5BW Press Conference – June 2, 2019

On a late spring Sunday Evening in New York City where everyone’s enjoying what’s last of the weekend, a big buzz is taking place. There’s a new promotion in town and it’s starting to make waves. Many reporters are there to see what the deal is. Suddenly, a tall, but slender women comes in and smiles at everyone. She’s dressed professionally as this is a BIG moment for her. The tall women steps to the microphone and begins to talk with confidence.

Woman: Good Evening everyone, and my name is Dora Morsa- Richardson or Dora Richardson.

She smiles, considering that this is a big thing for her, she expects to say a lot of stuff regarding the big news.

Dora Richardson: Today happens to be a good day because there’s a big promotion coming to town. I was talking about doing this since I retired from active professional wrestling in 2013, but the one thing in mind I had was having a family, in which happened. I’m a proud mother of two adorable little girls.

The people clap for her as she mentions that, but Dora doesn’t want to let that bother her.

Dora Richardson I know. It’s a big thing, but this is a HUGE deal to me. The idea of doing a wrestling promotion came back because I wanted to give back to EVERYONE who helped me. I wanted to give back a place where people could have fun, wrestle and spend time with their families. I talked with my husband and he agreed. – I needed to give back to my wrestling family.

She takes a sip of water.

Dora Richardson Prior towards going on my own, I was talking with Madhouse Media and making it known that I wanted to do this. They agreed and I signed ahead; though with a lot of inquiries about this upcoming promotion, I had to move away and branch out. While I do want to take the time and thank them for allowing me to sign up for a short time, it was time to go out there on our own and show what this place was made of.

The fans give her a standing ovation. She’s in awe but keeps on talking.

Dora Richardson Onto the details. This new promotion is called “Five Boroughs Wrestling”. The shows will take place bi-monthly.

She sees someone raise their hands.

Reporter One: Why bi-monthly, so long between shows?

Dora Richardson I was just about to get to that. The reason why this place is going to be bi-monthly is because I want our wrestlers to rest up and spend time with whoever they need to spend time with. Our wrestlers are free to accept any other bookings they wish in the meantime, as long as they’re able to honor their committments to 5BW. With several weeks’ notice, it should be easier for both fans and wrestlers alike to be ready – and excited – for the next 5BW event.

Reporter: Thank You.

Dora smiles as someone asks a question. She nods with the “go ahead sign”

Reporter Two: Since you mentioned Five Boroughs Wrestling, you mean it will take place in all FIVE Boroughs?

Dora Richardson Yes. Our shows will be taking place in all five boroughs. Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island and Brooklyn. Matter of fact, our first show, Vendetta: Beginnings will be taking place in the Bronx on June 30th, at the YMCA in Castle Hill.

Reporter: Thank you.

Dora Richardson Now onto the matches. We have two matches signed and we will be adding a couple more right now. Remember, of course, that the card is always subject to change and that we may add another match in the meantime. Please remember to check 5BWrestling.com often for updates on Vendetta: Beginnings’s card!

The reporters are getting interested on what these could be as Dora opens her tablet on the screen.

Dora Richardson Our first match is going to be Asia Jones vs. Hayley Fien. These girls are ready to see what their careers will take them too. They’re excited and I’m sure this match up will have the fans talking.

She scrolls on her tablet and looks at the next part of her speech.

Dora Richardson Our next announcement will be a tournament of eight people called the “Steinbrenner Cup” in tribute of the late New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. He led his company to victory, and his people loved him. We might not be Yankee Stadium, but if anyone is interested in the cup give me a call and I will gladly sign you up. Currently we are planning for eight, but if we get enough people interested then we have no problem expanding to sixteen.

She takes a look at another thing.

Dora RichardsonI should also mention that our newest signee, Lex Collins, WILL be a part of the tournament. Seeding will be drawn at random. The finals will be reserved for our second show, however, in order for the competitors to be able to be at full strength when the prize is on the line.

She looks at the next bit.

Dora Richardson And finally our main event of the show. Brittani Helms and Mary Ellen Harrison will be competing against each other in a New York Street Fight. Brittani had a couple of words to say about Mary Ellen, Mary Ellen responded and now they want to kill each other. This match up could be a BIG thing regarding Five Boroughs Wrestling and could put this on spot.

A reporter raises their hands again.

Reporter: Are they both here tonight?

Dora looks at them and nods her head.

Dora Richardson Matter of fact, both of them are here tonight.

She looks to the back as Broken Heart by Falling up comes on the speaker. Mary Ellen Harrison comes out and waves at the reporters and takes her seat. Snakes in the Grass by Waka Flaka Flame kicks in as Brittani Helms walks out and goes on the other side, ignoring Mary Ellen Harrison.

