Two Girls and a Guy Predictions – Renegade’s Revenge

*Disclaimer*: All predictions are done in character; they do not reflect on the result out of character wise.

Welcome to the second edition of Two Girls and A guy Predictions for Renegade’s Revenge. Last time around, they predicted Big Love where most ended up wrong. Marylin, Lexi and Jacob are going to see if they get this right, or if they get this wrong. Here we go.

Darian Andrews vs. Sabrina Baker

Lexi: I have a bone to pick with this match. To me, I feel like both Sabrina and Darian should NOT be facing off against each other. How in the hell are you going to put someone that was against the 5BW Champion against someone who’s new and paving a way for himself? I’m not going to lie, Darian’s win over Hayley was impressive. I don’t know who to even put down here, but if I must pick one, it’s going to be Darian Andrews winning this for me.

Marylin: To me, Sabrina Baker has dug herself into a grave, thanks to Luciana Verdoza and crew. Darian, however, is doing what he’s able to do and that’s making a name for himself here. I want to say Sabrina could have an advantage over Darian, but to me, I feel like Darian should take this and win the match.

Jacob: Why the hell is Sabrina Baker starting off the card for Renegade’s Revenge when she was JUST in the main event. I don’t want to sound harsh, but she’s digging her own grave. Darian Andrews is taking this and that’s that. Maybe Sabrina needs to do a career revaluation after this match up.

Darian Andrews: 3
Sabrina Baker: 0

Mary Ellen Harrison vs. Bridget Johnson

Lexi: I’ll admit, Bridget got a big win over KPN, by some questionable decisions she made. Mary Ellen is coming off a win, but she went through a table at Unlucky Luck. I personally thing that Bridget has something up her sleeve regarding Mary Ellen. However, I think Mary Ellen will be the smarter one and send a message to Bridget Johnson.

Marylin: The Johnsons and the Harrisons have been at each other since 2014 due to Larissa not liking Mary Ellen for being “free”. Larissa attacked Mary Ellen after her match against Lex and Mary Ellen’s been looking for revenge. Bridget’s crafty, but I don’t think she’ll be crafty against Mary Ellen. Mary Ellen wins this for me.

Jacob: I’m going to say Bridget on this one. Reason? She’s a freaking Johnson and the Johnsons, no disrespect to the Harrison’s, are smarter. Bridget wants to keep her name going and she wants to put her name out there even more. Getting a win over a big name like Mary Ellen puts her name out there even more.

Mary Ellen Harrison: 2
Bridget Johnson: 1

Ladder Match:

Lexi: Not going to lie, I was at Unlucky Luck and I was glad to see both xS put through a table. tMZ along with Cinderella story are going to have their work cut out for them if they want to defeat them, but knowing xS, I have a feeling they will win this match, as much as I don’t want to say it.

Marylin: I have Alex Bell and Brett Elliot winning this match. The heart is there, and the passion is there. If xS wins this, we’re not going to hear the end of this, but if tMz wins this, they need to step it up. That’s all I have to say.

Jacob: xS. Need to say more? They’re going to win the match and that’s it. 5BW better prepare for the screaming.

xS: 2
Alex Bell and Brett Elliot: 1

Fiona Franklin vs. Brittani Helms

Lexi: Brittani got Fiona where she wants and that’s a Falls Count anywhere match. She’ll jump off the roof to win a match. We’ve seen this go down. Fiona is losing a battle she cannot win. So I’m picking Brittani for this one.

Marylin: This maybe Brittani’s match, but Fiona may have something up her sleeve. Both girls are going to get crafty with this match and do whatever it takes, but when it comes down to who may win, I’m going to say Fiona. The person who attacked Brittani will be making their name known here and they will have that chance to screw Brittani over.

Jacob: Fiona vs. Brittani II will probably end up in three. Trust me, it’s bound to happen, but as Marylin said, who’s to say this may happen again. I’m going to pick Brittani’s wins this match and then we will find out who attacked her.

Brittani Helms: 2
Fiona Franklin: 1

Triple Threat Match

Lexi: What a match that this is going to turn out to be. Lex, Samantha and Gabe have a purpose and it makes me wonder which match they will pick, but it’s who’s more hell bound and getting that title and who wants it the most. Samantha’s been making it loud and her being the loudest in the room, it’s making noises too. I’m going to pick her and hopefully she will get what she wants.

Marylin: Samantha Tolson-Anderson is taking this for me. No disrespect to Gabe or Lex, She’s louder.

Jacob: Sam. That’s All.

Samantha Tolson-Anderson: 3
Lex Collins: 0
Gabe Khane: 0

Ariel Madden vs. Luciana Verdoza

Lexi: I have a feeling that Luciana Verdoza will be taking this match home. Despite Ariel winning her match and being the strongest, it’s not doubt that Luciana’s taking this match because she’s going to have those people after her.

Marylin: Luciana. Ariel maybe strong, but Luciana’s smarter. Dakota and xS are behind her.

Jacob: I’m calling an upset here and that upset is with Ariel Madden. Reason? I think that Luciana’s game is up and that it’s getting old. Ariel’s defeated Christy recently, and she played the game. Now I think Ariel will defeat Luciana at her game and win this match. I will say new 5BW Champion by the end of the night.

Luciana Verdoza: 2
Ariel Madden: 1