5BW Presents: Fright Night: October 30th, 2020 (Tape Delay)

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5BW Presents: Fright Night: October 30th, 2020 (Tape Delay)

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Voiceover: On Hallow’s Eve, Fighters will fight in the scariest place of the night.

*Shows Saint Raymond’s Cemetery in the Bronx*

Voiceover: While others will have fun….

*Shows Tessa Whitmoyer and Katie Powell having fun at Birthday Bash*

Voiceover: …Others will ruin the fun.

*Shows Kelli Song in a clip*

Voiceover: Four will fight to the final….

*Shows Ariel Madden, Brett Elliot, Amber Rockwell, and Christy Winters*

Voice: One will defend

*Shows Samantha Tolson holding the 5BW Championship*

Voiceover: Another looks to the future

*Shows Jade Valentine with a crystal ball in her hand*

Voice: Tonight, Honor will be decided. Tonight the Universe will be taken over. This is one scary night to be apart…..

*Shows Everyone in Five Boroughs Wrestling in the Ring as the Screen turns black*

Disguise by Motionless In White kicks in as the fans are cheering for this as we are live from the Marina Del Rey in the Bronx, New York! The fans are cheering for this as the lights in the building are dancing to the tune of the music.

Jamey Caresalle: Welcome everyone to Five Boroughs Wrestling Fright Night! I am Jamey Caresalle, alongside me as always, Bimmy Mays!!

Bimmy Mays: Fighting on Halloween! I love it!!!

Jamey Caresalle: Tonight, we have a lot things in store such as Samantha Tolson defending the Five Boroughs Championship against Jade Valentine, Darian Andrews defending his championship against Behemoth and Noris Cranley defending the championship against Kelli Song!!

Bimmy Mays: All those three people you are telling me about coming here are making me say what the hell, especially Jade Valentine…

Jamey Caresalle: Also tonight, we say goodbye to Meagan G’s Wrestling Career, our friends at Splat come to visit and many more! Get ready because this one is going to be a spooky one…


The scene cuts to backstage where Tessa Whitmoyer is walking through the halls.

Tessa Whitmoyer: Kaaaaat!!!! Like oh em gee where are you?! Your match is coming up!!!

Tessa walks by the locker rooms looking around worried.

Tessa Whitmoyer: DORA!!!

Tessa yells as 5BW owner Dora Richardson is standing there face palming in front of a closed door.

Dora Richardson: Oh hey Tessa! Just the person I’m looking for…

Tessa rushes over all smiles.

Tessa Whitmoyer: Oh really! Well I’m looking for my bestie Kat!

Dora sighs looking at the door labeled “Janitor Closet”.

Dora Richardson: Yeah um Tessa she locked herself in the janitors’ supply closet…

Tessa covers her mouth clearly upset.


Dora looks at Tessa shaking her head.

Dora Richardson: Tessa she locked herself in there on purpose….

Tessa Whitmoyer: Now why on earth would she do that?! She’s so silly!

Tessa knocked on the door.

Tessa Whitmoyer: Kaaaaatiiiiieeee! Come on out!!! What are you doing in the closet?!

Dora facepalms at the sheer absurdity of the entire situation.

Dora Richardson: The one time I can’t find any of the janitors….

Tessa Whitmoyer: Heeeellllloooooo! Like is anyone home!?

Tessa places her hands on her hips tapping her foot.

Tessa Whitmoyer: Um there is like no answer! I don’t think she’s in there!

Dora Richardson: Of course she’s not going to respond to you chowderhead!

Tessa Whitmoyer: Chowderhead! I love chowder! Especially New England style!!!! Oh em gee extra crackers too!!!! Yummmm!!!

You can just hear the wires snapping in Dora Richardson’s head giving Tessa a look that screams “How have you made it this far in life?”

Dora Richardson: Tessa her match is in minutes… I don’t even have anyone lined up as a replacement!

Tessa stands there thinking.

Tessa Whitmoyer: Like oh em gee! The door has a lock!!! All we need is a key!!!

Dora Richardson stands there looking like she’s about to rip her hair out of her head when Kieran Quinn walks into the picture.

Kieran Quinn: What’s the commotion?

Dora Richardson: Oh thank god someone with a rational sense…. Katie Powell locked herself in the janitor's closet and refused to come out….

Tessa Whitmoyer: Oh Em Gee all we need is a key you guys!

Dora Richardson: Will you shut up!!!

Tessa pouts as Kieran assesses the situation letting out a sigh.

Kieran Quinn: Well that is a new one…….

Dora Richardson: Tell me about it…

Kieran scratches his head before he shrugs his shoulders.

Kieran Quinn: Want me to kick the door down?

Dora Richardson: Well if we do that we’re going to get billed for damaging the arena and number 2 I don’t think that’s a good idea considering it could hurt Katie in the process!

Tessa Whitmoyer: Heyyyyyy don’t hurt my Katie Kat! She’s my bestie!!!

Kieran looks at them and throws his arms up.

Kieran Quinn: Does anyone have a screwdriver?!

Dora Richardson: What are you going to dismantle the door?!

Kieran Quinn: I don’t hear anyone coming up with a better idea!!!

Tessa Whitmoyer: Oh em gee you guys we like just need a key!

Dora Richardson looks at Tessa and back at Kieran.

Dora Richardson: We’re going to need a locksmith aren’t we…

Tessa suddenly reaches down into one of her thigh high socks and pulls out a lock pick.

Tessa Whitmoyer: I gots a lock pick! Don’t ask why I carry one with me... Tee hee!

Dora gives a look at Tessa that could kill.

Dora Richardson: Are you kidding me!? Oh whatever do you know how to use that thing?

Tessa Whitmoyer: Uh duh silly! How do you think we pranked the principle of my high school with stuffing a cow in his office! Oh em gee that was totally funny!

Kieran Quinn: What?!

Dora Richardson: Don’t ask!

Tessa casually walked over and jiggled the lock pick in the lock and suddenly whipped the door open.

Tessa Whitmoyer: TAAA DAAA!!!

The camera zoomed in showing Katie Powell hiding behind all the brooms, mops, and other cleaning supplies.

Kieran Quinn: I had to see it to believe it…

Dora Richardson: Katie your match is in minutes! Get out of there and get ready!

The look on Katie’s face is like she just saw a ghost.

Katie Powell: NO!!!! I’M NOT GOING OUT THERE!!!! I…. I CAN’T!!!!

Tessa lets out a sigh.

Tessa Whitmoyer: Let me handle this…

Tessa said walking over grabbing Katie.

Tessa Whitmoyer: Come on…. Get out…. You’ll be fine!!! It’ll be fun!!!

Katie protested as Tessa dragged her out by her feet clinging to the door.

Katie Powell: NOOOO!!!!!!!! I’M GOING TO GET HURT I KNOW I AM!!!

Tessa Whitmoyer: Will you stop being a total weenie head?!

Tessa groaned as suddenly she pulled off Kat’s boots. Katie crawled back to the closet only for Tessa to pounce on her back.

Dora Richardson: If this isn’t the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen….


Tessa pulls Katie to her feet slinging her over her shoulder.

Katie Powell: PUT ME DOWN!!!!!!!!!!

Tessa Whitmoyer: OH EM GEE YOUR BUTT IS IN MY EAR!!!!

Katie Powell: I CAN’T DO THIS! I CAN NOT DO THIS!!!!! I’M NOT READY!!!!!!

Tessa smiles from ear to ear as Katie is having a meltdown crying kicking her feet helplessly.

Tessa Whitmoyer: I think my work is done here!

Tessa said as Katie now has her arms wrapped around the water cooler nearby.

Tessa Whitmoyer: Like how much do you weigh?!

Tessa said as they walked out of the picture with the water cooler being dragged behind them. The weathered look on Dora’s face just says it all.

Dora Richardson: I need a drink…

Kieran Quinn: Make that double…


The 5BW Tag Team Championship tandem of Kailey Queen and Zara Grimm, better known as XS, can be seen. Kailey Queen is quite vocal as she has her cell phone turned landscape, and she is heated.

Kailey: “What the heck do you mean!? I’m totally not sus! You’re sus!”

As Kailey is intent in her game of Among Us, Zara looks over at her, an eyebrow raised.

Kailey: “No… no, don’t vote me out! What are you doing you stupid… stupids! COME ON! What are you doing!? UUUUUGH!”

She pitches her phone across the room, luckily with it landing on her duffel bag and avoiding any danger. She sulks as she crosses her arms.

Kailey: “Losers voted me out of the ship! Can you believe that? I was totally not sus at all!”

Zara: “Are you serious? You’re worried more about a mobile game than your match tonight?”

Kailey: “Where did THAT come from?”

Zara shakes her head.

Zara: “Kailey, WE are the 5BW Tag Team Champions… the BEST tag team here, but that doesn’t matter tonight. Tonight we’re out there alone… and we have reputations to maintain. You need to get your head on the match and off of being “sus”.”

Kailey defends herself.

Kailey: “I wasn’t sus!”

Zara: “I don’t care! We have THESE to worry about! Get your head on straight and we can keep them. Now let’s go... ”

Kailey: “You have my back, right Zee?”

Zara stops, sighing.

Zara: “Yes, I have your back.”

Kailey claps her hands together gleefully as the scene shifts.



“What the Hell” by Avril Lavigne hits the PA system and Cordelia Clark steps through the curtains, instantly drawing some boos from the crowd. She starts to walk down the ramp, obviously confident in her self-proclaimed, prodigious abilities. She has a smirk on her face as she gets to the ring, obviously enjoying whatever reaction she's getting from the fans. When she enters the ring, she finally acknowledges the "haters" with a 'hush' signal, which only serves to incite them to boo her louder. Cordelia has a laugh to herself at this, as she starts to focus on her match and the song fades.

Taylor Hudson: This triple threat contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Princeton, New Jersey, she is one half of the Valedictorians… Cordelia Clark!!!!!

“High Hopes” by Panic at the Disco hits and the crowd cheers for Katie Powell as she makes her way through the curtains. She seems a bit nervous, but she’s able to walk down the ramp with Cordelia staring daggers at her. This glare causes Katie to freeze for a bit, before she collects her courage and makes her way up the steps. She steps through the ring and makes a brief acknowledgement to the crowd as the song fades out.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing next, from Wilmington, North Carolina… one half of the Cool Kids…. KatiePowell!!!!!!

“Ready to Go” by Republica hits and the crowd starts booing again. Zara Grimm walks out and raises her half of the tag team championships in the air. She confidently walks down the ramp showing no intimidation of her opponents whatsoever. Once she gets to the ring apron, she slides her title into the ring, then slides in herself. She picks up the championship and shows it off to both Katie and Cordelia before handing the championship to the referee. She ignores the booing fans as the song fades from the PA system.

Taylor Hudson: And from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, she is one half of the 5BW Tag Team Champions XS…. Zara Grimm!!!!!

Jamey Caresalle: This triple threat match is definitely going to be an explosive one when you consider what’s at stake here in the tag team division! There’s no love lost here especially between the Valedictorians and the Cool Kids

Bimmy Mays: Katie Powell is screwed! HAHA! Cordelia certainly doesn’t like her and I doubt Zara does either. I don’t see how Katie wins this, but stranger things have happened….

Jamey Caresalle: You’re right about that! Regardless, this is going to be one intriguing way to kick off tonight’s festivities!

The bell rings and Cordelia makes a beeline for Katie, pushing her into the corner and then pummeling her. Zara is initially amused until she walks in and fires shots at Katie, resulting in a two on one attack. Katie is able to shove Cordelia away, knocking her down to the mat, but Zara crushes her throat with a lariat causing Katie to stumble. Cordelia recovers and she and Zara hoist her up and connect with a double vertical suplex. Cordelia pounces on Katie and fires punch after punch her way. She drags her up to her feet and whips her over to Zara who connects with a spinning heel kick right in the jaw. Katie stumbles in Cordelia’s direction and Cordelia takes her down with a jawbreaker. Katie is on the mat and Zara follows up with a leg drop across the throat. Cordelia swoops in and pins Katie’s shoulders down for a cover…

1….. 2…. Zara dives and breaks up the pinfall

Bimmy Mays: So much for Cordelia and Zara being an alliance! They had a pretty good thing going here by double teaming Katie but of course, Zara thinking for herself there. I really doubt Cordelia is going to take this well.

Jamey Caresalle: It’s every woman for themselves for sure. Zara and Cordelia did show some teamwork there to take down Katie… who probably wanted a much better start to this match. Will she be able to bounce back here?

Zara drags Cordelia up to her feet, then drags her near the corner, throwing her shoulder first into it. Cordelia falls to the mat and rolls out of the ring while Zara focuses on a rising Katie. Zara charges at her, but Katie counters with a clothesline. Zara gets knocked down and Katie stands up. Zara isn’t down for long as she rises to a knee, but Katie responds with a step up enziguri right into the jaw, causing the crowd to get behind her. Zara crawls on the mat, and then Katie grabs Zara from behind, picking her up and nailing her with a release German suplex. Zara looks a little more out of it and then Katie gets her up to her knees again. She drags her up to her feet, grabs her, and delivers a belly to belly suplex right into a cover while Cordelia rolls back into the ring…

1…. 2…. Cordelia swoops in and breaks it up…

Jamey Caresalle: Katie with a great bounce back there! She really took it to the tag team champion and really showed why she and Tessa should never be underestimated!

Bimmy Mays: Unfortunately, she forgot all about Cordelia. Cordelia saving the match for herself… and for Zara… but at this point, she couldn’t give a damn about her.

Jamey Caresalle: Cordelia certainly has a disdain for Katie, but now that she’s back in this match, we’ll see how she treats things especially after Zara broke up her earlier pinfall!

Cordelia continues to pound on Katie, but Katie still stands up. Cordelia gives Katie a kick to the knee, causing her to double over before dropping, kicking her out of the ring. Zara gets up in the meantime and grabs Cordelia from behind, giving her an overhead German suplex. Cordelia cringes as she hits the mat hard and Zara swoops in and delivers a sliding knee to the spine to keep Cordelia grounded. Zara continues to club Cordelia in the chest with a forearm as she drags her up. Cordelia counters with an elbow, but this has no effect. Zara then drives Cordelia into the mat with a Russian leg sweep and then applies a headscissors. Cordelia struggles to breathe for a minute and then Zara lets it go, only for Zara to pick Cordelia up off the mat and then take her back down again with a Northern lights suplex right into the cover…

1…. 2…. Katie jumps Zara, breaking up the pinfall…

Bimmy Mays: Damn you Katie! We were seeing two real women’s wrestlers for a change go at it and I really wanted to see who was better between Cordelia and Zara, but of course she had to go and ruin everything!

Jamey Caresalle: Don’t be so harsh! Katie is holding her own in this thing. Every time she’s seemed out of it, she finds her way back in it. It’s going to be tough for her to hold her own, especially considering that Zara was rolling and in control just now.

Katie steps back and lets Zara stand up. Zara isn’t happy as Katie knocks her down with a lariat. Zara gets up again and Katie knocks her down with an elbow. However, Cordelia has gotten up and she delivers a double knee backbreaker to Katie. Angry, Cordelia stomps Katie repeatedly before dropping down and dragging her up. Zara is standing and Cordelia whips Katie right to Zara, who knocks her down with a boot to the face. Zara looks at Cordelia and points at Katie. Cordelia nods, but when Zara steps forward, Cordelia grabs her from behind around the throat and nails Zara with a reverse swinging neckbreaker, remembering how Zara broke up her pinfall earlier. Katie is slowly standing as well, but Cordelia charges at her and nails her with a step up enziguri! An angry Cordelia walks over to Zara, dragging her to the center of the ring before going for the pinfall attempt…

1….. 2…. Zara manages to kick out!

Jamey Caresalle: Cordelia was not happy with Zara’s treachery from earlier and she got a little bit of payback there! She really showed what she was made of there with that quick double cross payback from earlier. There’s no question that Cordelia’s got a mean streak in her.

Bimmy Mays: After all that though, Zara still managed to kick out. She is a tag team champion for a reason and you’re not going to take her down easily. If Zara can capitalize on Cordelia’s anger, experience will certainly pull through for her.

Jamey Caresalle: Right now, the Princeton student is in control. But can she maintain that and score the victory in the name of the Valedictorians?

Cordelia angrily pounces on Zara and punches her in the face repeatedly as Katie recovers. She approaches Cordelia and grabs her around the waist, plucking her off of Zara and then nailing her with a release German suplex. Cordelia gets up in a groggy state. Katie nails her with a back elbow that sends Cordelia into the corner. Zara gets to her knees, but Katie quickly knocks her down with a running knee to the head before she excites the audience with a handspring back elbow to Cordelia in the corner. Cordelia stumbles out of the corner and then Katie picks her up and nails her with a powerslam. Katie notices Zara is up to a vertical base and Katie grabs Zara from behind and throws her out of the ring to focus solely on Cordelia. Katie drags Cordelia up to her feet before hoisting her on her shoulders and nailing her with a Samoan drop and covers…

1….. 2…. Cordelia kicks out.

Jamey Caresalle: That was absolutely Katie’s best offense so far! She emphasized a little more of her power game there and with the weight and strength advantage, Cordelia didn’t stand too much of a chance here. Katie is looking ripe to pull out a bit of a surprise victory here. Cordelia however, had the wherewithal to kick out.

Bimmy Mays: It’s a little bit easier for Katie when she focuses on Cordelia, who is a strong competitor in her own right, but is the weaker of the two between herself and Zara. Katie has to beat Cordelia because in my book, Zara is too skilled for her to take down. I’m not sure how long Miss Anxiety Attack 2020 is going to stay in control though…

Katie stands up and locks Cordelia in a kneebar, causing her some pain. Cordelia tries to drag herself to the ropes, but in the middle of all of this, Zara jumps Katie. This breaks up the submission and Cordelia rolls out of the ring. Zara gets Katie to a vertical base and then whips her into the corner. Zara charges at Katie and delivers a running knee to the gut. Katie comes out of the corner, doubled over in pain. Zara then decides to capitalize on this by taking down Katie with a spinning heel kick right to the jaw. Zara takes a glance at Cordelia then drops down and applies a crucifix armbar on Katie. Katie struggles with it for a bit, but she’s able to drag herself to the bottom rope. Zara breaks the hold, but she drags Katie up and then curb stomps her right into the mat. Zara turns her over and covers…

1….. 2… Katie kicks out.

Bimmy Mays: Oh man! This is REALLY getting intense! The longer this match goes, the less love between these three women! You gotta love it!

Jamey Caresalle: Zara was pretty much dominating most of that sequence there and she’s definitely in cruise control. She showed some great awareness, but it still wasn’t enough to take down Katie. Katie has been very much fighting with the spirit of a champion so far.

Bimmy Mays: That can only get you so far! Zara is the one that is in control and she is in control for good reason! I’m confident that the tag team champion can keep this going for a sustained amount of time.

