Two Girls and a Guy Predictions – Big Love

Disclaimer: All though these predictions are only in character, they do not reflect on the results out of character. 


Welcome to the first edition of Two Girls and A Guy predictions for Five Boroughs Wrestling. Lexi, Marliyn, and Jacob will be predicting the matches for Big Love and who will be walking out the winners. There could be some shade thrown as well. 


Kelly Penkzee-Nelson vs. Bridget Johnson


Lexi: I’m going to label this match “Big name vs. Unknown”. KPN has wrestled in many places and made herself a household name. Bridget Johnson, on the other hand, is well known here. Besides the match with Natalie Eldredge that caused controversy, and her match against Samantha Tolson-Anderson, what does she have in her books beside being Larissa’s little sister? Kelly’s going to win due to her experience. 


Marilyn:  I see a lot of KPN in Bridget when KPN first started back in Girl Power Wrestling, but unlike Bridget, KPN proved it until she got let go. Bridget’s young and needs to mature a bit while KPN is more seasoned as a wrestler, has the experience of being on a main stage and has matured as a person. This is not going to be in Bridget’s court, it’s going to be in KPN’s court the entire time. 


Jacob: Can I just say that both have the best taste in fashion? The sequence ring gear that Bridget showed fits her personality and the robes along with the ring gear for KPN makes her a queen? OK, enough about that. These two are going to rip each other apart and since Marilyn mentioned experience and maturity over youth, I have to disagree. If Bridget wants to make her 5BW Career bloom, then KPN is the one to do it, despite KPN being a part of WWR. I’m picking Bridget on this one.


KPN: 2

Bridget: 1


Trayvon Myers vs. Kailey Queen vs. Alex Bell 


Lexi: To me, I think the wrong people are in this match up. Personally, I felt Fiona and Farrah should have a spot in both triple threats. Trayvon hasn’t proved a lot in 5BW besides that win thanks to Zonica, Alex Bell along with his tag team partner got in due to luck and Kailey Queen is in on top of that. This is a hard call, but I think Zonica will have some type of factor in this match, thus a Trayvon win. 


Marilyn:  I don’t know who should win this match up. Questionability, Luck of the draw and a lot of screaming is what I think of this match. I honestly don’t know who to pick for this match. I’m going to pick one, and that’s Kailey Queen. 


Jacob: The one thing I have to say is this. Zonica has the best fashion and the best weaves unless she’s in a match with Fiona Franklin, who’s twice as vicious, though, I think that Queen Kailey Queen is taking this one. 


Kailey Queen: 2 

Trayvon: 1 

Alex Bell: 0 


Mikel Simmons vs. Zara Grimm vs. Brett Elliot 


Lexi: Again, this is the same match as before. Not going to go into detail because I will sound like a broken record. Again, Zonica Miller will play a factor and that’s Mikel Simmons winning this match. 


Marylin: I’m going to say Zara’s taking this one. No doubt that xS is going to have a big night here. 


Jacob: Zara Wins. The girls gotta take this! 


Zara Grimm: 2 

Mikel Simmons: 1 

Brett Elliot: 0 


Christy Winters vs. Ariel Madden


Lexi: The return match from Xmas Chaos where Christy Winters SMASHED the chair over the head of Ariel Madden. Ariel’s been on that war path since it happened and racked up a few wins along with Christy Winters, even though she lost the New Years Party match against Luciana Verdoza. Here’s my thing about this, both are in a spot to show WHY they belong here. While I see passion and desire from Ariel Madden, I haven’t seen any from Christy Winters, and many of her peers question that. In the end, the fans are picking the match, but it boils down to who takes it. I’m taking Ariel Madden on this one. 


Marylin: I question this match because the fans picking the stipulation is something they want to see happen and that’s violence. OK, 5BW has had its fair share of violent matches, but how violent will this match get? Another thing I question is Christy Winters and if she’s in this for the long run for this. Ariel Madden is young, but she wants revenge over Christy. If Christy says that she wants to bring violence, then bring the violence and PROVE your doubters wrong. If that doesn’t happen, then I don’t know how much I can say. In the end, it’s Ariel taking my pick. 


