5BW Presser for September

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5BW Presser for September

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Taped on Thursday

Meagan G: Hello everyone and welcome to the first-ever 5BW Presser. I invited six people from 5BW Wrestling to take part of this and see what was said. Now because of issues regarding Covid, we have to do social distancing. They will be done via zoom. Let’s get this going on.

Otto Redmond of ViceTV

Christy, while you’ve been here since 2019, there's a lot of talks that’s been going around. With season three still young, do you have any plans on shattering that wall?

Christy: A Winters always has a plan, my plan is to establish myself beyond the shadow of any doubt that I’m one of Five boroughs top stars, and you do that by doing what it takes to get to the top, wrestling wise of course, people hate me and what to see me fail, they think I’m the spoiled rich bitch, when I did with this season I won’t just shatter the wall I’ll make them fall faster than the walls at Jericho.

Diego Carter of SNY

Do you feel that Jessica Hendrix is there for you? You guys aren’t on the same page as a team. What do you think she needs to do?

Christy: Honestly, I can’t answer that I don’t know how Jessica feels about me or the team. As for what she need to do, she needs to get on the same page with me, together I think we can be unstoppable as a team, but that’s up to her, and how bad she wants it

Tye Turner of NYPost:

Do you think you and Jessica will be able to capture the tag team championships from Valedictorians of Virtue?

Christy: Absolutely, there’s no doubt if Jessica and I can get it together, the tag team titles are a forgone conclusion.

Frank Edgewater of YahooSports

How are you feeling about being a part of the Steinbrenner Cup?

Dakota Mendoza: “It feels great! I feel as if I am finally getting my career started after my career was in the Luciana Verdoza Penitentiary for so damn long! This is a prestigious event of course, and I am thrilled to be part of it because this is the first time I actually had a chance to. When the first Cup came about, I had signed with 5BW too late. Then last year, I knew there was no way I’d be part of it considering that whole Luciana situation. To FINALLY get this opportunity is one of the biggest thrills I’ve ever had in my career and I really, REALLY want to make the most of it now that I’m finally free to do my own thing without a certain someone lurking anymore.”

Damian Ortiz of Bleacher Report

With Luciana Verdoza officially behind you, what is your relationship now with your sister along with Hayley Fien? By any chance would Heather ever return to wrestling and are you and Hayley thinking about being in the tag division?

Dakota Mendoza: “Hayley and I had a relationship that grew stronger as time has gone by and everything with that is great. Heather… slightly more complicated. However, things are getting better between us. I can’t speak for what she may or may not have planned as far as wrestling goes, but I do believe at some point, she may want to come back and erase the bad history she’s associated with. She is more than young enough to do so if she wants it and knowing her like I do, I strongly doubt she wants her last memory of a wrestling career to have gasoline poured on her under the threat of being burned alive. I HOPE she comes back, but that’s her call. For obvious reasons though, I want to focus on my singles career and finally do me. But, I am open minded regarding Hayley and I being in the tag team division.”

Mille Santos of PW Insider

Dakota, if you win the Steinbrenner Cup, will you take the same path as your former mentor took to get there?

Dakota Mendoza: “No. Not a chance. The way Luciana got to the top was abhorrent. I would never, ever attempt to duplicate that path. I want to do it the way I was trained to do it. There won’t be any cheap shots, cowardice, having lackeys do all the work for me or any of that nonsense…”

Bert Franklin: ESPN 730

Tyler, a lot of people are saying you don’t belong in the Steinbrenner Cup. How are you feeling with these people saying that?

Tyler: How am I feeling? What a question! Well I have news for you, I belong in the Steinbrenner Cup just as much as anyone else. They can hate all they want, I don’t care. Whether they like it or not, I am winning the whole damn thing. If they hate me for that then so be it! I rather be hated for beating everyone else. Let’s Keep it Real. I am not here to play. I am not here for fun and games. I am in it to win it.

Tyler Pauses.

