Fiona Franklin and Mary Ellen Harrison both FINED by 5BW

Earlier today, a fight broke out on twitter between Mary Ellen Harrison and Fiona Franklin regarding the situation between Fiona’s strong accusations of Mary Ellen using drugs. Dora Richardson addressed the both of them last week regarding this, but it appears Fiona Franklin’s upset still, causing both her and Mary Ellen to go in an all out war. 

“It’s upsetting that my roster have to go at each other’s throats when this is not what I wanted. I understand Fiona is upset. She has that right, but in the office, I told Mary Ellen and her NOT to bring it up.” – Richardson said. “Ultimately, I have no other choice. I have to fine both of them 500 dollars and keep them separated for the time being until Royal Crown”, Richardson ended her statement. 

General Manager Meagan G chimed in and said “Let them kill each other. Fiona’s upset, Mary Ellen’s upset, let’s see who’s standing in the end” 

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