Investor gives Money to 5BW

It appears that Five Boroughs Wrestling got a special investor to help with the company and give something to the fighters, who are taking part in the Steinbrenner Cup. 

Earlier today, Dora Richardson received a genuine offer from an anonymous investor, who gave her a grand total of 300,000 dollars. However, the investor told her to split the money up for the people who participate in the Steinbrenner Cup. Here’s what stands as follows. 

The winner of the tournament will receive 100,000, a World Series like trophy, and a unname prize, which will be determined. 

The runner up will receive 50,000 in cash. 

10,000 for the final four 

5,000 for everyone that participates. 

While Meagan G and Kieran Quinn do think that the stakes are raised high for this tournament, Dora Richardson believes that whoever wins this tournament will be the face of the company and also believes that anyone who wants a shot at this, needs to come considering that the deadline to sign up is this Sunday. All three believe the hunger is there, but one needs to take that opportunity. 

As for the investor? They think this will be a good sign for 5BW in the future.

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