Video Message Sent to 5BW Offices Ahead of Renegades Revenge

Early Today, the officials at 5BW received a video package from Christy Winters, who’s not on the card for Renegade’s Revenge after her brutal match with Ariel Madden. Here is what the controversial 5BW Fighter said in the video.

The video opens to Christy Winters, sitting on her back patio.

Hello Five Boroughs Wrestling, as you can see I’m speaking to you from my self-isolation at my beach house in lovely Malibu. I hope you are all doing well, this is a trying time for the world, so hopefully everyone at Renegade’s Revenge, give the fans in attendance a great show.

Ariel you’re welcome. Once again the star maker of Five Boroughs Wrestling has done her job. I’ve taken you from unknown upstart to the number one contender for the world title, and I honestly wish you good luck against Luciana.

To everyone else, be well, stay safe and I will see you soon.

How will Ariel Madden respond to this considering that her and Christy are in a huge feud? How will Luciana take notice of this? Renegade’s Revenge is Sunday and this could be pretty interesting.