Birthday Bash LAYOUT

Section where when the official show card goes up, the signups for layouts go here.

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Birthday Bash LAYOUT

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So here is the layout for the Birthday Bash for segments. This will be a full written show to make it feel special here and plus, this is the last spot show of the year. There is going to be segments for this so if you want to do one, its VERY appreciative. However, this is tricky. If your segment is before the match up, RESERVE A SLOT BEFORE YOUR MATCH. (Example Segment oNe or two, Addy A or Brett will probably take that spot)

Opening - Meagan
Segment One - Janine
Segment Two
Addy A vs. Brett
Segment Three
Segment Four - Devin
Christy vs. Enforcer
Segment Five - Chris
Segment Six - Meagan
KPN vs. Amber - Meagan

Segment Seven - JJ
Segment Eight - G

Ariel vs. Minka
Segment Nine
Segment Ten:
Six Person Tag - Meagan
Closing - Meagan

There is no soft deadline. The Deadline will be October 9th with extended being October 10th.
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Re: Birthday Bash LAYOUT

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Segment 4

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Re: Birthday Bash LAYOUT

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Segment 1 -Brett
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Re: Birthday Bash LAYOUT

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Give me segment eight.
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Re: Birthday Bash LAYOUT

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Segment 7.
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Re: Birthday Bash LAYOUT

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Segment 5 and I also will have a segment that you can throw anywhere
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