5BW Presents: Vendetta: Beginnings – June 30th, 2019

“Hear me Now” by Undead Hollywood blares in on the speakers as we are live from the Castle Hill YMCA in the Bronx, New York. The fans are going wild and cheering for the first ever Five Boroughs Wrestling Event called “Vendetta”. This is the beginning of a new era and a new chapter in the lives of many.

Jamey Caresalle: Welcome everyone to Five Boroughs Wrestling Vendetta – Beginnings, I am your commentator, Jamey Caresalle! And with me is my colleague and co-commentator, Bimmy Mays!

Bimmy Mays: Holy shit! These New Yorkers are fucking wild, they’re going to cause a riot!

Jamey Caresalle: Tonight is a historic night coming into our show. We got the first of our Steinbrenner Cup matches as well as a singles match with Asia Jones and Hayley Fien!

Bimmy Mays: These girls are going to claw each other!

Jamey Caresalle: And Speaking of killing each other, Mary Ellen Harrison and Brittani Helms are going to battle at it in a New York Street Fight! Nobody knows what’s going to happen with this match!

Bimmy Mays: New York finna go WILD with the DC’s Savage and The Raven Hair…wait, I thought her hair was red??

As Jamey was about to say something, Diamond Eyes by Shinedown kicks in as a loud standing ovation kicks in. Out comes the owner of Five Boroughs Wrestling, Dora Richardson as the fans greet her.

Jamey Caresalle: Well you look at that, we start our night off with Dora Richardson, the women who started all of this!

Dora gets in the ring and waves at the beloved New York crowd. She grabs a microphone from Taylor Hudson, the ring announcer for 5BW. They’re all applauding for her as she begins to talk.

Dora Richardson: Welcome everyone to Five Boroughs Wrestling!

The fans give a roaring ovation for the Five Boroughs Wrestling owner as a loud “5BW” chant echoes through the YMCA.

Dora Richardson: Thank you everyone for that ovation. It really means a lot to me.

The fans agree as they settle down.

Dora Richardson: Tonight’s a big night for everyone at 5BW. Not only is this our first show – this is a start where a name could become “immortal”

Fans are looking at each other, trying to figure out what’s going on.

Dora Richardson: And when I mean by immortal, I mean by having the Steinbrenner Cup.

The fans are going wild for this as the New York Yankees former owner’s name’s dropped. A loud “Let’s Go Yankees” Chant rings through the YMCA as the Bronx’s beloved sports team won the series in London.

Dora Richardson: Eight competitors are signed with the cash prizes put out. Now as for the matches in the first round, they stand as followed.

Dora points to the screen as the brackets of the first round are up. She looks off and reads them.

Dora Richardson: Lex Collins will be taking on Mute, Veronica Van Claudio will be taking on Gabe Khane, Bridget Johnson taking on Natalie Eldredge and Samantha Tolson-Anderson will be taking on Richard Dweck in our first round. All of them received their money for this tournament but will become richer as time moves on.

Fans clap and cheer for this announcement.

Dora Richardson: I don’t want to go on and on all night about this because I know all of you are ready for this show. The first match will be starting….. RIGHT NOW

The fans cheer as they are ready for this. Diamond Eyes kicks in once more as the fans are cheering for this. We are ready to go with the first match of the night.

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a singles match and it’s one fall!

Respect by Jeezy kicks in as the fans are booing for this competitor coming out of the back. Asia Jones comes out with full confidence as she is walking to the ring.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 125 pounds, Asia Jones!

Asia Jones walks to the ring and ignores the fans booing at her. She’s disgusted that she must be here in front of everyone in the Bronx. Asia rolls in and taunts the fans with her theme song fading out.

Jamey Caresalle: All right, here we go! Asia Jones, hailing from the other side of town, literally!

Bimmy Mays: What did you expect? It’s always Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn! The Bronx is almost forgotten about when you think of New York City!

Jamey Caresalle: Asia Jones does herself no favors with the Bronx crowd tonight either!

Angel Eyes by New Years Day kicks in as the fans are cheering. Out comes Hayley Fien, who comes out back, looking at her appointment as she walks to the ring, slapping hands of fans along the way.

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent, from Wildwood, New Jersey, weighing in at 134 Pounds, Hayley Fien!

Bimmy Mays: Okay, so they cheer for the Jersey girl, but they booed the Brooklyn chick? New York is a fucked up town, my man!

Jamey Caresalle: Well, Hayley isn’t disrespecting the fans like Asia!

Bimmy Mays: …..didn’t think about that…

Hayley rolls in the ring and waves at the fans while Asia is not looking impressed with this. Hayley takes off her jacket and puts it on the ground. The referee looks at both to make sure they’re both set and calls for the bell.

Bimmy Mays: DING! DING!

Asia and Hayley are in the ring as the fans are beginning to cheer for this. Asia comes up to her and shoves her, saying that she’s the better one and the most talented out of the two of them.

Jamey Caresalle: And right off the bat, Asia Jones continues her string of disrespectful behavior…

Asia looks at her flips her blue hair right in front of her face. Hayley does not look impressed and said that the impressive thing she can do? Hayley stands in the ring and jumps in the air before landing with a split as the fans are cheering.


Hayley smiles, but Asia comes up behind her and KICKS her right in the back.

Bimmy Mays: SHIT! What kind of dancing is that?

She grabs her blonde hair and throws her into the corner and kicks her down with a series of kicks. The fans are booing at her as Hayley’s doing her best to stand, but Asia goes for a hairmare out of the corner and throws her across the ring. The fans are booing as Asia mocks them while Hayley’s on the ground.

Jamey Caresalle: That’s the kind of dancing we hired these girls to do, and the kind they’ve talked about for weeks leading up to this!

She walks over to Hayley as Hayley grabs her by the ankles and takes her down, but again, Asia grabs her by the hair, causing Hayley’s grip on her ankles to break free. Asia lifts her up and slams her back down by the hair, causing the fans to boo. Asia looks down at her, and mocks her, saying that what would her trainers think about her that she’s wimping out already and keeps on slapping her in the head.

Jamey Caresalle: The disrespect continues! Asia Jones has established right off the bat that she is to be taken seriously here in 5BW!

Bimmy Mays: Well, you gotta think, a good chunk of people here tonight are making their debut, and everyone here tonight is making their debut for the Five Boroughs! Everybody wants to make an impact, everybody wants to get their name out there…

The fans are booing and trying to get Hayley to fight back, but Asia will not let her again she’s dominating her as the fans are booing for this. She throws her into the corner yet again and tells the fans to watch this.

Jamey Caresalle: Why does Asia Jones want to be known for demeaning her opponents?

Asia runs, but Hayley moves out the way as Asia crashes into the corner.

Bimmy Mays: Because there is no such thing as bad publicity – OUCHVILLE!

Jamey Caresalle: There IS such a thing as karma, and there it is in action!

Hayley waits for her to turn around as the fans are cheering for this as Asia slowly does. Hayley grabs at her and begins to punch her in the face and whips her into the ropes. Asia comes running back at her, and Hayley goes for a clothesline, but Asia ducks out of the way before jumping on the second rope, but Hayley pushes her over the ropes as the fans are cheering. She looks at her and heads to the turnbuckle as Asia is holding onto the barricade. Hayley says she’s going high risk as the fans are cheering for this as she goes up top.

Jamey Caresalle: Hayley Fien is making a comeback, and now she’s putting that comeback on the line….

Hayley looks at the fans as they are cheering as she yells at Asia to watch this. Hayley goes for crossbody as the fans are snapping pics at her move, but Asia moves out of the way.


Causing Hayley to go RIGHT into the barricade. The fans are booing as Asia points to her head and says that was smart of her to do while Hayley’s coughing. She could be hurt after that and it would be a heart breaker if the match needs to stop. The referee is checking on her and asks if she wants to continue, but Asia grabs her and tosses her back in the ring.

Bimmy Mays: This is why you don’t tell people to watch this! James, have you EVER seen anything go right whenever it starts with someone saying “watch this”?

Jamey Caresalle: Well, you’re 2 for 2 on this match…so maybe you’re right! Both these girls have got to control their emotions, as their feelings have cost both the forward momentum in this contest!

Asia bends over, grabs her again and yells in her face as the fans are booing for this.


As soon Asia yells that, Hayley flips her in the finger and pushes her right on the ground.

Bimmy Mays: No, no, fuck that, let ‘em go! This is the shit I’m talkin’ about!

There’s the rage that Meagan told her she needed to do and it came out. Hayley sweeps her down by the legs and gets on top of her as she unleashes a series of punches right into her face.

Jamey Caresalle: This has broken down into an old fashioned catfight!

Bimmy Mays: And they ain’t had their claws trimmed in weeks!

Hayley stands back up and yells as she bends over and waits for Asia to get to her feet. Asia rolls back to her feet and stands as Hayley comes at her with a jawbreaker. Asia’s hair goes in the hair as she goes back first towards Hayley, causing her to jump right on her back, but Asia flips her over and slams her ONCE again as the fans are booing for this.