Zara stands up with an angry look on her face and measures Katie as she gets to a vertical base. However, Cordelia blindsides her from behind. Katie gets up and stares right at Cordelia who screams at her to attack Zara as she stands. Katie looks anxious while Cordelia threatens her and when Zara stands, Katie gives into her anxiety and knocks Zara down. Cordelia and Katie double team Zara stomping her into the corner. Katie whips Zara out of the corner and Cordelia knocks her down with a leaping senton taking her down to the mat. Katie and Cordelia pick up Zara and then deliver a double vertical suplex. Katie goes to the corner while Cordelia steps through the ropes. She climbs to the top and before Katie can move, she stands on her shoulders, jumps and nails Zara with a body splash. Katie swoops in. Cordelia covers Zara’s shoulders while Katie hooks her leg.

1…. 2... Cordelia pounces on Katie!

Jamey Caresalle: You’ve got to “love” Cordelia’s actions here! First she intimidates Katie into teaming with her to take out Zara and then she breaks up the pinfall?

Bimmy Mays: I think what Cordelia did there was brilliant… manipulate the weakest link to team up against the strongest link and then take the scraps for yourself!

Jamey Caresalle: I don’t care if it's a match strategy, there’s no excuse to bully and intimidate someone to do your bidding.

Bimmy Mays: Whatever works I say… whatever works!

Cordelia clearly wanted the match for herself and she kicks out Zara near the timekeeper area. She’s fuming pissed as she gets Katie up to her feet so she can drag her down with a running bulldog in the center of the ring. Cordelia screams at Katie, telling her that she’s nothing and that she’ll never amount to anything as Katie begins to crawl. Cordelia runs in and delivers a running punt to the chest to kick Katie down. Zara is barely stirring on the outside and Cordelia gets Katie up only to take her down with a double knee backbreaker! She has victory in her sights as she slowly measures Katie. Katie is barely getting up and when she does, Cordelia knees her in the gut and takes her down with the Educated! Cordelia has a smirk on her face, but Zara swoops in with the tag team title belt and blasts Cordelia in the back of the head, with the action happening so fast that the referee is unaware of this. Zara hides the belt underneath Cordelia, with the referee being completely unaware of the title being brought in, then quickly crawls over to Katie, vulturing right off of Cordelia’s finisher and hooking the leg for the cover…

1…… 2….. 3!!!!

Jamey Caresalle: Wow! You’ve got to be kidding me! Zara stealing one right out of Cordelia’s hands… not that I feel any sympathy for Cordelia…
Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner…. Zara Grimm!!!!!

Bimmy Mays: That is EXACTLY why XS are the 5BW Tag Team Champions right there!

Jamey Caresalle: XS is a tough team to beat on its own… but when they’re pulling off crap like that… it’s just about impossible! Is this a sign of things to come for a little bit later?

Zara rolls out of the ring with her tag title and she has a smirk on her face as the crowd boos her. The referee checks on Katie while Cordelia is slowly starting to come to…

Bimmy Mays: Right now? I’d say XS has the upper hand!

Zara turns and raises her title in the air to get more boos from the audience while Cordelia comes to and angrily glares at Zara who continues to celebrate...


Fright Night cuts backstage and Morgan Clark is not happy at all considering what just happened out in the ring with the triple threat match. She waits in the hallway knowing that the camera is on her and while she’s doing the best that she can to maintain her composure just before the match is set to begin, she’s also not one to hold back as she begins to express her thoughts.

Morgan Clark: I can’t necessarily say too much about what happened there because I’ll be the first to admit that if it was Cordy or I in the same position, we probably would’ve done the same thing. However, now I know what kind of champions XS are. My sister had the match won and Zara knew it so she got desperate at the last moment and had to pull such an act. So XS thinks that they’re just going to go out there and sweep the triple threat matches? Is that it? About the only thing that we can agree on is that the “COOL KIDS” are going to get swept and right now, they’re zero for one. Katie ate the pin that should’ve been Cordy’s and really… who’s surprised? I was able to beat her and that was in my first match since my brain dead… and literally dead… cousin tried to end my career and failed just like she always did when it came to her own wrestling career! There’s still one triple threat to go… and I’ll be damned if Kailey Queen pulls that same crap!

Morgan takes a pause for the moment when she notices Cordelia walking in her direction holding the back of her head, obviously angry considering the events that just happened.

Cordelia Clark: You did just see what happened out there, right?

Cordelia continues to maintain an angry glare.

Morgan Clark: I did. But not to worry sis, I’ll make up for it. Actually… I’ll do MORE than make up for it! I’ll show the world why we are the biggest threats to the tag team champions. It sure as heck isn’t going to be Katie and Tessa. They’re just… well… they’re just…

Morgan pauses as she finds herself at a loss for words and not in her own way. The expression on her face indicates a great, total disgust that she has for their adversaries and it’s hard for her to contain.

Cordelia Clark: The blights of society that spend way too much time not knowing what Xanthan gum is and playing Dungeons and Dragons? What the hell does Dungeons and Dragons do for someone anyway? What value does it have in society?

Morgan Clark: None, of course. Still… I’m so sorry that happened to you.

Cordelia Clark: Let me just say this much. If Kailey thinks she’s a talkative, brash, bold woman… oh she hasn’t even met you yet! She’s nothing compared to you. I bet she thinks she’s just going to waltz right in and sweep things for XS. No, that won’t happen. Sure, she’s better than Tessa by a mile, we can both agree on that, but at the end of the day? I’ve got confidence in you. There’s no way she’s going to be better than you. I really hope… seriously… that you go out there and you even the score with them…

Cordelia takes a pause as she continues to maintain her anger and frustration.

Cordelia Clark: ...because I’m not going to stand for what just happened.

Cordelia leaves Morgan to her own devices at this point as she walks by her and makes her way further down the hallway. Seeing Cordelia angry makes Morgan even more so in her own right, but she’s poised and focused on evening the score.

Morgan Clark: That’s how you want to play, XS? Fine! We can play that same game too. The big difference is… not only can we play that game better… we can play that game smarter. Now as for you Tessa… notice how I haven’t said much about you. That’s because… you’re an idiot! Saying anything to you is basically as useless as you’ve shown that your brain has become. The only cheer in your future? It’s the day where you become the head cheerleader of the “Hi, I’m Stupid” Foundation!

Morgan rolls her eyes and heads in the opposite direction that Cordelia just went, making some final mental preparations as the scene fades out.


In the back, we see Kelli Song walk in the back with her luggage. Everyone that is not on the Five Boroughs Wrestling Card looks at her, especially Amy Harrison who is eying at her.

Kelli Song: Oh! Look everyone! It’s the Sarah McCarthy ass kissers committee and the first one that introduces me is someone who cries WOLF!

Kelli eyes Amy

Kelli Song: So how's life treating you? Are you with Johnny? CJ? Anyone you want to be with because you cannot decide?!

Amy eyes her and folds up her fists.

Amy Harrison: Are you really going to continue with this shit? It’s like all you’re good for is trying to start trouble with your grudges of the past, and you’re not even good at that.

Kelli smirks

Kelli Song: Let me guess? You finally grew a pair to actually say that!

Kelli keeps smirking

Kelli Song: Save the shit for anyone that cares about you, you lousy bitch!!

Amy becomes pissed off and goes right after Kelli.

Amy Harrison: You calling me a lousy bitch, you piece of shit!?

As the two fight, Sarah McC steps in and tries to stop the conflict.

Sarah McC: Stop this now, the two of you, stop!!

Kelli eyes Sarah

Kelli Song: BREAKING NEWS!!! Sarah has come and saved all of us!!

As Amy stops what she is doing, Kelli eyes Sarah.

Kelli Song: What the hell do you want? Don’t you have better things to do than fuck everyone’s lives up here?

Sarah McC: I could be asking you the same fucking thing. You can’t get over the fact that I’ve actually done something with my life after you tried to mess with it, so here you are again…..

Kelli Song: I am here because your student’s boyfriend challenged ME for his pathetic championship he is holding, which was the biggest mistake of his life!!

She looks at Sarah and then to Amy

Kelli Song: And it was your BOSS that allowed me to come here! So don’t play the victim as you are known for, Sarah!

Sarah McC: Then explain to me why over the last few months you’ve done nothing but try going after Amy and going after me?

Kelli Song: Because YOU’RE Killing Five Boroughs Wrestling! Why the fuck is everyone else being held back?! ANSWER THAT

Sarah McC: Who the fuck is getting held back? Nothing is getting held back around here, we give opportunities to those that deserve it and want to prove themselves.

Sarah turns to Amy who’s trying to collect herself.

Sarah McC: Also, I’m “killing 5BW?” How am I killing it when I’ve been here since day one, helping to get this place on the map and also helping train the girlfriend of the person you’re fighting tonight?

Kelli shakes her head.

Kelli Song: The same guy who you taught cheating to as you are known for?

She eyes Sarah and Amy coldy.

Kelli Song: Just FACE it Sarah, you’re going to shit your pants once I defeat Noris Cranley! You along with Dora, Meagan, Kieran and Melanie are going to REGRET signing this match!!

She shoves Sarah right on her ass and walks away. Sarah looks at her and Amy and shakes her head.



Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a triple threat match! Introducing first…

The uppity beat to What the Hell by Avril Lavigne kicks in as the fans are booing for this. Out comes Morgan Clark as she walks to the ring with the fans booing at her.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Brooklyn, New York and representing the Valedictorians of Virtue, Morgan Clark!!

Jamey Caresalle: Morgan Clark is almost certainly looking to avenge Cordelia and she’s not happy considering that from her perspective, Cordelia was robbed when Zara Grimm vulture the pinfall following Cordelia nailing Katie Smith with the Educated

Bimmy Mays: She makes a good argument, but at the end of the day, the end result is what matters. Morgan is a smart girl! She’s not going to let what happened to Cordy get to her too much. She just has to be smarter than Kailey Queen and she can even the score with XS!

Morgan Clark gets into the ring as the fans are booing for her. She looks at the fans booing at her and yells at everyone. Jock Jams’ Get Ready for This kick in as the fans are cheering for this. Out comes Tessa Whitmoyer skipping to the ring as the fans are cheering for this. Bimmy is confused at this as she comes to the ring.

Bimmy Mays: Why in the hell is she skipping? This isn’t Candyland...

Taylor Hudson: From Wilmington, North Carolina, Tessa Whitmoyer!!

Jamey Caresalle: As we all know, Tessa is a rather… unique individual. She may not look like much on the surface, but as she proved with her win over Cordelia Clark, she can hold her own.

Tessa rolls into the ring and tries to shake the hand of Morgan Clark. Morgan does not want anything to do with her with Tessa still egging her on. Morgan Clark hits her as the fans are booing for this as both begin to fight out of the ring. Kailey Queen has not been brought out yet. Morgan and Tessa are brawling all over the place as the fans are cheering for this. Ready to go by Republica kicks in finally with Kailey running out of the back. She eyes this and goes in the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: WOW! That didn’t take long for Morgan and Tessa to be going at one another. Morgan is certainly not in the mood to take anything from Tessa!

Bimmy Mays: This is chaos! I don’t think Morgan should’ve done that though! By getting into this brawl, you’re giving Kailey the advantage before the bell even rings. Kailey is doing the smart thing by staying out of the fray and watching this go down.

Morgan Clark and Tessa Whitmoyer are still battling each other with Tessa rolling Morgan in the ring. Morgan comes in the ring and stands up to Kailey Queen. Kailey and her look at each other with a nod as they eye Tessa. Both see her and go for a double drop kick. Tessa comes crashing on the mat as the fans are booing for this. Kailey and Morgan look at each other with Kailey applauding at this and goes to shake her hand. Morgan PUNCHES Her in the face and looks at her as the fans are booing at this.

Jamey Caresalle: Morgan showing no love for Kailey and you can’t necessarily blame her considering what went down with Zara and Cordelia earlier.

Bimmy Mays: This is the fight I wanted to see, Jamey! I wanted to see Morgan and Kailey wreck each other! If there was any possibility of XS and the Valedictorians being on the same page… ever… it is disintegrating before our very eyes.

Morgan picks up one of the tag team champions and throws her into the corner. She starts beating her down and starts punching her in the face. She grabs her by the throat and yells that she is in the business for her and Cordelia. Kailey comes to her senses and turns Morgan around and starts kicking her down. Tessa rolls back in the ring and grabs Kailey as she wants a shot at Morgan. Tessa takes a step back and goes for a handspring elbow, but Kailey kicks her as she goes flying across the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: That has to hurt! Tessa was trying to get back in this thing, but Kailey said no!

Kailey grabs Morgan and throws her across the ring and goes right after her with a drop kick into the back. Kailey is angry and begins to pound down on her with her feet. Morgan grabs one of her legs and WHIPS her across the ring. Kailey holds her knee as the fans are worried about this. Morgan yells at her that her sister and her are going to take the tag team championships away from them, but Tessa gets in the ring and takes down Morgan Clark. The fans are cheering as she begins to pound down on her. Tessa is not playing around here.

Bimmy Mays: How can anyone cheer for this… this child? Tessa is showing some surprising aggressiveness considering how she’s been pinballed in this match so far.

As soon as she gets done with Kailey, she goes to check on her. Kailey looks at her and tells her that she does not need help. Tessa goes to bend over, but Kailey grabs her and rolls her up as the fans are giving a mixed reaction regarding this.




Morgan breaks it up!!

Jamey Caresalle: That was CLOSE! Kailey nearly completed the sweep for the tag team champions, but Morgan managed to make the save at the last second.

Bimmy Mays: The tag team champions have all the momentum right now and Kailey scoring the win there would’ve really put them in the driver’s seat. Morgan made the nice save there, but you have to remember that the tag team champions are the champions for a reason. They’re going to be the favorites by default no matter what the circumstances are!

Morgan picks up the both of them, but tosses Kailey out of the ring. She wants to have one of the Cool Kids by herself as the fans are booing for this. Morgan snaps mares by the hair across the ring making her fly as the fans are booing for this. Tessa is holding her head as Morgan picks her up yet again as the fans are booing for this. Tessa still holds her head with Morgan coming up and locking in a Dragon Sleeper on her.

Jamey Caresalle: This is not looking good for Tessa at all! Morgan’s got that Dragon Sleeper locked in pretty good!

Bimmy Mays: Morgan is a technical specialist in this regard and she’s showing it right here! Tessa isn’t seasoned enough to handle this submission for very long...

Morgan is yelling at her to give up, but Kailey Queen comes out of nowhere and kicks the both on the ground. She gets on top of Morgan Clark and says that the only one that can be the boss team here is her and Zara! Morgan does not care what Kailey says that PUNCHES her in the face. Kailey gets angry with this and hits her in the face. The fans are getting behind Kailey as both are fighting one another. Tessa gets up, smiles and claps about this as she watches the fight go down in the ring with the both of them!

Tessa Whitmoyer: GO KAILEY! GO KAILEY!!

Bimmy Mays: What in the world? I’m not even going to ask...

Jamey Caresalle: Tessa making it clear that she likes Morgan less than Kailey

Bimmy Mays: She DOES realize that if Kailey pins Morgan, she loses right? RIGHT?!?!?!?! She DOES realize Kailey is her enemy…. RIGHT?!?!?!

As Tessa is doing her cheerleader act in the ring, Morgan Clark sees her in the ring and pushes Tessa on the ground again and goes after her. Kailey does the same thing as well and pushes on the ground. She covers Morgan in the ring and pins her.




Tessa breaks it up!!
Jamey Caresalle: I guess Tessa’s not as stupid as you think she is Mays! She had great awareness to break up that pinfall!

Bimmy Mays: Yeah, but going one on one against Kailey? That’s probably not a good idea! Don’t tell Tessa that though… she wouldn’t understand. She’s so empty headed that you can store a terabyte of wrestling knowledge in her and she STILL wouldn’t get it...

Tessa grabs Kailey and tosses her out of the ring as she picks up Morgan Clark and throws her into the corner as she is about to do something here. Tessa sets her up as the fans are cheering for this as she is about to go for a top rope move, but Morgan KICKS her and goes for the heartbreaker! Tessa falls off the turnbuckle and onto the ground as the fans are booing for this. Morgan grabs her and pins her as the fans are booing for this.



Kailey comes up and pulls her off with the fans giving a mixed reaction for this.

Jamey Caresalle: OH WAS THAT CLOSE?!?!?! Kailey JUST saving the match there!

Bimmy Mays: That would’ve been a huge boost for the Valedictorians for good!

Kailey picks up Morgan Clark. Morgan locks in a dragon sleeper on her as the fans are booing and begins to shake her. Tessa comes back up from being down and spears the both. She looks at this with the fans cheering for her as she is about to go up to the turnbuckle. Tessa looks and goes for the Tessa FTW on the both. This could be the biggest upset in Five Boroughs Wrestling as she pins Kailey!!

Jamey Caresalle: Is this going to happen? Is Tessa going to pull off the shocker?

Bimmy Mays: Dear god, I hope not...



Kailey crucifix pins her in the ring





Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner… KAILEY QUEEN!

Jamey Caresalle: Wow! Kailey out of nowhere with that pinfall! XS attains the sweep, but just like the triple threat before… it was JUST by the skin of their teeth that they were able to pick up the victory! Tessa nearly had her there, but Kailey got crafty at the last second

Bimmy Mays: This is exactly why they are the tag team champions right there! Kailey with the ring awareness and the presence of mind to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!

The fans are in shock as Kailey yet again steals a win. XS have won their respectable matches yet again as the fans are still holding their head. Katie Powell comes from one end while Cordelia Clark comes from the other end. xS are looking as we are about to have another blow up. xS are looking to see what could go down as The Cool Kids and the Valedictorians of Virtue blow up yet again! xS gets in the ring and battles with them as the three tag teams are battling each other as the fans are going nuts with this. Suddenly, Legion of Monsters by Disturbed kicks in as the fans are now cheering. It's Kieran Quinn with a microphone.

Kieran Quinn: Hang on a second….

Everyone stops in the ring with what they are doing. The fans are wondering what Kieran is about to say.

Kieran Quinn: Now I know everything regarding the divisions are all over the place, WHICH we are mostly going to get fixed, however, the one division I know is HOT is our tag team division and this fight proves it.

xS, The Valedictorian and the Cool Kids agree. They want to fight. Kieran keeps his eye on them.

Kieran Quinn: There is a lot of animosity with all six of you, so I am going to raise the bar a little higher. xS, you have not defended the championships since Royal Crown and since the Valedictorians and Cool Kids are fighting a lot and you want to interject in the battles, it has given me an idea.

The fans want to know what he is saying…

Kieran Quinn: At Turkey Trot, xS, Valedictorians and Cool Kids, all three of you will be going for the Tag Team Championships in a…..Tables, Ladders and CHAIRS match!!

Jamey Caresalle: Holy cow! What an announcement! This is going to be HUGE! xS may have gotten the sweep on this night, but even the tag team champions have to admit that their titles are in serious jeopardy!

Bimmy Mays: This is going to be the toughest challenge for the tag team champions yet! You’ve got the Cool Kids who are inspired and want to shock the world… you have the Valedictorians who are definitely going to be out for blood after tonight. The tag team division is going to be at its best for sure!