Jacob: Both girls are in dire of a victory. If Christy wins this match, she wins this match and proves to everyone that she’s not the girl that posts the mature GIFs despite it looking very tacky for the company. If Ariel wins this match, this boasts her career and maybe a future title shot. I personally think Ariel has this in the bag and in the long run. 

Ariel Madden: 3 

Christy Winters: 0 


Brittani Helms vs. Fiona Franklin 


Lexi: This match I would consider to be a dream match. Both girls are tough as nails and don’t need anyone telling them what to do. Fiona can scrap along with Brittani. I expect this to be a throw down, however, I personally feel like Fiona’s going to take this considering Brittani’s on the mission to find the person who attacked her.  Plus, Fiona is still hellbent. 


Marilyn: the DC Savage vs. The Evil Fairy. None of us were going to ever say that from our mouths. To me, I think Brittani’s going to win this match because she needs this win. Some say she doesn’t, but I think she wants to send a message to her attacker that she’s not here to mess around. Fiona may have the match of her life, but Brittani’s taking this home. 


Jacob: Fiona vs. Brittani should be labeled the bad bitches of 5BW because these two girls can grapple. It’s the battle of Blue vs. Pink. Brittani Blue and Fiona Pink. I want both these girls to win, but there could only be one. Brittani DOES indeed have her attacker on her mind while Fiona has Zonica on her mine. If it comes down to which girl’s going to kill someone, it’s Fiona Franklin. Sorry Brittani, Fiona takes this. 


Fiona Franklin: 2 

Brittani Helms: 1 


5BW Championship Scrabble. 


Lexi: In the biggest match in 5BW History, Holmes, who’s running the company in Dora’s absence said it’s time to shut up. Luciana Verdoza makes a great case to become 5BW World Champion and so this Samantha Tolson-Anderson. But these two have been going all over New York City and wrestling all over. Gabe Khane is a great performer while Lex is a fighting champion. Luciana and Sam are not going to be able to stay put in this match, thus having Lex retain the title after 20 minutes. 


Marylin: After the heartbreak from Drags to Riches, Samantha Tolson-Anderson seems to be the one to win this match up. Out of everyone in this match, she wants it. Good things happen for those who come to wait and Sam’s been waiting for that moment. Sam’s taking this and becoming the Second 5BW World Champion. 


Jacob: Is it me or do I find Samantha and Luciana’s feud to be interesting. Lex’s been champion for a couple of months while Gabe is cashing in a contract. I’m going to say this right now, my prediction is going to be Luciana Verdoza? Why? Chick said that she wants this to be her moment and she’s sick of everything going on. Also, she does have an advantage because Dakota can come out any second and help her. Even IF she does win, I just want to say this, Samantha vs. Luciana isn’t ending any time soon and could get violent.


Lex Collins: 1 

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: 1 

Luciana Verdoza: 1 

Gabe Khane: 0 

Fans To Decide ‘Big Love’ Match Stipulation

It seems like the feud with Christy Winters and Ariel Madden will be taking a turn come Big Love. Ever since Ariel Madden suffered a brutal chair shot from Christy Winters back at Xmas Chaos, she’s been on a war path ever since. Christy Winters, who has yet to comment on this situation, did come out after Ariel’s match against Spot Crack at New Years Party with the chair she used against Ariel, leading Madden not to back down.

Recently, Ariel Madden did send out a tweet which stated the following.

Once again, Christy Winters did not respond to Ariel’s request, but Kieran Quinn, who’s the acting General Manager while Meagan G is out on maternity leave, did grant the wish, though put it under one condition that the fans will pick the stipulation. Earlier today, we learned the stipulations which are the following

Chairs Match
Last Women Standing
First Blood Match

While the stipulations are added, officials are also going to keep an eye on this match up to see who will be moving up the ranks in 5BW and potentially become the next challenger for the 5BW Championship. It comes down to who wants this more.

Everything in Five Boroughs Wrestling’s heating up

Everything in Five Boroughs Wrestling’s heating up! The shows are getting great reviews and the company’s blooming with interest from wrestlers from other promotions along with fans, young and old! Here is the Spring and Summer Schedule for Five Boroughs Wrestling where you can check out Lex Collins, Samantha Tolson-Anderson, Brittani Helms, Amy Harrison, Mary Ellen Harrison, Darian Andrews, and more.