Jamey Caresalle: I gotta say thus far, Asia Jones does seem to have something resembling an edge over Hayley. She might be saying Hayley was improperly trained, but she looks to be sharp for someone of her young age and experience level.

Asia mocks and says that’s the end for her and she’s going to end this bitch right in the ring as the fans are booing. Hayley is back to her feet and turns to Asia as Asia goes for a very hard palm strike that’s so loud, it echoed through the YMCA. She follows up with a high knee right into Hayley’s face, causing a cut to come open on Hayley’s face. Asia smirks again and goes for another palm strike that’s louder and causing more blood to come out of her face. Asia bends her over and goes for her finisher called “Fire 99” and goes for it as she goes on the ground. The fight that Hayley was bringing is over as the referee counts.

Jamey Caresalle: The Fire 99’ snapmare driver! She REALLY was trained well!



TH- Hayley kicks out.

Jamey Caresalle: Hayley Fien kicks out on pure adrenaline and willpower alone!

Asia’s impressed with this and says that for a pretty little blonde, she isn’t given up that quick. Asia again picks her up and goes for a second finisher, but Hayley comes up and pushes her before going for a handspring into a Superman punch.


Jamey Caresalle: Hayley Fien is not done yet!

Asia falls on the ground as the fans are cheering as a blood drawn Hayley rolls over Asia as the fans are cheering for this.



TH- Asia kicks out of it.

Bimmy Mays: Neither is Asia Jones!

With blood coming down from her cheek, Hayley holds her head and thinks she must do this again as she stands up and goes for the handspring again, but Asia catches her with a Monkey flip. Hayley goes air born into the sky but can flip out of it. She gets to her feet and turns around. However, she gets caught by Asia who again goes for the Fire 99 and connects it. Will the second time be the charm for Asia as she covers her.




Bimmy Mays: That’s it.


Jamey Caresalle: No, it’s not!


Asia THOUGHT she had her again as she throws a temper tantrum. She stands up and YELLS in the face of the referee and argues that was a three count. The referee is telling her no, it wasn’t as she grabs the referee. Asia doesn’t care if she gets disqualified because she believes that she’s won this.

Bimmy Mays: Yeah, I’d be a little upset too! Even I thought that was three!

Jamey Caresalle: You couldn’t have slid a piece of paper between the ref’s hand and the canvas when he made that count – LOOK OUT!

Suddenly, Hayley comes up behind her and goes for a chick kick right in the back of Asia’s head, freeing her grip from the referee. As Asia loses her grip, Hayley turns her around and goes for her finisher called “Ocean Waves” as the fans are cheering for this. Asia goes right on the ground with the fans going nuts for this. Hayley quickly rolls her over and pins her as this could be the end.





Jamey Caresalle: Unbelievable! Hayley Fien has defeated Asia Jones!

Hayley won the match as the fans are cheering. The referees come up and raises her hands while we see the blood smeared all over her face. The fans are giving a standing as she’s looking at them and pointing.

Bimmy Mays: Well, she barely, and I do mean BARELY, kicked out of that second Fire ‘99. Maybe Asia shouldn’t have argued about it, but she did, and Hayley caught her slippin’!

Like a Bitch by Zomboy kicks in as the fans are confused with this. Hayley doesn’t know what’s going on while she has a confused look on her face.

Jamey Caresalle: I don’t recognize this music…

Bimmy Mays: I wish I didn’t, but I have sex with a lot of women with teenage daughters! I don’t know who’s using this music as a theme though…I’m just gonna shut up and watch now.

Suddenly, Fiona Franklin walks out of the back as the fans are in shock with this. It was reported that she was thinking of signing with the company. Is this why she’s here? Fiona gets in the ring with the fans curious about this.

Fiona Franklin: Well surprise, surprise. It looks like it’s time to confirm the rumors about yours truly being here.

The fans are wondering, but one idiot fan yells at her.

Fan: Where’s your tutu?

Fiona gives him the death stare as she looks at him.

Fiona Franklin: Hey asshole, where’s your manners?

The fans laugh out loud as the fan’s embarrassed with Fiona attacking him just now. She continues speaking.

Fiona Franklin: As you know – New York Wrestling News decided to run a rumor about me, Fiona Franklin and Sabrina Baker signing to the company, I decided to come here and speak for myself to confirm that rumor.

She looks at the fans…

Fiona Franklin: Here’s the answer to that rumor. I, Fiona Franklin, have officially signed to Five Boroughs Wrestling!

The fans are cheering for this as she smiles as Hayley is looking at her.

Fiona Franklin: Oh, I don’t need that! I really don’t!

Hayley looks at her and grabs a microphone because she’s not happy.

Hayley Fien: Excuse me – not to sound disrespectful or anything.

Fiona looks at her with a pissed off look.

Fiona Franklin: Oh, I know what your going to say. You’re not happy that I’m interrupting your time because you won the match.

She looks at her while Hayley’s standing there.

Fiona Franklin: I’m also here to congratulate you on winning your match. I’m impressed with the effort that you’ve put out there. I bet, Sarah is…

She stops for a minute.

Fiona Franklin: Wait, your trained by Sarah McC?

Hayley nods as Fiona has a look of disgust but changes her tone.

Fiona Franklin: You know, for a “trainer”, she did a shitty job training you after you nearly got your ass kicked in the match. Kind of reminds me of the time where I kicked her ass to win a women’s championship!

The fans are booing as Hayley gets mad at Fiona. Fiona smirks again.

Fiona Franklin: OK, let me take that back, she did a good job…with the type of ring gear your wearing!

The fans are still booing at her. Hayley stands up to her before Fiona backs down.

Fiona Franklin: WHOA! Easy there! I’m only joking. Hayley, you did a tremendous job out there and you have a bright future in Five Boroughs Wrestling.

Hayley calms down and smiles while Fiona has a semi smile on her face

Fiona Franklin: I’m going to let you soak it in….OK?

Hayley nods as she soaks in her win. The fans are cheering with her theme song playing once again, but Fiona Franklin turns her around and goes for a snap DDT as the fans are booing. She looks at her and grabs the microphone yet again.

Fiona Franklin: Because I’m going to take it!

The fans are booing for this with Fiona standing over her. She smirks and rolls out of the ring with the fans flipping her off and cursing her out.

Jamey Caresalle:Well, 5BW now has a former GPW Tag Team Champion working for us…

Bimmy Mays: She wasn’t that kind of a bitch back then! Five years does a lot to ya, I guess…been seeing a lot of heel turns since Trump became President. I don’t know. What else we got going on tonight?

Jamey Caresalle: The rest of the first-round matches of the Steinbrenner Cup, as well as that big street fight main event! Tonight has barely gotten started!

The view shifts to the locker room area where someone is shown in a black hoodie from behind. They’re standing in front of a locker and when the camera moves in closer, it pans up to show the bearded face of Lex Collins reflected in the mirror— the crowd pops at the sight of the decorated veteran Lex glances over his shoulder as though he hears the crowd, doing a double take at the camera.

Lex Collins: Oh hey. Didn’t hear ya come in.

He laughs sheepishly and then turns back to his locker, pulling out a clean white towel that he drapes around his neck. Slowly, he takes off the sweat-soaked hoodie, showing the old and faded scars that criss-cross his back. He starts to slowly unravel the tape around his fingers, keeping his back to the camera while he speaks.

Lex Collins: I never thought I’d end up comin’ back here. Never really had a bad time in these five boroughs – that’s the crazy part of it all. See, the Big Apple was there, caught me when I fled the bright lights that burned too bad in ol’ Sin City. It was a proving ground for me in a way. I turned myself into a god, climbed Mount Olympus an’ everything. But, y’know, all good things come to an end… things changed an’ I guess a part of me blamed the city, blamed the locale as though brick an’ mortar an’ asphalt an’ yellow taxis had anything to do with the way things fell apart. New York State of Mind, right?

He breaks off, shaking his head.

Lex Collins: An’ maybe tonight isn’t about that rebirth an’ renewal. Maybe it’s not about fresh starts an’ clean slates an’ all the other static crowding up my damned head. Maybe it’s about a legacy. Maybe it’s about finally doing something on my own terms, something that won’t burn me out an’ tear me apart inside. Maybe this is full-on Darwinian shit – survival of the fittest rather’n some Godzilla shit, tearin’ cities to the ground outta spite. I can get behind that. The purest form of competition. Rehabilitation rather’n extermination, y’know? Learn something new. Put it to the test.

He turns slowly, a rueful smile on his lips that fades away, leaving him looking tired although there’s still a warm spark of life in his brown eyes. He crumples the used tape in his fist, fingers flexing in time with his words, making that mild tone seem more impassioned just by that simple repetitive action.

Lex Collins: I don’t wanna kick rocks. I don’t wanna throw shit at the wall to see how it sticks. I’m done with all that nonsense. I wanna be who I was meant to be: a goddamned survivor. Means you can’t keep me down, least not for long. But hey, y’know, you’re welcome to try. I won’t stop you. That’s what this is about, after all. We’re warriors. We’re fighters an’ whether it’s for a pay check or the greater good that motivates, it’s something, right? Better’n nothing. So bring it, whatever you think you got. I’ll meet you head-on…

He holds his arms out at his sides, showing off his toned physique as he trails off, the meaning clear enough. He might not be the biggest or most ripped in the business but he’s definitely not slacking in the gym, that’s for sure.