The fans are going nuts for the as we are going to have a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match in Five Boroughs Wrestling! xS look at each other along with Cordelia and Morgan and the Cool Kids. Katie is having a panic attack knowing that this match is about to be a violent one.


The camera finds Christy laying out by the pool of her father’s private residence.

Christy Winters: Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness, is a poor loser.

Christy sip her drink then place it back on the table.

Christy Winters: I told everyone what was going to happen, I told everyone I would beat Enforcer by any means necessary, and I did just that, and he gets to go back to irrelevance with the rest of the loser, while I get to continue my quest to winning the Steinbrenner cup.

Marshall walks out and joins his daughter by the pool.

Christy Winters: Originally I was supposed to face Kelly Penkzee-Nelson but unfortunately she sustained an injury in her last match, and I now have to face Amber Rockwell. Amber normally when someone slanders my family as much as you have on social media, our lawyers would tie You up in endless litigation, but my dad had another idea.

Marshall: Ms. Rockwell I suggested another method to deal with you, beating the living piss out of you.

Christy Winters: You see when you took scissors to my hair, I should broken your fingers, but I chose not to, you seem to have a problem with my family, but it's okay if your jealous of our wealth, and jealous that just my name alone opens more doors than you could imagine, and the fact that you lack a certain amount of respect to your social better in me.

Marshall: Ms Rockwell, we also have ways of dealing with people who disrespect us.

Christy Winters: It’s very nasty Amber, and trust me I will beat the respect out of you at Fright Night, you will learn to keep your mouth shut where my family is concerned, this match is personal Amber and the lesson you learn in defeat will be one that hopefully a least makes you a better person, but I doubt a complete waste of skin like you never change, at Fright Night you will learn to respect me, or suffer the consequences, and you don’t want the consequences.

Marshall: Ms. Rockwell after my daughter beats you at Fright Night she goes to the finals, and to be honest it doesn’t matter who she faces at the time, my daughter will be the Steinbrenner Cup Champions, so good luck at fright Night Ms. Rockwell, believe me you're going to need it.

A servant bring Marshall a drink and a Cuban cigar, Christy light her father’s cigar, then leans back in her chair
The cameras turn backstage where Brittany Lascase is standing behind the green screen. Clearly she’s worried about the interview.

Brittany Lascase: Ladies and Gentleman… Amber Rockwell…

Amber walks into the scene with her usual care free attitude.

Amber Rockwell: Yeah yeah let me guess. The usual BS you’re going to ask me right?

Brittany raises an eyebrow looking at Amber.

Brittany Lascase: Um what?

Amber rolls her eyes before looking at Brittany.

Amber Rockwell: Go ahead ask away… Even though I’m sure you’re going to ask the same stupid questions you always ask!

Brittany clears her throat.

Brittany Lascase: Ok so Amber with the controversy that happened surrounding your match with KPN you’ve moved on to tonight’s match against Christy Winters… With all that has happened in your last match what are your thoughts?

Amber let out a long groan.

Amber Rockwell: First of all as far as that mess is concerned I refuse to take blame for any of that! It’s not my fault the referee blew it! If you ask me that dumb ass should be fired! But whatever! There isn’t much more I can say about that matter really! And as far as KPN is concerned whenever she’s patched up and good to go I’ll be looking forward to going round 2 with her!

Brittany Lascase: So with that being said you are facing Christy Winters. Someone you have had a lot disdain for since the first day you arrived at 5BW it seems… I guess what I’m asking is why do you have so much pent up hatred for her?

Amber’s eyes narrows on Lascase before she takes a deep breath.

Amber Rockwell: Why do I hate Christy Winters? Have you seen the shit that she posts on Twitter? She’s a disgusting….. Ummmm…. Floor! Yes I just called her a floor for lack of a better word and I don’t feel like getting called into the HR office for the 15th time! And I’m just going to say kiss my ass if anyone starts demanding an apology for that statement!

Brittany looks at Amber bewildered from the comment made.

Brittany Lascase: Pretty strong wor….

Amber Rockwell: Shut the fuck up Brittany I’m not done! You wanna know why I can’t stand her? I can’t stand this shit she posts! Both her and Sam Tolson are guilty since all they do is post disgusting photos of themselves catering to the bottom feeders of society! Congratulations your fan base consists of the socially awkward and neckbeards!

Amber rips the microphone out of Lascase’s hands burning a hole through the camera.

Amber Rockwell: Listen Christy… You may strut around acting like you’re the hottest thing because you are a performer but let me tell you a little bit about myself! My mom emptied out my college savings and left me with nothing! You know what I had to resort to just to survive? I was a fucking stripper at a club for 5 god damn years pretty much serving as eye candy for every dirt bag Steel City has to offer!

The anger in Amber’s voice is clear… It’s different from her usual rowdy angry tone… It’s a lot more scary considering it’s just cold and emotionless.

Amber Rockwell: I had to do that to get to where I am today… You do it because you’re disgusting…. In fact I think your dad, your uncle, and the rest of your inbred hillbilly family should be locked up in jail! In fact I’m surprised your dad isn’t in jail for some sort of crime you’d see on an episode of Law And Order SVU! In fact I don’t know how the fuck Christy Winters still has a job around here! Everyone wants Amber Rockwell fired all because I said some shit on Twitter that hurt everyone’s feelings! This bitch is posting pornographic images for god and all his disciples to see!

The look on Brittany Lascase’s face just says it all. She definitely dared not to interrupt Amber.

Amber Rockwell: Christy you’ve done nothing but duck me since I first arrived… You may think you’re some sort of bad bitch because you ride a pussy ass bike and think you look good in a photo… The reality is that sure I’m in it to win the Steinbrenner cup… But I’m also in it to fucking hurt you! In this match I’m going to not just beat you. But I’m going to teach you a fucking lesson you no good piece of trailer park filth!

Amber hands the microphone back to Brittany Lascase who is absolutely stunned at this point.

Brittany Lascase: Ummmm wow… Ok then…. That was a lot to take in… But speaking of Twitter it seems like you’ve been abnormally quiet lately… Have the powers that be gotten to you?

Amber lets out an amusing chuckle shaking her head

Amber Rockwell: October has been a rough month for me. I'm not going to lie. I’ve been doing some reflecting and my sister has put things into perspective for me… All I’m going to say is a new fire has been ignited in me and it’s a lot more personal!

Brittany backs up a little clearly feeling uncomfortable.

Brittany Lascase: Ummmm ok any final words Amber?

Amber Rockwell: 5BW… THIS IS MY PARTY!

Amber storms out of the scene as Brittany breathes a sigh of relief.


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a semifinal match for the 2020 Steinbrenner Cup…

“Party Hard” by Andrew WK hits and the audience instantly boos as soon as Amber Rockwell comes out. Amber has a serious, angry look on her face as she makes her way down the ramp. She glares at some signs in the audience that say “KPN got screwed” and “KPN should be in this match” and she flips off the fans holding those signs as she gets to ringside. Amber spots another sign in the audience that says “You Don’t Belong Here” and another that says “It should be KPN vs. Christy”, but she doesn’t show a care in the world for what they think as she slides into the ring and has a vicious killer type look in her eyes. She ignores the crowd booing aside from just smirking through it as her song fades and she focuses on her match.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania… the Heavy Metal Queen… Amber Rockwell!!!!!!

“Born to Raise Hell” by Motorhead hits and as Christy Winters walks through the curtains, she gets booed as well, though not as much as Amber was just booed. Christy largely goes about her business, walking down the ramp but she’s noticing that Amber is glaring at her with a cold look in her eyes, making it clear that she doesn’t respect Christy at all. Christy sees this gaze in her direction and isn’t intimidated a bit as she stops at the steel steps. She walks up the steps and heads into her corner, noticing that Amber already wants to charge at her and is holding herself back. Christy continues to ignore the audience as the song fades…

Taylor Hudson: And her opponent, hailing from Long Beach, California… Christy Winters!!!!!!

Jamey Caresalle: We are moments away from beginning this semifinal match and this is definitely going to be a war! These fans really don’t like Amber Rockwell and as you saw from the signs, there are quite a few of them that feel that Amber shouldn’t even be participating in this match following the controversy with her match against KPN!

Bimmy Mays: The fans can complain all they want to, but the right call was definitely made. It’s not Amber’s fault that KPN was so brittle and injury prone at the end of the day. Did you see the way Amber looked at Christy though? She really doesn’t like her.

Jamey Caresalle: I always had a gut feeling that this match was going to be absolutely personal. Christy Winters was able to get this far following a win against Enforcer and the only thing that she’s focused on at the moment is getting to the Steinbrenner Cup finals.

Bimmy Mays: I personally feel that we deserve better representation than Christy Winters in the finals. She had a lucky draw, in my opinion. If she drew Ariel Madden, there’s no way she would even be here right now. But, here we are at this point and Christy is about to face quite a fiery opponent.

One the bell rings, all bets are off as Amber and Christy begin to lay into each other with some heavy right hands. Amber breaks the exchange with a headbutt right into Christy’s face, causing her to stumble back. Amber wastes no time giving Christy a vertical suplex! Once she completes the suplex, she looks down at Christy and chuckles at the grimace that is on her face. Christy sits up, but Amber runs in and gives her a knee to the chest to knock her back down. Amber drops down and locks in an aggressive sleeper hold on Christy. Christy struggles to breathe and Amber continues to smirk as she’s clearly enjoying the torture she’s giving her. Amber drags Christy up to her feet, then she converts her sleeper hold into a full nelson. Amber yells at Christy to give up, but when she refuses, Amber pulls her backward and then flattens her in the middle of the ring with a release full nelson suplex. Christy is groggy as Amber then angrily shoves her forearm in her face as she pins her…

1…. 2…. Christy kicks out!

Bimmy Mays: I love Amber’s early aggression here! I knew she wasn’t a fan of Christy, but the way she’s showing here, I am very impressed! This is as aggressive as we’ve seen Amber so far in her 5BW career! It’s almost as if she wants to kill Christy here!

Jamey Caresalle: Amber can certainly be aggressive, there is no denying that, but against someone that has Winters’s experience, she can’t afford to be too aggressive. I’m no fan of her trying to choke Christy and wanting to make her life a living hell, but so far it’s working!

Amber is already frustrated as she stands up. Grabbing Christy by the hair, she drags her up to her feet and then hoists her on her shoulders looking for a powerslam, but Christy is able to slip out of Amber’s grasp. Christy gives Amber a hard shove, head first into the turnbuckle. Amber turns and groggily steps toward Christy who knees her in the gut. She gets Amber to double over and after that Christy comes back with a running knee to the head to knock Amber down. Christy drops down and begins to grind her forearm and elbow across Amber’s face causing the referee to have to step in and begin a five count. Christy stops at four, glaring at the referee in annoyance, then grabs Amber and pulls her right up to her feet. Christy knees her in the gut to double her over again, then grabs her, hoists her and flattens her in the center of the ring with a gutwrench suplex. Christy then follows up with a quick leg drop and then angrily hooks Amber’s leg for the cover…

1…. 2…. Amber kicks out!

Jamey Caresalle: Christy also comes out aggressive and she doesn’t appear to be taking kindly to the way Amber treated her at the start of the match. Both women are definitely taking quite a few shots to the face so far.

Bimmy Mays: Christy is being an idiot like always! She’s playing right into Amber’s game and in the long run, that’s not going to work. I admit that she’s matched up pretty well so far, but she has to play her own game and not Amber’s. The more she plays Amber’s game, the deeper she’s digging her own grave.

Jamey Caresalle: I don’t know if I’d agree with that too much. Neither woman is exactly a fan favorite and they both wrestle a similar style. I’d say they’re both playing their game. Ultimately, the question is going to be ‘who is going to play it better’?

Christy is the one that is now pissed off as she drags Amber up by the hair, drags her to the ropes and throws her out of the ring between the second and the third ropes. Amber hits the floor hard and Christy exits the ring. She drags her up again and whips her shoulder first into the ringpost. Afterward, Christy bashes Amber head first into the steel steps before throwing her back in the ring. Christy climbs up to the top, which isn’t the norm for her. She dives and connects with a cross body splash on Amber who writhes in pain as she clutches her ribs. Amber gives her a vicious kick to the ribs to keep her down and then she picks her up off the mat, taunting her for a bit before she drops her with a hard Fisherman’s neckbreaker near the ropes. Christy walks around the ring arrogantly sneering as she lets her get to her knees. Christy then gives her a superkick to the jaw, causing Amber to teeter and fall. Christy pounces on Amber and covers…

1….. 2….. Amber kicks out!

Jamey Caresalle: Christy was going outside of her norm with that top rope move on Amber and she’s showing that she’s willing to do anything to head to the finals. She’s in control for the time being, but Amber is very much still in this! Still, the longer that this goes, the more you can feel the personal intensity between these two women.

Bimmy Mays: Christy is trying her hardest, but ultimately, Amber’s too strong still. I love how both of these women are pushing each other to the limit and how neither one is acting as if they are above any road to get to the finals. This sure as hell isn’t just a plain old wrestling match with how hard both women are hitting each other.

Christy again gets frustrated as she stands up. She kicks Amber constantly until she falls out of the ring. She rolls out of the ring herself and picks up Amber off the floor. She’s about to whip her, but Amber digs her nails into Christy’s scalp causing Christy to let go of her. Amber with a fit of rage violently chucks Christy face first into the corner of the steel steps, causing the top half of the steps to fly off. Christy is left on the bottom half and Amber walks up to her and curb stomps her face into the steel steps. Amber whips Christy back into the ring and slides in herself. She allows Christy to get to her knees and when she does, she reveals a bloodied forehead. Amber follows up with a running knee to the forehead clearly enjoying the sight of Christy’s blood. Christy stays down on the mat and Amber pounds her fist into Christy’s forehead gash drawing some more blood before she shoves her shoulders down to the mat for a pinfall attempt…

1…. 2…. Christy rolls a shoulder out!

Bimmy Mays: I love every bit of this! The blood has come out! Christy was trying too hard to really mess with Amber’s health there and she paid the price for it as she should! Christy has now been busted open and Amber is thankfully in control!

Jamey Caresalle: Christy is definitely in trouble now after that! Now Amber definitely has a weak spot to attack! This match has gone from being a straight up war, to a blood war. It’s damn sickening how much Amber is enjoying this! She doesn’t need to be doing this to Christy at all…

Bimmy Mays: She is doing what needs to be done! It’s not her fault that Amber is more willing to stretch the limits than Christy is. Besides, it was Christy that wanted to draw blood from Amber so she is getting what she deserves.

Amber grows frustrated and she sits Christy up. She digs her fingernails into Christy’s cut, causing her to scream and causing Amber to smile at this. The referee gets involved to break it up, beginning a five count, but Amber breaks it at four. The referee drops down to check on Christy and while this is going on, Amber walks to a corner and removes the top turnbuckle. Amber walks back to Christy and drags her up by the hair, giving her a hard Irish whip sending her into the exposed steel turnbuckle spine first. Christy is in some pain and when she stumbles over to Amber, Amber gives her a hard headbutt right in her cut. Christy doubles over and Amber gives her a running knee right into the forehead. Christy looks like she’s knocked out cold as blood keeps running down her face. Amber pounces on her and begins to choke her, all while she’s calling her a ‘stupid whore’. The referee gets in to break it up and then Amber then pins Christy’s shoulders to the mat…

1…. 2…. Christy rolls the shoulder out.

Bimmy Mays: I don’t understand how Christy is able to hang in there! Amber is certainly beating the crap out of her and drawing as much blood as she can, but she’s still unable to put Christy away. Still, this aggression from Amber is very fresh and exciting. She’s really showing that she’s so much more than the ‘Twitter troll’ that others have criticized her as being.

Jamey Caresalle: Reluctantly, I am going to give you that. But, you mentioned it. Amber still hasn’t put Christy away. Still, Christy has to regain control of this match as soon as possible or that blood loss just may end up being too much for her. As for Amber, I have this inkling feeling that she wants to do more than just win this match. She really wants to hurt Christy as much as possible.

Amber becomes extremely frustrated and she drags Christy up by the hair. She drags her to the corner with the exposed turnbuckle but Christy fights back with a shove that sends Amber barreling chest first into the exposed steel. Christy comes up from behind and gives Amber a Russian leg sweep. When she stands up, she notices the exposed turnbuckle and smirks. Amber is able to stand, and then Christy comes up from behind and locks her in a cobra clutch. This submission is used to drag Amber to the corner and then Christy begins to bash Amber’s forehead into the exposed steel over and over again until the referee steps in. Christy scoots the referee out of the way and Amber gives Christy the finger. Amber charges at Christy and Christy flattens her with a spinning roundhouse kick to the side of the head. Christy drags Amber up and to the exposed steel, screaming as she grinds Amber’s face in it until the referee intervenes. Christy drags Amber back and nails her with a quick Northern lights suplex leading to a direct pinfall.

1…. 2… Amber kicks out!

Jamey Caresalle: Bimmy mentioned it earlier, but this has become a knock down, drag out fight between both women with neither one giving an inch! If you’re a wrestling purist, this surely isn’t the match for you. Christy has managed to turn things around, especially with that focused use of the exposed steel turnbuckle.

Bimmy Mays: Christy deserves some credit for going to the extremes that Amber has. She’s not going away just yet much to the chagrin of Amber and anyone that hates Christy. Christy is showing that she hates Amber just as much as she hates her.

Jamey Caresalle: Look at Amber’s face though! She’s bleeding too! It’s not as excessive as Christy’s, but this has officially turned into a bloodbath. Hopefully, this match ends before one woman kills the other.

Christy slowly stands and tries to pull Amber up with her, but Amber elbows her in the forehead then drags Christy to the ropes, violently throwing her through them. Some blood is running down Amber’s face and she’s pissed about this as she sees that Christy is crawling on the mat and Amber leaves the ring to catch up to her and to drag her to the announce table. She lifts the cover off of it and bashes Christy’s head into the table on a constant basis before she lets her drop to the floor. Christy slowly gets up, but Amber hoists her on her shoulders in an electric chair position before giving her an electric chair facebuster sending Christy’s face right into the bottom half of the steel steps!!! Amber tosses Christy back in the ring and slides in. She taunts Christy as she drags her to the center of the ring, but out of nowhere, Christy gets her into a desperation roll up pin…

1… 2… Amber counters into a roll up pin of her own…

1…. 2… Christy is able to just barely kick out!

Bimmy Mays: You’re kidding me! Amber puts Christy through hell and not only was she able to sneak in a roll up pin, but she was able to kick out of Amber’s pin as well?

Jamey Caresalle: Amber took way too long, spending way too much time taunting Christy. That almost cost her and she’s getting more and more desperate to put Christy away!

Amber becomes fuming pissed as she grabs Christy and drags her up by the hair. Christy fires some desperation shots and spits in Amber’s face. Christy delivers a hard kick to the ribs, picks up Amber and floors her with a brainbuster. Christy is barely able to stand, bloodied face and all. She stumbles and the referee checks on her while Amber pulls out a six-inch wrench from her boot. Christy throws down the referee and walks over to Amber. She grabs Amber and sets up for the Full Throttle, but Amber smacks her in the head with the wrench. The referee recovers as Amber discards the evidence. Christy goes limp on the mat, then Amber picks her up and nails her with the Rebel Yell!

