Fiona Franklin scores role in upcoming We Are Splat Production “Scavenger Hunt”

Fiona Franklin may not be on the 5BW goes Canadian, Eh? Card but she will be keeping herself busy. Fiona has scored a role with We Are Splat in the production called “Scavenger Hunt”. This will be a remake of the 1979 film where a billionaire died and will contain a real life scavenger hunt. When asked about getting this role, Fiona Franklin was happy.

“You see most of the 5BW Wrestlers either showing off and getting the likes for attention” she said with an eye roll. “I was sick and tired of watching that happen and had to take things into my own matter to get everyone talking. When this offer happened, I audition, and this was giving to me. I’m going to do Dawn Price justice and make her to be the total bitch. Trust me, everyone in 5BW will talk about my role in this movie”

When asked about taking time off, Fiona shook her head and rolled her eyes.

“You really think I’m going to take off? No. 5BW and We are Splat worked out something for me in case I’m on the card and have to kick someone’s ass.”

We here at 5BW congratulate Fiona Franklin for role. For more details on this movie, check it out at the link provide below.

“Scavenger Hunt” Information and Casting Call