Lex Collins: It’s hard bein’ back here, tryna separate the good memories from the bad ones. Mabye I’ll just have to rewrite it all. You do this shit too long an’ it gets to you in the worst kinda way. You stop bein’ able to slough it off like dead skin… starts to stain, leave a mark. I don’t wanna dwell on the might’ve beens, y’know? I want to look forward into the future, a new future where I’m the guy they all look to – I wanna be that guy so damned bad. I’m gonna make it happen. Just you wait an’ see. New start. Fresh an’ shiny. New reality. I got this.

A grim smile crosses his lips before he turns away from the camera again, clearing his throat after an awkward silence. He pulls out a can of Pepsi and cracks it open, taking a long swallow before glancing back to see the camera is still there. He shakes his head, chuckling.

Lex CollinsThat… that’s all I wanted to say. You can go now.

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a Steinbrenner Cup First Round Match!

No music plays, and no sound is heard to signal the entrance of one Mute. She simply walks down the aisleway to nothing but a hushed response from the Bronx crowd. Even Jamey and Bimmy are quiet during her entrance.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, weighing in at 117 pounds…Mute!

Mute simply rolls in underneath the bottom rope, approaching the corner still in complete silence. “Re-Education (Through Labor)” by Rise Against bursts through the PA system and breaks the melancholy with a large crowd response.

Bimmy Mays: Can we talk now, Jamey?

Jamey Caresalle: There wasn’t anything stopping you from saying anything, Bimmy.

Taylor Hudson: And her opponent, coming in from The Open Road…he is “Fearless” Lex Collins!

Jamey Caresalle: The veteran, Lex Collins, might be a favorite to win this match tonight!

Bimmy Mays: The motherfucker looks older than I do!

Jamey Caresalle: He’s definitely seen his share of brawls and high profile matches, that’s for sure!

Bimmy Mays: Bet this is his first time going up against a Mute, that’s for sure…

As Lex approaches the ring, we cut briefly to a shot of the fans in the upper decks. Standing at the railing looking down onto the crowd is a veiled man, with motorcycle goggles and a dirt facemask obscurin any identifying traits. A grey skull contrasts the rest of the black mask.

Bimmy Mays: Oh hey! I guess Mute has a fan!

Jamey Caresalle:I’m not sure, Bimmy, but I don’t think that’s any normal fan…

Meanwhile, Lex (now in the ring) stretches by gripping the top rope and squatting a few times, turning around to face Mute. Mute points to Lex, herself, the mat, and around the arena – in that order.

Jamey Caresalle: You don’t need vocal cords to speak the language of competition! I think Mute is trying to make that clear…


Jamey Caresalle: And we’re off! The Steinbrenner Cup is under way, with the first round of matches!

Mute offers an outreached fist to Lex, who returns. After the touch of gloves, they both lock up.

Jamey Caresalle: We’re going to see something resembling respect here starting off, and I do love to see that…nice hiptoss by Mute to start off!

Bimmy Mays: Mute is giving up some size to Lex, but I think the big difference has gotta be Lex’s experience…arm drag by Lex Collins, they’re both trying to get an idea of what the other can do…

Mute throws a high feint kick, which Lex dodges. He tries to counter this with an overhand punch, but Mute is able to duck this as well. Mute jumps up, leaping high with extended legs.


Jamey Caresalle: That’s not what that move is called – quick near fall! Lex kicks out of the pin at one!

Bimmy Mays: She knew it wasn’t gonna work, she just had to try – AH FUCK!

Jamey Caresalle: Lex Collins with the high knee! Mute is knocked back…

Mute manages to avoid going down, although she has to back herself into the corner to do it. Lex runs in, but Mute gets out of the way just in time.

Jamey Caresalle: Mute is showing a little bit of heart, going up top…MISSES WITH THE MOONSAULT! She lands on her feet…Lex now with the jab, keeping Mute away…

Lex runs to the ropes, Mute turning around just in time to be caught with a running Enziguiri.
Jamey Caresalle: What a shot by Lex! Cover…



Jamey Caresalle: Mute kicks out!

Looking back in the crowd, the unidentified man from before is now on the floor level of fans, seen somewhere in the rear of the people. He watches on, silently, holding his hands together in front of him as if he is rubbing them together.

Jamey Caresalle: This guy is starting to scare me, Bimmy.

Bimmy Mays: If he comes over here he’s gonna get hit in the head with this popcorn bucket! I got your back Jamey!

Jamey Caresalle: What is a paper bucket of popcorn going to do?

Bimmy Mays: Ever had salt in your eyes? He don’t want this smoke.

Lex has Mute sat up, cinching on her arm and shoulder with a hammerlock. Lex tries to get the arm extended and lay Mute flat on her stomach. Mute is aware of the Fujiwara armbar, and keeps herself curled up to avoid the move.

Jamey Caresalle: Mute has some ring awareness here, and knows Lex likes to use this move to break arms if he has to!

Bimmy Mays: Hopefully it doesn’t come to that!

Finally realizing after the third sitout that Mute is not going to play nice, Lex opts to stand and bring Mute to her feet with him, locking in a side headlock. Mute rises up with him, backing to the ropes so she can push Lex away.

Jamey Caresalle: Mute refusing to allow Lex Collins to control the pace of the match…shoulderblock by Lex, and now he’s going to try running the ropes again….Mute lays down…comes back again…nice leapfrog by Mute!

Lex once more rebounds the ropes, and once more charges towards Mute…


Mute nails a standing leapfrog into a sunset flip…the crowd cheers…but Lex rolls out of it! He grabs Mute’s legs…

Jamey Caresalle: Lex going for a kneebar now!

Bimmy Mays: Best way to stop Mute from using her speed is take out the wheels!

Mute throws some open hands to Lex, trying to break his focus on the hold. Lex has the leg extended, but Mute just won’t let him lean back and apply pressure.

Jamey Caresalle: Mute REFUSES to go down without giving Lex a fight!

Bimmy Mays: And Lex refuses to just give up his gameplan!

Mute kicks Lex a couple of times with her free foot, finally getting him away. Her instinct now is to springboard up to the nearest set of turnbuckles but whatever she intended to do is quickly thwarted as Lex simply pulls her down!

Bimmy Mays: Ouch!

A laugh is heard from the crowd – as the mystery man is now directly in the front row!

Bimmy Mays: Jesus, this dude’s like a ghost in The Conjuring.

Jamey Caresalle: And Mute is not amused!

Mute, now leaned back in the corner, glances over at the man briefly. She looks as if she is about to raise a finger to point in his direction….


Lex blasts Mute with a running kneelift into the corner. He drags Mute out with a bulldog, nailing it with perfect technique.

Jamey Caresalle: Systematic Breakdown!

Bimmy Mays: 2.0, Jamey, 2.0!

Jamey Caresalle: Lex with the cover!



Bimmy Mays]: Guess he should have called it Systematic Breakdown 3.0, because that’s the count!

Jamey CaresalleThis one is over! Lex Collins advances in the Steinbrenner Cup!

The crowd cheers as Lex’s hand is raised by the referee in charge.

Taylor HudsonHere is your winning and advancing to the semifinals, Lex Collins!

Bimmy Mays]: That dude is still eyeing Mute at ringside…

Jamey CaresalleI don’t think Lex saw him, Bimmy!

Bimmy Mays: Probably wasn’t looking at him – you know, since he wasn’t his opponent.

After Lex Collins leaves, Mute begins pulling herself to her feet. She stumbles a bit while holding her temples. As she shakes out the cobb-webs, she suddenly remembers that she’s being watched. Despite her evident terror, she turns her gaze to see the figure in the front row. The tall figure steps over the barricade with relative ease before stalking toward the apron. As the camera returns to Mute, we see her take a slight step back before bringing her hands up in case this encounter comes to blows. The mysterious masked figure pulls himself up onto the apron then springboards himself over the ropes and into the ring, landing face-to-face with Mute as seems ready to defend herself…

Jamey CaresalleWho IS this guy?

But the figure doesn’t do anything. The crowd is completely silent as they wait for anything to happen, anything at all.

Bimmy Mays]: Either he’s here to deliver for Grub Hub or to kidnap Mute…

After a long moment passes, Mute seems to get tired of waiting for this… person to do something. She raises her hand to his facemask cautiously. Unfortunately, looking at his eyes would do no good because he was wearing some sort of motorcycle goggles. When Mute is about to pull down the wind mask covering the figure’s face, the mysterious person suddenly puts a dirt bike-gloved hand on Mute’s chest and shoves her backwards, forcing her to rebound off the ropes and back toward her aggressor!

Bimmy Mays]: Never go for the face mask! Fifteen-yard penalty!

