a crucifix armbar. The hold is applied as tight as possible. Dakota though, isn’t giving up. She grabs the bottom rope, but Luciana hangs on. The referee has to intervene and Luciana breaks up the hold. She stands up, steps back, runs back to Dakota and then gives her a baseball slide that sends her rolling out of the ring and onto the floor.

2:00 LEFT

Luciana leans back against the corner and leaves Dakota out of the ring. Dakota stirs. Referee is at 2. Dakota gets to her knees and tries to get to the apron but falls. Referee is at 4. Dakota drags herself to the apron and grabs it. Referee is at 6. Dakota uses it to drag herself up. Referee is at 8. Luciana then runs back and tries to deliver a baseball side again, but Dakota ducks it and Luciana slides right out of the ring and onto the floor! This resets the count. Dakota drags herself back in the ring. Luciana recovers. Referee is at 2. Luciana walks back to the apron, then rolls herself in and out of the ring to reset the count. She snickers and the fans hate this, knowing she’s just stalling for time.

1:00 LEFT

Dakota stands up. Luciana tries to pull the same ‘in and out’ reset stunt again, but Dakota catches her by the arm drags her to the center and pulls her up to her feet, holding onto her the whole time

:50 LEFT

Dakota does a tilt-o-whirl headscissors, latching onto Luciana. She stays there and combines it with an armbar! The fans erupt out of their seats with Dakota latching on the same Christos armbar that nearly got Luciana to quit at Vendetta. Luciana walks around and flails.

:40 LEFT

Dakota hangs on for dear life and Luciana drops to her knees.

:30 LEFT

Dakota is pulling back on Luciana’s left arm. Luciana is in some horrible pain and completely collapses down to the mat.

:20 LEFT

Luciana is completely trapped nowhere near the ropes. Dakota tries as hard as she could as she pulls back on the arm to the fullest she can go without snapping it entirely. Luciana screams out in pain with nowhere to go, unaware of the time on the clock.

10… 9….8….. 7…

The crowd is smart and does NOT count down with the timer further confusing Luciana and leaving her even MORE unaware of the clock…







:02 LEFT! TIED 4-4!

The timer runs out as Dakota breaks the hold. The buzzer goes off and Luciana is left stunned not realizing she was THAT close to stealing one.


Five more minutes are placed on the clock. Luciana barely gets up, holding her arm in serious anguish. The clock is ticking and Dakota wastes no time turning her over and trying to hit her with the Mendoza Facebuster. However, Luciana shoves her away. Dakota turns around and Luciana immediately tries to nail her with the HELL KICK… AND SHE HITS IT!!!! The fans go dead silent as Luciana drops down to try and make the cover.


Luciana is wide eyed in stunned silence. Desperate, she goes to the top rope, which she rarely does at all at this stage in her career. She gets a good vantage point on the downed Dakota. Luciana ATTEMPTS A 450 SPLASH!!!! (An old finisher she hasn’t used in 5 years!) Dakota BLOCKS IT!!! Luciana rolls away holding her chest in agony. Dakota herself still needs to recover. A 10 count commences with both struggling to get up. They both get up at the same time at 9. Luciana runs at her trying to connect with a forearm. Dakota blocks it with an elbow to the face. Luciana stumbles away. Dakota gets to her and MENDOZA FACEBUSTER! The fans explode with cheers as Dakota goes for the cover…


Dakota can’t believe it!

1:00 remains in OT.

She thinks as quickly as she could, but exhaustion sets in. She slowly drags Luciana up to a vertical base.

:30 left.

She wraps Luciana’s arms around her throat. STRAITJACKET NECKBREAKER SLAM!

:10 left!

The impact of the move leaves Dakota a decent distance away from Luciana. She starts to drag herself toward her.


4…. Dakota makes a desperate lunge toward her and falls short…



1… Dakota drapes an arm over Luciana’s chest.

But time runs out…

And for the first time ever in 5BW…

DOUBLE Overtime…

2OT (five more minutes)

Dakota slowly gets Luciana up and tries to nail her with that same move again, but this time, Luciana escapes it. She shoves Dakota away. Dakota comes back and Luciana nails her with a superkick square in the jaw. The impact knocks Dakota down. Luciana stumbles toward the corner and bumps into it. She goes up to the top… and once more she pulls her 450 splash out of her hat. THIS TIME she hits it right into a cover…


Luciana is once more left stunned. She stands up and patiently waits for Dakota to do the same. There are 3 minutes remaining in the 2OT period. Dakota stands up. Luciana goes for the Hell Kick. DUCKED! Luciana lands on her feet. Dakota turns her around and bulldogs her into the mat. She goes to the top rope and waits for Luciana to slowly get to her feet. 2 minutes remaining. Luciana gets up and turns around… Dakota leaps and…


Dakota NAILS Luciana with her former shooting star DDT finisher! But she’s not done. With Luciana in the center of the ring, Dakota slides in and locks in a headscissors. Luciana is struggling to breathe… but then Dakota APPLIES THE KOTA KLUTCH! Now Luciana is trapped in a headscissors/Kimura lock combo with one minute to go. There is no escape path through the ropes. Luciana is too far away. She’s also far too tired to even make an attempt at the ropes. With her free arm, she still tries to reach desperately, but she can’t even come close to the bottom rope…


The crowd explodes with a booming, thunderous cheer as the bell is called for with :34 seconds remaining.


Dakota breaks the hold and is immediately overcome with emotion as she gets to her knees. Luciana rolls out of the ring as the good guys in the form of Hayley Fien, the Pretty Little Ravens, Tori Colbert and Clarissa Vega come out to the ring. They all slide in. Dakota breaks down having been overcome with emotion and Hayley checks on her while the audience cheers. The remaining people that entered the ring check on her and help her back up to her feet. Meagan comes out and she’s flanked by Heather Mendoza, her sister. They both enter and Meagan is quick to shake Dakota’s hand. Heather comes right in as she and Dakota embrace.

While all this is going on, Jayson and Sabrina have returned to help Luciana back up the ramp. They all watch this in a combination of surprise and disgust. As they get to the stage, the lights go out. A brief moment later, they come back on.

And Kelli Song, flanked by two others, are right in front of them. A staredown ensues on the ramp while the celebration for Dakota continues in the ring to end the Royal Crown.
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