Bimmy Mays: Brilliant… BRILLIANT! Amber pulled the wrench out of nowhere while the referee wasn’t looking and she’s got this won!

Jamey Caresalle: Not this way… not this way… you’re kidding me…

Amber covers immediately....

1…. 2…. Amber breaks up her own pin!

Jamey Caresalle: Just be done with it Amber!

Bimmy Mays: It’s just as we thought! She wants to kill her!

Amber is furious and pounces on Christy, delivering some MMA-style hammerfists to the face again and again. Christy is completely unresponsive for a good while and with the referee noticing this, he waves off the match and calls for the bell… the crowd immediately becomes outraged about what just happened…

Taylor Hudson: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has determined that Christy Winters is unfit to continue… therefore your winner by knockout and advancing to the Steinbrenner Cup finals… Amber Rockwell!!!

Amber gets to her knees and she is laughing as the fans boo her out of the building.

Jamey Caresalle: Unbelievable… reprehensible! Christy looked like she was about to finish this thing, but Amber pulled out a hidden wrench and blasted Christy in the head with it, effectively knocking her out.

Bimmy Mays: She did what she had to do… and I loved how she ran up the score by breaking up the pin just to hurt her even more! What a statement!

Jamey Caresalle: This is not what 5BW is all about…

Amber looks like she wants to hurt Christy even more, but more officials come out to surround Christy and check on her. Amber leaves the ring and flips off the fans that continue to boo her as she backs up the ramp…

Jamey Caresalle: Folks… this was a blood war… and it sickens me that it ended this way. Amber basically stole this from Christy and unfortunately, is off to the Steinbrenner Cup finals…

Bimmy Mays: If she competes the way she did tonight… I am loving her chances!


Turkey Trot:
November 22nd, 2020

A vignette rolls on a black and white reel. In slow motion, Morgan Payne sits in an isolated locker room, wrapping her hands in fighter’s tape. Her hair cascades around her face. Her eyes lie focused on her hands. Her voice narrates as the reel recaps moments of her career, leading up to the upcoming match at Five Boroughs’ Fright Night.

Morgan Payne: “Bein’ a second gen wrestler, it ain’t easy. People sure think it is. Half of ‘em think ya just get handed shit your way. Da otha half tend to look at ya name an’ get these high expectations. Dat’s when we start thinkin’, “can I even do it? Can I meet those expectations?”

Archive footage shows a younger Morgan circa 2014, making her first trip down a walkway to a ring. A green rookie, full of nerves as she traverses the narrow path between a crowd of clamoring local fans. A caption on the bottom says that it’s back in Pittsburgh, PA. The footage jumps to different points in what was her first match of her career; a back and forth, hard hitting contest. At the end, she’s holding her ribs with her arm being raised.

Morgan Payne: “Oh, I did what I could. I trained. I fought. I climbed.”

More archive footage. This time, Morgan is marching more confidently down a different ramp - the first episode of New Frontier Wrestling’s relaunch. Quick clips are seen of her in what was a triple threat opener against Yukiko Kusanagi and Apocalypta. This clip leads into other highlights of her career thus far.

Morgan Payne: “I brought all I had in me to the ring. Each. And every. Damn. Time.”

Moments from all over where she’s been from her deathmatch in Japan with Eavan Maloney, to her submission match against Casanova English, to her down right brutal war with Daniel MacNamara. The series of clips focuses on the highlights of each match, showcasing not only what Morgan delivered through the matches but what she was on the receiving end of, as well.

The vignette goes back to Morgan in that isolated dark room. Her hands are wrapped and she’s throwing punches and elbows to the air, still in slow motion.

Morgan Payne: “People doubted. They laughed. They mocked. Shit, da dumb ones still do. Yet, here. I. Fucking. Stand!”

More archive footage and Morgan is shown entering the Splat Triad Challenge Tournament. First, the tag team round is shown, highlighting her and Jan Van Der Roost working together like a well oiled machine. In a flash, the video jumps to the next round where they are seen absolutely killing each other. With a broken nose, Morgan scores the pin and we jump to the infamous final round - the elimination fourway. Morgan and Bruce McLeod are recapped fighting tooth and nail, both a bloody mess, vying to be the Last One Standing.

Morgan Payne: “Pick any corny line about hard work. “Self belief and hard work will always earn you success.” Virat Kohli. “Hard work pays off, whatever you do.” Dustin Lynch. “A lot of hard work is hidden behind nice things.” Ralph Lauren. There’s alotta ones ya can pick. They all apply to me.”

Morgan is seen locked in the camel clutch with her mouth covered, going limp in McLeod’s grasp. As the Highlander is declared the winner, Morgan is shown almost lifeless where the match ended in the outside parking lot but a quick flash of white jumps to Morgan back in the practice ring, running drills.

Morgan Payne: “Ya win some, ya lose some but ya work hard and when ya get knocked down ya pick yaself back up and keep fuckin’ fightin’. Eventually, ya get what’s comin’.”

In a series of quick cuts, we’re brought back to the infamous Splat match between Morgan and Sierra Silver. Every high spot is recapped from Sierra’s insane lucha dives and chain maneuvers to Morgan’s stiff shots and explosive power game. Once again a bloody mess, Morgan lifts the newly won Splat Multiuniversal Championship over her head.

Morgan Payne: “I ain’t ever been handed a fuckin’ thing in my goddamn life. I’ve climbed over obstacle after obstacle ta get where I am now and it don’t get any easier. ‘Cause there ain’t no gettin’ comfortable once ya reach da top.”

In the next series of clips, Morgan is seen as the champion, entering the ring for her first defense in what is her second meeting with Bruce McLeod. After a hellacious battle that takes them outside of the arena, once again, we see the recap of the time limit draw. Morgan clutches her title as two groups of security guards hold her and Bruce McLeod apart; keeping them from getting at each other.

Morgan Payne: “Ya become a target to everyone else dat wants ta be where you are. Sometimes ya get da stubborn, tough ones who ya gotta beat it into their head over and over to get da point through dat you ain’t goin’ nowhere.”

We jump forward to Splat’s “The Last Trip To The Desert” show where highlights roll of Payne v. McLeod III - the Prison Break match. The two competitors clash in another bloody war that sees them take each other to their limits. Dripping from her crimson mask, Morgan backs up the entrance ramp with the title in hand.

Morgan Payne: “So now, here we are. Back to da roots of da Multiuniversal Championship. We’re travelin’ da industry. I’m goin’ from fed to fed ta see who’s da baddest muthafuckah, who’s da baddest bitch they got, thinks they’re gonna take what’s mine.”

Our final series of shots are glimpses of Morgan in that dark, isolated room; title over her shoulder, staring daggers into the camera. Intercut with it, in a similar setting, are glimpses of Dakota Mendoza. Front angles, and side angles making it appear as if the two are staring each other down from afar.

Morgan Payne: “Dakota Mendoza, you don’t know me, but’chu will. Tonight, I’mma show you what real hunger is. What it means to fight to protect one’s own. You wanna take what’s mine away and in an ironic twist...in order for me to protect it...I gotta invade your territory. So consider Fright Night a hostile takeover….”

Fade out.


Five Boroughs Wrestling has really done an amazing treat presenting Fright Night on Halloween especially within the beautiful luxurious Marina Del Rey Hotel in Bronx, New York. The entire event has been sold out especially on such an emotionally filled night with a series of top-notch caliber matches each presenting something new to the table. The 5BW Fight Championship will be contested in a grudge match where the spirit and honor of 5BW are on the line with Noris Cranley defending the championship against a veteran wrestler, Kelli Song.

[color=#578A49Jamey Caresalle:[/color] “Welcome back to Fright Night and hold onto your rockers everyone, our next match has been an overly-hyped grudge match where the 5BW Fight Championship is on the line! Noris Cranley is looking to claim another defense under his belt but this is more than just a championship match, this is a personal grudge match not only to defend 5BW’s honor but payback on all the malicious things Kelli Song has stated!”

Billy Mays: “Okay, was she ever wrong? The management here in this promotion all have a circle-jerk with their own matches, getting involved in their talent’s business and Sarah, our head trainer, does look like the type of woman to be hands-on if you know what I mean. What do they do? They send little fuck boy Noris who cheats on Hayley to defend their honor like the rabid puppy dog he is!”

[color=#578A49Jamey Caresalle:[/color] “Billy, do you believe that stuff? Kelli Song has disrespected our promotion, the promotion you work for! She’s been antagonizing not only our management, our staff but also the personal lives of Noris Cranley and Hayley Fien. This woman downright said malicious stuff about everyone in 5BW. Dora Richardson had enough and booked this match to put an end to the controversy surrounding these two!”

Billy Mays: “But controversy never ends and if Noris is the good guy he is, why has there been allegations made in the first place? He’s a twenty-year-old champion, the boy got some clout, now he thinks he goes off and fuck other bitches. It’s natural and that’s why Kelli Song came to 5BW to spank his little ass. Management better send her a contract because she’s going to become the new 5BW FIGHT Champion!”

[color=#578A49Jamey Caresalle:[/color] “Well, we understand Noris Cranley and Kelli Song are two individuals who do NOT like each other. Dora Richardson sanctioned this match for one reason and one reason only, settling EVERYTHING! And who are we to say to the boss? Let’s take it over to Taylor Hudson in the ring for our match introductions!”

Passing the scene from the commentary area, the attention is diverted to the interior of the ring where Taylor Hudson stands. She’s dressed for the entertaining tonight and center stage receiving the cue from the production team ringside standby allowing her to begin with the match introductions.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Taylor Hudson: “Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one-fall and it is for the Five Boroughs Wrestling FIGHT Championship!”

The Bronx audience of New York is primed with energy after Hudson announced the match scheduled in the next moments to begin. Kelli Song is in her corner all relaxed and calm flowing through the motions but across from her in the opposing corner is Noris Cranley warming up with stretches, shadow-striking and within his possession, the 5BW Fight Championship belt around his waist.

Taylor Hudson: “Introducing first, the challenger! Hailing from Dublin, Ireland currently residing out of Chicago, Illinois! At five feet, five inches tall, weighing in at one-hundred and twenty-two pounds. She is Kelli Song!”

Kelli steps out from her corner and poses center stage through what could be described as a stifling array of negative reactions. She smiles through the raucous boos pouring down on the ring with a glance at the 5BW Fight Championship as she waves her hands around her waist gesturing to becoming the new champion. Taylor continues with the introductions.

Taylor Hudson: “Introducing her opponent! Hailing from Miami, Florida! At five feet, nine inches tall, weighing in at one-hundred and eighty-eight pounds! He is the Five Boroughs Wrestling FIGHT Champion, “Unstoppable” Noris Cranley!

And opposite of Kelli’s reaction, the entire Bronx audience skyrockets in an uproar of confidence as Noris steps into the center of the ring unbuckling the belt from his waist to raise it high in the air. He turns around to hand the referee the belt before flipping off Kelli who rolls her eyes. Both competitors are in their corner Taylor is out of the ring and the referee holds the belt high presenting it to the audience.

Billy Mays: “Well, good job on Noris Cranley behaving professionally to a worthy contender but now we don’t want to wait! Noris Cranley, Kelli Song, 5BW FIGHT Championship is on the line, let’s fucking kick it off!”

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Kelli and Noris are in their respective corners preparing for the match with their own game plans until they leave their corners circling the ring. When the two close the distance, Noris tries for the collar and elbow tie up until Kelli backs up to her corner with the referee coming in between the two. Kelli waves him off making him, even more, aggravate and eager to start the action which prompts the audience to boo her yet she doesn’t even budge at the reactions coming her way.

[color=#578A49Jamey Caresalle:[/color] “Noris Cranley has to be careful of the mind games from Kelli. Kelli likes to utilize people’s emotions and exploits them on the psychological advantage thus Noris would be the perfect type of opponent for her. He cannot fall into her tricks and must keep focused on the task at hand.”

Noris and Kelli are circling the ring until they lock up in the center of the ring with Kelli immediately applying the Side Headlock. She continues wrenching down on his head but Noris sweeps behind her with Hammerlock in his grasp torquing down on the right arm in his grasp, Kelli doesn’t budge as she spins around him with the Hammerlock before transitioning into the Side Headlock. She takes him down and keeps him stuck in the center of the ring; Noris quickly pulls her into a Scissors Lock but she kicks out of it onto her feet.

Billy Mays: “See, that’s what you call being a veteran in this match. Kelli has seen and been through it all which means she knows what Noris is capable of. Noris will need to do something special because that little caramel midget ain’t got shit on Kelli who will no doubt take away his FIGHT Championship!”

Kelli blows a kiss in his direction which makes Noris a little unhinged. Both competitors are back on their feet resulting in a third attempt for the lock-up but she moves under his right arm to block him from behind. Having the bear hug from behind, Noris dropped down to the canvas putting her down to the canvas face-first with a Drop Toe Hold. Both competitors rise to their feet until Kelli gets blasted from a Dropkicksault planting her through the ropes to the outside mat. He stands up in the center of the ring posing while Kelli is not happy at ringside.

[color=#578A49Jamey Caresalle:[/color] “Dropkicksault immediately turning the tides of the match into Noris’ favor! We’re very familiar with the fast-paced, strong-style, and high-flying combination of the FIGHT Champion along with his die-hard attitude. As much as Kelli Song has the experience, she should not underestimate the spirit of Noris Cranley!”

The referee starts his official count while Kelly builds time outside the ring to regain her breath. Noris follows her to the ringside area where he clobbers her in the spine from behind with the referee demanding for them to be back in the ring. Kelli’s body is thrown back into the steel steps with her back colliding into the structure and things get worse when Noris charges into her. Unfortunately for Cranley, he attempts a running Bicycle Knee Strike but she moves out of the way making him clap his knee into the steel structure.

Billy Mays: “Oh my fucking god! Noris went for the V-Trigger but Kelli Song moved right out of the way which caused him to nearly break his knee in half. The referee is checking down on him but Noris wants to continue but this spells bad news. Kelly is a submission specialist and now that Noris has a weakened limb, she’s going to make him suffer!”

Kelli has him with the right leg in her grasp causing even more pain as she stomps down on the targeted limb repeatedly. Making matters worse, she utilizes her submission skills by applying the traditional leg-lock torquing down on the ligaments in the center of the ring. Noris is yelling at the top of his lungs and is trying his best not to give in especially with the referee asking him if it is over but he refuses to tap out on the spot.

[color=#578A49Jamey Caresalle:[/color] “This is not where Noris wants to be. Kelli Song has the hurt leg of the champion in her grasp causing him to be in excruciating pain but Noris refuses to tap out. We have to wonder if that leg will be the reason he loses the FIGHT Championship tonight on Fright Night but time will tell since Kelli has been having dominating control of this title match.”

After Noris refuses to tap out, she switches up by standing up on her feet which prompts the champion to kick her in the chest a few times booting her off of him. He stands back up then ducks under a thrown clothesline which makes him leaps backward in the air for the Falling Neckbreaker planting her down on the canvas! Out of instant instinct, he plants his weight on top of her chest for the pin attempt!

Billy Mays: “Holy shit! Falling Neckbreaker after he ducked a clothesline and Noris Cranley is getting the New York audience back in his favor! Well, not like the Bronx is ever worth anything but these people paid good money to hear me talk so suck on that motherfuckers!”



Kelli shoots her body out of the pin attempt that makes her even more of a threat than before. He stands back up again, limping on that right leg, and takes off into a sprint to the ropes where he leaps onto the middle one then flips backward for the Lionsault resulting in being caught by Kelli in an Ankle Lock! She wraps her entire body around the leg and twists down even harder than before on the ankle making Noris scream at the top of his lungs!

[color=#578A49Jamey Caresalle:[/color] “The Ankle Lock! Noris Cranley went for the Lionsault but Kelli was playing possum long enough to snatch him from the air into the Ankle Lock. We’ve never seen Noris in this type of danger but Kelli is showing exactly why she believes Five Boroughs Wrestling is beneath her. Will the champion tap out?!”

The audience within the Marina Del Ray hotel is going ballistic in their attempts to raise the fighting spirit of Noris even with Kelli yanking and screaming for the young champion to tap out. Noris starts dragging their combined weight to the ropes, his right hand outstretched where his fingertips are nearly touching them and with one final leap of faith, he holds down onto it achieving the rope-break. The referee leans down towards the submission counting to four where Kelli breaks it up.

Billy Mays: “Man, we’ve never seen Noris like this but I fucking love it. All that talk, that swag, and that confidence is being ripped away from him like absolutely nothing. Kelli Song is going to become the new 5BW Fight Champion finally putting away the most loud-mouth and adultering wrestler in 5BW history!”

Kelli’s getting upset at the fact Noris will not quit and this causes her to roll under the bottom rope to the apron where she gets up making a path to the turnbuckles. The contender climbs the ropes all the way to the top turnbuckle perching like a hawk over her prey until Noris springs up to his feet then makes a sprinting beeline path to Kelli Song where he leaps up onto the top rope. The audience of the Bronx, New York all rise to their feet witnessing Noris and Kelli falling back off the top rope for the Superplex in the center of the ring!

[color=#578A49Jamey Caresalle:[/color] “Is there anything the 5BW FIGHT Champion can’t do?! This is insane! A Superplex from sheer will has left both competitors down on the canvas with the referee counting them out. Noris has risked everything to win and defend the championship which means that he will fight Kelli until his last breath to defend 5BW’s honor!”

After the count of seven, the two competitors make their feet breaking the count where Noris floors Kelli down to the mat with a couple of clotheslines. Upon the third clothesline, she stands back up and gets bent over from a Spinning Back Kick to her ribs where he grabs onto the right arm to toss her into the nearest unoccupied corner. Her back is glued to the turnbuckles before eating a Running Dropkick drilling his feet down into her chin!

Billy Mays: “What the fuck is wrong with Noris Cranley?! He’s brutalizing Kelli Song and making her suffer more than she already has at the abuse of 5BW management! I’m putting in an official complaint when this match is over because Noris has gone too far and Kelli needs to fight back if she wants to be champion!”

Kelli falls onto the canvas face first resulting in her crawling to the center of the ring for some space. Noris sees the opportunity and moves in between the ropes, positioning himself with both hands grasping the top rope for a high-flying opportunity. Once Kelli stands up, he leaps onto the top rope then attempts to fly but Kelli charges forward grabbing the top rope which makes Noris lose his balance and crashes his entire weight on the hurt leg which makes the audience groan in mercy.

[color=#578A49Jamey Caresalle:[/color] “Oh my god! I don’t think Noris expected that dirty tactic from Kelli and it cost him dearly his own right leg. Kelli is laughing and making fun of him while the referee is checking down on Noris’s condition but he refuses to give up. This is bad news especially for Noris Cranley, he cannot risk being this hurt at this point in the match.”