During this though, she—whether on purpose or by accident—pulls down the masked man’s facemask. Unfortunately, just seeing the bottom half of his stubbly chin isn’t enough to make an ID on this guy.

Jamey CaresalleMute was getting tired of waiting, but I guess this guy doesn’t want us to know who he is!

Seeing no other option than to fight, Mute charges toward her aggressor. She leaps and delivers a slobber knocker of a forearm to the side of the goggled man’s face, sending one of the lenses of the goggles flying out of the frame. It’s now that the camera’s catch a glimpse of this man’s face—or at least… a bit more of it, but perhaps not enough for a positive ID.

Jamey CaresalleI think I recognize who that is, Bimmy…

Mute looks to uncork another forearm shiver, but this time the man is fully prepared to counter as he sidesteps her and…


Indeed, the Pelé Kick drops Mute, and she’s in trouble. She tries to push herself to her feet on her own, but the impact of the perfectly executed soccer kick causes her to fall right back down on the mat. At this point, the man takes his time. He knows he has Mute where he wants her so he takes this moment to remove what’s left of the goggles and just carelessly tosses then into the crowd, revealing himself fully.

Jamey CaresalleTHAT’S CRUZE!

And sure enough, there’s a section of the crowd that cheers in approval of the appearance of this CruZe as we hear a long chant coming from those same fans in the crowd:



Jamey CaresalleWe haven’t seen him since HKW Underground! He could have entered the tournament like everyone else! Why is he doing this?

CruZe ignores the crowd though as he backs up and sits on the top turnbuckle as most of the fans boo him, but then he does something very peculiar…

Bimmy Mays]: Because his foot itches!

Indeed, he peels up his kick-pad the removes his boot. It’s then that we see a heavily scarred foot particularly at the top of the foot. There’s a cybernetic-looking skull on his right ankle which seems a bit deformed somehow.

Jamey CaresalleWhat happened to his foot…?

Bimmy Mays]: That’s one bad case of athlete’s foot! Jesus, can’t you tell he had ankle surgery? He was standing up straight and everything!

CruZe drops down from the turnbuckle just as Mute is finally beginning to get herself back up. The Cybernetic Vagabond has already locked on though as he makes a box with his hands and size her up.

Jamey Caresalle: CruZe is attacking this woman right after she lost a hard-fought battle with Lex Collins! Why is he DOING THIS?


With some lightning fast speed, CruZe sprints across the ring and catches Mute to the side of the head with a magnum of Yakuza Kick. There’s a sick thud as if Mute’s head was a baseball being hit by a titanium baseball bat!


Mute falls motionless to the ground.

Jamey Caresalle: MUTE IS OUT!

Bimmy Mays:Someone check his ankle bone for an Infinity Stone! Jesus Christopher Walken!

The crowd is in shock of what they’ve just seen. CruZe leans into the corner and replaces his boot. That’s when “New York New York (Noodl Remix)” by Frank Sinatra kicks in and a very pleased look breaks across CruZe’s devilish features.

Bimmy Mays: Shut up, shut up, here it comes….

Start spreading the news,

CruZe hooks his elbows around the top ropes and just allows himself to flip to the outside while easily landing on his feet.

I am leaving today.
I want to be a part of it,
New York, New York!

As the music continues, CruZe almost kind of struts up the ramp, paying no mind to the fact that most of the crowd hates his guts. He points over to one of the select few who are cheering him.

These vagabond shoes,

Jamey CaresalleWhat the hell is he doing?

CruZe almost taunts the camera as he points down at his feet while singing the infamous lyrics, specifically his right foot.

They are longing to stray.
Right through the very heart of it,
New York, New York!

As the top of the ramp, CruZe stands there for a moment to soak in the reaction: positive or negative. Needless to say, CruZe’s antics have lit a fire in the crowd which has started to become a pretty respectable wildfire. Some even toss trash at him.

Bimmy Mays: Oh man, I ain’t even from here and I’m feeling the heat…

I want to wake up in that city,
That doesn’t sleep.
And find I’m king of the hill,
Top of the heap!


After this line, CruZe throws one hand up as if he’s holding a torch in the air, emulating the Statue of Liberty. For a long moment, he stands there and soaks in the crowd’s negative vibes before he turns and exits through the entrance tunnel, leaving the angry New York City crowd to listen to his chosen music and look at a seemingly lifeless Mute in the middle of the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: What a despicable act by CruZe here tonight! Folks…Mute is still down in the middle of the ring….

At this point, the official from the match earlier is checking on her, trying to get her to respond as EMTs rush past CruZe to enter the ring and tend to the fallen wrestler. The scene moves to Jamey and Bimmy at ringside, focusing away from ringside.

Jamey Caresalle: I think she’s still out…this is serious, Bimmy.

Bimmy Mays: Maybe she should have called for help.

Jamey Caresalle: She can’t talk, Bimmy. How the hell was she going to
do that?

Bimmy Mays: Text them? I don’t know!

Jamey Caresalle: Folks, I am going to ignore my colleague for the moment….we have a very serious situation here. We’re going to go now and try to get our cameras away from the ring…make room for the stretchers and the medical staff here…we want to thank them all for being here and providing the best care possible to our wrestlers…let’s just take a moment now and let them do their job here…I know everyone watching is wondering if Mute is okay and ladies and gentlemen…as soon as we have word, we will update you. As SOON as possible…

The scene fades away into another.

In the back, we see Meagan listening to some music and nodding her head to the beat of the song. Suddenly, the sound gets cut off as Meagan’s looking.

Meagan G: Who the fuck turned off my sound?

She looks around and her face drops. It’s Larissa and Bridget Johnson with Bridget turning the plug around.

Bridget Johnson: Oh, I’m sorry, do you need this?

Bridget’s twirling the cord around in Meagan’s face. She snatches it away from her.

Meagan G: You do know that touching private property could get you in trouble?

Larissa snickers at Meagan causing the general manager to turn around

Meagan G: And what the fuck you laughing at?

Bridget Johnson: I just love how you’re letting all of this power get to your head, knowing that you can’t do shit to us!

Meagan rolls her eyes as her sister laughs

Meagan G: First Off, the power isn’t getting into my head. Unlike you two, I know how to control the power too.

She looks at Larissa and Bridget with a serious look.

Meagan G: Since you two Republican wack jobs are in here, this is a better time to address an issue.

Bridget and Larissa look at each other with Larissa flipping her hair.

Bridget Johnson: Which issue, how you’re going to hold us back this time? or how you’re going to try to see your assistant naked?

Meagan face palms as Bridget’s statement.

Meagan G: One, nobody is holding you back, two, that issue is going to be addressed within Hayley, Sarah and I.

Larissa twirls her hair, not listening.

Meagan G: Three, tonight, Bridget, you have a match in the first round against Natalie Eldredge. I don’t want to see any funky shit that you Johnson’s are known for pulling.

Bridget Johnson: Don’t worry, I know exactly what I must do to win tonight.

Meagan goes to Larissa next

Meagan G: And finally, considering that you are NOT under contract with us, do NOT interfere in the main event!

Larissa JohnsonI still think you’re making a big mistake with that match. Who would want to see a match between a desperate, attention seeking lesbian and a wannabe gangster? I know I wouldn’t want to see that shit.

Meagan rolls her eyes as Bridget snickers

Meagan G: They’re in the main event for a reason. Also, homophobic comments…..will not be tolerated by Dora too, FYI.

Larissa flips her hair and Bridget smirks.

Meagan G: Bottom Line is this, DON’T interfere because there will be problems. Got it?

Bridget Johnson: We know what we must do, and that’s all that matters. We won’t cause too much unnecessary trouble.

Meagan looks to Larissa to rest assure she’s good

Larissa JohnsonIf you don’t cause any trouble with us, we won’t cause any trouble with you.

Larissa looks at her sister and walks out. Bridget eyes Meagan and follows behind her. Meagan shakes her head and sighs.

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a singles match and it’s one fall!

I’m to Blame by Kip Moore booms on the speakers as the fans are cheering. Gabe Khane comes out of the back with the fans cheering while he walks to the ring with the fans cheering for him.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, From Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 200 Pounds, Gabe Khane!

Jamey Caresalle: Here comes Gabe Khane from Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Meagan and Phil know him and say he’s an upcoming star that needs guidance and I hope he gets it here.

Bimmy Mays: I’ll say. He looks like he can become a New York Pol-, wait, who the fuck is Phil?

Jamey Caresalle: Meagan’s Husband, but that’s not important, Bimmy.

Gabe rolls into the ring and raises his arms in the air and yells that he’s going to win this match up and move on. Head Like a Hole by Nine-inch Nails kicks in as the fans are giving a mixed reaction. Veronica Van Claudio, who hasn’t been seen since GPW, is making her way to the ring.

Taylor Hudson: His opponent, from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, weighing in at 136 Pounds, Veronica Van Claudio!

Jamey Caresalle: And here comes Veronica Van Claudio, a former GPW roster member and looking to make a name here.

Bimmy Mays: She looks scary. Why is her sister hotter than her?

Jamey Caresalle: Who?

