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So, where to start. Ooft. Okay, for starters, I'm Australian. Hide your shock. I hate seafood, so your shrimp references will just be met with a glare, but I do love my caramello koalas. Also, no, I do not drink Fosters. No true Aussie drinks fosters. We send that grub overseas and hoard the bundy rum instead.

Okay, I'm a gamer first and a writer second. Love just wasting days on my PS4 and will sometimes overly procrastinate over a RP or match and end up just wasting my time in a good RPG until realising 'crap. How long til deadline now? Dammit'. I apologise in advance for all these missed moments.

Thirdly, I'm a happily married father of two. My wife puts up with my writing and gaming habits. My kids annoy me/make me smile in equal measure. Their also turning me into an alcoholic. I consider all those pre-kid alcoholic years as 'the prologue'. Other parents can understand this.

As an efedder I've been doing this.......*checks date* Yep. Almost as long as I just aged Mark too. Wow. Thats.......Alright. I need a moment here. My characters are now as old as my hobby. Fricking hell.

Where was I? Right. I've been doing this far far far too long. I've tried every style of writing there is. Match-Writing, Angle (but you need to RP for it), Pure Angle, Pure RP. Shoot. Done some hybrids. I've been everywhere man, I've been everywhere.

Some people may know me from XWA Battlezone (HI MINKA!) Some may know me from Hell. Or, as it occasionally gets known, WWH (Hi Sam!). I'm sure others know me too, that I can't place yet.

The characters I've written before Mark, and that are /probably/ best known would be Ace Andrews, Levinator, or Travis Levitt. I've got a zillion others up my sleeve too, and I may bring some more to 5BW as my creativity flows and grows.

Y'all can just call me Ace. And I am really looking forward to getting going here.

And now, I think I've rattled on enough. So I'll just end this the way I started it.

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