Tyler: When I do, I will be coming after the 5BW Championship. When I win that title, those people living in their parent’s basement that are saying I do not deserve this, will be hating me for being 5BW Champion. With that said, I will be drinking the tears of haters, one way or another.

Sean Dodge of WrestlingINC

Do you think you can go all the way to the finals in the Steinbrenner Cup considering who is in there?

Tyler: Of course I can. You know what, some of these fighters may have been in 5BW longer and more successful than me, but you want to know what? My Time is coming. These other participants better watch the hell out.

Tyler gives a sigh.

Tyler: However, I do not give a damn who they are. They are just stepping stones to me. I will be stepping on each and every one of them. They will not know what is coming. So Line them all up, I will be taking them out one by one.

Chuck Thompson of PWtorch

How are you feeling going into this knowing you could not last?

Tyler: What kind of idiot are you? Damn! Another stupid question. Do me a favor and go back to your parent’s basement, where you belong. People like you just piss me off. I can and will last, Watch Me. In this Cup, I am going to prove idiots like you WRONG! When I do, You and everyone else that does not think I will make it will be eating their words.

Tyler Smirks.

Tyler: No offense but people like you make me laugh. What makes you think I will not last? Is it because you think everyone else in the Cup is better than me? Is it because I have not been as successful in 5BW yet? Say what you want. One day soon, you will regret asking that question.

Tyler thinks about his past accomplishments.

Tyler: I am more successful than people like you think. I was not the first two-time CKP Sportsmanship Champion for nothing. I get it, that was years ago. However, this is Now, and now I am going to have yet another accomplishment to my name when I prove you haters wrong and win the Steinbrenner Cup.

Tyler looks straight into Chuck Thompson’s eyes.

Tyler: I have news for you, Mr. Thompson, I am in 5BW to stay. Everyone in 5BW better look out. I am in it for the long haul. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, I am in my 30s but if you think that will stop me, you are sadly mistaken. The other Fighters in 5BW and the 5BW fans are going to have no choice but to put up with me. I am here to stay. So Haters like your sorry self need to Get Over It.

Tyler has an evil stare.

Tyler: I am DONE with you idiot reporters.

Tyler Storms Off.

Everyone else is pissed off with Tyler’s unprofessionalism. Meagan shakes her head and looks at the reporters on the zoom call.

Meagan G: I will deal with Tyler Truex later, but we need to get back on track.

Brett Connors of Northern Sound

Miss Harrison, you have the biggest challenge of your nine year career by facing off against Kitty Dark for the Splat! Multiuniversial Championship. Kitty has said kind words about you that has taken you by surprise. How are you feeling going into this match?

Mary Ellen Harrison: Well, I will say that what Kitty said was very flattering and like you said, it did take me back a little bit. Usually you don’t get those sort of kind words going into a match of this magnitude. With that being said, I’m not going to be dropping my guard going into this match.

Mary Ellen Harrison: While we do have that respect for each other, I feel that the best way to show the level of respect we have is by giving each other a hell of a fight and give everything that we’ve got in this match. Giving anything less would be disrespectful to each other and to the fans that want to see this match.

Mary Ellen Harrison: As for how I’m feeling going into this match, I feel great. As was probably said before, I won the Unlucky 16 tournament to get this opportunity, and that in itself was very difficult to do, so in my mind, if I can go through and win that tournament, I have more than enough to go into this match and win the Multiuniversal Championship.

Pierre Haag of The Indenpendent.

As everyone in the United Kingdom says, the Harrison’s are not to be trusted considering that your father, Craig, has turned his back on his tag partners. With your tag team partner having the next shot and with a chance of going against you, are you going to turn on her?

Mary Ellen Harrison: It’s good to know that my father is still remembered after all of these years. No, I’m not going to turn on Sam. We talked about the possibility of the two of us possibly facing off against each other if I win the title, and the first thing we talked about was how much of a great match it would be.