Bimmy Mays: Marie. She’s a mother I like to fu-

Jamey Caresalle: AYE!!!! Focus on the match, not her sister.

The fans give a mixed reaction with Veronica eying them. She says that she’s back to make her legacy before hopping on the turnbuckle and poses for the fans, who are not impressed with her. The referee looks at her as she jumps down as he calls for the bell.


Jamey Caresalle: We’re under way. Let’s see who faces off against Lex Collins.

Veronica and Gabe are standing across the ring from each other with the fans sitting in their seats. Gabe claps his hands to get the crowd pumped up as he and Veronica lock up, but Veronica pushes him away and yells that if he wants to tango like that then he’s going to have to do better.

Bimmy Mays: Are they really doing the tango? IS this dancing with the fucking stars?

Jamey Caresalle: It will take anything to get this match going.

Gabe puts his hands on the hips and tells her to try it out. Veronica takes a step forward before tying up again with him and backing him up into the corner. The referee counts for her to break the hold as she breaks it up and holds her hands up. Gabe nods and smirks at this with Veronica moving backwards.

Bimmy Mays: You going to let this New York City police officer upstage you? Come on VVC, fight him!

Veronica runs towards Gabe and grabs him by the legs. However, Gabe uses his power and prevents her from taking him down. The fans are laughing at Veronica as she’s getting upset at this. Veronica stops what she’s doing and yells at him once and goes after him in the corner, but Gabe moves out of the way and rolls her up for a quick pin.

Jamey Caresalle: And Gabe goes for a roll up!



Veronica quickly kicks at of it as Gabe goes for another roll up. Veronica blocks that roll up and takes him down by the hip and locks in a headlock. She yells that if wants to play games then go play for the Mets with a fan yelling “Mets Suck” causing the fans to laugh in the ground.

Bimmy Mays: Veronica just gave the New York Mets a free promo! She would make a good salesperson along with me! Keep going VVC!

Veronica breaks the hold and rolls out of the ring and gets in the face with the fans yelling at her. She says how about she goes in that ring and tries to bring him down. The fans are mocking her with the fans flipping her off. Veronica turns around….

…causing Gabe to come at her with a baseball slide right into the barricade.

Bimmy Mays: And the police officer goes comes after her with a baseball slide! I think he should be playing for the Mets.

The fans clap for him with Gabe giving a high five that fan as he grabs Veronica and tosses her back into the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: Gabe taking some time to show love to the fans!

Bimmy Mays: That’s what police do! They give love to the fans!

Gabe rolls back in and starts stomping down on Veronica before picking her up again. He throws her into the ropes and waits for her to get back to him, but Veronica comes back and clotheslines him on the ground. The fans boo even more as she yet again mocks them and says that she’s better than him and will move on. Again, she picks him up and goes for a scoop slam. She again bends over and yells in his face.

Veronica Van Claudio: You want to beat me! It’s going to take a lot!

Bimmy Mays: And the Mets Player’s talking trash! That what they need!

Veronica slaps him in the head and keeps on pushing him. Gabe gets to his knees and PUNCHES her right in the face as Veronica goes down on the ground. He rolls her over and pins her yet again as this could end the match….



Veronica kicks out of it.

Gabe stands back up to the point where he’s at his breaking point with Veronica with the mocking. He grabs her and THROWS her into the corner and begins to kick her down. Veronica falls and Gabe puts his foot on her throat and begins to choke her out.


Jamey Caresalle: The referee needs to get in!

The referee is counting and gets to a four count until he breaks free. Veronica’s coughing and saying she can’t breathe with the referee looking concerned.

Jamey Caresalle: This is not good with Veronica and her dreams can end here.

The fans are also worried about this as the referee check on her. Gabe’s worried and goes to her to make sure she’s ok along with the referee. Veronica gets helped of the ring with Gabe following behind her.

Jamey Caresalle: Good move on Gabe following Veronica. It would stink if she’s pulled out because of this.

A fan, who was nice enough, gives her a bottle of water to show some concern and gratitude towards Veronica. Veronica accepts and takes a sip of water. Veronica nods at the person before turning it around and SPITTING it right in the face of Gabe.

Bimmy Mays: HA! I knew she would do that! Fuck the Police!

The fans are now booing with the fake out as she throws him back in the ring. Veronica once again stomping down and yelling at him saying that this is her time! She goes for a pin and the referee counts again.



Gabe Kicks out.

Jamey Caresalle: Gabe kicked out of it! He kicked out!

Veronica becomes highly pissed and stands up to yell at the referee to count faster. She says that she is sick and tired of people pushing her and her family around like they’re crap and she’s putting back together her legacy. She again picks up Gabe by the scruff and yells in his face that he’s nothing……

However, the yelling does not last long as Gabe comes up and goes for his finisher called “Out by Gabe”.

Jamey Caresalle: OUT BY GABE! Here’s the Cover!

Veronica goes down with Gabe pinning her as the fans are cheering for this.





Taylor Hudson: Here is your winning and advancing to the semifinals, Gabe Khane!

The fans are cheering as Gabe just ended Veronica. He walks up to the back and raises his hands in the air. In the ring, we see Veronica pissed off about what happened as her mouth cost her an important victory.

Jamey Caresalle What a disappointment for Veronica Van Claudio. She wanted to repair her name.

Bimmy Mays: I still hate that police officer! Someone needs to FINE HIM!

Jamey Caresalle: What’s with you hating police?

As Bimmy was about to say something She rolls out of the ring and SLAMS a steel chair in frustration about this loss.

Bimmy Mays: WHAT THE FUCK! I didn’t expect the chair to be slammed like that! Goddammit!

Veronica keeps walking up and still yelling as we head to a special video package regarding one of the new faces in 5BW

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a Steinbrenner Cup First round match up and its one fall!

Jamey Caresalle: Here we go, third match of the first round match ups!

Lose it By Kane Brown kicks in as the fans are booing. Natalie Eldredge, who comes out of the back, dressed like the queen of hearts, comes to the ring with the fans booing at her. She yells at them and says that all of them suck and that they cannot be like her!

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Nashville, Tennessee, weighing in at 120 pounds, Natalie Eldredge!

Natalie gets in the ring as the fans are booing at her. She’s not to thrilled being in New York, especially the Bronx, who are known for their nitty gritty attitude.

Bimmy Mays: This girl looks like she wants to get the fuck outta town, James. What she think the New Yorkers going to do to her? Fight her for her cape she was wearing to the ring?

Jamey Caresalle: I don’t think that’s the case. She’s here just like everyone else and that’s to move on to the next round.

Drop Dead Cynical by Amaranthe kicks in as the fans are booing once again, but the boos are louder then before as Bridget Johnson walks out of the back. The fans are not too pleased with her already as she has her hands up.

Bimmy Mays: Holy Fuckshit! Did the mood change in here!

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent, from Tampa, Florida, weighing in at 120 pounds, “The Golden Child”, Bridget Johnson!

Bridget Johnson walks to the ring as she yells that she’s better than everyone else here. Someone holds up a sign that says her father’s corrupted as she looks to punch him in the face. However, she sees the beer he’s drinking and SPILLS it on his head.

Bimmy Mays: Now that’s a waste of 9 dollar beer! What the hell is wrong with this woman?!

Jamey Caresalle: Bridget, who happens to be the sister of Larissa Johnson. Yes, THE Larissa Johnson, wants to make a name for herself and judging by what Meagan’s saying…we’re in for it….

Bridget gets in the ring and taunts at the fans as they are booing at her. Natalie looks ready as the referee calls for the bell.


Jamey Caresalle: And here we go! Third match of the Steinbrenner Cup round one!

This is the third of the Steinbrenner Cup match up as Bridget Johnson and Natalie Eldredge ready to go with this match up. This seems to be the battle of the bitches with Bridget coming from Tampa, Florida and Natalie coming from Nashville. Bridget throws her into the ropes.

Jamey Caresalle: And Bridget makes the first move with the ropes!

Bimmy Mays: Considering their stances with the fans, I was actually expecting a bitch slap fight!

Natalie runs into the ropes and runs back to the other side. Bridget stands there and looks at her as Natalie keeps on running back and forth. The fans have no clue what is going on. Bridget’s fixing her hair with Natalie is still running back and forth.

Bimmy Mays: What the fuck is she doing? Is she running to get into that Marathon? DO SOMETHING INSTEAD OF RUNNING!

Natalie eventually runs out of breath as Bridget comes up and slams her down on the ground. While still looking pretty, the fans are not impressed with this as they begin to chant boring. Bridget looks at Natalie on the ground and pins her.

Jamey Caresalle: Is this a joke? This match is already over?


Bimmy Mays: What the shit is this?


Bimmy Mays: If Natalie does not kick out of this, I’m grabbing someone’s beer and dumping it on MY head.


The fans are confused with this as Bridget stands back up and raises her hands in the air. The referee is not happy with this as the fans are booing loudly about this. Taylor’s also not happy with this as well as she has a job to announce.

Taylor Hudson: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner, Bridget Johnson!