Deadly Games
April 10th, 2020
-Queens, New York
-La Boom Night Club

5BW goes Canadian, eh?
April 26th, 2020
-Toronto, Ontario, Canada
-Air Canada Centre

May Day
May 8th, 2020
-Manhattan, New York
-Lucky Cheng Night Club

Night of Glory
May 23rd, 2020
-Bronx, New York
-Orchard Beach

June 21st, 2020
-Queens, New York
-Citi Field

Larissa Johnson Fined for Xmas Chaos Actions

After the perpetrated attack on Thriller along with an attempted assault on a 5BW staff member, officials have fined Larissa Johnson one thousand dollars for her actions

“While we are trying to figure out who attacked Brittani Helms after her match, what Larissa did was completely uncalled for” Dora Richardson said. “And to nearly attack a staff member like that? Uncalled for even more, especially when the same one was spit on back in September”

When questioned about Thriller and his status with the company, Richardson had no comment. 

Post-Xmas Chaos Injury Reports

With Xmas Chaos over and done with, there was a fair share of injuries to report with five of the 5BW fighters injured. Here’s a report on those five. 

Ariel Madden was checked for a concussion after a brutal chair shot to the back of the head. 5BW officials will be checking on Ariel and hoping she will be able to resume activity for 5BW in the New Year.

Hayley Fien needed stitches to close the wound on her head from her no holds barred match as well as checking to see if her teeth still intact. She will be resuming soon. 

Thriller suffered an unknown injury at the hands of Larisaa Johnson. At this time, he will be out indefinitely until 5BW clears him. Many believe that this is a disappointment because officials believed Thriller should’ve been on a come back story. 

Lex Collins right arm is OK after being checked, though, they also want to keep an eye on it in case something happens. Thankfully no damage has been done further.

The biggest one is Brittani Helms as she was taken to a local hospital. We did hear word from Dora Richardson that she’s up and alert, but doctors want to keep an eye out on her. The injuries she suffered was a back injury, a cut in the back of the arm, and a bruised Coccyx. They’re also keeping an eye on her neck too since they injury was nagging her since Drags to Riches. It’s unknown when she will return to action.

5BW On High Alert For A Possibly War

After the events of Trinity Wrestling’s “Bad Moon Rising”, the officials at 5BW are aware of the possibilities of Adelaide Ainsworth showing up in Madwomen Szalinski’s match against Gabe Khane. Dora Richarson, Kieran Quinn, Meagan G and Melanie O’Flynn spoke with Cecilia Ortiz and Kylie Moore about what could potentially happen. 

“Trinity Wrestling AND Five Boroughs Wrestling are both affiliated and either talent can go on their show or our shows” Richardson said. “However, we are taking the war between Ainsworth and Szalinski seriously and making sure security’s amped up for Drags to Riches if Ainsworth gets involved in this match up. I will also be talking with both Ortiz and Moore in case actions need to be taken”. Richardson ended. 

Who knows what will happen at Drags to Riches? Everyone at 5BW will be staying alert for this match up.

Statement on Mary Ellen Harrison and the accusations of being on drugs

We here at Five Boroughs Wrestling are going to release a statement on Mary Ellen Harrison and the accusations of her being on drugs because it’s causing us here a big time headache and making news reporters come after us about this. 

First thing first. We enjoy having Mary Ellen Harrison in our promotion, though, we do want her to focus on herself and not let anyone get to her with these accusations. It’s causing her to have major anxiety and breaking down at some points. Yes, there’s going to be tension. Yes, there’s going to be people not liking one another, but the best way Meagan G would say is beat the crap out of each other in the ring. Mary Ellen needs to fight the ones causing her this hell, not backing up into a wall. 

Onto the issue with Fiona pointing out that Mary Ellen’s on drugs. It was discussed once with both parties back in May. Since then, it’s reached a boiling point where with permission from Mary Ellen, we’re allowed to put out her test results before EVERY SHOW! Since Beginnings and A night in the Bronx, Mary Ellen has tested negative. Meaning there’s no drugs in her system. Also drug testing was done BEFORE Royal Crown despite those not being on the card, she also tested negative. 

Both Fiona and Mary Ellen are going to have a match at Law and Order post Royal Crown. It’s the only way to end this war, but we fear its only beginning.

5BW Managment.