Mary Ellen Harrison: While we are tag team partners, we’re going to keep it professional throughout all of this. We both want the same thing, and we know neither of us are going to lay down for the other to get what we want. So, no, we may put the tag team aside for one match, but we’re still going to be a team regardless of the result. That is, if the match happens in the first place, which I do hope does.

Tom Vega of ESPN.

Miss Tolson, we all saw your historic run in 5BW thus far and it’s becoming very legendary show by show. You will be facing off against Sabrina Baker, who is more dangerous than ever. How are you feeling facing her? Also, would you go back and relive the feud of the year with Luciana?

Samantha: Let's break that question into the individual parts. As far as holding the 5BW World Championship for a year goes, I did only what was needed to reclaim that as a fighter's championship, and to make it truly a World Championship. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine holding it as long as I did.

Skipping to Luciana, honestly, it was a case of paving the way and showing a lot of new talent that hard work and effort pays off if you're willing to make that sacrifice. I don't need backstage connections and backroom deals to hold championship gold. Luciana did. The difference between us was first shown at War Games, then that night inside the Devil's Playground. She wasn't willing to make those sacrifices. I did.

As far as Sabrina goes, she's become little more than a rumor mill made flesh. You say she's dangerous? Most everyone in our locker room is. But I've beaten her before, and will again at Law and Order. Yes, she will certainly get her shots in...but at the end of the match I'll be the one with their hand raised.

Frank Diaz of WNO

Your tag team partner, Mary Ellen Harrison, will be challenging Kitty Dark for the Splat! Multiuniversial Championship at Law and Order. If Mary Ellen does win, she faces you next. How are you feeling knowing that possibility?

Samantha: Well let's get this all out in the open. Kitty has long been a friend. Mary Ellen has been a good friend as well as a hell of a tag partner. And I've been on the record multiple times saying I hate fighting my friends.

But the MulitUniversal Championship is about business. That match is one I've been wanting for a long while. So regardless if it's Kitty or Mary Ellen that I face on Tara Fenix's Charity Cruise, I will set that friendship aside for a little while and focus on becoming the new MulitUniversal Champion.

Ellen Petit of USA Today

Any chance you will be going for the Five Boroughs Wrestling tag team championships?

Mary Ellen and I would love a shot at those belts. We are already tag champs elsewhere twice over now, and I won't speak for my partner but there's always room for another set of belts.

Rob Francis of The Post Standard

Miss Madden, with being a couple of months into your reign as champion and going against Drew Rogers and D-Six, are you feeling with these odds stacked against you?

“In a sense, yes. But then again, the odds have been stacked against me from day one. I came into 5BW out of training. No one expected me to make much of a splash… I was supposedly destined to be “filler”, but here I am. I wasn’t expected to win the Steinbrenner Cup, but I did. I wasn’t supposed to beat Sam Tolson and win this World Championship, but I did. Odds being stacked against me is nothing new, and I welcome the opportunity to overcome the odds yet again.”

Yvette Yost of SportsCentre

Last year, you won the Steinbrenner Cup over Amber Rockwell. By any chance, will you be on hand this year when the winner is announced?

“I expect that I’ll be there when the winner is crowned, and plan on standing across the ring from them to defend this Championship when they get their earned shot.”

Sarah Thompson of MSN Sports

Do you see anyone out of the ordinary challenging you for the 5BW Championship? If so, who do you think that could be and why?

“You know what? Forthcoming challenges aren't really something I like to think about. I don’t try to go too long-term with my reign because God knows in this business, you look too far ahead and you miss the roadblock right in front of you. Miss that, and I could have this Championship taken away. The quality of talent in 5BW is just that good. But I will say that I welcome all challengers. If 5BW can make it happen, I’d take on anyone who wants to parade around calling themselves “the best in the world” because the more of them I can take down, the stronger this Championship gets, and if they truly ARE “the best”, they should be Champion anyway!

Meagan G: Thank you everyone and we will see you on Sunday
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