Kelli sees that Noris is legit in a world of pain and she slowly moves under the bottom rope to the apron edge again. Repeating from last time, she has climbed the ropes to be stationed on top of the turnbuckle looking down to Noris struggling to even stand but when he does, she takes off into the air catching her legs around his neck before flipping backward spiking him on the top of his head! Noris lies down on the canvas immobilized and unresponsive from the signature move!

Billy Mays: “Poisonrana! Poinsonrana! The signature move that has ended careers and for damn hopeful, the career of Noris Cranley! Here comes the pin attempt, we’re going to have a brand new champion!”




Noris shoots his body out of the pin attempt prompting Kelli to even be more made from the kick-out which makes the audience support Cranley even more. She slithers into a nearby corner and prepares to end the match with Noris barely able to stand onto his hands and knees; Kelli bursts from the corner going for the finishing knee strike but he moves out of the way and leaps into the air for the Reset Ace Crusher but unfortunately, Kelli moves the referee in front of her to take the fall!

[color=#578A49Jamey Caresalle:[/color] “No! No! No! Kelli has just moved the referee in the nick of time making Noris hit the finishing Reset Leaping Ace Crusher onto the official. Kelli has no respect for either management or official staff here in Five Boroughs Wrestling and now this match has no official to keep anything in check.”

Noris remains down on the canvas and the official is out of action. The audience boos Kelli who looks at the timekeeper’s area and rolls out of the ring towards that section. She shoves the ring announcer, Taylor Hudson, from off her chair then grabs the 5BW FIGHT Championship belt from off the podium before sliding into the ring. Noris can barely move, let alone even stand, due to the pain from his right leg but Kelli is stalking him holding the belt in her hands to strike.

Billy Mays: “This is it, ladies and gentlemen! Say goodbye to the reign of Noris Cranley as 5BW FIGHT Champion and welcome Kelli Song into the fra-! HOLD ON A MINUTE! IS THAT HAYLEY FIEN COMING TO THE RING?!”

Indeed it is as the audience is even more ecstatic to see Hayley hopping onto the apron to rip away the 5BW FIGHT Championship belt from the grasp of Kelli. To make matters worse for the contender, Hayley bashes the belt into her skull which pushes her into Noris who quickly locks her own arm around her neck then hoists her across her shoulders for the Joker Driver spiking her down into the center of the ring! The audience explodes witnessing the finishing blow as the referee slowly moves to count!






Ding! Ding! Ding!

“Unstoppable” by The Score replays around the interior of the venue’s surround system which the Bronx audience of New York explodes in a chorus of praise for Noris’ win. Hayley is already in the ring and she looks a little down from seeing Noris limp on his right leg while being handed the championship belt from his own girlfriend while the referee checks down on Kelli’s condition.

Taylor Hudson: “Here is your winner and STILL the Five Boroughs Wrestling FIGHT Champion, Noris Cranley!”

Hayley looks at Noris and Noris looks at Hayley. She walks to the ropes a little depressed until Noris throws the belt aside and turns Hayley around to pull her into a tight hug where desperately holds onto him. The audience applauds out of respect for Noris comforting Hayley who buries her face into his shoulder and he holds the back of her head, Noris doesn’t let her go and the two are receiving a lot of support from New York.

Billy Mays: “Okay, despite what I said earlier, maybe I was a little mean. This whole allegation has taken a toll on Hayley and Noris but it’s nice to see them work things out and fight through the media trying to tear them apart. I can at least respect the little shit for being loyal but I still believe he does deserve to be 5BW FIGHT Champion!”

[color=#578A49Jamey Caresalle:[/color] “Well Billy, tonight is just not that night. Noris Cranley helped open the door for Billy Mays and once again, he defended the championship with pride and honor. Hayley Fien and Noris Cranley do deserve to be with each other and we know these two will continue to strive no matter what.”



Ariel Madden can be seen standing in the hallways, shaking her arms as she prepares for her upcoming match with Brett Elliott. Shaking her head, she looks to the camera.

Ariel: “What more do I really have to say to prove that I am legit? I have put everything I have into this company… into this tournament… and the disrespect has not stopped. I don’t only mean the active trash talk. I don’t care about the opinions of trash people. But the latent disrespect is what gets under my skin.”

She shakes her head.

Ariel: “Maybe it shouldn’t. Maybe it’s silly. But when I see people praising their friends and ignoring me? When I see other names passed around as “the future” while I’m what? Another warm body? No...”

Ariel shakes her head.

Ariel: “I am the FUTURE of this company. I am a future CHAMPION of this company. And it all begins with the Steinbrenner Cup. Tonight, I get past Brett Elliott and EARN my place in the finals… just like I EARNED my spot in this round. Novel concept, isn’t it? EARNING your spot instead of being HANDED it?”

She smirks.

Ariel: “That’s the difference between me and others. I’m not going to be handed a thing… when it comes down to it, I’m TAKING it! The Steinbrenner Cup… it’s MINE!”

Ariel shakes her head, loosening her neck as she starts to head towards the ring...

Brett Elliott and Alex Bell are in their locker room.

Alex: Brett, I knew you were going to beat Adelaide Ainsworth. You did it! I am so proud of you. Your hard work and effort paid off. Hopefully you made those doubters shut up!

Brett: I did! Now, I have the task of facing an even tougher opponent, Ariel Madden. She is someone that I have a hell of a lot of respect for. I love her passion and drive. I know that she wants to get ahead here. However, Tonight, I will have to stop her. I am here to get into the finals of this tournament too.

Alex: Ariel is a tough woman, there is no denying that.

Brett: I agree. As tough as Adelade was, and as tough as Xs were when we challenged them for the tag team championships, I think Ariel has to be the toughest opponent I have had here yet.

Brett stops and thinks.

Brett: People said that I could never beat Adelade, but guess what? I did. It was a tough task but I did it!

Alex looks at Brett.

Alex: I am proud of you and I hope the 5BW Fans are proud of you too.

Brett: I am proud of myself. I am proud that I proved people wrong once again. I am going to continue to prove people wrong as much as it takes, until I am not underestimated anymore.

Brett lets out a sigh.

Brett: Now people are going to say I can’t beat Ariel and I don’t have a chance against her. Maybe they are right because Ariel is going to be tough, but I am ready to prove everyone who thinks Ariel is going to easily beat me wrong.

Alex: People may think Ariel has this in the bag but, I know you will show everyone that she really does not. You are going to give her a good fight.

Brett: Hell, she may even think this will be an easy win for her, but I am going to show her and everyone that they are dead wrong on that.

Alex: I look forward to the day we will no longer be underestimated.

Brett: I am beyond grateful that I have even made it this far. Making it this far makes me want this much more. At least Ariel is very competitive and I know I will have a great match with her. It means the world to me that I am in this position to begin with. I plan on continuing to be there.

Alex: Now is the time to shut those haters up. Once you beat Ariel the haters will have no choice but to shut up.

Brett: Yes it is time to show people that we are not ones to be underestimated.

Brett: The match is in a few minutes, so I better get ready.

Brett looks around and takes a deep breath.

Alex looks at Brett.

Alex: You Got this Brett!

Brett: I know I do. I am ready. I can do this.

Alex Leaves the locker room and the scene fades.



Taylor Hudson: The following contest is the Semi Final round match up to determine who will be facing Amber Rockwell in the Steinbrenner finals! Introducing first….

Raised on Country by Chris Young kicks in as the fans are giving a standing ovation. This was not supposed to be his moment to move on, but he did. Brett Elliot walks to the ring confident in this match up.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, representing A and B, from Mooresville, North Carolina, Brett Elliot!!

Jamey Caresalle: Brett Elliott shocked the world with a stunning upset over Adelaide Ainsworth in the first round of the Steinbrenner Cup tournament. But, tonight he’s facing arguably a tougher challenge in Ariel Madden. The question, of course, is whether or not lightning can strike twice.

Bimmy Mays: You can let go of the fantasy, Jamey. Yeah, he managed to shock us all in the first round. But, usually someone who pulls off what Brett just pulled off is incapable of doing it again. I think we need to quit dreaming about a Cinderella run here. It was nice while it lasted...

Brett Elliot fist bumps some fans as he rolls into the ring. He awaits for Ariel Madden, who seems to be the clear favorite in this match, but Brett is no stranger in defeating favorites. Bounce by Bon Jovi kicks in as the fans are cheering for this as Ariel Madden comes out of the back. She looks at the fans, cracks her head and walks to the ring.

Taylor Hudson: His opponent, from Syracuse, New York, Ariel Madden!!

Jamey Caresalle: The tournament favorite is certainly feeling confident tonight as she should be. I’m sure that she’s chomping at the bit to meet Amber Rockwell in the finals considering some of the words that have been exchanged between them before.

Bimmy Mays: Here’s why Brett won’t beat Ariel. Ariel is going to be more focused than Addy was. Ariel saw what happened with Addy and she knows that she can’t let her guard down. Ariel has been built for this tournament for a long time now. This is the opportunity she’s been craving. I doubt she’s going to waste it.

Ariel rolls into the ring and taunts at the fans as they are cheering for this. Ariel gets in the ring and looks at Brett Elliot, who has a serious look on his face. He wants this more than anything. The bells then ring with Brett and Ariel looking at each other.


The fans are cheering for this as Ariel and Brett stare down one another. The loud sound in the Marina Del Rey is going wild right now as Brett and Ariel stand face to face with one another. Brett stares at Ariel and looks for a handshake, but Ariel hits him right in the face. She does not want to play games in this matchup because this is her moment to shine. Ariel picks Brett up and tosses him into the corner as the fans are in shock with this. Ariel starts laying in the punches on him. Brett is doing the best he can to battle back against her, but Ariel does not want to let go.

Jamey Caresalle: As many of us can expect, Ariel is off to a fast start here! She’s definitely showing no signs of letting her guard down.

Bimmy Mays: She’s doing what Addy should’ve done in round one. Brett didn’t take long to get himself into trouble.

Ariel stops what she is doing and tosses Brett Elliot across the ring. Brett gets up and holds the ropes with Ariel coming at him. With quick thinking, Brett goes for a sunset flip off the top ropes and pins Ariel for the first pin of this match up.



Kickout by Ariel.

Jamey Caresalle: Brett countering nicely here and catching Ariel with that sunset flip! Right now he’s got the advantage. How long will it last? That remains to be seen. But, Brett’s making it clear that he came to fight.

Bimmy Mays: It’s still early in this match, let’s not get too excited about Brett right now. He doesn’t have the experience to be able to maintain a lead for too long, but who knows. Maybe he’s learned something.

Ariel gets to her feet with Brett coming at her. He then goes for a shoulder tackle, but Ariel gives him one and he goes flying across the ring. Ariel picks him up and grabs Brett Elliot and lifts him above her head. She has him in a military press and begins to walk around the ring with him. She grabs him, flips him upside down and tries to go to slam him as the fans are cheering for this. Again, Brett Elliot uses his magic and flips her into an ankle lock. The fans are in shock as he is doing everything he can to defeat Ariel Madden. Ariel kicks him off and he goes flying across the ring. She then runs and KNEES Brett right in the gut as the fans are cheering for this. Again, she picks him up and does not go for the press slam, she goes for a running one instead and pins Brett Elliot in the ring.



Brett kicks out of it.

Jamey Caresalle: Ariel is back in control here and you don’t see a woman hitting a running powerslam on a man too often, but someone with Ariel’s strength is certainly capable of that and she just proved why.

Bimmy Mays: Ariel needs to stay focused here. She’s doing good. She’s doing exactly what she needs to do. She’s in no mood to be the victim of someone else’s Cinderella story!

Ariel gets back to her feet and again picks up Brett. She locks him in the Butterfly Suplex Position and goes for the full movie, but Brett gets to his feet with the fans being impressed by this. Ariel goes running at him with Brett connecting to her face with a high knee. He then says that he is going to end this match in the ring and waits for her to get back up. Ariel does, but she is bleeding from the chin. Brett goes up and waits for her to get back up.

Jamey Caresalle: Ariel got caught in the chin with that knee and now she’s nicked up. It looks as if Brett is going to want to finish this off right now.

Bimmy Mays: This isn’t about to happen again, is it? This can’t happen again! There’s no way...

Brett is on the turnbuckle and waits. Ariel is getting to her feet as Brett comes off the top rope with a cross body and takes down the favorite. The magic is there and waits for her to stand back up. Brett Elliot says that he is going to end her right now and sets her up for the Carolina Torture Rack! He gets her in it and it connects as the fans are cheering for this. Brett rolls her over and pins her in the ring…



Thr-Ariel PUSHES him off and he flies across the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: WOW! What incredible power by Ariel! She showed some great resolve there after taking perhaps Brett’s best move!

Bimmy Mays: Holy crap! I don’t know how she managed to pull that off, but that was incredibly impressive!

Ariel gets back to her feet with Brett coming after her. Brett gets on the ropes and climbs up, but Ariel catches him and turns him around. Brett is caught and the match is about to go to Ariel. She then grabs him and goes for a suplex off the top turnbuckle! The fans cheer for this as she grabs Brett and goes for the Atlas-Plex!

Jamey Caresalle: ATLAS-PLEX! The Atlas-Plex connects!

Bimmy Mays: Hello, midnight!

The fans are cheering for this as she has him in the pin….





Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner…. Ariel Madde

Jamey Caresalle: You can say that this was the expected outcome, but you have to give Brett Elliott credit not just for getting to this match to begin with, but for quite the spirited effort against Ariel Madden. However, Ariel pulled through with her experience in the singles ranks winning out.

Bimmy Mays: Ariel’s looking good for the finals and she’s got a date with Amber Rockwell coming up!

Bounce by Bon Jovi kicks in as the fans are cheering. Ariel Madden is going to the finals of the Steinbrenner Cup! She stands up and looks at Brett Elliot, who did give her a fight. As she is about to check on him, Amber Rockwell comes out of nowhere and attacks Ariel Madden. The fans are booing as Ariel and her had some words in the back. She turns around and starts fighting with Amber as the fans are cheering for this. Officials are coming out of the back and trying to break them up, but knowing Amber, she wants to fight along with Ariel. Ariel is pulled apart from Amber as a loud “let them fight” chant rings through.

Jamey Caresalle: We didn’t have to wait long for the Steinbrenner Cup finalists to get it on! This has been brewing for quite some time now and this is, without a doubt, the most fitting Steinbrenner Cup final when you think about how we got here.

Bimmy Mays: If you thought that was something… I can only imagine what the actual match is going to be like! These two women can’t stand each other!

Jamey Caresalle: This is just as much of a personal battle as it is for the Steinbrenner Cup! Who will win a career making match in the finals? We’ll find out...

The scene cuts to Dakota Mendoza backstage. She’s currently sitting on a metal crate in some deep reflection over recent events as well as her entire 5BW career as a whole. She isn’t showing any nervousness at all regarding the biggest match of her career that is coming up and this confidence sneaks out of her some as she begins to express her thoughts.

Dakota Mendoza: I've had one hell of a roller coaster since I started here in 5BW! I know that I wasn’t very pleasant at first considering that I came in basically brainwashed by a certain someone who did nothing but just use me for her own bidding. I was finally able to break away from her after she had lost the world title and since then? It has not been easy to get away from her. She’s cost me a match before. And most recently, she kidnapped my boyfriend, tortured him and shaved him bald…

Dakota takes a moment to pause, trying her best not to get the mind games of her former mentor Luciana Verdoza to get to her.

Dakota Mendoza: I have to admit that it really got to me… but I know what she’s doing. She’s trying to throw me off of my game prior to the biggest match of my career and as much as I hate to admit it, for a while, it did work. I was thrown off. I wasn’t even thinking about the match that I have tonight. However, I got my house back in order. I know that she’s doing to do everything she can to try to fuck with my head. I know that Luciana is going to come back at some point. I can’t stop that. But I’m not going to give her any more power over me and the best way I am going to prove that she no longer has power over me is by going into this Coal Miner's Glove's match, going in there against a hell of a champion in Morgan Payne, who is going to be a huge obstacle to overcome as it is, and I’m going to shock the world and become the Splat! Multiversal Champion!

This burst of confidence from Dakota draws a heavy cheer from the 5BW audience.

Dakota Mendoza: I’ve worked too damn hard to be brought down by the past. Morgan, if you think that I am going to come into this match distracted by other nonsense, then you’re going to be dead wrong. If you think you’re going to walk in and underestimate me because of these distractions or because of a lack of experience or any other reasons, then you’re going to be set up for disappointment. I’ll be the first to admit that the stipulation of this match is more in your favor, but this turf that you’re on? It’s mine! It’s 5BW! It’s a turf that you’re not familiar with and this works a little more in my favor! I’m going to give you everything I have and I’m going to show you not just everything that I’m about, but everything that Five Boroughs Wrestling is all about! I didn’t have it easy… to earn this shot. I’ve had to go through some hell professionally and personally. I had to win a four-way match to get this far. For some time now, I’ve been regarded as a top wrestling prospect… well… tonight, I say it’s about time that the prospect cashes in.

I’ve been looking forward to this match for quite some time, Morgan… and I’ve heard a lot of great things about you so I hope that you give me the championship fight that I hope to have!

Because ultimately… That's what I am going to bring! I’ve never been a champion in my mainstream career before and tonight, that’s going to change! When I become the Multiversal Champion, I’m going to be a definite representative of what the phrase “anywhere, anytime” means. I’m going to show that I don’t need certain people dragging me down to prevent me from achieving anything in this business.

I’ve come too far in the last few months to blow this opportunity, Morgan! Tonight, you’re getting a motivated challenger and when the dust settles, I’m going to become the new Multiversal Champion regardless of the odds that may be against me tonight!

Dakota maintains her determination while the crowd cheers her. She goes back into a reflective mood as the scene fades to black.

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“Rebel Yell” by Billy Idol begins to play. The crowd begins to roar in anticipation of Darian Andrews, the 5BW Freedom Champion. And they see him… As he’s pitched through the curtain onto the stage. As he crashes, the Freedom Championship still wrapped around his waist, a hulking mountain of a man steps out. He picks Darian up off the stage, throwing him into the set with a crashing thud! Security forces start to rush out, but the man known as Behemoth manhandles them as well, throwing them off the stage, into each other, even swinging one by his ankles into Darian, who had staggered to his feet. He lifts Darian up and drags him to the edge of the stage, grasping him around the throat before he throws him off the stage onto the electrical equipment below! Satisfied with the damage he had done, Behemoth reaches down, ripping the Freedom Championship from Darian’s waist, carrying it off as a token of his kill as paramedics begin to swarm around the fallen Champion…

The cameras are shaking around as Jamey Caresalle and Bimmy Mays are confused with this.

Bimmy Mays: What the frick was that about? That monster who attacked Darian was a MONSTER!!

Jamey Caresalle: What it looked like to be a match turned into chaos.

Jamey leans in and listens to what’s going on.

Jamey Caresalle: Hang on, we hear Dora Richardson is about to come on.

The cameras cut to Dora Richardson, who has a worried look on her face.

Dora Richardson: Ladies and gentleman, as all of you saw, our Freedom Champion was taken out by his opponent, Behemoth, before even making it to the ring.

She eyes the camera, and lets out a sigh.

