Two 5BW Fighters SHINE in Trinity Wrestling’s Battle Royal

There’s some good news regarding 5BW for once. This past week, two fighters competed in a Battle Royal to determine the first World Heavyweight Champion. 

CruZe and Lex Collins competed in this battle royal. Despite a valiant effort by the both of them, they were eliminated both 3rd and 4th respectively. Dora Richarson, who was in Toronto on vacation with her family, watched the event and said this about the both of them.

“I’m happy to see both CruZe and Lex for what they were able to do despite coming up short. I would like a good representation for my company to give a good reason why this roster’s legit with the best people on it.” 

We here at 5BW would like to thank Trinity for allowing 5BW to take part in this battle royal and look forward to working with them in the future.