Bridget mocks at the fans booing at her. Natalie stands back up and goes in her ring gear pocket and gives her money and laughs along with her. The fans are pissed off about this as the boos are getting louder, causing the building to shake.

Jamey Caresalle: You have got to be kidding me?! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!


Bridget accepts the money with Natalie going out of the ring as she keeps on laughing. The fans are throwing something at her with her being cocky about it. Bridget follows and counts the 5,000 dollars that was given to her and walks to the back. She’s saying she’s rich and that she’s going to keep on doing this till she gets the cup.

Jamey Caresalle: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’ve been doing this for fourteen years and never in my life have I seen someone stoop SO LOW, especially in a tournament that Dora put together along with Kieran and Meagan.

Bimmy Mays: What the hell do you expect? The whole Johnson clan are freaking wacky fucks and they do this shit! I don’t like it at all and I blame Trump for this!

Jamey Caresalle: We can’t null Bridget’s win, but something NEEDS to be done about Natalie and that fuck shit she did tonight!

The best Pizza in the Bronx! Just take the 6 train to Burhe Avenue and walk up a couple of shops! You won’t be disappointed.

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is the final first round matchup of the Steinbrenner Cup and it’s One Fall!

Could Have been me by the Struts Kicks in with the fans giving a mixed reaction. Out comes Richard Dweck, breezing through the fans.

Taylor Hudson Introducing first, from Wall Township, New Jersey, weighing in at 240 Pounds, “Mr Amazing”, Richard DWECK!

Jamey Caresalle: And here is our next new comer, Richard Dweck from Wall Township, New Jersey. Bimmy, what you think of him?

Bimmy looks at him and tries to figure out something. Jamey looks confused at him.

Jamey Caresalle: Bimmy? What are your thoughts?

Bimmy Mays: Sorry, I was too busy taking a hit. However, I want to know WHY he’s Mr. Amazing!

Jamey Caresalle We’re about to find out.

As Richard’s theme song cues out, the Solider by Lacey Strum kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Out comes Samantha Tolson-Anderson as the fans cheer for her.

Jamey Caresalle: And were about to see a well-rounded competitor! Very nice, humble an-

Bimmy Mays: Someone that could kick some ass! She’s a freaking DRILL SERGENT!

Taylor Hudson His opponent, from Jefferson City, Missouri, weighing in at 158 pounds, “The Pretty Little Murder Machine”, Samantha Tolson-Anderson!

Samantha high fives the New York Faithful and rolls into the ring. Richard eyes her up and down, knowing that he has a challenge ahead of him. The referee assures both and calls for the bell.


Jamey Caresalle: And here we go with the Murder Machine going against Mr. Amazing!

Sam starts the match by locking up with Richard. Mr. Amazing pushes Samantha back, causing her to roll and hit the ropes.

Jamey Caresalle: It looks like Richard’s not playing any games here tonight!

Bimmy Mays: He needs to show her why’s he’s “Mr Amazing”. Samantha looks jacked and ready and looking to whoop his ass!

Sam catches Richard with a stiff kick to the jaw on the rebound from the ropes. Richard goes down. Sam with a quick pin, Richard kicks out with authority at one. Sam pops up quick and catches Richard with a kick to the face as he sits up from the pin. Richard goes down again. Sam with another pin. Richard kicks out at two. Sam goes for another kick to the face, Richard ducks and hits a MASSIVE uppercut to Sam.

Bimmy Mays: Holy fuck sticks! That was HUGE!!

Jamey Caresalle: Sam’s not intimidated towards Richard. This looks like an even playing field!

Bimmy Mays: You can say that about the New York Giants! They didn’t show that towards the New England Patriots during Super Bowl 42!

Jamey Caresalle: Don’t let the General Manager hear that!

Mr. Amazing is to his feet. Samantha is to her feet at the same time. Mr. Amazing locks up with Sam. A few moments later Richard takes Samantha down with a modified judo toss. Samantha hits the canvas hard. Richard hits the ropes and then manages to crush Samantha with a running body splash. Richard pins. Samantha kicks out at two.

Jamey Caresalle: Sam kicks out at two, but what is Richard trying to do?

Richard tries to take a page out of Samantha’s book by kicking her in the face as she sits up. Samantha isn’t falling for that.

Bimmy Mays: Mr. Amazing not backing down from this fight! Holy Shit!

She ducks the kick and rolls up Richard into a pin. Richard kicks out at two, kips up like Shawn Michaels, and follows it up by Super Kicking Samantha in the face.

Bimmy Mays: HOLY FUCK STICKS! That was STIFF!

Jamey Caresalle: Richard just Aaron Judge’d Samantha! Holy Hell!

Richard goes to the top rope and comes down with a moonsault. Samantha rolls to the side causing Richard to crash into the mat.

Bimmy Mays: OUCH! That sounded like a car crash! It looks like he could need to call Allstate after that!

Samantha tries ANOTHER pin. Richard kicks out at two. Both wrestlers stand to their feet. Richard with an arm wringer take down to Samantha. Richard turns the wringer into an arm lock Sam is down in the arm lock, fighting the pain as she struggles to reach the bottom rope. She eventually manages to grab the rope. The ref forces the break. Richard backs off and Samantha uses the rope to stand and recover.

Jamey Caresalle: Sam’s not backing down! And Richard has a look of death on his face!

Richard smells blood. He’s on Samantha rather quickly. Richard attempts a type of finger lock on Samantha’s battered arm. Samantha is having none of it. Though her pain is immense, Samantha heroically powers out of the lock and blasts Mr. Amazing in the face with a stiff punch.

Jamey Caresalle: That was hard as fuck! It looks like his nose could be busted by that!

Bimmy Mays She’s not fucking around! Kind of like this New York Pizza when it fucks with my stomach!

When Richard turns back from the punch, he sees Samantha, knees first, flying towards his face. MIND YOUR HEAD!


Jamey Caresalle: Mind Your head! That kind of reminds me of my old finisher, but STIFFER!

Richard appears to be knocked out. Samantha lands on her arm, sending surges of pain throughout that side of her body. Because of this she is slow to cover and only manages a two count.

Jamey Caresalle: Richard kicks out of this and I want to know how!

Bimmy Mays: HOW? IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN ASK!? I want to know how he’s still in this!

Both are up. Commence the legally required brawling. Samantha holds her own with one arm but eventually Richard’s punishing blows are enough to take Samantha to the mat. Richard circles Samantha. He goes in with a standing Moonsault into a pin. Samantha just barely kicks out at two and a half. Richard goes for another standing Moonsault and another pin with the same result.

Bimmy MaysHe needs to stop doing these moonsaults over and over, it isn’t working!

Samantha refuses to be pinned. A slightly irked Richard Dweck pulls Samantha to her feet only to be caught off guard with the Nightfall! Samantha doesn’t bother going for the pin and instead begins driving one vicious knee after another into the left side of Richard’s body, with a focus on his ribs.

Bimmy Mays: Goddamn! She really wants to break his ribs!

After a few knees to the head Richard manages to catch Samantha’s leg and locks in a modified key lock. Samantha is quick to kick Richard in the face multiple times. Eventually he lets go and Samantha rolls to side to recover. Richard makes an X with his arms, lifts Samantha and goes into his finisher, the No More Mister Nice Guy.

Jamey Caresalle: No More Mister Nice Guy comes after her. WAIT!

Samantha, however, scouts this. She risks breaking her arm by powering out of Richard’s hammer lock. Then before Richard can recover she boots Mr. Amazing in the stomach and hits the Victory Drop Alpha.

Jamey Caresalle: Victory Drop Alpha! This needs to be it!

Samantha pins and the crowd counts along…. Only to be disappointed by a 2.9 count.

Both: WHAT!?!

Bimmy Mays: He’s still in this fight Jamey! Holy fuck!

Jamey Caresalle: Something has to give! This is nuts!

Samantha is exhausted. She falls backwards and Richard very slowly gets to his feet. Again, he circles his prey before closing in.

Jamey Caresalle: Richard looks to end this! Here it comes!

Samantha has, by now, recovered enough to see Richard closing in. She rolls Mr. Amazing up in a surprise pin and manages a three count!


Bimmy Mays: HOLY SHIT! She pulled that out!

Taylor Hudson]: Here is your winner, Samantha Tolson-Anderson!

The fans are cheering as Samantha won the match and looks out of it. Jamey gets out of his chair and gives her water. She takes it and thanks him for it. The Bronx crowd gives them as standing ovation. Even Bimmy does the same thing with the standing ovation as he is lost for words.

A camera rolls up and we see a boot on a crate. The camera rolls to the side and we see Brittani Helms warming up for her match. She sees her bandana on the side of the crate, puts it over her head and walks away. The camera cuts to another seen as Mary Ellen Harrison appears and ready to go. This is her shot at redemption after all those years she was put down and walks away.

The Official Venue for Royal Crown. Takes place on August 31st, 2019.

In the back, Bridget Johnson, Samantha Tolson-Anderson, Lex Collins and Gabe Khane are in the offices of Kieran Quinn and Dora Richardson. With Meagan G being all over the place, Kieran takes the role as the assistant. Dora looks at her four competitors, but eyes Bridget because she’s not happy with her.

