An Apology

Good evening or morning pending where you are in the world.

I’m writing this up as a fed head to apologize to everyone for our technical issues that have been going on. As you guys may or may have not saw, our site was reported for Phishing, in which you guys know of, we here at 5BW are not about stealing your information or anything. (that’s happened to me in the past in real life)

Because of this, minus real life occurrences, Birthday Bash is delayed and causing issues. While our big show Fright Night is in a few weeks with the extended hard deadline being November first, this is not like us with a late show.

Right now, the site and forums ARE working. Anyone that needs to do segments or matches, you do have til tomorrow to get those in for me. Three days late is enough.

Please also be advise that changing your password on the forum is HIGHLY recommended to prevent theft from happening.

If there’s any questions, please don’t be hesitant in asking. These past days were very frustrating.

5BW Management