Law and Order LAYOUT

Section where when the official show card goes up, the signups for layouts go here.

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Law and Order LAYOUT

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Here is the Layout everyone. Look out for Details below.

Opening - Meagan
Clark vs. Whitmoyer -
Segment One - G
Segment Two -
Fatal Four Way -
Segment Three
Segment Four
Cranley vs. Helms - Dre
Segment Five
Segment Six - JJ
Rachelle vs Carter - Meagan
Segment Seven - Devin
Segment Eight - Janine
Enforcer vs. Rogers
Segment Nine
Segment Ten
Khane vs. O'Flynn
Segment Eleven - G
Segment Twelve - Meagan
Andrews vs. Harrison - Dre
Segment Thirteen - Janine
Segment Fourteen - JJ
Six Pack
Segment 15
Segment 16 - Corey
Tolson vs. Johnson - Meagan

Soft-Deadline: September 25th, 2020
Hard-Deadline - September 27th, 2020 (I'm very aware that Yom Kippur is on Sunday. If anyone celebrates this, I will be gladly move The hard to the 28th, which will be our late date)
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Re: Law and Order LAYOUT

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Give me #1 and #11
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Re: Law and Order LAYOUT

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Segment 8- Gabe
Segment 13- Brett
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Re: Law and Order LAYOUT

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Segment 6 - Minka
Segment 14 - Dakota
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Re: Law and Order LAYOUT

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segment 7

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