Paint it Black

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Paint it Black

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The cold, black void that always seems to exist before something, anything happens. The darkness fades into a dimly lit wrestling ring. In the center sits a simple, metal folding chair. Barely visible a shadow moves behind the chair and steps over it as he sits down.

”Saturday. August. Twenty Eighth. Twenty twenty-one. I made my official in ring debut and I showed you all that I am a man of my word. I have started a path of destruction in this company. I am building my throne with the bodies of the men and women who will stand in my way. And when there is not a single person left but the Five Boroughs Champion and myself. I will take that title from their hands and place it at the top of my chair, surveying the destruction before me. Gabe Khane I implore you to accept what has happened and not tempt me again. Our first meeting was…just a taste of what I am capable of. To truly show you what goes thru my sick mind…well…everyone is going to have to find out…because one way or another…the one man army will bring war to everyone in this company.”

With that he gets up and walks away as the black void reappears.

Conquest is made in the ashes of ones enemies

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