Rumor: Are Two Former GPW Stars Coming To Five Boroughs Wrestling?

With Five Boroughs Wresting having their show next Sunday and wrestlers showing interests the company, there are rumors swirling around that two former Girl Power Wrestling stars could be joining the company, New York Wrestling News Reports. 

The ones expressing interests in the company are Sabrina Baker and Fiona Franklin. Sabrina Baker has expressed interest in the company since the beginning. Both Dora and Sabrina are in talks right now and could reach some type of agreement. The last time we’ve seen Sabrina Baker was back in United Toughness Alliance in 2015 before taking off and working in other promotions part time. 

Fiona Franklin is the surprise one considering that she’s a former Girl Power Wrestling Tag Team Champion with her long-time partner Farrah George. Recently, Fiona has experienced success in other promotions, capturing their Women’s Championship. While this could be a good signing for the company, it’s pending on how she feels psychically as she’s been healing injuries. 

Only time will tell for these two. Who will make their debut and confirm the rumors of the signings? We will find out next Sunday.

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