Dora Richardson: As we speak right now, Darian is on the way to hospital, BUT I have an announcement regarding Turkey Trot regarding Behemoth vs. Darian.

She looks at the cameras.

Dora Richardson: Following the tradition of stipulation matches for this event, Darian and Behemoth will be competing for the Freedom Championship in a Last Man Standing Match!!!

The fans cheer for this. Darian and Behemoth will be going at it at Turkey Trot for the Freedom Championship in a last man standing match!!!


Fright Night cuts backstage to Minka Carter who draws a good cheer from the audience, but Minka herself isn’t necessarily in a cheery mood herself for it being Halloween. She walks down the hallway as she tries to think about the Graveyard match to come. She sits on a metal crate and has a bit of a sigh to herself, at which at this point, 5BW interviewer Brittany Lascase stops by. This draws Minka’s attention, but she doesn’t seem to be in a talkative mood.

Brittany Lascase: Hi Minka! I’m Brittany Lascase, an interview for 5BW and on behalf of everyone in this company, we’re so glad to have you on a permanent basis following your Steinbrenner Cup experience. But… you don’t seem to be excited about that… is this a bad time?

Brittany does look concerned for the newest member of the 5BW roster.

Minka Carter: No, it’s not a bad time. I’m sorry, it’s not that I’m not excited to be part of this company on a permanent basis. I may not be showing it right now, but trust me when I say that I am. I’m still feeling… disappointed…

Brittany Lascase: Disappointed? What are you disappointed about?

Minka Carter: Me. I’m disappointed in how the Steinbrenner Cup experience turned out for me, naturally. I’m disappointed in the loss to Ariel Madden. This isn’t to take away anything from her at all. She was the better wrestler on that night. But I’m disappointed in myself because I felt like I haven’t done enough in this business to shed the underdog label I’ve had for my whole career. I don’t have the most incredible list of accolades, I’ll be the first to admit that. But all that I heard going into that match with Ariel was ‘upset’ this and ‘upset’ that and that got to me. I get that Ariel is great, but I felt like the gap between her and I is so much smaller than many people were portraying it as. There were quite a few people acting as if she’d beat me 90 percent of the time when in my heart, I’d feel like it’s closer to 50/50 or even 60/40. The seeding got to me a little bit too, I won’t lie about that.

Brittany Lascase: So… it’s a sense of disappointment because you feel like you’ve done more than you were given credit for?

Minka Carter: Essentially. I know what I am capable of… and one thing’s for sure… I’m not the underdog that SO many people thought I was against Ariel. I’ll take some of the blame for embracing the label for too long… but something that I want to make very clear to everyone in 5BW is that I’m not some ‘8 seed underdog story’. I’m not going to automatically call myself a main event wrestler or anything of that sort. But, I know what I’m worth. I know I’ve done more than enough to grow past that label that’s been stuck on me for the better of two years. I want to go in there and I want to show EXACTLY what I am capable of!

Brittany Lascase: That makes perfect sense and I can definitely see where you are coming from. But, tonight you do have a great opportunity to show what you’re capable of. I understand your disappointment with many things regarding your Steinbrenner Cup experience, but the glass is always half full here in Five Boroughs Wrestling and I definitely know you believe that since I’ve heard so many great things about the class act you are. Tonight’s opportunity is the Cemetery Brawl, with six flags on the line. Fourteen wrestlers are in this match and I’d say you could be one of the favorites to win at least one of them.

Minka Carter: You’re not wrong, there is some opportunity there. But, I’m not going to go in there and prematurely claim something and on top of that, claiming a flag doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good thing. But, despite the disappointment of the Steinbrenner Cup, I’m going to go into this opportunity with my head held as high as possible. I’ve dealt with some crazy adversity in my career. I’ve had some setbacks that have frustrated the hell out of me. But through it all, I’m able to bounce back and become even stronger than I was before. It’s not the most conventional way that this is going to happen tonight, but tonight, this company really is going to see what I am capable of. I’ve got quite the experience in these… ‘unique’ matches…

Brittany Lascase: You or the demon?

Minka Carter: ..um… what?

Brittany Lascase: You know… the demon? I’ve done my research on you and it was a few years ago when… sorry...

Minka Carter: Oh right… THAT phase of my career. Well, I’ll say this much. When I won XWA’s Lord of the Ring tournament, the finals were in a deathmatch… and there was no ‘demon’ to speak of there when I won the whole thing. Still, I feel like my experience will pull me through tonight.

Minka feels a little bit better as she exits the scene. Brittany remains intrigued regarding Minka’s responses as well as her history as the scene cuts out.


Taylor Hudson: The following contest is one fall. It is a Coal Miner’s Glove match for the Splat Multiuniversal Championship. The coal miner’s glove hanging from that pole is the only legal weapon that can be used in this match and must come into play before the match can be decided. Once the glove is in play, the winner will be decided by pinfall, submission or referee’s discretion. There are no countouts and the title can change hands if the champion gets herself intentionally disqualified. There is no time limit. Introducing first, the challenger…

The camera gets focused on the coal miner’s glove that is placed on a pole in the corner of the ring. The glove itself is a heavy-duty glove, but duct taped around the knuckles appears to be a steel bar. “Take It Out On Me” from Thousand Foot Krutch begins to play across the arena.

Taylor Hudson: She is the current number one contender to the Splat Multiuniversal Champion. She hails from Portland, Oregon. Here is Dakota Mendoza!

Dakota appears on stage and then slowly walks down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans along the way. When she reaches the ring, she rolls in and gets to her feet and continues to soak in the cheers of the fans when, all in the same instant: the arena dims down as the opening riff to Iron Maiden’s “The Wicker Man” rips through the PA system. Yellow strobes pulse in sync with the drum beats leading up to the main tempo. When the track fully gets going, the yellow strobes serve to illuminate the arena while the “Behold The Kingdom” banner fills the video tron.

Taylor Hudson: And her opponent is the champion...

Everyone’s waiting for her to appear on the stage but as Bruce Dickinson’s iconic voice flows from the speakers, the cameras jump to the backstage hallway where we see Morgan Payne in full ring gear, walking with a sense of purpose down the corridor, clutching the MultiUniversal Championship in one hand. She’s not alone, however. With her is a small mob of familiar faces. The Kingdom is here in full force, accompanying the champion to the ring! Yes, even the Lil Royals. They reach the double doors where Bloody Fairytale pushes them open and the entire group floods out onto the steps, descending towards the ring.

Taylor Hudson: She is accompanied by The Kingdom! Weighing in at one hundred and thirty pounds, from The Burgh! She is the Splat Champion of the Multiverse. The Daughter of Rain And Snow, MORGAAAAAAAN PAAAAAAAYNE!!!!!

As she is announced, Morgan jumps the guardrail, leaving the group and takes a running leap up onto the ring apron. She turns, facing the crowd and yells, raising her title in the air before wiping her boots off and stepping in over the middle rope. She moves across the mat to an opposite corner to climb the middle turnbuckle, spreading her arms out to the crowd. Morgan just soaks in whatever they throw at her, be it love or hate, with a wry little smirk. She unzips her hoodie and drops back down to the floor, turning to the referee to hand over the title. She tosses her hoodie over to the floor and throws a few shadow punches, getting ready for the match but not before pointing to Dakota Mendoza, then up at the Coal Miner’s glove, then back to Mendoza while slinging some trash talk.

Christine Donahue: We are live at Five Boroughs Wrestling’s Fright Night and it’s time for the Multiuniversal Championship match. I’m Christine Donahue and with me as always the ever-charming Biff Franklin.

Biff Franklin: I’m looking forward to this match. Been a minute since I’ve seen a coal miner’s glove match.

Christine Donahue: Ever participated in one?

Biff Franklin: Just one in my career. I won, of course.

Christine Donahue: Of course. And up high in the corner is that familiar coal miner’s glove. To win the match, that glove has to be retrieved. No decisions can be made until that glove has been pulled down from that pole.

Biff Franklin: Interesting thing about the coal miner’s glove match is that is actually came about back when men worked in the coal mine. If there was ever a dispute, the foreman would take the glove, wrap a steel bar on to it and toss it into the center of a circle drawn on the ground. The two miners in dispute would tussle until one could grab the glove and knockout the other. Typically, the loser would be done on that crew, leaving in disgrace. It has evolved into a pro wrestling match.

Christine Donahue: The referee has finished checking the competitors for weapons as the only one allowed in this match is the coal miner’s glove.

The referee walks to the center of the ring and holds the title up high before handing it off to ringside. He asks each competitor if they’re ready and then calls for the bell.

Christine Donahue: We are officially underway in Morgan’s third title defense.

Morgan Payne is still talking a lot of trash to Mendoza as they meet in the center of the ring and suddenly Mendoza fires off a slap right to the face. Perhaps a little embarrassed at being slapped, Morgan takes a wild swing, but Dakota ducks and then tackles Morgan to the ground and begins to pound away on her, though Morgan gets her arms up to block most of these punches.

Dakota gets to her feet and the rabid 5BW fans chant her name.

Christine Donahue: These fans would love to see Dakota walk out of here as the champ tonight.

Biff Franklin: She’s got a lotta work ahead of her before she can call herself the champ tonight.

Dakota runs off the ropes as Morgan gets to her feet and hits a crossbody block, but Morgan catches her however the momentum forces them backwards and they go up and over the top rope and both tumble to the floor.

Biff Franklin: Tough spill to the floor right there. Referee checking to make sure they’re both okay.

The two wrestlers get to their feet and as Dakota tries to get into the ring, Morgan charges her from behind and drives her stomach first into the ring apron then rolls her back into the ring.

Christine Donahue: Morgan taking advantage here as she gets back into the ring. She’s trying for a pinfall, but there are no pinfalls until someone gets their hands on the coal miner’s glove.

The referee is making sure Morgan understands there are no pinfalls until someone gets the glove.

Biff Franklin: You can’t blame Morgan one bit for that. It’s instinctive to go for a pinfall if you have your opponent compromised. That’s just the nature of professional wrestling.

Morgan gets up and walks over to the corner and looks up at the glove before she glances back. Dakota is clutching at her ribs but slowly getting to her feet. Noticing Dakota getting up, Morgan steps back down from the turnbuckle and approaches, but Dakota hits her with a hard chop.

Christine Donahue: Dakota not backing down.

Biff Franklin: Morgan is a dangerous competitor. Dakota is going to have to be as well if she plans on surviving this match.

Dakota drives Morgan against the ropes and delivers several forearm shots to the chest. After about five, Morgan just pie-faces her and pushes her back, but Dakota flips her over with some type of throw and grabs onto the arm but Morgan rolls out of it then Dakota just kicks her hard in the back.

Biff Franklin: That was hard. Damn.

Morgan slowly gets to her feet but Dakota snapmares her back down and gives her another hard kick to the back then covers but the referee tells her no counts and points to the glove. Morgan quickly gets to her feet, not wanting another kick like that but Dakota pushes her to the ropes and gives her one more for good measure.

Christine Donahue: Morgan’s back is turning red from all those kicks.

Biff Franklin: By tomorrow it’ll be black and blue.

Dakota off the ropes, but Morgan just backdrops her over the top rope and to the outside of the ring where she lands hard. Morgan drops down and rolls under the bottom rope and grabs a handful of Dakota’s hair and goes behind as Dakota gets to her feet. Morgan tries for a belly to back, but Dakota deadweights her. Morgan just muscles her up and back, dropping Dakota on her head.

Christine Donahue: Ouch.

Morgan rolls her back into the ring then follows in. Morgan took a moment to stretch before she headed toward getting the glove to really get this match started. However, Morgan taking the time to take a breather gave Dakota enough to recover. Mendoza takes the Champion out at the knees with a chop block.

Biff Franklin: That pause let Mendoza recover and now she’s got the advantage.

The challenger leaps at the ropes and swings the full force of her body into Morgan’s kneeling form. With no option for a pinfall Dakota comes off the ropes again with a top rope moonsault. Morgan takes the impact right in the torso and writhes around in pain.

Christine Donahue: I don’t think anyone gave a fair chance to Mendoza in this match but she’s showing what she’s made of right here.

Dakota scales the turnbuckle and comes off looking for a frog splash, what she’s met with is actually payback as her own midsection meets Morgan’s raised knees! The crafty Champion had been playing possum while her challenger scaled the ropes. Morgan gets to her feet and keeps her momentum going with a powerbomb! Morgan picks her challenger up again and muscles her around for a series of german suplexes!

Biff Franklin: Dakota Mendoza is going to be feeling that all week!

Morgan exploder suplexes Dakota across the ring, the Champion then sets up and nails home her signature Yoi Yoi Double Yoi!

Christine Donahue: I’d say this was over but she can’t yet go for a pinfall! There she goes after the glove.

With the challenger down, Morgan heads for the glove again. Before she can start scaling however, she’s taken down with a flying headscissors! Mendoza is not giving this one up without a fight! The challenger has to stop for a breather while Morgan, who got thrown out of the ring groans on the outside. Mendoza is slow to follow with a suicide dive but follow she does! Morgan gets smashed right back into a pile of sweat on the floor.

Christine Donahue: Mendoza taking it right back to the champ here.

Biff Franklin: Who knows when another opportunity will come her way for this championship. It could be now or never for Dakota Mendoza.

Dakota grabs the Champion by the hair and starts taking Morgan on a face first tour of the left ringside area. Just slamming her head into the ring apron, the ring post, the crowd barricade, anything and everything Dakota can find to clean off with Morgan’s face, she uses.

Biff Franklin: This match can’t even come to a conclusion until someone grabs the glove. Might be time to think about that and get on up there.

Christine Donahue: Gotta wear down your opponent enough to get up there though and Medoza is giving it to Payne here. Hold on...

Morgan stops the punishment with an elbow to the face, then she treats Dakota to a few more just for good measure. The tiny but mighty Champion, perhaps just showing off, hefts her Challenger up and smashes her ribs first into the ring post, before basically power slamming Dakota into the steel steps!

Biff Franklin: That’s never fun if you’re on the receiving end.

Morgan then relishes in giving Dakota the pain right back, rubbing the side of her face into the diamond plating of the steps. Morgan then struggles Dakota back into the ring, rolling in herself afterward. The pair of them trade blows, back and fourths strong rights and lefts. After a few shots, Morgan switches to shin kicks, just peppering that midsection Morgan had been working over!

Christine Donahue: It’s all Morgan Payne at this point with all those solid kicks. Dakota needs to do something here or it’s going to be over.

Dakota seemed to be tiring, but finally managed to dodge a kick and use a sweep to take out Morgan’s remaining leg. The challenger throws in a standing moonsault to keep the champion down. Again, no option for a pinfall so Dakota wearily climbs up to the second turnbuckle and leaps off but Morgan catches her coming off with a codebreaker.

Biff Franklin: That may actually do it but Morgan has to get the glove.

Instead, Morgan pulls up Dakota and lifts her on her back for an inverted death valley driver, which she calls the Dahntahn After Dahk but as she flips her over Dakota lands on her feet and locks in a double underhook and drops her.

Christine Donahue: It’s the Mendoza Facebuster by Dakota Mendoza.

Biff Franklin: Time to get the glove! Someone get that damn glove!

Dakota looks over at Morgan as she gets to her feet and realizes the champion could be out. She begins to climb the corner, reaching to grab the pole until she’s standing on the top turnbuckle. She reaches up and grabs the glove as the fans are on their feet now. She looks behind her to see Morgan slowly getting to her feet.

Christine Donahue: Dakota has the glove.

Biff Franklin: We could be seeing a new champion right here.

As Dakota turns around onto the turnbuckle, Luciana appears from the back and Dakota notices her. She shakes it off as Luciana makes her way down towards the ring and she leaps off.

Christine Donahue: Oh wow.

Biff Franklin: We’re gonna have to get a replay of that because I think Dakota hit Morgan, but both of them are down.

The replay shows Dakota coming off the turnbuckle with the glove on her hand and she gets a glancing blow but Morgan lifts a high knee and connects with Dakota’s chin and both go down.

Christine Donahue: The referee may have to make an unpopular decision here if neither can get to their feet. Now, what is Luciana Verdoza doing at ringside?

Biff Franklin: I know there’s some history here, but I didn’t expect she’d get involved in this title match.

In fact, Luciana walks over to the side of the ring where Dakota is down. Watching the referee, waiting until he’s looking towards Morgan, she pulls the coal miner’s glove from Dakota’s hand.

Christine Donahue: Now wait one minute.

Biff Franklin: What? Anyway, it looks like the referee is going to get them a standing ten count here.

Indeed, the referee begins to count, starting at 10, he counts backwards as he leans over Morgan and is loud to ensure that she can hear him. As he gets to 7, he turns and walks over to Dakota but before he sees her, Luciana slips the glove into the ring right next to Morgan Payne and nonchalantly walks off.

Christine Donahue: Are you kidding me here with this? How is this fair?

Biff Franklin: Luciana was just ensuring that Dakota didn’t cheat by using the glove.

Christine Donahue: That’s the whole point of the match! Biff…

Biff Franklin: What?

Christine Donahue: Just… nothing. Watch the match.

Biff Franklin: What are you getting mad at me for?

As the referee hits four, both wrestlers begin to stir. Morgan sees the glove in front of her and reaches for it and pulls it onto her hand. Dakota uses the ropes to get back to her feet. She’s obviously looking around for the glove she knew she had. Morgan walks backward towards Dakota.

Dakota comes in for a facebuster, but Morgan ducks it and as soon as Dakota spins around, Morgan drives her fist with the coal miner’s glove right into her midsection for a punch to the liver.

Christine Donahue: Death Punch Therapy! With the glove!

Biff Franklin: Ouch!

Dakota’s eyes roll back in her head as she spins away from Morgan who, throws off the glove, lifts her up on her shoulders and drops her down with an inverted death valley driver!

Christine Donahue: Dahntahn After Dahk!

Biff Franklin: That did not look good.

Morgan jumps on Dakota and grabs onto both legs and folds her up as the referee leaps down to count.




The bell rings.

Taylor Hudson: The winner of the match as the result of a pinfall and STILL Splat Multiuniversal Champion, Moooooooorgan Paaaaayne!

Morgan’s music plays as the referee hands her the belt and she clutches it to her chest.

Biff Franklin: That was a hard-fought victory right there.

Christine Donahue: Are you kidding me right now? Dakota Mendoza could very well be the Multiuniversal Champion right now if it wasn’t for Luciana Verdoza.

Biff Franklin: Now, don’t take away from Morgan’s victory. She finished off Dakota and got the pinfall. It was very impressive.

Christine Donahue: Despite all of that Morgan Payne retains the championship and heads to Action Wrestling in a couple of weeks to defend against Graham Baker in a Barbed Wire Rope Deathmatch!

Morgan continues to pose with the belt as her music plays and then she looks over at Dakota, who is still lying flat on her back in the ring with the referee checking on her. Morgan slips out of the ring with her championship and heads towards the back.

Luciana is still in the ring and stares down at a fallen Dakota Mendoza. Dakota is down on the ground from the match as she picks her up. Luciana screams in her face that she can’t and leaves the ring! The fans are still booing at this as we go to a break.

