The Damned Ones

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The Damned Ones

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Tag Team/Stable Name:
The Damned Ones

Luciana Verdoza
Sabrina Baker
Jayson Schneider

Combined Weight:
497 Pounds

Links to Single Competition Profiles:
Luciana -

Sabrina -

Jayson -

Tag Team Signature Moves:
Triple Suplex
Double Spanish Fly (Luciana and Sabrina Baker)
Double DDT (anyone can use)
Doomsday Device

Tag Team Finisher:
The Damned Rouge (Sabrina Baker’s Remix 2 to Luciana’s Hell Kick)
No Point of Return (Double Super Kick from Sabrina Baker and Luciana Verdoza to Jayson’s German Suplex)

Theme Song: Zero Signal by Fear Factory
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