Dora Richardson: Since Meagan’s all over the place at this moment, I have her assistant, Kieran Quinn here with me.

Lex, Gabe, and Samantha nod and wave at him. Bridget eyes him.

Bridget Johnson: Great, we’ve got Meagan’s smiling puppet in here, he’ll do a good job with us.

Dora darts her eyes at her, folding her arms.

Dora Richardson: Don’t even think about it Bridget because you and your sister, are on the shit list already and it’s ONLY the first show!

Kieran looks at her. He’s not happy with her actions as well.

Dora Richardson: First and foremost, I want to congratulate you three on winning your matches fair and square: Gabe, Samantha and Lex. You three showed me that I have faith in you being in my company.

Lex Collins shrugs his shoulders, looking embarrassed at the praise even though he did what he set out to do. He lifts a hand to rub the back of his neck, staring down at the floor for a second.

Lex Collins: So, uhhh… faith’s usually something that goes without physical proof though, ain’t it? I think we kinda gave you what you were lookin’ for; lived up to our hype. Made you a believer, right?

Dora nods before looking at her other two competitors standing side by side.

Gabe Khane: Thank you so much. I promise to show everyone in 5BW why I belong here. This is time for me to prove myself here.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: I appreciate the vote of confidence.

Dora Richardson: Perfect I lik-

Bridget interrupts Dora

Bridget Johnson: OK, can we get to the point of all of this??? I’ve got places to be, you know.

Dora Richardson: You know, I’m going to get that in a second, missy.

Bridget rolls her eyes with the rest looking on.

Dora Richardson: At Royal Crown, the Semis are going to get under way to determine who goes to the finals at Drags to Riches. The first semifinals matchup is Gabe Khane vs. Lex Collins.

Lex Collins: Aces. Lookin’ forward to it.

Gabe Khane: I am excited for this opportunity. I am ready to make a name for myself here. It is an honor to be here. I am going to make the most of this opportunity.

Dora Richardson: That’s what I like to hear from the both of you.

She turns to Samantha and Bridget.

Dora Richardson: And the final semifinal match up will be Samantha vs. Bridget. Samantha, tonight, you showed no fear in your match up against Richard. It looks like he didn’t have a clue what to do with the New York crowd and the hostility. I’m proud of you.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: I’d agree with that assessment. The man’s got talent, but I don’t think he was ready for a New York crowd in the seats. I’ve worked in the city before, multiple times. I knew what they’d bring to the table, and I was ready for it. Richard will be back strong though. As for me? I’m ready to take this one…

Samantha jerks a thumb over in Bridget’s direction.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: …and her idiocy out of the tournament, and I look forward to the challenge of either Gabe or Lex in the finals.

Dora Richardson: Now as for YOU, Bridget, you did the sickest and despicable thing I’ve seen out of a woman! You corrupted Natalie by her letting YOU get a free win over her and her giving you her money!

Bridget Johnson: Corrupted her? No, no, I was just giving her a choice to make all this easy for her and……

Dora Richardson: I don’t want to fucking hear it because if I was Steinbrenner, I would have your ass FIRED!

Bridget Johnson: How dare you! You wouldn’t have the right to fire me because of that! You would be making the biggest mistake you’ve ever made……

Samantha interrupts Bridget’s rant, turning and looking at her coldly.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson:Natalie may have been a sucker for your mind games, Toots, but I promise you that next round? None of that crap’s gonna come even close to working on me. You better strap it up real good and tight next show, because I promise you that given a chance, I’ll drive your head through the mat as many times as it takes to get two points across. One, this isn’t gonna be one of those places where cash gets you somewhere. And two, what you did out there tonight was flat despicable. I’ve dealt with your type my whole career, and you know what happens when they finally get in the ring with me?

Samantha looks Bridget directly in the eyes, drawing her thumb across her throat very, very slowly.

Bridget Johnson: Oh yeah? Well, honey, I’m not like all the rest that you’ve faced before. I’m better looking, better in the ring and better at just about anything you can think of, so you can stop with this………..whatever it is you’re doing here. You keep trying to be tough shit, I know I’m better than you, better than everyone in this room, and I don’t need this Steinbrenner wannabe here telling me what I can or can’t do!

Bridget balls a fist up and ready to punch Samantha before Dora yells angrily at her.

Dora Richardson: ENOUGH!!!!

Samantha and Bridget stop as Bridget storms out of the office. Kieran raises his hands in the air.

Kieran Quinn: And I thought her sister was bad enough. You can’t just let her scream and lash out like that.

Dora Richardson: I will deal with her later along with Natalie Eldredge and her actions!

She looks at everyone

Dora Richardson: Final Word?

There’s no final word with them

Dora Richardson: Good then make me proud of you moving on.

All of them nod and leave as Kieran looks at Dora to see if she is OK.

Kieran Quinn: Is everything alright?

Dora shakes her head at Kieran. She’s not as he pats her on the back to make sure she doesn’t have a heart attack.

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a New York Street Fight and is YOUR MAIN EVENT!

Jamey Caresalle: This match is about to be a personal one. Ever since this was announced, both girls are looking for blood!

Things are about to get crazy in the Bronx and the fans are ready for it as they are standing. Snakes in the Grass by Waka Flaka Flame kicks in as the fans are giving a mixed reaction. Brittani Helms, comes out of the back with a cold glare through her bandana as she is ready for war.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Washington, DC, weighing in at 139 Pounds, The “DC Savage” Brittani Helms!

Jamey Caresalle And here’s Brittani Helms. The “DC Savage” and she’s ready for war!

Bimmy Mays: This girl about to kill Mary Ellen! I hope Mary Ellen’s ready.

Brittani goes under the ring and grabs out num-chuks. The fans are nervous because she got a weapon in her hand and looks to brutalize Mary Ellen Harrison early in the match.

Bimmy Mays: Oh Fuck! She got the num-chucks! Jamey, you better run!
Brittani gets in and waits for Mary Ellen. Broken Heart by Falling up kicks in on the speakers with the room being black with red lights going.

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, weighing in at 120 pounds, she’s the “Raven’s Lock”, Mary Ellen Harrison!

The lights are going in circles as Brittani’s in the dark with the red going on her. Suddenly with a loud WACK the lights come back on.


Jamey Caresalle Mary Ellen playing the mind games! This is what she EXACTLY wanted.

Mary Ellen is in the ring with a chair in hand with Brittani on the ground. The referee calls for the bell as Mary Ellen is hitting Brittani with the chair over and over and over and over. Brittani’s grabbing the num-chucks that were dropped, but Mary Ellen kicks them away as she keeps in hitting Brittani with the chair.

Jamey Caresalle We already saw one person with the chair tonight!

Bimmy Mays: And that nearly killed us! Mary Ellen has a PURPOSE for using that goddamn chair from Lowe’s!

Mary Ellen gets down and gets right on top of her and starts punching her in the face. She’s highly pissed off with the doubt that Brittani gave her and told her that if she wanted this side of Mary Ellen, she’s got it. Mary Ellen picks her up and tosses her out of the ring as she goes into the announcers table


Jamey and Bimmy move out of the way as Mary Ellen come out and slams her head into it. The fans are going wild as a fan gives Mary Ellen their beer.

Bimmy Mays: Not another nine dollar beer! That good beer!

Mary Ellen nods at them and takes a sip of it. She walks over to Brittani and tries to spit at her, but Brittani kicks her right in the face. Mary Ellen’s beer comes out of her mouth with Brittani grabbing her and TOSSING HER over the table and into the barricade.

Jamey Caresalle Brittani caught that quickly! That was one mistake that Mary Ellen made already.

The fans are in shock with this as Brittani points to her head, saying that she is smart.


Brittani barks at her and says that it’s going to take more than beer to beat her. Brittani grabs her by the legs and sees the barricade next to her. She takes on good swing and SLAMS her into it.

Bimmy Mays: Now this is MY TYPE of fight!

Jamey Caresalle Brittani isn’t showing any mercy here. She has a purpose and that’s to make Mary Ellen suffer!

Brittani looks and does it again and goes harder. Mary Ellen’s on the ground as the fans are worried about her with Brittani getting on the announcers table and yelling that she is the best that 5BW and will end Mary Ellen. Suddenly, Mary Ellen comes up and GRABS Brittani and goes for a suplex. The fans move RIGHT out of the way as Brittani crashes onto the chairs as the fans are going wild.




Mary Ellen rolls over and goes for a cover with the fans looking at her cheering her on.



TH- Brittani Kicks out.

The Raven’s Lock looks at this and grabs her as she drags her into the second empty row behind her. She gets on top of them and grabs Brittani by the head and looks to go for her finisher right on the chair, but Brittani SHOVES her right off the chair. Mary Ellen catches her balance, but the DC Savage has another idea.

Jamey Caresalle: What idea does Brittani have now?

She jumps right off and goes for her missile drop kick. Mary Ellen stumbles back and HITS her head right on the wall mat and falls.