Winter Wonderland
December 20th, 2020

We thank Marina Del Rey for Hosting Fright Night tonight!!


On a cold late fall night before Halloween, all the competitors in the Cemetery Brawl match are in Saint Raymond’s Cemetery. Panos Dakos, Drew Rogers, Sabrina Baker, Veronica Rachelle, Adelaide Ainsworth, D-Six, Natalie Eldredge, Hayley Fien, Brittani Helms, Enforcer, Arabella, Jessica Hendrix, Minka Carter and Phoenix LeStrange are all in a circle with referee Maxine Brisk going over the rules.

Maxine Brisk: This is now the Cemetery Brawl match up! At each post of the cemetery, there are six flags. One is Black, One is Red, One is Orange, One is Green, One is Yellow and One is Pink. Sometime down the line, the flags will be revealed to see what they are and what they will contain. If they are championship matches, you have that right to cash in. If it is a pink one…. That means…well I am sure everyone knows what a pink slip is.

Everyone looks around. They do not want to get fired from the company if they grab a pink one. Maxine looks at all of them.

Maxine Brisk: On the sound of my whistle, the match will begin.

Everyone gets into battle. Maxine nods and blows the whistle, and the match begins. Minka goes after Phoenix LeStrange, Drew Rogers and Enforcer fight, Arabella, and Jessica Hendrix team up against Adelaide Ainsworth and Natalie Eldredge. Sabrina Baker and Veronica Rachelle are fighting, Brittani Helms and D-Six pick up their summer feud while Panos Dakos goes to run, but Hayley Fien is on his ass and grabs him. The both start fighting on the road that leads to the other tombstones.

Brittani and DSix are throwing hands to each other’s face, but DSix reverts to his alter ego, Beer Giles Katz and tries to scare off Brittani Helms. Brittani does not mind it and starts brawling with him, pushing him into a tombstone. Drew Rogers breaks free of Enforcer and grabs Brittani by the hair and tosses her hard onto the ground. Arabella and Jessica Hendrix are still fighting with Natalie and Addy, but Addy throws both into the tombstone. Natalie looks at Addy and goes for a high five. Addy looks at her, fakes it and throws her into the tombstone. Natalie bounces off it with Addy catching her into the Whorgasm. Natalie falls on the ground with Addy looking at her and standing over her.

Adelaide Ainsworth….I ain’t going to help you with this match up, bitch!!

Addy goes to grab a shovel and hit Natalie right over the head with it. Minka Carter and Phoenix LeStrange see this and prevent this from happening, causing Arabella and Jessica Hendrix to intervene as well. All of them beat down on Addy A, but Addy is too strong for the both. Suddenly, Minka Carter comes out of nowhere with the demon stake, knocking Addy A off her feet. Phoenix LeStrange, Arabella and Jessica come after her, but for each other, she kicks them. Natalie is still out of it while Minka runs to the left.

Panos Diakos is hauling ass down the road with Hayley running after him. Sabrina and Veronica are brawling through the cemetery still with anger coming out of both. Panos runs to the side where they are fighting and tackles both over. Veronica and Sabrina are down on the ground with Panos seeing a ladder. Hayley comes up behind him, but Panos sets it up and climbs up it. Panos sees the first flag with Hayley coming up, but it is too late. Panos grabs it and he has the first official flag and lets out a scream.

[color=0D5EAF]Panos Diakos[/color]: YES!! I GOT IT!!!

He waves it above around with Hayley, Brittani, D-Six, Sabrina, and Veronica Rachelle looking at him. Panos thinks he’s won the lottery with the flag, but doesn’t know that the color flag he has is a pink one. That mean’s his fired from the company. Brittani looks at him.


Panos turns around and sees the color of the flag. He looks at it and screams because his career is done in Five Boroughs Wrestling. D-Six comes up and grabs him as he goes for the Smash Hit off the ladder! Diakos goes down on the ground with Veronica, Hayley, Brittani, and Sabrina rolling him over and putting him in a graveyard. D-Six grabs the shovel and starts putting dirt on it, signaling that he is done from the company.

Minka, Phoenix and Addy are fighting on the outside of the cemetery with Addy throwing Minka into the car on East Tremont Avenue by the gas station with the referee’s telling her that she needs to get back. She heads after Phoenix LeStrange, but Phoenix throws her into the middle of the street. She then runs back towards the cemetery, only to be clotheslined by Drew Rogers. Drew Rogers looks at her and drags her back to the graveyard. He looks around and sets her up for the Maximum, but Addy A comes back in the ring and grabs Drew Rogers from behind, dropping Phoenix from his grip. Drew turns around with Addy coming after her, but she ducks and goes for the Golden Mile!! Drew drops to the ground with above her head being a yellow flag. She looks at it and nods. That is the second flag that was taken down.

Addy walks away in approval leaving everyone else reaching for the flags. Brittani and D-Six resume their battle with Sabrina and Veronica fighting. Hayley and Phoenix are throwing hands as the fans are cheering for this. Minka, Drew and Enforcer are battling with one another. Sabrina tosses Veronica to the side and goes right after Minka and Drew. Both are battling each other, but Enforcer comes right after them. Drew comes and tackles him down. As Brittani and D-Six are battling one another, Hayley Fien comes out of nowhere with a crossbody onto both. She stands up and looks, but suddenly, is tackled down by Rachel Faust.

Hayley Fien goes across and HITS her head hard on a tombstone. Rachel looks over and waves over to Luciana Verdoza. Luciana has her corner with Hayley Fien, starting to bleed out of her blonde hair, looks up and has a twisted look on her face.

Luciana Verdoza: NOW IT’S TIME TO HAVE MY FUN!!

Rachel Faust breaks open the door of a resting place with Luciana taking her in. We do not know what the hell is about to happen. Sabrina Baker and Veronica Rachelle are still battling with Minka Carter coming up. Phoenix LeStrange is seen, but Arabella and Jessica Hendrix come up and attack her, but Natalie Eldredge comes up from being down and tosses her in the street. Natalie walks into the middle of the street and sees Phoenix get up. The referee says that like Addy, she needs to take this into the graveyard, but battles Phoenix in the street. Both are out it as the fight keeps on going.

Back in, Jessica and Arabella are on top of the highest tombstone and see a flag right there, but Minka Carter grabs the ladder that was used and pushes Arabella off it. She lands through the table on the outside with Jessica coming after her. Minka sees Jessica reaching, but Jessica slips, making Minka Carter use her speed and grabs the Orange one. She jumps down as Jessica Hendrix slams her fist in frustration. Meanwhile, Sabrina Baker is looking for the flag, but sees Enforcer on her tail and comes after her. She grabs one of the flowerpots and THROWS it into his face. Enforcer RIPS up a tombstone and throws it at her.

Sabrina ducks out of the way and looks at him. She runs and goes for a hurricanrana, but Enforcer has her and is about to slam her. Sabrina is using her power to battle back against him and KICKS him right in the groin area. Enforcer holds then as she goes for a running knee into his face. Sabrina gets a sick and twisted look on her face and grabs the tombstone he ripped up. She SLAMS it on his chest and sees that a red flag is under it. Sabrina grabs it and puts it in her pocket as we have two flags left.

Just then, in the crypt where a body is resting, Luciana Verdoza and Hayley Fien are fighting one another, but Luciana is getting the best of her. She THROWS Hayley into the candles, and pulls a match out. Hayley, who is bleeding and all, is near the candles with Luciana lighting them. She then GRABS Hayley’s hair and is about to burn her, but Hayley KICKS her out. She then throws her into the candles, but it shakes!!

Hayley FienI will not only break another hand, but I wi-
Rachel Faust comes up and throws Hayley into the coffin bin. Luciana comes up and looks at Rachel Faust with a nod. Both open the casket bin and dust come out. Luciana crinkles her nose at the stench of the smell of the dead body. Rachel puts Hayley’s hand near the bin as Luciana has her hand on the lid!



Luciana falls into the crypt thanks to Dakota Mendoza coming up behind her. She gets in there and starts beating the crap out of Luciana in the crypt! Rachel comes up, but Hayley throws her into the candles. Sabrina Baker also comes in and tries to save her, but Hayley THROWS her into the crypt as well. Dakota and Luciana take their brawl out and start fighting. Hayley looks behind the memorial and sees the green flag hanging. She grabs it and takes one good look at it with a smirk on her face.

The final flag is up for grabs with Brittani Helms, Jessica Hendrix, D-Six, Veronica Rachelle, and Drew Rogers still in this fight. Drew and Brittani begin to fight with Jessica and Veronica fighting each other. D-Six is right behind Brittani Helms and GRABS her as he tosses her into the row of tombstones. Brittani holds her back as she is in pain with Drew Rogers coming up and yelling at him. D-Six hisses at him and goes for his finisher onto the ground. Jessica Hendrix and Veronica Rachelle are fighting, but Veronica grabs the ladder and sets it up. She knows what could be big here and this can make her career. Jessica also grabs another one and starts setting it up. She climbs with both Veronica Rachelle climbing up. Veronica is to the top and sees the flag…..

But Kelli Song is right there and KICKS Veronica off the ladder. The other ladder that Jessica was on falls over as well with both going down. Kelli lets out a laugh and jumps down. D-Six sees this and climbs the iron gate quickly and gets to the top. He grabs the black flag as that was the final flag. He looks over to it and reads the back of it with a nod and a smirk. The match ends with D-Six standing above.


In the back, Meagan G is warming up for her final match ever as she walks. Suddenly, Brittany Lascase walks up to the general manager of Five Boroughs Wrestling. Meagan eyes her.

Meagan G: Brittany, you caught me at a wrong time…what’s this about….

Brittany Lascase: I know I don’t want to keep you long for your match, but are you aware of what happened in the Cemetery Yard match with Kelli Song interfering in it?

Meagan shakes her head.

Meagan G: Let me guess, she prevented Veronica Rachelle from winning? You know what, it does not even surprise me because for WEEKS she has been attacking everyone in Five Boroughs Wrestling. Myself, Sarah, and everyone else. Tonight, she got what was coming to her from Noris Cranley AND Hayley Fien. If she wants to play these games, then I have no problem talking with Dora and signing her ass to a contract.

She looks at Brittany.

Meagan G: However, that’s not on my list right now. Right now, I need to focus on that asshole Gabe Khane’s ass in the middle of the ring! He wants me to respect him, then he needs to earn my respect. It does not come to you right away. The Bronx Faithful knows it and so will him!

Meagan walks before turning back to Brittany.

Meagan G: Also, these shirts, you can catch them on Ewtees.com. I already got the Five Boroughs Wrestling Sweatshirt in black from there!!

Meagan smirks and walks away for her final match.


Gabe is in the boiler room by himself preparing for his match against Meagan G.

Gabe: Tonight, All of my anger and all of my frustration is going to come out. I am sick and tired of being overlooked. I feel like a ghost around this place. I had friends but they all turned their backs on me and sided with Meagan, so they could kiss her ass. My feelings will be known and they will be known at Meagan’s expense.

Gabe thinks about tonight being Meagan’s last wrestling match.

Gabe: This is going to be Meagan’s last match. Yeah, how long will that last until she wakes up one day and decides to get back in the ring again and take someone else’s spotlight? After tonight, It will not be my spotlight she takes, because she will hopefully have learned a lesson after I teach it to her. Meagan may have brought me into 5BW, but tonight, I am taking her ass out.

Gabe takes a deep breath.

Gabe: After I beat Meagan’s ass tonight, the spotlight will be on where it should be, on me. When everyone sees the ass beating I will be giving Meagan, they will find out why you do not steal anything from me.

Gabe has a sneaky grin on his face.

Gabe: Once I put Meagan away once and for all, it will be time for me to go on to bigger and better things.

Gabe: Cameraman, Zoom in on Me.

The camera zooms on Gabe.

Gabe: Tonight is Fright Night but it will be Meagan’s worst night of her life. I am going to make this night difficult for her, that is for sure.

Gabe’s face turns serious.

Gabe: As a matter of fact, I am also sick of Meagan playing favorites around here. Tonight after she is done wrestling and when she is done taking her ass beating from me, she will treat everyone equally. That includes me. I will make sure of that. I mean she favors people like those two lovebirds Noris and Hayley. Is it because they are an “it” couple?

Gabe’s voice gets louder.

Gabe: It makes my blood boil just hearing about them and seeing them interact on Twitter. It is no wonder I do not go to Twitter often. That is because I am sick of the love fests and the ass kissing.

Gabe pauses for a minute.

Gabe: Gabe: So what, I am not a Social Media buff like some people are, but that does not mean I am less talented and less of a star. I just do not have time to play on Social Media. I am here to work. Instead, I go to the gym and train in the ring. Playtime is over and has been over a long time ago. If that makes me not liked then so be it, then I will not be liked. I would rather be hated for who I am then be loved for who I am not.

Gabe starts Yelling.

Gabe: One last thing. Guess What? I am NOT here to make friends. I am here to work my ass off. I am here for the championships. I could care less about who I have to go through to get ahead around here. Everyone else here can have their relationships, their friendships and all that crap. One thing is for sure, unlike them I take my career seriously.

Gabe: So Meagan, since this is your last match here,

Gabe Smirks.

Gabe: If this is even going to be your last match, I am going to make your last match a living hell for you. After I put you through hell, you will not want to even think about coming back for another match.

Gabe gets even closer to the camera.

Gabe: Tonight, I am done with you. After tonight, no one will have a choice but to give me the respect I deserve. I am NOT asking for respect, I am demanding respect. I will get it one way or another.

Gabe looks at the camera man.

Gabe: Get that damn thing out of my face.

Gabe Pushes the camera away.

Scene Fades



Jamey Caresalle: Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s about to be that time where we say goodbye to Meagan G and her Wrestling career. This match is going to be emotional for me and since Bimmy knows that I will be emotional for this match, considering that Meagan G is one of my best friends in this business, he has allowed me to roll alone in this match.

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is a singles match and it’s one fall!!

The fans are cheering for this as they are ready for Meagan’s final match up. A mixed reaction is in the air tonight regarding this considering that this is Meagan’s retirement match up. I’m to Blame by Kip Moore kicks in as shower of boos.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from Niagara Falls, Canada, Gabe Khane!!!

Jamey Caresalle: I have nothing to say about this man. Gabe Khane told everyone that he demands respect from Meagan. He needs to earn it or Meagan will beat the living shit out of him!

Gabe walks to the ring in the hall as he looks around with the fans booing at him. He stares at the fans and yells at them as he rolls into the ring. He mouths off that he is going to end Meagan TONIGHT in this ring and that SHE will show her respect! His theme song kicks out as the fans are still booing at this as he mocks then. Ghost of Navigator by Iron Maiden Kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. The tempo of the song goes faster as Meagan G walks out of the back and looks at the fans cheering for her.

Taylor Hudson: His opponent, wrestling her final match, from the Bronx, New York, WELCOME HOME, Meagan G!!

Jamey Caresalle: Will you listen to this standing ovation for Meagan G! This is the Bronx and this is HER HOME!!!

Meagan G walks to the ring and eyes Gabe. Wearing the Meagan’s Final Match T-Shirt with the 39 and Judge Gavel on it in purple (exclusive on EWtees) along with her shorts and armband. She walks to the ring and eyes Gabe Khane and rolls in. She taunts at Gabe and tells her that HE will respect HER and barks at him. The referee backs her up with Gabe yelling at her. Order is put in with Meagan staring down at Gabe. The referee then calls for the bell.


Jamey Caresalle: AND HERE WE GO!!!

Meagan and Gabe begin to brawl with one another as the fans are cheering for this. There is a lot of hate and animosity with both, dating back to CKP days, which boiled to Royal Crown. Gabe hits Meagan so hard, which knocks her off her feet. Meagan holds her face and looks at Gabe before going after him with a series of fists to his face. Gabe is getting hit left and right with the fans loving it. Meagan takes another swing, but Gabe ducks and rolls out of the ring, causing the fans to boo. Meagan is telling him to get his ass in the ring while Gabe is yelling at her.

Jamey Caresalle: Gabe, if you are going to yell at her, then get your ass in the ring and FIGHT like a man!!

Meagan gets out of the ring and starts chasing Gabe around. The fans cheer with Gabe running up the aisle, but she catches him, picks him up and goes for a back-body drop. Gabe crashes hard on the ground with Meagan picking him back up and tossing him back in the ring. Meagan yells that he opened his big ass mouth about having her show respect to him and goes for a stiff kick to the side. Gabe falls with Meagan dragging him across the ring. She slams his arm, causing Gabe to scream out in pain. Gabe waves the referee over and tells him that his arm could be done for. Meagan puts her hands on her hips and waits because she knows this is bullshit.

Jamey Caresalle: You want respect? Then get in the damn ring!!!

Gabe gets up and yells something is wrong. Meagan shakes her head at this and goes for the other arm, but Gabe uses the “bad” arm and HITS Meagan right in the face. Gabe grabs her and throws her into the turnbuckle and kicks her. Meagan is doing her best to fight back, but Gabe is too strong. He then KICKS her so hard in the rib section that she falls. Meagan falls on the mat with Gabe going for the first pin fall of the night.

Jamey Caresalle: Gabe uses the fake out and pins Meagan for the first fall of the night!!



Kick out by Meagan.

Jamey Caresalle: Meagan kicks out of it!!

Gabe gets on top of her and starts pounding in her face with every punch. The fans are booing, but Gabe tells them to shut up and keeps pounding in her face. Again, Gabe throws her into the turnbuckle and tries to kick her down, but Meagan grabs his foot and goes for a leg whip! Gabe falls with Meagan telling him to get back up. The Judge waits for him to get up and he does with Meagan coming at him, but again Gabe throws her out of the ring. Meagan, being the veteran that she is, lands on the apron and waits for him to turn around. Gabe sees her and goes to swing at her. Meagan blocks his punch and pushes him and jumps on the top rope. She goes for a springboard DDT onto the ground, making the Bronx fans cheer for her. Meagan then goes for the pin.

Jamey Caresalle: Meagan showing why she is the veteran in this match up! And that Springboard DDT was impressive!!



Gabe kicks out of it.

Jamey Caresalle: Gabe kicks out of this!!

Meagan looks at Gabe and goes up to the top turnbuckle. In her career, she is known for flying and that is what she is about to do, fly. Meagan waits for Gabe to get up and he does. The General Manager goes for a crossbody but gets caught by Gabe. Gabe THROWS her back, causing the fans to gasp loudly. This may have cost Meagan the match up with that move. Gabe walks over and grabs her by the hair. He looks and says that he is going to end the match right now in the middle of the ring.

Jamey Caresalle: That was not good! Meagan could be done right there!

Gabe picks her up and is about to go for the Out of Gabe, but Meagan jumps down and lands on her feet. She backs up a bit and gets into her softball kick position. Gabe turns around……..

Meagan HITS Gabe right in the face with the Softball Kick (Chick Kick) as the fans are cheering for this.


Meagan rolls over to Gabe and pins him in the middle of the ring. She can end her career on a high note….

Jamey Caresalle: Here we go!!



Kickout by Gabe!

