Royal Crown LAYOUT

Section where when the official show card goes up, the signups for layouts go here.

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Royal Crown LAYOUT

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Here is the layout for Royal Crown. I want everyone that is on the card to hype their character, match or do something to make Season two a season that will be better than Season One. There is going to be some changes here to make sure everyone could possibly be on. Here we go.

Make sure you put the segment in a spot you need to put it in to feel right with your story.
Do not hog up! If you have multiple characters, pick one segment slot that will fit them.
If you are working together with someone, talk with them to see where you will go.

Soft Deadline: August 28th, 2020
Hard Deadline: August 30th, 2020 or August 31st, 2020 if the show needs to be extended.

Opening: - Meagan
Dakota vs. Asia - Sunshine Chris
Segment One - Garrett
Segment Two: - Devon
Tag Team Championship
Segment Three - JJ/Chris
Segment Four: Garrett
Darian vs. Christy - Dre
Segment Five - Garrett

Segment Six: - Dave
Fatal Four Way - Meagan
Segment Seven: Meagan/Noris
Segment Eight: - Chris/JJ
L/R vs. H/N – Meagan
Segment Nine: Meagan/Dave/Janine

Segment Ten: - Dave
Johnson Sisters vs. ME and Tiffany –
Segment Eleven: - Greg
Segment Twelve – Meagan/JJ
Addy A vs. Amber - Dre
Segment Thirteen –
Segment Fourteen –
M/G vs. C/D6 – Meagan
Segment fifteen
Segment Sixteen - Corey
5BW Championship – Meagan
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Re: Royal Crown LAYOUT

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One, Four, Five.
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Re: Royal Crown LAYOUT

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Segment 3 (Chris and I are working on a tag team thing here)

Segment 8 (for Rachel and Luciana)
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Re: Royal Crown LAYOUT

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Re: Royal Crown LAYOUT

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number 2

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