Dora Richardson Well since I have both girls here, let them have a go. Mary Ellen, you are first.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Thank you for having me, and thank all of you for coming out there tonight.

She says that with confidence and speaks again

Mary Ellen Harrison: Now, I know this isn’t exactly how you remember last seeing me, but a lot of time has passed and a lot of stuff has happened since the last time you saw me in a promotion like this.

Mary Ellen lets out a sigh as the reporters are writing their notes

Mary Ellen Harrison: Looking back at myself during my time at GPW, I know that I had a few goals in mind: to step out of the shadow and make a name for myself, and also to find out who I really am.

She looks over at Brittani, who’s basically rolling her eyes

Mary Ellen Harrison: After I left GPW, I still had a few questions on my mind, but now I can say I’ve found the answers. I don’t need to search for anything, but I feel like I still need to prove something, and on June 30th, I plan to do just that.

Brittani keeps on ignoring her as ME keeps her eye on her opponent

Mary Ellen Harrison: A while back, I wanted to show the world who I really was, but now I want to show the world what I can do in the ring, and prove to everyone that you should never mess with a Harrison.

Reporter raises the hand as Dora approves his question.

Reporter: You’re facing Brittani Helms at Vendetta, any thoughts on your opponent?

Mary Ellen Harrison: I know who Brittani is, and I know what she’s like. She kinda reminds me of my sister: She’s not afraid to let the world know how she really feels. The thing is, it’s one thing to try to provoke me and try to get under my skin, but now she’s going to have to back it up. It’s my job to show everyone that Brittani is all bark and no bite.

Reporter: Thank you for that.

Another reporter raises his hand.


Reporter: Do you think your sexuality has something to do with the attacking?

Before Mary Ellen could respond, Dora steps in really fast.

Dora Richardson Before she answers that, I’m going to say this one thing. Regardless of sexual orientation, race, gender, religious background, everyone here is allowed!

She looks at Mary Ellen before giving that nod.

Mary Ellen Harrison: Using my sexuality would be an easy way to go after me, but I think it’s more that she thinks I’m an easy target, someone that she can just easily push aside so that she can come out as a big, bad machine. When the time comes, I’ll have no problem proving her wrong.

Brittani stands up because she’s pissed off and legit tired of this nonsense as she gets up and shoves Mary Ellen out of the way.

Brittani Helms: You know what? I’m sick and tired of you ranting and fucking raving about what you finna do and what you finna going to end up doing to me. You say I’m all bark and no bite? Bitch, you don’t know what’s coming to you!

The reporters are in shock with this.

Brittani Helms: I don’t want to make this all about me. I’m not here to stand pretty and post pictures like she’s KNOWN for doing. I’m here to make a fucking statement and that statement is – I’m here to kick your fucking smutbag ass in the middle of the ring!

Dora is in shock as Mary Ellen stands in front of her.

Brittani Helms: First off, get your stank ass away from me because standing in front of me ain’t finna do shit.

Mary Ellen Harrison: And if my “stank ass” stays right here, what’s going to happen? Are you going to try being the bad bitch and do something about it?

The reporters are getting their cameras out just in case.

Brittani Helms: Actually “Raven”, I’m going to do someth-

Reporter interrupts.

Reporter: Brittani, since Mary Ellen mentioned GPW and she wants to do something better in 5Bw, can you give her credit?

Brittani Helms: Can I give her credit? FUCK NO!

Dora’s still mortified about this.

Brittani Helms: Mary Ellen’s known for ONE thing and that is liking photos of half naked girls and not paying attention to the game. Seriously, the REASON why people took her side was EVERYONE felt bad for her! She played the victim and a DAMN good victim on top of that. No wonder why the Irish Gir-

Mary Ellen interrupts her again.

Brittani Helms: For Fuck sake, you had your time, let me fucking talk!

Mary Ellen is standing there, looking to see what she will do next.

Brittani Helms: And of course, just like always and in the past, Mary Ellen all talk, no bark and just like anyone that supported her, A COWARD because she won’t hit me!

Brittani stands in her face as Mary Ellen looks at her. Mary Ellen takes a step back and HITS Brittani right in the face as a fight breaks out. Melanie, Kieran, and Meagan, who are the staff of 5BW come out and try to break them up.

Melanie O’Flynn: There’s no need to do this now. Save it for the show, alright!

The staff pulls them apart as Brittani becomes face to face with Kieran Quinn

Brittani Helms: What you gonna do?

Kieran looks at her as Dora gets in between them as she is not happy!

Dora Richardson Mary Ellen Harrison! Brittani Helms! There will be consequences for your actions!

Everyone is in shock as Brittani is moved away while Mary Ellen is being checked on by Kieran and Melanie as reporters are still in shock. This press conference was out of control as we end it right here.

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