Vendetta: Beginnings – Injury Updates

After Vendetta: Beginnings, there are some injuries to report on Mary Ellen Harrison, Brittani Helms and Mute.

Brittani Helms needed at least 5 stiches to close the cuts on her arms, legs, hands and shoulders. Many were in shock about this considering the match up. Brittani is supposed to be fine and ready to go for Royal Crown against Larissa Johnson. Mary Ellen Harrison and Mute were not the best results. Mute suffered a couple of injures by the hands of Cruze after her match against Lex Collins. MRI’s and test will be done as we will hear more from them tomorrow.

Mary Ellen Harrison suffered the worse as she needed stiches to close the cuts all over her legs, arms and hands. She also suffered a minor concussion and will undergo testing in the next few days. We wish these warriors well and hope they will be back soon!

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