Goes Canadian, Eh? Layout

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Goes Canadian, Eh? Layout

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Here we go with the layout. Please please please pick wisely on where the spot is going to be for your character. Here we go.

Opening - Meagan
Larry vs. Natalie
Segment One: - Lisa
Segment Two: - Garrett
Andrews vs. Valentine -
Segment three - Gabe
Segment Four
Khane vs. Jones -
Segment FIve:
Segment Six: - Garrett
Cranley vs. Top Gun Tsunami
Segment Seven - Mel
Segment Eight
Pryce vs. Arabella
Segment Nine
Segment Ten - Garrett
Helms vs. Rogers - Chris
Segment Eleven - JJ/Meagan/Dave
Segment Twelve - Corey/Meagan/Dave
Last Women Standing - Meagan
Segment Thirteen
War Games - Meagan

Yes, this looks like it's a BIG show because this will be a BIG show for everyone and EVERYONE should step up. Don't RUSH neither please

Send Stuff to me here or my gmail account (themeagang1990@gmail.com)

Soft Deadline: April 24th, 2020
Hard: Sunday April 26th, 2020
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Re: Goes Canadian, Eh? Layout

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2 - Darian
6 - XS (can relinquish to someone booked if there's an excessive need)
10 - Ariel
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Re: Goes Canadian, Eh? Layout

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3- Gabe
8- Natalie

Natalie is now Segment 4.
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Re: Goes Canadian, Eh? Layout

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7 - Chelsea Pryce
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Re: Goes Canadian, Eh? Layout

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Segment 13
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