Jamey Caresalle: Mary Ellen could be seriously hurt……

The referee checks on her and sees if she’s OK with Brittani looking at her. She doesn’t give a shit about Mary Ellen and wants to destroy her. She smashes her head into the wall again with Mary Ellen slumping down.

Bimmy Mays: This crazy “DC Savage” doesn’t seem to be from Washington, DC. She’s from here with this brutality! Where is that police officer to stop her!

Brittani takes a step back and rams her knee right into her face. Mary Ellen slumps more with Brittani now going for a cover.



TH- Mary Ellen somehow kicks out of this.


Brittani shakes her head with Mary Ellen moving around. She grabs her by the hair and tries to throw her into the tables where the bleachers. The fans move out of the way with Brittani moving towards them. She tries to slam her head, but Mary Ellen uses her foot and extends her leg on the table. Brittani goes for it again, but this time, Mary Ellen slams her face into it.

Jamey Caresalle: Mary Ellen’s giving her own medicine!

Mary Ellen picks her up and looks at the bleachers. The fans are moving out of the way there as Mary Ellen climbs them and goes for a second one. She shakes her head and says that she wants to go higher, and she does.

Jamey Caresalle: Mary Ellen does NOT care for Brittani’s life! She wants to end her and it shows!

Bimmy Mays She’s CRAZY! Kind of like my crazy and I LIKE IT!

The fans look and get their phones out. Mary Ellen looks down and sees Brittani on the table. It’s all or nothing with Mary Ellen doing a moonsault RIGHT ONTO BRITTANI THROUGH THE TABLE! The fans are cheering as Mary Ellen and Brittani are down.

Jamey Caresalle: Oh my god! OH MY FRACKING GOD!


Brittani and Mary Ellen are slumped into the tables. With power left in her, Mary Ellen gets on top of her and pins her with the referee counting again.




Brittani again powers out of it.

Jamey Caresalle: The DC Savage kicks out of this! My God!

Mary Ellen does not know what to do! She must think of something before it’s too late. Mary Ellen’s right near the door with her looking at Brittani and pointing at her. Brittani has another idea as she SPEARS her right through the door.


The fans are cheering with the both outside of the YMCA. Brittani gets up and drags her by the hair into the streets of the Bronx. They go right near the steps of the Castle Hill Six line as Brittani drags her up the steps. However, Mary Ellen FLIPS her over with Brittani falling down the steps. Fans in the streets are looking at this as the people in the Bronx don’t have a clue what’s going on with this.


Jamey Caresalle With this in the streets of the Bronx, this is what they want to see!

Bimmy MaysIt’s the hood! WHERE THE HOOD WHERE THE HOOD AT!!!

Mary Ellen gets down from the steps and walks away for a moment. She looks for where Brittani is. What she does not know is Brittani is on TOP of the station awning.


Jamey Caresalle: She needs to get down there before she becomes seriously hurt!

Brittani Helms: Hey Bitch! You think you’re badass!

Brittani GOES for a crossbody OFF THE TRAIN STATION AND ONTO Mary Ellen! The fans are in shock with this and the people of the Bronx are running away from this.


That was one dangerous stunt by Brittani and she knows it. Brittani covers Mary Ellen outside. This could be a win for her.



Brittani grabs her by the hair and breaks her off.


The referee’s confused about this, but Brittani says she is not done. Again, she grabs Mary Ellen and drags her back in and through the crowd. Blood is all over Mary Ellen’s legs and hands.


Brittani does not care and drags her back in the ring. She goes under the ring, grabs a table and tosses it in the ring. She says she’s going to end this once and for all. She rolls in and sets it up. Brittani drags Mary Ellen up the turnbuckle and puts her under.

Jamey Caresalle: Brittani’s looking to end her here! I don’t know what more this could take!

She lifts her, but Mary Ellen still has fight in her. Brittani powers again with lifting her up, but Mary Ellen FLIPS HER with Brittani going RIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE!


The fans are cheering as Mary Ellen gets down and pins her.



Mary Ellen picks her up the same way Brittani did.


She grabs at her, leans her back and yells in her face.



Mary Ellen goes for the Raven’s Lock as the fans are cheering for this. She grabs her again and goes for a SECOND one as the fans are cheering. Mary Ellen needs to cover her, but she wants to do it again. Mary Ellen grabs her…….



Both Brittani and Mary Ellen fall to the ground as the fans are cheering for this. This match will not end with the fans wondering who’s going to end this. Suddenly, the fans start BOOING as we see Larissa Johnson run out of the back.

Jamey Caresalle: What is Larissa Johnson doing here?


She grabs Brittani Helms and tosses her out of the ring, causing the fans to boo.


The boos then go to cheers as Mary Ellen looks at her, hair wet, legs bloody and hands cut up the wazoo, stares a hole through her. The fans are chanting for Mary Ellen as Mary Ellen FLIPS her off.


Larissa smirks and says she isn’t so tough now and grabs at her. Larissa smirks and goes for her finisher as the fans are booing for this. Larissa is proud of her work as fans are jeering the hell out her as she is soaking it in.


Larissa walks over and grabs a microphone with the fans booing at her louder.

Larissa Johnson: Oh I’m sorry, did I miss up your little main event?

The fans boo at her. The louder they get, she smirks.

Larissa Johnson: Is this really the best you can come up with? These two don’t even deserve to be in the same ring as me, let alone be the main event of this stinking show!

The fans are still mad to the point where it’s getting very bad. Larissa admires it even more.

Larissa Johnson: What? You don’t think I’ve proven my point enough?

The fans are booing. Larissa smirking until The Eagle has landed by Avatar kicks in with the fans giving a standing ovation. Meagan G comes out of the back to a loud welcome because this is her hometown. She stares a hole through Larissa while walking.


Jamey Caresalle: And she has that right! Meagan’s the damn general manager and she can do WHATEVER she needs to do, especially in her hometown!


Jamey Caresalle: That doesn’t matter…..

Fans: Welcome Home! Welcome Home!

Meagan rolls in the ring and point at her beloved hometown crowd. Larissa doesn’t look impressed

Larissa Johnson: Oh, look who it is: the big, bad boss! Do you really think I’m going to get scared because you’re here? Don’t make me laugh!

Meagan stares a hole through her with the fans cheering.

Meagan G:More like the “Big bad boss” that can whip your ass in a heartbeat?

The fans are cheering for this as Meagan looks a hole through

Meagan G: How DARE you ruin a wonderful, but yet wild street fight. Is THIS the way you want to get into Five Boroughs Wrestling? By coming in and ruining this match up!

The fans are cheering for her. Larissa is not listening.

Meagan G: We should seriously have you ARRESTED for the fuck shit you pulled tonight!

Larissa laughs at Meagan.

Larissa Johnson: Oh my goodness, you really are as stupid as you look!

The fans boo as Meagan holds her fist at her.

Meagan G:The ONLY stupid one is the one standing in the ring!

Fans let out a roar of laughter.

Meagan G:Seriously, Larissa, you think this is a joke? Then maybe we should ALSO terminate Bridget’s contract for your stunt!

Larissa rolls her eyes and get in the face of Meagan

Larissa Johnson: How about you do nothing and like it! Does your boss not tell you anything? You can’t do anything to me!

Larissa pulls out a piece of paper

Larissa Johnson: See this? This is a 5BW contract, official and signed, and just look at whose name is on that dotted line.

Meagan looks at her eyes opened and sighs. She does not want to do this.

Meagan G:Well ladies and gentlemen, I hate to announce this…….

Meagan sighs as Larissa’s egging her on.

Meagan G:Larissa Johnson’s now apart of 5BW…

Fans boo as Larissa looks pleased with this. Meagan does not as Larissa seems to be gloating in victory. Meagan looks at her.

Meagan G: Oh and I should mention, before you gloat in victory, I do have an announcement for our next show “Royal Crown”, in Queens.

Meagan looks at Larissa, who is waiting.

Meagan G: At Royal Crown, you’re going to have your first match and your first opponent is going to be…..

Meagan thinks for a second before going back to talk.

Meagan G: Brittani Helms!

The fans are cheering as Brittani holds her head and looks at Larissa with the biggest death glare. Meagan gets out of the ring with Larissa screaming. Its now on for Royal Crown with Brittani and Larissa.

Jamey Caresalle: You heard that ladies and gentlemen, Larissa’s going to get what’s coming to her at Crown Jewel when she has her first official match at Royal Crown!

Bimmy Mays: That crazy DC Savage’s really going to kill her! I don’t blame Brittani at all and I hope she teaches that Trump Supporter a lesson!

Jamey Caresalle: We just hope for the best! That’s all the time we have for tonight! We will see you guys AUGUST 31st in Queens, New York for Royal Crown!

We end the show with Meagan, Melanie O’Flynn and Kieran Quinn checking on Mary Ellen and Brittani wirh the 5BW Logo flashing on the screen.

Note from Fedhead: Thank you EVERYONE for coming through and making this show possible! We worked hard and told this story! You guys rock and I cannot thank you enough! We have July to work on stuff on top of 5BW Radio! Thanks again guys!