Jamey Caresalle: DAMMIT!!

Meagan holds her head. That move finished everyone off in the past. She then stands up and mouths off that she is going to end him right now. Gabe comes up and Meagan goes right at him. She grabs at him and is about to set up for the Bronx Car Crash! Gabe gets out of it and grabs Meagan. He circles around the ring with Meagan and goes for the Out of Gabe. This could be it for Meagan in her hometown of the Bronx!!

Jamey Caresalle: Oh Dammit! Gabe got her with the Out of Gabe….This could be it!!!




Jamey Caresalle: Meagan KICKS OUT!!!

Gabe holds his head as the fans are cheering. Meagan is in this fight still and will not let up that quickly. Gabe puts her up on top of the turnbuckle. He looks at the crowd booing at him and goes to run towards Meagan, but Meagan wraps his legs around his neck and goes for a hurricanrana take down. Meagan waves for Gabe to get back up as he does with Meagan going for the Bronx Car Crash. Gabe backs Meagan into the ropes and bounces her off to get out of it. Gabe again grabs her and goes for the Out of Gabe one More time…..

Jamey Caresalle: Out of Gabe Again….

Meagan gets out of it and LOCKS in the BX Madness Submission hold!!


The fans are cheering with Gabe being caught with this as the fans are cheering for this. Meagan is about to break his arm in the middle of the ring. However. Gabe’s feet are near the ropes. Gabe uses the bottom rope and pushes himself off it and PUTS Meagan in an inside cradle, while the Submission is still on him. Gabe uses the tights while the referee cannot see and goes for the pin!!!





The referee sees this and waves the hold off. This is NOT the way this will go down again with controversy.

Jamey Caresalle: The referee just said HELL NO! This match is not ending this way!!

Gabe gets up and shakes his arm off. He yells that it was a THREE and the referee should have caught that. Meagan is behind Gabe and is getting to her feet. She waves for Gabe Khane to turn around and get done with his fighting with the referee. As soon as Gabe gets done, he turns into Meagan G as she sets him up for the Bronx Car Crash, but Gabe kicks her right downstairs, causing the general manager to lose grip. Gabe again grabs her and goes for the Out of Gabe Yet again and pins her in the middle of the ring…



Jamey Caresalle: No!


Jamey Caresalle: NO!!!


Jamey Caresalle: OH FUCK FOR SAKES! NO!


The fans are in silence with this as Gabe rolls up and yells “YES”. Meagan lost her final match in front of everyone. Taylor Hudson announces the winner with shock in her face.

Taylor Hudson: Here is your winner, Gabe Khane!!

Jamey Caresalle: I think I am going to be sick…..

The fans are booing at this still as a loud “FUCK YOU GABE” is ringing through the arena. The fans are still booing as Gabe stands over her.

Gabe Khane: I won the match! NOW YOU BETTER RESPECT ME!!!

Jamey Caresalle: Gabe, you won and you MADE your goddamn point!!

He picks up Meagan and throws her into the corner. Still yelling at her. Phil, her husband, rolls into the ring with Gabe yelling.

Jamey Caresalle: Phil, her husband, is in the ring, and Gabe is still barking!

Gabe Khane: RESPECT ME NOW!!

Phil turns Gabe around and asks if that is enough? Gabe says NO and that she will respect him. Gabe goes up to her, but Meagan SLAPS Gabe so hard in the face, causing him to turn around. Phil follows up with a spear as the fans are giving a standing ovation. Ghost of Navigator kicks in as Meagan looks at the Bronx Faithful cheering for her. She gets emotional and points to everyone and rolls out of the ring. She walks over to Jamey and gives him a long ass hug. Bimmy, who was out for this match. comes over and shakes her hand along with Taylor Hudson. She walks up and points to everyone who supported her through the years before looking at the camera.

Meagan G: I want to thank everyone who has followed my journey from Canadian Vendetta League, World Onslaught League, Underground Championship Wrestling, Total Mayhem Wrestling, CKP and of course Five Boroughs Wrestling. You have loved me, you have hated me, and you wanted to throw shit at me. Even though my in-ring career is done, I am still the Five Boroughs Wrestling General Manager and Gabe, you think that you are going to earn respect? You have a long way to go!!

Meagan looks with a smirk on her face. Is Meagan going to do something now that she is fully General Manager?

Jamey Caresalle: With a loss, Meagan G loses her final match in Five Boroughs Wrestling. Her Wrestling career may be done, but she is STILL the General Manager of this company!

Bimmy Mays May I ask, what the hell has got to Gabe? He won the freaking match and he has to act like this?!

Jamey Caresalle: Meagan will have this settled….


The show cuts backstage and the first sight is Luciana Verdoza in an amused mood, particularly when her presence causes the audience to boo her. She is not showing any remorse at all for her actions tonight and when the scene pans out, it is revealed that she is not alone as Rachel Faust and Sabrina Baker are standing beside her. Luciana soaks in the reaction that she’s getting, amused with it for a brief moment before she speaks her mind.

Luciana Verdoza: Did you miss me? Probably not. I don’t care. Tonight, we did what we had to do. Did Dakota Mendoza think that she got to move on from me THAT easily? Did Hayley Fien think that she was just going to move on with her life after making THAT type of threat toward me? I made it very clear that when I came back, those two were going to be the ones that I was going to go after first. I cost Dakota the Multiversal Championship and I’m feeling amazing! But… that’s not all we did… am I right?

Sabrina quickly flashes the flag that she managed to snag from the Graveyard match not too long ago!

Luciana Verdoza: You’re probably wondering what this is all about. You see… you look at Sabrina, Rachel and I and we have all realized that we are… the Damned Ones! The three of us… we have plenty in common! You see, we all look at this company and we all see that 5BW has regressed since I’ve been gone! We all know that it’s time to shake things up again because ever since I’ve been gone, I’ve looked around and I’ve seen complacency all over this locker room! All of you have gotten too comfortable… but against a trio like us… full of pure evil, anger and rage… Sabrina here… she’s all the rage… as she should be… am I right?

Luciana takes a bit of the break from the talking as Sabrina says a few words.

Sabrina Baker: That’s exactly right! Ever since I lost my match against Amy Harrison. I was forced to the back and watched EVERYONE who this place loved while the ones they hated had to suffer!! I was sick and tired of the bullshit that was being put down! That’s why I spoke with Luciana BEFORE her coming back!! So you’re damn right I have all the rage in me!

Luciana Verdoza: She has every reason to be part of this! She’s been overlooked for far too long and from the moment I decided that she was going to be my first challenger for the 5BW World Championship months ago, I saw so much potential in her that every single one of you overlooked! Then you have Rachel here who is all about that anger… so why don’t you tell the world all about that, Rachel?

Rachel of course, says nothing.

Luciana Verdoza: She doesn’t like to talk very much… and then there’s me… pure evil! That speaks for itself! You saw how I schemed my way to the World title! You saw how I schemed my way to keep it for months. And yet… that’s all child’s play! Kidnapping, torturing and shaving bald Dakota’s boyfriend was just the beginning! What we did tonight was just the beginning. And speaking of boyfriends… what’s it like, Dakota… to know that you failed your boyfriend? What does it feel like, knowing that you failed your friends? Doesn’t it hurt knowing that you let Hayley down tonight? Doesn’t it sting that you tried to make up for it when you tried to save her? How does it feel to know that you can’t be a success without ME holding your hand?

Sabrina Baker:: I should mention that the blonde bimbo is probably licking her wounds...

Luciana Verdoza: And how are you feeling, Hayley? Are you regretting what you did to me yet? Sooner or later, Dakota’s going to realize that this is all YOUR fault! YOU are the one that REALLY cost her the Multiversal Championship! Because had YOU not done what you had done to me, I would have no reason to get involved! Costing her the Multiversal Championship was just as much of a message to you as it was to her! But why are you even her friend, Hayley? Dakota’s a leech! She leeched off of me! She ditched me just when my title reign was ending. What do you make of that? Can you TRUST someone who jumps off the bandwagon when things start to go down south? Did she try to save you in the graveyard match because she REALLY wants to be your friend or was it just to try to get back at ME? Hmm… I don’t know what you girls think… but I think we should find a way to test how strong this ‘friendship’ really is.

Luciana takes a pause as it’s obvious that evil thoughts are already crossing her mind.

Luciana Verdoza: Trust me… you all haven’t seen anything yet… you’re both just very fortunate that it wasn’t in our plans to do any worse to you than what we actually planned!

Luciana goes from amused to angry as she, Sabrina and Rachel leave the scene, leaving the 5BW locker room and audience to wonder exactly what the Damned Ones have planned for 5BW.

Voiceover: Ever since her reign as champion began, Samantha Tolson stated that this was a mission to defend the championship any chance she would get!

*Video shows her championship matches with Brittani, DSix, and Noris Cranley*

Voiceover: And for 131 days, she has done that! Tonight will be a challenge as she will be facing off against a challenger that was overlooked in the past… Jade Valentine….

*shows Jade Valentine in the crystal ball*

Voiceover: Tonight's defense eight for Samantha. Will she walk out champion? Or will eight be the one that falls flat! The match starts….NOW!


Rest in Peace by Jim Johnston kicks in as fog fills up the Marina Del Rey. Out comes Jade Valentine with purple lights strobing around her. She looks at the fans with a cold look as she walks to the ring. Jade has the biggest shot in this promotion since she got here. Questionable by some, Jade looks to make her point by not only defeating Samantha Tolson in her eighth defense, but to prove that she is a big player here.
Jamey Caresalle: It’s time for our main event fans and Jade Valentine comes into this thing as quite the underdog! There aren’t many people that believe she’s going to win this tonight, but as the Ainsworth-Elliott Steinbrenner Cup match showed, nothing is impossible in 5BW!
Bimmy Mays: Jade’s got gots, but I think she’s in a little over her head here. You’ve had some people in the back questioning what she’s done to even deserve this title shot, but who knows… maybe she can really show us something tonight.
Finish Line by Skillet kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Out comes Samantha Tolson wearing her orange singlet and jacket to the ring and eyes Jade Valentine. She gives fist bumps to the fans and walks to the ring. Jade eyes at her with the champion getting in and raising the belt above her head. Samantha looks at her with Taylor Hudson going for the opening announcements.
Jamey Caresalle: Sam is looking to make this another day in the office for her. She’s continuing her tear as the 5BW World Champion and while Jade Valentine isn’t the first name one would think of when it comes to potential title challengers, Sam Tolson has been living by her word of being a fighting champion taking on all comers.

Bimmy Mays: If she takes Jade lightly, like many are doing tonight, then this whole ‘taking on all comers’ attitude could come back to haunt her in quite the embarrassing way. For her sake, she better have both eyes on Jade and not look ahead to the Ariel-Amber Steinbrenner Cup finals ahead!

Taylor Hudson: The following contest is for the Five Boroughs Wrestling World Championship!!

The fans are cheering. Jade does not look amused by the cheers as her cold glare is blooming at the champion.

Taylor Hudson: Introducing first, from the Other Side of Darkness, Jade Valentine!!

Jade keeps her eyes locked hard. The fans are booing at her with Sam not moving as she stands across the ring.

Taylor Hudson: Her opponent, from Jefferson City, Missouri, she is the defending Five Boroughs Wrestling World Champion, “The Pretty Little Murder Machine” Samantha Tolson!!!

Samantha raises her championship in the air as the fans are cheering for this. Jade keeps her eyes on her and has them locked still. The referee gets the belt and raises it in the air as the fans are cheering. He calls for the bell and the match begins!!


Jade immediately goes right after Sam and is about to go for a chokeslam, but Sam gets out of it and pushes Jade out of the way. Jade turns around, only to get kicked in the head by the champion. Jade falls on the ground with Samantha going for a quick first cover of the night.



Jade tosses her off.

Jade gets to her feet and sees Samantha getting to her feet as she comes right after her. Jade ducks out of the way, causing Sam to put on the breaks. Samantha turns around, only to get kicked in the face by a missile drop kick from Jade Valentine, causing her to go out of the ring. The fans are in shock with this as Jade basically has Samantha right where she wants her. Jade eyes her and says that she’s going to be the Five Boroughs Wrestling Champion.

Jamey Caresalle: Jade is really surprising some people so far! I think even the champion herself is a little surprised by how well Jade is doing so far.

Bimmy Mays: These fans don’t really know what to make of this right now! Sam’s been mainly dominant as the champion and she got off to a quick start, but Jade doesn’t appear to want to go down that easily.

Jade is taunting at the fans as they are booing at her. Jade mouths off to the fans and then taunts at them before Samantha comes back in the ring and knocks her down. She grabs her by the hair and throws her into the turnbuckle and starts throwing punches at her. She then goes for a chop as the fans cheer for this. Jade comes out, and holds her chest, but Samantha throws her back in the turnbuckle and sits her up there. Samantha goes up to the second rope and is about to go for a suplex, but Jade pushes her off it and kicks Samantha in the face.

Samantha comes back at her and goes to grab her again, but Jade gets to her feet and goes for a crossbody, making both go on the ground. Jade goes for the pin as she could win this match up!



Samantha kicks out of it!!

Jamey Caresalle: How much longer can Jade stay in control? Is it possible that Samantha is looking past her? Because right now, Jade is putting up a better performance than most people in the building expected!

Bimmy Mays: I like what Jade’s showing so far, don’t get me wrong. But she can’t let the moment get to her too much! She needs to stay focused and she needs to stay on Sam instead of wasting time taunting her and showboating.

Jade looks at her and yells that this is her time NOW as she grabs her by the head and goes RIGHT for the Soul Calmer (heart punch) as Samantha goes to the ground. Samantha holds her chest as the referee asks her if she wants to keep going. Samantha yells that she is the champion and will NOT give up. She stands up and heads after Jade, who again tries to go for the heart punch. Samantha moves out of the way and goes for the German Suplex onto Jade. The fans cheer, but Jade gets to her feet as the fans are in shock with this. Jade turns her around and grabs her as she is about to go for the Jaded, but Samantha gets off her shoulders and pushes Jade into the turnbuckle. Samantha grabs her and goes for a German Suplex, but does not release this one. She goes for a second with no release, leading to a third one into a pin. The referee counts as she has her in the pin.



Jade kicks out of it!

Jamey Caresalle: Sam nearly got her there and it looks like the champion is back in control!

Bimmy Mays: Jade didn’t do herself any favors taunting Sam like that after she kicked out. She basically let her take control back.

Jamey Caresalle: Without a doubt, that was definitely inexperience on Jade’s part right there. Sam’s back in control. How long is she going to be keeping down her challenger?

Samantha must think about what she is going to do here. Jade could be tougher as she thought. The champion gets back up and gets the position of the Mind Your Head. Jade gets back to her feet and Samantha pounds her knee to signal that she is going for it. Jade is finally back to her feet with Sam coming right at her. Jade sees this with Sam waving her knee at her head but grabs her by the throat and goes for the chokeslam! The fans are seeing what could go down with Samantha. Jade goes for the pin….




Samantha kicks out of it!!!
Jamey Caresalle: The surprising performance of Jade continues! Just when Sam was in control again, Jade takes it right back.

Bimmy Mays:I’m going to outright say it. Sam underestimated her. She doesn’t seem as focused as we’ve seen her in the past. But still, Jade needs to show that she learned from her previous pinfall.

Jade is holding her head as she thought she would have Samantha right where she wanted her. Jade stands up and yells her face as she picks her up. Jade circles around the ring and goes for the Jaded right in the middle of that ring. That move could be the move that ends Samantha’s run as champion as she goes for the pin.




Jamey Caresalle: Jade continues to be in control… and for the most part, she’s had the advantage. If you listen to this place, this crowd’s out of it.

Bimmy Mays: Or… they were before Sam kicked out of that.

The fans are cheering for this with Jade leaning on top of her. She stands up, gets in the face of the referee and starts yelling at him!

Jade Valentine: THAT WAS A THREE!!!

Referee: That was a two, not three!!

Bimmy Mays: Come on Jade! This is the biggest match of your career! Stay focused! She’s making a critical mistake right now!

Jade keeps yelling at the referee and goes to grab him. This could be fine with Jade grabbing him and going for the Jaded, but Samantha comes up and kicks her right in the shin, making Jade drop the referee as he fixes himself together. Jade is pissed and goes right after Sam again. Sam goes for the Mind Your head with Jade falling to the mat. She runs to the other side and does the same move to her. Jade is not down with Sam going for the Mind Your Head yet again. She runs towards Jade yet again and goes for the move a third time.

Samantha must end her right here. Jade is not moving at all as she goes for the pin after THREE mind your heads!! This must be it…



Jade locks in the Kimura lock on her!!

Jamey Caresalle: WOW! How in the world was Jade able to counter that?

Bimmy Mays: I don’t know, Jamey! But this could be it! We could be about to see a massive upset here!

Sam has no where to go as Jade has this locked on her. Jade is yelling for her to tap out with Samantha doing her best to get out of it. Jade has this locked in hard as she keeps on applying the pressure. Suddenly, Samantha gets up with Jade still holding her arm. She pushes her off and powerbombs the challenger off her. She breaks free with Samantha holding her arm.

Jamey Caresalle: Wow! That was close for the champion!

Jade comes back up and goes after her, but Samantha grabs her and goes for the Nightfall and locks in the submission hold to follow.

Jamey Caresalle: The submission is locked in!!!! Sam’s got her trapped! Jade’s in serious trouble!

Bimmy Mays: Is this about to be a good night for Jade? Good luck escaping a move so few ever have...
Jade has no where to go and is in the middle of the ring. She is screaming and has the pressure on her. Samantha does not want to give the hold as Jade has no other choice, but to tap out!


Jamey Caresalle: Jade taps out! Jade taps out! That’s it! This one is over!

Bimmy Mays: Good night, Jade!

Finish Line kicks in as the fans are cheering for this. Defense Eight is a success as the fans are clapping for this. This was a tough task for Sam, but she was able to get the defense done as she stood back up.

Taylor Hudson Here is your winner and STILL the Five Boroughs Wrestling Champion, Samantha Tolson!!

Jamey Caresalle: You have to give credit to Jade Valentine here! She was able to give Samantha a much tougher challenge than many expected! But ultimately, Sam’s experience is pulled through and once again, she retains the 5BW World Championship!

Bimmy Mays: Jade gave it her best and this is probably the best match she’s fought in her 5BW career so far! But in the end, it just wasn’t enough.

As Jade Valentine rolls out of the ring and Samantha celebrates, Gabe Khane comes out of the back, into the ring and waits for Sam to turn around. She does and sees Gabe staring at her. Both have history with one another as they have faced off in the past. Gabe mouths off that he defeated Meagan and NOW he should get a shot.
Jamey Caresalle: Things are clearly heating up between these two! Gabe is lining himself up as potentially the next contender!

Bimmy Mays: He’s got every reason to want that shot.

Jamey Caresalle: How is this situation going to unfold? Hopefully, we’ll find out soon! But for now… good night… from Fright Night!

Samantha says to bring it on and she will defend the championship against ANYONE, especially Gabe. The both are yelling at each other as we end Fright Night!!

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